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The Walnut Herald from Walnut, Kansas • 3

The Walnut Herald from Walnut, Kansas • 3

The Walnut Heraldi
Walnut, Kansas
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

THE WALNUT HERALD. JOHN I'ropriHor imil Kililor. ruiRYs Ys mm TlvTI iF I owe il my success in lil'o t'i llie (lollies wvjir.;diiin, my kin'dniii. fnr it nuii ol' rli'dios.

wufiN of Hicliurd 111. I rViiimt wrilo well unless 1 am well dressed. Lord IJnhver. Cnt ymir optics mi my clollios itnd pi and wci'ji. Sol Smith IJiissell.

l.KAII lim. i Aft" her Wx remark )(f A VOUN.i IU1II.K TIIWKI.S VIIOIWANKH OK MII.KS TO I H-keil, hilt W' hf MKKr ONLY TO HIM IN HI ul.oel.-l Coll-tablo Will. i Allell esooil tile wilnc from tin' onirt-nioni, 1 in ew friendK who followed Mielmelt oIIiiik i ii. but when ordered to that nlllicr din1 did la it nianm from the itV Jlospilal to the pi 1 1 1 iiine. I wo inni ol her own enlor were lin to day.

were the only r-ons who now thu but I iml Wlli in pathct.o slorv ol Ins the bride uUt wn, it W)W ,1 V. 1 that was in In. bad led beiie Kill.ei.ny, and who, bile 1.,,., ben in clay whh KMUlir upon his coll'n, was men JlHt1 ymhli ix few hours' ride of the city, happy and Ull it ful of soon navtlng and gr-vting him alive and in tm, u. had I i. bed health.

Collins as employed in Win. Don, mo- (,. ll.e teiy. on liroa.hVHV. oppoMlf (he r.

t. (1. liieh lie it Inland bivt Apiil. but befor mvhv in MMl Vl.v,.( marncd dear little -aIUvn, uml the last he UtltWl aid, after bidding Kilkenny by for vjr, v. civ luring th'e that he would wml for his colleen dims end ber with him in his own lillle home in Ana licit, rhl, by Fsqnii-e Allen, Tore Sborlly nft.r riving in St.

Louis be obtained cm- i and also be v. uwuhv -( I I. l.i I pii sint at leo time i.t neeurii'iiee. TO ALL WHOM THESE PRESENTS GREETING: We have rented tho room formerly I'l-eiipicd hy Wood's di ntc tore nrd iniiuencivl hil- 'in i it a tint! 1rU-- GEIIT3 ryiJlTISillHG- 000DS, Vo 2Cc3p EvcrytluRp: Wnntcd in tho CbtMtv; Lin-, AND WILL HOT BE UIBEBIiLD! Wcvhtive as tine its can he hotigilit rend ymade. Come 'vliile i'h- stocl- is new.

Jl 'd tt IT. It i -a KAlLIiOAD TIME -TABLE. M. K. T.

Going North p. in. Going South 12: 1 fin. 11:07 a.m. PKOKESSIOXAL AND BUSINESS DlliKCTOUV, ARKANOJilN Aguicilti jui, Tmim.kmests.

H.H. Bell, W. 11. MoFkII. Blacksmith.

jitwics Wiwtiioir. ClGARS and ToitACro. liubb GkyIoiiI, W. IVIhuc, Drugs. .7.

V. relaue, Fur it, Ilubb (jaylmJ, KOCEUIKS. Bnbb Gnvlonl, Jiuiim Colling, Hah dw are, Tinware, Stoves, Cutlery. H. IJ.

Bell, W. Jf. McFull. HOTICL. Commercial E.

1). Krciiz, Proprietor. Notahv Public. T. F.

Notions and Stationery. J. W. Pel-me, Paints and Glass. J.

W. JVUuo, rilOTOORAI'IIS, ClIKOMOS, 1). Palmer. Provision Merchant. Ed.

DillMKlvll. Ukal Estate and Insurance. T. P. Jones.

School and Blank Books. J. W. PeUue, Wagon and IiEPAin -Shops. Jnnica slboll'.

Walnut Flour Mills. McCulloiigU llollisler, Proprietors. NOTICE TO GENTS. There is not one of poor humanity "Who does not wish in stylo to be. All men much gain by good address, But far much more by stylish dress.

If you wish a lady's heart to win, Why you must be the fashion in Or whene'er you to church do go, That you wear neat dress you surely know. None need now of fine dress be bare, For all can go to PAGE HARE, Who can suit all, in stylo or price, Their goods being cheap and very nice. Whether or not you mean to buy, Step into their store and feast your eye. It is a treat their goods to view; Then take the advice now giv'n you. HOW A FLORIDA MAN WAS SKLNXED IN A KENTUCKY COUKT.

