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Golden Belt Advance from Grainfield, Kansas • 5

Golden Belt Advance from Grainfield, Kansas • 5

Grainfield, Kansas
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PERSONAL. RAILWAY' TIME TABLE. Hud Abandonment. Wa-Kooney World. lm has invented a bicycle for the ladies; It Is built just like the masculine affair, we believe, except that the saddle is a kind of a bench like with a square hole Short Horn ('tittle, and Stock for Stile.

Com). K. i I it ii to 1 1. Kk. OIK IIC ii.

ClllllUIJ'. 1 sell till kinds of Karia Ma llimhvniM ami Slovei VALii.NTINH MYKJl'H Kestauriinf, A Square Meal at Smiitre Price, cenls. Somen Street, Closu to the Depot. COTTAGE Week. Proprietor.

HOTEL. Churgcs Hoard by reasonable. tliu Day or Col. (lore CONTINENTAL HOTEL. $1 per Day.

House New. Hoard Reasonable, CD. Ti GADOIS- Livery and Sale Stibli's, Good tuns and Reasonable Rules. Oooille the Depot. OBALL SON.

Livery. Feed A Sale Stable Traveling men furnished wilh Trams and Drivers tit low rates. OPERA CLOTHING HOISK. Any thing in the Clothinu: line from $50 suits to cent -ck ties. As cheap as the cheapest.

L. II. Fi.ulk-tier Co. 01INTZ Bro's. General every tiling the market calls for.

E. BOXEBRAKE. Hard ware of Agricultural Implements. and i.ll kinds Opera block. I IRA EL EltS fhould not forget to call 1.

the Depot, on Henry Bowersox uu cent cigar for a liL klc. BARTON Toilet Drugs, Lmiil, Oils, I Door South of Post Gilli e. T71IHST NATIONAL H.aNK of ABILENE Ks ij Camttil Jiiliu Pres. S. Dryer, Cashier.

A B1I.KNK BANK. G. II. Leboll. J.

i er. E. Herhst, Proprietors. E. A Hers Cashier 1HO.MAS KIliliY, VNKKU.

Fore tin. I on- Domestic Exchange bousilit and so ey to loan. Abilene, htm. c. I.

so: HKNKY'S Real Estate and I.o.m Agnrcy. Agency at Abilene for Kansus i ai iHe. and M. K. T.

K. R. Lands. 17 B. WILSON, Real Estate and Loan Agent.

Farms shown with out charge. $1,000,000 TO LOAN. 7 per cent. Low Com mission. Loans on City Property per cent G.

H. Freeman, Abilene, Ks. RATHER OGDKN, Real Estate and Loan Agents. Stock Farm. (MO acres, $7 per acre A) acre Stock Farm, $10 per acre.

11. McCORMIC. Agent. Abilene, Kansas. and Insurance ST AMH.U'W'l Attorneys.

Tiaetiee iu Stale mini Federal Courts. s. A. BURKOi'Gib Attorney at. Law, and In OliU-e over Kirby's Hank sura-ace Agein.

IT ENRY HOfSK. Keith Heirs, Proprietors. A I meals, (iood JL.l. west bou maple Rooms. ss UR a i i wa Passing through the most enterprising portion of Kansas and Missouri, the Beautiful Indian territory and Texas, with a solid steel track to and from the Union Depots of St.

Louts. Hannibal. Kansas City, and St. Joseph, Atchison and Leavenworth. and Dennisoii making close connections in these Depots with Railway Lines leading to all parts of the United States.

Passengers who purchase Tickets over the-MISSOURI PACIFIC RAILWAY have NO CHANCE OF CAR AND DAILY TRAINS Between The Following Cities: Kansas City and St. Louis. Leavenworth and St. Louis. Atchison and St.

Louis. St. Joseph and St. Louis. Fort Scott, and Hannibal.

Fort Scott aud Kansas City. Emporia and St. Louis. .1 unction City and St. Louis.

Dennison and St. Louis. Dennison and Hannibal. Dennison and Kansas City. Sedalia and Omaha.

