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The Barnes Enterprise from Barnes, Kansas • 3

The Barnes Enterprise from Barnes, Kansas • 3

Barnes, Kansas
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fiie Barnes Enterprise; The II antes Lim lkr Xot UoiAilxiiitiiHnt-lTxH'uti THK STATE OK KANSAS, I c. Washington County, In the Probate Court. Estate of Owen Jones, Deceased. KOTK EOk kl'l'OISTMKST: IJAUNES, KANSAS, JANCAltY 14, 1N-6. TKKASTJKKll'S KKI'OIilV Heport of Treasurer of Haines township, for year ending January 11, 188(5 March 0, 188-3.

Uee'dof C. L. Woodford, retiring treasurer Little Hlue toWiiship, March 7, 1883. llee'd of II. Wright retiring treasurer Little Hlue ESTtBLlSHED IS 1883.1 i t'AllltlKS A FI LL.

LINE OF Local Department. Letters testamentary in tho iiaiml form wore tf run toil unto Hester Jones on the 27th, day of November, A. 1KK5. HESTEU JONES, Executrix. Attest S.

II. Macndkh, Probate Judge. lH-i township, 70.1-3 July 21, 188-5. Pjec'd of Howley, treasurer Lincoln township, July 23, 188-5. 'Heceived of P.

C. -Young, treasurer Little Hlue lissom run ie raiuviy ran TABLE CES- Tit Will ItniMilV, r.ASf, anil K.vpresia.... 12:37 p. m. (jivcnlenf a.

m. lioi.NU MAtl ami Express 5:29 p. in. tir-nloaf p. in.

No passoripdrs carried on I'rdirlit Trains east of 221.0; township, Liiinlier, Doors, Windows, lllipds, Building Hardware, Paper, etc, A full etock of Building Material always on hand, Bought for Cash and will he sold on the closest manrinsj consistent with good grades. The purchaser wijl always get Lumber Trite to Grade called for, and can be assured that it has not been assorted after reaching my yards. E. K. FELT, Barne Kansas.

October 23, 1883. itee'dof How-ley; treasurer Lincoln tw'p 25.54-November 21, 188-5. Received of P. C. Young, treasurer Little Hlue township, 25.00 C.

BljK-AlEKMANN, VKXT1ST, (UIEEXLEAF, KANSAS. llremermnnii having all modern appll-Miii-cs of Dentistry is pj-eparcd to do all work ia a milliner that will give satisfaction, and at lowest prices). lly PHYSICIAN AND. SniCEOX, 11AUXES, KANSAS. Culls promptly attended to day or night.

OHiop at W. Jones' drug store. lly. i MANVEL The Washington lb puhlim has been declared the official county paper for the next year. The county printing will also appear in the Washington llcginlvr, (Jreenleaf Jiuhpcnd.oit, and Iladdam 'lqir.

I That temperance song that was sung by J. J. James, at the Uood Templars festival was composed by Mr. James, and he sings it with good effect. The song is a good one and worthy of being sung in every town of the land.

5rother Jlarret, of the Washington l'oU is olf his base just a little when he says that we will vvhoop up the weather this week. We do not propose to have anything to say in regard to the weather. We have quit fooling with Kans-is weather. The citizens of Jianies and vicinity desire us to return thanks to -Mrs. F.

K. Felt for the part she took in trains ing the Hand of Hope for its entertainment, Thursday evening, December 81, 18SJ. The entertainment was well rcr ceived by our people. Since the tii st of the month the Atch; ison Daily Vlivm'nm has been a most welcome visitor at this olllce. If any of our people want to take a paper that stands squarely by Js'orthern and Western Kansas they should take either the.

daily or weekly Champion. Whic.h Hank pays the most taxes is the title of a little serial that lias Total received, 095.85 Paid orders 3 1 to iiic 548.11 Hallance on hand 147.74 AT COST. AT COST. Dry Goods, Clothing. Boots, Shoes, Carpets, Etc.

OFFICIAL DIRECTORY. WXTjliTKHS, Treasu ror Wm .1 acoiik. Count Clerk Voi'NO. lipjristerof Ihi'ds W. Al.DllACH.