Lfitely an attaebment ww sworn out in the Common Pk-HH Court by the Louisville Insurance Company against Creole Fearn, of Florida, for the recovery of debt of If 188.70, alleged to be due. Mr. Fcarn lives near Jacksonville, but he baa been in Louisville ft few days, andMr. Theodore Harris, of the Louisville Insurance Company, hear: ing of bis being here, swore out the attachment for him. The attachment was placed in the hands of Deputy Sheriff Ed.

Meddis, who fouud Fearn at the Louisville and Nashville Depot. Being a comparative stranger in the city, Fearn was unable to give bond, and he was placed in jail. Mr. L. Joseph interested himself in Fearn's behalf, and going before 'Squire Peav, made an application for Fearn's release, after Fearn bad taken the insolvent debtor's oath.

The application was resisted by Judge Andy Harnett, who appeared for the insurance company. Fearn had already sworn that he was possessed of no money or property, but Judge Burnett requested the privilege of cross-examining the prisoner on the point. "Where, do you reside, Mr. Fearn asked Judge Barnett. In Florida," replied the prisoner.

"What is your business I attend to an orange grove." "Whose is it?" "My wife's." Are you interested in it in any way "No, sir." 1 )id your wife buy the place "I bought it with her money." did she. get the money?" "Her father gave her a piece of property in Helena, Arkansas, which she fold, and put the money in the orange grove." Were you worth anything at that time I suppose I was worth between and 40,000." How much are you worth now Nothing." Haven't you got any money at all I've probably got SG or S7." You have? Then, jui-t count it out here, please, 1 want everything you've got." Fearn stepped up to the magistrate'!" desk, and, running his linger down into his right-hand vest tuiiket, drew out a couple. $2 bills, which he handed to the Vjuirc. Then he went down into his pants )oeket and got out $1.15 hi silver. There' the nt of my pile," said be, and he n-sumed his seat.

"Thai's all you've got?" asked Judge Burnett. Yes, sir, that's ail I've pit. You can go through T.e if if you ant to." ib re. Mr. Shcrilil" said Squire l'ey, "take charge ib's money," and then, turning to the prisoner, aid: You are discharged, Mr.

Fearn." i.iir. lions of t'le Mirr.a-a polls lit i -xbib; pro-bn t. Kt-iikk. KM I MINT MKN; 1 il.i nut travel fur limn' money, lint mily t'i sliiiw cluilios. A.

Wurd. In America I travel mi my shape mid ojoiul clothes. Oscar Wilde. When well dressed I liko a gvnllo-mini Christian, l'roverh. Aviiys hae a vest to "pull down" when you are T.

I'latt. 1 Aldv c-: y. e. 1.1. main axs s.

Oil Oil Pointings, Slarosco'cs ana' Views, Mottoes if mi Card; for Si'tid-y Schcola. Prices to Suit the T'nni. Call and ine. D. PALMER, Ivans it.

AYaimt COMMERCIAL HOUSE, Walnut Ka.nsas. E. H. KKMNZ, Proprietor. Good ceotiiir-oilations Aicple Koom.

-v" Terms licasoiinble, ioiji BJ At Is the'.ce YXk him call. Ii ii Si 1 EDWARD DAME ELL, DEALER IX XT' In is I Fish, Poultry, The highest market jirico paid for 2-ood Fat Stock. Wa r.xt-T, Kansas. St, Wr.rehoase, (i 11 A 1 1 A PAI' 11 CO MP A Dealers, 1 1 iUiUliiUJ XiLHlUIUUM 51. LUUfiS Ut rUURUrtfl AXD PAPER WAREHOUSE Comer Tiiiid Tira Strec-ls, SST.

LOUIS. i rf i': 'j llol large, lie maiingiM, liy ttenymg ijiiiim II inauy oi the c.viras of life, to save enough money to huii'l-soinely fiirnisU thne rooiun, and to send his wife eiioiijjli to pay her piissajjv out to this country and carry her to St. ljntis. Sl.e gnl his letter an 1 the ticket, and the lew pounds to pay her epeiif-e- on way; and with a light full of the bright vt hope, turned her face toward the kind of the free. Michael knew she was coming, and the days thai fiji-united him from her were like so many years thai he thought bo would never span.

