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The Barnes Enterprise from Barnes, Kansas • 2

The Barnes Enterprise from Barnes, Kansas • 2

Barnes, Kansas
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rrrj T.t'01' riper had some tickets iiCitor. The Barnes Enterprise. i immm hvi printed this week tor their circle swing winch will be in operation tlie C. BREMERM ANN DENTIST, GKEENLEAF, KANSAS. Dr.

Brcmci-mnnn bavin. all mode rn nppli-nnei'S ni i) -Misery is iirepared to do nil Vntk in a miipu'-r that wiU givu aud lowest Uy liMJ Old of July. Every Thursday T.venlug. The Mo. Pac.

R'y Co', will sell round trip tickets to any point on its lines not exceeding 200 miles, for ono fare. Tickets on sale July 3, 'H. Limited to July Glh. J. ltI'mrr, Ast.

Livhg Among Caliifirnia's JMncss. lESTABUSHED IN lire. A .1 II. HILLUJIS, PrfcjrifUr. CARRIES A FULL LINE OP Last Thursday morning about 3 o'clock the large barn belonging to Mr.

Philbrook, living one mile south of Chepstow, was consumed by fire with all its contents. Loss about $2500. Insurance, 1200. TERMS OF SUUSCKllTIOS: One copy, one year $1.25, One copy; nix months 0 'ill. One copy, three months 0 35.

PHYSICIAN and schgeon, BARNES, KANSAS. Paper, etc. Living among the humble classes of Chinese working in San-Francisco is very cheap. A man who earns 4 cents Culla promptly attended to flay or night. Oflico at W.

W. Jones' drug store. lly. A full stock a day will live on 2 cents and two meals; Ths Ssourge, of Building Material always on hand, and will be sold on the closest mararins Bought for Cash the remaining 2 cents will pay for the shelf on which he lies at night and MARK J. KELLEY, Black diphtheria is invading the consistent with good grades.

what clothiuz he mav need. For 10 towns of, Snringwell anil Royal NOTARY PUBLIC, BARNES, KANSAS. The 5th Congressional district convention met at the Opera House at Concordia on Tuesday of this week at 11 o'clock a. m. and organized by selecting A.

Wilson, of Washington County, temporary chairman, with J. cents a Chinaman can get in China' town two jneals of rice salt fish and veg All Notarinl Business attended to. Deeds The purchaser will always get Lumber Tbue to Geadt. and tnorlirutre-s drawn. Your busines solicit I.

ed and accurately attended to. lly tables, and wash each meal down with a cup of good Cargon. Ten persons called for, and can be assured that it has not been assorted after reaching my yards. E. K.

FELT, Barnes. Kansas. F. Close, of Republic County, and L. eating twice a day of two kinds of meat Hawk, of Dickinson County, as temporary secretary and assistant secre Oak, near Detroit, and is carrying off a large number of victims.

Children are taken without warning. Their throats swell and in a few hours they die in great agony. Two children of Moses Reon, of Ecorse, are already dead. His three other children are very low, as is also his wife. The members of many other families are down, and the people are greatly alarmed.

and vegetables and the; never-absent rice and tea can board for a $1.25 each Barnes Livery and Feci StabL H. Wm, Proprietor. M. McKELVY. W.

S. McKELVY. tary respectively. The usual commit a month. Chkiujo llcruld.

tees were appointed, and the convert- Cood teams and riffKS urniehed for all parte of the country at reasonable priem. Teams left at (he Imrn are carefully eared for and on adjourned till half past 2 clock McKELYY Dealers in The course of the Democratic ma in. when the temporary organization well fed. The putromure of tho public solic ited aud satisfaction guaranteed. lly i)s made permanent, and the conven jority of the House is fast becoming a tion proceeded to vote, viva voce for a GENERAL MERCHANDISE.

A. L. nATTQX, national scandal. There is an utter want of intelligent leadership, and the members seem to be careless even of tfididute'for congress to succeed John Anderson. The first ballot, which Contractor ordinary decency of appearance in as informal, resulted, as roupws: and oh A.

Anderson 33, J. R. Burton 17, their Avays of dealing with important matters, particularly such as pertain (Successors to Henry Ober.) Fresh Goods at the Lowest Possible Prices, BUTTER and EGGS i IS Builder. am prepared to do all kinds of Stone to the appropriation or money. The only man who has represented three States in the United States senate was the late General James Shields, who was Senator from Illinois, afterwards from Minnesota, and subsequently from Missouri.

