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The Grenola Hornet from Grenola, Kansas • 3

The Grenola Hornet from Grenola, Kansas • 3

Grenola, Kansas
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LlTTLK Anv'S. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. THE HORNET Wo don't know how true it Is, but a responsible citiam informs iu that Asa Thompson is doiug all lu his power to let out his Job of turning press to some- ELK FALLS HORNETS, The skating rluk is grand suoooss, so the manager says, dM BrU(h t)reurnualfttln" our Distrlot Oourt. The following disposition was made of tlie oases oil the trial docket of the terra of district oourt of. Elk oounty, which closed at Howard last Bmurdav: 9 PEE CENT.

MONEYToLOAN ON IMPROVED REAL ESTATE! ANNUAL XT EI? EST No Commission. Money paid on Execution of Papers. Probate Judge's Office, TT1 IT TXTTT QTP Howard, Kansas. JD 1. 1 JLDISj.

Pianos, Organs Sewing Machines! CHARLES B. LEE, Dealer hi all kinds of Musical Instruments, sheet music and musical merchandise. Also carries a full line of all the Standard Sewing Machines and fixtures. Musical instruments and Sewing Machines all work guaranteed to be First Class. MAKES A SPECIALTY OF THE FAMOUS ESTEY ORGAN, First Door South of Baker's Furniture Store, Howard, Kansas.

H. E. I1UBBELL. HTJBBELL LEE, -PEOP1UETORS "Phoenix" Hotel de Horse HOWARD, KANSAS. We have the largest and best appointed stable in Elk county and keep the best teams and buggies in the country.

Our terms are reasonable and we guarantee entire satisfaction. W. D. BTJENS' FLOUR, GRAIN FEED STORE, HOWARD, KANSAS. Here you will find the Winfield, Topeka, and Elk Falls Roller Mills Flour, the best brands made on earth.

Bran, Chop-Feed, Meal, Shorts and all kinds of Grain and Mill Feed used. MY FLOUR IS EYTRA SUPERFINE AND PRICES AT THE BOTTOM. FRNAK ELLIS. HENRY HANNIGERI Flat opened his Taylor Shor. In tho Osborn building, one tloof So th of the Edwards house, where he is pro pared to make suits to or tec, in all tho latest styles.

IHjiuonrf WANTING REPAIRING DONE, in first class order will do irell to give him acatl before getting work done MAKES CLEANING A SPECIALTY, R. Hi NICHOLS, A. M. JACKSON, NICHOLS JACKSON, ATTORNEYS, IIOWAHD, Kansas, Z. T.

DEAN, FashioiiablG Babei' and Hairdresser, Particular attention given to everything partaining to their business. Shop under the 1st national bank. HOWARD. KANSAS. NELSE WILKINSON," TONSORIAL ARTIST, HOWARD, KANSAS, Shop, first door east of Post Office, Always ready to serve customers.

Work attended td promptly, with neatness and dispatch. Ladies' and childrens' hair dressing a specialty, 1)11, J( 0, HOUX, DENTIST WINFIELD, KAN, With fifteen rears experience in business in Southern Kd.nsaSj Dr. Hott feels satisfied he can please all who ftiVor him with their patronage. DoeS not travel over the country, but has thd finest lay of machinery and office iiirni hire in Southern Kansas, N. MCLURE, D.

Office at illies' Drug Store; GRENOLA, KANSAS. Graduate of Michigan University, Aim Arbor. Also graduate of Tulaile UnU versity. Calls in town or country answered promptly. GUNN'S ADDITION TO GREXOLA.

BAEG-AINTS FOR ALL There is quite an active demand for town lots in Gunn's beautiful addition to Grenola. A great many neW residence have becit erected all ready this season. NOW IS THE TIME To secure bargains. Prices placed within the reach of all. Payments to suit purchaser.

For fur ther particulars, Apply to D. M. REID, Agenh at Postoffice. T. B.

HATCHER, HOUSE, SIGN, WAGON AND CARRIAGE FAINTING, Graining; calcominiugj I'apcring don in first-class style. Lessons iu pencil drawing and oil painting. THE S. K. RAILWAY IS A KANSAS ROAD And is tliorouglily identified with the' interests and progress of the state of Kansas and its people, and affords its patrons facilities iinequaled by any line 111 Eastern and Southern Kansas, run-) Tuiioucii Express trains daily between Kansas City and Olathe, Ottowa, Garnett, Humboldt, Chanutc Cherryvale, Independence, 'Winfieldj Wellington, Harperj Attica andiii' termcdiate points.

