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The Olsburg News-Letter from Olsburg, Kansas • 4

The Olsburg News-Letter from Olsburg, Kansas • 4

Olsburg, Kansas
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Bmsrygy.Tgg' vr. and Mrs. Thomas vieired at Mr A petition was laid before tho Co. commissioners at their lust meeting, praying that a inilo strip bo tak en from Pottawatomie township and annexed to Rock cteok. The mater will lay over until next meeting of the board.

ThH.Meth'.li'ji. (-hurch was -om-plotely filled Friday night wku aii andionce gathered to hear the ch ing exorcises of tho public schools. The program as published last week was presented and all parts were well rendered. The girls giving fan and doll drills under command of Miss Sara McKee, deserve special mention; their performance was ve ry creditatlo anu interesting, At the close of the exorcises Miss Mc Kee presented souveniis to Leslie end Johnnie Johnson. Sigl'rid Erick- Mrs Wm Donaldson's from Fosto ria is visiting her, Misses Mollio Stewart and Emma Nelson attended the teaohei'a exam ination at Westmoreland.

Probate Judge McKee has been allowed a salary in addition to his fees of 37 25 per quarter. Kev. J. H. Colt, the Kandolph M.

and ex editor, was interviewing friends in town Tuesday, Mis Ellen Hailing returned yester day from a visit with her niece at Blaine, ws I Thackray. -Store 3 ctt LtMis Erf. Tub. PULIS AZD THURSDAY. cr.te.-e.l at Hie.

postnftice SbOOiiU el.iss iiialter. lit Kansus Subscription $1.50 per Year. Xing' JIJ Congratulates tho farmers of tbi countiy on the admission of Ameri can Pork into Germany. King David has been oypectin this for Rome titiio Dnst. as he had JK.

Private Tip From a friend in Europe. honc9 laid in aa immense slock cf al kinda of CLOTHING And now is your timo to buy 6,893 Pair Pants Wo have pair of Men's fine pasts at One Dollar a Pair AT i i ii. ran go, Local and Otherwise. Local advertisements will be charged a toe rate of five cents per Hue, each iuser lion. All advertisements inserted uutil or dered out, unless other wise specified wnen banded in.

"I cannot lull how the truth may be, I IfcM the tale as t'wns told to me." The fishing season is ripo. Tee fruit prospect is grand Now is the time to subscribe. Children's hats at Miss liaff's. ir eo our One Dollar paper ofl'er. Slight touch of frost Suuday night, The county schools are about all closed.

Bluo grass i8 spreading over the townsite. Chancy baehihas moved to West mo eland. Joeph Sumcer visited Garrison i yesterday. Fresh JMgs. Dates, and liaisins at J.B.

Coots'. The liandoli.h city schools close this week. The finest brands of cigars in town at J. li, C'oot6'; John Detimore and family have gone to Itidmna, Mrs, Wilson, of Blaino, has gone to ueblo, Uolorado, Millet Seed for sale at IT. Haff Cash Store.

K. of P. drama at Garrison next Thursday evening. Just arrived Fresh candies of all kinds at J. ii.

Coots'. The bouscclcaning season is upon us in crushing reality, Joseph Barkyoumb has moved to Fostoria from Soldier, Coots was over at Fostoria And Wilson creek Friday. Bev. Granere, of Mariadahl, was a pleasant caller Tuesday. We issue a supplement today toac commodato our advertisers, Coun supt, Wallace has moved his fain, Iv, Westmoreland.

J. A. Coleman is supplying some Garrison customers with meat. Hiss Tilda Johnson and Mrs Allen were up irom the Blue Monday. Ed.

Goodman and Brit Fairley were up from Garrison Tuesday, John Kay expects to move to tho state of Washington next month. The hotels have been enjoying a big run of custom tho past month. The latest styles millinory at Miss Froida Haft's millinery store. Mrs. liicnard Waltham, of Myers Valley, died April 22 of pneumonia.