M. Doias. (li jk District Court. Maxwell. County Attorney Powell.

CmmtV Superintendent ('. H. Kick. i'lobufo Jmljre S. H.

Macnubh. fount Sifrvevor O. tAWVitu. K. ItHOWN.

County Commissioners-' C. Spkkk, S. S. J.I)N(SLtY. TOH.VSHII' (iFFKm Attest: Ira Wamaniaker, A.

W. Tnirr, Trustee. Treasurer. J. K.

Tripp, Clerk. Township Trustee Township CU-rk 'Xowusliiji Justices of the Peace J- McKblvv. J. K.Tmi'i', W.Thu'1', Ohkii. M.

(iALLHAKK. John Kbppi.k, Ul'S WlHlHH. INCITOX C'Ob'N'I'Y Dry Goods, Clothing ancj Carpet Regulator Store, (North Sidft jf the Public Square,) "YVaBliiiiQ-toii, Kansas. onslables drum Fight pounds Arbucklc's coffee for $1.00 at Ilazen Ilogue's. Ifyou want a lantern that will not blow out' in any ind, go to Ilazen Hogue.

Money at eight and a half percent interest. IjLCckiiVUx" dexmax. Kansas. Henry Ober wants your corn and will pay the top of the market for it. See liim when you want to Mr.

Larmatine, the '-boss'' Jeweler, has just received Vnew and well selected stock of Jewelry for the Holidays. lU'V. A. J. Ixiwe, EVAMiKI.ICAL Ll'THKltAN- been having a run 'in the Washington Is unquestionably the best and most durable wind mill ever ottered to the farmers of Washington county.

Get our terms and prices before you buy. papers the last few weeks. The ta records indkiate thai' the Washington National Hank lays it over all the pastor services in the Lutheran Church each dternnte Sunday at tlu'eo o'clock in. Mktokist KmscoPAl-ltev. T.

J. Dennis, pastor Services every alternate tfiinday at three o'clock p. in. in the Lutheran Church. lrxioN SrxnAV School Every Sunday at two o'clock p.

in tie Lutheran Church. Ail invited. M. JU Kklvy, Superintendent. banks in the county put together.

MAilTIN BRpTERS, UavitOfJ IvansiiK, Solo Agents for "Washington County. I. e. x. Bahnks LouriK.

No. i. Meets rovery Krday evening. Visitiiiir members are cor-dinllv invited to meet with us. Jos.

HmcilAM, Sec. J. K. Till PP. Our Goods jVI ust be Sold, Will be Sold, anc( We are going to give the People the Bern efit of Lower Prices Than pyer Before Secured in This Come, See, and Investigate "Before You Purchase Elsewhere.


11. nieet at the school house the l'irst fond Third Thurs-flay eveuinirs of each inontli. Comrades visiting in town are cordially invited to meet ivit us. C. IH Mi I Tost Commander.

Ai.ox.o vi.LAttn, Adjtitant. To Loan On TIIK WEKKLY CAPITAL AND l-'AUMKU'sJ JOL'HNAU Thk Wkeki.t Capital andFaiimkh's an S-paffc, column freekly published by J. 1. Hudson, ut Topeka, Kansas. ThkCavitaL is tlio Ollieial State Paper, ami Klves very complete reports of the meet-injrs of tho Letrislaturo, and all Conventions and Associations at ihe State Capital.

It contains a CI. A. K. department, mid its tjoneral and State news features are strong. It Is a splendid representative.

Kunsas per. Sample copy sent free. Paper )vill lie sent one vear to nuy address, in or put oi Kansas, for Thk asd Camtai. tor (m. Mr.

Win. Carter, of Coldwater.Mich-igan, made this office a pleasant call to-day. Mr. Carter aiid wif are here visiting their niece, Mrs. M.

McKelvy. They seem to be well pleased with Kansas, but think we can get up the best storms on short notice of any stale in the west. Mr. P. Felt, of Minneapolis, Minnesota, is here visiting his brother, E.

