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Weir City Daily Sun from Weir, Kansas • 3

Weir City Daily Sun from Weir, Kansas • 3

Weir, Kansas
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For brushes, eo to Martin's, tf tppal and Otherwise. CITY DIRECTORY. 1 1 1 1 1 1 JMLJikTSr 14, 15, 18. i i i i NG GRAND 01 Jm THE FAMOUS Dry Goods and Shoe Fancy and Staple Dry Goods, Carpets, Ladies', Misses' and: EEEChildren's Fine Shoes and Slippers. THE WONDERFUL STORE.

I Store Room, Baker's Block, Weir City. The Kansas City Journal Established in A Republican Paper A Republican Year; The campaign of 1896 promises to be the most since 1860. The Kansas City Journal prints the news. It is.the only Repub. lican newspaper of the Missouri Valley, For 4j it has fought the battles of the.

Reduced Subscription Rates Daily and Sunday, three months, Daily and Sundajvqne. year, Weekly Journal and Agriculturist, 1 i i -i ii. i ri viiih iiiiih ill. 1 1 crrr officials. iD.

W. KIRO i. Mayor. ABLE8 SwENrjr City Clork. K.

Holt Jam KB Morgan udge M. P. City Attorney Jams Hattoh. Cbietol Police. J.

K. Basnet City Physician. ,0. W. Caraway Street Commissioner.

CITY COUNCIL. JS, L- i Sweet First Ward y' J. Dodson wd ", Henry Zollers ffpurtbWard G- H0, I LODGES. KNIGHTS of City Lodge Ho. 30 meets every Friday night.

Visltliiff members the City, cordially invited. A. MCmtos, C. C. f.

VT. McKim, K. of B. and S. UNJr UKM.

KAmt, jr. o. movin every bird Saturday B. S. Abbott Capt.

H. L. RoBlWBQif. Recorder. WHIR CITY SCOTTISH CLUB meets every Second Saturday evening at the City Hali.

James White, president. t. O. R. DeEmber Tribe No.

9 meets first and third Fridays of each month. T. C. Hinted, Sachem. Vr.

J. K. BAKNer. K. of B.

ETAWA COUNCIL, No. 13, PoeabontaK meets second and fourth Fridays; Mrs. M. J. Varco, Pocahontas.

Miss Ada Morse, Keeper of Becorda. RATHBONE SISTERS. Herron Temple No (meets every first and third Mondays. MBS. ArchikFdi.ton, M.

E.C. Lizzie O'Neill, M. B. of SELECT FRIENDS. Weir City Lodge No.

4, meets 2d and 4th Mondays of each month. Mary Dodson, Chief Prot. EIXA AI.T1INBAPMEB Secretary. A. F.

A. M. Black Diamond Lodge No. I meets second and fourth Thursdays. H.

Mums, Sec I. Master. EASTERN STAB. Kent Chapter o. 117 meets third Mon day Mrs.

M. E. JACKMAN, W. M. Mrs.

I. C. Dennis, Secretary. G. A.

E. General Crook Post. No. SSC, meets every second and fourth Saturdays, at 3f m. J.

B. LaBbant Adjt. J. W. CAMPBBMoni.

W. B. Ci General Crook Corps No. 244, meets eyery first and third lXesday afternoon. Mrs.

R. Campbbix Pres. of Lodge No, 11, meets every Tuesday night. Visiting Brethren welcome. ff J.C.

Fulton, Chairman. Mrs, ansa Veatch, Sect O. W. Spelter Lodge No. 19, meets eery Wednesday.

Visiting brothers welcome. Joseph Hani et, Sec.W. C.CnKwa, M. W. DEGREE of HONOR.

Woir City Lodge No. HI meets every Tuesday. Mamie Lewis, Rec. Mrs. C.

Goes. H. W. A. Weir City Camp No.

714, meets very jf. L. Robinson, ClerU, J. II. Pack, V.

