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The Western Call from Beloit, Kansas • 6

The Western Call from Beloit, Kansas • 6

The Western Calli
Beloit, Kansas
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1. THE WESTERN CALL, FRIDAY, JUNE 12, 1900 Hair at Auction? At any rate, you seem to be getting rid of it on auction-sale principles: "going, going, 8-o-n-e Stop the auction with Ayer's Hair Vigor. It certainly checks falling hair; no mistake about this. It acts as a regular medicine; makes the scalp healthy. Then you must have healthy hair, for it's nature's way.

best kind of a testimonial "Sold for over sixty years." Lowell, manufacturers SARSAPARILLA. PILLS. CHERRY PECTORAL. News and Comments From Saturdays, Daily. Advertising is seed sowing; Mitchell county is our field.

Miss Louie Hill has been re-engaged to teach in Jewell, next term. Sleep may be nothing more than 8 habit, but it is one of the good kind. William Kinsley has sold to his son-in-law, Dr. F. B.

Kincaid, the west lot of his home place for the sum of $600 Why continue to tag on to the tail end and take the dust when you could advertise and lead the business procession? Maurice Brown while residing in California will keep himself and famIly posted on Mitchell county news, through the medium of the Daily Call columne. Edgar Allen Forbes, a former Beloit boy, who for the past two years has been managing editor of "The World's will leave about August 1 for Africa. He will go as a traveller and writer. Boyd Chubbic is some pumpkins with the musical instruments. He can hammer music out of a tin can.

He doesn't have to, though, for he spends all his salary--pretty near -buying new instruments. -Concordia Kansan. The Concordia Kansan reports inches of rain at that place from Sunday night to Friday morning, the rain of Thursday night, which played havoc with the train service amounting to 3:40 inches. One of the worst floods in the history of the town occurred at Frankfort, Kansas, yesterday. About 300 people were driven from their homes and the business portion of the town had water on the streets from five to ten feet deep.

Two men have been captured at Hebron, who are suspected of being two of the parties concerned in the bank robbery at Cuba, Kansas. They had over $1,000 in currency in their possession when taken into custody. It is not the man who exerts himself most physically that accomplishes most, but the one who knows how to What Would You Do If three good physicians should pronounce your case hopeless. If they should decide that you could not live longer than six weeks. And if you should get well, after using only $12.00 worth of Dr.

Miles' Heart Cure and Nervine, what would you advise a friend in like condition to do? "I have to thank you for saving life two years ago. We had my continued with the doctor until the wife's third doctor, like the two previous ones, said that nothing could be done for her; that she had better be taken home from the hospital to quietly wait her time, which would not be over at the most. I brought her weeks home, and then I thought probably Dr. Miles' Heart Core and bottle Nervine of might help her, SO got a Liver Pills each and some Nerve and her. and commenced an to improvement, and them to We soon seen encouraged by this we continued her eleven giving bottles in all of the medicine.

She the medicine. We gave takes it occasionally now it she feels the need. I am in the ministry, and have been for 44 REV. P. MILLIGAN, Genda Springs, Kans.

Dr. Miles' Heart Cure Is sold by druggist, who will guarantee that your the first bottle will benefit. If it falls he will refund your money. Miles Medical Elkhart, Ind take advantage of things. The most successful merchant lets newspaper advertising sell his goods for him while he saves his breath for other things.

Whatever floods they are having to the east of us, the Solomon River is in nowise to blame for them. The highest stage of the river this year was on Wednesday morning of this week when it was 12.2 feet at the bridge where the measurements are taken. J. H. Vonderbeide was in the office this afternoon, paying a year in adVance on his subscription to the Daily Call.

Mr. Vonderheide subscribed for the paper for six months last fall, and finding it as represented, took a twelve months' subscription this time. Mrs. Julia B. Perry entertained to dinner last night a number of Beloit ladies, complimentary to Mrs.

