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Phillips County Inter Ocean from Long Island, Kansas • 1

Phillips County Inter Ocean from Long Island, Kansas • 1

Long Island, Kansas
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OH 0 AW VOLUME I. LONG ISLAND, PHILLIPS COUNTY, KANSAS, SATURDAY, AUGUST 7, 1886. NUMBER 20. ma wn.nix, c.wini celestial and the tiirrosli'lal. while ail ilni IIK'IIAIII) IIIUlOKK, I'iiksiiiknt, riME, TABLE FOR THE B.


THE KING OF BOOKS." worst leprosy that ever cams down on our oarth, namely, the leprosy of Mil and If I can point you to multitudes who say they have fiilt the power of that cure, are you not leosonable enough to PEOPLE'S BANK. Long Island, TRANSACTS cenmi BANKING BUSINESS. Loans Neot luted on Pi'iiper ColbileiiiU, rurohswn School llmiils, Hliil Drafts Trawncn All the A itciicy for the liinmn, Nctlicrlaiiil-merlcaii, HidlluiiS Knrnl'hi'd on It.n. and AT ti ii 1 CHIC MIC A NATIONAL IIANK. New VnHi.


TKINH IlllOrt. Nil isn, TniM'kii nv, iiml Cow-V mi i. Iilvi'i'y, I'wil una Hulii HUiiili'K, A bum nml lU'ul KnUiU) ANK OK LlINd 1SI.ANII, No. VU, SWcnr, vt nun. uv.

Illlil iiopcr si. i ni, tntvin, van, US Dr. A. Nn. IIH'i Wash uv, l'liyil- i'ihii uiiii niiriii'iiii, MiMAiin, A' nil rnr.

WiihIi. hv. hiiiI cooper si. iu'iii ahcuo (Iiisiito It A NT, J. H.

No. Ill Wush. hv. rnlliU'f Hlid (irulncr. W.

Contractor, CnriKUtvr' Mid HhllUer. IHIIOP.A. rV.prlctor ImiiK Maud Brick vui'ii, oiiiwpuirtor nun soinii in iiiu eujr. 1IKKK It 00., V. Nil in Wnshlwrtmi Av.

Hiirdwat'f Implements, IhiKglv Kb). AUN.MIAN. .1. M. No.

lop Washliufloii Av. I Iti Hl-imi nut, Hoard, liy Hid ily or Week. AUL. P. .1: No.

Wiishlnilton Avi liciieral Merchandise. Variety Store. 0 1,1 K. L. No Wl WiisIiIiihIoii Ar, Walton and 1'ill IIIKO OZAI), K.

No. Ill WiishltiKton Avi (Iro eer nml Confectioner, Ice. Oruuiu, VtlOSH COIIU. No. IWj don Wtlsh.

Av. mul Chandler st, Hnrdwure iinU FUitiitme. lllICAOoL-UMIIElirO. Paul rnhucdn, Mgr. No, wl-mi, vor.

Wash, ur. unil Cowan ni. U1U N. no. 1,11 uxln av: Ileal Estate.

Publisher Lkahkh: ililH'K, W. It. No: Hi Wash: av: llllllanl I Hull. ltefrcshhiK temperance drinks, Sill.KmintiiT W. H.

No: Mt, rnr: Cowan Ht ami wash' uv. Live Stock Dealer. GAltlf ICTSOX, P. V. No.

1:1) WaAli. av. Meal Market. nktt, I. no.

wash, av: l'aliiter inn liiuincr. iiiiisitv, K. no. 7 wasn. av.

-miu llnlliier: PATNOE, Tills lintel Complete illlil Hint class Itl i-Vcry piirtlculiir, If Is sMuated a few riil'i of the dcHit, Trains stop at this miid for dinner at I lie I'iiUmh- Ibuise. An cxti'imbc lion has rc.icntlyhccii completed mid newly fiirlildicd In a llr-t flux manner. Tin llo'el Is second to none in northwestern ('omni'-rclnl men the t.mVclliiK public will Iiml excellent ipiaricrs ami paid bible here. Oldest Hardware Stores Long Island, FARMERS'-'BUILDERS' lll jil Ik llii iiUI Li AYM, A.