And ho did iiit." A vvck or more before the day set for the wife's arrival he grew sick typhoid fever placed its burning hand upon him mid marked him for it- victim. He neni the City Hospital and died there Yt lay, Nightfall of the next day foun 1 his remains lying i.i Calvary Cemetery, and hours afterward b'-t; Saturday niui'iii-g the v. that wa.t now a willow, made her appearance, to have le cup of joy dashed v.ilii hilteria aie! the siiii.diiue of her heart quenched iu a storm nf te.ri. The ilh-elli that came to her out of the. fair Kilkenny skies, in llie bright days of her inaideuliood, have l.een blotted out.

ami darkness and sorrow have taken lla ir place in ihc home traveled of leilis to light v.l'.ii her presence. Globe-! inoer.t. TiiK Uoill-I (jF 'i'liKCi'D. Sintcliing for hundreds of miies sonlliwnid and soiilhca-tward of Newfoi.iidia.i .1 an I sixty miles iVoin chore at the nearest point, is the (Jraud liank nf New foundland, Uiat mystic tableland of the ose limit and nature are still un.leiinej. A little v.t-.

im em-ward from its elopes the sea reaches some of To greatest depths, and within iis boundaries are di where tiie Hibernian's anchor never touehes bottom. Old codlishcrs say -that the Crand Bank is rUaihiy risingand tliata few centuries v.iii ibid it jutting above the surface. The (irand Dank, with its is some GOO miles long and from 21)1) to 800 miles wide. The shallows over it vary from ninety to -100 iu depth. The Grand lank beyond comparison, the finest lishing-ground in the world.

For centuries the lishciJ'i have'vL-ited it, and millions on millions of tons of Ullisb have been taken tin re, but stiil the yield is undiminished. Sometimes for two ft three years the iish will be scarce, and the report will spread that the bank is "fished out," when suddenly a year of unprecedented catches will give the lie to the notion. For about sLv months in the year, beginning with May, the codfish swarms, not only over the Grand I'-ank, but, in lesser bi.e and numbers, along the whole North American shore, from the latitude of New York to an unknown distance northward. They are found from the eastern waters of Long Island to the further extremities of Labrador, and even up to the regions of eternal ice. What lures the cod from the ocean depths to which lie goes iu winter is not certainly known, but it is surmised that be either follows up the small shore lish or seeks the sea-cherry small red berry that often grows on the weedy bottoms where the cod is found.

Jt is also pretty well established that during the summer visits shoreward the female iish spawns. The immense race of cod, far outnumbering all the other large fish of the sea, is accounted for by its fecundity. Nine millions of eggs have been computed as the roe of a large specimen, and all the codfish caught by man are a mere cipher compared with the billions, large and small, swallowed by sharks and other of prey. THE PKINCE OF WALES AND AMERICAN AVOMIEN. HojIiu-iio, August 24, -Both visitors and residents were gratilied yesterday by a visit of the Princess of Wales, her children, and tho King of the Greeks.

They came over from Wiesbaden to spend the day. Taking their seats among the listeners to the open air concert in the afternoon, they soon became the centre of attraction. It is dlllicuit to say how far the Germans or the English, not to mention the citizens of the United, were foremost in mobbing the royal personages. The latter must often pray, hen desiring to enjoy themselves like other people, to be spared the attentions of their admirers. The Prince seems laudably anxious to amuse himself iu a quiet way, and it would be well if bis wishes ere respected.

Perhaps it will interest the citizens of the L'nited States to learn that he displays a marked admiration for the charming natives of that country. Loudon Times. The flattery of the Times is sickening. It can be accounted for only in either of two ways, namely, that the people whose mouthpiece the Times is are rapidly tending toward a republican form of government, or that it thinks the ople. of this great republic are drifting in the direc tion of monarchy.

Ulysses Emperor of tho UiiiU-d StaUs, would sound well. PARALYZED BY PERJURY. A strange story comes from Memphis of a woman being struck dumb while giving false testimony. The facts, as related, are as follows: A colored man named James Price was on trial In-fore 'Squire Allen, a Justice the Peace, who has an office on the Macon road, between Gcnnantown and Rartlett, Tennessee. Price had been beating a iuuuImt of woinn iu the neighborhood, and I-a'oclla Jackson, a colored woman, was placed on the xvitte ss stand to tell what she knew of the matter.

She began her evidence, but as soon niter bv the 'J'o you not know lying?" he Yi. were F-aiK-lIa vr im i t. come Lt wlc-i i.r.-t it upvit I.OSSKS IX UN' CHAIN" I'M I'MTS TO ST. J.dl lS.

The Coiuiuiti'v on Short Weights i the Fx: St. Lc iii-, u.vt d.i n- di.C the report of the ill! the country to examine llie H-ale' In hi- port the a ct.r At Holt oil, if i'e ri I'a Ibdlroad, Clippers complair: loudly of Itv.iiuent by the railroad, and find gn at ihllieulty in gi l.irg i and Winn they do -t I hem it takes h.niiv to ihelii ill condition to loi' I grain. At City, Mu I'liinplahi of gnat ge some nf the or pi rte to SI. J.oui-. v.

lod 'i belel-. he ad ih.rta.'.'.i f.rtlie four it "'a. i arc ievivier now He wants du St. I.i'u's. but cati't alVord to pay Hteli a IrlbllV for the privilege.