Kansas City and Logan. with RECLINING CHAIR CARS FREE Besides FIVE lines of Pullman Sleeping Cars and handsome Day Coaches, with Toilet Rooms and the latest improvements, healed by pipes and thouroughly ventilated, carpeted, and with colored attendants. Tiie Missouri Railway has a Steel Track, the Miller Platform, and the improved Automatic Air Brake on all cars in its passenger trains. It is in every respect AFIRST CLASS RAILWAY For Maps, Time Tables, and interesting reading matter concerning the Missouri Pacific. Railway and its connections with other Lines, which will be mailed FREE, address.


Gen'l Pass Agent. Gen'l Pass. Agen A. A. TALMAGE, General Manager.

ST. LOUIS, MO. TO OWNERS OF STOCK. Having an abundance of fine Grazing I am prepared to take charge of large or small bunches of Cattle. Will make advantageous arrangements with owners of such cattle and it will be to their interest to call on or address ire as below.

I also keep on hand, for sale, a number of desirable Native Milch Cows. Ranch on the llackberry South or Grainfield. Post Office Address. II. C.

Diggs Grainfield, Gove county Kansas. ADILKNE UK llcrMilrc Swine, Hpoiirlence coHciii'd, rAU NU Pacinc P. RAILWAY. KANNAD DIVISION. GOING EAST.

Time. 12:80 u. in. p. in.

u. in. 10:13 p. in. 8:12 H.

in. 8:45 p. m. 4:44 a. m.

p. in. 6:25 u. in. a.

m. ii. in. lantern Exnress, JiVtluntlc Express, if Emigrant, 1 Express freight, I Local freight, 1 Through freight GOING WEST. Colorado Express, Pucltlc Express I Emigrant Express freight, Freight A.

K. Stanfohd, Agent. LOCAL. tST Stoves at cost at Ayres Bno's. There was a light frost Wednesday fight.

B2PButtcr crnckers and Boston bnked- eans at Ayres Bros. KWTry those California fruits at yres Bros. They are luscious. C. M.

Burr is huildiusr ice i. iouae haviiig their Tire shriukcr at No faste of Iron by cutting. II 83T Chapman has just received a large tock of Fall Goods. I li flgg'' Go to Chapman's for your Mens ,1 nd Bys Hats and Caps. I Mr.

(Burr says Monday night was fine v-vr dwoki Tame ones. Freight trains, U. 1 nave arrying TJ. 8. Mail.

Mr. Thos. Hindman will soon cut the Jimainder of Mr. Chapman's Warm meals at all hours Scott's. at 'rWild ducks are now plenty on the valine.

Bring your friends and take 'ome in. Be sure and borrow a sun. The wild horses are first class on the 1 icld. One started for Thomas county vith a rail road tie the other day. Mr, Kane has removed his shogniaking op to the building opposite the drug- tore.

'The champion shot this duel a 1 1 season i uai muue uy iuoore one uav tjfcverfjk nineteen at one shot. nackere! and cod-fish. Ayres Bros'. keep them. I Mr.

W. M. Scott has been appointed nonstable for Gove county in place of Mr, Tobias who has gone to Colorado. I Mr. Hart, of Victoria, N.

Y. is in town, file intends to go into the stock business herc. We cordially welcome him to IGrainfield. A dancing party Avill be given at- the Occidental next Tuesday evening in 'honor of Mrs. Beal who is to leave for (New York next week.

The opening of school which was to I have been.made last Monday was post poned until Sept. 12th, to allow the eom- pletion of repairs on lie school house. A man came into our office last week, aud asked to buy some bread. The near est we could come to satisfying his demands, was to point out several pounds of "pi" which we had on hand. The express rates for shipping poultry from Grainfield to Colorado are now one-third less than at any oilier town on the road.

Poultry raisers can thus see what is their best shipping point. lteborts from Dakota say that the yleof spring wheat was never better. viook out for a tumble in wheat when 1 crop is tnrown on the market. The i Vicars will then have a show. ii- i i t' The hermometer was shivering in its lass overcoat last Wednesday morning, and Mr.

X. was putting up his stove-pipe. We preserved this much of his remarks in our little phonograph, IP I oil! Mr. Beal, George Dryer, and several other gentlemen drove out last Tuesday, and'in a short time shot forty-five ducks. They say there are thousands along the Saline river.