C. NO. Cooper st. of AVasli, II av. Attorney anil Coimsellor at Ijiw.

Coal, Wood, Oil and Gasoline sStcrves and ReirLcres- Farhi Corn Shelters, Baker Barbed Wire. IM.cminls 'olc. Ilii.vs mul Nell. Unill-, All (bind CimillH'H h.l Principal Citic3 cf Eurcpc. llainbwAiiierli Jin Proprietor.

2fc -IN- -AND- mzu I Pi tw l.Ltii'.:: 7 KJ ml rasiiioiutli'le 1 init it will liest cntdlity rf ('all mid Jutijwt my litii fbti liii'cly select tid'if b.t-'w litiiidiiig. i' clustering whlte-i'obod denizens of tho sky hovorlng around rojolou at tho nuptials. This book-it Is the wreath Into which nro twisted all garlands; It Is tho song Into which are si ruck all harmonies It Is the river Into which am poured all great tides or hallelujah it is tho Armament In Which suns and moons, und stars and constellations, and universe and eternities whool, and blase, and triumph. I am also amazed at the variety of this book. Just as In the song you havo the basso and alto and soprano and tenor, so It Is In this book; thorn are different parts of this great song o' redemption.

The prophet comes and takes oun art, nd llin patrlit ch another part, and the vangellst another part, and the apostle notlier part, and yet they all come Into hegr.inl harmony the song (f Mu-os nd the Lamb." It God had Inspired ion of the same temperament to write his book, It might have beon nuuito-on but David, and Isa'ah, and 1VW, nd Job, und Ez-klel, and Paul, ami olin were men of different tnmpuritmaiiW, nd so, when God Inspired them to write, hey wrote in their own style. Clod prepared thojjo ik for all classss of people. God prepared It for all tono for tint Arctlo nml the Tropic, as well as for tiie Temperate none. Cold-blooded Groenlandora would find much to luisr-st them, and the tunned lnhalxLuit at the Equator would find his passionate nature boll with tho veliomonou of heavenly truth. The Arabian would rea I it on his dromedary, and the Laplander seated on the swift sled, and the herdsman of Holland guarding tho cattle in the grass, and tho Swiss girl reclining amid Alpine crags, 0, when I see that tho Bible Is suited In stylo, oxactly suited, to all ages, to all coiidllioiisio ail lauds, I cannot help ropcatliig tho conclusion of my text: "The statutes of the Lord are right." III.

I remark again: The Bible Is right In its doctiiuos, Man, a sinner, Christ a saviour the two dorirncs. Muu must come down Ids pridn, ids eelf-rlghloousnoss, his worldljiess Christ, tliu Anointed, must go up. If it had not been for tho setting forth or th Atonement, Moses would never Iium-descrlbi-d tho creation prophet would not huvo predicted apostles would not have preached. It seems to me us il Jesus In the Bible were standing on a platform In a great amphitheatre, ns if the prophets were behind Him, lirowlng light forward on His sacred person, and as if the apostles and eviino is stoo before Him, like footlights throwing up their light into His blessed coiimenunce, and then aw If all the earth end heaven wore the applauding audit ry. The Bible speaks of Plsgah, and t'armel, and Sinai, but makes all moiiiitiliis bow down to Calv.

ry. The Hocks le i over tho Judean hills were emblems ot the Lamb Of God that taketh n.v.iy tho slus Of the find the lion looping out of IU lair, was an emblem of the lion of Judah's tribe." I will in my next breath recite to you the most wnit-d rtul sentence over written This Is a faithful saying and worthy of ail acceptation, that Christ Jesus enmo into the world to save sinners." No wondor thai when Ji'sds was limn in Bethlehem heaven sympathized witli earth, rirtd A wave of Joy dashed clear over tbo liaitieinonts and drippo I i- the shepherds in the words: "(llorv to God in tiie highest and on euith peace, good will towar men." In mv hex-sentence every word weighs ion: God so loved tho world that Ho gave HI-, oiily-bdgott' ii sou that wIioshov. boliovetli HI 11, it hi not perish, but have UVerlaMiiug lifei' Shew mo any other book with such doctrine, so lugo, so da so vast. IV. Agnin: Tho Bible is fight In IU effects; I tlit nut care whore Jon put tho Bibli'i it Just suits the plucei You put it In tho hand of a mini seriously concerned about his soul.