Mathew Lyon was the only man who has been elected a representative to Congress from three States first in Vermont, second in Kentucky and third in Arkansas. He died August 1, 1882, before taking his seat as representative from the latter State. D. E. Ballard 9, N.

1). Brown 9, C. C. Culp 8. The convention then proceed' ed to a formal ballot, which was continued with the same result, until the or Jiriek Work, Plastering, or Cistern Work.

Give Mo a Call. th ballot was reached, when on mo At Highest Market Price, Exchanged for Goods. EARXES, 1 31 KANSAS. tion the convention adjourned to meet on Wednesday, July 80th. Millions of dollars have been -voted away, the' facts show, under circumstances of almost criminal recklessness, and every day adds to the shameful record some new breach of honesty and propriety.

It is safe to say that the people will not soon repeat the experiment of electing a Democratic Congress on any account. Telegraph BAH1TES, KANSAS. Later: A3 we go to press we learn ALEX SHANNON, that A. S. Wilson, of Washington THE' TWO DENOMINATIONS.

Contractor Builder. received the nomination as Congress man for the 5th District. A 6TOEY TOLD BY PRESIDENT LINCOLN I have opened a shop in the Duns- moro Building, and I am' prepared to "When I lived in Indiana," he said, Anarchists on Trial W.E.STONE, -Southwest Corner of the.Square. DEALER IS do all kinds of work in my line. SCHOOL NOTES.

Following is the studding of the pu "there resided very near us an old ne Stair Building a Specialty. Milwaukee, June 21. The pils in the Barnes public school for the jury in thd case of the anarchists; John gro known as 'Uncle He was a very pious darky, hut was so infirm that it was impossible for him to go to I5A11NES, KANSAS month ending une 23. Frettyman and Herman Lampel, this morning brought in a verdict of guilty HARDWARE, STOVES, TINWARE, GROCERIES, ill io MeKelvy the neighboring school-house" to listen tta McKelvy I1ISEY LEE, a3 to the former and not guilty as to vrtie Motveivy to any itineriiiit preacher -wild might va MeKi Ivy My stock of Groceries will be found Fresh and Complete happen to discourse there Sunday. the latter.

It was show that Frctty-ruan took a leading part in the riots at irtlej clt lnnie Kelt House and Sign Painters. and prices reasonable. Come and test my coffees and tea-. Louie Kelt the Brand stove works and the Bay- izzte Thompson ora Lovd However, in order to make up as far as possible for his own inabiiity to attend, he always compelled his grandchildren to go; and they were required view rolling mills. The case of Henry iCinan Loyd I'ct of work and lowest prices.

Fnr- Headquarters for tto Celebrated Damf is now occupying the attention wen l'iper Piper of the court. nbt biily to recollect the text, but also (li.o. Allan rank heart The penalty in the case of JohnFret- to be able to give the old man some nit lire, Busies, repaired and Graining a Specialty. Mabel Karl tyman, convicted this morning, will account of the sermon. On one oc Earl Building Hardware and Steel Goods a specialty, and Isold as cheap as by anj house in the county.

Remember the place the corner store, south of the depot BARNES, KANSAS. io Mel-adden 1 be one year in the county jail, or Millie McFadden emtio Mel' added fine, or both. 'A BARNES, 42 KAN casion a Methodist came and prerfched. He toil the congregation that there were two kinds of people in this world, Methodist and Baptists; that the Meth- lora aura James tVt a quarter past ten the jury in the Alva Kepal lora olverion case or Henry Damr, charged witli riot, returned a verdict of guilty. Walter Wolverton J.

L. Vi'INSOR, Hubert McGhlo Mary Martin oHists followed a road that led to heaven, and theTliaptists one that led to hell. The next Sunday there presented himself a hard-shell Baptist who JBEE HIVES. Ml mma ivenctai E. L.

BLOOMFIELD Negro Desperaio. 'ien Kendal ft-. "Kendal have a buhdiv ot nee hives on illliau Kendal Beloit, June 21. Tuesday had heard about the sermon of his IliiUia Koto night about 10 o'clock a colored man, HI Methodist brother. lie told his audi ora Koto KANSAS', Hone Koto who had registered as J.