Mr. Beal has some remarkable petrifactions found near Grainfield. One of them appears to be the tail and fins of a very large fish. The vertebra are plainly defined. The specimen has broken into two pieces the largest one of which is about eight by twelve inches.

The Golden Belt Advance is the most westerly newspaper in Kansas. "mrc away out on the frontier, in the i i of the great sea of 1 settlement row 'Viward the Kockies. This end of the Belt has most assuredly upheld tajfamous reputation for wheat this year, as the fields have averaged in this section nearly fifteen bushels per acre of fine plump grain. Hence '-Golden Belt Advance" cannot be called a misnomer. ack of Ins store.

The watermelons are It becomes our duty to say that Mr. J. II. MeQuowji, of Kirk wood, 111., has abandoned for the present the idea of starting the mill at this place. The building had been erected preparatory to receiving the machinery.

A portion of tlie machinery had been shipped from Indianapolis, as long ago as Satur. day, August 20th. Last Wednesday evening Mr. McQuown telegraphed from tliis place for thebalence not to be shipped. The reasons for the abandonment of the mill project seem to bo two In num her.

Mr. McQuown did not get the ma chinery as soon as he had looked for it. This delay placed the starting of the mill as late, perhaps, as the coming November. In the second place, his millwright, who reached here the latter part of last week, began to harp against the country, lie thus discouraged Mr. McQuown.

Of course, it is to be regretted that the mill is not to be started this season. But Wa-Keeney, which has always found a way to live, will survive this backset. The fact is, there is enough wheat in the comity tributary to this town to keep a mill running for months. The people need a mill. The lZuln.

Monday afternoon, while everybody was panting under the torrid sun, a kindly providence took pity on wilting humanity and gathered up several goodly storm clouds in various corners of the horizon, and loosed them upon this portion of John St. John's domain. It iain- ed steadily from four o'clock till dark, took a supper hour, and then went at it again with as much gusto as ever. At first it took half hour heats, then go-as -you-pleasc, and finally it let go everything and came down "all at once and nothing first, raising the rivers, and creating a gushing torrent iu every ravine. Tuesday.

morning its "'flag was still there," and we were treated to several more hours of the only beverage that our prohibition friends do not quibble about. It turned cold too, flocks of teal came Hying over, and we found that during the rain, summer had fled and autumn was here. A 1'roKperoiiM Year. The rain on Monday and Tuesday came at a good time, following the splendid rain of two weeks ago. We people of western Kansas had our dry weather, a long time ago hist July, and got through with all that foolishness in due time.

You don't catch us poking along with our drouths all through August and September, like those "Bleeding Kansans" down around Topeka and Leavenworth. When we have any disagreeable episodes to pass through we believe in getting them off our hands as quickly as possible. We havepnly lost our early corn; Our wheat is splendid, and we are going to have considerable corn, a good many people are ready to make sorghum molasses from their fields of sorgo, and the ground has been placed in good- shape for plowing by the rains. Taken all in all things look excellent for a pros perous year on the frontier. Wa-Keeney News, World.

The mill building cost Mr. McQuown about $700. About $400 in taxes have been paid on lands and lots which were advertised as 'delinquent. A. L.

Gleason, of Colorado, is about to locate in the Saline valley. He expects to bring 3,000 or 4.000 sheep to this county- Mr. Charles Tibbitts started to the eastern part of the state the fore part of the week. We learn that he will bring 300 sheep back with him. Last Saturday the Advance moved into the commodious building recently vacated by Mr.

James Burk, next door to the post office. Here we are not so badly ramped for room as in our former loca-p, nnd will put up our new Campbell press as soon as proper arrangements can be be made for its removal. We are "at home" to all visitors, and cordially request them to make us a call in our new quarters. The Advance will be sent free for one year to anyone in the towns of Grin-nell or Buffalo Park" who will send in several pages of local news from those towns every week. We wish to chronicle all the news of the county, and will publish cheerfully any correspondence sent from this or adjacent counties, properly written and signed.

We hope to hear from Buffalo and Grinnell before the next publication of the Advance. Wednesday, the howl of the man of family putting up the household stoves rent the wintry air and the metallic clatter of stove-pipe mingled with cheerful damns, etc. I A commercial man remarks that the Occidental is the best hotel between Salina and Denver. Well wc should twitter. E3TBuy your winter's flour before the advance.