K. Felt. He arrived here about the first of the month just in time to get the full benefit of the storm. Mr. Felt has been an agreeable caller at this office, and in conversation with him we learn that he is well pleased with all that he has seen of Kansas, notwithstanding the blizzard.

We do not know that he has any idea of locating with us, but if that be his intention we can assure him tai Estate. KELLEY WILLIAMS, I1AUNES, KANSAS. Tllh' P.IUMS Wheat. Xo. 2.

soft 78 Wheat, No. 7 Corn. old, 5 J'orii! new ear IK" tats, per liushel, 1121 live, per bushel, 3T Hons, perewt Catt le. per rwt, 4.SH 1W51H Kitjj 1 Spriujr Chickens, per iloz, I'iour. per sack J'otiiloes.

per bushel, 40 Apples, per bushel per Kansas. AT COST! COST! The Washington County Nursery! ARE VOL (MM SOlTllf If so, it is of (rrent importance to yon to be fully informed as to the cheapest, most direct and pleasant route. You will wish to purchase your ticket vli( the route, that II tsuli-ject you to no delays, and by which fliroujrh trains are run. llufori) ybu start you sbou)d provide vourself with Rood map and time card of the Memphis Short Houte South. Tho only route from Kansas City and tho West to all Southern cities.

Kntiro trains with Pullman Palace SUfplmr Cars and l-'reo Kcclinintf Chair ears from Kansas City to Memphis. This is the direct' route and 'ninny miles the shortest line to Little Hock, Hut Sprinirs, Ku-reka Sprimrs, Kt'. Sihith, Van Huron, Kayetto-ville and all points in Arkansas, Southern Missouri and Texas. Send for a nrgi ninu of the Mempliis Short Itoute, mailed free. Address, J.

E. Lockwooii. Kansas City Missouri. a hearty welcome, and feel confident that he can not possibly cast his lot in a better state than Kansas. E.

BLOOMFIELD, BARNES, KANSAS, W. J. Waugh, of Chepstow, made us an agreeable tall Wednesday. lie laid his bond and appointment as postmaster at Chepstow on our table and DEALER IX asked that we "cuss'' hiiii in, as said postmaster, and approve his Jtond. ny Miss Florence arden Is now belnif published in our Family WA8IIINGTOX, KANSAS, Evrrvtliing in tlif Siirsery Line FuruKtird at Rcas-' oiialile lialfx.

PHICE LIST SENT TO ALL APPLICANTS. Office and packing grounds ono half mllo North of Washington, liranch Nursery one half mile South of town. S'ellin? and Crnimij! Crfliiinls, Everarfiis and Osagr licdjrf 'ontnirt a.Src!ullv. Several more reliable agents wanted to can-vnsu In adjoining counties, lly J.V. LANODON.

Proprietor. lliilineiy pd Dress jjating. MISSES E. it M. THOMPSON, Mil.t.ixr.ns.

MISS ADEI.IA EAIiLL. Duess Makf.ii. Shop west of Sloop's store, HAIINKS, KANSAS We keep a Good Line of nil kinds of MillinI'RY Goods and osrcTiortrs. Do French Indelible Stamping We ask the Ludies to call and Examine our Goods and Prices. EAIILL will do DRESSMAKING, TTT1N(5 and FITTING and Guarantee Satisfaction.

Prices Heasonable. Give hei-ju call. 13-am Ny stock is new, Pure and Fresh, and it will lie our to give customers the benefit of Low Prices and Good Goods. See me for your pure Coffees, Teas, Sugars, Spices, Soaps, Oils, also anything you want in the line Hard? ware. Try us for Tobaccos and Cigars, Jy.

After looking his corporosity over and recognizing the fact that he had more money and weighed about one hundred pounds more than wo did, we gave him the accustomed cuss and approved his bond. After he took the accustomed oath an bid G. A. H. man who was present wanted to bet fifty dollars that friend Waugh could not conscientiously vote the Democratic ticket, and we wanted to bet fifty dollars that Mr.

