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The Chapman Journal from Chapman, Kansas • 1

The Chapman Journal from Chapman, Kansas • 1

Chapman, Kansas
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1, No. A. Hart well, A NICE III HBUS m. .11) listed with rhe Vermont Volunteers. After this bis mother moved to Waterloo, Indiana.

Mr. Karl well lived with h's r-iaed parents until 1877', gaining what education he could until he was seventoen 'when rtarted learn the raOPRIETOB OF CHAPMAN Vi-ND PROSPERITY. APPllOPH ATELY 0 Bir' ERVED, THE GREEN FRONT, harness making ji sines, After about The Day Celebrated bv Our Schools, Her Past and Prespnt Indicative of a -y. Bright Future. rade three Laving finished his Secret Ordsrs and Citizens.

OVER A NUMBER CF LATE AND PROSPECTIVE IMPROVEMENTS. OUa HUNDRED PEOPLE IN THE PA3ADE. After the abavc was finished again with Prof. Cook three ud and enthusiastic cheers were repeated for our country's fi'a followed by three hea'ty cheers under th lead of Post Master llus-uel ft the Dickinson county high school. The students then inarched in under an arch of fl igs, saluting it as they passed to the assembly room, followed by the secret orders and citizens.

When all were up the room was cr.iwded to itsutaiosi capacity to Prof Hartcr, of the University. lla riJsoine, tasty and appropriate deeoratioKB graced the walls and one was reminded everywhere that it was Colu nbus Pay. and saved. some ntn he came Clay Centre rclmsing a farm, he was a tiller ofv je Bij until '36, was married to Miss Hlla Abshei a sister of Mrs. Stewart anti Sampson Hexroat, of this city, in '82.

After retiring from EEADQUAKTERS FOE mm mm J) Tv riluiio, Brief Biographical Sketches of a Num 4 Flags, Music and Display Fill All With ber Of Her lave and Energetic. Business Men. jtalxnsiasm. An Entertainment In the Evening- tho farm, ho went! into tho harness Last Fridav the c.ple of Chap man, together with tho nblic scliook and the count High School, cele AND HARNESS. Courteous Treatment, Low Frices and First-Class Goods.

YOUR TRADE SOLICITED. H. A. HART WELL. brated in a creditable juanner the four huiiciredt'i anniversary of the discov business at Okiey, Kansas.

Soon afterward he came to OhiiiWan and remained in business for two years and moved to aiul engaged in the grocery' b.urf-uess there until the beginning of the pi-fent yetir. Having a love for Chapman he returned and opened up a grocery 6tore in connection with the harness business in the. Spark's block. After a few months he i purchased the building occupied by P. F.

Whitehair as a hardware store and is now located there. Mr. Hartwell is doing a paying business and is a nice gentleman with whom to trade. C. F.

MASCH. Mr. Masch's father was a Union soldier located at Riley and leader of the 4th cavalry band at the time of his son's birth in 1857. P. F.

WHITEIIALR. RICHARD BOHBBB. P. F. WHITEHAIR DEALEIiS IN The readers of tho Joukkal, both at home or abroad, will be interested in Chapman: wo therefore, in this isms present such an article showing up the city, her present and future prospects and possibilities.

1 of all her citizens are a peaceful, law abiding and dilligent class of Tho municipal and state laws aro carefully obeyed by all. Tie city is therefore one of the most moral towns in Kansas; no saloon, billiard hall or joint, stands open to stench the nostrils of the passerby. This found to bo particularly advantageous to the people of Dickinson and turround-img counties for parents can send their children to' tho county high school, knowing that no tempting allurements are spread to catch the innocent or unsuspecting. There are at present 175 students atending the high school which is ono of the finest educational institutions of its character in the st ite. Its full capacity is now reached, but plans and specifications have been submitted and tho con act let for constructing a large addition to the already very handsome structure.

This will inert as-j the capacity of tho schools to about 400. Under the very able management of Prof. S. M. Cook, assisted by an able corps of teachers, the institution is attaining a well merited distinction.

Less than 300 feet to the south of the city, one of the finest streams in the state bf rolls placidly by the Smoky Hill river. Within the near fu A Splendid piece of music by the high school under the lead of Prof. Hu'linger opened the exercises. An eloquent prayer was offered by Eev, Wheeler, followed by all singing again The Star Sj angled Banner, This was followed by an appropriate piano solo by Miss which was h.udly applauded. 'As Prof.

