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The Chapman Journal from Chapman, Kansas • 8

The Chapman Journal from Chapman, Kansas • 8

Chapman, Kansas
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NESTING CONVENTION. INTEj W. C. T. U- has an Interest The countj lay county Convention.

ing Two-v Additional Local-E. P. Hawkins was in Junction yesterday. Bargains in 6Vercbats for the nest 20 days ai Carroll One of the most regular attendants at Dr. Pictcett'a Iectareb was Dr.

ErSntaon. p.mtH! of the Kansas WTL: At 7 S. R. HO AG, PROPIETOR OF THE South Side Livery Feed Barn COURTEOUS TREATMENT Special Attention given to the Patronage of Commercial Men. S.

R. HOAG. A Pleasant Time, On Saturday evonins, Nov. SC, quite a immber of Miss Rosa, friends of Wot-ley were' entertained at Ike celebration of her 2S1 anniversary. From welcome reception which her friem.s received, all cte m.leil happy.

The following is a a -list of esents leceived bv M.issllofia. Mrs. F. pen knife. Louisa Gfeller, mapkin and a hair ornament.

Lisle Murphy, work box. Emma a-)d Will? 'autograph. Ciias. Coverdil! a card basket. Mrs.WtU:insI'a?id daughter, looking m.

she gave an hit, girls. Following the "Inflaenot Lallot." The following ere tnoughts: This is an era of unrest. We. have no'a nuaA Vio-lifiRt civilization. Photographer Hansbrough of Abilene' is photographing our people for a couple spiritual and moral part of the caurca ww-tViiWU r.t nhnroh mpmhors a -WOni XW "Viiii'' 1,,.

of days; Tho's. German and T. Culham were among, the farmers do'ng business in the city yesterday. the lecture of ColJi-P. Sanford' at Assembly hall Wednasday evening Dec 6th.

Admission dy 35c. JAWHITEHAIR, Fra Scot. necklace. Carrie ill, celery Icsa Scott, vss'3.

Vin, Turner, ccarf pin. Chrisi'ina Gfell-jr, EE LIABLE Harry Cnridiff was compelled td" "leave A Splondid "Work. Carriage and aeon school for the rest of the termdn ao count of his health. He left W. E.

Moore, of Kansa3 City, repre Have you iwon the "Rules, Eegnlations ad Grafted of Stnd of the public ola of Ch? i a Prin cipr I senting the' Equitable Assurance ev-u tne. school board, deserve Svaai: gredij for iimc 'enherprlse in get- MAKER. company did bud cess in the city yesterday. nng'ouTi tiiio e'eueiit it is Stottler moved out to Aaron Zein- a grart tfO'lJi. to town and her schoc's." 3tr.

Jam? McMillen, the x.ork, spent mucb. time in All kinds) wood repairing on short notice Fifteen years experience. Satisfaction guaranteed. Shop adjoins Hanson's old stand. er's place to look after his stock and the farm while Mr.

Zeiner and family are is The tmviit is a grand seccer-'B rr.c Sib a in tnat ro iowi in Kaunas Mie size of Sh eeran and Sons, visiting in the east. We want to close out our line of over coats before Christmas and if yoa pur 8b fib'' we' wm tfjS CaeroLl Masgh. Chvprnsn a cou- po of study that will compare x. ii-h it. It in com plei iu every detail It you have rot seen the work let Prof.

McMillea know p.nd he will see tliat you gt-i E- PROPRIETORS The. Cunningham boys used their threshing engine in moving the building formerally occupied by Mr. Wagner. A big crowd gathered to" wit ness the performance'. Smoky Hill Elevator, DEALERS IN COAL AND GRAIN.

Buy your Coal of us, best and cheapest in the city. Bring your corn and wheat to our elevator, we will givo you the highest market price. Miss Cass, a warm personal friend of Sparks is in the cijy introduc ing newbbok here. She is a pleasant lady and has a splendid book and it en; thC'Se are denied tho ballot, yet "uu ehuroti'ie criticised for its lack of euerJT in needed reforms. TuesSvry the Convention met in the E.

Chui'di. After tlevotkual exercises, led 'by Mrs. Mrs. Grubb gave a short on-. Evangelistic work. i a oxoelleat p.per oa "Tha-lafluonceof the Pifess," by Hargei-. After' soie disofmon, a.i tvresitis Parlunentaiy Ji-'ill was riven, by Mrs. Gaibb. At i o'cloc-c ll'i-s Grub a lscta-ed on "National rAhibitiou," In the evenbr ihe exercise-; were held in Assembly Hall. The L.

T. I marched in singing ant! cariyug bai-ners with appropria'd? Fom ng in line on the rostrum, they gengra bo- of welcome. Af ter the Iavocstiou Ui5 quartette by the "Y'sJ'' the uudieace listened to addressas of welcome; from the Y's. by Miss Carrie Cleyton, tio-a the W. C.

