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Herington Herald from Herington, Kansas • 4

Herington Herald from Herington, Kansas • 4

Herington Heraldi
Herington, Kansas
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2 be 1H era idt ijj 1 Bixby SHADYBROOK sniLES- II. W. Kandt of Lyort township was visiting in this neighborhood Sunday. H. F.

Weber and wife of Wo6ffbine were visiting with Heflfy KOerVlce ist! JWIy 4, 1901, Makes UptodatCfi Badger UumberCo; lumber, Sasb, Foors, blinds, and LIME SAND AMD BRICK, RALPH W. SMITH, Edit Sirtiday. Application met tl8 HethiKtoit, Kansas, post office foXenVrytis oarid 'ulass mail nmtak. I Photogl'aph -i Best value for your money 1 and you know if they don 'V. please he makes them please.

1 Studio Newly Fitted, Come in and visit when In 4 town and see what I have ih, New Things In Photograph. Publish fed Not what you PAY, Mm Aim, TueKer repotttid as being veny iH. He's friends Hops fot ttet -recovery, Henry IlellmanhMSt. Ltfuh aVrived Sunday to spend a week with his cousin U. W.

Uelhli. The new boxes for the post office have arrived and are in position. Ttte office will flrJfen in a few days. Mrs. E.

Weber returned to her home at AltaVista She had Wten vinitfng wifh her vWldren for three The t4 totis are doing a great amount of damage to the corn in this what you GET SUBSCRIPTION. t)ne year ih months .50 One month All subscriptions 'most be paHtfi, advance. If you wish to buy cheap lands both improved and unlmploved, write 'to or colne'n'd see Wilsey, Kansas, Us tbe best of value, IF YOU GET IT OF. CamitbCbe Jeweler, Its fight and the price Is always FAIR CUatcb imipector C. f.

p. iRy neighborhood. is estimated that 5 per cent of it has been ruined by them. Frank Hellman is sporting a newfcf-cycle. He is trying to learn to ride it most awful hard, and says he wlft tioX give up until he catt Tide it as well as anyone.

Jake Davis returned home last Friday hale and hearty. He enlisted in the fall of 1899, In the 40th volunteer regiment and sent 21 months In the Philippine IslUnds. They were discharged in San, Feancisco recently. ttoStBmand Tfdr keal Estate, Loans and Insurance. jerman of Freeport, American of of Philadelphia, Delaware of Phildelphja, Farmers and Merchants of Lincoln, Nebraska, v.

All Leading Companies A century and tkqaA'rtertigo UPdky in the little hot, Btuffy' ttall in CM forefathers laid the foundation of state outotyhiCh has tyown one ot tire greatest, the grandest and thfe Wo'West fcovettiments that lias ever 'adfninisteTed to a From the first rhohent Vtien the first delegate to that Continental Congress put his name to that containing the Immortal Declaration of Independence to the present moment this government, this country of ours, has steadily advanced and grown larger, wealthier and stronger. Today oirr 4-45 out people aw respecWfl "and 'proteclcdn: aft lands and iu all climes, whether in enlightened England or in lieiyien To us the people of i he world when in trouble turn for advice, assistance and guidance, It can be said of us as been said of. the British Bntpifethftun never sets on ur soil. As ttHe 'first, frays of the morning sun glint along the hill tops of I'orto Rico, the setting sn is shddig ils last rays over the tropical clad hiHs dales of the Philippines, lighting up with a halo of glory our stalfs fcrid ilripes and their stars and stripes, tHe HISKID llPcVOR HOflSBS. KrtWnk kkU Girl mt hvtm am V4llrul Track.

At Mnuet, N. the other day Mad. Wide Wtlmann, only 14 year 614, 4trlde hir taddla horso, daringlr recutd her father'a two' hones from being ground to dvath on the railroad. She not only saved the two horses, but she did It at the risk of her own life, and she is the heroine of the village. Little Miss Wiedemann is an.

enthusiastic horseback rider. She Is the daughter of Robert Weldemann, a well-known resident Clarkatown. Mr. WetdemanQ'g hobljjr Is horseback-riding. Ha has aeveral fine saddle horses on his place near Ianuet Two of Mr.