TiiitouGU Mail trains daily except Sun day between Kansas City and Wellington, and intermediate stations, making close connection at Ottawa Chanute and Cherryvalo with our trains for Emporia, Burlington, Girard Wainut aud Coffey ville." Accommodation Trains daily except Sunday between Kansas City, Olathe and Ottawa. Remembeb that by purchasing tickets via this line connection is made in tho union depot at Kaivsas City with through trains to all points, avoiding transfers and changes at war stations. TitROtjGU Tickets can be purchased via this line at any of tho regular coupon stations and 5Tour baggage checked through to destination East, West, North or South. Pullman Sleei'ehsou all night trains. For further particulars, see maps and folders or call on or address S.B.HYNES, Gen'l Passenger Agent, Lawrence, Kan.

T. E. Puhdt, Agent. all germ of Malarial poisons. in fh nt-S i HOWARD, NOV, 21, 1885.

Freah oysters at Edwards', fine teas at the Rod Front. Feed. Wholesale and retail at the "Bee Hive." It. F. Glcnu took a run down to Longton Tuesday.

All tho best brands of flout at the Red Froat Ghwcry. Capt. J. M.Walker is east visiting the old home and relatives. Judge Perkins, of Labette county, was in our city Tuesday.

Quito a disastrous fire occurcd at Cherryvole last Tuesday. Sugar-cured hams, 'til you can't rest at the Red Front Grocery. Fov tho best cigar in town, smoko the Pullet, for sale at Edwards'. Look for Frank Hulse's 9 per cent, tnoney ad in another column. Tho beet brands of flour at cherry red prices, at Fay Curtis' Grocery.

Quick sales and small profits is the motto of the "Dec Hive" store. You will find the best meats in the city at Ellis' Parlor Meat Market. Look for the "Bee Hive" sign when you want to save money on groceries. Mrs. C.

W. Warner, of Peru, is visiting her daughter, Mi's. Wilkinson, this week. The finest brands of cigars in the west always kept on hand at Fay Curtis' Red Front Grocery- Frank Osborn and Dr. Lewis report Very fair success from their hunting trip in the Territory.

A tight-rope fiend was the center of attraction for a few minutes on our streets yesterday. Ellis' Parlor Meat Market is a strictly ilrstclass market and gives all just what they pay for. Try it. The Red Front Grocery keeps for sale all the best brands of tobacco, both plug and fine-cut. All the old settlers know Walt.

Ellis and will patronize the Parlor Meat Market on this account. Dr. J. V. Bean took a run up to Kansas City last week, aud attended the fat stock show while there.

Take your hide? to F. and W. II. Ellis, and get the highest cash price, at the Parlor Meat Market. Fred Flory has sold his Longton aijd will start another paper rwratferh part ot the state.

There willNle Thanksgiving services at the M. E. Church next Thursday, at 11 o'clock a. in. All are invited.

Edwards' Bakery is Headquarters for oysters. New York couits 60 cts. Selects, 50 cts. Standa.ips, 40 cts. Sheep.

I have 850 for sale, or will buy 500 or 1,000 more. Address, N. R. Collins, Eureka, Kan. John Mack, of Elk Falls, was in our city, Wednesday.

John is a jolly chap, and always has his fun wherever he goes. We understand that the permits of Wm. Dora and A. Palmiter, of Greno-a, were revoked by Judge Wclty, this week. For nice fresh beef steak, pork steak, dressed chickens, fresh fish, the best in the market, go to Ellis' Parlor Meat Market.

J. D. Boggs and Vol Momma, of Latham, were in our citythe first of the week, aud report -everything booming in their city. Save up your pennies, little folks, and prepare to buy presents for holidays, now already adorning the shelves of our merchants. A.

M. Bowen has just returned from a trip through parts of Missouri, and reports everything booming in the cities of that state. N. J. Relf, of Berlin county, who has been looking at the country here for some time, starts for his home the first of next week.