T. U. by Mrs Gibsou, and f'vom the churches by Hoyes. Tho response was given by Mrs. a.

song-by Mr. Early wvs followed by tho eveat'of the evening, tesa. Bia'r's lecture to the cbildren. She is a pleasin speaker and pencil impressea her tho-aghts upoh.the nvnas of -the children in a way they' will net coon v- The session ws-s closed with the song, "God be with you till we meet again," and Bennodlciion. On Wednesday moreing, the Convention met for the last session.

First was devotional exorcises led by Reports of the work were given by the Presidents of-ihe different Unions. In a short address Rev. Koogle wished the work God speed. Mm CciTsenter read a paper on Juvenile Work. Mrs.

Bldr followed with a few helpful suggestions emphasizing the importance diildren something to do. Miss- Bear gave a report of county fair work. Mrs. Humphrey rend a paper on Franchise-Mrs. Hamilton disousted Hereditary.

Mrs. Strickler, having been appointed State Superintendent of Juvenile work, resigned the county superintendency. Miss Emliy was-- elected to fill the position. The Convention closed with the noontide prayer service and a verse of "Eles't be that Binds." Our Chapman ladies feel that they have been much benefited oy the presence of these earnest workers from abroad. A greater enthusiasm has b9en awakened in each of the local organizations.

Ties of friendship have been formed which will stand the test of The following delegates were Jpresent: Abilefce, Miss Emly Bear, Mrs. Hfenry Harger, Ma. Hamilton, Miss Addie Miss dark. Sunny Side; Mrs. Garpender, Mrs Curtis-, Mrs.

Bryan, Mr.s Strickler. Solomon; Mrs. Good Hope; Mrs. Holmes, Mrs. Hall.

Fairview, Josie Gibson. JOHN TAYLOR POISONED-. A Dickinson County Man Probably Murdered by His Wife- A short time ag Johii Taylor of Jefferson township died after a very short illness and his sudden death caused con thould be in every library. P. F.

"YII1TEHAIR, hffiv been doing considerable job work for our business men and all are RICHARD ROIIRER. well pleased. If you- want a statement, card, letter or note heads, or circular, F. WHITEHAIR come to headquarters for it. DEALERS IN Dr.

Pickett, of Mitchell, lhdianna, has in' the city duiing the A large number of people had their head Abilene News Selections-Thore -who bet on the elecUd i ro quito wilEag to admit that the a Countf D. F. Shirk was hi the city Saturday. The" Prof, was kept buy ng hands arid receiving tbe congratuktior.s of Monds. Sister Lease has not yet made up her to eoter the Senatorial race.

If she does se will she had't. She has not as many friends as she used to have. Republican advice as to President Cleveland calling an extra session of congress in entirely" superrlous. Mr. Cleveland and tho demorcatic party ave competent to take wire of the matter.

The ladies of the Catholic church are making elaborate preparations for a Columbian fair festival during Christmas week. It will excell anything of the kind ever before given in the city. Honry" Litts has disposed of his interest in the Junction City Sentinel and will probaWy connect himself with the St. Louis Republic or Rocky Mountain News. has good offers from both papers and is undecided as to which he willl accept.

Ho is. especially fitted for metropolitan newspaper work, and while on the road can do more work than a half dozen ordinary men, as he possesses the happy faculty of making fnendst rapidly and gaining their confidence. He is a fluent, easy writer, and in fact is one of he best all round newspaper men we ever knew. felt and found out what they were good for i Some were not gcod for much, of whom We were which. Now that the holidays" are approach ing it would be well for" 013tJ flUBrchants to use a liberal supply of priiiie'J'W ifikr The Journal will be found to bringf ydtf paying results for all advertisements you insert.

Every body 'Wants td see Builderg and ghelf Hardware Stoves, Tinware, Cutlery, Etc. We carry a full and complete line of all classes of Hardware in grades. If you want to build house, bam or crib, 5 call on us. Our line of Cooking au4 Heating Stoves was never more complete than at the present time. Come in and see them.

We have just wliafc want and out prices are right. If you want Gasoline, Coal Oil or Machine Oil give us a call. We can la found in the Sparks block. Very Respectfully, P. F.

Whitehair. Co. each issue of the The JcftjiiNAL will guarantee a3 good job work (if not better) than can bo done in the bounty. Presses and type" alt new and a tflenf" distinct, unblurred pffait can be had. Bring your job-work to this office and get work you are not ashamed of and that will be entirely satisfactory.

