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The Ottawa Weekly Times from Ottawa, Kansas • 2

The Ottawa Weekly Times from Ottawa, Kansas • 2

Ottawa, Kansas
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1 I or aoctors. l.uiy sucn peopie uave assist in watering the stocK 01 ine stock yards company. he Wixxxz. PFBLI'-HKD EVERY THURSDAY. helped to build Kansas, and his faithful wife is more entitled to sympathy It has acquired neany a quarter bcu-tion of land at Argentine and the 300 acres stock yards at Salt Lake.

closing OUT SUBSCRIPTION KATES, iih vear. in advance 51 00 than her husbar.d. Orain, widow of G. F. Crain, diseased, settled near the same place and is now living with her children.

Shohas exDerienced the same trials It has organized ana own iuo ueooi-cating and refining work which have a monopoly on all dead animals at the yards. OF OUR ENTIRE STOCK OF- It has acquired siock in uduw, -ix month, in advance, 50 iuree months, in advance, 25 Subscriptions not paid in advance will be cnai fted at the rate of $1.50 per year. Kntered in ihe post-offlce in Ottawa as second and hardships as Alfred Grain, and can snd and tell as startling stories of those times. "VT mail matter. inCE, 109 EAST SECOND STREET, it has acauired valueable lots and buildiugs outside of, but contiguous to A FAMILY HEIRLOOM urnlture, Batoy Carriages, Etc.

P. P. ELDER Editor and Proprietor, X. M. unauoier iweuiy-eigm.

Tr for all nf these thintrs ago settled in Harrison township, on WHOM. THE GOD W0BLT Etg, The following from the Albany Journal, is about what the average republican paper is saying of the silver leaders and convention "The Tes Moines convention shows that the democracy is steadily progressing towards damnation. It is much farther on the road than it was last year. It is wilder, fiercer, more grimly intent on leveling and destruction than it was in 189(5. It was thought by many good people that Mr.

Bryan's defeat would end the silver heresy and choke the mad doctrine over which the party had gone wild. But it is now seen that this was a grevious delusion. That mad doctrine is more rampart today than ever and the democracy is committed to it irrevocably. The situation is one to cause serious concern in the minds of patriotic and intelligent men. The democratic party openly advocates the most dangerous doctrine that was ever advanced in the United States.

It has reached that point where those who would defend American institutions must arnv themselves together. Democracy has come to stand for everything is dangerous to such a government as that under which we live. Patriots mu3t act together and ronst not be deceived by the old name of democracy FOR PRESIDENT, 1900, WILLIAM JENNINGS BRYAN. a choice eighty acres of land. He is a native of New York.

He dropped into 1U LllJ yiKM. a out of the earnings of the Kansas City Stock Yards company. It is contended by the state that the actual capital should not exceed on which the earnings of the yard under the new law will pay a dividend of 11.52 Der cent or a dividend of the Times office last week and brought BTI with him a relic of former days, what yankees would call a "fowling piece grdiip Of men. The story to which he had reference was related at a lumber manufacturers' convention in Memphis, by Mr. II.

Winchester of Buckhannar, W. Va. It ran as follows: "There was a meeting of lumber kings in Senator Burrow's committee room not long ago. One of the gentlemen from Minnesota made an estimate on the back of an envelope of what the $2 rate meant to the group of men present. He walked around the room, and then said: 'Mr.

Burrows, do you know what $1 a thousand would mean to this little crowd of men in here On last year's productv alone it would have meant for us There is no reason to believe the lumbermen exaggerated the protection that the duty would give them. On the contrary, they would shrewdly try to conceal their vast gains under the tariff. Consequently, it may be. believed that the SI rate would have given over $6,000,000 to the "little group" in one year. If so, how much will the 82 rate give the whole body of rich lumbermen annually? That is, how many millions will it take from the pockets of the people The public ought to be interested in this matter.

The lumbermen have got the rich forests of the North by fraud and charity, Now they are having the people forced to pay them millions of dollars to market the wealth that really ought to belong to the people. Moreover, the people are actually compelled to pay the lumber sharks for denuding the forest lands. Instead of holding the valuable trees that are left us, we have to give a bounty to their appropriations and encourage them to be as wasteful as they please. In a few years we will wake up to wonder why we were so foolish as to give subsidies to millionaires for robbing us and destroying the nation's forests. or shot gun, of nearly double lengm per ceui uu me aciuu barrel smooth bore, designed to be Out along the Cimmaron, river in southwestern Kansas, it has been discovered that cottonwood bark will answer the purpose of quinine in correcting bilious troubles.