G. W. Port and her niece Miss Irene Welchans, who are here from Topeka on 8 visit. After dinner several of those present contributed to the pleasures of the evening with music and recitations. Every now and then the John Collins case crops up in the columns of the Kansas press.

Lots of people will never be entirely happy until they get the young degenerate out of the penitentiary. A white youth who finds pleasure in the companionship of a lot of crap shooting negroes is capable of committing almost any crime. The remains of Mrs. Sarah A. Sutton, notice of whose death appeared in last night's Call, arrived in Beloit, last night, from Manhattan and the funeral was held this afternoon at 3 o'clock at the home of her daughter, Mrs.

R. B. Nusser. The deceased lady was aged 49 years, 10 months and 13 days at the time of her sudden death from heart failure. young man entered a business house the other day and meeting the proprietor said: The old man told me this morning that he thought I could get a position in your store." Look- KILL THE COUCH AND CURE THE LUNCS WITH Dr.

King's New Discovery CONSUMPTION Price I FOR OUGHS and 50c $1.00 COLDS Free Trial. Surest and Quickest Cure for all THROAT and LUNG TROUBLES, or MONEY BACK. ing him square in the face the business man said: "'If I had a thousand positions that I wanted filled I wouldn't give one of them to a young man who speaks of his father as the "old -Ex. Train service on the Union Pacific has again been resumed, and the passenger train which failed to get through to Solomon yesterday morning went down last night at 5:25, returning about 1 o'clock this morning. The Missouri Pacific as yet is running east only to Concordia, and the train which went last night got off the track at Yuma and didn't reach Beloit until nearly 1 o'clock today.

Petitions were signed up today for Beloit township officers in the Reppublican interest. The following are the names of those who will be voted on at the primary election, Trustee, Dorse Robinson; Sam Hicks; treasurer, H. L. Miller; justice of the peace, J. W.

Hicks and O. L. Summers; constables O. W. Grout and E.

O. Wilson; precinct committeeman, T. Wrench. James Sherrard was recommended for commissioner from the Second district. The state board of control is advertising for bids for 95 hand fire extinguishers, to supplement those already owned by the charitable institutions of the state.

The Girls Industrial school at this place will get 38 of these extinguishers, each of which will be of three gallon capacity. When this lot of fire extinguishers is purchased the work of putting the state institution in a reasonably safe condition for fire protection will be about completed. The wedding is announced from Bellingham, Washington, as having occurred in that city on the afternoon of Tuesday, May 26, of Miss Grace Cox, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James M.

Cox, formerly of this city, to Mr. James A. Miller, auditor of the county in which Bellingham is situated. The father of the bride was county superintendent of Mitchell county from 1887 to 1891 and the bride was born in Cawker City at a time when Mr. and Mrs.

Cox taught school there before Mr. Cox was elected county superintendent. The scarcity and high price of corn in the United States has made it possible for a shipment of corn from the Argentine Republic to be sold in New York. Many words of commendation come from the kindergarten class in the Mitchell county Normal institute, and we are told that Miss Colburn, who has charge of that department 1 is making it one of the most popular in the institute. The Mitchell county Normal students are not the only ones who will be interested in the coming to Beloit of Dr.

Matt S. Hughes, who will deliver a lecture here on the 23rd of June for the Normal. Dr. Hughes is a red hot favorite with Beloit people and his coming will undoubtedly be treat to all. Postmaster Jermark is in receipt of a notice from the government to advertise for bids for the public building site for which there was 8 recent appropriation of $7,500 made.

A notice is posted in the front window of the postoffice and the postmaster is instructed to call for bids in some local paper. Wednesday morning the little one year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Osborn was badly scalded. Mrs.

