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The Caney Daily Chronicle from Caney, Kansas • 3

The Caney Daily Chronicle from Caney, Kansas • 3

Caney, Kansas
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i oj jon. wouldn't oare to uo Oioaonbvoioioi 0 r.nnr. lll I II I II! I I II I I -II I I I HAVANA oioioeoioecoeo4 John Watson and farni'y, who for- telling nie good-by and TbunkTng rue for coming up' to the' hotel with them. 4 I told her I was( and then she came around to the kidnaping business again nof her own accord. "You may give Mr.

Norcross the hint I gave you, if you wish," Bhe said "only you must be a good boy, Jlmmle, and not drag me into it." "I seeM' nodded. "I'll tell the -I get good.baace, Wd you can be yput jaflt dollar be tangle you up in it he isn't put together that way." "Well, then, good-night," she smiled, giving me ber hand. And with that she sort ef edged tbe little girl into the elevator before we could get a chance to. shake, hands, and I heard her-tell takethem up to the mezzanine landing, By and by, I went down to the station and began to hunt for the Alexa. The boss and Mr.

Qbadwick were Ata "it 1BER An operating head is now noNthlng more than a score-keeper for a National gambling game. The boss gabblers around the railroad post in thel Stock exchange tell him what he haso do and where he has to get oft. Stock gambling, under whatever namAlt masquerades boosting values, bnylrJfe and selling margins, reorganizations, with their huge rake-offs for the i underwriters Is the incubus which is crushing the life out of the nation's industries, especially In the railroad field. It makes me wish I'd never seen a railroad track." "Yet It Is your trade, isn't It!" asked the wheat king. "It is; but luckily I can build railroads as well as operate them; and there are other countries besides the United States of America.

I'm ou my way home to Illinois for a little visit iny mother and sisters; and after thut I think I shall close with an offer I've had from one of the Canadian companies." "Good boy!" chuckled the Chicago magnate. due time we might 1. ,11..,. In thu that," he chlttered. "He's one of the New York crowd the railroad pec-' pie President Dunton's nephew guest of the house." ie young fellow had pulled himself 'around to our sdo of the counter by this time and was hooking his arm to make a pass at Mr.

Norcross, trimming things up as he came with a lot more language. -The' boss said, right short and sharp, to the clerk, his room key and, give it to a boy who, can show me the way," and the next thing we knew he had bushed that lunatic square In the face and was cuffing him along to the nearest eleva tor. He came back In a few minutes, looking as cool as a cucumber. "Whut did you do with him?" asked the clerk, kind of awed and half scared. "Got, a couple of the corridor -sweep ers to put him in a bath and turn the cold water on him.

That'll take the whisky out of him. Now, If you have minute to spare, I'd like to get my assignment." We hadn't more than got our rooms marked off for us. when I saw Mr. Chadwick coming across from the farther of the three elevators. He was smiling sort of grim, as if he'd made killing of some sort with Mr.

Dun and Instead of beading back for his car he took the boss over to a corner of the lobby and sat down to smoke with blm. CONTINUED TOMORROW oooaooooo RAMSEY ITEMS 0OOQOOOQ Mr. and Mrs. Bert Davis, Mr. and Mrs.

Bill Kennels of Caney attended the literary at our school house Fri day and two other ladies from Caney were also present. There was a good crowd out and an interesting time is reported. Mesdames Kleckner, Holland and Paul called on the Mayfleld family Friday afternoon. Miss Lucile Paul was given a sur prise Monday night of last week, tt being her thirteenth birthday. The ladies visited with Mrs.

Baker one day last week and practiced on their sons for Friday night. Everyone is invited to attend the literary at our school house Friday night of each week. The dance at Mr. Overfleld's was well attended, there being out. They had to run two sets and tho boys didn't get to enough.

dance half ti -fivinenn naintimr and flxinir IIU -JAVMV X' 1 un his car. Look out, gvrls: he is going to ask you to, go riding. John Mayfleld lost a valuable horse this week. It was kicked by another animal. Rain is certainly needed.

Mrs. Alberty spent the day Monday with Mrs. Hollands, Mr. and Mrs. Tige Garrison of Dewey attended the dance' at Overfleld's and visited home folks Miss Janet and Louise, Mrs.

bers and her children visited over Sun- day with their parents, Mr. and Mrs Overfleld, of this vicinity. Mrs. Mayfleld entertained at din ner Sunday her sister, Mrs. F.

M. Rowe and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Carey of Peru, Mr. and Mrs.

Kirk Mc- Lain of Caney. AH had their pictures taken after dinner. Sunday school is progressing nice- y. but who ever heard ot sunaay at- i school at night? Mr. and Mrs.

Mayfleld attended the! sale at Clyde Young's Monday. We alter any kind of a gar ment and make it conform to the late modes. work will bear any in spection. Lingle Tailoring phone 476. 69tf Wilson-Buick Motor Co.

110 Soatk Baring Street We do fine ear repairlag, aeetr leae weldiag, Latke ad vacttae wore, gemerator, magneto eleetrla work. Tfree, Tehee, GeeeBae K5e ad aQ tteda ef euteaeeriw Bakk aai Chemist Cere PASTS AKD ST2YIS3 mcily on for vana with the of vana the of and the Nat H. I i i lived in Havana, have moved faxm between WayRide and Bolton and dono says he will try farming a while, (jrover Pittman of northeast of Ha brought in his little boy to Dr. Waiters to see what was the matter the boy's leg, which was stilt' at knee. Mr.

and Mrs. Bert Gillmore were in Caney on business Thursday, March 3. Albert Dunham, the correspondent the Chronicle, brought a fine dressed hog to Caney and disposed of some Thursday. Mrs. Thompson of northwest of Ha brought in a coupie of nice cases eggs to Caney Thursday.