Weldemann's horses strayed on the Plermont branch tracks as the afternoon train came along at( a good speed, The horses stayed on the track and galloped wildly ahead of the oncoming locomotive. Presently the engineer and ireman wre astonished to see come tearing madly down to the tracks a rittJe girl in bright red cap and Jacket. The bold rider galloped along In man Just ahead of the big iron horse that was bearing down upon her. At the po'-t where this happened a path runs for some distance alongside the The madcap little rider was bent upon saving her papa's two horses. And- she did.

Hair flying to the winds andlifeen'-ly alive to her danger, she galloped on, overtaking the horses racing just ahead of her. Calling them by their names in trie voice the animals well knew, the girl got them off the track i ftlck of smd as 'tHrfiftrti 'fioii'lc to her performaace the Utile red-clad figure dashed1 hctttss the tracks with the locomotive 6nly a second behind her. And then, with the prettiest little possible and a wave of her tiny handkerchief, bounded tip an embankment at, the side of the tracks to a place of safety. The train crew and passengerf who had seen little Miss Wiedemann's daring act waved handkerchiefs and 'hands In response and threw her glances of admiration. Chicago Chronicle.

Kln iud Tdlifcer. A -uailnt story attacbJes to an olA ate-house at Enfield, bears the remarkable sign of "JUng1 James the Tinker," Hunting one day In the neighborhood. Jamesd. got sepiirated from his courtiers, and. pulled fip at this iouse, where, he jpinied a tinker sittltig fh the porch.

Iq the course of conversation the. said lie would dete'fly love to see -the king. "Mount behind me, then," said fh'mes, "and jfWi "shall have your snd, the tinker taking, 'him at his Jvprd, the'y rode away. how shall I khbr 'the asked the tlnkc. "Oh.

'is easy enough," Sh'ld James, "for all the courtiers' will "Be harelfbaded." Vhen (hey (reached the party the man of pots and pans, looVed round Suddenly realizing 1 1 he and his companion were thfe 'only vo people with their, hats on, ihe slipped to the ground In consWftiatlon, and Implored pardon for his grea't presumption, fiut 'ihe Ring, flighted with his Joke, with fb'yft! re'fcklfesnss. knighted him on the spdt arid gave him ponslon of 500 yea. ATDhotgh he tack part in eight bat tles Tie came home wttnout a scratcn. The boys were all glad to see him bact. OUSEHVEU.

Delavan dots. It looks like rain. Charley Ingmire and sister drove to Herington the latter, part of last week. Alec Mowat threshed his wheat last Tanner Peters, who has been working for P. Reed of Burdick has secured View iJob hear Parlte'rV'flle.

The Morris county teachers-1; institute having closed this week, several of our teachers and others who attended the same have returned hbme. Will Cunningham has secured a job in the Santa Fe at Emporia. Glasgow Ballantyire was out looking after his farm propty past of the K. B. chttrch.

Iifester DYayer will spend )he '4th at Enipor'ia. Win. Kiirtenbach and Mit-'chell went to Council Grove 'Tuesday to petition the board of Morris county commissioners for the proposed new road near Heflngtori: Mr. Wade went to Council Grove on business the fore part of t'tie w'eelc. Alec Mowat's threshing machine enirine was disabled one day last weec DILLON DOINGS.

Cherry and family went to Ft. fecott Monday. E- Beemer has sold his farm to Mr. Roberts ff Banner. 1).

E. Thdma8 off the Aetna 0. P. Ca, is in Kansas Citiy 'tifeis week. Mrs.

R. Kiasling of ILongtdrd is vis-fttg her sister, Mrs. Ben Nu'sz. Ah'lce cream social was held at the M. parsonage Tuesday evening.

emblem of the free and of a better efj BANK OF HERINGTON, Capital Stock and Surplus, 565,000,00, i STOCKHOLDERS! JvW-. Crel'ch, President, Sidney G. Cookk, Vice President. Thornton Copsic, Casliier, M. A.vlkw- General Attorney, Rock Island Raitway H.

