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The Chapman Journal from Chapman, Kansas • 5

The Chapman Journal from Chapman, Kansas • 5

Chapman, Kansas
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if A fen niir Private secretary, J. I'. IMw was down from Abilene, started for Hutch'Bon Tuesday. He DIRECTORY. Frames.

Moaday. Bertie Wilson is spending Thanksgiving flthcrj.C. Pictures and will superintepd the large iarm brother-in-law, Mr. Frank Charles, near there. We are still in need of money, -2 IV if oil I.

K. Lo we was doing business in tne city yesto rday. please pay a portion ui Ekmar.l Rohrer was down to Jucctict. BA1LWAYJHME-CABD. EAST BOVND.

2:02 a. in io. 1 Pmhtokct 32:02 p. No. S-I'ww" 3:54 p.

No. 1 J'relplit VEST BOCSB. 2:27 a. Ko. 1 Passenger p.

Pansencer 7:85 a. So. 15 1-rcigUt IaitV. except Sunday. I ours ziuij, J.

M. Clifford. City, Saturday i A VinMr the Jacoo cit-from Abilene. Mike Holland started lor ueuver a. 1 Ua will V1H1T.

Ill The glass blower andpetrmea Kansas City for several days and then builder have disappeared. 30 over the SantaFe, so as 10 reauu xu ver about the first of the month. CITY OFFICERS. Thome and A. Churchill nr.

doing the bridge painting- rr, Anvm from Salina today SHEERAN QUIRK, DEAL'S US IN General MrchancllSe' CHAPMAN, KANSAS. To each person buying $25.00 worth of goods ve will give a UL. ic.slv in his new 11 em. Nash loat a valuable brood mare the first of this week. 13 uuiuj; We take pleasure in recommending the Jbxswob, Mayor.

A B. I.owby. President'. K. T.

Mobuihos. 1. SCASLAN. Kd Abmolb. M.

P. Sasuuobs. I. 1j. Crain.

Mnwball. FKSBTEBMACOEB.Cll.rK. J. Treasurer. This has beon a great week for folds.

Doctor to the people ot aanna aa a It seems to be an epidemic. clrss gentleman, ana pnyeiciau ua geon. Mr. nrid Mrs. L.

Loupee visited their J. li. Frost, ruuw-o- It is about time Chapman had a dra i daughter in Topcka tins woes. churches. matic entertainment.

Tnere ia talked of for She near future. All these entertainments help to make a town at nh Snnil.T'. sltrnatinn Thursday evenm. sample at the store. treceiTed a superb assortment of BlariKets, Quilts, Flannels, Shoes, Groceries and Dress Goods, Etc.

SHSEBAN QUIRK. Ed. Harmon visited at Sutphen's Mill yesterday together with M- Bolen. Stewart Besroat was quite sick during the week but is now much better. mv mftftincrs are still in prog tractive and that is wnai needs.

Tnpl, that Dsnnis O'Con- and P- 111 1 j. -in ress and much good is being accomplis before the first of nr. Wo r. rnauested to keep mum hed. Allan.

.7. B. Edwards and Mr, but it is too good to keep. We have our opinion as to who the lucky lady is but Harger did business in tlie 0117 j-u will notted that. Prnver meeting ever day.

a from here will attond We have the largest line of ladies and Given Away To OurCustOTners i iUl(JO men's unaorweni iu Tti, the oratorical contest in uncuou riirrVit. soods are of a variety xo suiu -wool and cotton goods are kept athoi Hnndnr at and 11 o'elo A lieV. ratherHUl, rector. SOCIETIES. tt i-7nrH Meets oaeh Sunday at he E- ChUrCU' Marln liiini.avey.

president. TTiMcnv -nurchased raBt norso sloc- Scaslan Bros. DalT Tuesday. Record uu- of Denver, and Vnrvwn. When you want boots for men or 11 Gregory Dowling participated in a grand hunt Tuesday.

Unfortunately but 1 nc OF PROPRIETOR little game vai bagged uui oouBiaou sport is reported, 'iue Aiueriuau u. THE CITY MEAT MARKET- dead shot with a rme as ii. t. can testify. o'clock at tue luwe nnn F-Meots each Monday von-CSS na been leiBnated at the previous mating.

