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Ottawa Daily Local-News from Ottawa, Kansas • 2

Ottawa Daily Local-News from Ottawa, Kansas • 2

Ottawa, Kansas
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Sealed Proposals. you had any instructions from THE DAILY LOCAL-NEWS. him as to Mr wishes regarding the A Penny Saved nomination or have any of the friends "He has not written or cabled to me or anv one else as far as I know. He BTT Xi. 3CE33XS.

211 Main Street. Five Dollars Per Year. has not expressed himself since he wrote the Paris letter and nothing can be authentic unless it appears over bis Served by Wots, per week own slznature. No one has been au IS A PENMEApED. thorized to speak for' him." Sealed proposals for right of candy lemonade, cigars, peanuts, ice cream, lunch stands, for Fourth of July, at the Park, will be received on or before Thursday, June 28, by Mr.

Beerman at 'Ring Smith's clothing house. WO KIN CM I Goto Guy Milner If you want the best and cheapest Shoes in town. Money to Loan. Large and Small sums of money to loan, at a low rate of interest, on improved farm qr city property. 232 Dick Mason.

The columns of the LOCAL-NEWS "Did you read the reported interview are open to short communicatiam on with your father at Newcastle any and all subjects of local interest. "Yes, and I believe it to be authortic." Communications must be short. To Youne Mr. Blaine was unable to induce brevity, we shall charge regular 'As cattle are getting very cheap 1 have reduced the price satisfactorily explain the evasive feat advertising rates for all metier in excess ures of the answers made by bis father of forty lines. in tnat interview, in me course 01 which the magnetic man declined to The editor does not necessarily endorse the sentiments of correspondents, and say whether or not he would accept ot all kinds beef, at ray three Markets.

Call and see how muce you can get for a little money. J. S. WELLER. is not responsible for tliem.

the nomination if tendered him. Write only on one side of the paper and send real name with each favor. JOB LOT of shoes just received at Guy Mllner's; will be sold at half-price. Assembly Tickets. The reason for the absence of moles tation of the saloon in border towns is that the business men, espec ially the small storekeepers and trades For President, GROVER CLEVELAND.

For Vice-Prasident, ALLAN G. THURMAN. KEEP COOL I men encourage the sale of liquor. The Season tickets will be on sale on and after Friday morning at the following towns on the Mississippi have towns in Illinois across the river, and the towns places: Has and Gasoline Stoves of the best makes. Our Jewel on the Missouri are opposed by towns Why fore this lull in baseball affairs? If a white hat is a skull cap what on the other bank in Nebraska.

There Gasoline stoves has such a reputation it needs no explanation are many bridges, and the Iowa farmer kind of a cap is a black hat We can furnish you gas stoves or change your gasoline on the river front can cross to Illinois Ilanes Manning Swift Co. Clark Bros. C. L. Itobbins C.

L. Cowdery. Full term tickets for adults $1.50. children 10 and Nebraska without much trouble. stoves to burn gas, without delay.

No one should be allowed to go below the Locust street bridge in a boat in It was found that if no liquor was sold in one town the farmers would drive time of high water. TO. Leonard Rerrigerator to another town where liquor was sold. to 15 years 75 cents. I).

C. Hanes. There is nothing that advertises Ot Sec'y. tawa like the the Assembly, and espec The rivalry between western towns would not allow of any such thing as hampered competition. When the sa Boston Palace, 125 Main Street.

ially a very successful one. has out-stripped all competitors. Our sales are far greater than last year's sales and the season hardly begun. loon-keepers of Davenport were going The Republican convention alter ATTENTION to close, in obedience to the Prohibition Ice cream freezers and water coolers, lawn mowers and taking five ballots for the Presidential law, they were requested by the store candidates ad journed at 4:35 Sat are to have a reduction sale in our millinery goods for the next 30 days. Come and secure your bargains before lawn rakes, hammocks and swings.

keepers and business men to keep open, urday until 11 a. Monday. and prevent the Iowa trade from cross its too Mns. S. J.