Supt. Lines West of Missouri R. C. I. G.

R'oadKiaater, Rock Island Railway. J. O. Evans, Chief Clerk. Rock Island Railwnv The Aetna mills are undergoing re pairs and will soon be in preparation lijlhtenment of alf people under, it folds.

Today, more 'than eH-er "before, in nearly every city, village and hamlet, nid in nearly every grove, bbth north and south, in the United States and in iill of the posts and towns rjf Porto dico, and Philippines, 'the sunnon are booming, old glory floating! iriuirrliaBt'to the breraey patriotic fitizerfs fttrd uyal oountwthen Hre wising their voices in oneglad acclaim Mrs. I. E. Davis spent several days lasi week wrbh Mrs. Snyder inlleftfrtg- I on the road between Wfll Walan Civil Engineer.

Capitalist, Contractor, Lawyer, B. Tufts, F. J). Hyde, I IX. Cakman, andN.

Dix's. The wa'fcef -having become too low in the boiler tilt account of the In'jec'tor failing to 'work, there ton. Rtfv-. Thackery of Chapman 4s expected 'to'make to address at the picnic on the Fourth. Mrs.

D. Lockard and Miss CorbTan-cher went to McAllister, I. Saturday. They were called there by the severe iflnessof Mrs- TS. Utterback.

of the wonderful -glory 'and -gresttirlQRSj if this nat ion, while tfie uulted bands was a smal explosion, flowing Wt THF. RANkf OP HTPDlMfTrnW the fire and se'ttiiig file 'to the separa tor immediately bfehind it'whldh however was sodn extinguished. No 'one playing; "The star spangled bar)iie; Ohlcing may' it O'er -the land oit-he And tWfitfinesW the bBiy was seriously hurt. Receives Deposits, and issues pass books or certificates. j.

a Lends on Real Estate, Chattel and Personal Security Furnishes Investments. Pays Taxes. Bells Money Orders nd Drafts, domestic arid White Gfty Writings. R'v. preachcfl Sunday at tUe Herington Pwst 0Se.

0ifFicis Hours. Who pumps aft the wirAin'to Vies as they are passed ftpm mouth, to M. E. church. lie is a very able Gfmfirkl fletiverv from' 8:00 a.

'to Did you ever notice hoiy rap-4 L. W. CURD. I.TOp. fh.

T- RandlB and bride arrived Thursday 'evening from 'a'ha took roo'Ms With W. J. WarkeBj. Bowen predicts that Kansas Register department from 8:00 a. p.

m. Sunday General delivery open 12:30 to 1:00 and 5:00 to 5:30 p. m. will not ne windy next year IHs bean crop of six acres fs.a failure. DUIrlbatloa of Kb Scripture, Heavier than the entire population of Liverpool are the 165,000,000 copies of he Scripture distributed during the nineteenth century by the JJritiah and Foreign 'Bible Society.

They Weighed abdtit telns. To transnprt thia mountain of -Btbles a IrtUh; 1 sixteen miles long, df a'wn" by 150 lofiidtives, would be necesKarJ, The area of tha printed pages ovia fuMtsh standing- List of Unclaimed Letters. Rev. V. .1, Rose, onp'bf tihe iHHsnt Bakery and Lunch Room.

Fresh Bread and Pastry always on hand. Fine Vme of Cigars and Tobaccos. Fruits and Confec tiionery. Luncii and Hot Coffee. COLD DlRlfsIKS, First fcobroiith of Post Office.

idly a story grows? Not long 'ago 'a inan was hurfat the sliftp Within Wteen rhinutes the story wa' flying ground to" the effect that 'orle -his isgs was broken. Another version was that both of his legs had (Jut iff. It was stated -that the bone wjere protruding "from the It Cmk out that 'no bfenes were broken at all. The man was only badly bruised." lust ive a little story a start "atid it iswon-(jorful the way'ft will grow. It's like Uie cast' of "that windy rumor that was List of unclaimed letters remaihing "bratdrs'm Kansas will be the speaker in the Heringtony Kansas, Post Office foy the week ending Monday, July 1901; BaxtfAF (card) Custard, JameSv- Started during.

