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Golden Belt Advance from Grainfield, Kansas • 4

Golden Belt Advance from Grainfield, Kansas • 4

Grainfield, Kansas
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Tho Ignorunec' stalking abroad over the land iu reinird to tho red Win1 U' li 1 The part that woman takes in the civ. 1.) search iTT LToeim -loading giiiis, should buy only reliable 'put' terns and of reliable the market Is full of spurious guns, which uuprincl-I pled dealers are advertising as the best. We have noticed one of these spurious guns advertised this part of the call the invention "The It is advertised us a1'!) breech- PUBLISHED EVERY TL'ESDAY, -tit i. Mf C. HAY WOOD Portraits In Oil, Life-LIke In Color bo nceou'nted 'More than ii majority of mankind, if they do notMadmlrt.

the Indian (ihnracter. at least "sympathize witu'hirn and, on 'all occasions Htiind ready to apologize for any excesses In which he may Should' 11 tribe -11 I' ll -'Hi 'i J. it Iliztttion of the present age, is somewhat at varlenoo with the general doctrine of St. Paul on this subject, and a whole not even the, man who has a profound respect for tho writings of that wonderful scholar, would willingly trout tho woman of the present gonqniliou, according to (i. COUTAKT sons; of Indians break away from their reserva tion, the populace will falrlv iniolaiul niid if their course is marked by at rod-1 ties on the whites In the country throusrh tne rules and regulations laid down by him; the real truth Is that oui civilization has raised woman above the level she occupied centuries ago.

Ve are not rash enough to claim that Ibis chaniro RATES OF SUBSCHIPTION. One Copy 1 9.ik Ono Copy 0 monthx 1 .00 OiU! Copy 3 inontliH .50 loading shot gun for 7. We have examined thjs gun and we are prepared to, call It both dangerous and worthless and we trust that' our readers will not allow themselves to be deceived. Semi no money to the. parlies advertising the Champion breech loading shot gun.

Hon. IV'lJnkor. lute Commissioner in And Expression' MADK TO OliDKU AT 'I'll I.OWKST HATKK. GOOD WORK Ol'ARAMTKFD. Lessons given In Drawing or Ialntin' at the which they pa, the Indians are not blamed, but people shako thelrheads and 1 say "This all conies from the injustice of tho white man; 'tho Indians have been wronged and It Is no wonder that they revenge themselves 611 the whites," has been brought about by man, but we think It is due to the woman herself.

It Is the power born within, her. that has, enabled her to raise herself to level of niitii, in all the arts of peace. She has entered the professions and. business circles and In each she has earned fur her-' self fame and reputation. The.

astonish-' ing part is that she is still on the rise. 1 will find the Eastern States full of men and women, who are wont, to in- dulge la this kind' of sympathy! It is prices (five inn a call see spei'lmenx of work. STUDIO, 201 KANSAS TOP KA KS. Missouri Pacific hard to understand why 'so large a num-j her of the people of the United States' ..1 ,1... I THE ADVANCE.

It has long been a custom for publUU-(tm, vvhen staiting a new paper, to litl-tlreHs iiiuirticle to the public explaining the object iind aim of the new candidate for public favor. do not wish to in any way slight the time honored custom, therefore let us say that The Advance is devoted to the develop ment of Central and Western Kansas. We shall try faithfully to do our duty as journalists and fairly represent the people and industries of our section. Having faith in the country and in our enterprise, we I the Paris Exposition, has our thanks for I his report 011 Forestry. That report shows that Mr Maker has given much at-j tention to the subject, for it is anadmira-i hie document 01 Forestry am' it should be in the hands of every man.

not only in our slate, it iu all oilier western stale, where the growth of timber is to be desired. We would suggest the impoitimcc of having report reprinted by the Department of he Suite ihmrd of Nothing in Kansas is more importance than Forestry and anything that the State Hoard can do to make the subject familiar, is of the highest luimaiiiii- Milium nui-Mion i uey do, but the red man has their sympathies! and will retain them. 1 The education of the people, hi regard-' to Indian character, as been largely due 1 lie girls in our. public, schools, it will be noticed, gain a larger than our boys, and do what the hoy will, the girls keep In advance. Ge.ierally tliej girls graduate from one to two years iu advance of the boys.

Ihit ed iriitioti has not yet accomplished everythl'ig wo- to works of fiction, the authors of which knew the Indian only in imagination I and here is where we find the savagecall- man, there is much that rcma'iM, which the commonly called weaker m-v. must overcome. First she must herself from the enslavement which mntrimoiiv od "The noble red man." "Poor and other names which are in foreign to the real chanicter of the Jiul'an as it is possi shall at all times try to maintain the houot'jof the one and the dignity of the other, fit whatever manner we can advance the interest, of the people and add to the development of the broad which make up the territory in which we have launched forth this to that will we giveour attention. we shall attempt to make a readable, ic-liable, and acceptable weekly newspaper. Railway.