All remedies are discovered by accident. Try cottonwood bark. We have one of the biggest and best assorted stocks in Kansas, and the prices we are making will be a revelation to yon. Don't fail to visit our store and get our prices. During this sale we will sell for CASH only.

Resp'y, used witn eitner snot or uuia. the laws of Kansas and should main- '4 r.himdler sava he can trace the gun in tnin its office in this state. But as a thmr fmilv back to 1814. and does not matter of fact its main office is at Bos- ton where nearly all the stock is held know whether it was used in tne ar and where its financial transactions are of 1S12 or not. It once had a Hint lock, consummated.

like all guns of those days, but now IE I have no doubt from the testimony that the rates fixed in the stock yards W. D0WD, 124 South Main St. Inrtk. The owner of law are still to high and that another The Herald on Friday published a most admirable list of pop candidates for county offices. Brother Gamble, chairman of our county committee, had better not call a county convention but leave it to the Herald to select our candidates.

the gun is a near relative of Susan Chandler, so well known in literary reduction will be in order by a future legislature. This case is the first one mat Know circles. The following clipped from PTTfliiinffe reminds us of a similar of in the history of the country where vow taken by Mr. Chandler: a strong, uncompromising hgbt nas been made by state officials against corporate power. Attorney General great mass of people is to have money cheaper and products dearer.

Why our farmers and producers of wealth will not see this and vote for their own interests insteal of those of England is beyond all finding out. When Cornelius C. Farmalee, of Bethleham, was a young man, he vowed that he would never touch a ramr to his face if Fremont should be Boyle started into the suit Handicapped pAINT? Of eoursc we linve paint ami lots of it. Tliis is tin- n.msiiii wln-ii you want use it. We ran fill your 01 l'-rs in unv sliaile or cilu al the lowest limine-.

in several ways. He had no data to those who were once democrats will be democrats again and those who were republicans will be republicans again. Fusion is dissolving populism back into its original element." Mr. Watson tells how much he has longed to bring" about the. union between the south and the west, and "To bring about the union I had put my political life upon the alter and sacrificed it wheir I stepped out of the ranks of the democratic party." work from, lhe business of the stock defeated.

This vow he has religiously MUST STRIKE OR STARVE. Colonel Robert G. Ingersoll, in a signed communication in the New York World, has the following to say regarding the strike of the coal miners: "New York, July 15, The question of wages for the coal miners ought to be settled by the employers and it would be if the employers were civilized. "It is very easy to ascertain what wages ought to be paid. It is easy to find how much it costs for good, wholesome food, for decent clothing, for rent to take care of the children.

When this ia found it is easy to say what wages should be. "When men work all day, and just When the McKinley-Walcott bimetallic commission had their interview with Lord Salisbury, England's prime minister and they had lunched at Windsor castle with the Queen, Lord Salsibury told the bimetallic commission he "would consult Haron Kothchild." kept, going unshaven since the election of James Buchanan in 1856. yards was as secret as the proceedings of the Kussian police, and its books apparently as inacessable as the North pole, lie was limited in funds which could be used to push investigatien, lOils and Varnish. So Mr. Chandler, when engaged the Fremont campaign, as a glee club singer in 18-5U, went to a northern New atson in claiming that he is still a but he pulled off bis coat, turned his vigorous intellect loose and took up FREE SILVER REPUBLICANS.

The free silver republicans of Frank lin county are requested to meet on Saturday, July 31, at the court house at 1:30 p. m. for consultation and organization. We urge all to attend. O.

E. Haley, Committeeman. Yes, we also have a stork of tli--e ami ean supply vou in anv ipiaiii in from a hall pint to a barrel. populist at heart, says: Vnrk fitv to hear Henrv Wilson 01 HOT "ASHAMED" OF KANSAS. from the Kansas City Times.