I see people Often giving to serious Soul this and that book. It may be vorv well, but there is nt) bonk like the Blofo. Tnki this Bib'o aril plneo it in tho hands of men iu trouble Is there anybody here in trouble? Ah, I iiilnhl. better ask are there any hel'd who ivn never been In tro bio? Put this Me In tho bands of tho troubled. You tlud that as some of thd best borrU's trow on the sharpest thorns, so settle "of the sweetest consolations of tlit) (iospm grow on tho most stinging hlllii-tien.

You thought that Dentil had your child. Oh, no I It was only the hoavenly t-hnpherd taking a lamb out of tne com. unnst bent over you you hold the. child your lap, and putting His arms gently around the dale one, said: "Of such Is the hoavon." Put the Bible In the school. Palsied be the hand that would take the Biblo from the ot.llege tin the school, Kdu-caty only a man's head and you make him an infidel. i only a mans heart and you mako him a f'aiuuic. Educate thom both together, and you have the nobloet work of God. Au'educatod mlml without moral pi inc. pi a ship without a helm, a rushing fall train Without brakes or reversing fod to control' the speed. Put the BllMe in the family.

There It lies on the table, an unlimited power. Polygamy und im-scriptural divorce are prohibited. Parents are kind and fa tht'ul, children polite and obedient. Domestic so. rows lessened by being divided, joys Increased by beluji multiplied, 0 father, 1 mother, take down that long ueglecte Bible, and read It yourselves and lot your children rata it Put the Bible on tho rail train und on ship board, till till parts of tills laud and all other lauds ahull have its illumination.

This hour there rises the yell of heathen worship, and In the face of this day's sun smokes the blood rjf human sacrifice. Give them the Bible. Unbind that wife from the funeral pyro, for no other sacrifice Is needed since the blood ot Jesus Christ cleanseth from all sin. I am preaching this sormon because there fere so many who would have you believe that the Bible is an outlandish book, and obsolete, It is freshor and more lntonso than any book that yesterday came ont of the great publishing houses. Make it your guide la life, and yoKt pillow In death.

How precious is the Book dlvino, By Inspiration given; Bright ns a lamp its doctrines shine, To guide our souls to heaven. ihls lamp, through all the tedious night Of life, shall guide our way, Till we behold tho clearer light Ot an eternal day." Lis iff Letters Remuiiiiiur the P. 0. at I.oii Iliuiil, on the 1st of August, 186. LETTERS.

(I.Harris. Long PilantlLuniMtr Colby Mflrstori, CO. Hio. 4. POSTAL CARDS.

Jamsa Home, Josef Lepduco, Mrs. C. B. Sawyer, 'in. Mercer, Kpsel LeRrawsy, A Verstins'nfliiiig'ior the a't'ove ry M.

W. M. (10INU KAHT, No. HO, PttHHtitlKKr A. M.

No. DO, Kll'llllll UOINII WKHT. No, TO PaHseimer 10:10 P. M. No.

Krelght 12:110 p. m. ARRIVAL DEPARTURE OF MAILS. Mull frmii ll.ii KhuI Hiid Want flVnr the II. K.

ft 8. W. arrive ul lOildu'iiluck I. MitliiiUliilOuVliH'k a. man mini i iiiiiimiiiirK nrnvm ih.

i i'iw. Doiutrtsat II uVlirk A. TimmmIuys. Thurs days mm! HatnriMy 0, 8 o'clock A. N.

Closed Bt ll'l'llH'k I. Mi HiilKlnyH, oH'ii front 9 o'clock A. M. in 10 m. Nil rculsler letter business transucUHl on Midi- day, M.

W. Waton, P. Hi STATIC, (1(1 Vl'ItO HIohn A. Martin. I.T.

(lOVKHNOIl-A. P. Illddle SEI'ltETAllY. K. II.

Allen, Al'DITOlt- Hi ft MnGalw. TltEANt'ltKIl H. T. Ilowf. Sl'P'T II.

