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The Western Call from Beloit, Kansas • 2

The Western Call from Beloit, Kansas • 2

The Western Calli
Beloit, Kansas
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THE WESTERN CALL, FRIDAY, MARCH 28, 1902. MONKEY DASHES Soft llV'Hf From Friday's Dully, Harness We notice preparations are being RELIEVE mS EVJE3, made to plant many trees in our city mm this spring. You enn rrmke your hr-new ua aoft a glove and toiiKh Mwlre by nemm Oil. You can lenKthen it life-make IC EXTRACT Another American girl is going to marry a duke. This time be la of lust twice an long French nationality I oruinaruy would.

Obituary. We are sorry to record the death of Frank A. Lesley of Asher Creek which Bad event took place last night about 10 o'clock. The deceased has been a victim of Bright disease for the past two years. On Thursday night he took sick and has now pssed away In the flower of his manhood.

The deceased was onlySa years of age and is survived by a widow and a family of small children. He was born in Illinois and came to Kansas twenty years ago with bis father G. Lesley. They afterwards moved to Nebraska but came to Kansas again about ten years ago. The subject of tnls notice is a nephew of Theodore Lesley a well-known farmer in Asher district.

The funeral will be tomorrow at West Asher church. The deceased belonged to the Woodmen and is insured for 2 000 in that order. MoCall Bros. Linville are putting up a new awning in front of their store EUREKA Lend Sale. The following salaa of Mitohell oounty land should have appeared in our paper on Wednesday but were unaccountably mislaid: J.

Howard Clapp of New York City to Frank Sehwdrmann.tne west half of the east half of six in Logan township 1,300. J. Howard Clapp of New York City, an eighty in Custer township to 0. R. Brown of Walnut Creek $500.

D. Deitrioh of Indiana, the southeast of twenty-eight, Center township to Charli Walters $3,400. Above sales were all made through the agency of G. F. Reiter and company, who are hustlers in the real estate business.

The following sales we also noticed G. L. Hudkins and wife of Enid, Oklahoma, to Theo. Dort of Cawker City, 480 acres in Pittsburg township $8,375. D.

Gabler and wife.tne northwest of on Main street, today. Reduced one-half with pure soft water, applied frequently with dropper or eye cup, will remove congestion and Instantly relieve pain and Inflammation. CAUTION I Avoid dangerous, Irrl. tating Witch Hutl prorations, rep-reiented to be "thmei" POND'S EXTRACT, which aaeily sour and generally contain wood alcohol," deadly poison. The Call is under obligations to Mr, Harness Oil make poor looking har-nM like new.

Made of pure, heavy bodied oil, especially prepared to wltU-Mand iho weattier. J. T. Barnes for a copy uf the Kansas Horticultural Society's report. Bold everywhere 1 In cana all sizes.

President Fred. Wellbouse of the state horticultural society says there will be Made by STANDARD 01 CO. no peaches or strawberries raised in DIAMOND' SOAP Kansas this year. A concession to Cuba in regard to is ohief resource, sugar, will be made. fourteen, Walnut Creek township to The republicans in the house have got Don't Be a Dead One.

Don't be a dead one. This is an age of progress, an age of new ideas, and the slow-poke will surelv be run MA KES A LIGHT WASHING ANY WAY YOU USE IT, HUT THE BEST RESULTS CAN BE OBTAINED liY ALLOWING THE CLOTHES TO SOAK OVER MttHT Charles W. Latham $1,600. together on tne matter. Bartholomew Brannagan to Hattie Perrine a traot of land, west of Beloit Cecil Rhodes the South African $1300.

promoter, who has been lying at This latter is the old Amos Perry home. ARRIVAL ANDMPARTURE From Friday's Dally. Miss Carrie Ruddle of Admire, Oklahoma, was visiting friends here Thursday. Miss Lora Squire came home last night for a few day's visit with the home folks. Mrs.