I'assing through the most enterprising portions ol Kan-as and AlisM.iiri. the ileautlful Indian I errilorv and Texas, with ,1 solid sleel truck to trom 1 lie I' nion Depots of si l.ouls. Ilannilml Kansas City and St. Joseph, Atcliisnn ami eaveiiworlli. and Dennison inakin" close coiineclioii, iH these Depots Willi llailwa'v Lines leading to all parts of the I'uiled States CHANCE OF CARS AND DAILY 'I'll.

UN's l.etween The Knllowa ng Cities: Kansas City and St. I.ouis. Leavenworth and St. I.ouis. Atchison ami St.

Louis. Nf. Joseph and SI, Louis. Fort Seolt and Hannibal. Fort Scott anil Kansas Cilv.

Kmporia and SI. Louis. Junction Cll.y and St. Lout-, Dennison and SI, I.ouis. Dennison and Hannibal.

Dennison and Kansas Citv. Sedalia anil Omaha. Kansas City and Logan, ble to miss name any of men. Western people who know the Savage by experience, have none of these false ideas about him. They regard him as a compound of treachery, cruelty, a monster in human shape, i worthless vagabond, who lacks a single trait of character The Kansas Wool Growers Associasion held a meeting on the 1st of-this month at Emporia.

There were about one hundred gentlemen connected with the society present and much interest was manifested. This association, is one of the most successful of the kind in the whole western country. If is firmly believed by these sheep men, that the day will soon come when wool will be King and that mutton broth will be the national dish. It has been arranged to make 11 special display of sheep and wool at the Slate Fair at Topeka and at Bismarck Fair. as a rule entails, and at the same time she must not un-sex herself, Just here is where her education has been neglected.

The bride of to-day, is as ignorant of the management of children, and the duties of a mother, as can well be imagined. This is not, and cannot well be taught in the schools, and at home it is entirely neglected. The consequences are Unit she commences married life with a dread, and manages through ignorance to ruin her own health and too often destroys the health or lives of her children, Here is a work for those who have taken up the subject of bettering the condition KBV. WOOD HUFF. which could be mentioned in his favor.

1 lis only trade is cowardly murder and these crimes he commits, only on innocent childhood, helpless women and de fenceless men. This" fiend in human form, has long enough plied his trade of murder, rapine and ravishingand it is not an hour too soon for the people of the -WITH- T11K T1U U. INWAUDNKS.s OF 1IIM l.K.VV-LNU KANSAK Uev. "V'i 1 1 in L. Woodrull, formerly of VVa-Keency, writes a letter to a Missouri immigration paper, in regard to Kansas, which tor the boldest kind of falsehood, lakes rank with anything that we ever remember to have seen.

Mr, AVoodruff starts out to say that he would rather die, than live in Kansas and then of woman. We claim that no woman need make herself a slave to motherly RECLINING CHAIR CARS FREE ISesidcs L'lYK lilies of Pullman Sleeping Cars and handsome Day Coaches, with Toilet lioonis and the latest improvement, heated by pipes and thouroughly ventilated, carpeted, niid with' colored attendants. whole west 1o unite 011 a plan to put a slop to further outrages. Gov. St.

John of this State was the first State Executive who has thoroughly understood the management of these red skinned and red handed murderers. He cares. it. was never intended that she should, and it is only the lack of education in these matters, which has pm-duml her enslavement. The Missouri Pa Iiiipoi'tmit To TJiomp CliooKfii" A Location.

In jriviiuj InliiniiJtiun to pin-tics seeking it locution, II would lie wi ll to point out 11 few facts which should bi taken Into eousicU-iiilion by all who arc seeking lionicn. First. ltooiI lniulj important and we have abundance of them in Wove connt.v. Next water. npot in the world Is more favored.

I.iviny; streams are in every direction and springs or the purest water are numerous. Avery Important thins to be considered is InilldliiK material. We have an abundance of this and almost ithout money and without price. Our native stone is the best building material to be found In any county and It is as easily worked us wood. We have native lime which is ready for use by merely the addition of sand ml water.

