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Ellsworth Messenger from Ellsworth, Kansas • 4

Ellsworth Messenger from Ellsworth, Kansas • 4

Ellsworth, Kansas
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ASH CREEK. friends showered rice all over, them as they got on the train. Many were ON'T DREAD the congratulations they received and the writer joins with them wishing From Oyer The County WINTERS HA them a successful and happy married life. Correspondents should call for supplies when in need same. Tbe editor does not keep a record of what has been sent and can not tell when, your supply is exhausted.

LORRAINE Will Kroesch was in town Tues day- THE CENTRAL NATIONAL BANK ELLSWORTH, KANSAS We beg to submit for your consideration condensed report of the condition of this bank as rendered to the comptroller of the currency, August 9,1913. RESOURCES Loans and Discounts $672,292.02 Overdrafts 2,872.56 Banking House, Furniture, Fixtures 12,000.00 U. S. Bonds at par 28,000.00 Other Bonds 5,991.14 Fred Janssen came home Monday Prepare to night. enjoy its exhilarating frosts by Mr.

and Mrs. Bruckner were in Uen- day night which made the ground too wet for sowing wheat. Jos. Dearsmith of Kanopolis came eseo Tuesday. Freddie Janssen is visiting home up to Black Wolf Thursday evening folks this week.

13f making your blood rich, pure and active to prevent colds, grippe and rheumatism. A'good rain fell here Saturday night. Joe Long is in Kansas City this week. Frank Larkin has about finished his silo. Charley Smith visited the Longs Sunday.

I. W. Johnson came home from Montana Sunday. Mr. Church has reopened the grocery store at Midway.

Jack Long started for Wakita, Tuesday morning. A few dozen of fine Leghorn hens for sale. Call phone 914. Will and Emory Hysell helped their brother, Clark, finish drilling. Miss Myla Jennings went to her home in Ellsworth Friday evening.

Milt Amos will move his family on the old home place in the near future. Mrs. Ida Westfall visited Sunday with Miss M. B. Clark of Thomas town-shis.

Frank Larkin's children, who are attending school in Ellsworth, were home for Sunday. The rumor is that Mr. Hi Hysell is and returend Friday morning. Paulie Peters birthday was Wednes T. M.

Foote and son Frankie, went day, October 1. 225,133.56 Cash and Sight Exchange John Heitschmidt helped his brother to Salina Thursday to attend the festival and returned on the evening pas Good blood prevents sickness $946,289.28 haul hay Tuesday. senger. Mrs. Rolfs spent Tuesday night at Mrs.

Anna Cook came down from and Scott's Emu Is ion will energize your blood and create reserve strength to endure changing seasons. Harry Bronlewee's. Willie Janssen spent Monday night Dorrance Saturday morning for a visit with her sister-in-law, Mrs. T. M.

with Herman Splitter. Scott Emulsion is not an Foote and family and returned home Henry Janssen made a flying trip Tuesday evening. to Wichita Wednesday. Robert Blecha of Elizabeth, New experiment but has served humanity faithfully for forty years; it contains the purest cod liver oil free from alcohol or stupefying drugs. LIABILITIES Capital Stock paid in $50,000.00 Surplus 100,000.00 Undivided Profits 25,703.41 Circulation 25,000.00 Deposits 745,585.87 $946,289.28 GEO.

T. TREMBLE, President e. L. GARDAHIER, Cashier Deposits August 9, 1913 $745,585.87 Deposits August 9, 1912. 697,646.55 INCREASE 47,939.32 Wm.

Melchert shipped a car of hogs Jersey, who has been here visiting to Wichita Wednesday. his relatives, Anton Kepka and the Mrs. C. Janssen visited at Bache Scott Emulsion is natures reatest blood-maker and furnishes lor's hall last Wednesady. Dearsmith family, for the past six months left for his home this morning.