F. Baumer and children of Asherville visited at the Rev. Brown's Thursday night. Mrs. H.

Gerdsen drove to Glen Elder this afternoon where she has a class in music. W. H. Crawford and wife left yesterday morning for Farmington, 1 Tnma An a tvaA ft CT rM death's door in Cape Town, has taken a turn for the better. The oounty commissioners are making arrangements to set out trees in John A.

Vaughn to John Kresin the southeast of twenty-seven in Hays township $1600. Aletha Watkins to A. Bryan, both of the oourt house grounds. They will Cowley county, the southwest of be planted within the next ten days. How Willi Worked Annii.

For some time Willis Dilworth has been trying to get Annis Thompson to put a telephone in his home. Mr. Thompson thought he could get along without It very well. Recently Mr. Thompson sold his property to Mr.

Cochran, and Mr. Cochran ordered a phone placed in the residence. Mr. Dilworth, being a sly old fox, ordered the boys to put a phone in before Mr. Thompson moved out, which was done, and Mr.

Thompson was instructed to use it all he wanted to up to the time he moved out, which Mr. Thompson did to his heart's content. The other day Mr. Thompson moved into his new house and immediately ordered Mr. Dilworth to put a phone in his house, saying he could not be happy without one.

So it goes. The great convenience of the telephone is each day recognized more and more, and it is one of the most useful of all public commodities. Mr. Dilworth has a far better system of phones than any of the other many systems with which he ia connected. twenty-three in Lulu township $3, 100.

The civil service commissionership Complete catalogue showing over 300 premiums that may be secured by saving the wrappers, furnished free upon request. Send your name on a postal card and we will mail you the catalogue Addreit: Premium The Gudahy Packing Company, South Omaha, Neb. District School Notes. Mi has been offered to Harry A. Garfield, a son of the late President Garfield.

He is much interested in civil service From Saturday's Daily. The local declamatory contest held reform. out at the Igo schoolhouse last night, J. Si' Parks arrived in the city by the Missouri Pacific morning1 train from St. Joe and Atchison.

was won by Miss Cooke, daughter of Miss Dodge, who has been local editor over if he don't watch out. Occasionally we meet a man who seems to have no ambition, no aim in life. When he walks along the street he shambles along as if he were asleep, dragging his feet with scarcely enough energy to stand up. He is the man who can usually tell you all about the money question, and how to save the country from going to eternal perdition, yet he never has a meal ahead. He is the lazy man who lets his wife do the hustling, poor woman.

A man without ambition in life is a dead one, and, dear reader, if you are one of that kind, wake up, and if you can't find anything else to do, stir up a muss of some kind so people will at least know you are alive. Beloit Stone. Chauncy Lawn and John Girling have been loading a car of flagging for shipment to Stockton. Few towns in the state are as well off as Beloit in the matter of stone for building purposes and for sidewalks. There will no doubt continue a good demand from other towns, when its qualities are brought to the attention of their inhabitants.

Its virtues have long been appreciated by the people of Mitchell oounty. Frank Cooke of the Illinois district. J. S. Parks and wife will move of the Beloit Daily Call, has been made one of the assistants in the state library at a salary of 900 per year.

That is a pretty fine job and we are sure it is fine pay. Concordia Kansan. This will admit her to the county contest to be held' in Beloit in connection with the last teachers' association on April 5th. Other con to Topeka the first of April and occupy their new home in that city. DOM.

Poorman, wife and child Dinmnnit Soitp for idle by pM Ka I'll nil Groan were passengers by the Union Pacific tests will be held today, at West Asher this afternoon and Glen Elder We are glad Miss Nelle Dodge of Beloit, has been selected for assistant state librarian. She is a splendid girl of business, and deserves a good place however she will be missed from the society page of the Beloit Call Cawker Ledger. this evening. There will be about 200 pupils throughout the county who will write for common school diplomas March 29th and April 12th. This is a creditable showing for Mitchell county, when it is considered that the aquisi-tion of the coveted diploma will entitle the holder to admission to the High School without examination.

Get What They Want. From Thursday's Daily, W. W. Dilworth and Clarence Bar-tleson traded properties today. Willis always did have a taste for farming, and will now have more room to indulge and extend the scope of bis abilities in that direction.