"Gilt Edge" and "Patent Process" at Ayres Bro's. Charles Johnson our section foreman went to Salina last night on Ids wedding trip. Mrs. Dili's of llackberry is sick and Dr. Stults visited her this week.

Mrs. A. Ayres started for her old home at Galva Illinois on Wednesday evening to be gone several weeks. Mrs. Emily Randolph from Pontine 111 is visiting at A.

E. Stanford's. Mr. and Mrs, Russell went to Bismarck on Tuesday. Miss Nellie Smith returned to Bunker Hill on Wednesday.

John Beal killed two chickens while at Abilene. Too warm. Allen Ayres who went to Arkansas City for his health, has left there for his former home in Illinois. Mr. II.

C. Louis, commercial traveler, Kansaa City, was here, Tuesday. Mrs. John B. Beal will make a three months' visit to Bingham pton, X.

shortly. Mr. W. W. Walkey and wife went to Bismarck Grove last Wednesday.

Eugene Nockler, is intending to go to Salt Lake City soon, to visit friends. He will return in February. The other morning, while the leaden- gray clouds hung heavily over the plains a party of duck hnnters left the Occidcn tal in a light open wagon, for the, Saline bent on the slaughter of the myriads of ducks there to be found covering the water and flying about along the banks. The party Avas composed of Messrs Dryer Jack Moore and Tom Moore. They had gay sport during the day and returned at night laden with 101 ducks, for one day's shooting.

A sportsman writing in a re cent Seribner brags on 110 ducks killed by fovr men in one Aveck. He probably has not tried his hands among the Hocks Avestcrn Kansas The ducks were most of the most of them shipped on the night express. to Denver One of the advantages of keeping sheep is that qualities of lands and crop can be utlized by them, which would otherwise be comparatively profitless. While they are among the most profita ble stock, that actualy improved the soiLso that more grass and more money are realized with less labor. A Avriter remarks, a pound of mutton can be raised as cheap as a pound of beef or pork, and is Avorth equally as much in the market, and th avooI is extra profit.

Use thoroughbread males of any of the popular breeds, and in a feAV years your sheep Avill be a source of pride as avcII as profit. We Avant better mutton and etter avo than we have been getting. The growing, strengthening demand for American products call for improvement in sheep-raising, and indeed our own consumptive demand is only supplied in a beggarly Avay. As yet our exports of sheep product are small, Avhile they should be as great iu proportion as our shipments of live and dressed beef. The explanation of this, lies in the fact that Avhile Ave have overwhelming numbers of sheep we have comparatively eAV inproved flocks in the far-Avest and southwest.

Keep only thorough bred ranis and castrate the scrubs before they are old enough to do and damage, and see what kind of a change will take place in a very feAV years. This is the least expensive, and yet the most effective Avay of improving. LAUGHING CAS. What are we coming to? An eight-year-old girl in NeAvburyport shot at her mother with a revolver, because the latter declined to give the girl two cents. Buxton Pout, We are coining to the cemetery, if some body don't hold that little girl or give her the pennies.

Big-tombstones viih carved lambs firing pistols Avill look vel! in first-class gnure-yards next year. Courier-Journal. Tavo Saratoga seasons break up a girl. Boston Post. Which is very fortunate, because three Avould, in nine cases out of ten, break up her New.

An Ohio Avoman oAved her hired man $320. She married him to square the account, and then for $00 dollars got a divorce, thus saving $280. A man in Ohio has to look sharp to get his dues, "Josh Truth is mighty mighty scarce, There is an awful slate of affairs iii a little Michigan toAvn, Avhere a type-setter substituted the for "Avin-cIoavs." The editor Avrote: "The Avin-dows of the church need Avashing badly. They are too dirty for any use, and are a disgrace to our village." Fashion Avriter in a Southern Kansas paper states that "during the coming season ladies who wish to be considered fashonable will wear nothing but longitudinally striped hose," This is, no doubt a comfortable costume for this Aveather, but for modesty's sake there should be added to it-a pair of earrings, or a necklace at least. At last a modest but enterprising gen- I In the middle for the fair rider to ah to hang both both ha you just sit on this seat and hang both both er hayou reach doAvn to the treadle with both of them, you know.