Osborn had just taken the boiling water from the stove and put it into the washing machine and turned to pick up some clothes when the child pulling the plug from the machine the boiling contents pouring out severely burning her left hand, arm and limb also the front of her body. We are pleased to report her resting easily considering the extent of her burns.Randall News. J. Y. Niles.

formerly 8 citizen of this place was sent by the state supreme court to Pittsburg, Kansas, this week to arrest 15 jointists for failure to respond to the state's citation for contempt. He got service on 12 of them all of whom gave bond in the sum of $500 each. It is probably only right to say that Mr. Niles' job was easy as none of the parties knew that they were in default in their duty to the supreme court, claiming that their lawyer had gone back on them and never kept them advised of their standing on the matter. Hon.

Anson S. Cooke, of Mitchell county, was in the city Wednesday night and yesterday morning, shaking hands with a few of his old Democratic friends. Mr. Cooke has been drafted by the Democrats of this district as a candidate for state senator and will be nominated without opposition in August. Cooke has served, this district in the senate and is a a man for whom no apologies are ever necessary.

He stands for the things advocated by the Bryan democracy, the measures demanded by the people. -Mankato Advocate. The Call subscription list is entirely voluntary. This may be a rash assertion for an editor to make, but it is 8 fact all the same. It is the best kind of 8 subscription list to have, because if a man thinks it is worth while to walk into a printing office and subscribe for a paper, it is a self evident fact that he wants the paper, intends to read it and can be counted on to stay with it.

In the past two days this office has taken in 7 new subscriptions to the Daily Call, all of them in the manner indicated above and without any solicitation on the part of anybody connected with this office. The Rev. G. B. Kinkead rector of St.

Paul's church this city will accompany Bishop Griswold of Salina on his trip to London, where the bishop goes to attend the Lambeth conference. This is a meeting of the bishops of the Anglican church which is held at regular periods in the city of London and is called the Lambeth conference from the fact that the center of interest is at Lambeth Palace, London, the official residence of the archbishop of Canterbury, primate of all England. The conference is attended by most of the bishops of the church in Great Britain and its colonies, and by the branches of the church in foreign lands such for instance as the Protestant Episcopal church in America. Here is something the primary law says, which you do not want to overlook: Any person who shall solicit, request, demand or receive, directly or indirectly, any money, intoxicating liquor or anything of, value, or the promise thereof, either to influence his vote or to be used, or under the pretense of being used, to procure the vote of any person, or to be used at any polls or other places prior to or on a day of primary for or against any candidate for nomination at such primary shall be deemed guilty of the crime of bribery, and upon conviction, besubject to a fine of five hundred dollars and imprisonment in the county jail for not less than three months. And any person who wagers anything relative to the vote at such primary to be fined not less than one hundred dollars and not more than one thousand dollars, or confined in jail not to exceed one year.

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on every Commissioners Proceedings Beloit, Kansas, June 1, 1908. The honorable board of county commissioners met in their room, 88 8 board of equalization, at nine o'clock a. m. with all members present. Board ordered personal property of C.

H. Hutton in Solomon Rapids township reduced from $2700 to $1470 on account of some mules that were assessed in the state of Nebraska and also assessed in this county at a valuation of $1230. W. H. Bolton came before the board and showed to their satisfaction that for the year of 1907 he had been erroneously assessed upon notes in the amount of $180.

They accordingly ordered a refunding warrant issued to Mr. Bolton in the amount of $5. 94. Board ordered lots 7 and 8 in block 5, Elliott's Addition, property of R. D.

Heath lowered from $900 to $600. Board also ordered the set 28 6 10, raised from $2700 to $3000. Board adjourned until morning. Beloit, Kansas, June 2, 1908. Board met in their room at nine o'clock and continued equalizing real estate by raising the swt 22 7-10, property of J.

A. Haseltine from $8200 to $9200 and swt and we set9 7 10, property of W. L. Cooke from $9700 to $10100. Board left the real estate in Round Springs township the same 88 they had raised it by mutual agreement and personal inspection upon their recent visit to said township.

Board raised the valuation of lots 3-4 and 84 of 2, in block 72, Beloit property of L. F. White from $2880 to 3880. Board adjourned until morning. Beloit, Kansas, June 3, 1908.