Harter had not yet arrived some interesting speeches by Prof. Shirlc and Rev. Hoyes were listened to and appreciated by ail. By tais time the main spiaker had arrived upon thy afternoon train and a'l listened to him with interest for nearly a i hour. In the evening the students hirt! prepared a i excellent pmgiam for their Cohiinbian entertainiiien'.

a.ul many were unable tu jcc into tho building, so great was the crowd. We would like very much l- give extended notice of upon the vt-ram. wil! that ery of America. The day was c-Icudy, and rain was threatened, but before noon many of the business houses and dwellings had flais and bunting displayed. People coming in from the country-all enthusiastic to enjoy the new 2ational Holiday.

About 2:30 in the afternoon-the procession began forming in the business center of the city. After the different secret orders were arranged in two cjlums facing each other tho students of the county High School with all the teachers marched from their building headed by a fife and drum corf from Abilene. After the studer.ts passed through between the ranks, they formed in like columns. Then came the public school uj.ils ad teachers. When all were on the sifcarj at the torncr of Colfax and Marshal avenue the procession was arranged east and west along Colfax street headed tast prepared His served through the wholo war and died when C.

F. was but eight years of ago. After her husband's death Mrs. Masch located ii Leaven luilderg Gn'd Shelf Hardware, Stoves, Tinware, Cutlery, Etc. worth th hi attended' the St.

Mary's colie and remained there years afterward graduating from St, Benedict's college at th age of seventeen. Soon afterward he went into the government employ as a "mule whacker" and was out with Custer in famous battle of '7C. He was in the government employ for oight years traveling over the Indian Territory, Texas and many of the We carry a full and complete line of alltclasscs of Hardware in superior grades. If you want to build a house, barn or crib, call on us. Our line of- Cooking and Heating Stoves was never more complete than at Uonie in and see them.

Wo have just what you want and out prices arc ritrht. If you want Gasoline, Coal Oil cr Machine Oil give us a call. We can be found in the Sparks block. Very Respectfully, P. F.

Whitehaip Co. i i western states and territories. After this he located in Junction City, married Miss Ecsa Buckby and moved 'aion a Wl aei uittci with farm Clark y'i crook. After fou We wouttt 1 owc-vcr. in ti.e of P.

years he came to Chapman, purchased W.H. Snyder's interest in the drug busi ture this stream will furnish power to propel the machinery of jajre then Cline. Hrwiu. 1 and Miss i(v and ti ness with Dr. Gu.m, remaining in that ny CauditI of i business for three ytars.

Owned half one industry. interest in theJuanCQH5.el' 1urbi Within tho j'car just passed a large -4m impWff) a part of tune i- humor 'a resiacus holdmg it until it' waa sold to H. for the march. First was the fife and drum corps, followed by the l.r. A.

A. O. U. of A. 0.

High School students, then tame the public school pupils. It iils ii'f the j. sanded ever witnessed in Chapman. The societies ali in liforni, tho students ami the pupils waving Sags. There was something like 400 in line.

Upon arriving at the public school building they halted for the pullic school pupils to salute the ilag and ail E-nglo. Eetiring from ITie chr.g tu business houses Lave been erected, with some buildings now un ler construction. Eariy nest spring two more, additions newspaper business ho purchrsed a half Miss Ueiidritkstm bn.i a song. In fact the who! well rendered, and ali Every citizen id' of the day the m.i bration. Much eivdli i-fercnt orders jiiiiiin: '1, I interest in the cloth in establishment of John Carroll and the firm of Carroll and Anything you want in the Jewelry Line.

Diamonds PSSpS of t' 1 Masch have been doing a profitable but? ness for the past three years. Mr. Masc' parade a an 1 was mayor of Chapman tor ne year, served as township and city uv.d lilifllfsjj will be taken into the city. Arrangements of platting are already being made. Her citizens are of a wide-awake, enterprising, energetic class.

Home-seekers, desiring to live in a live, energetic, thrivimg little town can find no place than Cha; man in which to locate. Below we givo a oj iel biography of a number of our most prominent business men. Lack of space prevents the completion of the list, but with the next -is-ue of Jhe we to finish i and Solid Gold Monnt- At i-" 1 ings of the procession and many citizens under the lead if Prof. Shirk the following beautiful sud patriotic mig: S-T Alt f'li, ymi ni t', l.y lb1 VfJu. hnl st) pnnvliy vvi- 'ri Whose i.roatl i.i-iuht tlirn' fit ni-i!" -i OVr tho vs n.iich vim- so Aim! tlu- ro'.

k'i 1 v. i i.i iHfr: ftBL mi i has occupied the highest position in both tho A. and K. P. orders of U.i city.