His cousin, Miss Louise Dear- Mr. and MrsvR. E. Bruckner went the elements necessary for body elected mayor end Mr. Clint Handlin to McPherson last Tuesday.

warmth, rich blood and healthy smith, accompanied him as far as Mrs. Tanner visited Mrs. Harry circulation. marshal of Midway. Mrs.

Addie Crosby of Geneseo visited her sister. Mrs. Clint Handlin and hiece, Cleveland, Ohio. Janssen Saturday afternoon. Shun alcoholic substitutes and demand the genuine Scott's Emulsion AT ANY DRUG STORE 13-73 Chas.

Heitschmidt unloaded a car Mrs. Floyd Rozelle, the latter part ot of hay Monday and Tuesday. the week. HOLYROOD Mrs. W.

W. Smith is quite ill. Miss Mary Heiken is staying with Miss Bertha Willms visited at Lem Speers Monday and Tuesday. Let Brown repair your tires. Advertised Letters.


and Mrs. W. F. Shea are mov the county seat last Wednesday. ing into the Roscoe Smith house.

Wm. Kroesch and family visited a (foreign), Fritz Burgharett 2, William R. Christie, S. J. Davison, D.

D. Kauf Mrs. A. J. Pokorny and sons re few hours in Lorraine Tuesday.

turned from Milwaukee Thursday. man, J. B. Carr, E. H.

Lehman, W. Mrs. Ed. Durr, Miss Durr and Mrs. CARNEIRO Our winter's traveling library has arrived.

Mrs. Robert Allan visited in our city Tuesday. It appears like the band really has taken a relapse. Miss Grace Allan spent the weekend in Ellsworth. Earl Wires and Ralph DeWitt have been trading horses lately.

F. N. Grant finished painting a house for W. J. Cook Thursday.

Fred and Earl Smith attended the Salina festival Thursday and Friday. Listen for the wedding bells in the berg soon, but-don't hold your breath. The village optimist says the elderberry crop is above the average this year. Thomas Ewing is in Ellsworth attending high school. He went up Sunday evening.

H. McManes and son.Harry, shipped out their cattle Monday. They went with them to the city. Departed from our midst Friday, September 26, Buster, a well known citizen. He will be missed by all.

The east row speculators, Bowken, Henderson and Sheridan, are in Marion county prospecting for feed. Bart DeWitt and Fred Grant traded horses Friday. The city council has not decided which one was skinned. The horseshoe pitchers are playing on two courts now. One game at a time could not keep them all warm.

Corn planted in June has come up since the September rains. If frost holds off long enough, we may have a corn crop yet. Someone broke into C.A.GiU's store Friday night, gaining entrance from the rear. The burglar rifled the cash register and stole some clothing. Nimrod Hoffman has forfeited his record as a foot racer.

He failed to run down the local freight Monday on a twelve mile hike with a stop handicap on the train. The Epworth league held their monthly meeting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Koker Friday evening. About thirty were present and a pleasant evening was passed with music and games.

The Young People's class of the Christian church, of which Frank Sheridah is teacher, met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Fri day evening. About twenty were present and they report a good time.

Leonard, Clyde Lybarger, W. J. Mc-Kuity, E. V. Smith, Rev.

and Mrs. L. R. Tremain, Charley Tucker and Theo Peters spent Friday in Lyons. About five inches of rain has fallen since September 10.

The ground is thoroughly soaked and the fields are getting quite green again. Owing to the cool weather of last week the members of the Grove school board were obliged to put in a stove in the new school house. The heating plant has not yet arrived. The Ladies' Aid society bought a dozen more gospel hymnals for the church. This makes-ulenty of hymnals and no one need be without a hymnal who attends our church Exhibit by state, nation or province, Oklahoma barred; silver cup, value Chicago Association of Commerce.

Students" grain judging contest; The J. M. Demel family moved in Thomas Welsh. to the W. C.

Frevert house last week. Ladies' List Mrs Ruth Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. F. C.

