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Baxter Springs Delta from Baxter Springs, Kansas • 1

Baxter Springs Delta from Baxter Springs, Kansas • 1

Baxter Springs, Kansas
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ISA' f4toipoh Owing to the transfer of properly am compelled to move, andto reduce my stocU" of millinery goods will sell at cost for the next 10 days. Alrs.Gt.i.Sj(JW8(RS. SUBSCRIPTION, 50 cts. PER YEAR. 'INDEPENDENT IN ALL THINGS NEUTRAL IN NOTHING.1' I INVARIABLY IN ADVANCE.


32. Farm fok Sale- A farm containing Our New Railroadi. The following letters with regard 320 acres, 200 of which is in cultivation; 3 houses, 150 bearing apple trees, 100 three projected railroads to Baxter Springs, Kansas, all of which to be Fruit is now being shipped from the evaporator. It is real nice and is sure to find a ready market. Patsy Gill, a typo, and son of John Gill, of Galena, recently died of consumption at that place.

Flannels, all quantities and any quality at prices thai can't be undersold LOCAL MISCELLANY. Cooper leads on fine shoes. Ladies shoes a specialty at the Golden Eagle; Children's fine 6hoal shoe at the Golden Eagle. 4 Just take a look ia J. M.

Myers' peach trees, GO cherry trees and good water. Terms-If all sold together, $4,000 cash. completed early next spring, fully ex plain themselves. The completion of these three new Toads and the extension Inquire at this office or of The ring of the, hammer and the noise of the plameand saw are heard upon every hand, And thus the good work of building goes bravely on. Unless the Golden Eagle goat does not get a little rest from the kids running hiin through the 6treets, then some one's ticket is most sure to draw a dead goat.

"Pet," he whispered, "don't you know that in union there is strength. "Yes, dearie, and from the weight of your breath I think the same 'might be said of onion." Report has that Scott Audrain, of the Kansas City, Fort Scott and Gulf at J. R. Tucker Co's. to Fort Smith, will make Baxter Have had some delightful weather Vaiity Store.

Buy goods at the Golden Eagle and save 25 per cent. Springs one of the greatest railroad centers in the Southwest A. C. TnsDLE, Two miles east of Baxter Springs. Halloween Is the day preceding All Saints' Day From the way things were torn up here on Monday night we think the day should be christened Hell o'-ween.

It may be fuu to obstruct doors, turn wagons bottom side up, fire off pis hereof late, for all of which we should be profoundly thankful. Mrs. Jones can please you in any muanery goods you want in priee, quality and style. tols in the regular Camanche style, but who sbot John Buzzard in the territory we fail to see where the fun' comes in at. Yes, we utterly fail to see the place un over a year ago, has received a sentence of eighteen months in the peu at Little Rock, Ark.

4 less it be in a damage suit for the in Dexvek, Memphis and Atlantic Railway, Vice-President's Office, Winkield, Ka Oct 24,1887. C. W. Daniels, President of the Board of Trade, Baxter Springs, Kan. Dear Sir There is no doubt about ttwj building of our road to Baxter Springs, It is only a question of but 110 work can be done until the completion of our line to Pueblo.

Yours, J. J. St. Louis and San Francisco Railway Office of the Vice-President. St.

Louis, Oct. 28, 1887. C. W. Daniels, K.

A. Love and others, Baxter Springs, Kan. Gentlemen Your letters and proposition received. Our president will ar Why do so many people go to J. K.

jury 91 L.ove to see younjj folks get all the enjoyment out of this Tucker Co's for boots and shoes? Apples wautea at uie mxier Springs evaporator. An elegant assortment of fur caps at the Golilcn Ragle. -All the latest novelties in millinery -at Mrs. W. W.

Jones. It will pay you to see J. tt. Tucker Co's line of new hats. Finest liie of candies aud confectionery at A.

Mader's. McElliiiiey Fribley sell goods at bottom pricrs for cash. A large invoice of China-ware just received at J. M. Myers.