A. Newton, hand, or will make them to order. Give me a call. iShoh North of Oiliec, Frank titlvosant Frank Frieze of Delphos, shot James T. tors that it was true that there were two kinds of people in the world, Methodists and Baptists, and that they Silu Butler Troutman, proprietor of the Keystone DEALER IN Mubcl liikeuian urah Beaver house, a hotel near the depot in this in Barnes, Kan itnuel Beaver city.

The bullet struck him in the Si followed different roads; but that It" was the Baptist road that led to heaven, and the Methodist rolid that led to 'uimy Beaver itronce Solt ICi right shoulder, ranging up, and was si: Hardware Alice Maycroft tew HI extracted from his back, making a bad hell. When old Uncle Josh heard this red Hoot 11a Ilooth but not fatal wound. The negro at he scratched 'his wool, and said; 'Each Orvul Kean 9 Mi Barnest Miauiu tempted to get in a room occupied by one says that there are only two roads, ir, Arthur Newton t'ii tho dining-room girls. The latter and that his own leads to heaven, and Nni-ion My stock is new, Pure and Fresh, and it will be our pleas- screamed. Troutman went to the res F.

SL the other leads to hell. Well, this old Corn tSrey 1'lota i-ey Jennie cue and a scuffle ensued, the landlord give customers the beneut ot Low rnces ana uooa nigger will go across lots!" ill helley kicking him down stairs. Afterward II N'i-tHe bee me tor your pure Uoliees, 'leas, bugars, bpicew Ablne IVarboril ueseral mm m. ure to Goods. Soaps, ware.

hi the negro shot him. Newton wa-t nr rested by officer Join llclluh iv.v JUDGE DAVID DAVIS GONE. i Hom Viu-nih'M-y Oils, also anything you want in the line Hard Try us for Tobaccos and Cigars. i y. i i i t-UL-n iif.i BLOOMINGTON DRAPED IN JlOUKNINO BA11NES; iiANSAS.

placed in jail. Ho is said to bo the 1'OB TUE DEAD STATESMAN. same fellow who a day or two ago 'J an aiurk nicaus cot tardy W. E. WnttmT.

Teacher. Cleaned out Abilene. Bloomington, 111., June 26. David Davis died this morning at 6 o'clock, Tariff Bffl. He sank into a comatose state twelve hours before, and passed painless TXXS About one hundred of tho Demo D.

PARKINSON THE GEOCEES, away, surrounded by his family. cratic representatives who voted for consideration of the Morrison tariff Tllfi WASHINGTON POST. bill assembled in the hall of the House During the early part of last evening he appeared to be failing, and it was felt certain that he would not live through the night. At 11 o'clock he revived somewhat and was given milk Mr. Morrison nioved that the tariff re The Place to Sell Butter and form Democrats select one member Chicago- UtfOUfcUjf from each state to constitute a com THE ONLY HOME PRINT TAPER IN WASHINGTON COUNTY.

and stimulants, in small quantities. mittee which consider the advisability WASHINGTON, KANSAS. The effect was for the worse, however, of issuing an address to the country for he at once relafsed into a coma This motion gave rise to considera tose condition, his pulse becoming very ble discussion. The motion wat adept feeble. ed, it was.finally decided to call caucus During the succeeding three hours for Wednesday night to agree upon Per Year'.

SUBSCRIBE FOR IT. Address. Washington, K-ina, he failed gradually and his respiration future procedure. AND THE It can ho stated on the best authori was growing noticeably weaker until the end came. The, cause of Judge ty that the Democratic lead Davis' death was Briglit's disease of I J.

V. OlVlllIl u. DEALERS IN FiUtjReNnIiTtUtjReEe. Wo buy our furniture In our iols, thereby securing mlm-tloo, nml by so doing we are enabled to ST KIKE BOTTOM PRICES on all grades of furniture. Barnes -Enterprise ers regard last Thursday's vote on the the kidneys, aggravated by the weak Monson bill as finally defeating any tariff legislation during tho remainder ened condition of the system, dated Doth papers one year for5 jCroni the time ho became affected with of tho session and that every attempt WALLACE BI a carbuncle.