In the years sucoeeding the civil war Kansas began to blossom like a flower. The spires of churches and the belfries of school-houses rose above the white "It is hardly necessary for me to de Massachusetts, Hannibal Hamblin, the fight personally. He went to Kansas City and found the people there regarding h'ro as a disturber who was PAINTERS' SUPPLIES fend my personal character or my populist integrity from the attacks of a Henry Ward IJeecher and he became Complete line of Ilrushes, rutty-knives, rutty, etc. so enthused over the Fremont election jealous trimmer like Butler." It seems now from Washington correspondence that Speaker Heed refused lo appoint the committees of the house for the reason that he wanted to hold the places and patronage over the heads of members to make them vote right on the tariff and report of conference committees. Watson goes on to say that he pre that he declared and took a solemn vow to never shave until Fremont iJ.

B. LOCKWOOD dicted the break-up of the party in his letter of acceptance, withheld from was elected. And Mr. Chandler is now DRLCG1ST publication by Chairman Butler. 404- NOR1 A GOOD ADVERTISMENT.

AVE attended the Presbyterian service in the new church on the 19th and listened to a good discourse from a Kansas City pastor. The church is beautiful, convenient and attractive and an honor to the church and city in such hard times when a dollar is so hard to get. Much nearing the 80-mile post, has kept his Fremont vow, and has never shaved. How would it do to vow that he would The People's Paper. A GREAT LEGAL BATTLE IN THE STOCK shave when Bryan is elected? Then YARDS CASE.

A Topeka special to the Kansas the old man would have to buy a City Times, under date ot the 22nd azor. credit is due those who have so liber says: The Times intends to continue the pen and ink sketches of old pioneer settlers and finally print them in pamphlet form for future reference as part of the early history of the county. All those who desire a cut of themselves in the pamphlet will furnish a photograph to us we will procure a cut for not over 50 cents. AN IMPORTANT QUESTION- Attorney General Boyle this evening ally contributed to build this beautiful structure. The Pomona Enter DAISY GROCERY Still makes it a rule to keep Good Goods at Jfod-ciatc Prices.

Are the Rates Provided in the Stock Yards at 6 o'clock closed the argument for the State before Special Master Clark, in the stock yards case. He spoke for prise expresses our feelings and opinions so well we copy it in lull. nine hours and ably argued every fea-. Law Reasonable? Paper Read Before the Reform Press Association at Emporia by G. E.

Hathaway. 1 will say at the outset that what "There has probably never been a ture of the case. Mr. Dana for the Stock Yards company will follow to prettier or more complete carpet laid in this section than the one laid in the new Presbyterian church at Ottawa. It is the Family and General Newspaper for the people of Franklin county.

It is fearless and outspoken for the rights of the masses. It is the Best and Ablest Exponent of Free Coinage and Monetary Reform that is published in Eastern Kansas and favors a union of all Free Silver forces. It is THE OTTfltffl WEEKltY TIJBES morrow. The attorneys for the plaintiff claimed as much time for closing ever may be the outcome of this suit the expense of the investigation will Best of Fruits, Oranges. II.

A. Dunn's carpet department made the argument as the State required in to order-for them, and it reflects irreat fall upon the stock, yards people, and that the state of Kansas will have nothing to pay beyond the few expen credit. It seems to us. bv the wav. its entire discussion and the court and Attorney General Boyle conceded this claim.

This means that the arguments Lemons, a specialty. that H. A. Dunn is credited with laying all the large carpets in this section. ses of tiie attorney general's office.

will last two days longer. I he only way which we can reach Congressman Dingley stated in his place in the United States house that congress was costing the people If this is true then from the 15th of March to the 25th of July, this extra session has lasted 130 days, and has cost 00,00 and the country has got only a miserable tariff law to oppress and tax the people and build up the trusts and combines. That is all. lhe carpet they have just laid in the 1 he arguments when completed will L'resbytenan church is a very prettv 217 S. Main Street a fair understanding of this case is by a review of the organization, workings and business methods of the Stock have occupied sixty-three hours and the estimated number of words spoken shade of green with gold scroll, and covers the two south Sunday school rooms, the main auditorium, the nas were The documents in the Yards at Kansas City, which is the only one at present to which the new case weigh ill) pounds and the number of words they contain is esitmated at law applies.