An el'gint line of Ladie's Wraps just received at Cooper's. A fine line of gents' underwear just life it were possible to do, yet there should be a limit and when this limit Why, because they sell the best goods for the least money. is reached a halt should be called. Jini Charley, ex-chief of the Peoria If you want to lay by something for a Jack Frost has been to see us several times and left his tracks by stripping the trees of their foliage. "Leap frog" is becoming quite a popular amusement here of late.

At least so we have been told. The Golden Eagle will give the first lady caller a air of shoes on next Saturday. Everybody come early. J. G.

McGaunwt, of Seneca, bought the 55 head of government head of cattle recently sold at the agency. Fon Sale ottRnNT. -A good five-room house, good cellar, cistern and outbuildings. Enquire at this office. Prepare for winter by selecting early your choice of round oak and range heaers at McElliiiiey Fribley's.

tribe of Indians, died on last Saturday night. He was sick for quite awhile, rainy day, then coaie to Kansas. If you warn 10 see tne prettiest women in ana in nis death the tribe, loses one among its best men. America, then come to Kansas. If you waut to see the thriftiest men upon this A colored man, fresh from the or the other side of Mason and Dixon's jungles of Africa, lectured to his race line, then conle to Kansas.

If you waut to inhale tlie purest atmosphere to be Saturday eveuiug, and we understand he pictured this far-off country in glowing colors to his audience. rive at New York from Europe within a short time when I will bring the subject matter of your letter before our board of directors and it is likely that your proposition will be favorably received. I will let you hear from me in a short time. Yours truly, John O'Day, Vice-President. Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and Natchez Railway, Neosho, Oct.

30, 1887. C. W. Daniels, President Board of Trade Baxter Springs, Kan. Dear Sir Yours of the 24th inst.

at hand. I have just returned from New York city, where I had the best success in arranging for the bonds. We are to cash the bonds on every ten miles of road V-llkU Wb till UWIUUIJ XUttla J. M. is Helling glassware notions atrost.

Drop in. Go to Cooper's for line shoes, Mrs. B. ELiling- has been very sick from congestion, but is improving. Buy your hats of J.

R. Tucker Co. and 6ave money by the transaction. Lou Loffland and wife, from the ter The the border scouts has been stuffed and added to the museum of J. R.

Tucker Co. ritory, were at the medical institute on Sunday, having brought their daughter with them who is being treated for catarrh by Dr. Duncan. found beneath the shining sun, then come to Kansas. If you want to view the finest mineral lands In the country, then come to Kansas.

If you want to live long and die happy, then come to Kansas. These and many other blessings are in store for those who come to Kansas Mason Long, the reformed gambler, with his quartet of fine singers, gave two These heavy frosts will remind you Blackjack, Ko-ko Tulu and White that J. R. Tucker Co. have just re-ceived their big stock ot underwear.

The Mound Ciy semi-weekly Pro Yucatan Chewing Gum at Mader's. Call In and examine those fine heat- The subscription list to the Delta is gradually oli the increase, yet there gress is not very large, yet its. editor has a nack of crowding a heap of good reading into its columns, and it is one among the number of our brightest exchanges. as it is constructed. I have an appointment in St.

Louis, on the 1st of Novem is room for mure. Drop in to see us. Our motto is The best goods lor the least money." M- Cooper. outdoor meetings at this place last week. Mr.

Long is a plain but forcible talker, and there isjio better proof that man was cut out for some noble purpose than to see this once gambler and drunkard -The second grand excursion to Bax ing stoves at McKlhiuey Friblev's. Go to Cooper's for Ladies Wraps. The best and cheapest China and glass-ware in the city at J. M. Myers.

Hats! hats 1 1 new! latest styles, best quality, cheap at J. II. Tucker Co's. See Cooper's line of line clothing. Still we continue to open new ter and auction sale of lots yesterday was Ladies aud gentlemen, if you waut a good b.ot or shoe, 'a perfect fit at the a success, 63 lots being sold aggregating over two thousand dollars up to noon, lowest price, go to J.