His last hours were that may be made to again call up the calm and peaceful. bill will bo only for the purpose of Greenleaf, i-swi Kansas: more strongly emphasizing Die nega The funeral of Judge Davis will be held from his residence next Tuesday tive. Leavenworth 'Times. at 3 p. m.

The remains will be in Troti'sdlo's Lunch rooms Hotel: A Seal Man ComeS to Life. tened in the family lot Blooming-ton. The following have invited Druggists. AUTOGRAI'Il ALBUMS', scrap books; perfumery Toilet Articles and Druggists Suiv dries. GREENLEAF, KANSAS.

A f-pecial from Cairo, 111., says a Bin to act as pall bearers: Hon. R. T. Lin SIMON SOLT, GRAIN LIVE STOCK, pular story haa just reached therefrom When you aro in Greenleaf ami want either a lunch or hotel accomodations coin, A. K.

Stevenson, James S. ing, Lyman Burr, Duncan M. Funk, Clinton, Ky. George O. Daniels, of that, l'iace, has been ill for several Usury W.

Bishop, Lucius D. Fisher go ta the.TREUsDLB -vvnerc you win nmi a goou tablo and ainplo accomodations for tho public. His death wa received in Blooming- months, and last Wednesday, to all appearances', died. The remains were Highest market pricespaid atall times ton with profound sorrow, and flags Earner. Kansas.

Always Open. were placed at half mast, bells tolling Accomodations for AIL W. H. Treusdle, Proprietor. and store houses were draped in for Grain and all kinds of Live Stock.

BAUNES, 48 KANSAS mourning. MONEY I MONEY Lots of money' to loan at The end was peaceful and without a struggle. Once during the night there yas a gleam of consciousness and he JOHN KA1TEL, called Ids son name, but soon wan 8.1-2. and 9 per cent DENTISTRY! Dr. fJ.

M. Ilftrrell dered again. incased in a casket, where they remained twenty-four hours, awaiting tho arrival of relatives to attend the funeral. At midnight Thursday, tho watchers who Htirrouiulud tho coiTiu were startled by a deep groan emanating from the coffin, and all but one, a German, named AVahbaking, rushed from the room. Wabbaking remained, and as the groans and sighs continued, he raised tho collin lid and saw at a glance that Daniels was alive, and then 'seizing tho body ho placed jt A few spasmodic gasps and a shudder, and tho corpse spoke aloud.

The relatives returned to find the mini sitting in A chair, and conversing with Judge Davis' physician, snys the in All work warranted to give good Satisfaction. mediate cause of his death, was crysip- Toefh 'lllei1 nnd Evtrnoted bv the UfO of VlTATZKO A IK WITHOUT FAtN. Parties wIkIp 43 KANS BAltNES, ehs, the "trsvonth of amahgnantcar In small Hums, or at S.pcr cent straight In large sums. My fnelll. Inir unj tliiuif In my line will do well to irlve me a cull betoro Imviuir work done, ties tiwf exeeut in all klnils of work me such as) to warraut piiUsriu tlon In every truttinS nnd i'iao Oold Klillinir upeuiully.

enso. h. Sly. buncle, which first appeared Aprilaoth, but that diahells, which must have Job work a specialty at this office. For lowuWs see Ober Williams NO DELAY MONEY READY been insidiously working for two years, was the primary cause, and to it.

is attributed his rapid decline in Offiue south side public sgnnvo, next to iSrillW LIY15RY battle Saturday, July Sid. at Barnes. Ilesh for the past two weeks. Welch hardware store, Washington, Kansas. i Before the end, he had been uncbiv i llouso and two lots for sale on Main reasonable Daniels claims to have been perfectly conscious of mm C.

Aldrach everything which passed around him prions most of the time. Mrs. Davis much worn out, by constant and Unvoted wal'cliinif'. but bears uv by Ober Williams. racing at Barnes next Salur dav.

Cull on Mark J. Keltey, Agent lint buys that ho was nimble to to move IJnvlnir emlmrked In the I.ivci llusini-HK In Kilnsn. wlmro to keep (rom Ti'iimsHlidltiiJS to weirtneiltite tlie puldle, neil our ehnr.ret "I "ii'oieible. Clvotnii drill. a muscle.

Balnea, Kansas. ively. XT.

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