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The Agra Sentinel from Agra, Kansas • 4

The Agra Sentinel from Agra, Kansas • 4

The Agra Sentineli
Agra, Kansas
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CHRISTMAS SUGGESTIONS. It has been our custom for years to make a special display of our goods so it will be easy for our customers to make their selections. The early purchaser gets the best of the selections; SO come early while our stock is complete. For The Gentlemen For The Ladies A Good Line of Presents for the Little Folks, 50c to $1.00 Silks 500, $1 and $1 50 per yd Until January 1st, all shoes at 20 Shirts per cent discount. Socks 15, 25 and 50c per pair Dress Goods 50c and $1 00 per yd We carry a full line of groceries, the best the market Socks in Xmas boxes 50c, 75c, $1.00 All Calicos special 05c per yd will afford and our prices are low.

So the Good Assortment of Notions Habit and get Ties 25, 35 and 50c buy your eatables here. Collars 50c Suspenders 25, 35, 50c and $1 00 Bows 250 English Walnuts 21b 350 Peanuts 05c per quart Hats $1, $1 50, $2 25, and $2 50 Hair Ornaments Mixed Nuts 2 tb 250 Caps 50c and $1 00 Stationery 25, 35 and 50c All Candies, except Chocolates, Xmas Fancy China, You have to see it to specials 10c 1b appreciate it. Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, There is Always Something Doing at The Iron Clad. T. E.

BURNS, Originator of Low Prices. Woodman meeting, Friday evening, Dec. 19th. Election of officers. Dollar watches and some new gold fountain pens at Strode's hardware.

adv You have a month to win that Auto in, Ask Keckley they will tell you how. 52tf adv. FOR SALE: Wood $2 00 a cord, Posts $8.00 per hundred. Phone 42 on 2. R.

H. ALEXANDER. Say some boy or girl is going to get that Auto at Keckleys, the contest has just started, it closes January 1st. 52tf. adv.

FOR -About 200 bushels good seed corn. $1.25 per bushel if engaged by Jan. 1st, 1914. adv 50tf J. T.

HALLOCK. L. E. Womer says for us to tell people to pay their telephone rent at the bank and save postage and time sending out statements. adv.

Tombstones, Monuments or Markers of all kinds. Come to the Sentinel office and see samples. We have the agency for one of the best houses in the west. Just recieved a large assortment gennine Abalone shell jewelery consisting of belt pine, stick ping and tie pins, bat pins, some made up in genuine sterling silver. 25 and 50cents.

adv H. E. STRODE. ROCK ISLAND TIME CARD. EAST No 28 Express 9:22 a m.

362 "Jersey" 2:35 1 84 Local Freight 7:40 a No 6 Fast Express dns at 9 07 a (Stops for passengers for Lincoln and east.) WEST No 27 Express 9 12 6 391 "Jersey" 2 35 pm 83 Local Freight 235 Wm. KINGERY Lawyer and Abstractor, Phillipsburg, Kansas Dr. J. Lee Alder Veterinary Surgeon and Dentist Graduate of the Kansas City Veterinary College. Phone Calls Answered Promptly.

Will be in Agra each Monday. Athol, Kansas. H. I. WANDS, PIANO TUNER Perfect voicing, regulating and repairing.

Reed and Pipe organs tuned and repaired. PHILLIPSBURG, KANSAS Mrs. John Capps has been somewhat under the weather the past week. Remember every 50e purchase entitles you to a ticket on the big Doll given away, at Brothers Drug Store. adv.

C. M. Smith and family of Kissimmee, Florida, will read the Sentinel 52 weeks, by the kindness of B. C. Rayburn.

Mrs. Ulsh returned to her at Summerfield after spending a month at this place caring for her father, Mr. Hock. Glenn Voyles has been doing a little fine cabinet work the past week. That kitchen cabinet he made for Mrs.

V. is a beauty. R. M. Dundas received a message about two o'clock yesterday afternoon stating that his son, Amos, had just died suddenly at the hospital at Parsons Kansas.

No particulars. When you have poultry 10 sell you always want full values for it don't yon? Then just take it to Randall and satisfaction will be yours. A 'Square deal to all" is our motto. W. R.

adv Last press day was an eventful day for Henry Robrs and wife for on that day their first born, a 801 and heir came to their home. Mother and baby doing nicely. Dr. Brothers thinks that with careful nursing Henry will pull through. Agra's Second Annual Poultry Show closed Saturday evening.

The meeting was a most successful one and while there were not as many birds on exhibition as last year, they showed that our people had been practicing the slogan, Keep the Quality up" and made a much better show by exhibiting a far better grade of birds. The Orpington breed was in the lead as far as numbers was concerned. There were Buff and White Orpingtons, Barred and White Rocks, Brown and White Leghorns, Rhode Island Reds, Black Spanish, Black Langshans, Buff Cochin Bantams and -just Bantams. There may have been other breeds but this 18 all we call to mind at present. The judge, Mr.