All tho short ties are to be replac ed in the roadbed this spring by long ties. New hats, now shapes. Dew 6tyles and ew flowers and trimmings at Miss Freida Half's. G. Wykert.

te veteran fruit tree man. was dolivonng nursery stock hero lust week. Allen Spanglor, at the couuty seat, nave ben granted a permit to Pitteriuo has moved to Myers Talley to tako cbargo of tho alliance co operative store there. 4 Please call the attention of your neighbors to the special offer we. make for the next 30 days.

Wame bOID! Divssor bunuiiy unu reported tueui ail down with la giippe. Charlie Pitman boasts o' killing five young wolves one day last week That's good, Charlie, kill some more. Tho last hailstorm played havoc with tho window panes that were left whole after the first hailstorm. Will Ingsdon is the proud possess or of a bian new top buggy, which accounts for the smiles the young ladies bestow upon him. Prince Albert.

CARNAHAN CREEK, Born April 19th, to Ben Wreath and wife, a son. Emma Thompson is attending eoi lege in Manhattan. Pasture is quite good and tho song of the cow bell is beard. There is talk of a wedding, so tho hovs mav as well look up the eld tin pans, Thn fam lv expect to move hla week into their now on the Blue. Robert Fleming.

Will Richards and Lurne will farm lor Alex Fioming t'nis summer, Mrs. George Thomas, of Garrison, visited a few days recently with her mother, Mrs. Alex Fleming Tho Stockdale school closed Fri day and the ladies gavothe scholars and tBachor a surprise ainner. fUrmihan has bought all of Mr: Cockrell'starm except 40 acres. He bought 150 acres, paying 3a an aero.

Mrs Mettz and sister, miss Mame nrinffer and Mrs Kittleman visited with friends in Riley county last WOOk. The Elliot family havo moved to Robert Thompson's place and tho roan who bought lhe old Spiinger paco n.oes there this wook. Tho many triods of Mr. Booth wil: bo tony to ic-irn of hh failing health. Ho has sold all his cattle and except what io needed fjr homo wo.

MC COMAS HOUSE I), '0 Hrl'oinas, Proprietor, VVestnifUeiHDd, Kftuens, Retitted and refurnished Ihrouuhout The best a dav house in the nt. J.W.WILLIAMS. Juslire of tlioi'tuco ftoUrjr l'ulilic. All business cotrustee mo executed with promptness and cure. Collections a specialty Leeal blanks constantly on hand M.O'XEEFFE.

NURSERYMAN, WHEATON, K8. G-ower of and dealer in all kinds ol Nur sery stock. Prio 8 reasonable. CorreRnnn-dence sol cited. 200-tf D.

R. Simkins. rAINTEI, Olsburg. Kn Doob all work in his line at moderate prices and in wofkrnauliko manner. 80tf F.

C. BALDWIN, Photographer Si View Artist. Wesi more land, LvSarsss Portrait and View w-orii of all kinds done in the latest stylo of the art. 217 43 I. ALBERT.

M. D. Physician burgeou, Olsburg Kans. con sultalious and calls promptly attended day nicht. Office: New Hotti, up stairs.

153 tl. Salary, $25 per Week, WANTED Good Agents to sell our general liuu of miirthanditie No peddling. Above salary will be paid to "livu" agfcutp. Kofc further Ir.fnrma'ion aJdrecs, cmcago ueneiai supply to. ly 78 West Vauliuren Chicdun 111 GO TO Manhattan.

Kansas For ORGANS, fc-EWfNG MACHINES, and FARM IMPLEMEN'IS SOLD ON PAYMENTS City Properly Horses Mules for Salo DO TOUS aut to save from 25 to conts on every dollar? If so. writu for our ll.ustrated Cutolocue containing illustrations and prices of everything manufactured in the United States Manufacturers' prices, ail lints represented Ciitolngne MAILED FREE ON APPLI CATION1- 234-ly Address, Chicago Gen. Supply Co 178 West Van Ruren Street, CHICAGO, Ii.I,, OH. SAY Call at once ut FO-J- CANNED FRUITS And goods of this line generally All bright an i frosh. The law forbids the hiring of assistance for tho oouniy attorney unless that ofEoor is incompetent.

Col. Marsh approvtd the bill allowing M50 for attorneys assisting him. In doing this he acknowledges his own incompetency. Recorder. Col.