I J. W. WIBLE tor's study, and the organ loft. The two east and one south lobbies are covered with a beautiful piece of linoleum to match the carpet." The stocK yards commenced business in 1872, with a paid up capital stock of 1,8.0,000. The public can see that there has been a great deal of talk over the matter.

The old idea that talk is cheap will probably not prove true iu this case. If the state wins the people on which they earned a 14.4 Mr. Dunn has no superior in taste per cent dividend that year. The next and enterprise in this city. ear they declared a 6o per cent divi will have no grievance as to the dend, and their own statement shows Contractor DOOR AND WINDOW FRAMES MADE TO ORDER.

DOOR AND WINDOW SCRENES. cost, if it is reasonable, but if the that they have always paid dividends FAIRY RINGS. State should lose Jones will still con tiring the twenty-live years which tinue to pay the freight and there will have since elapsed. be more talk. Coxoresmax I'eteus landed the richest pension plum last week that has come to Kansas for some; time.

He has secured for Mrs. Mary A. Fleming a pension of 8S per month, as the widow of a soldier, and a pension of 82 per month for each of her two children. All three claims date back to 1SM, so that the sum total of back pay will aggregate nearly 85000. Mr.

I'eters lias secured several other good-sized pensions for constituents recently, but this is the best one of the lot. Today they have a capitalization ot At any rate General Boyle made a and their contention is that strong speech. The attorneys for the ae rates hxed by law would cut down plaintm made a great eltort to hamper their income to a point where there NORTH MAIN STREET TWO BLOCKS NORTH OK THE ltKIIXiE. him by asking frequent questions, but would be no fair return on such investment. The first question to be consid Mr.

Uoyle was equal to every emerg ency they created ana many times ered is what the actual investment is. profited trom their interrogatories by The stock yards, according to the testi getting a new idea theretrom. Some mony of Col. C. 1.

Morse, general manager, cost much less thau the sum times the argument reached the dig PLEASANT HOME ASYLUM Get ready for the Fall Elections by subscribing for The Ottawa Times. Every Free Silver voter in the county should make it a point to support the paper that supports his political principles and trade with the merchants who patronize its advertising columns. The Times Wants 2000 Subscribers by the first of September, and with the co-operation of present readers hopes to obtain this number. If each of our subscribers-will talk to his neighbors and get only one subscriber whether he pays in advance or not The Times will have by far the largest circulation of any paper in the county. It Prints the News! It Tells the Truth It needs your help and patronage will you give it? The subscription price of The Times is 25 cents for three months, 50 cents for six months, or ONE DOLLAR A YEAR, CASH IN ADVANCE! nitv of an oration, at other times it representing the capital stock.

There was a cross-fire, and again would be di verted to a ioint debate and frequently has been a constant watering ot stock from the beginning. In 1874 348,000 was added to capital out of earnings, it assumed all the features of a dispute OTTAWA, KANSAS. AVIS1I to eall the attention of the pul'li-tithe faet that I have just e.niiiil.-teil a la- 1 preliminary to a quarrel. A courteous and each year thereafter additions "beg pardon" followed by "certainly were made in the same way until in sir." 1882 the capital had increased to 800, which seems to have all been cre atn Home lor the insane, one nnie north tne city ot ottaua, with lame airy apartments, beautifully Ioeateti, with lame. sha'I 'u-rxuinis ami lawn: iu faet.everwhinir that enull l-e desired for an institution ot tin' kin.

I. reasonable. MKHK Al. TREATMENT FliKK. I'artieular attention jiiveii to ecu -resHHiieiiee.

Address, GOVERNOR P. P. FLDER. Ottawa is supplied with the linest fruits and vegetables in the world and in abundant quantities. Our merchants have paid from 850 to $200 to individual farmers for these desirable articles of consumption.

The larger the population the larger the consum-tion and better the market. Hence every farmer in the county should make it a point to buy his goods of our merchants. Let no trade go by Ottawa. Look over the ads in the Times for houses to trade with. Help your paper.

ated out of earnings. On this capital a dividend of 1'! per cent was declared Governor I'. P. Elder, of Ottawa, is 18S2 and "83. In the year 1884 the in the city, having arrived last evening exploiters of this company reorganized G.

SALLEE, Proprietor, Ottawa. Kan. to attend the meeting ot the Kelorm Press association. The governor is added an to the corporate name and doubled the capital stock without editor of the Ottawa Times, and is one V. E.

