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The Preston Pilot from Preston, Kansas • 3

The Preston Pilot from Preston, Kansas • 3

The Preston Piloti
Preston, Kansas
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4' Mrs. was a visitor at Mrs. Bulk, Garden seeds at Fletcher Brown's. The Preston Pilot. START A Phillip Simon's and was seen going home with a buggy load of roots and plants to start a flower garden like the one one-half mile 'south and one mile east of Preston.


fwillianis irofhers FACTORY ElN YOUR TOWN JPUBLISHED EVERY THKSDAYv. Subscriplion $1.00 Per Tear in I The engine of No. 44, on the Rock Island set fire to abridge over "a dry canon under the tracks on this aide of Bucklln Sunday afternoon, The bridge wag quite a long one and trft flic was delayed until Monday to give time to get the repair work done. fS. 0, Brown Leghorn, White Wyandotte and S.

L. Wyandotte eggs. 15 for $1 00 A. L. Bonham.

Jfrs. James Gosnell has the nicest dock of spring chickens we' have seen so ar. rjiiey will' davelope into very early 4 Mrs. Mollie Lamont and two little from Tnron, spent Sunday with the former's Mr, and, Mrs. T.

1'. Ellison, southeast of Phillip Simon thrashed his wheat, wh'ch he planted it H'05, harvested In in S90G and thrashed in l'J07. Mrs Noonan, assisted In the cooking. Entered as BecondclaB matter January 12, 19(18, at the poet office, at Preston, Kacsts, under the Act ol Congren8 of March 3, 1879. Iu using a cough syrup, why hot get the best? One that comes highly recommended is Bee Laxative Cough "I know not what the truth may be I tell ths tale aa 'twas tojd to me." Syrup, contains Honey and Tar aud la- Pwioeal ttotrspapeKf (is a btoinesa maker Js too often overlooked.

You can fight the jpail order octopus by manufacturing line of goods during spare yusblng them through your locaj fcwjfctpey, using half tine profits you pay the Wholesale trust to Voojd the lousiness with higA attractive ads. tach you jojy to make soaps, pohsjies, flavoring extracts, toilet avti-jeles, perfumes, medicines. bakiiJjf powder, jjpjijient, salves, poultry and and scores of household r.tL-jeles, how to put them up in marketable shape, how to boom them through the local paper and perhaps put dollars in your pockets that now stuff the coffers jof the trusts. Send )c for three mouth subscription to Mixers' Guide, a pupei? devoted to above line of business in all its branches; sample copy free J.IXKKS' Cipjo, Frt fojivff. Ui'-'J J- THURSDAY, MARCH 28, 1907.

superior to other cough syrups in mariy'ways. Children always like it ooutains no opiates, js a lax-tlve and is guaranteed to give satisfaction or your, money refunded. Try it. Sold by Haynes Drug Co. I want, to take about 35 or 40 head of horses and cattle to pasture" at the following prices per month; Horses 60 cents and cattle 40 cents.

T. P. Ellison. Local Mention. Jake John Ilea and Jim I I We wish to.

congratulate Roadover-seers Blanchett, Iloff and Iledrlek for Wiltse were fishing down on the flyer' (Cooking Oil at Fletcher Head Patterson's hail ad on ilrst page. i i Try jelley's Faraous llotir at Dick's. old Glory and U. S. flour at Fletcher Brown's.

their excellent work on the roads leading to this city. With a very few ex the first day of thjs week. They! had fairly good success considering the windy day, ceptions the mad holes have been Come in and examine our new line of Summer Dress Goods. All the very latest in fabric and designs. A pleasure to show them whether you desjre to purchase or not.

A few pairs of long Black Silk Gloves left. A complete line of Ladies' summer underwear. Men's summer underwear in endless variety. Dress and work shirts, over-alls, unmpers and work, clothing. Our New Oxfords for Ladies and Children, now on sale, The newest styles in Men's Dress Hats from $4.50 Stetson to a 1 .00 Sombrero, Japan and Chinese Matting.

graded in and will be in good shape J. If Dobbins has tiie finest looking strawberry patch -we have seen fn this iC. HALE, country anywhere. From present in for travel should we have another extremely wet season like last year was. It is "good roads" we need this vicinity and the.

only way to get tneai is dilations he will have an abundance of DENTIST. I A. W. Elwood lias kaflir hay for sale. See him quick.

Ralph Haines made a business trip to Pratt All kind of garden truck is growin lino these warm days. ilert Green is repairing W. W. Pat that lucious fruit this year. to go at it and make them, just as our Everyone knows that Spring is the roadoverseers are doing, Good' boys Your work is appreciated.

