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Baxter Springs Daily Enterprise from Baxter Springs, Kansas • 1

Baxter Springs Daily Enterprise from Baxter Springs, Kansas • 1

Baxter Springs, Kansas
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Price 5 cents. BAXTER SPRINGS, KANSAS, MONDAY, MARCH 29,1909. vVOL. 1. NO.

56. Poultry Wanted Able Sermon NOTICE DENT'S i We have large orders to QA5U GROCERY Rev. Johnson's Sermon fill and will pay, the follow Omaha Addition Last Night Much Appreciated Can Always Save ing prices in cash, March 272 9 Dr. W. Roberts, Dentist, over McAboys.

Drink a glass of Soda at Gran? tham's New Iceless Fountian. Dr. Boswell, over Dents. Bringyour cattle to C.H. Gaines Rooms for rent.

See I. P. Daniels. MacAboy Co. pays the highest market price for all kinds of butcher stock.

A nice line of meats always on haj.d. See us. You Money. liens 10 1-2 per pound and Gregg Pasture open receive stock, April 1. The congregation which came PHONE 5 Springs 10 1-2 per pound to hear Rev.

Johnson give a reproduction of Bishop Quayle's Broilers 12 per pound Ducks 9 SAFE, CONSERVATIVE. sermon last Sunday night, was Apply to E. L. Wright. The Geese 5 not disappointed.

The speaker did not rirouose to deliver the On River street, Phone 93 urkeys 11 IPS sermon as did the bishop on Sun Furnished Rooms, with bath for rent. Mrs. Ida L. Noble' River street. Among Our Sick day March 21, at the conference Old Roosters 30 cents each Young roosters 35 cents each leld at Coffey ville, but the ser 1 mon was a combination of quota Mrs.

Harpers small child is Eggs 14 cents per dozen The Daily Enterprise a very ill at their home in. the tions from the bishop's sermon with thoughts of bis own inter Hides 7 cents per pound. south part of town. whole year for only $2. woven.

Capital $30,006.00 Paid in Full. Your Business Solicited. bring in your surplus Eli Cain and wife are confined i The text was, Heb. poultry and get the cash and to their home with lagrippe. 5) powers of the world to In Mrs.

E. K. Brown is on the substance he said, "The glory of. the book of God is, it is always' then you can trade with any merchant you please as they are all good sick list; Foster McCSarn, talking to us about things too big Capt. Estham is slowly improv- CANE SEED.

We have just received one care load of Nicely Cleaned Red Orange Cane Seed. Haul it away at $1.40 per bushel Baxter Mill Co. for us. Little' folks are always ing. :0 busy explainihgthings, butnever Respectfully DEMOSS EWERS.

Phone i92, west of Coop Short Order and Home. Made Pies. Nellie Davis is reported much mind about that, you can't ex improved today. plain big things, No use to. try ers to explain the atonement, or pro Hotel Arrivals.

S. HAYMES, vidence, or the book of Revela Visit Hartly Bros; for nice, Contractor and Builder. tion, just read it, it will do you clean meats of all kinds. 35-2 1 U- tlt)) good, don't try to explain it, just E5i a' i i Baxter Springs, Kansas. S3 Red; 'Anybotty try "Insurance that Insures," i ii ing to explain Ipa, 53, or Ps.

in companies that pays their nronrntlv obtained in all countries, or FO FES, Caveata and Copyrinhia r2i3- would only spoil them You can't osses promptly and in full A. V. Smith. comprehend the gospel, but you teredy bend Sketch, Model or Photo, for tree report on patentability. ALL BUSiNCSS STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL, patent practice exclusively.

Surpassing references. Wideawake inventors should haveour handbook on How to obtain and Sell patents, What inventions will pay.How to get valuable information. Sent free to any address. can apprehend it. "The powers of the world to vVe know we carry the best if come I don't know much about, I.

SWIFT CO, paints on earth; Heath and Milli AT HOTEL BAXTER. Joe Bush Louis, Wm. Frazier ''Kansas Ciiy, G. R. McCullough Tulsa, 0.

W. Lancaster B. Leonard City, Lee Tharp Miami, Miss River Will Jones Mrs. Pearl Joues Miami, Henry Clagk Fredonla, Wm. Hodan Sedalia, J.

B. Ball St Louis C. Rambo Ottawa, H. A. Klyman St.Louio, Weather Forecast gar, the high standard Paint, of rOI Seventh fit.

C. but give me time and I will. The po wers of the world to come are America, Every gallon guaran related to the powers of the world that is. Eternity is kins teed. We also carry Japalac, VarnislieSj Brushes Oils and everything known to the painter's art.