Uwheud. ATTOU KY I1KK.HAI.-H. II. Hrauioru. KTATH KITKJI-tT.

I. Thacher. HKU'Y HTA IK ftOAltl) OK AUIIICUl.TUUK- Wllllaiii KHiiit. HKC'Y HTATK HtSTOniCAI. ((K'IKTY-K.

II. AMhiiis. Sl'P'T I HlfUANClf-ll. n. Morris.

STATE Llltlt AltlAN H. .1, Dennis. ADJUTANT II. Citinibcll. CIIIEK-irHTlCE-A.


UAII.UOAI) TnnllT, James Humphrey, ana Almei'in tiniciie. COUNTY. CI.KUIC-H. .1. Ilartman.

Nlpps. m. mciiinre. KEGISTEIt 01' DEEDS B. E.

Morton. II. Htuhert. IMIOBATK II C. Mll.lll llllllf.

JUDICIAL K. Pnitt. DISTHICT ArrOHXKY Ceo. w. Slllison.

I'lim in iKsTiimmovii I. Voiiiiu. CI.EItK DIST (KIOUT-J. M.HalleC. Mlley.

COMMIHSIONEIWi 1st niSTniCT-W. D. Covington. 2ND DISTKCT-H, McDowell, 1l(l DISTRICT T.M. lllshop.


Nett fsh I). CONSTA11LE-W. II. Dlmlck. si; It.

riiuilcH. Preaching Svery Iwo weeks, mdhilng undevdh- lug alternate. In the morning at ten o'clock, and In the evening at seven o'clock. lTayer meeting every Thursday evening at seven o'clock. All are cordially Invited Ul attend.

Methodists coming Into tho circuit are Invited to call on or address 1). W. Buht, Pastor. tliUTIHT CHtntOH. Covenant ami church meeting Saturday before the second Sahhatli of each month.

Preaching on the Hnbhath looming following. A cordial In vitation will Me eMended to all. Q. flt TnoMAfl, Pastor; rnKHllYTFIUAX. Scrvloes every alternate Sabbath at ten o'clock A.

m. Evenings at 7 o'elock. Hrv. JosKPii PAttpuson, Pastor. itTkK.nAN citiiitcii.

Preaching every second and fourth Tuesday evenings ol'H hiontli at the si-liooi house. Hkv.J. w. Kijimku Pastor. Sabbath Hcliodl every Kabbatli ilt 12 o'clock M.

Lonfif ZaiaLxiA Font S. taig Islaiiil VKA Q. A. K. ffo: 1st, meets every first and third Saturday at 1 o'clock, p.

M. of each month at the school house. Isillng comrades will be welcomed: E. Doikik, P. C.

O. It. DKNKincfi AdJ't. PfiOI'ESSIOlTAl iii a lis, uiiig isiauo, rnysician unu Siirjjiton. Onic at Citv Drug Store.

All rofesslohal calls will receive prompt attention, Something NEW! -THE-- Pioneer Store. The only exclusive DRY GOODS STORE IN LONa -ISLANI), her tiiay Vl tomid a large and varied stock ol Dry Goods', Notions-, Millinery, Fancy Goeds Clothing Gaps, Boots Shoes, Gents1 Furnishing Goodsvk bon Vfash. AV. andCrosby 6t. WEED, LONG ISLAND, KS.

D.O.RtPPETOE, Contractor Builder; KfititiLAB FRAMING A SPECIALTY, Long Island, Kan. wlkttn I inf Wniteos. 'to til LHU I rupretent Inherownloralitjr An old Arm. Referenchs reiiiiii-rid. Purmanent poBltion and ttood salary.

GAY l.tOS., 1 Barclay N. Y. tTilii tnr la pt on flU at "the ofllc of YRS0H DVERTISlNG EUILD1N5 JjJgJK PHTtnOELPffll CCTIUITCC rorlEvrSMfFR J5Tf RTIMIO CBrSC XOllMAICaat toweetCoih Ratet rnei: SON'S RXUL ma acknowledge tho fact that thorn must he some ixiwor in tho mediolne'' Wl I you take the evidence of millions of patients who havo been cured, or will you tako tho evldoiioo of the skoptlo who stands aiooi ana confesses mat lie never took the medicine? The Bible Intimates that there was a clly called lVtra, built out of did rook. Inlitlelliy scoffed at It. "Whom Is your city of Petra?" Buckhardt and La1 onto went forth In their explorutloiiH and thoy enmo upon that very city.