C. -vrsf O. F. Mineral hkge No; IKS, meets CTcry 4 U. LaBhant.

Sec. T. B. SIMPSON, N. G.

nr-r ltKBEKAH DEGREE Golden Rod Lodge No. 171 meets every Thursday night. Visitor cordially mvlted. Mrs. Agnes Biggins, N.

G. Miss Marlon Fulton, Secretary, ri -y I'. P. A. WierClty Council No.

17, meets at Qi'e K. P. hall every ilrst and fourth Thursday qt eacli month. Visiting friends welcomed. ORDER OF EGIS-Coal City Lodge No.

113. Tit. Rohiwson, C. w. Case, Sec.

Superior Baltimore, Md. A. A The American uruer ui juuuny meets every Tuesday evening. J. FARRELL, A.

FULTON, Secretary. President, CHURCHES' BAPTIST Sunday school 10 a. preaehlug a. and 7-SU p. m.

B.Y. P. U. Monday evening. Prayer meeting Wednesday evening.

Rev. W.K. Williams, Pasty LATTER DAY SAINTS. Church 2nd door north of M. E- church.

Services every Sunday. Sunday School at lUa.m.and Preaching y.m. Prayer meeting a p. m. A.

H. Hkkkk, Pastor. PRESBYTERIAN. Preaching every first and second Sunday in ch month. Sunday school every Sunday at'10 a.

m. C. it. Pas M. P.

CHURCH. Services. Class meeting at 10 a. m. Preaching at 11 m.

Sunduy school at 2:30 p. m. and preaching at 7:30 p. iu. All ar cordially Invited to attend these meetings.

J. M. Burtoh, Pastor. M. E.

CHURCH. Sunday School at 9 45 a. m. Preaching at 11 a. m.

and 8 p. m. Prayer meeting Thursday evening at 8. Everybody heartily welcomed. All services promptly on time.

M. E- Parlors. At Hotel Dean Every Tuesday. OFFICES Parsons and Pitts. burg.

Four skilled graduates. Eight years in; Chicago. With Vitalised Air, 50c. Filliners one-half usual rates. One hundred teeth extracted without the least particle Chicago Dental BEST CfiiCi HEN any of our readers have an Item of news, tney win cot.iera iavor oy senuing it diroct to the Sun ufllce or kindly hand-ing It to our city circulator.

If you wish to advertise yotir goods and get value received for your money, patronize the Daily and Weekly Sex, OZARK paint, at F. H. Martins, tt Mr. and Mrs. Dan Gray have a very sick boy.

Sherwin-Williams paint always on hand at Martin's. tf Oat meal, 4 packages for 25c. at the Blue Front Bakery. 52. Jim Grant is said to be located at McCune for the present.

Wall paper in latest styles. Prices to suit all, at Martin's, Wood stains in every color at Strykeb Bros, the DrucgiBts. Sherwin-Williams fence paint can't be beat. Martin keeps it. tf Low prices and prompt delivery is the motto of the Blue Front.

52 Martin has the largest line of paints, oils and brushes in town, tf OZARK is the best $1.00 paint in the market. See it at Mar- tin's. tf If there is any garden truck in town it will be found at the Blue Front. 47tf, Geo. P.

of Olathe, with the Kansas City World, was in the city today on business. Deputy Sheriff John McKillop and wife, of Columbus, were in the city last evening. I will not open a mmmer term in this city. Yours, t63. H.

W. Elliot. The Pocahontas are all re quested to meet at the home of. Mrs. John T.

Veatch tonight at 8 o'clock sharp. Comrade J. H. Downey left today for Henry county, 111., to pay a visit to his aged mother, who is quite sick. George Makin and W.

Malon- ey, of Midway, employees of the Durkee Coal company, wett in the city last night. On new wood are headquarters in quantity, quality and price, Stbyker Bros. The Druggists. Sometime since James Will iams lost pony, strayed or sotlen. Yesterday John Holmes went to Pittsburg and recovered the pony.