R. Tucker and Co with a continuance of sale in the evening. A galvanic battery, some turtles and a few snakes was the load- some fellow holding up the cross of Christ and so faithfully and earnestly working in the vineyard for the elevation of the human race to a higher standard of morals while here that they may be prepared to reap the rewards in store for them in the life to come if hey will but only shoulder the cross aud march bravely on to the end. That Mr. Long is a truly passed through the city with on Monthly The largest stock of hats ever opened in Baxter just received at J.

R.Tucker Now, don't take oiu1 word for it butgo and see if J. R. Tucker Co. have not It would bo as easy a matter for one to stick his finger in the water and then find the hole as it would be for a newspaper man to please everybody. It can't be did, and the one who tries it is sure to make a total failure in the editorial line.

Ladies and gentlemen you are cor the best stock of drc8s goods in the mar ket. ber, but if I can defer It for one day I will be pleased to aitend your sale of lots. Our road will be built. 'I go to St. Louis to form a construction company, and then go to work at once.

Will be in Baxter Springs as soon as possible Yours truly, a M. W. Clay, Vice-President. What will four new railroads do for a city that has already'more natural ad- vantages than any other town in Kansas? For further information address Baxter Springs Board of Trade. High School Notes.

We chronicle a visit to our school of several ladies who took much interest in the class in elocution under Mrs. Caruth. The singing circle under Miss Morton have thanged the evening of meeting from Friday to Tuesday. She has two splendid classes in our school one in high school and the other in Miss Belle Brandon's room. converted man there is no question of A flock of cranes passed over Satur- Co's.

A flue line of muffles at the Golden Eagle. Mrs. Shiver has a splendid line of millinery goods which she is selling at cost. Call at J. M.

Meyers' variety store jday headed in the direction of the sunny dially invited to call and examine our South. Lookout for cold weather pretty soon. 1 All kinds of hardware, tinware, doubt, and the Delta wishes him Godspeed in his noble work. Something hard to find a lost reputation. Saw seven dogs in one bunch on Mondajr, and it was rather a poor day for dogs at that.

Someof our people must surely iron, steel, nails, fine cutlery, copper get low prices on new goods just received. ware, at McElliiiiey Frib 7 The three hives of bees belonging to Mr. A. Willard became so fractious and unruly that they had to be smoked to have the hay feyer, as we notice that large stock of underwear just opened. All grades, best quality, any size and at prices that will surprise you.

No trouble to show goods. Respectfully, J. Tucker Co. Mr. Farrell, from Weir City, Democratic candidate for county clerk, was interviewing "the.dear people" here one day last is said to be fully competent to fill the office, aud if elected no doubt will make a faithful public servant.

J. R. Tucker Co. can furnish you a dress pattern in any style, quality or quantity at prices to suit purchasers. Give them a call.

death. Now is your bestchance to buy your hay is still being hauled to this place. Will the good Lord in His tender mercy and loving 'kindness deliver us from being lathered, so' often by street Miss Brandon's two years' work in the primary room has won her hosts, of little friends, and her work in intermediate room is very fine. Prof. Noble announced that the fall and hats, bonnets and all millinery goods, at cost at Mrs.

E. A Shiver's. The sear and yellow leaf has begun to fall, and it will not be long before the Chinamen should be expert billiard players because they are up to handling the cue. When you waut something good in. the Hue of tobacco and cigars go to A Jlader's.

The excursion last Tuesday was rather a slim affair, as but few landed at this place. For tinware, glassware, notions and novelties go to J. M. Meyers' cheap cash store. Mason Long had the finest span of Norman horses that were ever seen in this section.

Our large fall and winter stock of boots and shoes have arrived. J. It. Tucker Co. Fall and winter hats, bonnets, turbans, all in the very latest styles at Mrs.

W.W.Jones. sturdy old oak will be stripped as naked as a bean-pole. soap fiends? Neighboring hogs might come over and winter upon hickory nuts and other kinds of nuts. Kansas swine never fool away their time with anything short of sound corn and ripe, mellow apples. John Patton and Al.