Any man who will take these things into consideration, will notion hesitate before locating in tills favored country. THE AMERICAN REVISED NEW TESTAMENT. The Literary Revolution is prompt with its edition of the Revised Testament. The British monopolists "unchained" their he goes on to say, that it does not rain often enough and some years not at all. He also makes many other statements in regard to the country, none of whhli are entitled to any notice, were it not for the fact that the letter he writes has a history in fact the Rev.

gentleman has a history of his own which should be placed by the side of the letter he writes. Woodruff once lived in AWKeeney and preached there, lie is 11 man of some ability as a teacher, preacher and' jack of all trades. He came to Kansas to make gave them to understand, after his inauguration, that if they came within the borders of the State they would be held strictly 'accountable for the crimes they might commit. They knew the Governor was in earnest and they have kept away. Gov.

St. John knew the folly of depending on the officials at AVashington to protect the State from Indians and so he took the whole business in his own hands and so far the result has been highly satisfactory. This is the commonsense edition on the morning of 20th, and at 830 Ha lway has a Sleel Track, the Miller Platform, and the improved Automatic Air Drake, on all cars in its passenger trains. It is Jn verv res-pect AFIRST CLASS RAILWAY For Maps. Time Tables, and Interesting reading matter concerning the Pacilie Hailway anil its connections with other Lines which will be mailed KHF.F., address.

JAS. I). MKOWN. v. Ass't (len'l Pass Agent.

Uen'l Pass, V'ent A. A. 'PALM AUK. General Manager. ST.

LOFIS, MO. p. the same day the American edition was all in type.and of the various editions of the entire Testament and the Gospels puwisiieu separately, as many as 50,000 a day will be manufactured till the demand is met, The pYice for the very handsome editions, in type nearly double the way of dealing with the Indian, and if other States will follow the example of Kansas, the Indian question will soon be satisfactorily settled. his fortune and being rich in the idea of his own importance, he commenced a style of living, which required about two thousand dollars a year income to maintain and when it is understood that -the money he received from all sources, amounted to just eight hundred per STATE AID COMMISSIONER. State Aid Commissioner, I.

Holloway Esq. left Grainficld on Tuesday of last size of the British edition areas follows The New Testament for 10 cents. The Gospels complete for 7 cents. The Gospels for 2 cents. And in various forms and styles up to full turkey Morocco gilt edges, for the new and old versions on pages facing for This edition is for sale by the leading booksellers of the United States, or they will he sent by mail on receipt of price.

Liberal terms are allowed to clubs. Ad POETRY. Oh, Say not Life is Dark. Oh, say not Iffe is liark There's brightness for us all For you and me and every one The warming sun-rays fall The moon pnd stars at night thy path Illume as well as mine, For you and me and every one, The beauty of pleasure shine. Oh, say not life is dark Though fortune may be fair, The cottage of the toiling man, May have a jewel there Though wealth has never round its hearth Its golden circle bent, Perhaps the gem of love is there That hearth to ornament.

Oh! say not life is dark Though poverty be thine Thou hast a heart within thy breast, A soul which is Strive on, plod on thy humble way, And peace thy cot shall bless. The fountain-head whence issues all week, going East. Mr. Holloway was interviewed by a writer on the Advance, who gained some points of information which will be of interest to the public, Mr. Holloway said that of the $25,000 appropriated by the legislature he had expended about $1(1, 000.

In regard to the actual state of affairs' on the border, Mr. Holloway said hat he dress American Book Exchange, T(S4 Broad way, New York. annum, it is easy to calculate where he came out at the end of twelve months. In short his reckless expenditure brought him in debt and when he went away without paying, or making any arrangements to do so, his creditors objected and the Sheriff of Trego county siezed his property to satisfy the claims of the men who had trusted him, when they supposed he had manliness enough to be honest, Mr. AVoodruff went away and some weeks ago the Hon.

J. F. Kceney, received letter from him, in which the Rev. gentleman claimed he had written a communication which was calculated to forever blast. Kansas; that no man would ever think of living here after reading this terrible denouncement, but lie did not desire to injure the state, but hemust have money and if Kceney would send him he would not publish it.

OCCIDENTAL HOTEL, GliAINFIELD. had carefully invest i gated the condition of the people through the western equi (irainfield can boast of one of the finest Hotels in the slate, the cut on our eighth page gives a fair representation of the Occidental Hotel, as seen from the rail-, road as you approach the town from the East. The structure is" in every way ties and he was prepared to say that half the howl about destitution win a pure speculation on the part of certain persons who went outside of. the state to make money for themselves. In all his travels he had failed to rind a single ner- VERY EASILY MANAGED, ECONOMICAL IN FUEL, AND GUARANTEED TO son who was in a starving condit ion.