Marsh promised last fall if he was elected county attorney the people wouid be at no expense for as sistanco for that office. Ho has been in office four and ono half months and assistance for him has cost the county just 8450, Recorder. Or Sunday, May 24th, the young people who haye been preparing will be confirmed in the Lutheran church, by Rey, Granerj assisted by Rev. Cedarstom. On the 31st, the sacrament of the Lord's supper will be administered to those confirmed.

NOTICE All hose knowing thomsalves to bo in arrears on book account with mo will please cull and settla all or as much as possible for a person can not run a stoic without money. Yours truly, J. Coots. At the final examination for diplo mas in tbe grammar school department, there were sevonty applicants of which 31 pas-sod. The schools represented were Olsburg, WheatOL Onaga, St.

Marys, Belvue, Wamego, Louisville, and Westmoreland. In dicator. Carlson our well known general merchants, aie enjoying a visit from their brother, Frank, who formerly lived on Swede creek, but who has for several years been1 em ployed on tho work of building ibe great canal in Central Aaieiica. Have you seen thoao lovely now spring hits and bonnets at MissKrei da Haft's? And those beautiful new flowers and trimmings are a triumph of artistic genius. L'idies of northwestern Pottawatomie are cor dially invited to call ou Miss Haff and inspect her neautiful new goods.

Miss Freida ilaff spoot a woek in tho Kansas City millinery parlors trimming and studying the new stylos in millinery. While thore she solected a slock cf goods never before equaled in Olsburg. and invites the ladies to call aud inspect them. Call at once before selection is broken. On Monday Miss Sara McKeo began a month's private school with two Bcore or more pupils.

Miss Mc Kee is ono of the mcst popular teachers Olsburg ever had and wo express tho wish of many patrons of tho schools here whon wo say we hope the board will secure her services for the next school year. Tho Knights of Pythias dramatic entertainment at Garrison one week from tonight will be a very interest ing offair. The drama, Odds with tho Enomy," is said to be a good play and tho two farces are very laughable. Garrison has some good talent foi amateur drama and we pre diet a successful cntertainmont. Wo received some fine troes and shrubbery Saturday from the nurse ry of M.

Iteeflo of Wheaton and are well pleased with thom. Wo Lave always found Mr. O'Keeffo reli ablo and bis stoe'e as represented. ar.d urge our readers to give their homo nursery tho preference when ord.iing anything of this kind, D. Fenn showed us tho other day a whole trunk full of letters he had written home during tho war.

ana wnicn nad necn careiuiiy pre served oy jy rs. Fonn, llo also nad a ininnie ball to enow us. The 'squiro has a numbor interesting war relics, and each calls to mind a host of interesting rominescencoB, Read his sKeich of tho fearful explo 6ion at City Point, suggestod by the reports ol the recent explosion in Rorao. Dr. I.

Alb' rt showed us tho other day a copy of La Seroaine Modicail, of April 8th, published in Paris. In its United States notes appears the following paragraph: La grippe is in severe form epidemic in many cities of the west, es in Chicago, New York. Fon du Lac, Milwaukee, and from thic cause the mortality is greatly increased." Queer notions those Frenchmen baye of tho geography or this ctun try. AN AT1RACTIVE OFFER! livo Papers for the Price of One! By special anangemeuts we can of feryou tbo splendid 12 page Topeka weekly Capital and The News Let ter both both for one vear for $1,75 tho weeKly Capital will contain all, tho no "ps of Kansas and the world; complete proceedings of tho legisia lure ns well as all the political hap penings during tho campaign. Ev ery Kansas man should read his own ocal paper and tho State papers of Kansas.

Givo this couribioalkn a trial sou, Ethel Gardner and Dixon, El-1 vin and Blaino Fagerberg for being neither absent nor tardy during the ntire term. Thoir faithful atto ld- anco was publicly acknowledged and rewarded. New York Daily Press Kans City Daily Journal. Tooeka Daily Capital. Leavenworth Daily Times, Kansas City Daily Globe.