Waugh had never voted the Democratic ticket, but no one would take the bet. Mr. Waugh will make a good p. but when no was appointed as a Democrat the present Democratic administration was badly left. HCIi7 Ii O'l'Ktr.

Tlie ice crop ripe and beinjj harvested. II. Dearborn is putting up a nice Jot of ice. The liarnes steam elevator is almost completed. Not linu-li grain market these days.

11. Felt, (if CLepstow, made us a welcome eall o-ilay. The Kansas Legislature meets in extra session next Tuesday. A line' business property for sale heap. 'all at this office.

They are actually going to try and Jniild some sidewalks in Washington. 1 you want your boots, shoes or harness repaired goto J. I. James, Darnes, Kansas. The trains are nearly all once more on time, and the delayed freight begins to move, 1).

M. Kvans and K. 1'. Ahlric of Washington, made us a friendly and pgreeable call to-dav- If von want a good livery team see McFaddeiuS: Finley. They have, the boss rigs of the town, 24-lt We hear it reported that a good many Weekly paper.

Also each week woirlvenser- a filter, T. DeWitt Talipnge, turo alono worth the price wc charge for a whole year. In addition to tho continued stories, weekly sermons by llrooklyu's most noted divine, and pcneral literary miscellany, every issue contains tho following: Illustrated sketches of prominent men: letters from all parts of the world, newsof the week, happenlntts of Interest in Missouri and Kansas, full and reliable market reports, political iroiiiKS-on. Washington news and special departments carefully edited fiw Farmers, Llt-tlo Folks, the Family Circle and business men generally. The present publishers Ijave conducted Thk Timics for 15 yeurs and hiive learned by expi1-rienco that uro inline merit wins more friends Cum nnythinif else.

The public can therefore rely on us to add every Improvement desirable, and to spare no expenso in keeping our paper at the head. Wo aro cneouriurcd bv our larirely increased list of subscribers, now numbering over to eontlnuo the Eeduced Price Of $1.00 vonr. and will therefore reccivo subscription ut this low price. Every Deinoeriit, every WI STEUN MAN, KVK11V PARMUII, AND EVEIlV INTRLLtOKST NKWSI'APLit hk mum in this seetkm will find somethintr evry week in Tbu TlMKS worth our price of Um a year. Spcolinen copies free.

Kemlt by l'Ostal note, mnuov or registered letter, to TUB TIMES, Kansas City, Mo. LAND, LAND. A SPLENDID OFFER! THE KELLEY WILLIAMS, Real Estate end Loan Agents Barnes, Kansas, Farms-and Lands For Sale On Easy Terms and Low Rate of Interest. If you want to buy a well Improved Farm see us. We have some rare bargains.

If you buy a. farm here you are certain of good crops and a steady rise in values. Remem jjer that Barnes is located in the midst of the beet agricuh tural region west of the Missouri river. School and church facilities are good, convenient and already provided, so you may be right at home as soon as you arrive, in this favored region. Our ciimate ia unsurpassed in the United States, tenHh Daily Tiracs Owing to the fact that this month closed the day before Christmas, there were only III! scholars present, tl'iref ore we had no examination, and can give only deportment and attendance.

First is a list of those who were not tardy during the month ending Dee. 24 FredHooth. Frank Farll, Mabel Earll, Linnie Solt, Kob't. McGhie, Alice Maycroft. Alva lleitzej, John Kuby, Fred Felt, Cora Grey, Flora Grey, Orval Kean, Mary Martin.

Geo. Allen. AlvaKepal, Wm Winklepleck Silas Hutler. Next is a list and standing of those whose deportment was ninety and over: Alva Hcitzel, 03, Ilube Hoper, 93, Sarah Heaver, 1(H), Mary Spoon, U. S.

Ilogue, as, Frank Hogue, Flora Hazen, James Maycroft 9S Alva Kepal, Frank Heaver, OS, hogs and calves perished throughout the jntew JilSSIIlRI PAtli lf RAILWAY. Tho Missouri Paciflo railway ofTers unsurpassed advantages to the traveling public In tho shape of itirt time, eleRimt equipment and superior accommodations. This irreat svstem embraclntt B.ft.ti miles of road, runs its trains into tho Union Depots of St. Louis, Kansas City. Hannibal, Atchison.