Billy Buchan, of Wyandotte, Kan sas, will not go to congress from the Second District. Billy is too well known to catch the people of the Second District. The cyclists of the State are to have an entire evening set apart for them in the Fall Festival at Topeka. They will have floats and. all kinds of decorations.

fiTake your laundry work to the Star Laundry, Second building west of Smith's second hand store. All work guaran teed. 58. tf Just a little varnish for the bed stead, 5 or 10 cent3 worth. We've got an old bottle to give you.

Strykeb Bros. The Druggists. Nicholas Reynolds, of St. Louis, came in yesterday. Mr.

Reynolds will be manager of the new Famous Dry Goods and Shoe House, that will open on the 14th inst. White lead in any size keg, 1 lb. 121-2 and 501b. We are dead right on the price. We can also sell you enough wall paper for a room 12 feet square for 25 cents.

Strykeb The Druggists. A fishing party was made up on Wednesday and went to Lightning Creek where they had good success in catching1 fish and frogs. The party consisted of: J. C. Sherwood, auditor of the C.

D. Mackie, Geo. Mackie, manager; J. McDonald, agent; Paul Sanderson, pit boss? Mr. Thickston; C.

M. Boswell, Gulf agent, and M. Sweeney, book keeper for the Company. Fresh vegetables every morn- ing at 6:30 at' the Blue Front Jo Humble and Grant Blackaby went to Pittsburg yesterday in the interest of the H. Durkee Coal company.

Do you need a can to parry your oil home? Come in and we will give it to you. Stbyker Bros. The Druggists. Wanted to Buy. A good 2nd organ.

Call at this office. 61 tf Wait for the opening of The FAMOUS Dry Goods Shoe Co. 43tf Notice. We have made arrangements for Pittsburg manufactured ice for this season. Leav6 orders at our old stand.

36tf Cbawley Murphy Grand Lodge K. of P. Encampment, Topeka, May 19, 21, the 'Frisco, will sell tickets to Topeka and return for 14.96, return limit, May 22:,. R. C.

Mats, Agt. A Fight. Last Monday John Hartman was in the turnerine on a regular drunk. He tackled G. Coleman and got a beer glass full in his face.

The glass broke cutting his face badly. Coleman was arrested last night and gave bond. His trial will come up today. John jumped the wrong man that time. Found Dead in Bed Emanuel Cramer, aged 72 years, who was stopping with his brother -lames Cramer, was found dead in his bed this morning at 7 o'clock.

Decaesed recently come from wetern Kansas to visit three or four children living in this county, and his brother James. He went to bed feeling well and nothing was heard except cough, ingabout six oclock this morning. At seven he was found dead. We did not learn any particulars in regard to the funeral etc. A Surprise Party, )t A number of little folks sur-t prised Noah Hodge.

It was the anniversary of his ninth birthday. The oiks had a good timev refreshments were served. Those present were: vJuda Morgan, Florence JMcGruder, Ella Brady, Emma Anderson, Jessie McGru-der, Fannie Mathias, Cora, Mills-stead, Ralph, Ruth and Jesse Mills, Willie Lewis.Nellie Potter, Nellie and Earnest Husted, Har-ley Anderson, Charley Wells, Frank Marmont, Noah Richards, Ella Hatton, Arthur Goes, Bee and Carrie Beaty, Ray Jenkins and Harry Hodge. Galena Items. P08t.

J. Wheatley, who has been the guest of his brother G. W. Wheatley for several days, returned to his home at Clinton, this There are so many zinc smelters "shutting down for repairs," that it would not be at all surprising to hear of some of them burning "up." The way cars are being loaded with zinc ore on the switches of the different roads. It does not look like the sales will fall far short of last week when over 2,000,000 pounds was sold out of this camp.

A large story and a half boarding house in Empire at 2 o'clock this afternoon, and a large number of boerders are sockless, shoeless, pantless, shirtless and. have but little left besides a few collar buttons and frowns. The hired girl had to look pretty and. of course, had to bang her hair. She lighted lamp to heat, the curling iron and dropped the blazing match on the then left the room to await the heat ing the curler.