Schreiff, gave good satisfaction, but we believe when we hire a judge for a three days show we are entitled to at least two days of his time. We intend to give a list of the prizes as they were awarded as soon as The secretary has the report ready. The management feels under special obligations to Messrs Lucas, Merrifield, Elvin Keckley and Mr. Randall for their assistance in making the show a success. Now is the time to commence boosting for our next show.

Undertaking, Embalming. FUNERAL DIRECTORGray and Black Funeral Car. 'Phone 39 or 108. FRED SIMMONS, Kensington, Kansas. V.

B. DARNELL, Resident Auctioneer. Farm Sales a Specialty. Has been in the business in this part of the county for the past 28 years. No sale too large for him to handle or too small to receive his careful attention.

We can make dates for him and print your bills. 'Phone 100. Secure your tickets on the big Doll and Watch. BROTHERS adv DRUG STORE. Joe Carroll came in from K.

C. yesterday morning where he had been with a shipment of stock. Joe had four cars of stock on that market the past week, Mr. and Mrs. Womer and children and Mrs.

Hardman visited with Phillipsburg friends Sunday. Frank Shipton of Cleremont, and Mrs. Martin of Cedar Rapids, returned to their homes after a couple of weeks visit with Agra friends and relatives. NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! Now is Your Chance to get all your suits, Plain or Fancy, cleaned and pressed at a price much less than or dinary, Mr. Parsons, an axpert Cleaner and Presser, from the State of Ohio will be at Kirwin, working at this trade for the next two Weeks, at the following prices: Mens suits 85c Ladies Skirts 60c Pants 35c Very Fancy Skirts 75c Coats 55c Mr.

Parsons uses the French Dry Cleaning process, This is popularly known as the best cleaning process ever known, your suits at this office and a man will Leave call for them Saturday at 5 and return them to your residence the next Saturday, Quite a change took place in the Rock Island time card last Sunday. Look up the new card in this issue. On Tuesday evening, December 9th, at 6:30 o'clock at the home of the brides parents: two miles west of town, was solemnized the marriage Miss Gertrude Delano and Mr. E. H.

Womer. Just before the ceremony, Mrs. J. W. Womer of Osage City sang, "'I Love Thee Truly," and immediately after Earl Delano, only brother of the bride, played Mendelssohn's "Spring Song" on the cornet to which beautiful strains the bridal couple took their places before the Rev.

Cowman, the Methodist church, who read the service. The only attendant was little Miss Elanor Womer, a niece of the groom, who was dressed all in white, looked like a little fairy as she walked ahead carrying the ring in the head of a large white lilly. The bride wore a dress of white chiffon white silk, which in the dainty over simplicity was most beautiful and becoming. Numerous boquets of pink, white and red carnations and purple violets were arranged throughout the rooms and two long tables were spread in the dining room, where the guests numbering forty were served with an elaborate dinner by Mesdames Bert Wisman and Elvin Keckley and the Misses Retta Womer, Pearl Wilson and Mable Brown. The same evening Mr.

and Mrs. Womer took the train for Kansas City, going from there to Alma, Kansas where they will live. No girl who ever left Agra will be more greatly missed than Gertrude. She is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

E. N. Delano and is sweet, capable girl, suited in" every very particular for the home she is to occuEarl was a resident oz Agra for about six years and is the fifth son of Mr. and Mrs. S.

Womer, of Smith Center. He is at present Vice-President of the Farmers National Bank of Alma, Kans. and is of the sort of men who make a success of whatever they undertake. They certainly have the best wishes of their host of Agra friends. DEL You may be the fortunate one to get the Watch or Doll.

BROTHERS. adv. DRUG STORE. PLUM CREEK. We are glad the little daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. Widner is improving. Mrs. Fred Sisson, visited Mrs. Jennie Capps, Thursday.

Mrs. Sam Haugh, visited her mother at Kensington, Friday. Mrs. John Rayburn, visited Mrs. W.

A. Capps Friday. J. B. Edwards and family spent Sunday with W.

H. Otis and family. Foster Dixon and Arthur 'Haugh spent Sunday with Harold Halbert. Vera Capps, visited Maggie Moore Sunday. Mrs.

Oliver Moore spent a few days last week with her daughter Mra. Miller. John Hoppe and George French marketed hogs at Gretna Tuesday. We were sorry to hear of the death of Grandma Zimbleman, during her long visit in this neighborhood sometime ago, she made many friends. Mrs.

French, visited at the home of her son, George Wednesday. Birdie and Celia Halbert, spent Wednesday night with Mrs. John Ray burn. Sam Cox and family spent a few days last week at Louie Halbert's. Mr.

Drake, has had sore eyes for sometime. We are glad they are some better. Mrs. Robt. Addie, spent Thursday with Mrs.

