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The Chapman Advertiser from Chapman, Kansas • 8

The Chapman Advertiser from Chapman, Kansas • 8

Chapman, Kansas
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il. Hi. ham has been let, J. M. Anderson of Emporia was awarded the contract at $16,980.

Work will commence at once. VIIOS. N. OUNN, M. D.

SURGEON. Graduate University of Yeruiunt oau be found at Druar Store. supper wTinSpiven by Un Indies of hit-city, Saturday oven ing 3day 5th. The proceeds will go tlm Elaiu Cornet Rand. Farther no -tice nest week.

Mrs. P. L. Jennings was taken suddenly ill while attending Wednesday evening 'and a doctor had to be called. She was removed to her home and Is improving slowly.

Quite a serious runaway occureel here Tuesday evening which came near proving fatal to Jas. Green. He and John Ryan were driving down a. on est i inn supi. i.

ayer meeting eacn Thursday eveiunt: at 7.J0V rUTHERAN' Services each Sunday, morning jaud evening alternately, Rcv.J.W. Lowe pastor. Sunday school each Sunday at 0:45 a.m. Player Meeting every Thursday evening. METHODIST EPISCOPAL Services every Sunday alternately morning and evening, in-.

K. H. Parkinson, pastor, Sunday school at to a. K. 0.

Hickey, ttuperintendent. Prayer meeting Thursday evenings at 7 p. m. A ten minute talk on the Sabbath school les on for the following Sunday will be made by the pastor at each prayer meeting. (1ATH0LIC Services each Sunday at 8:00 and yll :00 o'clock a.m.

Rev. Father Leary, rector SECHET OBDEKS A. the first Saturday evening UT in each mouth at o'clock in the K.of P. nail. Visiting brethren v.

ays welcome. 1 AND L. A. Me" the second Monday evening of each onth at 7:30 in Scherer's ban are store. KOF P.

Meet i heir ball every Friday evening. ting brethren cordially welcomed. W. OF A. Meet every 2d and 4th Vi'ednes- day evening.

J. I'oor, V.C. A O.U. AV. Meet each Tuesday evening in A the K.

of P. hall. Visiting brethren are always -welcome. A. L.

Olney Master 'Work-nan, N. Fenstermaeher, Recorder. AO. the first and fourth Satur-. day evenings of each month in their hall.

D. P. Delaney, Recording Secretary. Kand L. of Council No.

nr Meets in Tal-bots Hall 1st. and 3rd, Mon iay evenings in month. Visiting members requested to, meet with us. M. E.

Hoag president, Scherer secretary. SOCIETIES Jh. of M.E.CHUROH -Meets every Sunday at p.m. at tho M.E.Church, Henry Davidson, j) resident. T.

U. Meets every Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the Congregational CUureh. I A. S. Meets at the Congregational Church Jevery "Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock.

alTATAUQUA CInOLE-Meets every Monday Oe veiling at place selected at meeting previous. P. S. C. E.

Meets every Sunday evening at the Congregational church. J' T. L. Meets each Sunday afternoon at 3:30 J. o'clock at the Congregational church.

A. Meets each alternate Sunday JL afternoon at 3 -00 o'clock at their hall over Scan lan 's store. RAILWAY TIME TABLE. I'l .1 UUHUUI IU East. No.

1 Passenger, No. 3 Passenger, 12:02 M. No, 12 1 Freight, 8:00 P.M. West. No.

2 Passenger, A.M. No, 7 Passenger, No, 13 4: Freight," CM. Stephens. Agent. George Griflith, an Englishman, started from London to make the trip around the world in sixty days; thus beating Nellie Ely six days.

The jury in' the famous Pollard-Ereckinridge breach of promise suit, decided in favor of Miss Pollard and assessed the damage at $15,000. The anniversary, of the birth of General Ulysses S. Grant, will be appropriately celebrated at Galena Illinois, April 27th. Luther Laflin Mills will delh'er the address. An incendiarist, dressed in a woman's garb, was caught in the act of burning a barn, at Springfield Ohio.