The mountains stand around like giants guarding the tomb whore the city Is burled. Th'-y Und a stroet In that city six miles long, whore onoo Hashed Imperial pomp anil which echoed with the laughter ol lluht-hearted mirth on Its way to tho theatre. On temples fashioned out of colored tones some of which havo blushed Into the crimson of the rose, and some of which havo puled into the whiteness ol the Illy aye, on eoluinn, and pediment, and entablature, a statuary, God writes the truth of that Bible. The Bible says that Hodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by lire and brim stone. "Absurd, lnlUols year after year said; "It Is positively absurd that, they could hove been destroyed by brimstone.

Thoro Is nothing In the elements to cause such a shower of doath as that." Lleutsnant Lynch I think he was the first man who went out on the discovery, but he has been followed by many others Lieutenant Lynch wont out in exploration and came to the Dead Sea, which, by a convulsion of nut to, has overlloWn the place whore the cities once stood. He sank Ids fathoming line and brought up from tho bottom of the licit Sea great masses of sulphur, re'iuiauts of that very tempest that swept Sodom and Gomorrah to ruin. Who was right, tho Bible that announced the destruction of those cities or the skeptics who for ages scoffed at it? The Bible says there wan a city called Nineveh, and Hint It was three days' Journey around it, and that It should lie destroyed by Ilro and wa: er. Absurd, cried out hundreds of voices for many years; "ho such a city was ever built that It would take three days' journey to go around. Besides, it could not bo destroyed by fire and water; they are antagonistic elements.

ButLaynrd, llotia and Keitli go out, and by their explorations they tlud thai City of Nineveh, and thev tell us that by their own experiment it is threo days' journey aroumi, aco ird-ing to the old estimate of a day journey, and that it was literally destroyed by lire and watof two antagonistic elements a part of the city having been inundated by the river Tigris, the brick material In those times boing dried clay Instead of burned, while in her parts they Und tlitt remains of tho lire in heaps of chnrcoal that have been excavated, and iu the calcined slabs of gypsum. Who was right, the Biblo or Iniidclity? Moses intimated that they had vineyards in Egypt. Absurd," cr.ed hundreds of voices; "you Can't raise grapes In Egypt; or, If you can. It is a very groiil. exception that you can raise them." B.t tho traveler goes down, and in the underground vaults of Eilithya ho finds painted on the wall all the process of tending the vines and treading out th grapes.

You sea the vine did grow in Egvpt, whether it grows there now or not. While God wrote the lilblo, at tliosnmo time He wrote this commentary, that "the siatutes of the Lord are right," on leaves of rt'ek and shell, bound iu clasps of ni etui, and lying on mountain tat les and in the jeweled vase of the sea. In authenticity and in genuineness the statutes of tho Lbrd are right. II. Again: The Bible Is right in stylo, I know there oro a great many people who think it ID merely a collection of genealogical tables and dry facts.

That Is because they do not know how to read the book. Yoll take up the most Interesting novel that was ever written, and if you commonCo at the four hundredth kg0 to-day, and to-morrow at the throe hundredth, and thu next day at the first phge, how much sense or Interest wotlld you got from it? Yet that Is the very, process to which thd Bible is subjected every day: An from he ven, redding the Bible In that way, could not understand It: The Bible, like all other palaces, has a door by which to entor arid a door by which to go out. Genesis Is tho door to go in and Revelation the dool1 to go out. Those ep stlus of Paul the Apostlo are merely letters written, folded and sent by postmen to different churches. Do ydu read other letters the vVny you redd Paul's lottors? Suppose jrW go.

a business letter, and you know that in It there are Important ilnahciiil propositions, do you read the last pngo llrst and then otto line of tho third imgo, and another of the i-ocond, mid another of the first? No. You begin with, "Dear Sit" and end with, "Yours truly." Now, here is a letter wrltton from tub throne of God to our ldst world It is full of magnificent hopes and propositions, and we dip in In fo and there, and we know nothing about ti side-t that, people fead tho Bible wlnni they cannot do nuy-hlng else'. It is a dark day, and they do not go tr) business, and alter lounging aboilt a bit tliey pick up tho Biblo; their mind lefUS'S to enjoy tho truth. Or they c'ome htfme weary from tho stpre or shofi, and they feel, if they dd not say, It a a dull book. While tho Bible is to be read on stormy days and while your head aches, it is also to be read in the sunshine and when your nerves like harp strings thrum, the song of health.