He is an enterprising a good Ludness ma.i a a valuabie citiaen. DRAIN. This gentleman is a fir.9 specimen of physical ir.r.nhood, standing over six foot and weighing over 200 pounds. lie is tho son oi a farmer, and was born near Elooudi gton Illinois. When ho wa.s yet W' XM f.

j- u. Prof. Conk, the high school, an- Pruf. teachers cf t' u''e It. will be a day (- i bered by the and men and women, of cny as they live.

Township ui, ai'ter the piff le's party towiisliip t-aat wa lu'iiuination t.ites in X.Me xowi.viij.. IlilsAii as chairmaii oebel see; tiiii'v. and (IfiM- (i-imf the ululit i.u 1 La I. 1 l.riTfiMT s'; i he iioinc ru.iv; Oil, hii.v. th' O'i'l- 111.

h'iid the i.i lira s't-V a bov hiB thcr u.oveil to 11 the. Latest in 'SILVER. JEWELRY COMPANY. iiartion county Icwa, locating on a farm, upon nf On i-litii i .1. WhcnMlif1 limir.lity Iiosi Ui bik-nco jiosc-.

What v.hl.-ii 1 jv. i-rluu As Illfnll.V itloN'. i U. I V. i it.

ED. ARMOLU. Ivlr. Armold is a native of the Buckeye having in tho city of Columbus, 18G4. When he was ten years of ago his father died.

His was ono of the leading contractors and builders of? Columbus. In 1330 his 'mother r.r.nvd to -Puna, whi ro Ed. at tho tf obUiir.i a position eicrk ir. ono of tho largest grocery establishments in the town. His employer took such a liking to him that lie t-old him a half interest in tho sttro on credit, and the firm was known as Babcock and Artnold.

1'y good management ho soon paid his indebtedness out of the profits, of the business. He continued with Mr. Babcock for sis years when he purchased the stoci: continuing Lusiness two yeare. In IE S3 ho nu rried Miss Ida MeShsa a daughter of of Dr. McShea who is now Nuw il i llio nifii of tin1 In fuil how t-hh o-i or.

si i ritV-simtmlt-il i). oil. iohl: O'lT i Ik' Imul of tie lm nod of Hi''! CHAPMA1T i (. i ii it i wiiich the county scat, Eldora, was afterward built. eleven years of residence hero h'ui foiks went to Xeniclia Ciry, NebiTok.i.

Wh eighteen years of age Mr. Plain had saved enough money to open up a ni-jre'iiniuliso store there. His education was only what he could obtain in tho conuoie.i sehoois. During the eleven years ho was in business at Nemaha City he was married to Mies Eifie M-Li'lottof that place. Moving 'o Junction City ho cngngod in the stock DusinoM for one year, then went onto farm north t.fChapman and after soea yearsof farming hepurchasc-d the Chapman Creek Mills and about two months ago opens 1 a and feed many made til.

the v. h-u o.i i iialhit, and the tie rue'vinr the highest number i.f i-t. to io nominee of that ti.iivcti-Ien, his name phiecl ni.ici at the general Jil.o I'n bravo. Ott. iur-n hp- it

ii-ti -iai'M ill vhoir lun-ii ittnl the tuv'i lihvr i.i vlflwi-y hirI pviu-o, inr.y tliv Inuvi Kind, iiu1 itiN? In. muilo ami i.iv-i i vt ci H- a irr vt rir. oiti- i jti.r. Ami i lii- In mot'o "in litxi is iiir i Ami Hi." i ii litcti iu hli.u! OVr tin- laml of the mat 1 lli'iLVO. I Yni o' at pwc tr! lit i'nv-toe i'- ace and M.

11. Cutis were f.i lers and the tilted as follows iwr 'ins Byrne Justice i e.iii! lead of Prof. Cook three Under tl: iveii f'H- the hearty cheers were then i.imih: Tlie i.upih; of the public Ch'ih. Wia. i ha in J.

TIIOS. Proprietor. a resident of this city. In '88 he canio to Kansas, low. ting in Enterprise, purchasing a half interest in Enterprise independent, of M.