He succeeded in burning several buildings before they arrested him. A free for all fight at North West ern University, Evanston Illinois, re. suited in black eyes and bloody noses for the Sophomores, and freshmen, jealousy was reported as the-causc. We have received Yol. 1, No.

1 of the Dunlap Weekly News, it is a neat 6 column folio, and non-partisian. Will M. Goodwin, is editor and proprietor. We wish you success Bro. Goodwin.

The Democrats may regard Senator Hill, of New York as traitor to his party, but he struck some sledge hammer blows, fo. the good of the country in his tariff speech before the U. S. senate. The.

Effingham World is no more, it has changed hands and also name, it is now called the New Leaf and remains non-partisian. By the support it is now receiving it looks like it Would live. Senator Vance, of North Carolina after serving his constituents fifteen years in the United States senate, died at his home in Washington D. C. April 14th.

at 11:40 p. m. He had a stroke of apoplexy the morning before his death. During a recent thunder storm, at Cairo Illinois, one woman was so badly frightened she was thrown in convulsions, another women was shocked into insensibility and both are report-ed dying from the fright. An ex-mail carrier was recently arrested, at South Bend Indiana, who confessed he stole a letter which contained a money order.

The letter which led to his arrest was found in the house he had just vacated. Our old friend W. II. Johnson has to give up a lucretive job as post master at Salina. His successor is a populist who was formerly a Republican.

Bro. Johnson can now turn his attention to his paper, the "Salina Sun" which is one of the brightest "jems" among our exchanges. The late, elections? well, They seem to have been very satisfactory to Republicans. They certainly show that the people are in favor of reinstating the Republican party and placing it in control of the government. The Republican policy is right and the Democratic policy is wrong.

Chicago entertained the largest gathering of representative Republicans, April 10th, that ever met in the city on a similar occasion. Visitors were there from every section of the state, and much enthusiasm was man ifested. The Republicans- have great reason for rejoicing all oyer the coun A series of meetings lasting four weeks conducted by Rev. Alexander Patterson of Chicago, resulted in the greatest religious revival ever held in Leavenworth, over six hundred conversions was the result. The eighteen delegates to the state convention from Leavenworth county are instructed for Major Morrill for governor, most of them are for.

Douglas for congressman-at-large, Brown for secretary of state and Cole for aud itor. If Congress can be compelled to adjourn the present session without pass ing the wrecking bill, we shall be in full tide of restored prosperity before the close of 1894. If it passes, prosperity will not come again much before 1D00. Thus the duty of Republicans in Congress is made plain. They should not spare the most desperate efforts to defeat the horror.

New Albany, Ind, Evening Tribune. A NOTED KAN A GONE. Ex-Governor Harvey died at his home near Junction City at midnight April 15th. His death was mot unexpected as he had been ill for a long time. In the fall of 1868 he was elected governor and in 1870 he was renominated on the first ballot and was elected for the second term-In 1874 the legislature elected him United States senator to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Senator Caldwell, serving till March 1877, when he retired to private life and took up his favorite occupation (farming) in Geary county.

KEFUJIAMCN" CANDIDATES. The Republicans are certain to get a good man for candidate for governor. The Eldorado Republican says all the aspirants belong to the church, and adds: Geo. W. Martin is a paid up deacon in the Presbyterian church and attends services regularly every Sunday.

E. W. Hoch is a Methodist and passes the contribution box quite often. D. W.

Heizer is one of tlin ib let of the Baptist church at Great Bend and his family always occupies a seat on the left side six rows back. E. N. Morril is a Congregationalist and can be seen in the amen coiner with his wife, son and two daughters every Sunday. THE CAMPAIGN.

The following are the issues of the campaign as outlined by the Republican Central Committe of Dickinson county. The duty of the Republican party is plain. The Populists and Democrats have made the issues for us upon which this campaign is to be fought and won. In State politics it is a question of honesty, of obedience to law and the courts, of men of integrity in office, and of individual independence against dishonesty, lawlessness, fugitives from justice as officials, anarchy, socialism and paternalism. In National politics the contest is for the preservation of American industries, of the manhood of American labor, of the security of the American homes, the industrial independence of the Republic, the American markets for American produce, the maintene-nance American patriotism, and justice to those who off ered their lives that the nation might live.