Elston Co. vRICHT DEITRICH, It might be well worth the trouble ing the river to Eock Island in Illinois. and expense for the city to put up It was the same way in Council Bluffs, FRENCH sign on Locust street bridge warning where the farmers would have driven Shoes and Slippers just imported at Guy Milner's. strangers who row on the river against to Omaha, and in other near towns in the dam. like manner.

Council Bluffs has gone Dress Making. further than Davenport in its rivalry Children are nuisances when allowed by their parents to make nuisances of with outside towns, for, besides keep H. CLA7TOXT, The Old Reliable Will go out by day or do work at ing its saloons open, it encourages big themselves at the lectures, and, togeth room JNo 127 South Main St. Magic gambling houses which wili draw Ne- er with the parents, should be fired. A whole audience should not be compelled braskans with cash capital from Oma scale system used Mas.

Edith Chron-ister P. 0. box 705. ha to drop the same in the cash games' to suffer an annoyance simply to ac at Council Bluffs. commodate the parents.

Boston Palace, 125 Main Street. Winfield sent congratulations to the Seventh Day, Monday, June 25. management of the Ottawa Assembly Has again entered the field of competition and is ready to corrmete with all comers in Dress and Business Suits. Mr.Clay- on the success of the Ottawa 8 a Devotional Service, condmt- t-t i i i ATTENTION are to have a reduction sale in our millinery goods for the next 30 days. Come and secure your bargains before its too late.

Mns. S. J. Elston Co. ton's reputation is too well established to neea comment.

ed by Mr. Geo. S. Fisher, State Secretary of Y. M.

C. A. for Kansas. Assembly. President Milner on behalf of the management here, returned the congratulations in a neatly worded 9:00 Chorus Training.

An elegant line ol samples to etioose irom. Parlors over 227 Main Street. telegram. 9:00 Primary Teacher's class, Mrs. For Sale.

M. G. Kennedy. Mr. Wabash Do you admire Miss 9:00 Little People's class, Miss Car An eight horse powes boiler, in good Rives' literary style, Miss Waldo rie L.

Brooks. Inquire at the order. Will sell cheap. Dalturi Steam Laundry. Miss Waldo Well, to be frank.

I must confess that at times it is perhaps Training class, THE INVINCIBLE Mothers' Meeting. a trifle immitistical, yet there is an Ice! Ice! Ice! 10:00 Ninth Normal Hour, Prof, open shrankness, or a shrank openness as it were, a plethoric wooedlosity or Holmes, "The Ilistory of the English ATOR Bible" (continued) and "Ligting up the All orders for Ice left at J. Hue's or Dr. Cowdery's stores will be promtly tilled. II.

ItAMALEY. millineryillya, one might say, which spite of the immitisticality Lesson." 10:00 Ninth advanced normal hour. which occasional betrays itsel. Sun. made Entirely of Hard Wood.

Dr. Teachings of Christ." Ice! Ice! Icee A gentleman met Col. Bob Inger- 10:00 Young People's class, Mrs We are now prepared to deliver Park Kennedy. yfr mj soli as the great infidel came out of Judge Gresham's headquarters, at the Patronize home industry when it costs nothing and give you more for your money than 10:00 Children's class, Miss Brooks. 11:00 Historical Lecture, Prof.

III I1HIWW Grand Pacific, one night. iCol. Inger- Front Ice in large or small quantities in any part of the city. Leave orders atS. E.

Lemon's or Baldwin Cady's sol was wiping the perspiration from Holmes. "Alfred the Saxon." KB I PSifPai Laout-siders give. I1 1 IT 1 1-1- 11:00 Intermediate Singing Class, store; or drop us a card through the 'ill 1 Ki postoflice. 214 Heck Son, Prof. Boyle.

his face with a large silk handkerchief, and, after they had shaken hands, the man whojis a Chicagoan, by way said: "It is as hot as Hades, isn't it, Colonel?" "I have my doubt abont 2 p. m. Afternoon Lecture by Rev. Wire Bread Toasters. Joseph T.

Dury'ea, LL. of Boston, Subject, "The Intelligence of Animals, Ought to be used by everybody hav there being any Hades." replied Inger- 4:00 Tenth Normal Hour, Prof. Simpie. iianasome, uuriiuie, Cheop when Quality and Immense Saving of Ice are considered. The only Dry Air Refrigerator worth buying.