While your vision is clear, walk In this paradise of truth, And while your mental appetite Is good, pluck these clusters of grace. I am fnsoinatod with the Cohctsene-is of this book, Every word is packed full of tiuth. Every sontenoe is double barrelled. Every paragraph 13 like an old banyan tree with a hundred roots and a hundred branches. It is a great arch; pull out one stone and it all comes down.

There has never been a pearl diver who could gather up one-half of the treasures in any verse. Nine-tenths of all the good literature 'of this age is merely tho Bible diluted. Whore is there in the world of poetic description anything like Job's champing, neighing, pawing, lightning-footed, thunder-neoked war horso? Dryden's, Milton's, Cow'per's tempests are very tame compared with David's storm that wrecks tho mountains of Lebonon And shivers the wilderness of Kadish. Why, It seems as if to the feet of these Bible writers mountains brought Wl theirgems, and the soas all their pearls, and the gardens all their frankincense, and the Spring all Its blossoms, and the harvests all their wealth, and heaven all Its gran-, deur, and eternity all its stupendous re alities ana that since then poets, ana orators, and rhetoricians have been drinking from exhausted fountains, and jsearching for diamonds Ih'a realm utter- iy toiou aim rausaciteui This pook is the hive pf all sweetness. vXt is tbe armory of all well-temperod It Is the towev, containing the stown Jewels of the universe.

It is the lamp that kindles all other lights. It is theljotrin pf all majesties and splendors. It'is the 'maMage ring i 1 1 A nisennras on tli lllble, Which Her. Dr. I iimisir" smiwi to lie mini in na Aulln-iilliKtloii, In Its Rtjrlc, Doctrine, and t.llfcts.

Lakrhidk, 0 AuRUstli Vnsttlironpa of pxopla eama hero to-dny from fill parts of the country to hoar the llov. 'J'. DuWltt U.Di, of Brooklyn. Tlil place ft sumnior oncampmont on tho Chautauqua plan, whero ii.ootlnga are held for several weeks, and the vIsKoisetnploy thalr time InTIIUostudy, and in Ustnnlng to solentlflo lootures. Many of the guevts spond the whole Summer bore.

Thesubjootot Dr. Tal. mago's sermon was, "The King of Books," and tho text, rualra ilx, 8: "The statutes of the Lord are rtfiht." Following Is the sermon In full: Old books co out of date. When they wore fit i on they discussed questions Which wore belnft dismissed thoy struck at wrongs which had long no cnasad, or advocated instlnitlons which excite not our llitorost, Wore thny books of lilstory, the fnoU have been sa'hQiod from the Imperfect mass, bolter clnnsl Ami and iiiorci lucidly piesontcd. Woro thoy books of (tootry, ihoy wore Int r-locked with wild mythologies Which have gone up from the face of the earth like mists at sum-lne.

Wore they books of moral, civilization will not sit at tho foot of barbnr sin, neither do wo wnnt Bnppho, I'ythnorii8 and Tully to tench us morals, Vhntdo the masses of the pooplo curd now for the pathi.s of SI-moiitdi'S, or the sarcasm of Hollander, or the gracefulness of Philemon, or tho wit of Ari(lt)phiines? Even the old books we have left, with a few ex options, have but very llitlo effort upon our times. Books oro human; thoy have a tlmo to be bom, they aro fondled, they grow In strength, they have a middle life of usofulness; then comes old age, tliey totter and they dlo. Many of national libraries are merely the cemeteries of dead books. Borne of them lived flagitious lives and died doulhs of Ignominy. Koine were1 Virtuous and no-compllshod a glorious mission, riomo went into the ashes through inquisitorial llrus.

