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Claflin Gazette from Claflin, Kansas • 1

Claflin Gazette from Claflin, Kansas • 1

Claflin Gazettei
Claflin, Kansas
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A lady asked the question the other CUFLO WEEKLY GAZETTE, POLISHER and MANAGER. E. F. PITTS, A Dastardly Deed' II Pcakr in jrngs, MedieinestPaijits, Oils and Glass. TOILET SOAPS, BRUSHES AD PERFUMERY, CHOICE TOBACCO AND CIGARS.

PVSB EtIQVQRS Foil HOME flEOEIPTS, BAKED OMLET. Beat the. yelks of six eggs, whites separately, add salt and pepper to taste, a table spoonful of flour mixed in a half cup of milk, then stir lightly all together, and pour in a well buttered tin and place in a hot oven, when done, servo immediately. CINNAMON BUNS. Put one pint -of milk to boil and mix a cupful ot butter in a little warm water, add a teaspoonful of salt, and half of an yeast cake dissolved in warm water, add two quarts of sifted flour, mix all together, and let it stand over night now beat two eggs an 1 a half cup of sugar until light and it with the dough, use Hour enough on the board to prevent sticking, roll the dough until one-fourth of an inch thick, spread a little butter, then sift sugar and cinnamon over evenly add a cupful of currants or chopped now roll it up same as if making a pudding and' cut pieces about an inch very sharp knife should be used) put the pieces in a baking pan, the cut sides down, let stand an hour in a warm place ito- xisc then bake in a mbderate oven.

CLAFLIN, TREAEsTfiTIANDSe "if Claflin N.E.KOBKI. fi O. W. RRIS DEALERS IN Rememtitr Ike riae. West Side Kain Strut.

KANSAS. SQtICItBIt Kansas. NORIUi? vr, fc. NOIWIH SONS, COUNTY KANSAS Joseph "r.t.ff day, why it was that Ananias and bia wife were the only persons that were struck dead lor lying. Could it De that iju those days people were more" houBhtful than they are at tee pres ent dry? "Yes," was the answer, 'If there baa nt been tnere wouia have been a continual strike-" Miscomprehension.

married. Mr. W. Z. Dubsten and Miss Lena Greene were united in holy matrimo ny, Wednesday, April 18th at o'clock p.

M. at the residence of the brides parents in Cheyenne Tp. bar ton county. 3he ceremony was con ducted by Rev. J.

M. Wickham, ef Claflin. The joins in extending congratulations to Mr. Dunsten and wishes him a long luo and a happy wife. ii HEAR THE a.

mMwm- Saturday, April 28 tlx 1888, BY THE GLAFLII? DRAMATIS TROUP, ended by a farce, entitled THEMIS0HIEYEIOUS BIGGKiv ADMISSION; Children, 15, Adults, 25. Claflin Heat Market ON HAND I i A Jarge supply of FreBh and Salted meats', remember the plrce, First door North of the Gazbttk Officf, main Kt. CLAFLIN BARTON COUNTY KABAS. Complete iii All Of Its Every effort wjll be made to please those who may favor uu with their work. All remittances and communica tions should, be andressed to Cbables R.

Tebt Claflip Kansas. THE NEW CONSTANTLY KEEPS ON HAND, FRESH MEATS OF ALL KINDS. Southwest Corner Block 12, on Hamilton Avenue, J. D. Little PropriEtor, CityMeatmarket MIHRTTEN HREIS, DEALER IS LUMP, HARDWARE, COAL, HAIR.

PLASTER, GEMEKT, OAK AED 6EDAR POSTS, Entered info the poet OfBoe at Cinflin, Kansas as second-class mail matter. SPECIAL RATES OF 'ADVERTISING. 1 Year. 6 Mos. 9 Mos DO.

(50. J30.00 W. 25. 18.00 25 3.00 7.00 2 Column Column Column Yt Column 15. 9.00 6.00 One ppuare (space of ten lines.) J5.00.