Omaha Parsons IHiiiver, Ft. Antonio, iiilvffton. New Orleans and all other principal cities of Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Louifiioiii. and Texas. Their machos and cars arc of the latest and lliietd make and luxurious Pullman Palace Siccpiutf rind hotel ears aro attached to nil throuirh trains.

The novel lliitt'et Parlor and Sleenln wears are run on all day trains, and liecliiiiuir Chair ears on nlht trains, between St. Louis, Kansas City, Atchison and St. Joseph. Pullman Pulacc Sleeping cars on night trains lietweeti Kansas City and Omaha. The rates via t)i Hue are always asjow as any other, nnddlrect connections arj made with express trains of other lines at junction points.

Ii. C. TOWNSKNM, General Passenger Apcnt St.T.ouis Chap. E. Stvlks, Passenger nud Ticket Agent Atchison, Ks.

the country during the recent storm. The JJarnes building boom will commence just as soon as the weather will permit the carpenters to get to work. John Sherman has been re-elected U. S. Senator from Ohio.

His election Ono Year, (both papers,) For The Leavenworth Weekly Times 1 AND Barnes Enterprise gives universal satisfaction all over the country. llotli Papers One Year For Two Dollars. Sew is the lime to Sulsfribf. KELLEY St WILLIAMS Publishers, i it.M I iimuA lwi ur lmuiu iuii lvilu in to. Felt is jitiilding more shed room in his lumber yard to accomodate a large stock of choice lumber that is GO TO THE Oren Piper, 03, Silas Hutler, 100, William Winklepleck, 100.

Total enrollment for this month, 58, average attendance, 4(1. on its way here, A wood arm of 1(10 ceres, all under Barnes Drug Store For OJ1KEMAS, ftm-im if li'fi'n lTfin No 1. lKi lU-rt'S, three wilts southwest of Hiirnrs; W) norns bottom land, uij-In mi; stone lions.) story mul hnir it I frame friuno stiiliio unl corn fill' si'Mul pcllur with siimkp houso nnd (rruimry over it hoit mul ciilf pastue or 2 ami 3 ncir! 0 acres imMuro: iilunty of run-tiiiiir water ami 5 aeies of natural linher; aeiosorpooil meiulow: fiirni in Injrlt state of culiivution. Price. part cash, balance on four years time.

A burtfiiln. No. S. 1fi0 neres. "i miles southwest of Uarnes; aeres under c-ultlvalioi; entire farm hedireil nnd t-ross-hedned miod water In aluindatieet Rood bulldinic tone on lueui-iK I'riee.

f.Mtm; fiwicashi Swion 5 year's time; JMW on urclmser own time. No. S. 820 seres 11 inilCR southwest of Uarnes; 1W acres in cultivntloii; Wincres lenee; (food small orchard: 2 pood irroves timl euiislderahli) natural tlniber; identy of livlmr water; KM aei-es llrst bottom and 1ml-li-inee second bottom land; 2 frame houses, will sill half or nil: conven- miMi mum ao PURE DHUGS, PAINTS, OILS, DYES, imi'SHES LAMPS, LAMP GLOBES. CLOVES, PENCILS, TOILET SOAPS, STATJONEHY, VIOLIN STUINGS, ROCK CANDY, POCKET r.OOKS, fiOTlOXS And Patent rifPhysIcIans Proscriptions carefully compounded day or ulglit.

Your pulrounjjo sollelteil, sntlfl'aeHon nnd good goods guaranteed. W. W. JONES, UAKNES, KAXSAS acres tillable; mllo to school houso; 4 miles to church: pood neighborhood, known as tlie Steel settlement, l'rice, and a bargain tit that. No.

B. J0 acres: 7 miles south of Barnes near Chepstow store, church und postotlico til) acres under cultivation; USD acres utnlor fence; llvinjr water on tho south quarter new house lli stories hlKh, with collar lIlNMt Rood well of water; stono barn auC stnbliiur lor 7 head of horses; will sell acres, H'O, acres, or tho whole. A Kor price and terms call on or oddresi, Kei-ley it Wllliauis, Harncs Kansas. No. 0.