Board met in their room at nine o'clock, all members being present. Board lowered the assessed valuation of Cawker township $2 per acre and Hayes township $3 per acre. Board raised the assessed valuation of Glen Elder township $2 per acre, Beloit township $2 per acre and Center township $3 per acre. Board raised the assessed valuation of improvements in Logan township as follows: Seth McKee, net 22-8 6, from $800 to $1000. George Betz, 4-8-6 from $1500 to $2500.

Burton Lyon, w53 acres of 1-8-6 from $500 to $1000. James Robertson, set 386 from $800 to $1000. John Tromble, swt 29-8 6 from $800 to $1000. Luther McClintic, swi 27-8 6 from $800 to $1000. C.

A. Duvall, net 27-8-6 from $1100 to $1650. W. G. Kerns, nwt 34-8-6 from $900 to $1200.

S. P. Pearson, swt 33-8-6 from $800 to $1000. Kennedy's Laxative Cough Syrup Relieves Colds by working them out of the system through a copious and healthy action of the bowels. Relieves coughs by cleansing the mucous membranes of the throat, chest and bronchial tubes.

"As pleasant to the taste as Maple Sugar" Children Like It. For BACKACHE--WEAK KIDNEYS Try Be Witt's Kidney and Bladder Pills- -Sure and Sate FUC Carl Petterson, net 33-8-6 from $1000 to $1200. J. W. Overman, net 31 8 6 from $800 to $1000.

William Porter, sw 24 8-6 from $1000 to 81200. David Pearson, et and set 2 8-6 from $1000 to $1200. Geo. R. Dawes, set 21-8-6 from $1000 to $1500.

H. M. Deschner, pt and set net 5-8-6 1 from $400 to $500. H. M.

Deschner, net nwt 5-8-6 from 8400 to $500 Mary A. Noell, lots 1-2-3-4, block 16 Simpson, from $650 to $950. A. D. Rathbun, a 24 feet of lot 2, block 1, Simpson lowered from $675 to $575.

In Turkey Creek township they raised: I. W. Parks, net 16-7-8 from $3200 to $5600 and I. W. Parke set 9-7-8 from $5800 to $7400.

In Dodges Addition they lowered Harry Houghton, lots 11 and 12, block 1, from $500 to 8400. Board adjourned until morning. Beloit, Kansas, June 4, 1908 Board met in their room at pine o'clock with all members present and continued the equalization of property by lowering M. F. Gengler from $30 to $25 per acre on the following land in Carr Creek township, wt net net owl; awt nwt lying east of river; and pt set all in section 3 of said Carr Creek township.

Board lowered the assessment of H. C. Annan's personal property in Beloit City from $31,670.00 to $28,570.00 and raised the assessed value of the New York! Store Mercantile personal property $20,2000.00 to $22,220.00. Board adjourned as 8 board of equalization and convened as a board of county commissioners in special session. Board accepted the resignation of C.

M. Lemons as trustee of Custer tion appointed N. B. Trowbridge as township andJupon his recommenda-1874 his successor. Board approved the following bonds: Mary H.

Cooper, probate judge C. W. Kimmerer, clerk of Blue Hill township Albert Peer, clerk of Cawker township In the matter of the opening of a public road petitioned for by J. B. CHICHESTER'S PILLS DIAMOND BRAND of Counterfeits.

Substitutes. LADIES I Aak your Druggist for CHI-CHES-TER'S DIAMOND BRAND PILLS in RED and GOLD metallic boxes, sealed with Blue Ribbon. TAKE NO OTHER. Buy of your Druggist DIAMOND rad ask for CHI BRAND PILLS, for twent years regarded as Best, Safest, Always Reliable. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS TIME EVERYWHERE WORTH TRIED TESTED Hyde and others, the board instructed the county attorney to act in connection with and assist the city attorney of Beloit city, in an endeavor to have the U.