No-J where could he find or hear of persons I who had diseases brought on by lack of proper food, lie said be found people I who were in need, but it was 11 alto- i get her the fault of the country. These Give Perfect Satisfaction Everywhere, BUY. lOHMTEROAK substantial, well furnished and the pro-; prietors of the house Messrs Benl Dry-jer, are gentknien who understand the hotel business and they hnvefittedup the Occidental to accommodate commercial and tourist travel. The rooms are large and airy and the intentkm was to have a hotel which would be a pleasant stopping place for the invalid' going to the mountain, a sort of a half way house be MADE ONLY BY He further stated that he could get this amount from parties in but lie would much prefer not to publish tne letter. Mr.

Kceney made no answer to this attempt at blackmail and the next thing we hear is that he has delivered it to the other parties and the state of Missouri is publishing the document, far and wide, as against Kansas, and in favor of Missouri. AVe have no desire to call Of human blessedness. Olr, say not life is dark There's brightness all around, How oft beneath a homely garb A nable heart is found The laborer in his lowly cot, The beggar on the road, The miser and the millionaire, All have one common God. Oh, say not lile is dark There's pleasure for us all, Though we may never dwell where wealth Has let its blessings fall For humble joys that in the heart Are nurtured into birth Make up life's richest joys, and are The sweetest joys of earth. Oh, say not life is dark While mind continues blight; 'Twere time to mourn when from the brain Great Reason takes her flight, But while the heart beats high with health, And thought keeps bright her spark, And friends are thine, though humble ones, Oh, say not life is dark 1 Reuecca.

Excelsior Han'fg people had commenced without money and they, as a rule, were no worse off than when they arrived in the country. Mr. Holloway remarked, that in settlements composed of foreigners, more applications for aid were received. These people had no hesitation in asking for help and taking all they could get. He ST.

LOUIS, MO tween Kansas City and Denver. The wisdom of this plan has already been proven for nearly every train deposits some of this class, who are glad! to stop over for a rest and to become accustomed to the higher altitudes. complained that in some counties the commissioners were too lavish of their recommendations and that their one idea of patriotism was to secure as much as IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IH" TIN-PLATE, WIRE, SHEET IRON AND- EVERY CLASS OF GOODS USED OB SOLD BY TIN AND STOVE DEALERS. SEXD FOR PRICE LISTS, SHEEP IN AVESTERN KANSAS. The attention sheep-men, are giving to Western Kansas and the possible of the state bounty for their Mr.

AVoodruff hard names, only if he has received that $1, )() he should send some of the money this way, to square up some little bills. In his letter he claims it cost him thirty dollars to send his household goods from New York out here. Now this may' be true and we suppose that it is, but when he adds that it cost him a hundred and thirty dollars to send them back again, we object and we must call this, a most willful lie, for the gentleman must certainly be aware that Ids goods were seized under the absconding debtor act and they were' sold, so it cost him nothing to send them back. We are certainly astonished that a man, county. The Advance man thought it a good opportunity to secure the opinion of the aid commissioner in regard to the class of settlers who' have occupied the counties comprising AVestern Kansas.

Mr. Holloway said, as a rule, he found A. NIERMEYER, GENERAL BLACKSMITH. Machine and has attended those who have brought their flocks to this section, is a guarantee that in the near future many more thousands of sheep will be brought into this country. Drawing a line north and south on the east border of Ellis county there are not less than 500,000 sheep between that and west line of the There is room enough for a million more and then there will be.

room to spare. Since the disappearance of the buffalo, the grass has been growing to wuste and this lias, been a Joss, which may not have been felt, was-, never utiL ized by yet it was a which if PLOW SPECIALTY. 1 1 (: Wagon Jtepairs and, (, them an intelligent thrifty people. He spoke particularly of the all abiding faith the settler has in the country and as a proof of their honesty, in this particular, they pointed with pride to their permanent improvements on their farms and their pleasant His opinion was, that all these counties especially those lying along the Smoky Hill river and north of that stream, the country was admirably adapted to stock raising and he had no doubt but that in the near future, it be developed into a rich farmiug country. There need be no fears, said Mr.

about this country, it will come out all right i iV I wearing the garb of a christian ininiMer, should attempt to blackmail and we are surprised again that he should sell his vcrv soul, as it were, for money to the state of Missouri. Indeed lie must have suffered in he had no one to blame but himself. It was his bud management of hisaffairs, his reckless expend iture and wicked extra vasrnnce which brought about his nun. On Short I used for (grazing of land, cattle, wouk I. it! I mi 1 7 would make Western Ivausas a stock country.renowned throughput the world, (irnzinff floeks Anil hprrts inn' tlipsn' Virl.

i. i nastlirpstl Is 'hnH mnfo tf 7 i I 1 Weot Side. I 3nj i Shun. Cor. F.I.M and, SECOND Street Streets.

certain than mining silver and gold. in i' 1 it St i flit 1 I.

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