A. Efuehey, who has the contract of erecting the Lutheran parsonage found that ho could procure the lumber much cheapei of our lumber dealer, Mr. Jen nings than at Junction City. The REAL ESTATE EXCHANGE- ITRTS MASCH, Lutherans are to be congratulated upon siderable suspicion to rest upon his wife Chapman Bakery. Having made ma'ny Improvements and Changes in the Chapman Ba-.

fcery, I am now, prepare c-d to furnish their enterprise in erecting so fine a as being in some way to blame for his home for their minister. death. Complaiut reached County Attorney Talk about your big towns having all the luxuries. The merry-go-round will be here today and remain the rest of the ALL KINDS OF Cranston, who thought the caso demanded investigation. Weefc- Mr.

Chas. Parker was down Fresh Buns Bread State Chemist Bailey of the State University was sent for and a company went to the grave of Mr. Taylor. Tho body was taken up and the stomach taken to Lawrence for chemical analysis. yesterday and maide all the prelfrainery arrangements.

Ground was secured just cast of the high school building. every body will want to ride. incitement nas run mgh ever since. It is reported that after the funeral was over Mrs. Taylor returned home and Our city put on metripolitan airs dur sat down to the organ, played and sang ing the past week.

A petrified mound CITY AND COUNTRY PROPERTY BOUGHT AND SOLD, We advertise our bargains in all parts of the country. List your property with us at once. The following are, some of the bargains we have for sale. To my customers every day. I also make a specialty of Fresh Pies and Cakes.

If you desire something nice in the pastry line come in. Foley, Prop'r. builder, glass blower, a man bear, illus a numoor or lively sentimental songs. She is about 34 years of age and Mr, trated modical lectures, the county Taylor was her third husband. It is thought that she became tired of Taylor as she was quite familiar with a bache C.

T. U. moetings, chalk talk etc. Every thing was lively and strangers who dsited the town were surprised the way lor tho uoiimborhood. This trentleman will probably be surprised and steer cloar of the woman when he learns of tbe result of Prof Bailey's analysis.

things were moving. Farm, 14 miles from town, 250 acres, all fencod, 100 acres under cultivation, The following telegram was received from JL'ror. Bailey to Attorney Cranston Lawiience, Nov. 28. I have found sufficient traces of poison to warrant tO acres Under alfalfa, fine residence and barn with box stalls, cow stable, spring Health and Happiness, arrest.

E. S. H. Bailky. liouso, large bearing orchard, plenty of A warrant wus at once issued for the arrest of Martha E.

Taylor, the wife of timbor, ono of the finest homes in the land under cultivation, $1,200 No. 10. 320 aofos land, 200 acres pas, ture, 100 timber and water, good stone houso, well improved, price 84000. small part down. No.

12. 160 acres land, 2 miles from town, 90 acres broke, 40 a pasture, all under fence, plenty good water, house etc, price S2500. small part cash dowu, ballanoe 5 years. ineueau man No. 11, five room frame house, barn and 2 lots, small payments.

No. 13, three room houso, burn, 3 lots, fenced, good orchid, cheap. No. 3- three room houso, 1 lot, main Btreet, part cash, cheap. No.

the best business house in town, a great bargaiij, No. 5. fine olean stock of mdee, at discount. No. 0.

80 acres fine bottom land, house, ONK Tuosday morning Deputy Sheriff Keillor went out to tho farm at daylight Bring? the Other. ana round Mrs. Taylor and tne three children all dresjd aud ready to start ou a joumoy. The deputy arriving none too soon 'She was brought to Abilene aad in default of $3,000 bail was placed behind tha bars to await the coming of the trial which was continued for ten BUY ALL IF YOU WANT TO days. She took her arrest coolly until she went to give hor children goodbye Your Meat county.

Prices and terms very reasonable. CUKT.i MASCH. It is peculiar how something new will take with the nverage citizen. Dr. Pickett the phrenologist has had a big run of business.

The opera house has baen well patronized. Tho Dootor haa bad the walls covered with pictures, and skeletons, bones and skulls were an Later-fting study to the many who attended the loctuc8. Mr. 8hg is moving the building formerly eeeupied by Chas. Wagnef to the northwest part of town.

We suspect that Ed, Armold contemplates the erection vt a new postollice building wherotha old bunding stood. It will be two story and correspond in siia to the meat market building now occupjpd Uv ArnioU aod Suantau wneu sne orouo down ana cried. The complaint ehurtres hor with mur dering her husband by administering to Purchase or Sell AT Dim ivougn on i-uita. It was found that she had nurohased the poison at Smith's drug store. She saya that there was noisou in the house Call and see us, we will do you good.

at the time of Mr. Taylor's doath but that she in innocent of tbe manner in H. A- Knight's Market And Secure Both. CURTS MASCH. which Uio iKtisou was taken.

It BiHV be vnrv rtifftmilt. fhimr tn pfoethe guilt of Mrs. Taylor but cir-cuBMtnnoetf lire against hor. We hqm justire my be done, in tho caw. Office tt CAWLJa nd MASCH a CtWg lion..

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