Binns left Tuesday morning for California with Some of the Kansas City boys with the excursion had quite an interesting game of pool on Tuesday, night, and when they called for beer they Jooked rather disheartened when informed that ice water; was the principal beverage in prohibition'Kaitsasy -A reign of terror seeing to be going on in the Cherokee nation, and there is no telling where or when the end may be reached, A. battle was recently fought on North Fork between the vigilanoe committee and the outlaws with fatal results, several being killed and wounded on both sides. The Arkansaw travelers have ar B. Tucker Co. can show you teachers of our school weuld begin their class in drawing next Tuesday evening under Mrs.

Lyman, and if there were any outside who desired to join the class they were welcome. -The teachers' association, of southwest section of Cherokee county, meet Nov. 12th in high school room. Our high school pupils furnish the music. Our first literary exercises this term were held Friday afternoon.

They consisted of recitations, declamations, select readings, songs, a debate and school paper. Among our visitors that afternoon were Misses Maggie Bahr, Minnie Danglade and Laura and Ida Cooper. Student. George Koontz has sold his home residence and has purchased property in- another portion of the city. Rutus Armstrong "caught on" to pool playing while in Seneca one day last week, and is now able to scartch down one ball in every fifteen without even sweating a hair.

Gulf Time Card. Korth bound Passenger, 10 :10 a. in. Freight, 3:00 p. m.

South bound. Passenger, 4:55 p. m. Freight, 8:00 a. m.

L. W. Price, a view of making that state their home in future. Hay success go with them is what the Delta has to say. Suppose the omnibus which was backed up against the school-house door on last Monday night was intended as a special car for Prof.

Noble to go on a 'scursion to the sale of city lots at Warwick Place. Was half-way expecting another valuable communication from our Missouri eorrespondent for this issue. Guess he was too busy in "skule to penn us a phew lines" for this week, yet we shall expect a few lines from his flashy pen pretty soon. The Delta has a chromo for the parties who barricaded the offiee door on Monday night. Well, boys, -Everybody should take a chance at the goat cart and goat.

Buy 50 cents worth of goods and get one chance, at the Golden Eagle. "Distance lends enchantment to the view." That's why a freckle-face woman with a wart on-her nose appears so enchanting. J. R. Tucker Co, have just opened a splendid invoice of flannels for the fall and winter trade.

You will miss your best chance if you don't examine J. It. Tucker Co's mammoth stock of New dress goods before buying elsewhere. iGo to J. R.

Tucker fc Co's and see theirfelegant line of Gent's Hats of all colors and all styles. What about the sugar refinery Are we to have one or, not? Stir up your stumps ye capitalists, and by all means let's have tlie refinery. -Mrs. W. W.

Jones has just returned from St." Louis bringing with her the best and handsomest stock of millinery ever opened in Baxter. Babies are visiting this section at a lively five having been found arund here last week, aud free concerts will soon be in order. If there is any man in Cherokee county who is not able to buy a suit of clothes call at the Golden Eagle and they will give him a full suit. the best woolen underwear for the price you ever saw. Some mighty fine apples, ace being hauled to this place, and the Is an Abundant one.

4 V'' We invite the ladies to call and examine our $7.00 Dittman. shoes at the Golden Eagle. The roads at present are in a splendid condition, and much travel is being 4one over them. You can't let your children suffer with cold while J. B.

Tucker Co. 6ells flannels so cheap. Quite a lot of movcr3 passed through rived, making our prediction true for once. We said that Wm. Cavenaugh aud Joe Paul who left here two or three weeks ago, would be back before the roses come again.

Well, the roses have not as yet put in their appearance, but the aforesaid party has, having ariived Tuesday. -A letter from Southern Kentucky brought the Information that on account of the unprecedented dry season the crops of all kinds were almost a total failure. Wells that were never known to go dry before have been dry as a powder-horn for three months and some of the people are forced to haul drinking and stock water from two to three miles. Tliis is a bad state of affairs, and we deeply symphatlze with the people of our native state. here one day last week headed in the di it's all right, but on your next visit if you have got any conscientious rection of Galena.

Hats Large stock of fall and winter hats just received at J. II. Tucker Co's. G. A.

R. confectionery and lunch T. J. Lee proprietor, one door north of Mrs. Stark's, east side Military fitreet.

Warm meals at all hours. scruples about you then 'you'll place something before the door that a yoke of steers can remove without injuring the spine..

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