-roiuqaionai cards, one year, jn.uu. Al advertisements inserted for one year must be paid for at the nd of eacli quarter, f)o Copy one year, fl.00. six months, 60. three months, 30. Special, rates to clubs otSand upwards made, known on.

who do noi receive this paper regular wlll.confer a favor by no-yjlngheifpub All matter- Intended" for publication written plainly, and 'only on ofhe paper and reach us not later than Tuesday evenings; and must in eyory case be accompanied by' the authors name. i Taanclent advertisements, to' recrive attention, be accompanied by the CASH. i. Advert isemonts will run until ordered OFlffClAL COXJNTtDIRfi'CTORl. County ttorney, 1 1 15.

C. Cole. udge, H. F. Ogle.

O. B.Wilson. Register of f)eods, F. Strothman. County Clerk, fl.

Jones. County Treasurer, L. M. KraiiRa. Mo.

P. TIME pARD. WEST, passenger, Freight, Freight EAST. v. Passenger No 201, ttt.

fco. 217, No 202, NO. 218, ltK-47 p.m. p. 7:13 p.

m. 7- a m. Freight, 1-88 M. A. Citmminos.

Local Agent. TAKE THE. 1 RAilWAY FOR ALL POINTS EAST OR WEST. 3 Daily Trains 3 4 Between KANSAS CITY and ST, LOUIS, equipped with Pullman Palace Sleeping and Buffet Cars Fees Reclining chair Cars and elegant poaches. The most direct line to TEXAS and the South.

2 Daily Trains 2 To principle points in JLhc LONE PTOM state. Iron MouaUin Rome. lake Iron Mountain Bouto toS.EM-FHI3, MOBILE, NEW ORLEAN and nrincil le cities in TfluneRsnn. Mlssissinni. Alabama and Louisana, offering the pnoice oi '3 IfllLYITRaiHS S3 To the South.

The Colorado sliort-linc TO pueblo 5and Denver. For further particulars, Address H. C. Townsend, General, Paspenger, Ticket Agent, St. Louis, Mb.

C. E. HAWTHORN, T0BS0RIAL APTIST. Shop, East Bide Main Street. Clafiln, Kansas E.

P. Pitts. Pbysieian and Surgeon. Office, -first door north o' ot Claflin, Barton county, Kansai P- jOBWSQtf, at law Claflin, Kansas Practical Honse Sign Painter. Missour Pacific AN INHUMAN FIEND STABS AND KILLS HIS NEIGHBOR, IN THE' 'COURTROOM.

GREAT EXCITEMENT AND STRONG TALK OF LYNCHING. THE MURDERERS ARRESTED AND TAKEN TO GREAT BEND. 30 PRE VERT A MOB, The citizens of our town wore called upon Thursday to witness a deed which for cold-blooded fiend isbness, is without parallel. Geo.W. Brower and Burr Cofer, both farmers living some six or seven miles from town, had for some time been and Brower had at often times been threatened with violence, but no notice had been taken of it.

Brower had taken up' some of Cofer's stock which was running at large, and had sitbd Cofer for damage done to his crops. The case was hea rd on Thursday before Justice Cummins' in Dennis Hall. The case was finally compromised, each agreeing to pay his own costs. After the trial Burr Cofer went down stirs and out into the street, and the old man, Burr's father, took his position in the door. As Mr.

Brower passed, the old man cursed him and said, "there goes tho old' thief." Mr. Brower" turned and asked what he said anc Cofer repoated his remark. A good deal of loud, talking was done, and Cofer ap- peared anxious to draw Brower into a quarrel, when Burr dashed up the steps with a knife in his hand and began stabbing Brower. Three bad cuts were made in his breast, and two in his back. Brower staggered a few feet and "fell and died in a few minutes.