Miss Best, of Chautauqua county, who is teaching the primary school here, is taking a vacation this week, on account of her poor health. V. B. Ong wishes the public to kuow that he is still in Howard, and ready to take their pictures in the most artistic manner when they call on him. It's hard to tell who steps the highest Burch or Obe.

Both have fine residences just completed, aud both feel duly proud of their respective homes. L. H. Smith, of Meade Center, late of this city, is in town, looking as happy as a clam, and reports Meade county a being the land of "corn, wine and Charley Clarey, an old Howard ton-sorialist, but now of Ccdarvale, was in our city the first of the week, shaking hands with his old patrons and friends. Coca Bitters take the lead of all manufactured in the world.

Its powerful nerve and brain tonic qualities are recognized by all physicians in this and the old country. For sale by druggists.29 Capsula Gardes, the lady's friend, an absolute specific, prepared by a physician of 24 years experience. For sale by druggists and manufactured by Mo. P. P.

Co. 300 W. 5th street, Kansas City, Mo. one else so he can go on the road as ad vance bill sticker for the Wilbcrforoo concert company. The samo party said there was only seventy-five cents difference on the month between him and Bill Logan at the last report, and the probability is he will make the turn.

He done the job here In such graceful shape that he won the admiration of the entire companyi They do not make much blow about it, but Fuller Haines Brother, at the First National Bank, are just a little bet ter prepared to make the farmers of Elk county loans on their real estate than anybody else. Ready money is what the farmer wants when ho is compelled to mortgage his place, and these geutle-mcn are always prepared to furnish it upon application. Call aud see them, when in Howard. We learn from a man who claims to know, that L. J.

Eatherly, who is now confined in the penitentiary at Leavenworth, will no more than get out of the pen for his crime here than he will be snapped up for attempting to kill a man in Missouri, a little over a year ago. It is to be hoped that they can empanel a jury in Missouri that will meet him out the tribute he deserves. Mabbied At the Probato Judge's ofllee, in this city, on November 13th, Judge Welty officiating, Alfred Sam- slaus Von Tlartzberg Lattin, and Miss Agnas Monkawski, both of Lougtou. The contracting parties are both of German decent, as can readily be surmised by their names. The husband has been in this country for some years, but the bride just recently arrived.

Married At Judge Welty's office, in this city, on Wednesday, November 18, Mr. L. P. McDanicl and Miss Mary Roberts, both of Howard township. The newly married couple are well known in Howard and Elk county, and have the best wishes of all in their new enterprise.

Clay Rush has his new house, in the northeast part of town, almost com pleted. Clay is going to have a neat little residence when finished. He looks at the matter like some of the good old ladies advise, "First get the cage and then the bird." Fox Buckingham, the artistic painters of Howard, are now manufacturing the finest roof paint ever used, the Preservative," and will place it on the market about the middle of August. They guarantee it fire and water proof, and tho best ever made. S.

B. Oberlendcr, who has been visiting through parts of Texas for the past month, returned to Howard, Saturday' last. He was unable to match any races while gone as the rules are that a horse must be eutered at the fairs by October first, in that state. Those who desire to negotiate a real estate loan, will save time and trouble by remembering that Fuller Haines Brothers, at the First National Bank, are the surest, safest and most prompt firm in this part of Kansas. Money always on hand.

Perry AVoodward, in his new quarters in Kirby's building opposito the postoffice, will sell you the best watches on the market, cheaper than the cheapest. He is also prepared to do all kinds of repairing with neatness and dispatch. All persons indebted to J. Q. Burch-field are hereby notified that their notes are in the hands of A.M.

Jackson, attorney, for collection. If the same are not paid suit will bo brought. A storekeeper iu Augusta was the victim of a good cowhiding Tuesday. It seems that he had been taking too much liberty with a neighbor lady's little girl, who took this means of punishing him. The smiling face of our friend, Whig Southard, might have been seen on our streets Wednesday, interviewing our merchants as to what they needed iu the way of a new winter stock.

Married In this city on the 16th William Sherer, of Crawford county, and Miss Laura Rikert, of Elk county. Judge Welty tied the knot, which fact assures a good job. Through the courtesy of the Courant, we publish this week, in another col umn, the dispositions of the cases on trial in the recent district court also the tax notice for 1885. The Red Front Grocery always keeps in stock a full and complete line of fresh candies, nuts, native aud tropical fruits, and in fact any little uic-cacs you may desire. Z.