Pshaw, the man that will make a bicycle like that ought to be compelled to describe it himself, that's Avhat. "Where has the summer gone?" sighed Flora, combing her bangs on Charlie's ear locks. And Charles looking dreamily out over the stubble hay fields, said wistfully, "I reckon its gone to grass." Thus one by two the onions fade, swig by swig the jug runs dry: year by year, in changing grade, brand new children wink and cry. Please sing without lin- (T He was a bachelor, had travelled exten sively, and could speak any language dead or alive; but when he returned home the other day and talked to his sister's baby, and when it cried and was pacified by its mother saying: "Did his naughty wauty uncle Avuncle come homey womey and searey warey my little putsey wap-sey?" he just leaned over the back of the chair and wept. The flies, the flies the confounded flies, how they bite and compel us to forget for the moment that there is no such any more, that it is only Hades, and to say "we wish the flies were all in Hades" does'nt sound a bit like swearing and we don't feel as though we had said auything smart at all.

For the purpose of expressing ourselves in "fly time" give us the old edition all the time. Det-lNlve Inlcrliy. Communicated. The man avIio is so conscious of the ctitude of his intentions as to be Avill- ing to open ins bosom to the inspection of the world, is in possession of one of the" strongest pillars of a decided eliarac- I or. The course of such a man would be and steady, because he has nothing to fear from the world and is sure of the approbation and support of heaven.

While lie who is so conscious of the secret a. id dark designs wliich if tnni, Avould blast him, he is perpetually shrinking and dodging from public observation and is afraid of all around and much more of all above him. Such a man may, indeed, pursue his iniquitous plans steadily, he may waste himself to a skeleton in the guilty pursuit. But it is impossible for him to pursue them with the same health inspiring confidehce and exulting alacrity with him who feels at every step that he is in pursuit of honest ends by honest means. The clear, unclouded brow, the open countenance, the brilliant eye, which can look an honest man steadfastly yet courteously in the face; the firm, elastic step, the healthfuly beating heart, belongs to him whose bosom is free from guile, aud who knows that all his purposes arc pure and right.

Let your first step, then, in that direction which is to give you decision of character, be the heroic determination to be an honest man, and to preserve this character through every vicissitude of fortune, and in every relation which connects you Avith society. I do not use these phrases 'honest men' in the narrow sense of merely meeting your pecuniary engagements and paying your debts; for this, the common pride of gentlemen would constrain you to do; but I use it in its larger sense of discharging all your duties, both public and private, both open and secret, with the most scrupulous and heaven attesting integrity. In the sense, further, which drives from the bosom all little, dark, crooked, sordid, debasing considerations of self, and substitutes in its place a bolder, loftier and nobler spirit, one that will dispose you to consider yourself as born, not so much for yourself, as for your country, and your fellow creatures, and one that will dispose you to act on every occasion sincerely, justly, generously, magnanimously. Owl. Abik-no is the Couuty Seat of Dikiffy'donn ty.

It Is 102 miles west of Kansas on the Kansas Division of the Union Pacific R. and has a population of 2,610. It has three Banks three Elevators, Six Hotels, five Churches, one Public School with eight rooms, with a corps of eight Teachers uiul Principal. There are five Livery Stables, the Drug, four Clothing, two Furniture, eight Dry Goods, three Hardware, two Cigar Tobacco, two Hoot Shoe, and twelve Grocery Stores. An Opera House, as there is in the State, a Foundry, a nnd Water Flouring Mill, au Artificial Stone Manufactory, and numerous other industries.

Below will be found the cards of some of the BERRY BRO'S. In their new Store South Side where yon can lind every thing from a Roll of Pins to a Threshing Machine. ABILENE FOUNDRY. Parties who desire Castings for any purpose will consult their own interest by addressing AV. H.

AVhitehurst, Abilene, Kansas. J. NORTIICROFT. Druggist and New Brick Block. Cedar Street.

Ahi- lene, Kansas. PSHAW SOX. Furniture Manufacturers and Doalers. Corner 4th St. and Broadway.

WII. EICHOLTZ, Undertaker and Mannfac- turer of First Class Furniture. Corner 3d and Cedar Sts. i.

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