We are showing a full Will please you. man of pur time. One5 of the powers of the world to come is To tiVde for a fresh milk cow, a Cottage ptirlorOrganj good new. Wt Johnson; Box 54, Empire City; Kansas. virtue, but it is virtue with a line of wallpapers at prices that chance: Here vice is fighting Mj, it's Good, astonish you virtue, here virtue is having a DEWEY BREAD, hard time, here is hard to be Unsettled tonight and Tuesday See- Grarithams Jew Soda Pountian; good.

In the. world to come vir with snow flurries in west portion, colder in south east tue will be king, virtue will have conquered. In God's book it is portion tonight. Dr. W.

W. Roberts DENTIST Over McAboys. written: 'And there shall in no wise enter into it anything that Mrs. Coleman and daughter of Joplin are visiting relatives in defileth, neither whatsoever Etter Cox. Drs.

Jones jdnes Telephone i 151. Dr. M. I. Nichols DENTIST' this City, worketh abomination or maketh Mr.

Rehea Hodgens of Tulsa a ''Another power in the world was the guest, of his mother Mrs to come will be immortality. Hodgins bunliay. 3Sg38 fe'JITrJ 3 MM off fa 3 3 II Q. Here mortality is bossy, U. T.

Gaba has returned from mortality makes, graveyards, Tulk where he has beil on Office: Opperman Building. Lf buisness. gPhone 172-2 Ririgsf: NOTICE President Rucker calls' special riieeting of the Bopster Club to meet at night at 8 p. to decide on premiums for next Booster Day May 1. Irene OlTis has returned from a visit in Sprfngffeld.

Mr. and Mra. Saggs, drove over from Lowel! yesterday. Mrs. Homer Mitchner is on When in Baxter, Eat at the the sick lit.

vacant chairs, it will not be so always. Immortality will reign in the world to come. The crop's will be one of the powers of tile world to The death of Jesus, Christ is of such power that never was an unsaved soul born. No child was born a TJ Air. Elcin is sick at his home White Rock in the north part of town.

NOTICE FfSTAl ib'ANfT. Ladies be sure and come to heathen. Heaven wtll be. jam W. C.

T. U. Social tomorrow, Tuesday March 30. at Mrs. Geo.

med with buls that have neve4 heard of Jesus Christ, Kelseys. Strangers especially DR. A. THOMPbN "Tile greatest power of the wprld to come will be Jetus Christ himself In 'the book i is Bown, Cashier of Baxter Nat KHome Phone 90. Office Phone GO TO Ei Mr MichlHeii written: And I beheld, and i Bank noticed our write up's on old bibles a short time ago and the subject was friseussed at the heard the voice of many angels Depot Eating House, -HARDWARE home of his parents Eldora, la, round about the throne, and the living creatures and elders; and the number of them was' ten thousand, times' tert thousand and F-O-R Hot and Cold Lunched and Meals ai Good Beds.

Rates; Reasoitale' Southeast trf Depot, 'ft Phone 129. when he was paying hem a visit Browiiy tnother called his attention to afi old All kinds 8f tiMrdeithd FiMd Seeds! thousands of thousands, saying Bible iii their possession whic T. MEYERDINQ, Prop with a loud ypice: Worthy is the. had beeft hati'dM dirwn from one ancestor to anqth(r: fpr many 1 -i- Lamb tnat was aiain po recievs power and riches, and wisdom, ye catrry erytWhg kept iii a pjrst-Clgll Hardware! St6re. Ei Micheneri generauons.

i ne oie was pu e. b. morgan; Baxter springs, and-honpr, an glpry. thank lisheairi.the Y.Mli It God, we are adventurers toward written the old English lang the power of the world to come." uage, and Mr, us At the close ot tne sermon Mrs. Flora Polster Hummell sang that same as vety cleverly Jasi Hatrfibri written.

We understand that a most appropriate solo entitled, "The light of heaven's own day," Mrs Brown has refused $5,000, Pf Reekahs meet each 2ndand4th in each month. Visitors1 to ou-city who are members are al ways welcome to attend oif meet ings. for this book. which was greatly appreciated Sweet and soiir pickles George Andrews of Des by the audience. moines, Iowa, is transacting Mr.

McBride started sprinkl business here today. WW ing the streets today, and all buisness houses in Baxter Visit Grantham.s new soda fpuntian. i Bauerh's Driis: Store Springs should contribute to Leslie for Grit call at this office." Mrs. Fred Etter and soil of Vinita were here yesterday the guest of relatives. Hart Klynian is here ffom St.

Louis. Miss Inez Kling of poffey the street sprinkling fund, showing a nice line of fishing tackle, an yille, Kansas, is here, for Harry Sullivan and (i. Roy baseball goods. few days visit with Relatives Blanchard were ab the skating and friends rink at Lmeolnvil last night. aal.JCv.t 'i-.

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