T. Deau and Charley Miller are in the Territory hunting this week. Clay Rush aud Gus Vandor are conducting the barber shop during Dean's absence, If you want a watch that will be war- ranted to you, aud you money refunded it not as can on ferry ooa- nrtnnfiitA fhn Several of our citizens, headed by Prfn. Tjv nnil Mitf. TTr.n1r.n will atop for Greeley county Monday.

When you are iu town and want a lunch fit for the Gods, call at Edwards' Bakery. The City Meat Market is the place to go for all your good meats, both fresh See Miss Nannie Hurst's "closing out at cost" ad in The IIORsgr this week. Thank giving day Thursday. C3 streets on Saturday. Lawyer Diiniiott and Wife took the train for Cherryvalo Saturday.

Mr. Habut returned from Boston last week. He is now satisfied with Kan' sas. Sam Girder camo here to hold an exhibition but failed for want of an audience. Friend Craing of the Atlanta Advertiser, Sundayed with hUt family at the Falls.

Mrs. F. M. Webber presented her husband with a bran new girl a few days ago. Fancher Bros, will occupy their fine new brick store room about the 1st of December.

A wreck on the Southern Kansas at Crane delayed the passenger four hours on Thursday week. F. M. Young will soon move in his new store and it will bo a daisy too. Frank never does anythiiig by halves.

Mrs. P. C. Phileo, the first white lady that taught school for the colored chil dren of tho south after the war, is a res ident of Elk Falls, and is in receipt of numerous letters asking her to lecture throughout the state. She delivered a lecture at the Erdman school house on the 15th inst.

The old lady is now about 82 years old and is as spry as many of our girls at sixteen. Reply to 'Germima Fain." We are very sorry, dear uermima, to nave ueen the cause of anything humiliating to your fecltugs, and are very much sur prised to know that our feeble efforts have aroused within your narrow con- tractedbrain a feeling even akin to hu miliation. We supposed your application lor the position of P. was public property, and you were not ashamed of the fact. We knew very well that it did not humiliato your feelings for the chairman of the township central committee to refuse his signature as well as the rest of the leading Democrats of this county.

Now, would it be humiliating to your dear feelings were you to succeed in depriving a soldier's widow of the only means of support for herself and her fatherless children? No, no, my dear Germima, this would have been a very laudable act according to your estimation. "What rights have the widows of our soldiers that our party must respect would have been yoursoliloqy. And now, my dear "Gem" allow me to say that no outfit is responsible for my writing except myself, and I am known by the letter which meaus Hog. Do you tumble? But one thing certain, my dear Gem, although I have been in this country since the first settle ment, yet I never was no Hog ish as to ii j. 11, even entertain ior one momeiu uus thought that it was necessary for mo to gain a livelihood by even attempting to deprive a lone widow of her meaus of support, simply because in was in the power of a certain element of society to secure me the position.

-And now, in conclusion, my dear Germima, (excuse me if I don't get your namo just right) allow me to publicly beg your pardon for anything that I may have said or left unsaid that would mar your harmony iq the least, and remember me, yours, etc. II. The Stewart Wilberforce, which showed iu the opera house ednesday night, was liberally attended by all man agers of the opera house and members of the Couiant (that portion at least who got The negroes did some pretty loud sqealing, and some pretty 'hoarse braying," as remarked by a. man who waslisteniug from a neighbor ing window, and the Courant was prompt in giving a half column notice of their "excellent concert," aud was content to take the swarthy smiles of the "yaller gals" from the stage, as their pay. The Excelsior feed and livery stable is now prepared to carry passengers to any part of the special attention given to commercial travlers.

Also buggies and teams furnished at 2.50 per day. For boarding a single horse one week, $2.00 for two weeks, $3.50. First class feed, corn, oats and chop feed constantly kept on hands. A new man iu the business; satisfaction guaranted. Call aud see me at the old McBee stand, north of Welborn house.

G. W. Yokeum. Want to trade-a quarter section farm for town property in Howard. Land located four and one half miles north west of Moliue.