Shipper- from ix say that on all rhip-ment- to they have seven or eight l.u-i.cb. Ail Mi.loll sllipper lm( bad four ear, of oats lOO lie v. ill "Wear to weights. He to dn with Si. I iml cannot when profit and by eIioiI wi-ight.

The i-. I'aeiia- I is i shipper-' for eai- out ni.ltun! infereiiee to be is Ii o' cur from cando-1 -hip) i.e-: in it.n The Insjiector adds that St. l.on'.s mid I- Iin- i. lliat of the Mic-our; Paeine iv ii- l.ig i ii. and a majority of them comparatively new 1 rci eiit ARKANSAS OUTLAWS A terrible state of ail'ali In the around Fayetievilie just now.

and imiieb rcr have heretofore held full way. Unlaws from Missouri, the Indian Territory, and Texas, have congregated here. Three weeks ago the' United States Deputy Marshal, with a posse of thirty-six men, attempted to arrest ono "Wcbl. AVebh and a man named Jim Martin, and another named Fine Gilli-land, all bad characters, were fouud at the house of Jell' Gillihuid, seven miles below Fayette Webb. Martin, and Giliiiand resisted the authorities, wounding Hush, one of the posse; and shooting the Marshal's mule underlain.

Fine Gillihuid 1 Webb were badly wounded, but Will Martin siientiltil in o. -aping. Since that time the houses of member- tin-pose have been shot Into and Ir II t-w'. k'li-d. Good men have taken to thebuh i to avoijl assassination.

A system Ik been adopted, and is pursued to ext. id the outlaws, that their friend Jeff GiU'daiid V. notify the editor of the Arkansas Tii.ic. Fitiak 'iC, to cease aci-omit- of of law lessness. Jim Webb, John Cro' la-tt, the unstable of AN'cst Fork Township, and Jeff Giliiiand, a deputy constable, left Fayettcvilie about o'clock.

At Greenland, six miles from hen1, they met an old man, an emigrant, (10 years of age, a total stranger to party, who, with his two little boys, was camped by the roiidside for the night. Jim Weld), without any provocation, as he as passing, ihot him through the head, and then made his escape. Crocket and Giliiiand made no effort, of course, to arrest him. Sheriff Henry was notified, who at once summoned a posse of 200 men, who, iu concert with the United Suites marshals, have been, scouring the country clay and night. Fine Giliiiand was arrested and taken to Fort Smith on various charges.

Martin was arrested, and is on his way to Texas in custody, where he ill be made to answer to a charge, of murder. At last accounts Jeff and Jim "Webb had not yet been found. The people are thoroughly aroused and intend to thoroughly rid the country of outlaws. It is high time, for murder, arson, incendiarism, horse-thieving, and intimidation have been in vogue much too lontr in Arkansas. THE RUSSIAN-JKW COLONIES.

In several instances the Russian Israelites who have this year come to the United States are setting an example which thousands of immigrants who make the change- of their own accord, and not because driven from borne, would do well to imitate. About 500 Hebrew's have settled upon a large tract of land in the neighborhood of the famous town -of Yineland, N. J. Coining in the spring, they erected cheap wooden buildings for temporary occupation, and set about earning a living. Two or three American Jews took charge of the undertaking, and, being possessed of experience, at once turned the labor of their people into profitable channels.

New Je rsey is the paradise of truck-farmers and small fruit-growers. The soil was suitably prepared for crops that always find a icly market in New Y'ork and Philadelphia, and considerable ready money has already been earned. Many of the colonists have found Work mi the neighboring farms, and have proved themselves remarkably capable. Laud ownership is the desire of every one of them, and in the course of a year or tw each head of a family ill undoubtedly own his farm, and have repaid the advances of money made him with which to -tart. The in the Hat.

are likely to ho fairly prosperous, though they are less favorahly for markets th.ui their brKlirwi in New Tri-h are tTin.s Why h- not -e ever, bo its and piv vein railroad di-iv. s-'rs from rubbing and fanner 1 Hi E-i cl 'I oo ooO rs P8 i va oo I oo CD REPUBLICAN COUNTY-TICKET. Probate Judge James A. Smith, Girard. County Attorney Jas.

Brown, Crawford townshijx District Clerk L. II. Kidder, Baker township. Co. Superintendent II.

Quick, Girard. Ilejiresentative 29th District E. S. Ilib- Lard, Washington township. Commissioner 2nd District W.

II. Post, Grant township..

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