'the trouble with SpainJ L. THOMPSON. A. man in Kansas City drank two (tlasses of 1, Tunny man said t)iat two German schooners had gone (This went'trom lipto Jip, until finally, it was being bandied about, that American vessells had tV(V Chas Ellertsville, Greenle, HidlebXigh, Elmer Ileiirnan, (delivered flessdn, A HesseHbatth, Capt McDougall, Malone, Ringsby, Mrs May Ross, Mr Saunders, A of the dty at Parkerville, July 4th. The band played for the Highland School convention last Sunday.

Their -nyislo was at)pfciated. H. C. Walker and bride arrived from Topeka Friday evening and a reception was given to a select few at the home of the groom's The band visited Chas. Block's farjft Sunday evening aiifl gave a sa cred concert te Which the, boys Wre''inviteflt6isplendid Conaway and grandson Roscoe, vvho have been vistthig their daughter aitd aunt, Mrs.

H. V. Scholes, returned to thetrhttme fntfopeka, Tuesday. who 'has been in Jfortheiti OaUfdrnia during the past year, retu med 'jib'h'is'home td uttiSr-qiis fYlertds hft-e Stililiv We are fjad to rhebt hllii 'tiia rfe-main with trs. German men-of-war.

The 4 ft. -H the wives, ana-fti U.slnlrt.tinae. was; loping across the ocean and chasing about the capitals o'f Europe was found that it was only a foot yarn with nothing whatever at the bottom of it. It doesn't appeaV that anyone really wants to "swell" affer. it gets started, and no one up to it, but it is don!) ioniehow or other.

Who pumps all'-tShe wind into i he stories that are passed froninwnith to Capital. HEATS AND Heave orders at HHeat Uflarket. Sheridan, AH .1. Thompson, (card) HE (card) Vaughn, ECC Whallon, (2') Writedh, Str FiFVlrfc' t. Weavteiv Marion (titCth 'Alter two weeks they will Ve 'for warded to the Dead Letter 'OrnfcE.

C. Hull, P.M. Yoiii-cjrresoondent, desires fosta't'e that Whfte 'City and, north Moerfs, room for twice many 'ijrsbna a are'riow living throughout -the -world. If njl these Bibles were maile Into aBln-- glastolume the book wotild be 202 feet hlgft. as high as the London Momr-meny, 140 feet wide, nd forty-one feet thick; each' page -ould weigh sixty tons, and to ttirb; bita 'of thedi over would take -the strength of 1,200 men or forty H8ea.

Further, the Bibles wtfilte 'Uiake '1974 odlumns as Everest (29,000 feet). -1. 1 Prehod Incrnlno', Any infraction of the'rules at GlrarU coilegft frs 'punished with twenty minutes ron stool of repentance. Whea, the institution 'first' adopted this scheme of punlshmeat, one stool was) enough. As the college expanded tbe stools multiplied, and-today, no-lees than sixty four-legged instruments of discipline are'iin mdfte or less constant use in a.

roon demoted exclusively to the punishmeht of those who have transgressed 'fhe 'tules There is, absolutely nothing to the disciplining except the orderto sit iia stool for twenty minutes feed "think It; over" Any, of the lafes tfUld sooner take-sotfinJ-ttirtshinfe and have doii. with it, but the stool of repentance has. prcA-rtsetfiih-3eal pinlshment, and, it htfs (ome to sty at Gtriar4 college. Chicago fo'ufnal. Cardinal TaiiKhitn Nenrlnfe 'Seventy.

Cardinal Vaughan is now inhi seventieth yeF, hujijng been born at Gloucester on -AprAU 15, 1832'. Of that period iforty-aeveti years have been spant.ia the sacerjlotal office and twen- 1 tj-j-oine in the episcopal. Ordained widen but 22, his.emtfeiface.was consecrated bUhop of Salfprft-atf the age of and administered busy and populous diocese for -tWeni- "years," when In, 1892 he was chosen succeed. Cardinal Manning In the episcopal see of Westminster Chtro' Giant roanrllnmn. Uun kt.