Toledo Blade. Detroit Free Press. Pomeroy's Advance Thonght. Our Dumb Animals. Youths Companion.

Ladies Home Journal. Demorest's Magazine. Woman's Work, Tho Household. Canadian Queen. Dominion Illustrated.

Scientific American. Builders'Edition Scientific American And numerous other ti'Rt class per-iudicals. At The News Stand, The constant demand of the trav cling pub'ic to the fur West for a comfortable and at the eamo time aa economical mode of traveling has led to the establishment of what is known as Puhman Colonist Sleepers. These cars aie built on the samo general plau as the regular first-class Pullman Sleeper, the only rlifierecco being is that they aro not upholster ed. They are furnished complete with good comfortable hair maitr ses, warm blankets, suow white lin on, curtains, plenty of towols.

combs brushes, which securo to occu nant of a berth as much privacy as is to be had in fiist-class sleepers There aro also separate toiiet rooms tor Indios and gentlemen, and emolc ins is absolutely n-ohibited. For full information send for Pullman Coloni6t Sleeper Leaflet. L. Lorn ax, General Passenger Asrent. Oma ha, Neb.

226 35. BLAINE. The apple and peaca trees are in bloom. Oar farmers aro busy planting corn. Mohan's mother and brother are stopping with him.

Sevoral of our citizens went court ing to Onaga recently. Mrs John Roach is visiting Mrs. Dick Welsh at Kansas City. Our millinery and dressmaking establishment is doing a good busi noss. What brings a part of Irish creek to this burg? I wonder if it is to buy steers or heifers? Lawyers Codding and Marsh et al wore seen wending their way toward 'Squire Kavmas'h's Tuesdsy.

The only thing that has not been affected by tho present finanoial con diticn of Kansas is tho crop of young k.irls who have bloomed and aro in flower ready to be plucked. Who will pluck them? About one month ago Blaine could only boast of three who nad won the 'golden spur." Now she can boast of Beveo who have been created Py thian knights. The knights of this place thins that by November next they can secure enough young men wno will be willing to "don the knightly armor and go forth to do battle for their lady loves'' tc enable them to erect a castle hall and institute a K. of P. lodgo at this place.

So mote it be. We rather old and wo thought we know a trick or two about how to rue a machine, but today we learn ed more about running a machine in five minutes than we ever knew be fore. The young man who showed Juke the box gave him when she appet rod to him a wee after her death was tho one who taught ue the right way to mn a machine. By the way. if ycu do not believe in ghosts ask Jake what that box contained; that will con vince you, If this, our first attempt is successful, we shall write nnuiu.

Fresh CouNTrr Butter, GALILEE. grip is going Tho the rounds again. Oats aro all in and corn planting Is weil under way. Logsdon visited at his sister's Saturday an Sunday. Wftsley Mauldin spent Saturday night and Sunday with his family.

Tho Galileo Sunday school is fast gaining in membership and ia quite interesting. MHses Daisy Pitman and Nettie Williams spent Sunday with their home folks. Charlie Logsdon was oa tho creek visiting his "bost girl" Suaday, Hurrah, for or at J. B. Pierce, of open a real estate, loan and insurance office in Olsburg this spring.

Flowers Flowers The choic est artificial Fiowers for Spring Mil. Tmery u.t Miss Freida liaff's W. A. Pitman has given up his blacksmith ohop at Westmoreland and has moved back to the farm-Miss Nellie Stewart visited her pa rents Saturday and Sunday, accom panied by iliss Secrest of Tho court houso janitorship was again awarded to James Geary at 30 per month tor the ensuing yenr. II.

W. Eose, ofEacdolph, has sold his residence property there to Hon. John A. Johnson, and will remove to Texas. Several Olsburg parties will at tend tho Knights of Pythias at Garrison next Thurs day night.

F. 0. and Miss Christi na Jansen, of Cleburne, were mar- ied at Mariadahl, April 22, by Kev. Granere, Dr. Richardson, of Havensyille, was called to California telegram last week, to see his youngest child who ia very sick.