I.AWRFNi M. ieiau. Oiiiee Third and paying a cent or even extending a vote 1.. Atrendimr streets, Ottawa. of the oldest and most prominent citi of thanks to the state of Kansas for zens of the state.

He has represented chartering them to do business his district 111 the legislature almost hdence. times without number and served the QTTS'GAStf GROGERY In 1887 they revalued their lauds and state as lieutenant governor. He has, issued over a million dollars or new also, been speaker of the house. In all his public career we never heard a stock on that account. In 1894 they issued 1,667, 100 of stock which they braath of suspicion uttered against his 415417-419 S.

Main Street. Gen. Harrison Kelley of Burlington is no more. He died about 4 o'clock on Saturday morning. Report says that he haj sick for some months.

We have seldom had a more painful duty to perform than to an claim was sold for cash, but which was honor or integrity. lie is now 74 years uever proven to have been paid for. old and is as hale and hearty as when During a lew years previous to this he came to the state in lHot. JNo man over one million dollars was sent to the Boston office and only 200,000 ever in Kansas is better or more favorably known than Governor Elder, and not THE TIMES has one of the most complete printing plants in the State and makes a specialty of neat, clean Job leaders, tint You all Know us--we niole wtll meet all competition. to know him "is to argue himself un known." Emporia Republican.

nounce in the columns of the Times the death of an old friend and pioneer. He has been a resident of Coffey county for nearly 40 years. We have known came back, so it is sure that if this stock was paid for in cash, the cash is still in the Boston office, because it was Among the many very flattering Job Printing there that this amount was claimed to notices of the Times since we have en have been paid. As late as June 18 Printing. Our type faces are modern and fresh from the foundry.

Our machinery is the best that is manufactured and it is operated by steam power. With this equipment we are able to turn out high grade work on short notice. When you need Letterheads, Envelopes, Statements, Sale Bills, tered the sea of lournalism and the BULK FLOWER SEEDS. BULK GARDEN SEEDS. SEED POTATOES.

a stock dividend of per cent was him for nearly that time. We have served with him in the legislature and knew his public life and never heard declared and added to the amount on which the cash dividend was to be de "THE TIMES PRINTS personal complimentary mention of our name, the foregoing is the first our modesty has allowed us to copy. Coming as it does from an old co-worker in clared, and there was still sufficient of his name or character assailed or criti cised. He has always been a promi earnings to pay a dividend in cash of ami wir Dodgers, Posters, Programmes, Invitations, or any kind of printing whatever, leave the order with THE TIMES and the result will prove satisfactory. Prices reasonable we meet all legitimate competition.

5.82 per cent. are the YEW prices as low as the very lowest. nent, leading man in Coffey county This is the point at which the com and the state. His life from the low ancient republican days, we have ventured to reproduce it in our columns pany comes in wun me contention that 5.82 per cent is as low a dividend Urother Ekridge has tor sixteen years KANSAS GITY TIPS as stockholders should be required to been editor of the Emporia Republi take, and that the new rates would est office filled by him to member of congress has been full of honors. He died at the age of CI, lamented by all who knew him.

In fact if we had been at his funeral we should have felt more amount to confiscation. A Desirable Species of Muk1iioiii lie Found About WHMiiliif-ton. Several species of mushrooms grow iu such a fashion, on our lawns and meadows that they often form regular and almost perfect rings or circles. These are generally called "fairy rings," but the term should only be applied to the rings of one particular species, known to botanists as Mar as mi us Oreades. To suit, however, our own purpose we shall name these fungi fairy caps as to their form, and fairy bread as to their substance, for no dainty lips of our modern fairies should despise the delicate morsel these plants offer us either in their natural state or when prepared for the table by an expert hand.

The little mushrooms of the fairy tribe deserve a great deal more attention than they have received in the past. Their peculiar habits, their pleasing appearance and great usefulness as a delicate food, should make them our favorites and proteges. We have also the opportunity of observing a number of fairy rings in our own beautiful city. Many private and public parks are decorated with them. The great circle oil the Mall and the white house grounds have many of these, though they might be obliterated for a time.

