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The Atchison Blade from Atchison, Kansas • 3

The Atchison Blade from Atchison, Kansas • 3

Atchison, Kansas
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LOCAL NEWS. QlnarclieS. READ newsy, np-to-datejaud acceptable pa per and we shall endeavor to give all news of interest to the people, and give It impartially. We will do the best that we are capable of doing, but respectfully ask tbe co- operation of the citizens of Atchison and of Atchison county! This paper isn't large enough to contain all the important happen, logs of this immense old world, and if that's what these kickers want, we can tell them now that we can't accomodate them, and if we could we would have to charge them more than a little cross-eyed, knock-kneed dollar per year for it. We don't pretend to give you the news of the world, but with your substantial aid we can sharpen the A Little Judgment Exerciced in selecting a Suit of Clothes or an Overcoat will save many a hurt to your feelings in after days.

Now, we are in a position to assist you in making up your mind if you have not already done so as to the kind of Suit or Overcoat you will need for this Winter's wear. We've got the stock we've got the prices. You need not be extrava gant when you can buy a Suit or an Overcoat from us for 5,00. Or, if you are in a position to afford it, we can put you into the 1500 kind, and they are clothes. Seen our Boys' Reefers? We have an elegant Astracan, trimmed in pearl buttons, for little fellows 4 to 8 years, at $4.50.

You'll say they're worththejwmey. The Chinohillas at $2 "75 will keep any boy warm- Remember The New Law Firm. Read the Blade and pay for it. We want 15 more boys to sell the BLADe. Always trade where you can get premium stamps.

You can get a nice present by so doing. Mrs. John Ewlng ii on the sick lint Mrs. Rachel Allen la a convalescent. Mrs.

Lina Bowen was on the sick list last week. Henry Taylor, who had a surgical operation performed is siowly improving. Miss Sarah Kerford is rapidly improving after a siege of illness. OolnncilDia Clottiing Co 521, Commercial 523 S. H.

Lewis Dorsev arrived in the citv J. H. STONE, BLACKSMITH. Manufacturer of Wagons and Wagon Material. Carriage Repairing, Horse Shoeing a Specialty.

Forging and Interfering. Repairing of Farm Implements Main Street, between 9th and 10th Sunday noon from his home in Parsons. The Scientific Club met with Miss Myrtle Pennel last Wednesday evening. Trarib at those places whose menti appear in this paper. Subscribe for The Bladk and help a worthy race enterprise.

Only $1.00 per year. Ebenezer Baptist church had a rally last Sunday, which proved a very successful affair. Mrs. John Sloss and brother John Kelly, have returned from a visit to their old home in Kentucky. Use Barton's Corn cure.

Miss Hattie Payne, who is in Chicago Writes to friends in Atchison that she is seeing the sunny side of life in that great metropolis Tha nhaanaar ttlata. In tha olttr ii him FOR BARGAINS In Overcoats, Good Uuderwear, Boots and shoes, and all kinds of Clothing GO TO THE MODFT store, V- 719 Commercial Street. a. ill' tvu wi vj swj your groceries Is at Perry Ham's place. Fresh country butter and eggs always on hand.

Rive your trade, cor, fltn. anb Parallel streets. Mrs. Charles Hunter and family will leave to-day for Missouri, where they will join their husband and father, Rev. Charles Hnnter.

i i The Scientific Club is preparing to V. E. FRANK, The omprice clothier WHERE TO EBENEZERplaptlst, cor. fith, and San ta Fe streets, Sunday School 9 a. ni.

Preaching 11, a. m. Woman's H. and F. M.

circle 5:80 p. m. B. Y. P.

U. p. p.m. King's Sons and Daughters Aid Society Monday evninga 8, m. Prayer-meeting Wednesday evenings 7:30, Choir practice Friday evenings 8, p.

in. Rev. Wm. Smothers, Pastor Residence 1081 N. 6th.

Street. SHILOH Baptist, cor. 8th. and Keaney Streets, Sunday School 0:30 a. m.

Preaching 11, a. m. Woman's circle 6:80 p. m. Preaching 7:80 p.

m. Sons and Daughters of Nebo Monday evenings. Prayer-meeting Tnrsday evenings. Business meeting first Friday evening in each month. Lord's supper second Sunday in each month.

Rev. J. W. Wilson, Residence 1124 N. 8th.

street. CAMPBELL'S Chapel A. M. E. on Atchison Street bet.

7th. and 8th Sts. Sunday School 9:30 a. m. Preaching 11 a.

m. Christian Endeavor 6:30 p. m. Preaching 7, p. m.

Board meeting Monday evenings, Class meeting Wednesday Prayer-meet-Thursday evenings-. Rev. M. Collins, Pastor. CHRISTIAN, Preaching 11, a m.

Sun day School 2:30 p. m. Preaching 8, p. m. Prayei-meeting Wednesday evenings.