With such principles inscribed uptin our banner every Republican will fall into line. We therefore invite all men who love good order and good gov ernment to join us in driving from of-fics the men and parties who have brought dishonor and disgrace to our State and nation E. HUMPHREY, CITAPMAN FURNITURE STORE. Caskets and Hearse Furnished. R.

McSIIEA, M. D. Physician and Surgeon, Treats diseases of Uoso. Throat and Ear Office over Post office," OK A.3? JVC-A-InT KANSAS P. SHEERAIsl SONS.

Proprietors the iSMOKYf HILL' And dealers Habd And Soft Coal, 'Honest iceights and corteous treatment." Give us your patronage 3TVe Relieve we can make our trade a mutual benefit. p. Sheerafirtn. L.OTIBGS. LUMBER, LATH, LIME, CEMENT Will Furnish Material for Houses, Earns, and all Kind of Buildings as Cheap as any Competitors in tlie County, flypp merjfKBX' TBI IIATTW Tff 1 S- Gjicoleiist Oculist Practice limited to Surgery, Surgical diseases Diseases of omen and Pis eases of the ABILENE, "KANSAS' $lThirteen The New York ILLUSTRATED NEWS Is a sittjen 1'Hitn Ncws'iapcr, issued every Thursday, hicli iu he mailt'U, wrmiiien.

U) nnv l-i liie United States, tor thirteen weeks on re eeiptof ONIi DOLLAR. Tim New York ILLUSTRATED NEWS ha- fctioii whatever, with any. oHipr nuhlii'Rtloii. News or and anosci luera are i-aiiuuiL ii imitations, A liberal discount, allowed' to Post Masters, agents and clubs. All cnmnuintca-tions must be addrissed.

ARTHUR T. LUMI.EY, 3 Park Place, Ore oiv Are you willing to work for the causa f. Protection in placing reliable infor-ination. in tho hands of your If you are, you should be identified with THE AMERICAN PROTECTIVE JARIFF LEAGUE. 135 w.

23d New York. Cut tlila notlcs out and tetid it to the League, baling; your and telvo. a helping hand Marshall avenue, when the horse became frightened 'and started to run, they lost control of him when he came to Colfax street, and he made a sud den turn at the corner upsetting the b'Jggy, throwing the occupants out and breaking Mr. Green's colar bom; in two places, also cutting a very ugly gash on his forehead. Drs.

Gunn and McShea took several stitches in the wound, and lie is getting along as nice ly as could be expected. Mr. Ryan escaped with a few scratches only. Later: Mr. Green received internal injuries, from which he died at 8:45 yesterday morning.

A DOUBLE BISTIIDAY PARTY, Miss Alliee Itexroat and Mr. Ira Whitehall- Celebrate their birthdays, Friday Evening April 13th. A birthday party was given at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. J.

A Whitehair in honor of Ira's 2lst birthday, and Miss Rexroat's 17th birthday. About twenty-five counles were pres ent. The evening was spent iu games and a social time was enjoyed by all. A fine Bb cornet eostiag $30 was presented to Ira by the guests, Mr. Morrison making the pre sentalion speech.

Several other' tokens of friendship was given to Miss Rexroat and Mr. Whitehair. The New P. O. Money Order.

From the St. Louis Globe-Democrat. Everybody who sends or receives through Uncle Sam's mails will be interested to learn that on the 1st day of July next a new money-order system will go into effect, by which bot large and small sums can be readily transmited by letter with absolute safety, and at rates much less than the present. Orders for $2,50 or lest can be had for a fee of only 3 cents, and 'orders for larger amounts up to S100 at rates graduated up to 30 cents. With the issuing of a new money order the postal note will be abolished since there will no longer be any need of it.