The match did the rest. The only thing saved from the flames was a bale of hay inside of a bed-tick. The The house was conducted by Messrs Henry "Spencer, the building belonging to Harvey Kelso, of Joplin. The loss on goods amounted to about $60Q with no. insurance.

Entire new stock of Dry Goods, Carpets and Shoes at The FAMOUS; Wait for the Wonderful fctore, -v M8tf City JOURNAL New Livery NE WiL keep, as good accommodations as there are in the city. customers and new ones are invited to. call and see me at my new G. F. APPLEGATE, West Main street, Weir City, Kans a WAIT FOR Old Postoffice Wait for the FAMOUS.

43tf A Drummer Beaten. 1 W. A. Martin, a groceiy drummer, who lives in Parsons is a genial sharp shrewd fellow and known to all the trade in this section as such. One day recently he was making a trip on the cars and to while away the time he tumbled a Democratic drummer around pretty savagely by his sledge hammer arguments.

The drummer stood it as long as possible then changed seats. On the next seat Martin was an Irishman who pitched in and made the bold assertion that Cleveland had done more good for this country than ail the Republican presidents the countr)-had ever had. Well.said Martin, we'll argue this question and he proceeded to hiumenite, a big lot of bad things tbt.avelandl man agreed witu mm i- lie tnen asKea Pat to tell what Cleveland done tBat was such a great benefit. Pat sraiied arid said, "Wy he broke up, the Dimmycratie party." Martin agreed with liial and felt that the Irishman was a' "boss" on him. The Colonels.

'Some fellow-in the Daily "Advocate of date 4th jumps into? some fellow on the east side of, tile square in Columbus for making Buch a free use of the word "colonel." In 1891 we attended a meeting of the Editorial Association of Southeast Missouri at Lebanon. That komic karacter, J. West Goodwin, at that time president of the State Editorial Association of Missouri, and editor of the Sedalia Bazoo, was present, and this is the way J. West explained the "colonel" business in Missouri: He said, during the war a man who commanded even a small column had the rank of colonel, and every editor in Missouri who had charge of the columns of a newspaper was entitled to the rank of colonel, and by the power vested in him he would confer that rank to every editor in, Missouri. The Advocate correspondent Bhould remember that Cherokee county is not very far from Missouri and in all probability some of the newspaper ranks of "colonel" have concluded to go west and grow up with the country.

So Mr. correspondent, let up. The fellows who could not be even a corporal in the army are now full fledged "colonels." pied. 1 Leander Riley was born April 20, 1833, died at his home in the west part of Weir May 6, 1896, aged 63 years and 16 days. Funeral service was held at his home May 7, after which he was laid to rest in the Weir cemetry.

AtEX McKillop. The latest styles of ladies', shoes will be exhibited at the FAMOUS. 43tf Our $1.25 paint (the best in town) for $1.00, and a 40 cent brush for, a quarter. Stbxker Bros. The; Druggists.

MEAT MARKET FRESH and CURED MEATS of all Dressed Chickens, Sausage, Bologoa, Pickled Butter; and i Everything usually kept in a First-class Meat Market. Give me a. call. Second Door East of Lay's Drug Store. W.


LOOK HERE I I have bought all. the old subscriptions ot and they are payable to me. Tbero are some accounts qulte.large and i ALL HUST BE SETTLED. Come to the office, and we will have, no trouble about a settlement, J. W.

CAMPBELL, Editor Son. Bead the annexed certificate. Weir City, April 11, 1896. This is to. certify, that, I this day sold and transferred to J.

W. Campbell, editor Daily and Weekly Sun all claims against subscribers on the old Weir Weekly Journal books W. H. Httntsixger, Owner. Stable Weir weekly Joarna Free To each of our customers A Crayon Portrait With each (jyt worth of good pur- cased rt.

OUR STORE. Our Goods are New and Fresh--And Our Prices are the Lowest i Call and be Convinced The North Side Grocers, of cocaine iniectiOTjs..

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