F. -Meets each Sunday evening at the 'oonnationaJ Church. i Meets each afternoon at o'cl octo he Congregational Courch. c. A.Meet9 every Sunday atternoon at Jack Scanlan, Ed Hannon and Alderman Begley were in Solomon Monday evening.

Poultry has boon pouring into markot and today the good people are stuffing Tho JorasAL, of3co is the place to got your job work done. We are keeping a themselves. first class job printer si cou' expense, co that the business men of thn number sul- clocK. SECRET ORDERS. Chapman can worn; uoho a ferine vith bad cold.

Ho was conhnod KfWi Pork, m-uttcn and can bo done in.y whore. to hie bed 'or a couple of days. Thos. Bakor "md family have moved We Wr.nt few jars of country tt.Wtv. int Mrs.

Boles' reswenco. luru. a' once. The place iui yuu cured meats. Get Choice Beef.

lff J. Si. ULltiUKlJ. Fr Baker cwi.ehereso that his children could hav the advantage of our Th fronily lht ondaivore to get along v- Ve-ts eaeh Tuesday evening in th snvder. Mo.rer Workman.

excellent schoc- 3. He was a farmer part of the county. K. in r. V.

Fenater- S.fchcv.t the Jovr-xo. is making a sdtri-rica livaa oaa bo Afforded. ViPiiinw W-eniren niather, KeeorJer. C. T.

U. held their regular i wnthly meeting Tmtheran chur.h. One of rhe enjoyablo -ni. "reioices over tho arri-m nt bouncing, democrat at his couso the latter V0110 week' ir iT, imvinL' his residence FRESH FISH EYEBY FRIDAY i rI.i,K-tsin its hall each Saturdry evau-in 1 Maxell. Chancellor Commander.

or A. Meets each Wednesday C. A. Sehercr, H. M.

M. F. Delaney. UccordiaK features of the ntcrssU ng progu.ii. 1 tho delegate's report-or me x.

next week the Roudiei Convention at xopeiw. buildiM i. paired wd kalsommed. ideas wero gu.ned auu b-push forward a their Christian work Mi brands ot Jontz and Rico's fiour with renewed i- Trti, r--Anrlfiv about Ilia hotol ot Abilene. Scaki Buos.

jy. McSHEA, PHYSICIAN AND SURCE0N. experience wliilo in Kansas City some Geo. Schcrer and family moved to wnnW. Mr.

'Schorer will Office in the Ye-rkes Block, Chapman, Kansas. bur grain for A. J. Poor and time ago. H-i 'lys na i shock and sudden bath be- Ho earr.

taught him to govern Thos. Devr. lyikl uilidil 0 ui iiai, i camo in fr Denver, to visit for a fo i his curiosity c' things he does not Blnd I nnderstand. will hardly pull another chain he knows what is a- weeks. Their many inencw -QK.

T. X. (il'SS, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Graduate of the University of Vermont CaS be found at the Drug Htoro or Office ndjoining. Chapman, Kancas.

to welcome them t-ooWl to th.i -'her end. Tf Mad son. V. Hi-, win pic-v," nTf tv xx nfTP.TR .1., t. TTartweli'p r.ii...i;.nhvwi.naa', Xj Z.

J.J.. in iuo lu.wi.'"""'- at 7:30. Quarterly confereneo, Monday J. C. Ruesel 1 Mr.

aad Mrs. O. with the editor ol at 10 a. m. sharp.

Chapman 3ourna- Jocs: were chapman ioiv, ofm nnd wife are spending i "i nasaod the pc- wmanco oi Folks by tin Hoywoou compuLj the day at Linwood. Miss Elsie Tilton, of Detroit came down to attend to the telegraph, business. Published Eyeet Thursday. in Abilene iy evening, -v-wood is noted t-. his splendid tepwso- fctd the l-ortomc.

in Thapman, Kanea V- 'i i' W. n-i is erecting a nw resi- cetunu nauons. j.jv: rja. oijli1" nrfarhnnse on the mpany is one oi Elhr.ney is to be con-3urirjg bo good an at- and Manager aonco iur Subscription One Dollar Per Year In Advance. he lately purchased or r.

gratulated ur just east of the cny traction, nnrl dsuahter returned F. Bcplc--' this oiiieo a pieas- M. II. CrUTS, Editor and Prop's. fhi ornimr.