Clarence thinks be wants a smaller property, but if he keeps on flourishing in the future as he has in the past, he will want the biggest bouse in town some day. this morning for Auburn, Missouri. William Sanders of Cottonwood Falls came up last night to visit with Ira N. Tice and family a few days. Rev.

Wm. Ramsay of Minneapolis who has been the guest of the Rector of St. Paul's will read the litany tonight. Art Newburger arrived home from St. Louis last night, where he had been the past few days purchasing goodsfor the Leader.

Dan Gansel took the train to Glen Elder yesterday evening for his A sentimental editor of an Exchange Joy Bells. The prettiest wedding of the season asks A re there any sweeter words occurred at the residence of Mrs. Anna in the English language than these, "I love you." Perhaps not, but the Beird of North Hersey avenue, Tues day evening, March 18 at 7 .80 o'clock wnen tbeir daughter Auttie was un words, "Here's a dollar on subscription," are not lacking in eloquent and delightful enunciation. Manchester. ited in marriage to Mr.

Wm. Crawford of Lulu township, Rev. Harmon of R. W. RioKs, of Beloit, representing Randall, officiating.

the Milwaukee Binder Company, was The parlor archway where the con Will Practice Medicine. Pearl Cowman, son of our townsman, J. W. Cowman, took the train last night for Stockton. Pearl has been studying medicine for the past three years, two of which were spent at the State University at Lawrence and one at the medical oollege at Topeka.

He has received a certincae to practice, and will do so daring vacation, at the town in the city Monday and Tuesday in the tracting parties stood was beautifully draped with lace ourtains and deco interest of this company. Colonel Rioks did not forget his old friends in the rated with cut flowers and vines. The Must Find Some Other Way. The application for a writ of Habeas Corpus for the release of Will Mackay from the oounty jail, was refused by Jndga Piokler, at Gaylord yesterday. The noy will have to stay where he is until he consents to furnish another good and sufficient bond.

This we understand he can do, if he has a mind to, out he apparantly prefers to forego his freedom for awhile. Meant bile he ia not suffering any. near relatives and a few special friends Farmer office and consequently we were favored with a pleasant call. Knows a Good Thing. Charles A.

Haber of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, a son-in-law of our merchant, H. C. Annan, has recently purchased 240 acres of land in Hayes township from W. W. Green.

Tice Brothers made the sale, the negotiations in regard to which were brought about in the first plaoe, by the perusal of an advertisement in tbe columns of the Call. Surgeon's Knife Not Needed. Suigery is no longr necessary to cure piles. DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve cures such cases at once, removing the necessity for dangerous, painful and expensive operations. For scalds, cuts, burns, wounds, bruises, sores and skin diseases it is unequaled.

Beware of counterfeits. Bunch Drug Co. only were present, the wedding being a Osborne Farmer. very quiet affair. Tne bride Misa Auttie Beird, has of Woodston, in Books oounty.

The Call wishes him every success in his chosen profession, the noblest and most self-denying pursued, by mankind. We are to have a new kind of paper grown to womanhood in-Beloit and is loved and respected by all wno know her. She has for several years been a successful teacher. She wore a beautiful white organdy dress, trimmed money, to be in the form of postal checks. It is to prevent the robbing of the mails and provides for better facilities for transporting money through that source.

Incident Should Be Extended. The limits of tbe city of Beloit should be extended. About 33 1-3 per We Hope So. We understand that an effort is being made in the Victor, neighborhood to with lace and a handsome bouquet of ally it 'is hoped that the postal orange blossoms, the gift of relatives keep the creamery going. It has been cent of tbe oity is outside the limits.

This will make food for thought. There revenues will be increased by their in California, and presented a rnott use. is no good reason for this condition of attractive appearance. The groom. Mr.

Crawford, is a prosperous young farmer of Lulu township where he is uni affairs, and it should be remedied. a great benefit to farmers in that part of the county, and the loss of it would be greatly felt. It is thought that in a short while enough milk could be guaranteed, to render the profitable The rein seems to have been very The W. CT. U.

will meet with Mrs. Casey next Tuesday afternoon. A read ing room for boys will be discussed. general throughout the state. The reports in regard to wheat are very con Hiding, but the concensus of opinion ie versally respected.