DeMotte. After throe months experience in tho newspaper business he moved this city and opened up a meat market on thy cast side of Marshal avenue. After the first My Stoclv includes Everything Usually Coverdill; Win. Norman and John Dnnh.vt'y h.versi rrs. P.

ian Mid iVcd The are ali gnod and they will be eleeii-d without, opj Carried in First-class Drug Store. Prescriptions accurately compounded Should you neol anything in the drug line give me a call. Remember that I carry, in stock all the Test-books used in the city schools and also the County High School. TH03. N.

G-XJNN. store here. His buainocs is now located in the Mrs. Ye-kes' building on Marshal avenue. Ho is building up a nice trade and is boiog well patronized.

He ia member of tho Republican County Central Commit to and is the r.omineo for township clerk. TilOS. Thos. Sonnlan, of the firm of Armold and Scanlan, is of Irish decent. Ha v.

as born in St.Chnries county, near Wnynos-ville, in 1SG1, on a farni. While yet a boy his parents cams to locat-inj; upon a farm about a mile uorlh tf the city. His education was obtained during the winter months, while the summer was spent in working on the farm until he was of ag li es ring to engage in tho meat market busings, he purchased an inter oat with W. P. Banning.

After cbor.t four months he then bought" out Frank Snyder's interest in the firm of Armold and Snyder. Since that time ho and Mr. Armold have continued the businers. They have done a prosperous business for more than three years, purchasing lets and erecting tine two et-ory building on Marshal nvo- school then marched under an aivh of flags, saluting it as the; ac-scd under into the building, whare tl.t.torical exercises, appropriate to the day, we-v bad by them. The rest of the procession then moved to the tinty high i-vhool building, where a halt was made.

Again the immense throng joined with Prof. Shirk in singing the following old patriotic song AM l.llll A. il.v rotmtry, tin of tln(. SwtH.t liiini oillttTty (K Ihw 1 Hiiifi: l.mnl v.ln iv sny fnlli'ii illi'it. I.

mill ot thi- 1'UtriiuV priiliv Krnm iiiouuutijtl(U l'lw'lom ring. My mitivi) I'lunitry, thpp l.imil nltli1 liohie imv. -Thy ikuth1 1 lovii: l'lovi" iliy rn, mill rilln. Thy wooiN Hinl li'iiipliMl liiiK: My lioiin with niiturf UirilU t.ikr Hint tilio 1UP fllUll'I'V Ooil, 10 A'llllilf of liln-! I'll T)li- i t.tiotr mm- om- Intid lm ti Willi finilomV lixht; t'liitrvt ih ln thy (night, (ilVUt liOll Mitr KlHHt year lie Kwumir interest to i- rnuu At the end of eight mrnths Thus. Scanlan purchased Mr.

Snyder's interest and a now two story building was soon afterward erected upon the opposite side of the street. A new Stephens' re-' frigerator put in and a prosperous business is now enjoyed by Armold nud Scanlan. Mr. Armold is now a member of the city council. "lie has served in highest capacities of our lo -id rdcra of the K.of P.

and A. O. U. was a representative to the Grand Lodge of tho K. ot P.

in their lato session. Mr. Armild has a very nice residence in tho wet torn part of the. city and is one of our lest business men. H.

A. HARTWF.I.L. Mr. Harwell is a native of Vermont, born in 1S00. His father, carpenter, lost his life, in the servioj of his country nt the buttle of Bull Pun, having en- Show Your Appraciatioa.

In presenting this, tho tlrsi i'JStie tho to you, wehavc ondeiivoied to ninke it a fair sample of what you may exp-cr't in the full' re. We gotten it out under trying tireuiitilaiu'es; all (four material mit.l..vii.g arrived il.e groat amount oevfra l.dr rcjoired in Kcttiiicr everything arranged in a new utt'ce. We ft el proud of the effort-, and we lu.po evtry citizen also, iu est a new "ouj'nchn there is c-n-i-ideral'lo cash e.vpet:t ccearsary in str.rii'ig the ball ro'tiiug." Wo leiitvo you will all be interested Lciiding up hud Misttiinii'g a nev.rp'vper each as tho in this end of the cui.tiy, i r. that you will show' j-our cjfiiwiutioa hy helping us with in advance, find iu speaking a word ot prHiso for mid the paper. S.

HOAG, fUOPJETOR OF TUK South Side Livery Feed Barn COrilTKOUS TREATMENT -Best and most Complete Livery Bam in' City. Special Attention jf'iven to the Patronage of Commercial Men. S. lR. HOAG, (CONTINUED ON LAST PAGE.) I.


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