The form of the new order is both artistic and beautiful, and with all of convenient size for handling. Its popularity throughout the country is likely to be great from the start. YOU CAN CUFIE THAT COUGH WITI- VIM 7 filiiiJ kUlaimim EsUert's ISayilsgint Lives- fcilis 8 A small vegetable pSU, Cures Sick Headache, I Constipation, Dyspepsia, all Biliious III aad Disorders of the Stomach. T.Iver sinrl fcmrolo SOU) BY ALL RRUGCISTS. NOTICE FOR PUBLITATIOX.

First publication April 20. ISM. 1 Land office at Topeka Kansas, April IS, 1804' Notice is hereby given that the following-named settler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will be made before tho Probate Judge of Dickinson County Kansas, at Abilene Kansas, on Juno, 1894, viz. Lewen II. Earle, Homestead entry No.

243G2 for the E. 8. Sec.2,T. 13 8. R.4 E.

lie names the following witnesses to prove li continuous residence upon and cultivation oi, 'Id land viz: Ed Dalton.of Chapman Kansa-, Henry Lawrence, of Chapman Kansas. This, Keegan, of Chapman Kansas. W. Detricn, of Chapman Kansas. 17-Ct J.

I. FLEMING Register. IS THE BEST MEDICINE for the General Ailments of Horses, Cattle, Hogs aud Sheep. It purifies tho blood, prevents disease and cures Coughs, Colds, Colic, Hidebound, Worms, Distemper, etc. Nothing equals it for Hog Cholera.

Honest and reliable, in honest packages! used and warranted for over twenty years. Everyone owning a horse or cattle should give trial. Made by EmmehtPkopriktakv Chicago, III. Uncle Sam's Almanac and Farmer Jones' Horse Deal mailed free. Uncle Sam'a AServe and Bone LlnSaient for Sprains, Bruises, Rheumatism, Stiff Joints, etc.

Goes right to tho Spot of pain. Nothing else so good for Man and Animal. Try It. BOLD BY LL DRUGGISTS. Hung 1lttl mnff work for i by Mm TaaaiK mm Jim.

nnnii, mieuo. uw, Sne nil, Wliy not you? Soma orn ovarii 400. OO month. You can do tlm work Bud li" home, wlierrvnr you am. 10vc vlnnorB are anally earnlnp; from 6 to ilDadny.

Allairri. Waahowyaubow end ttnrt you. Can work In ipnra fit or rllift limo. jitf mony lor worn-ara. Fallura unknown among tham, NEW and wnndarfiil, Parlknlani ftmh JiEPUBtlCAN CONGKESSIONAL, DISTRICT.

OA delegate convention of the Republicans of the Fifth Congressional District, will tie held in the opera house at Junction City, Kansas, at 4 o'clock p. m. of May 17th' iso-i, for the purpose of placing in nomination a candi date for Congress said district. The basis of representation from each county shall he ene delegate for each 200 votes, or fraction over 1C0. cast for Hon.

It; Burton for congressman at election of 1892. The several counties of the dis trict will be entitled to the following representation in said convention, viz; Clay. 8 ,..,,.10 Dickinson .12 Marshall 13 .7 Republic ....11 8 Saline 9 Washington 12 Total 95 By order of the Republican Central Committee of the Fifth Congressional V. H. Fi.KTCHKit., Chair, pro tern.

R. Tomlinsok. Secretaiy. Score a victory for Tom Reed. Gold in abundance, was recently discovered in La Plata mountains Colorado.

Senator II ill's tariff speech has stir red the Democratic party, from center to circumferance. Pension Commissioner Lochren has reduced his appropriation from $1G0, 000,000 to $150,000,000. Those who are in position to know say the Wilson bill will not be 'disposed of before the dog days. The latest management of the Pop administration unearthed at headquarters, was the purchase of worth less school bonds. What next? Legislation in the U.

S. senate is very much behind; Senator Cullom says "we have done nothing excepting pass one or two emergency bills. An Incubator was recently establish ed, at Crown Point Indiana, that has a capacity of COO chicks, at one setting. The plant will be heated by gasoline. 4.

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