Bast were the Mrs. C. W. Tcarrett and Wrs. Hainni Sunday guests of Mr.

and Mrs. Chas Koots. Telka. Fred Wamhoff left Wednesday for In asking for the above letters, please say One cent due Mrs. Harry Janssen visited with Dena Janssen Saturday evening.

Mrs. Katie Rolfs and Mrs. Lawrence Schmidt were in Lyons Tuesday. The first number of the lecture course will be Tuesday, October 7. The Ladies' Aid society met with Mrs.

Hopkins Wednesday afternoon. On account of the rain last Saturday night, there was no band concert. Mrs. Leicester will return home from Manhattan the latter part of this week. We have had plenty of rain and it looks as though we will get some more.

Mrs. Heitman and two daughters, Alva and Anna, were in Ellsworth Hot Springs, for the benefit of his health. He was accompanied by on FRANK S. FOSTER, Postmaster. his wife and family.

They will prob ably be gone two or three months. Miss Anna Ehler and John Seim- sen were maried Wednesday, October One Black Sheep Needed. A revival of religion was in prog WILSON. (Too late for last week.) A great many movers are seen in Wilson almost daily. Mr.

Ochs went to Iowa on a railway 1, at 2 o'clock, at St. Paul's Church in this city, the Rev. August Mohri ress in a town where Peter, Paul and John were coal dealers. John was the performing the ceremony. first to come under the influence of law suit.

He expects to be gone two very eloquent preaching. He was hon Thebride is the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thed Ehler. She wore weeks.

Never before in the history of the southwest have farmers been able to compete at any one fair or exposition for such valuable prizes for farm crops as will be offered at Tulsa, Oklahoma, in October. The prize list for the International Soil Products Exposition, to be held in connection with the International Dry-Farming Congress from October 22nd to November 1st, has just been completed. Nearly 1,500 individual prizes will be given for farm crops at this exposition, in addition to the following specials in sweepstakes classes: The List of Prizes. Best collective exhibit by one farmer cf his products; One Hundred Dollars in Geld given by the Holt Manufacturing company, Peoria, 111. individual exhibit of grasses and forage crops; Lightning, Jr.

hay press, value $225.00, Kansas City Hay i company, Kansas City, Mo. Individual exhibit of vegetables and rocts; Miller bean harvester, value LeKoy Plow company, LeRoy, N. Y. Individual exhibit of fruit; I. H.

C. -jCwiiovul, two horse cultivator, value International Harvester Chicago, III. exhibit of -sheaf grain, riCiuz Li.r'e cultivator, value Tcwar company, Mendota, 111. Irdivliiual" exhibit of threshed haystacker, value Mci.u ulacturmg com- i.a Suile, III- exhibit cf cotton; Canton tv.c-iow liill-drcp cotton and corn est and sincere about it and joined Louis Honomickl, has the con silver cup, value Twice-a-Week Spokesman-Review, Spokane, Wash. Best bushel hard wheat: threshing machine, any size desired by winner, complete with feeder, windstacker and weigher, value given by the M.

Rumely Company, La Porte, Ind. To be delivered f. o. b. nearest distributing point in North America to winner's residence.

Best bushel Turkey Red wheat; Chatham grain grader, cleaner and separator, power drive, with bagging and elevator attachments, value Manson Campbell company, Detroit, Mich. Best bushel soft wheat; fourth, p. hand portable gasoline engine, with truck, value Independent Harvester company, Piano, 111. Best peck barley five-h. p.

Ward gasoline engine with magneto, value Montgomery, Ward Company, Chicago. Best bushel oats; eight-foot Mc-Cormick harvester and binder, complete wTith tongue truck and transport truck, value International Harvester Company cf America, Chicago. Best ten ears corn; Deere low-down manure spreader, value John the church. A week later Paul was influenced to abandon the world and a brocade of Messaline gown and a full length veil and carried a bouquet of roses and carnations. She was at the flesh, nd he, to, became an en thusiastic suporter of the good worl tract to put up the fence around the school yard.