Ha tas been to Kansas City, Sunday, having spent a UUU -i very pleasant time visiting quite business u. win's and other menus. LOCAL Pcckett. opera house. Cloudv for several days 'ust pact Jas.

Barnes and ms Vwu ihf, ciiv a number valu- Colorado -Chapman per. ire very glad to note. Not lore ago -as herdin; catt.o in 'this vicinity always a favonte. Ho reports Green and the other oblo furs. Thoy are hunting in tho Father was in Junction City Mou- vicinity of Terrapin Lmko.

yM bo-s there a.9 fiounsmng Hose, Hose, every lady should pur- is KCW a city alderman aud III 1 sBBresHrsr chaaj her. hoso at our store. vvo tho lading is cneof the leading politicians o. Den day. Morse King has moved down from tho Mill.

Mcttiilon is taking a hunt todr.v. lr.ncr new and bijusu. ver. He is a self made man We are also houdquurters for gen.s one of tho oasant gentle men one 60X-' Scanlas Eros. over met.

F. liked Dy an know him and has hosts of friends aro growing fat, such it- to rcceivo tho post- here, his oH home. man nU ever asked a of him wont away wuthcr. Mrs. W.

H. Ivi visited in the city at Abilene, for his faithfulnow in empty handed. this week. Patrick Q-ii'-k brought in a lot of hogs stalwart democracy. He ayeu uy ticket through wV.olefi.jht.

i. rnwii from Carlton A Ci '-ien Death. Last called upon to note vcsSerday. our prominent ciu- rami aw today. Ho reports hi, school op.ond.d Go to the lecture tonight (Friday .1.

ISannll nr.DLl W9 enrolled eoncutioj. H9 Mr. Jacob rivl t) Trco. tlint wants tUO J0UB5AU WO au that vnv3 THO vro that .1 dftyB be tivnv C'Vkett's lecture course will be of FROC NOW UNTL JANUARY 1, 1894, FOH While vou are giving tnun iuj appeaiin." as hale and noany 1 thankful I Trv romembcr tnai jou eiwu, voting man in Kl vurd McNitT haa from tho lino tor having in your little town wv- hehaBg011e ever that mysterious iu he has gone ever that mysterious barber bushv.vs. entered r.U an uuuu per U3 valuable as mejors Dollar.

John CuiVihan io confined to the WKat a nlonsuiit thought that he wid Hib mother ricaaa by fi-kiviS3. boo'-, that xvo cloM out at a hi8 Turkeys twv Iwoa considerably thia I coet. 1' 1 lnt. nod out Uie wecit. i.nuti t-i.

inou member of SUBSCRIBE NOW. Ht nry G.vjibie is doles eoine painting i Curtsand Musch 1. '1. The wholo community rr ki ivjiw.v iue i 1.. for Ut'iirewntBlivo Koucy.

i of land in Riley i.Vn pvrapatb.l-o 1. uw 'pi dispow. a vi nc it wero more than A small admiion oo aftor tho first the C0U11O e.vfr;rb i.artier. A uothor big deal is on niuht Bt Pickett's lectures. member of the it xuo "I T.F.Howe purchased ahorse from v.

in Tbo boys tnmoa ou Justice nav jun i.h-..v funorr.l of mm vr.ey ofwWUuoea. Wear, lenders in VMtf0m Fun and about oureelveB at tho line of KD-xh-. Vu YTinwatha und.r The journal Office IS HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL KINDS OF Commercial- Job Stationery, MATERIAL ALL NSW. mora house for live nights. buy rho? o.fcw jr on TuesdAY.

A Bister ot tire. C. L. Pulver is vinit fr.V,.--r:2 his una inc horo from Pupa, Illinois. i Via arreBt and coavlotion of any 1 Lr.dir-8.

the rt noata are youra Friday person orpersons Btoaliug eoul from our t0' occurred from hoiirt niriht. at the opera house, uu. coal ynru. trouble. Tho etutlinlu nro many ot thoui at.

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