The affair took place befoie some twenty five witnesses. The city marshal and constable assisted by one deputy, took charge of both the Cofers and took them to ureat Bend and turned them over to the sheriff. Great excitement pervailod and it was thought that they would be mobecj and1 lynched before they could bo got out of town, but the fore-thought and cool heads of our citizens prevented any suoh rash act. Coroner shaw waB notified and arrived at about 8 o'clock p. m.

a jury was se cured and an inqnest The jury rendered a verdict of murder in the first degree," The coroner returned on Friday morning and dissected the He discovered that one of the blows struck in the breast, had severed an important artery near the heart. The Cofers have been looked upon as bad characters for a long time, but were not thought capable of such a cdol premeditated crime, Mr. Brower was an honest industrious farmer, who hod been a resident of Barton county for some timo. He leavs a wife and eight children to mourn his loes. i uneral services were held in the hall on Friday at 2:30 p.

m. Hoisington Echo. A Safe wag cracked at Frederick Monday night, on Tuesday a man answering the description of the burg lar was arrested at the Claflin depot by officers from Frederiok. He is a hard looking customer and if guilty we hope he will be put to breaking coal. There seems to be a great deal of this kind of business going on in Kansas at the present time, and it CLA.FL1N, BARTON The gentlemen of Claflin and vicinity who attended "Tho Missouri pacific Real Estate Men's Association of Central and western Kansat," held in La Crosse Rush county Kansas on Saturday, April the 14th 1888, speak of the citizens of that place as being Very courteous filled1 with generosity.

They also noted the fine pros pects of its happy future. Now this is what we like ito hear; let us and our ueighbors be ready to return the sanio feeling of spirit whenever an opportunity presents itself. Ad liEM. Although it was impossible for us to attend said meeting, we can say: buccess to you La (Jrosse. Editor, gazette.

MISSOURI I'Altf 1C REAL ESTATE ASSOCIA. Thft naxfc mnfitincr of this asaocia firm tiri 11 Va mA of. finnf.f. OAtv nn the 28th. ancHhe following card of invitation has beeu issued uy tue committee at that place: Scott City, April 17, 1888 Yod and your friends ara cordially invited ro attend a meeting 'of the Missouri Pacific Real Estate Associa tion of Central and Western Kansas, to be held at Scott City, Saturday, April 28.

By order of commfttee. Verv important business will come before the meetiucr and' every town from Salina to tho Colorado line should be represented. Negotiations are being made with the railway company for specially low rates, and delegates should write uie early in the week lor instructions, as ay so doing they will bo likely to aaye money. KICHARD LOYLE, Geneseo, 18. 1888.

Sec. THE LATEST NEW YORK FASHION. written for the gazette. The spring jackets are in gayer cojors than those we have been accos-tomed to; the moat dressy designs some in prame green, sopper, tobacco brown, an color, goblin blue, and in bright red colors. They are of light weight cloth, and are pretty trimed with mohair and metal braid, or with twisted cord of silk and tinsel.

The popular shapes are short and single breasted, the fit closely; the edge can bo bound or limshed with a Ian cy stitch. A pretty afternoon or evening dresses are cream pink or a very del icate blue; they are made with ful, tucked skirt, large sash at tho back The basque comes only two inches below the waist, front and back is in a gimp form with a "barrow vest, with such dresses the sleeves are gathered to a cuff, which reaches to the eloow. These dresses can be worn by any lady with good taste, and an eye for form and color. Fancy sleevs are a featuro of nl new dresses, and will be much worn throughout the summer. The early english sleeve is slightly open and reaches only to the elbow, but from this issues another sleeve of frill or lace, with dainty frills at the wrist this sleeve is nearly tight to the arm JOSEPH "WELSH, Staple and Faring Brnnnrins, fflfiEn Prnulsinns, Etc, Still at tho front.

Come to Joe Welsh's to fet your groceries. Just received now fresh goods and will sell as cheap as tho chajjpest. If you want good fjyt here is the place to buy it. Remember Hie place, at the post-offico. "And don't vou forget it." PROPRIETOR oF THE I lEALES IN BRnEERIESMHflRnWfiREtSJTIHWRRE, and is very picturesque in trpeor town to be pa tow Board, anoa.

wrujf 4 i is a good plan lor the citizens of our.

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