The East school is having the playground fenced. Louis Honomickl is doing the work. tended by the Misses Elizabeth Stolt-enbers: and Greta Kahler, who wore Peter, held aloof from the m'eetings. None of the invitations of neighbors or- brothers seemed to have gowns of white silk ratine 'with blue trimming. Our high school has an enrollment of any-; effect.

Finally the clergyman called and made a personal appeal. The groom is a son of Mr.and Mrs. 99. The board has been obliged to purchase additional seats. Mr.

and Mrs. Frank McKittrick re Peter was rough and ignorant and a P. H. Seimsen. The groomsmen were Herman and Will Ehler.

little inclined to profanity, but honest Mrs. Mohri played the 'wedding and frank in speech if not in act He finally clinched his negative argu turned home Friday from a week's visit with friends and relatives in Ne march and the church choir ments with the clergyman when in reply to a'cruestion "John braska. After the ceremony a wedding was served at the Ehler farm Miss Edith Pinney left for Bryn has become a Christian and Paul has home. Mawr Sunday evening. She will visit Christian and if I join your church who the excuSe me, par Both Mr.

and Mrs. Siemsen are well known and highly respected young people. They have many friends in Deere Plow company, Kansas City, the family of her brother, Blaine, at Topeka en route. Mo. son, will weigh the coal!" A Excusable at Times.

Mrs. Eslinger and children, who had Ellsworth and Barton counties. The been at Colorado Springs, have returned ThoseF aging, bereft victims of thiiw home. Mr. Eslinger will extend hi3 nine locks may need to supplement na BLACK WOLF Frank Kubik spent Tuesday in Ellsworth.

George Bruning Avent down to Salina Friday morning. Mrs. Art Reutz and children spent Tuesday in Ellsworth. Our school started on Monday with Miss Miriam Powers of Wilson as teacher. Mrs.

Jos. Zeman went down to Ellsworth Monday morning and returned on the evening train. There was another good rain Sun- groom is-a' carpenter by trade. -They will live in- Holyrood and will be at home' to their friends in the Bertha Siemsen house. stay to recruit his health.

ture, but there is no need for girls ta spoil their beauty and become artifl WILSON c- This is not caustic talk. Were that Prof. Howes was in Ellsworth last Seed rye, Corn, oats, prairie and alfalfa hay, cotton seed cake and meal, Ibeing given, actual comment overheard in public places would be It is plain fact, and so is this, that Saturday on business. Mr. and Mrs.

Schwarz went to Sa lina Saturday on busines. coal to burn both at Ellsworth and Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Heitman spent Sunday afternoon with Mr.

and Mrs. Willms. Mr. and Mrs. Melchert spent Sunday afternoon with Mr.

and Mrs. H. Janssen. Mrs. Koppenhaver is on the sick list this weekLand her two sons have the mumps.

Wroble and and Mrs. Herman Janssen spent Tuesday" evening at Lou Splitter's Mrs. Katie Rolfs is visiting friends in the country, before departing for Portland, and. Mrs. Aug.

Kaatz left for their home, IP LaCrosse, Wisconsin, Wednesday morning. highvfgchool boys organized a basket ball. team. They have ordered and received, new suits. f- Mrs.

Katie Rolfs, Mrs. Lawrence Schmidt and Mrs. Wm. Melchert and children wert shopping to Lyons on Tuesday. Mr.

and Mrs. Weigel and son, who have been visiting friends and relatives have left for their home in Perry, Okla. Harry Janssen and son, Willie, spent Saturday in Salina with Mr. Janssen's son, Fred and, took in the street fair while there. The Rollow art photo car after being in Lorraine for two weeks, left for Frederick.

Quite a number of people had their photos and views taken and praise the work very highly. Mr. and Mrs. V. J.

Splitter and Mr. and Mrs. Kaatz called on Mr. and Mrs. Will Splitter and Mr.

and Mrs. J. W. Schmidt in the afternoon, and took supper at Mr. and Mrs.