PHONE 85 i I season of the year when the system needs cleansing. Dade's Kittle Liver Pills are highly recommended. Try Norval Kirkpatrick, district mana. terson's barn this week. Turon, Kansas.

them. Sold by Ilaynes Drug Co. ger for the Illinois Life Insurance Company, has been in Preston the past W. B. lleam and family Sundayed with relatives near Stafford.

week writing some business. While here he made a contract with' Ream wVb used to represent the com KTWill be in his Preston Offi. th 2nd week in each month begi-aning with 2nd Monday. Phillips and Brown are out at Moel- lers this week erecting that new house. The Morton Salt plant in Hutchinson, which was the largest plant in the world, was entirely destroyed by fire on Monday of this week.

The approximate loss runs into the millions. A. W. Eiwood was assisting H. 11 Slierar at the Farmers' Elevator pany, and in the future will manage their business.

ia this portion of the country. The Illinois Life issues the most liberal contract on the market today and if you contemplate taking out an old line policy it will be to your advantage to call on Mr. Ream. The Preston Grain, Live Stock and Mercantile Company will furnish chop in bulk at (55 cts per hundred in thousand pound lots, and 70 cents per hundred in less than a thousand pound lot. Head Patterson's hail ad on first page.

wilhams Brothers Mrs. Charley Q. Ellison spent Sunday with T. P. Ellison and wife in the country.

Mentholated Throat, tablets for cough, colds and hoarsuess.J. A. II. Webb Si Co. PROFESSIONAL CRDS- P.HVSICIAN SURGEON, 4 SSIJJSSSS Ufalla Promptly answered Day or Night, Preston and Larabee Phones.

BUT THE BEST In the future we ask that all copy for change of ads and locals be brought to this office not later than Tuesday noon of each week. We make this request because of the fact that a portion of the, paper is printed Tuesday after noon and it will enable us to display your advertisements better and will give us a chance to change to ads and then devote the last few hours before going to press with the last pages to getting up the latest news. This will be no great inconvenience tojthe advertisers, aud will aid us in getting up a better local paper. Kansas, Iks? 9 famous piour Frank W. Wirt, 9 AT DICK'S.

ifcg'Will buyyour Cattle and Hogs any time stud pay top market prices. iiesidence 1 mile East and mile Xortfi of Preston, Kansas. On Northeast Phone Line. Barbed Wire Linament at Fletcher Brown's. General Directory.

F. W. Hoffman Has For Sale 2 Thoroughbred Red Duroc male hogs, subject to register. Some high-grade Gilts. 1 Fresh Cow and calf.

White Kaflir corn seed and Black Amber Cane seed. Cane and Kaflir feed, both in bundle and loose. Kead Patterson's hail ad on first page. William Ward was mark eting grain in Preston the fore part of the week. Twisted Wire Fence Stays at Potters for $2.25 per 100.

Confe and see them. 1 have a couple of good yearling mules for sale. Bert Hoskinson, 3 miles north of Preston. We have a fresh supply of Dr. Hess Clarks Famous Stock Food and Poultry Pan-a-ce-a.

Get Some. i County Officers. Pete Ilohl hitched his big threshing engine on and moved the house which the Long brothers purchased five miles west of town. They seem to be the proper thing with which to move houses. fteWHSf mutative W.

Blaine V. Magruder treasurer. Clt-rk S. .1. AUmou Clerk of the District Court A.

T. Wilson liei'ht: Dave Burnett yviAtitei Mg6 J.N. liloxom llegfttw flf -Deeds D. .17 Stipe SutiiortHiirtent 6t KcliArre Hlllurd 1 E. P.

Hoover is having a new cave built this week. Harry Black is dig ging the hole and then AI McMillen will finish it up with a good coat of cement. It will be a plum dandy when completed. Harry Warren Ir. Dix I omniissioner -nd District Frank Iiarker ROCK ISLAND BUDGET qpqpcp Township Offcers.

'frwtect- Dan Lovinijer 'If; rk Ed. Wonder 12. C. P.Brown came down from Hutch inson Tuesday morning to look after his land interest southwest of town. Hi is well pleased with his home in Hutch -son, and says J.

JIarsha will be re eleteel mayor this spring .1 atkes the. Peace w-M-R-" IP? 1 I A. C. Hewitt and Jaiik Lewis Preston School Board. H.

Craft Director ii. wtu iiitns or 'OeastirPv. 0. Ii, I'otte George Cogswell and wife of Castle ton, arrived last Saturday to visit a few days with Mr. Cogswell's parents.

Mr. and Mrs. M. II. Cogswell.

George returned home Tuesday, but his wife will visit here the remainder of the week. J. E. Whitman and family were the guest of V. W.

Patterson and family of this city last Sunday. W. Fisher and family returned last Monday from a visit with Mr. Fisher's parents at AVichita. H.

It. Slierar is having an addition built onto the house in which he lives in the southeart part of town. llube Durham of northeast Ilaynes-ville, was the guest of his father, A. S. Durham, west of town Monday.

J. P. Sttunk of Hutchinson, has been assisting in the Farmers' Elevator office as bookkeeper the past week. Mis3 Daisy Cogswell, of Pretty here this week visiting her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.