Mt. OLIVE Baptist on N. 5th. street bet. U.

and V. streets, Preaching 11, a. ra. Sunday School 3, p. m.

Preaching 7:30 p. m. Society Directory. R. H.

Cane, Temple No. 3 of U. T. Regular meeting 1st. and 3rd.

Fri day evenings in each month. Levi Woodson C. M. Fbkd Shakelford C. S.

Cresent Tabernacle, No. of U. K. T. Regular meeting itlju Friday after-noons each month.

Mbs. Hattib Jackson C. P. Mrs. Carrie Brown Crown Branch No.

1, of T. S. of T. T. E.

Commune 1st. and 3rd. Tuesday ereningg in each month. Robt Fisher Chief. Andrew Mosely F.

C. Gallilee Branch, No. 1, of M. T. of T.

T. E. Assemblages 1st. and 3rd. Thursday after-noons in each month.

Mrs. Sarah Hinkle V. Mrs. Amelia Shaw F. Morning Star, No.

4, A. F. and A. M. Regular communication 1st.

and 3rd. Thursday evenings of each month. J. H. Falkner W.

M. W. A. Covington Sec. Sons and daughters of Nebo, Meet every Monday evening of each week.

Katik Jordan F. S. Rev. J. W.

Wilson Pres. GENTLEMEN PLKASK NOTICE. If you want the best shoes for the least money, don't forget to go to John F. Levin. He has the famous Jno.

Miers and Lilly Brackett's. He can also make you the best Boots and Shoes. Old shoes made as good as new. An Oriental Table Cloth. Cut a 36-inch square from an old-fashioned broehe shawl.

The wrong side of the shawl willlbe the right side of your table cover. Line the square with cashmere and crochet around the edge a chain consisting of four single crochet, thread over and fasten, then four more singles. Hepeat entirely around the square, and into each division of this heading tie eight strands, each 2 inches lon, of the "waste embroidery silk" which is so extensively advertised, and which generally comes in yard lengths. When all the fringe is tied in, knot it once and trim the ends a very little to make them even. Ladies' World.

The court of appeals of New York has held that it was no ground for a new trial because the jury in a murd'er case attended church on Sunday in custody of the sheriff and heard a sermon on the prevalence of crime. Use Barton's. Washing helper, old by all grocers. AND GENTS FURNIHER. 615 COMMERCIAL ST.

Tlie Blade! Do your Duty and Subscribe for TheBlade, Tiie onb irl ed. 1 l-V fro Turki to I Paper In tliis County A and one ot THE BEST IN The State of Kansas. With a large and growing circulation in Atchison The BLADE will more than pay the advertiser. WE BEL1EVH IV RECIPROCITY, hence we look to the merchants of Atchison for a fair share of their newspaper patronage. ONE Ololflair Per Year.

SCHOOL Books edge and polish The Bladk so that as as a local newspaper we will be strictly in it. Mow quit grumbling and find ing fault and give us your best hand. Don't forget the banquet and Thanks giving party at the True Eleven hall Admission 15c or 25c per couple. Use Bai ton's Headache powders, if you want a barrraln sn fine groceries, Chickens, choice Creamery and Country butter, fresh jPRgs and teed for your stock go to C. W.

Jackson's; he has everything In the grocery line that the heart could wish for. Give him our trade( and you will be treated right. r. vtn and Kearney Sts. Don't fail to attend the great furni ture sale that is now going on at the J.

M- Knight Undertakers and Furniture installment house. No. 406 Cora'l. Sf Tel. 84 A banquet will be given Thanks giving night under the auspices of the True Eleven at their castle hall.

A Thanksgiving party where visitors and citizens will be welcomed to a feast of turkey, tartlets and cream to their heart's coutent will be given. The Pacific hotel of St. Joseph, Mo. as closed down for repairs, which caused several Atchison people who were employed there to return home. Among those who returned to the city Wednesday were Henry Moore, Thomas Buford, Perry Allen, Gilbert Campbell and Goe.

Atchison. LJ. avis. Dealer in musical merchandise, clocks and silverware, watches, diamonds and jewelry. Harps and strings a specialty.

608 Commercial St. DENVER, COLORADO-Janitor DePriest, whose excellent work can be seen in the interior of the Times building, is a great favorite with other employers in the city. It is said that Emile Smith is the champion colored billiard player of Colorada now, as no one has as yet challenged him for honors. Joseph D. D.

Rivers, who Was a can didate for constable on the Civic Federation ticket was defeated. He ran well and made his campaign a vigorous and expensive one. J. L- Fleming, late of tne St. Joseph "Protest." is business manager of the Denver "Statesman." Mrs.

Ida DePaiest is one of the best debators in Colorada, and directs the affairs of the Woman's League in a business-like manner. B. C. Chinn, for nine years a collector for a Leadville bank, expects to have a like job in this city in the near future Arapahoe Lodge, No. 2036, G.U.