Harry Janssen's last Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Splitter entertained Mr, and Mrs. W.

J. Splitter, H. B. Splitter and family, Mrs. P.

J. Keller, Mr. and Mrs. Borgman, Mr. and Mrs.

H. D. Janssen and Miss Wroble at supper last Tuesday in honor of Mr. and Mrs. A.

Kaatz, of La Crosse, Wis. "How did he manage to escape from the penitentiary? I thought it was well-nigh impossible." "Well, he figured it out on scientific Kanopolis. The Ellsworth Mill he gaze which follows the girl or The gas engine exploded at the sfoman "madeup" is more often of be- Black Wolf elevator last week. vilderment wonder, disapproval, than admiration. Quite a number of our citizens went to Salina last week to attend the fair.

A few years ago the woman or girl Elevator Co. THOMPSON CREEK C. S. Bath lost a valuable cow Monday. Mrs.

Will Fleming visited at Henry Red's Monday. Arthur Hall broke his arm at school vho "nainted" was as conspicuous as i lone church spirt against blue sky, last Monday while playing on the This $1,250 RumeFy Threshing Machi ne Will Be Given for the Best Bushel of Wheat Shown at Mrs 'fil and people shied from her. turning bar. Now there pass scores, wearing dif Mr. and Mrs.

John Dlabal were the Nellie Boileau visited with Gladys Ycu Can Not Be Too planter, value Parlin Oren-1 dorff Plow company, Canton, Ills. ferent tints of roseate hue, while the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Stanek Wan- Burwell Sunday. rest of the world wonders at this inno asek last Sunday.

W. S. Faris and wife returned from vation, happy in the belief that such Hutchinson Friday. only it is, and that it has not come to The dance at the east hall the first of the wek was well attended and the Careful Grant Campbell and wife were in Best peck flax; $50.00 cash; Linseed Oil Consumers Flax Development committee, Philadelphia, Penn. Best peck milo, 24-wheel flexible three-section Campbell packer; value Parlin Orendorff Plow company, Canton, Ills.

Best peck kafir corn; Oliver No. 1 gang plow, value Oliver rhilld Plow Works. South Bend. stay. New.

York Telegram. proceeds netted about $70. Ellsworth Tuesday. Miss Moore spent Sunday at her Prophetic Retort. Jos.

Kepka, Louis Honomichl. and Charles Swehla were grading the home in Kanopolis. The governor of Virginia, at a time roads east of town last Tuesday. when Washington as a mere youth Miss Ella Straley is studing music ventured to remonstrate against the Mrs. Benisch of Wakeeney, who has in Wichita again this year.

Injustice of a certain decree, turned Mr. and Mrs. Joe Boileau were in fiercely upon the young man and in Ellsworth shopping Friday. Quired: Leonard Hudson returned from the When it comes to the question cf your children's health. It 13 not always enough to know what are wholesome and proper foods for children you must see that you get them pure and good also.

Hutchinson fair Wednesday. Ind. Best sheaf hard wheat; Woods self-feeder and band cutter, value Woods Borthers Thresher company, Des Moines, Iowa. Best sheaf oats; eight-foot Do-All twin pulverator, complete with drag, value Farmers' Manufacturing company, Piano, Ills. Best sheaf barlev: Bonanza double- Martha and Chas.

Reed took in the festival at Salina Saturday. Mrs. Cadwell and sister.Mrs. Moore, visited with Lulu Reed Thursday. Mis Tillie Bircher is staying with "And who the dickens are you, sir? With a cold but courteous bow, th young drawing himself up to his proud height, frigidly replied: "Nobody In particular just now, but for the future, sir, somebody In general." The haughty emphasis on the word general, it is said, sent a cold chill running up and down the governor's epine, which It required seven mint juleps and six bottles of port to relieve.

Judge. her sister, Mrs. Chas. Mills this week. D.