He wore the conventional black. After congratulation were extended, the guests were invited working of it, no longer a matter of doubt. to the dining room, where an elaborate dinner was served. very favorable. A little rain goes a long way at this season of the year.

We have no doubt in our own mind but what Kansas is booked for another home. He had been down to attend a meeting of county commissioners. Rob Turtle of Cawker City, came down last night and attended the party given by Mrs. J. W.

KeyB and Mrs. O. E. Rose in honor of Miss Nelle Dodge. Our old friend Charlie Grecian left for his home in Simpson this morning.

He had come up yesterday to attend a meeting of the board of county commissioners. Mr. Ratbburn superintendent of the Missouri Paoino, accompanied by Mr. Symnis, division superintendent, went through this morning in their special car, returning from a trip up west. Mrs.

A. B. Carney's mother, Mrs. Latta, accompanied by her little grand-daughter, spent Sunday at the Carney home in this city, returning to her home at Clay Center Monday morning. Concordia Blade, Mesdames Duane Freeman, G.

W. Port and Park Findley left this morning by the west bound train for Gay-lord, from which place they intended to drive to Smith Center to be present at the meeting held in that town, for the purpose of federating the women clubs of the sixth district. They were delegates from the West Side History club. The Vice of Nagging. Clouds the happiness of the home, but a nagging woman often needs help.

She may be so nervous and run-down in health that trifles anncy her. If she is melancholy, extricable troubled with loss of appetite, headache, sleeplessness, constipation or fainting and dizzy Bpells, she needs Eleotrio Bitters, the most wonderful remedy for ailing women Thousands of sufferers from female troubles, nervous troubles, backache and weak kidneys have nstd it, and become healthy and Happy Try it Only 50 cents: Corner Pharmacy guarantee satisfaction. The presents were numerous and useful Good Hogs. County Commissioner Slater White consisting largely of household furnish and his son Fred were on the market good harvest. Fallen By The Wayside.

It is with a feeling of keen regret that tbe Capital passes tbe news along to John Parks' old associates up in the northwest that he has fallen a victim to the allurements of ping-pong, the latest pinky-wink game that has found ravor with the double unpbolstered stratum of society. -Harmon Wilson. with hogs yesterday. Slater had 35 Miss Nelle Dodge for the past year head whicn made an average of 350 pounds. He beat his boy a trifle but local paragrapher of the Daily Call at Beloit has been appointed one of tbe assistant state librarians at a salary not enough to crow about to any considerable extent.

Fred bad 7 head that averaged a little over 240 pounds Hogs are now good property, the top price The Commoner. (Mr. BRYAN'S PAPER.) The Commoner has attained within six months from date of the first issue a circulation of 100,000 copies; a record probably never equalled in the history of American periodical literature. The unparalleled growth of this paper demonstrates that there is room in the newspaper field for a national paper devoted to the discussion of political, economical, and social problems. To the columns of the Commoner Mr.

Bryan contributes his best efforts; and his review of political events as they arise from time to time can not fail to interest those who study public questions. The Commoner's regular subscription price is $1.00 per year.x We have arranged with Mr. Bryan whereby we can furnish his paper and the Western Call together for one year for $1.65. The regular subscription price of the two papers when subscribed separately is 2.00. ot $900 per year.

Miss Dodge is one of the brightest little ladies in Kansas and being $5. 75. well deserves the splendid position ings. They left this morning for Iowa where they will visit some time with relatives, after which they wid be at bone to their friends on their farm near Gilbert station An Honest Medicine for Grippe. George W.

Waitt, of South Garrdi-ner, says: "I have had the worst cough, cold, chill and giip and have taken lots of trash of no account but profit to the vendor Chamblain's Cough Remedy is the only thing that has done any good whatever. 1 have used one bottle of it and the chills, cold and grip have all left me. I congratulate the manufacturers of an honest medicine." For sale by Bunch Drug Company. secured for her by Judge Ellis. Glen fclJer Sentinel.