Consumes less ice and oblaining Lower Temperature than any other. Instead of having five Walls to become damp and mouldy and finallv rotten, the INVIN soll, "But I know there is a St. Louis. Holmes. "The Bible from God." ing a gasoline stove.

Price fifty cents; for sale by Forbes. I'll agree with you that it is as as 4:00 Tenth Advanced Normal Hour, St. Louis." Dr. Hurlbut. "The Teachings of Christ" New Tin Shop.

Corner Fourth and Main Street. (continued), "You Looal-News fellows are mak 4:00 Chorus Training. Stoves and Tinware, Hoofing, Gutter- ing bigger asses of yourselves than Hurlbut, over his wearing his hat on 5:00 Sixth C. L. S.

C. Round Table. g. General Job work and Repairing. CIBLE has only three, with dead air chambers between makingljni 5:00 Children's Singing Class.

asoline stoves cleaned and repared on a. i j. -in it always ury. an aim hbo li. 8:00 Monologue Entertainment by the platform.

He only uses the hat as a skull cap." Such was a remark of one of Ottawa's most respected citizens Mr. Frank Lincoln, of Chicago. last night. Granting what the gentle Lost. man said as true, we still have the edge OTTAWA HARDWARE A.

P. ELDER, GOTTSCHALK CO. A black crape shawl on or near Main Street Leave at'F. W. Baker's lunch counter and get a reward.

Glenn Miller, chief cleik in the Chi short notice. All work guaranteed at price that will make you happy. A share of our trade respectfully solicited. Chas. M.

Bennett. Recorded Holsteln Bull-Champion milk and butter stock. Service fee $2.00 cash. Julius Jones. 247 N.

E. cor. 1st and Ash street. Assembly Shoes at Guy Milner's. Wanted.

A good family horse and buggy or surry. Address lock box 970. lliack Dress suits. H. L.

T. Skinner's. Gasoline stove, refrigerators, ice onthe doctor. We are self made; God made the doctor. And he uses his hat as a "skull cap." Well, dear people, don't be at all surprised if at anyj time Docktor Hulbert appears on the platform with his breeches tied around his throat "for a necktie," and his white shirt doing the duty of a "pair of pants." And, though such a change is hardly possible, the professor himself may surprise the people by appearing as a cago, California and Santa Fe offices at K.

C. was in the city yesteday the guest of Smiley, Deford et al. The familiar face of Al Kenneard was seen In the city yesterday. Al, is the happy possessor of the next best job to be had with G. Y.

Smith of K. C. with prospects of obtaining a "raise." crearn freezers, screen doors and wire cloth at Forbes'. 272-4w. Moxie: wholesale and retail at Kan sas City prices, by the bottle or dozen.

Lawn Tennis Shoes at Guy J. P. Laird Pharmacy, Having removed from 112 East Second Street, to 120 South Mairi Street, I would respectfully inform my friends and the public, that I have just received the Finest Line of Spring and Summer Suitings of the LATEST STYLE and BEST QUALITY in 'all $16 Fashionable Shades, which will be made it the latest Styles and sold at Bottom Prices. I have also a Fine Lot of Boys' and Children's Common Sense Suits, which will be sold very I have also a nice line of Men's Ready-made Pants vvjiich will be sold very cheap. NONE SHODDY.

Respectfully, 1 Milner's. Fon uent a pleasant furnished Walker Blaine appeared at the headquarters of the Main belegation late Thursday night, wearing a dress-suit and an exquisite bontonierre. He was eagerly sought after by delegates, and a band in the hallway played one the liveliest airs. Mr. Plain was hunting for somebody.

"What is your father's position before the contion?" sked a reporter. "The same us it has always been," said Mr. Blaino. room on ground (loor with or without board, at CIO South Cedar. 218 Main.St.

Andy Watkiu's, everybody, knows Andy who is acquainted with the railroad boys at all, and Miss Brady, of Gi-rard, were married at that place last week. Straw Hats K. L.T.CkSnnst's. Assembly Slippers at Guy Milner's. Gasoline stoves high, or low or side ovcu at Forbes..

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