D. Hudson, J. E. M. Reed and R.

B. Hudson were in Ellsworth Friday, lines. Somebody smuggled him a pair a i Monson Church has purchased the store at Midway and opened it Octo ui irunKs, ana aiter ne got outside everybody thought he was running a marathon." Best collection, by farmer of grass and forage seeds, professional seedsmen barred; Ann Arbor combination hay baler and 6 h. p. gasoline engine complete, value given by the Ann Arbor Machine company, Ann Arbor, Mich.

Best yield of silage from one acre of kafir or milo; yield to be weighed, field measured and results attested by affidavits by three reputable neighbors of contestant. Samples of field to be shown at Tulsa. Indiana silo, value Indiana Silo company, Kansas City, Mo. Best individual display of standard and dwarf broomcorn; silver trophy cup, value Brooms, Brushes Handles, Milwaukee, Wis. Best individual display of 90-day corn; silver trophy cup, value Gem State Rural Livestock Journal, Caldwell, Idaho.

District or county exhibit best display of products of one locality; silver trophy, Tulsa Commercial Club, Tulsa, Oklahoma. District exhibit of grasses and forage crops Tulsa Board of Control bronze trophy, mounted on mahogany. District exhibit of vegetables and roots; Tulsa Board of Control bronze trophy on mahogany. District exhibit of fruit; Tulsa Board of Control bronze trophy on District exhibit of sheaf grain; Tulsa Board of Control bronze trophy on mahogany. District exhibit of threshed grain; Tulsa Board of Control brtmze trophy on mahogany.

District exhibit of cotton; Tulsa Board of Control bronze trophy on mahogany. Exhibit of agricultural college or experiment station; Tulsa Board of ber 29. Mr. and Mrs. Chas.

Reed are the proud parents of a son born Septem Try This Fine Nut Candy One and one-half cups Farmer Jones Sorghum, three-fourtha cup granulated sucar, tirec-fourtLa cup butter, one-half pound chopped figs, cne cup pecans, one cup English walnuts, piach of baking sotla. Boil sorghum and sugar until it thick then add the barer and continue boiling until it hardens when tried in cold water. Add the chopped fics and nuts whole. When thoroughly mixed pour out on Ereased plotter. FREE Farmer Jones Recipe Eook on request.

PARKERS HAIR BALSAM Cleanse and beanfifiei the hate ber 29. Never Fall to Bestoro Gy The posters for the C. S. Bath, sale Prevents hair falling. are out.

This sale is Tuesday, Oc tober 7. Mrs. A. Gilkinson has been quite ill at the home of her daughter, Mrs. D.

lever disc harrow, value Rock Island Plow company, Rock Island, Ills. Best sheaf flax; Good-Enough deep furrow sulky plow, value Mo-line Plow company, Moline, Best six stalks corn; I. H. C. corn planter complete with wire, value International Harvester Company of America, Chicago.

Best sheaf alfalfa; Superior alfalfa and grass seed drill, value American Seeding Machine company, Springfield, Ohio. Best peck potatoes; sub-surface packer, value John Deere Plow company, Kansas City, for the Dunham company, Berea, Ohio. Best sheaf timothy; pulverizer, value J. D. Towar company, Mendota, Ills.

Best peek feterita; ten-disc Fuller-Lee press drill, value Have Manufacturing company, Kansas City. Mo. Best peck peanuts; 12-foot Eureka flat-tooth mulcher and surface cultivator, value Eureka Mower company, Utica, New York. R. T.

BEAN QUALITY PHOTOGRAPHER A Specialty in making Family Groups, Post Cards, Etc. Special attention given to children and baby pictures. All kinds of photographs except the poor kind. TRY US ONCE. D.

Hudson. ben visiting her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Honomichl, returned home last Sunday. Philip Brown had a runaway last week which" might have been more serious.

However, Philip was cut and bruised considerably. The city teachers held their first meeting in the offiee of Supt." Martin. Many subjects were discussed and the meeting was profitable. They will meet each month. John Pugh and Ed.