80 acres; HIS miles 'northwest of Karnes; .07 neres under cultivation; entire farm tillablo; 8 acres of srrovo around build-iiias: frame house 14x14 stories lilrh; leanto luxl Inline stablu Iti.xlS; uood well of water; corn cribs, ho(r pens, straw attic sheds, etc. This is a ImrHain to any man woutiutf Rood homo in irood neiM'hiior-hood, convenient to school nnd pood market. If you want a (rood and valuable home buv It, l'rice, fia-U; cash; tiallanio on Bve years time. No. 7.

t8 acres; four uillos northeast Uarnes acres under cultivation: 28 notcii under liee; (rood water and timber; i ed vprimr: house, corn crib, pens, etc. Vol Pit orchard JiiHt eomins- Into Is ono of tho best barp-iilns in this locality and til make, Its purchaser a tine home. For and terms of SHleeallon address Kelle- Williams, llarucs, Kansas. Pcoit foru I nr-Kill ii. Your friend and oworker, K.

U. Wkiuht. prune sale." I am authorized by the Martin sell at public auction, on the Martin farm, 3 miles north and a half mile east of Hai nes, Kansas, TllUHS-DAY, JAN. 1SS0, the following property, to-wit 0 head horses, 4 brood mares, 2 two year old eolts, 1 two year old bull, 27 cows and heifers with calf, 34 head of stock cattle, 1-3 head of hogs, 1 wire check rower, 1 single seat top buggy, 1 harrow, 1 Uuckt raelf binder, 1 Weir ground plow, 1 w.ilkh.g plow, 1 Ulue Kapids breaker, 2 cultivators, 1 sulky hay rake, 1 No. 1 corn planter, 1 two seat spring wauon, 5 wagons, 1 one-horse drill, and ninny other articles too numerous to mention.

Sale to commence at JO o'clock, a. ni. Lunch at noon. Terms oi wv All sums under S3 cash. A') over $3 ten months time will be given, on approved security, at 10 per cent, interest.

A liberal discount allowed for caidi. J. 1). Wii.kox, Auctioneer, fence, for snlo eheap. It is located close to Uarnes and is a bargain, Id this of'lce for particulars.

ICvery member of llanics Post G. A. should be in the pest room next Thursday evening, as most important business is to be transacted. Coal has been very scarce hereabouts since the storm, and in fact was scarce during the storm. A good many people have been compelled to burn corn for a number of days past.

It is now claimed that the Chicago, Rode Island Pacific folks are going to build ii line of road from the Missouri river to Denver, niuLthat the line will be built through the. county seats (if the northern The receipts from the Hand of Hope tnteitaiiiineut were $13.20. At the Good Templars festival the little fclrls iuade by selling pop corn balls. The bov's stand cleared SU.liP. II lis.

K. K. Ficl.T, Sup't. i lent to railroad, school, etc price and ISTJflW I VERY lV RJST! DDEN JAMES FIKLEY, terms, address Keliey iiiiini, Kuni. This is ft bargain for stock and jrenernl fariulntr.

No. 4. HH) acres; 7 liilies eoutlieast of ino neres undercultlvntion; 40 neves flrst bottom. Imlhuiee second l.o,ttom Innd: Hi'ncre Kood natural timber: mi abundance ol livlmr water: in acres pasture be lire nnd wlro fence on tho cast and i oils (1l west; fair hmu-e; stablltm bead horses; good corn cribs, ll.i Hnvlnif pmbnrkpd In (l.cMvorv I'uplin'cs In r.nrurp, Kmiroo, wo vropopo to kc i hkm! uu our pimnjos will lio rciisoimblp. ivun-r.

cull. I tJ ames, I.nrnes, Ivansas. Harness Maker, Choicb town lots in Barns for sale on easy terms. This ia ono of the best and thriftiest towns in the county and investments made here will bring an hundred fold..

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