Can't Keep it Secret. The splendid work of Dr. King's New Life Pills is daily coming to light: No such grand remedy for Liver and Bowel troubles was ever known before Thousand bless them for curing Constipation, Sick Headache, Biliousness, Jaundice and Indigestion: Try them. 25 cents at Corner Pharmacy. Owing to lack of space we have been unable to chronicle the fact that our good friend, Chan.

Perdue, has been reappointed postmaster at beloit He Good Temperance Talk. Solve the temperance question for yourself, by resolving to be temperate. Nothing is more despicable than the man who has to be coaxed to do that wbfrh is to his own interest. Nothing attracts more unfavorable attention than the man who drinks whiskey simply to induce people to coax him to quit. Ed.

Howe. is one of the best men that ever lived, and is one of the most obliging servants in the employ of Uncle Sam. Now'a the time, spring time. Take Rocky Mountain Tea; keeps the whole family well. A great medicine Shake, Chan, if we are a little late.

Osborne Farmer. GrandPrix.Rarisl900 for spring tiredness. 35 conts. W. F.

Kent, Drug Company: P. G. Chubbio has sold his interest in the Beloit Call to his partner Seward Jones. This leaves Mr. Jones sole pro Something Exquisite.

Teddy Barcafer is an artist cf no mean ability along the line of culinary work he has invented a new dish which calls frozen apple marmalade. It tastes like you would imagine heaven would taste if melted in your mouth. prietor of the best newspaper plant in northern Kansas. Mr. Jones is a splen Watches.

Clocks. ItPnington ill TtnMAmfopfi fi COLDS "COUGHS did newspaper man and is fully able to keep the Call along in the head of i a -v i 1 i the procession. Smith Center Pioneer. jeweiry upucai uuuus. are built to doM din In the event of the resignation of the hardest work Secretary Hitchcock of the interior department, it is said that the portfolio mat is ever re- RELIEVED IN MINUTES.

MIRED TO 8 HOV7RS. will be offered to Willis Van Devanter, Pff? quired of a ing machine. Their supreme of Wyoming. He was chief justice of the supreme court for that state, by appointment of President Harrison, ig, worm nas ceen For twenty years I have catered to the wants of the public in my line of Goods, and the gradual daily increase of business since that time is proof enough that our goods and workmanship are not only satisfactory, but beyond a doubt the best. In our Optical Department we are better prepared to give you a perfect fit in a pair of glasses than any other house in the west.

Glasses fitted FREE OF CHARGE and satisfaction guaranteed. established by a before he had reached the age of thirty 3 The complexion always suffers from biliousness or constipation. Unless the bowels are kept open the impurities from the body appear in the form of unsightly eruptions. DeWitt's Little Early Risers keep the liver and bowels in healthy condition and remove the cause of such troubles. E.

Hooper, Albany, says. "I took DeWitt's Little Early Risers for biliousness Theywere juBt what I needed. Lam feeling Detter now than in years. Never gripe or distress. Safe thorough and gentle.

The very best pills. Bunch Drug Co. Seed corn for sale, inqnlre I. W. Gaylord.

28-tf. ijuhi ivi mj of unfailing service. If DR. FENNER'S Golden Relief and Cough Honey have not failed In 30 years. 1 tablespoonful of the "Belief" in 2 of water and one of onsar hourly till sweat, then 1 of "Cough Honey." A bath completes the cure.

3 doses generally nofficient. Death will never result from UNO or THROAT diseases when thes two Remedies PROMPTLY wed. HyJjru gglBts, W)c. and $1. glues.

ClutrankingAll Medals "Youth at the Prow" seems to be the motto of the age. We sat at the table together, She cast a shy glance over at me, She certainly looked like an angel Oh, Charley I Please order me Rocky Mountain Tea W. F. Kent Drag Company. JEWELER I A.

MANIFOLD, OPTICIAN. AND fVyckoff, Seamans Benedict 105 West 9th Kansas City, Mo,.

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