Senator Morrill seems to have been particularly favored by the fairies. They have planted not less than three rings on the lawn in front of his residence on Thomas circle. Persistent little plants they are, these fairy caps. Once they have a foothold on a favorable spot they will stay for years, enlarging their circle with each new crop. Their presence is rather detrimental to the sod and grass will not thrive inside such rings.

The process by which fairy caps manage to place themselves, in spite of numerous obstacles, in circle fashion cannot be satisfactorily explained here, but undoubtedly the radiating rootlets are the principal factor in producing this little wonder of nature. It requires but little discrimination to identify any single fungus of the fairy tribe. We might almost say a blind man can readily distinguish it from the other common lot. of small fungi, such as lawn nails, Ink drippers and extinguishers, all with delicate thin stems. In the fairy caps the stem is also thin, but strong, fibrous, often twisted, and the lower part hairy and almost woody.

In pulling a cap from the ground, the root stalk comes always out and all that may be attached to it. Groups of from three to five frequently grow together, anu are solidly attached to each other at the base of the stem. The color of the cap is not unlike chamois leather or untanned kid; the underside and upper part of stem are nearly of the same color aa the cap. It being a white-spored fungus, the underlining does not turn dark or black, but remains light brown. What entitles these mushrooms more than any other species to the name of fairy caps is their unusual faculty of reviving and regaining almost their original freshness whenever they are placed by the stem in water, and also owing to their preservative qualities, as they remain in good condition indefinitely when kept in a dry place.

To persuade yourself that fairy bread is really sweet and pleasant, just taste a small piece of it raw, and you will soon learn that it is good and wholesome as welL A bunch of these plants give a more agreeable flavor to meat sauce than do the French champignons. If you ara so fortunate as to find 'enough of them to make a meal a very dainty dish can be made by frying them and serving them on toast. The caps should be cut off from the stems, then thoroughly rinsed and be kept in salted water for two hours, after which they are in a condition to be prepared for the feast of modern fairies and other mortals. Washington Star. can and is one of our forty-year ac Now let us see "where we are at." get enougn to keep lite in them so trying to cripple a great industry if cottages and the red barns of the farm-not drive it out of existence.

He has ers. the radiance of her nrosnerit.v and quaintances. We have cooperated and The rates under the new law would that they can work the next day when worked together in Kansas for her shown the people down there that they possiblities extended in every direction noiiung can De saved; when old age produce income to the amount of $693,334 64, if the same amount of busi like taking a seat among the mourners than like following his funeral cortege were mistaken, anu today the press ot railroads, her laws and her advance The Only Metropolitan Free Silver Paper in Missouri and the West. ness was done as last year. I he ex can nave oniy a rag ana a crust; when a youth of industry euds in poverty and want, it is about time for the de nient.

He was in early days engaged Kansas City and thje citizens of Kansas City are as much interested as we to his final resting place. The older nenses would be 249,930.96, or 6.02 per in the mercantile business; we were we grow the more close is our life al cent on the the total capital of cent, the intelligent, the humane, to are out here in Kansas. Simply because Mr. Boyle has shown them that lied to the old settlers of Kansas. Our 650.

There is no sign of unfairness in improving farms, raising and feeding cattle. We both of us know what it assist the children of toil. "I cio not blame the miners for strik this kind of a return is there i this great business has been built up out of western money and western sympathies go out to his bereaved and distressed family. Harrison Keliey The reductions made by the law are ing. They must strike or starve.

All cost to start in a new territory both I blame them for is for not acting to DAILY $4 A YEAR TIMES $1 A YEAR. have enjoyed about the same honors. was an able, good and honest man. gether. Every miner in the United Cattle, from 25c to 15c; hogs from 10c to 8c; sheep from 5c to 4c; calves from 10c to 8c, while the price of corn and hav is reduced from SI per cwt.

and States should strike, and then if they REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR PINGREE OF aemanuea only tiie reasonable they FRANKLIN COUNTY PIONEERS. MICHIGAN PROTESTS. $1 per bushel to one hundred per cent wouia succeed. advance over cost. The average cost "jviy sympatnies are with the men Detroit, July 24.