Home found their fimurul pile in sackod and plundered cities. Some were noglucted and died as foundlings at the door of science. Some expired la the author's study, others In the pub lisher hands, liver and anon there comes Into your possession ail old book, its author forgotten and its usefulness done, and with leathern lips it seems to say: "I wish I were dead." Monuments have been raised ovor poctn and philantropists. Would that Some tall si. aft nittdit be erected In honor of tho world's but led books The world's authors would mako pilgrimage thereto, and poetry, and literature, and science, and religion Would consecrate It with their teat's.

Not so with one old book. It started In the world's infancy. It grew under theocracy and monarchy. It withstood storms (J; lire. It grow under prophet mantle and under the llslieniiiin's cout of the apo-tles in Koine, and Eplitsus, and Jerusalem, and Fatmos.

Tyranny Usued edicts against it, and inlidelily put out the tongue, and Mohammedanism from its mosques hurled its aimUienias, but the old Bible still lived. It crossed tho British Chiinnol and tras grouted by Wlckliffe and Jnmos I. It it see I the Atlantic and struck Plymouth Itiiok, until like that of Horeb it gushed with blessedness. Churches and osyidms havo gathered all along its way, ringing tholr bells and stretching cut their hands of blessing; and every Sabbath there ar i ten thousand heralds of the cross wl their hands on tliiS open, grand, free, old English Bible. But it will not have accomplished its mission Until It has climbed tho Icy moUhtair.s of Greenland; uiltil it has gone over the granite cilfTs of China until it has thrown its glow anild the Australian mines until it has scattered Its gems among the diamond districts of Brazil; and all thrones shall bo gathered Into one throne, and all erowtiS by the Uros of revolution shall be melted into one crown, and this book Shall at the Very gate oi noaven nave waved in the ran-somod empires.

Not until then will this glorious Bible haVe accomplished its mission. In carrying out, then, the Idea of my text" The statutes of the Lord are right" shall show you that the Bible is right In authentication, that it Is right In style, that It is right In doctrine, that it is richc in its ellocts. 1. Can you doubt the authenticit of the ncripiurcsf lherolsnot so much evi dence that Walter Scott wroto "The Lady of tho Lake;" not so much evidence that. HhaUspere Wrote "Hainlot;" not so much evidence that John Milton Wrote L6st," as there Is evidence the Lord God Almighty, by the hands of the prophets, evangelists and apostles, wrote this book, Suppose a book now to be written which came In oonlllct with a great many things, and was wrltton by bad niBu or Impostors, how long would such a b'ook stand? It would be scouted by And I say If that Bible had been an Imposition, or if it had not been written by the men who said they wrote It; If it had been a mere collection of falsehoods, do you not suppose that It would have been immediately rejected by the people? If Job', and Isaiah, and Jeremiah, and Paul, and Peter, und John were Impostors, they would have been scouted by generations and nations'.

If that book has come down through llres of conturies without a scar, it Is because there Is nothing in it destructible. How near have they come to destroying the Bible? When they began their opposition there were two or three thousand copies of it. Now there are two hundred millions, as far as I can calculate These Bible truths, notwithstanding all the opposition, havo gone into all languages Into the philosophic Oreekj the Mowing Italian, the graceful Gorman, the passionate French, the picturesque Indian, and the exhaustless Anglo-Saxon. Under the ainter's pencil the birth and tho crucifixion and the resurrection glow on the walls of palaces or under the engraver's knife speak from the mantel Of the mountain cabin; while stones, touched by the sculptor's chisel, start up Into preaching apostles and ascending martyrs. Now, do you not suppose, if that Book had been an imposition and a falsehood, It would have gone down under these ceaseless llres of opposition? Further, suppose that there was a groat pestilence going over the earth, und hundrods of thousands of men were dying of that pestilence, and some one should find a mediolne that cured ten inousani people, would not everybody acknowledge that that must be a good Do you deny It? There have been ten thousand people cured by hy I simply state the fact that there have been hundreds 61 thousands of Christian men and women who say they have felt the truth-fulnoijs, pi that and its power in their souls.


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