John Ray burn. Mable Eversoll and Birdie Halber spent Thursday night with Mrs. Louie Halbert. We were sorry to hear that our good neighbor John Rayburn and family are going to Colorado. A little daughter came to make her with the A.

B. Dixon family, last Saturday. Christian Endeavor topic for next Sunday evening, "The Christian Spirit." Leader, Gladys Dixon. JACK. Born, to Mr.

and Mrs. Sam Heaton last evening Dec. 16, a line girl. Dr. Brothers reports all hands doing nicely.

Remember every 50c paid Ou account gives you a ticket on the big Doll and Watch. BROTHERS. adv. DRUG STORE. G.

L. Furlong, our expert machinist, put in a couple of days at Kirwin last week, putting the big gasoline engine of the Kirwin Mills 111 running order. George is the best machinist in this section of the state and when he can't tix 'em they are certainly in bad shape. A number of Miss Eoline Wilson's friends surprised her at her home last evening with a kitchen shower, about twelve of her friends were present. A social good time was enjoyed by all and a number of useful articles were to presented Miss Wilson who is soon to become the bride of Mr.

Robert McLeod. A dainty lunch was served by Mesdames Keckley and Voyles. NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT. THE STATE OF KANSAS, PHILLIPS COUNTY (ss. In the Probate Court in and for said county.

In the matter of the Estate of David Gibbons, deceased. Creditors and all other persons interested in the aforesaid Estate are hereby notified that I shall" apply to the Probate Court, in and for said county, sitting at the court house, in Phillipsburg, county of Phillips, state of Kansas, on the 7th day of January A. D. 1914, for full settlement of said estate. B.

C. BARNES, Administrator of the estate of David Gibbons, deceased. Dated. November 22, 1913. adv 51 4 NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT.

THE STATE OF KANSAS, PHILLIPS COUNTY. ss In the Probate Court in and for said County. In the matter of the estate of Elizabeth C. Chance deceased. Creditors and all other persons interested in the afore said Estate are hereby notified that I shall apply to the Probate Court, in and for said County, sitting at the Court house, in Phillipsburg County of Phillips State of Kansas, on the 22 day of December A.

D. 1913, for a full and final settlement of said estate. W. R. RANDALL Administrator of the estate of Elizabeth C.

Chance deceased. Dated November 22, 1913. adv. 51 4 NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT. THE STATE OF KANSAS, PHILLIPS COUNTY.

SS In the Probate court in and for said county. In the matter of the estate of V. S. Keckley deceased. Creditors and all other persons interested in the aforesaid Estate are hereby notified that I shall apyly to the Probate Court, in and for said County, sitting at the Court house in Phillipsburg, county of Phillips, state of Kansas, on the 30th day of December, A.

D. 1913, for full settlement of said estate. E. L. KECKLEY, Administrator of the estate of V.

S. Keckley, deceased. Dated November 24, 1913. adv 51-4 The editor of the Logan High School Spokesman evidently has no regard for truth or honor and if the Supt. of the Logan H.

S. is the man he is supposed to be he will see that the Spokesman editor comes across with an apology in the next issue. The game was ascepted and the money was paid to the visitors, and if they have appealed the decision and had it reversed they surely did not tell the facts as they really were. Our people did not throw coal at the players while they were playing as the Logan people did with our players at Logan. We treated the.

Logan young people fairly and are surprised at their inability to stand the loss of a little game of basket ball. It is the cheap dog thathowls. We hope that if Bro. Walker gets in this deal and makes any remarks about the Agra people that he afford to send us a copy of his sheet containing said comment. The First Thing We shall endeavor to make our advertisements so interesting that they will be the first thing you will look for in the paper each week.

Will you watch this space and see if we good? There's a lot we want to tell make you about banking, and our bank in particular. If you read what we have to say each week it will mean much to you, Look for our little message next week. THE FIRST STATE BANK, Agra, Kans. L. E.

WOMER, Cashier. CITY MEAT MARKET. Fresh and Cured Meats of all Kinds. Everything usually found in a -Class Meat Market, is at your command TERMS; WEEKLY. E.

M. WHITNEY, Proprietor. THE MAN WITH THE SMILE. Whatever the weather may be, says he; Whaever the weather may be. Its the songs ye sing, and the smiles you wear, That's makin the sun shine everywhere.

Mr. Riley is correct, but a bin full of our lump coal will produce a smile of satisfaction. Patronizing us is like making love to a widow, you can't overdo it. We are receiving some of the very best lump coal and can fill your orders promptly. AGRA LUMBER CO.

Chas. Dumars, Manager. M. A. SPAULDING, Funeral Director and Licensed Embalmer Embalmers Certificates in Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado.

A. R. GROSS in stock. All calls charge of Agra answered day or night. Telephone 100, Agra, Kansas, for prompt and honest service..

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