Address, Chas. Comstock, Moline Kansas. Mr. Harvy Bentley, of the City Meat market, is still selling meat both fresh and salt, at bed rock prices. Parties desiring good, healthy meats should give him their patronage.

i. Tfnnksseb Mills. Minter, Skinner Co.f proprietors Howard Fausas. Any- i i t. one wismug wore our une will ao well to give ns a call at our mill in the north West fArt Of town.

For Sale. 3 Burkshire boars, 60 Burkshire pigs, 100 spring pigs. Inquire of or write to J. L. Patterson, Emporia, Kansas.

AH kinds mnntrv nrndiuw tsJrmi fn exchange for groceries, at the Bed Front Grocery. Limburger and SwiUer cheese at' Edwards'. Frwta bread evacy day at Edwards'. I -rHOFJUEIORS-r- Thomas 8. Kruti Henry 8.

Ingle aud M. Ingle, dlmnlMed. 1 Marsh, rH( vs James Mai- let and Mwrl Mtdlttl, sale confirmed. Moore vi Geo Pay lou et al, dlnaiifued. Geteltel Sons vg Wm Lemon ud Amanda Lemon, sale confirmed.

James Moore viSlduey Cummins et al, sale confirmed. James Moore viMP French et al sale confirmed. Jdine Tsllmsn vn Jaooh Oaks and Sarah A Oaks, sale oun firmed. Jatnee Moore vn Joseph Dolan, dismissed. In the matter of Steward for contempt, fined $10 and costs.

Martin vs Graham, dis-misxed. Meyer Bros. Drug Graham, dlemlsaed. State of Kansas vs Eatherly, found guilty of mandauKbter in the 4ih degree, sentenced to 2 years iu the penlteutiarv State of Kansas upon the relation of Amelia A. Boot vi Albert Brown continued.

State of Kaunas vs Benjamin Bell, dismissed. State of Khiikhs vs Saietbers, dismissed defendant Cost. Slate of Kaiifa Henry O'Don-oghue, dismissed at defendant's covt. State of Km hhb vh Pultneler, dio-mlHSed at. defendant cost.

A Btutzer vs A Coffman et al continued. Dunlap and A Hillman vs Perry Luzader et al continued. FJ Cannon vg HConk, continued. A Allen vuSC Hanua et al, din-missed. CC Phillips Oliver.

Fairbanks vs A Bowdeu, continued. Henry Smith vs fc Storm, dismissed. Southern Kansas K'y Co. vs Campbell Treas, dismissed. Dixon vs Samuel Alleubaiigh.

judgment for pluluillf. Uowies at, uianage vso rituersou et al. judgment for plaintiff. EG Hull vg i) and JC Mason judgment fir defendant. Nfaaou and Ma.ion vs EG Hull, judiftimil for defendant and new trial granted.

EG Hull vs Mason and MaNon, continued Mary A Runyau Newton, judgment for plaintiff a ODerienuer vg inoem uourrey and Ester Confrey, dismissed. Thompson' vs A Grunt, judgment for defendant. HG B-miey vs Huobell, continued. Shaw Co. vs Cbas King, continued.

Henry Chase et al vs Webber judgment for plaintiff. JVJ Manwell anil iviauwen vs John Wtiitecomb, corutiuued Rachel Ryan vg Thomas Ryan, divorce riled McKev, Eby Co v8 Whitney judgment, for plaintiff Wood vs it nays, uis missed. Aultnaan Taylor Co, vs Alexander tranaterred toU. 8. Cou t.

8inipnon aud Hlmp.on Orson Ruggles et al, continued aud commissioners appointed. Harah MeC'rea vg John Moore, continued Johu Hughes et al vg Wiley, judgment for defendant. Jones vs jviasnn aim Mason, judgment for plaintiff. Myer tiros, vg a. ijeuuen judgment for plaiutilf Myer Bios Drug Co vg Led- den and Mary Leilden, judgment for plaintiff.

vs Leddon.Judg-ment for plaintiff. Atliey Fh ch vs Bright, continued. Crawford vs Bonn! of County Commissioners, dixuilsned. Tyrrel Ra.vner vb Hubbard Wil liams, continued. James Tallinan vh Henry Brown and John Reid, judgment for plaintiff Stephen Lyte vg Jesse rl Atwell, judgment for plaintiff.