Youug is a juotabiiity of Chicago's new city council. He sis feet four lnchea tall aniiibullt beQple are not hogs as 'Council Grove papers would like fcii' people to. under-t: If -there Is one thing- mone thah at other that causes bitter complaint, Htf Is a bad summer cold. Perhaps it is, not nearly- so lad as many winter- "Every morblrig during the plowing season," says'F. D.Cpburn, secretary of the stiite'boSrd dagiculturt "the Kansas farriers to into a corn field as IVtimt iMm.U Vtndm -Of.

L1C3 fis not made but 'tif money, and friendship, and talents, and patronage, and family Influences, and good chances, and good positions, and good health, and good nature; It Is made out of faith atsd. virtue, fetd.i knowledge, and temperance, and patience, and godliness, and brotherly kindness, and. colds, but on account of the season It large as the whole state Jersey stand. We are simply hoWfittg own, and don't pjopose to 'be shoved', awayfrom the feed rjidlv'by; 'lot 'of well fied-hogs. We dtHsfo to, beVjiiither, ils very When this par iFohSale.

ill FuttiituBe' at fivate sale'ttla'ery price at ray I iflso have three Good loca-ibfls. -B. OakeOrd, ticularly affeotst He eyes, nose. anSi throat, think of eupiorbla-offlclnalis. svery noon durrhg the Tisfr vest, the harvesters coie -ft difihe'r from a wheat frelroS SbBjflfttf aqny' shore th'arn iH and every Put half -a drachm or more 'In fourr ounCes of water, and take a teaspooti-lul four or five times a day.

Mary (fells the ckttle home tptitaj H. pasture rajger than Once clerl.ovtfpser.Vthe55taJe isJnow garden. The iBUstpg is succeeded 'by c. Th'e: 'buffalo has ibandoned. the pfalrj to.

the STunt-tiorn -artd tile Com lassies where the Sioux mt th "JSwnec danced. Wfteatgrows. p.yefc the old Veteriifany 5urgfcoo ail. ijjseases 'bf' domestic Senators und Mtdanmmer Flrnlo, United States' Senators Vest, Elklns anil Cockrell ar6(, expected to be present: at an which Is 'to be held it Kansas Crtyy Mo during the secotlij fceek in JiAy; 'ey will" all speak a fiddlers' cciiitest will be another of attractions which the to.Qeltirado and Utah points, also to Portland, and, Northwest, July, 6th to 1 Tj'Clorado pojiits, Julyy 1st. W)thv $15 F0r inspitved-, roc thfttls.

Cnlqaa Indttrie. of Loreto, Ualy, Is the center of twot Unique rosary accor-IlIon-making. The rosary establishment gives steady ehiblbyment to thirty-five women, and turttstViit 85,000 iSojen ro-sarles annually. In. accordion factories, of Loreto and Castelfidardo 160 hands are employed.

The accordions are largely, exported to the. United. States Now lOoia- tiVit ia Tnapeet. It Is the opinion df experts that the-opening of China 'and Siberla will dl. close large deposits of gold and tha? Asia after whli-fTl furnish a Bring your.

sUx. Ti 1 prairie village. The. 'su that -Old Settlers' society expect tfti dr4p. arept ovex- vigwaia and cofctoiyvwd.

ihines ohtfthardipd meadovs. a big crowc. Tree. xeipneotlhwisd.rpslde.e, "mrtieulars call, on Rock Ts day or mgt call-s prrlinptly, land agent. Lost Springs Iansas The weather 'the latter part ofvsa Tnra Kmlofd Kplnnln Cotton.

Two hundred and thirty -two thousand eight hundred and twenty-one women are employed In English cotton oaly. liT.fdritSftV veek was the hottest on record at the government weather Ixjve ldok through a telescope; env With a smile on her lips, and a tear her cye Scpjt VArAUh gjM.

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