Governor LMnree today wired the following and women who toil to whom the tu of hay i3 $7.50 a ton and of corn 20c a Among the number of forty-year residents' of Franklin county, Alfred Crain of Peoria township is one who ture promises nothing but work and bushel. It would seem to ordinary want nothing but failure at last. message in duplicate to President Mc-Kinley, Senator Burrows and Cong people that a chance to double money "As the employers are not civilized on every investment in hay and corn bore trie hardships of a new settler, Mr. Crain came from Elkhart county, enough to act fairly, I advocate a gen ressmen Corliss and Spaulding of ought to be as much as anybody could ask in fairness. Michigan: erai strike a claim lor rair and reasonable wages, and hope that all miners The stock yards company have a masnificent property at the mouth of Indiana, early in iv, where ne was married to Miss Fannie, his present wife, and started for Kansas together with high hopes for the future.

Both will have sense enough to join. I know "I regard the duty on lumber, hides and sugar as unrepublican, unpatriotic of no other way for them to protect the Kaw it is true, and to the casual and unfair. tnemselves. it they are reasonable "The lumber now used goes largely growth and development and that the profits of it are all being taken to Boston to swell the coffers of people who have apparently no interest in Kansas beyond exploiting it for every dollar obtainable. No contest has been so eagerly watched as has this battle of giants a great corporation against a great state.

If the state wins the decision of the Uuited States courts one great point will been settled that corporations doing business with and for the public must take the public into their confidence and refrain from robbery. No man understands the importance of securing this decision better than does Attorney General Boyle, who has put more hard work into the stock yards case than he ever put into any other case in his life, and made a fight against a combination of the most eminent lawyers in the west which is a credit to Kansas and an honor to the office he holds. In conclusion, I wish to say one word about Kansas City newspapers. As soon as it was shown that the contest was to be an honest attempt to regulate rates upon reasonable lines, all the papers of that city commenced to give fair and impartial reports of the testimony and other proceedings and have continued to do so to this day, thus vast majority of the people will be with into small homes and larm houses and young and determined, settled on the Indian lauds included in the body ine eyes ot eastern investment companies were attracted and all too soon the bubble of speculation began to float over her waving fields. This was not a lucky day for Kansas.

For, when the bubble hurst its withering atoms were scattered from border to border, casting blight wherever they fell. Being belter equipped with natural and arti-licial rescources the east breasted the storm and did not suffer as did the west, which was swept by a financial wave as pitiless as the burning winds from the alkali deserts of the J3ad lands. Still the courageous and resourceful inhabitants of that unfavored section are emerging from their travail of debt and hostile natural conditions. Kansas, both east and west, has learned to know itself. One section is pushing its matchless agricultural and mineral resources steadily toward the fullest productiveness; the other is developing the cattle industry and maturing plans for a system of irrigation.

An honest, efficient and economical administration of the political affairs of the state has materially aided her people in interpreting nature's motives aright. There is nothing now within view, barring the harrassing trade conditions which the venality, stupidity and recklessness of the general government and the greedy corporations it favors have placed upon the people of Kansas, in common with those of every other section, that can stop the onward progress of this great state. All honor and credit to her sturdy and preservering citizens. With their own hands and brains they have wrought out their political salvation. They have shown an industry and a tenacity of purpose that will bring themselves and their state brighter and broader and ampler rewards with" every year of effort that rolls by.

tnem. so, say, success to the strike observer it might seem unjust on the part of the state to interfere with its workings, but when we consider the fact that this company has in twenty-five years taken out 2,263,781.49 more "If employers import laborers who to a class already greatly overtaxed. The laborer wears twice as many shoes as the millionaire and must contribute known as the Feoria lands and bought will work for less than an American can live on then I say stop the import FF.AKt.KSS, PEMlH K.VTII AXt) in Fa voi: ok Fkk.k Silver, It Is tiik One ank tub Only One Met KOI-OLITAV 1AILY Si flMTriX: TIIK Cacsk of Free Sn vf.k axii tiik Chi 1'latform. It St a mw at All Tim es For THE IXTKKF.STS OF Til F. AX'K TIIK WKST ANU AliAINST Tltt'ST llOM i NATION, Political Cohhi ption, Ki i.ev Comiunks, And Wall Street Shvkh ks.