Vance vs a enurzer, couunuen. Mallet and Mullet vs Marsh and Osborn, continued. Fonda Biddle Co. vs White et al. continued Thouipgon vs 'Stone, cou-tiuue Eater A Confrey Oberlender and Hattou, confii net! Orris Kagnn vh Klizabeiti A Baker et al, sale ordered.

Graham vg Tesh. continued. NM'Hiiiiia vs Mahiuey and Hulda Maloney et ul, judgment for plaiutifi. John Carey and Henry Carey, partners as Carev Lumber Co vs Vance, judgment tor pluiutiff. a A aeger and (J tsummerviwe vg Board of County Commissioners, continued.

A Wiggg jr. in the firm name of Wiggs Co. vg Webber, continued. Annie Richards vs Williams and 8 Williams, continued 8 Fuller vg Phelix Calander and Johu Calander, partners as Calander Bros, ei si Judgment for plaiutifi. Garrison Bowen vs Taylor Bonney, continued.

Garrison Boweu vs Oley Richolsou, dismissed. Minnie A Crooks and Tuksbre vg John Harvey, continued. George Bare, in the firm name of Bars Co. vs Cannon, coutiu ued. Abelina Martin vs James Martin and Thos Fletcher, continued.

Blackburn, admr. vs Fred Webber et al, continued. Barbara Leatherman vg Leathermau et al. dismissed. Shaw Co.

va Fred Webber et al. continued. 8 Weetover Woodside va Peavey et si, continued. Mary A Richardson vs How ell et hi, continued. Abelina Martin vs James Martin et al, ooutiuued Dan Carr, Nichols Jackson vs I Thompson, Sheriff; and I A Powell as Deputy, ooutiuued.

Kichard Meegau va nompsou aurt Hlwle Win field S. Buird mufti Balrd, COIlUUUHl. anu a nuns, 4uu uia-missed Geo Frailer va Anna Fratier, dlvore granted Ella Eatherly vs Eatherly, Allie Lucturd va Lewis Lookard, divorce granted Joan Hattou va Hattou divoroe granted. Rebecca Gear va John Gef continued. Mary Bonier va Abram Rouarr, dlvitrw granted.

Cstrallaa Otaey Frank fTOtMj, aaotfesa fx allano? ov-ri. TI 1 1 If (t 1 II Ji GEORGE LEE. W. II. ELLIS.

(wht'i-s) mil All ffemnle complaint. Treatment dircrt uppiicatlon by tho patlrnt herself, without the ofMrrir-RO. Curo fruarnntced. Una married lady huuld wrue lor upeuul circular. Price Hoi Capsules Emmenagogue Spec) Ac ft rretrulafttrg Menstruation, Should be every famior.

ever fails. Positively uafo. Price 93.00. PlLLUlE APHRODISIACCE Rettorer at fxhsnsted vitality, and wkmnted to restore lost miuihoud. Price A00.

All atnv MtmMllM sm. wa an hi. actual practice by a Bupcrri.iua. we will Ibrwen ijr. Address: Ma FBOP.

PHARMACT CO i-7 West Fifth Btreet. K-onas Parlor Meat Market HOWARD, KAXSAS. Keep constantly on hand a full and complete supply of Meets, both fresh and salt, as well as Sausages, Bologna, Fresh Oysters, and everything kept in a Frst Class Meat Shop. They also pay the highss Cash Prices for Hides. FBESH LAKE EISH Can be found almost constantly on hand at the Parlor.

It is their aim to treat all men alike on the dead square. Those who want anything in their line, should give them a call, at the Old Stand. WILL MAXET'S CITY RESTAURANT -HOWARD, KANSAS. Is the place to go for a good square meal for twenty-five cts. He also carries a full and complete line of Confectionary, Cigars, Nuts, Fruite, Fresh and Cove Oysters, and in fact everything kept in a first class Restaurant.

4,. Ken perfected after years study In i NVnolfta graduate of tbc Royml UttlYenity, Berlin, and compounded nndcr his especial been perfected after years study Id mi WLXXEm'RQ WE PTFTT OB1TTS. thoroofrlilT cleansing the System and eradicating This nopnlar remedy is unrivaled by anv other nrenaimtifn nd the most obstlnaVcMe MsssaSssaaisiSSSZ. EVERY BOTTLE WARDAWPBD..

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