Jliss Addio Stauffer spent Sunday at h6r home at Adams Peak; her mother has feen quite ill butia now improving in neaitn. Mies Mo'lie Stewart passed the examination and received a diploma of graduation from the county public schools' course of studv, T'e St. MaryQ cement mills are now turning out nrst Cass cement. This is an enterprise of which the county may justly be proud. Fcstus AfcDonald has taen part of his large liverv outfit to Randolph and will run a branch livery barn there wkh Ed.

Irwin in charge The county commissioners have renewed Stevo Webber's rier li ceoBoand he has the Garrison ferry in good shape ready for patronage. Tho county commissioners have changed tho bounty on wolf scalps two dollars to three dollars for grown wolves scalps and fifty cents on pup pies. Mrs. j. W.

Shiner, we ire pleased to learn, is improving in health and Is able to be about her room a por tion of the timo. We hope to hear of her complete recovery. Granere will move back to Olsburg the first of June as the par sonago at Mariadahl is to be fixed up for the new pastor, Rev, Meffjrd, who crmos the nrst of July. Tho Salvation army is holding at Cleburne, Some of "'the boys" of our own town who are pining for a lttle excitement are trying to in duce the army to invado Olsburg. We will sond you this paD-r and the Leavenworth Weekly Times and tho Amorican Farmer oue year for $150.

This is too cheap to last long, so hurry along with your 1 50. 1 can make to order single I ar- ness from six dollars up, and full set of warrentod doubio work harness for twenty five dollars: C. Anderson, Harness makor. John Gamlowski, of Topeka, for merly of this county, was married to Miss Lizzie O'Brien of Maryt ou Tuesday morning of last week, in St. Marys' Catholic church by Kev.

bather Jirier. Rev. Hamm will proach in Gani son Sunday morning and at Mcln tyro Sunday afternoon. He stopped at Holton on his way back from the east, and drives through from acre to Garrison. A.

L. Andorson went to Garrison Monday evening intending to remain there a faw days before going 10 Kansas City to take a course sten ograpby at the Kansas City Business University. The membors of the Olsburg Lulh eran congregation meot at tho church Friday. May 8, io decide tho question of a parsonage. It is quite probable they will decide to buy a bouse and lots in town.

Tho latest nows? Why, haven't you heard that you can get the Ols burg rew8 Letter and the Leaven worth Weekly Times both one year lor one dollar? This offer holds good only during tne month of May. Conned corn 10 cents Oyeters 20 cnts, Salmon 15 cents. Tomatoes. 10 cts. conts.

Tobacco 40 lb 23 Uf At Coots' Kestavqakt. Larger Stock than Ever. Our Spring Goods are al' in. We have a tine assortment of the new est styles in of kind, colors and grades. largo assortment of black and li hue Wash Goods in checks stri -rpe8 and faneve.

FLOUNCINGS. Embroideries, Laces, Tablecloths. Bed spreads, otp. etc, 13oat ndigo liluo print al bi conts per yara full lino of Hosiery, hats, caps wand gloves, Ladies and gents lur rnifihing goods, BQOES JUOT S3QS8 We carry a ull line of tho est shoes mude. Shoes that WE GURANTEE, to eive satisfaction; if you want good shcs chap call and seo us.

Cofter 25 cts. per package. Mocha and Java Ltoasted coffee 3 lbs. for Granulated sugrar 19 lbs. for Sl.OO; Other grades in proportion.

Good uncolored Japan Tea 30 cts. Besi uncolored Japan Tea 46 cents per pound. Best Gunpowder Tea, 55 cents per pouud. Canned corn, 10 cts. per cau; Canned tomatoes, 10 conts; Oysters, 20 cents; Easpberries, 12J cor.ts.

Prunes 10 cents por pound, Best biands of packogsoda 8 cts. Two packages tor 15 cents. Gloss Starch, els or 2 for 15c. Best Brands of Tobacco, such as llorsashoe, Star, Spearhead, etc, at 40 cents per pound; others in piopor tion We cannot afford to sell jjoods on tihie but Ave can afford to sell goods cheap for Cash. Don't fail to investigate oul goods and prices.

We always re ceive produce the same as cash and pay highest market prices PR El CASH DEALERS.

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