Pledged to the cause of the eople an. I against the bosses, always fihtin on deliat-able ground and strong in its belief of the-tenets of true Uemocracy as eliminated in the Chicago platform. The Kansas city Times is. now the only tree silver paper of the metropolitan class in the state ot Missouri and the preat Middle West and Southwest. It is the pa)ei-for the Western man.

fivr the reason that Western interests find their strongest advocat in The Times. Its editorials are widly quoted and its devotion to the free silver cause ha the uminalitied indorsement of the entire lV-ui-ocratie rural press. Its corps of writers ami corresondents are-thorouishly trained in the preparation of news: and the way to produce a bright readable paper. Aside from its political views, its columns receive more attention from the national press, and it is quoted more bvthem than all the other Kansas City The cause of silver is constantly trrowins, and to keep alive to its progress you must have The Times. It prints the news all of it all the time.

Iaily, for one year' 4 00. Twiee-a-Week Times, for one year, Send your order now to The Kansas City Times, Kansas City, Mo. than it has paid in, and has $7,368,650 in at the land sales at l'aola 18o They have raised ten children, all Kan twice as much for the tax on hides. tation, and if such laborers come here of stock on which to earn dividends, "He must use as much sugar and of their own accord then I sav. by lee has not the state of Knsas, which au sas born and erown to manhood.

Prof. pav as much toward the duty on sugar, islation, send them back and stop their thorized the company to do business Grant II. Crain in the Ottawa univer "It is grossly unfair to make the poor pay as much per capita as the coming. liOBERT u. Ingersoll.

for the accomodation of the public, a right to enquire into its business is it sity is one of these two old settlers sons. The two settled at Feoria. Mr. rich toward the support of the govern not its duty to do so and see that tne ment. Property and not human stom POPULISM DYING, SATS WATSON.

public is treated fairly i us see Crain left his young wife who had achs should be reached. Property is Thomas E. Watson the late candi what this company has done by per protected by our laws and should pay left her parental home to share hi mission of the state. date 01 the peoples party tor vice lor its protection. II.

s. inguek. toils and hardship in this troublesome It has built up this great stock yard. It has. during the years when every president says, over his signature in a county to go to the timber every day five column editorial in his newspaper other business and industry around it to make rails, so he could fence ground and crops from the incursion of cattle that the people's party is on its last was suffering losses, scaling down val showing another proof of the truth of the Dosition I lone have taken that British capitalists were said to be opposing the proposal of the United States bimetallic commissioners for a legs.

lie writes: and hogs, for every animal ran at large ues and facing bankruptcy, increased its profits and paid from 14 to 20 per cent dividends, added to the values of conference on the ground that English "Had I fallen into Butler's plans in those days. They built their build finances were satisfactory and the and assisted Bryan and Sevvell, it genuine newspapers are largely governed by local surroundings and generally reflectors of the public opinion of the communities in which they circulate. British government could not be ex ing and fences and have prospered as its holdings, increased its lacuities, bought lands, subsidized packing quite probable that Bryan would now be president, Sewall vice-president and pected to assist other governments in 7n aq the times would admit. Let houses, all out of the profits of its Watson a member of the cabinet. distress.

Ottawa Republican. The above tells the whole story those who followed the forty-year set business. "In the breaking up of the people's party, which Mr. Butler has done so THE WHITE IKE STEAL. From the Kansas City Times.

F. A. WADDLE, Attorney and Counseor at Law. Office in Rohrbaugh Block, Upstairs. 221K S.

MAIN, OTTAWA, KAN. England is the great creditor nation and it is to her interest to make money much to bring about, many other old Senator Pettigrew pointed his ar- time republicans will be found doing It has increased charges when the price of all grades of stock was going down. It has organized an improvement company out of its stock holders which has no apparent object other than to rai am merit of the 82 Dingley amy on tier since, reflect how much energy and self sacrifice these hardy people underwent, a thousand miles from their old home and relatives, living in rude cabins, no schools or churches, lawyers A (rood eighty acre (arm well improved, for Burning, itching skin diseases instantly relieved by De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve, unequalled for cuts, bruises, burns. It heals leaving a sear. C.

I Cowdery. just what Dunning did. If we cannot dear and products cheap. America is a debtor nation and the interest of her white pine lumber with an allusion to the tremendous profits of a small sale on easy terms, or for city property. Ha quire of Du.

8TIU.WKLL, 134 Malu street. arrest the falling to pieces of our party 1 S3-.

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