P. R. R. open up and maintain a crossing over their right of way and underneath their tracks. Board adjourned sine die.

Frank Soper County Clerk Milk and Meat. We're to have a milk inspector, but he won't inspect the meat; so that what we drink is wholesome, what's the difference what we eat? While we masticate trichina and the microbes of that ilk, it will cheer us to remember that the dealers sell pure milk. Little boots it if the sausage is so full of centipedes, that it follows like a poodle wheresoe'er its master leads; little boots it if the sirloin is so rich in classic germs, that when placed upon the skillet, like a crocodile it squirms; little boots if the butcher from his gloomy ice-box pulls fragments of the limbs and bodies of a lot of ancient bulls; while we're having fits and spasms, caused by eating meat that's rank, we may know the milk's inspected -he who worries is a -Emporia Gazette. Lake Tahoe. One of the most beautiful mountain lakes in the world lies in the heart of the Sierras, 6,220 feet above the sea level, and is completely hemmed in by mountain walls, whose rugged peaks rise in many places to an additional height of from 2,000 to 4,000 feet.

It is twenty-three miles wide and from 100 to 2,000 feet deep. The entire region surrounding the lake is picturesque almost beyond description, and a never ending delight to the eye. Lake Tahoe is easily reached by a short side trip up the picturesque canyon of the Truckee river from Truckee, California, on the main line of "The Overland Route." Write for booklets and other information regarding California to R. T. Smith, Agent.

The E. W. Roberts family, which recently moved back to Beloit from Texas, today subscribed for the Daily Call, to be left each evening on Clinton street. 160 Acre FARMS: th Western Canada FREE Typical Farm Scene, Showing Stock Raising in WESTERN CANADA Some of the choicest lands for grain growing stock raising and mixed farming in the new districts of Saskatchewan and Alberta have recently been Opened for Settlement under the Revised Homestead Regulations Entry may now be made by proxy (on certain conditions), by the father, mother, son, daughter, brother or sister of an intending homesteader. Thousands of homesteads of 160 acres each are thus now easily available in these great graingrowing, stock-raising and mixed farming sections.

There you will find healthful climate, good neighbors, churches family worship, schools for your children, good laws, splendid crops, and railroads convenient to market. Entry fee in each case is $10.00. For pamphlet, "Last Best West," particulars as to rates, routes, best time to go and where to locate, apply to J. S. CRAWFORD 125 W.

9th Kansas City, Mo. Canadian Government Agent Obituary. J. W. Osborn was born in New Jersey, on December 2, 1824, and was married to Catherine Knott, September 3, 1851.

To this union were. born six boys and four girls all of whom survive to mourn the loss of a kind and loving father, except one boy, James Milton, who died in infancy. A daughter living in Montana, one in Oklahoma, a son in Oregon and one in Iowa were unable to be present at their father's funeral which occurred in Beloit on the afternoon of Thursday, June 4. Mr. and Mrs.

Osborn were formerly from New Jersey and lived successively in that state and in the states of Illinois, Iowa and Missouri before to Mitchell county, Kansas in where they continued to reside up to the time of the dear mother being called away April 2, 1907. The last year of his life Mr. Osborn has made his home with a son in Nebraska where on June 2nd at 11:55 a.m. he passed away at the age of 83 years and 6 months. CARD OF THANKS We desire to thank the kind friends and neighbors for the many favors extended to us during our recent sad bereavement.

Also the lodges, societies and friends for the many flowers contributed, a kindly action that will always be held in grateful remembrance by us. Mrs. Isaac Crawford Mrs. Gus Schmidt Mrs. C.

T. Loucks Mrs. J. D. Trivett Clint Osborn E.

W. Osborn J. C. Osborn L. L.

Osborn Milt Osborn. A Real Wonderland. South Dakota, with its rich silver mines, bonanza farms, wide ranges and strange natural formations, is a veritable wonderland. At Mound City, in the home of Mrs. E.

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CALDWELL'S SYRUP PEPSIN." This product bears purity guarantee No. 17, Washington, D. Co PEPSIN SYRUP 00. 118 Caldwell Monticello, Ill..

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