Langerman took Mr. Latshaw's Mr. Levitt's and John Latshaw's race horses to Bunker Hill where the races will be held Thursday and Friday of this week. Wilson expects to put on some good races this fall. Those taking part in the races at Bunker Hill and Russell will also participiate in the Wilson races, October 15 and 16.

Wilson is doing her best to please the people of the city and surrounding country. She deserves your patronage. Mrs. Ella Cadwell and Mrs. George Levitt were in Ellsworth Saturday.

Many of the Wilson people who visited Salina report that Miss Maggie and McKittrick are getting along nicely in their school work. These young ladies have many friends in Wilson who like to hear of their success. Prof. Howes attended the-talking picture show last Saturday at Ellsworth, through the courtesy of Mr. Bornschein.

The show was the best he ever atended and the talking was plain and life like. It was the first of its kind ever exhibited in Ellsworth and was worth going many miles to witness. Mr. Bornschein certainly tries to please the people. Miss Mabel Miller and Mr.

Murphy of Kansas City were married Saturday morning by Rev. Gagle. After the ceremony they took the 9 o'clock Albert Bircher and Chas. H. Reed J.

E. VALENTA Blacksmithing and Horseshoeing Shop on First Street West of post office. Fully equipped to do all classes of work in my line. Satisfaction guaranteed. 1 have pleased others and can please you.

Qive me a trial. visited with Dick Cadwell near Lang ley Sunday. All the members of the band but one were out to practice this week. We Farmer Jones Syrup is made from the pure, wholesome juices of the sorghum which we grow ourselves. These are refined and reduced to syrup by methods so clean, so perfectly sanitary through every step of the process, that absolute purity is assured.

No other Sorghum Syrup is prepared so carefully so honestly. From seed to can we do it all. You can use it plentifully at every meal the chiLdi will enjoy the plainest food with Parmer Jones to tempt their s-petltcs. Packed in 5 aari 10 piund tins-easy to open easy to close up again. We include cane syrup with an addition of corn syrup to prevent fermentation Ask Your Grocer If he shouldn't happen to have it he'll get it.

Send! Us 5c in stamps to pay postage and we will forward you a sample can of FARMER JONES SVRUF and a Recipe Eook see above. had a good rehearsal. Mr. and Mrs. Bergh Becker went to Salina Thursday to attend the fall fes You Printi? Tfie Uquor opium tiaoits peroiiHient'S felrel.

Twenty-Ave experience and SOaOQO cures by the genuine Keeley remedies. in. tike -South west only at THE KEELEY. INSTITUTE. 716 West Tenth Kansas City.

Ma Write for They returned home Sunday. Frank Boileau went down to Salina Thursday and remained until Satur Control bronze trcphy on mahogany. day night taking in the Salina festi val. Master Robert Hudson had the mis fortune to be hit with a ball on the cheek while playing at school Mon day. The Thompson Creek band will give MonarGh ISTo- 1 Dijj Use I part Dip to 75 parts Water Certificate of Government Approval on every can The Best For Sheep, Cattle, Horses, Poultry and Hogs Sure Death to Lice and Ticks, Cures Scabs and Mange, Chases Flies and Kills Disease Germs.

GUARANTEED BY RoC CHEMICAL CONCERN, Lincoln, Nebr- CITY meat MARKET CiZEK BROTHERS, Proprietors Fresh and Salt Meats, Poultry and Fish Everything Beat end clean. Special attention given SUing orders as yon them Market Price for CATTLE, HOGS and HIDES a concert in the Buckeye church, October 1. The program will soon be FT. SCOTT SORGHUM SYRUP COMPANY Ft. Scott, Kansas Packers of "Ma Honey Bee" Honey.

out. Mrs. W. L. Reed and Mrs.

Harry Kline entertained the Ladies' Aid society at the home of the former train for Kansas City. Their many Thursday..

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