M. II. Cogswell. The Stokes residence property in the northwest part of town, is being re-shingled and otherwise repaired his week. Lee Ciffard, the painter, will go out to Pete Ilohl's one day this week to begin treating the house to a fresh coat of paint.

II. R. Slierar was at Hutchinson and Wichita last Wednesday getting repairs for the gasoline engine at the Farmers' Elevator. Church Directory. Drugs, Etc.

IlWHODT EPISCOPAL Church. Sunday E41 iSinooi every siinu.ny at a. m. HI Mil. 8ueiiiifmuleiil each alternate Sunday 11 a arid '8 m.

Vouily Peopln's loteliiifr every rfunduy at .7 m. I'rayer meeting every Thursday night. Ladies' Aid, Society meets I'uull alternate lhmsday. K. H.

Poors, Pastor. California Excursion One-way tickets on sale daily during March and April rate very low. These tickets are good in Pullman tourist sleeping cars which the Rock Island runs daily to Los Angeles and San Francisco over the two best routes. Ask for our illustrated folder "Across the Continent in a Tourist Sleeping Car." Special Mystic Shriners' Excursion tickets sold daily April 25 to May 18 one fare for the round trip from all Rock Island stations. Here's your chance to see the Golden State with a "Jolly Crowd" and do it cheaply.

Send for Shriners' folder. Excursions Southwest Low one-way and round-trip tickets sold to practically all points Southwest. One-way tickets on sale evtry Tuesday, round-trip tickets sold first and third Tuesdays. Spring is the time to see that country go now and spy out a home for "the boy" where he is bound to make money and enjoy life. Illustrated books about any Southwestern State free upon request.

Address John Sebastian, Room 54 La Salle Station, Chicago. If you are going anywhere see the Rocle Island agent about It he will que rates and help yon plan the best WINCHESTER FBIKND'S CIH HCH atAntioeh, four miles North and one and one-half miles west of Preston. Sunday School at 10:30 a in and HTOaching at II a in. Christian Kndeavor at'rWpm. Ilert I loskinson, Pastor.

The Basket Social given by Ed Bennett at the Friendship school house last Friday night, was a grand success both socially and financially. The net proceds were about $38, of which 50 were given to the Preston Independ ent Band for furnishing the music for the occasion. This is greatly appreciated by the band boys of which organization Mr. Bennett is a member, It is the proper financial encouragement to give the band boys. nMMMMtMk Chamberlain's rcit REPEATING SHOTGUNS are strong shooters, strongly made and so inexpensive that you won't be afraid to use one in any kind of weather.

mm ill I They are made io, 12 and 16 gauge. At the Methodist church next Sunday: Sunday school at 10 a. Eas ter services in the evening at 8 o'clock. You are invited to attend. Hurried meals, lack of exercise are the causes of dyspepsia.

A Ring Dyspepsia Tablet after eaeh-meal aids digestion, improves the appetite. Sold by Ilayues Drug Co. possible trip. a A FAVORITE OF AMERICAN SFORTSMEN mlM Sold -Everywhere. sPL.

tf T. H. WOOLSEY, Agent Rock Island Lines PRESTON. KAXSAS Do Hot Crowd the Season. The first warm days of spring bring with them a desire to got out and enjoy the exhilerating air and sunshine.

Children that has been housed up ail winter are brought out and you wonder where they all came from. The heavy winter clothing is thrown aside and many shed their flannsls. Then a cold wave comes and the people say that grip is an epidemic. Colds at this season are even more dangerous than in mid-winter, as there are more dangerous of pneumonia. Take Chamberlain's Cimgh Remedy, however, and you will have nothing to fear.

It always cures, and we have never known a cold to result in pneumonia when It was used. It is pleasant and safe to take. Children lilte it. For sale by J. A.

Cough Remedy The Children's Favorite OURBS Coughs, Colds, Croup and Whooping Cough. Thlt tmutf it fiunoni for It onrea ovr large put of the ctrlllxed world. It can slwuji be depended upon. It ooutalua no opium or other harmful drug and may gireii as confidently to a baby i to an adult Price 28 cts; Large Size, 60 cts. CONTAINING I To) In the treatment of Piles it becomes necessary to have the remedy put up in such form that it can be appled to the parts affected.

Man Zan Pile rem-dy is encased in a collapsible tube with nozzle attached. It cannot help but reach the spot. Relieves blind, itching, bleeding and protuding. piles. 50 cents with nozzle guaranteed.

Try it. Sofd Haynes Drug Co. NO POISONS. CONFORMS TO NATIONAL PURE FOOD AND DRUG LAW. The Origin! Laxative Coutlh Syrup containing Honey and Tar.

An Improvement over all Cough, Lung and Bronchial Remedies. Pleasant to the taste and good alike for young and old. All cough vrup containing opiates constipate the bowels. Bee's Laxative Honey and Tar moves the bowel nT contain no opiates. Prepared by PINE-VLE MEDICINE COMPANY.


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