O. of gave an entertainment at the East Turner hall Wednesday night of last week, the occasion being its 10th anniversary. The Woman's League will meet at the residence of Mrs. Josephine Cas- sells, 1944 Ogden street, every Thurs day afternoon at 3 o'clock. The musical and literary concert with a military drill by the awkward crowd at Shortsr's church Tuesday evening was successful The entertain ment was excellent.

Miss Gertrude Downing of Atchison, who is in the city visiting relatives at r2013 Welton street, has become one of Denver's social favorites: the young people love her. Mr. aud George Contee will give a dinner in her honor next week which will be a splendid af fair. John Homer Howlett, who formerly lived in Atchison now a law student, will soon open a law oftice in this city in the near future. Besides his law studies Mr.

Howlett finds pleasure in the pen, scissors, paste and type. The female minstrels who Were to appear Tuesday night at the Church of the Redeemer are slated to appear next Tuesday night the 10th. DR. W. H.

HUDSON, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON OFFICE: 733 COMMERCIAL ST. TEI.E. 51 ATCHISON, KAN. ADVANTAGES OFBARE FEtJ Are (he Children of the Time "Dressed to Death Visitors to Scotland used to be horrified on seeing so many children running about barefooted. Bare feet are less common now than they were a generation ago, and perhaps the change, while showing a growing pros perity in the nation, is not altogether to be recommended.

Children's feet grow so fast that to keep them always properly shod is a matter that require considerable care and some expent' ture. It matters very little to a child's future well-being that at some period of its childhood the Bleeves of a jacket have been too short or the skirt of a frock too scant; but the compression of feet in boots too tight, or, even worse, too short, may be a cause of torment in future years. Infinitely better are bare feet than clumsy, heavy, ill-shapen boots. In the winter the feet may indeed want some protection from cold and wet, but during a great part of the year children may safely and healthfully go barefooted. Some mothers, by no means of the poorest class, are convinced that the comfort and symmetry of the feet in maturer years are largely to be gained by giving them freedom during the time of growth.

At a very fashionable marriage some time ago a child bridesmaid was seen silk-robed, but shoeless. And if shoes are undesirable, how much more so are gloves? Except the thick woolen ones, for winter warmth, gloves should be banished from a child's wardror. Pall Mall Gazette. "A- A have been invited and will be present. Mi A the, intention of the members to make this the initial function of the season.

The. only place in tbe city that you run set home butchered meats is at A. B. Znhn's. He bandies do parking bouse mests or lard in his place.

Cor. 9th and Kearney Sis. Prof. W. Evans Gray as a visitor at his home in Lawrence to see his mother Friday of last week, returning Sunday evening.

It is whispered that he found that there was an irresistable attract, ion at Kansas City and stopped there to catch a glimpse of her sweet smile on bis way down. D. L. Robinson, the jumping-jack newspaper 'prodigy, when last heard from, was headed southeast, singing in a broken voice the old, familiar tune "Just tell 'em that you saw me." D. may may not be a genius, but he has the happy knack of getting there with both feet, with his best eye on number one, even if others do have to suffer for it.

Lawyer W. M. Hawkins was at the State Capital nearly all of last week, and since his return he has been busy telling his friends that matters of a le gal nature detained him; but notwith standing his excellent reputation for veracity, we are a bit inclined to think otherwise, Dame Rumor has it tha.t he thinks that no day's sun ever rose on a fairer queen. The news reaches this city that Miss Qrace Belle, a former Atchison girl, was recently married to Pruett Simp- sou of Kansas City, the ceremonies taking place in the latter city. She the daughter of Joseph Belle, who once lived in this city.

The Blade ex tends to thenewly married couple its sincercst wishes for a happy and sue. cessful voyage and serene waters on the matrimonial sea. A great many complaints are coming to ug to tbe effect that all of tbe news isn't published in The Blade. The matter of news collecting, is no small item, and certainly no trifling thing. People who are so everlastingly partic nlar about reading all the news would confer a favor on us if they would be stir themselves and furnish some of the news.

We are spending money and valuable time in the giving of a If you want to exchang your old school.booksjnfairly good condition take them to-1. P.Stephens'.Book store He will acceptjtny book in good1 -condi-tion'in exchange for any book you need. 1. P. Stephens, 727.GW1 St.

Ladies Desiring a big mail, books, magazines papers, samples, insert names in only exclusive Ladies' Register. 1 cents, stamps. Published by reliable firm.1 Good Siories Magazine, Boston Massachusetts. THE'H. CO.

10008 Washington Boston, Mass, GEO. BARTON IDr-uggist, N. E. Corner 8th Commercial Sts. Meats, Home Made Sausage, and S.

W. Cor. 9th Kearny Sts. A. B.

Zahn. DEALER in Fresh and Salted Home rendered lard a specialty. J.J.LEAPSON. Clothing cleaned, dyed and repaired. Givehim a trial.

Cor. 6th St, and Kans. Ave..

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