Fred Nollsch, who formerly lived at trading post in the northeast part the state, drove his team through landed in Havana Saturday night, Feb. 26, to take up his home here in property which he purchased from DeArmond. We have a new champ at "give away." He won live straight gaancs over C. W. Powell and skunked him once in the five.

All of Mr. Powell's men were left on the board when the game was over. Lester Sircoulomb is looking for bigger game now. W. L.

Pendleton of Independence motored down to visit his brother, J. Pendleton, last week and then went out to the farm to see how they are progressing with the well. They struck a 7-foot vein of coal down at about 500 feet Roy Dixson of northeast of town motered in to shop last week. The Havana baseball club held a meeting Monday, Feb. 28, to raise money to lease the ball park for this season and elect a manager and treasurer.

A. V. Moore was elected manager and Roy Raymond assistant manager and treasurer. Mrs. Minnie Campbell of Caney was up visiting her parents, Mr.

and Mrs. R. B. Knock, March 4. Deacon Dubbs." the home talent play that the Rebekahs put on in Ha vana, was a great success and stand ing room was at a premium.

Lots oi -people were turned away. It looked like a nouse It is said that one ot our operators at the Santa Fe, Frank Fetters, will to Dewey right away where he will work for the company. We hate to lose Frank and his family. Mr, Fetters is one of our best baseball players, playing third base. Mr.

Elliott of northwest of Ha vana was in doing some trading Fri- day and talking with friends Johnnie Robinson oi northwest ji town was in Friday doing some Uad- and weighing one oi ins horsed. John Dunham, who has been ill for the past two and a half months, now much better. He put on his clothes Friday and walked out to the barn lot and back to the house. He says he will go to, town his next trip. Caney can't crow over her neighbor town now.

Lester Sircoulomb went to Havana lake Saturday and caught a inu A.nnnnn niisu Ross Sullivan motored into town Friday with his brother-in-law from Delaware, in the latter big Cole eight. Dr. J. V. Howell of Independence was here recently with the avowed intention of fishing at the lake.

C. W. Powell, our East End garage man, has recovered 'a couple of his auto tires which were stolen from his garage about a month ago, and he has clews whiqh may lead to the recovery of moro of them. Catarrh Can Be Cured Catarrh Is a local disease, greatly Influenced by constitutional condi tions. It therefore requires constitutional treatment HALL'S CATARRH Third time I.

ir ooootoootoeoiotot CANEY LODGE No.324 A. Fa A. H. UEGUIJU COMMUNICATIONS Second ami Fourth TtwwAays EMh Month Floor, Horn Natl. link BUg.

Visitors to the city art welcomed MODERN WOODMEN of AMERICA Meets every Thursday night ta old Masonic Hall. W. S. ANDREWS, C. E.

A. TOURNAY, Clerk. ERNIE BROW.N i Obl, AMKB1CAM IMUUHi Mts evwr? 'fdnosday BlfM Eagles HalL i room opaa all tka for Legioit ixicutbera and EdglM, Dr. Hartaa, Toots Paraoaus, 'ic-Com. Chick Graves, Adj.

JEWEL CHAPTER No. 104, O. K. S. Meets First ami Third Tuesdays i-a month at Masonic Hall Home Natl, Raak Bldg.

1 AERIE No. im, T.O.E. Meetings 1st and Id Thmmdaf evenings in Ea'a' HalL FRANK JACKSON, W. P. WM.

HOIEMAN, Socy. CARPENTERS UNION LOCAL ieT8 Meets every Wednesday evening at Geo. Shelton's carpenter shop, 610 N. Fawn St. Visitors welocme.

GEO. SHELTON, Fin. Secy. CANEY HOMESTEADERS No. Meet at Brows-Borta Hall iverj Thursday niht Visitor wln.


lit, 0. O. P. JVeets Every Wednesday Evealag ROYAL NEittHBOhS OF AMERICA No. tm Meta 2d 4th Friday aitaraooaa of each month at old Masonic hall.

ViaitiEg membars wlwflB. Mrs. Bertha Cooper, Recorder. UNION BROTHERHOOD OF THIS M. E.

CHURCH Business meetiag Sad Tneaiaf Mijjrht of month. Ersyoaa cwrdWtj invitad. Mating held at E. Caarch, w-sr of 3rd and friga ttrsets. IL A.


O. Meets Every Friday Kveaiag Visitors axe cot only cordially fcs-riUd, but are urged to attend amy i the hove mtatings. We always try to make iilUrn fwl at home. m4 CANEY LODGE No. 12 16 bl p.

o. E. Meetings Socoad and Eonrai IHE SECURITY BENEFIT ASST Sucfors to Ike Knights Ladies ef Secarlty Meet at Brtwa-Borea Hall eterf Twsday night Visitors weleome. 3ANEY LODGE lit. A.

O. U. W. Meets Tery Friiay lght in Brown Boren Hail, Visitors wekome. L.

a MITCHELL, Be MYRTLE AS KEEN, Fiaif, WOMAN'S RSIIEF CORPS Mts every secost and fourth Sat ardaj of each raonti their hall eref Hcci Natteiisl iksnk. LIBRAS HOCXS Forenoon, IC Vt 11:60. Afternoon, 1:00 ta 4 06. Saturday afternoon, 1.00 to 6:00. Eftry cTtilag except Sunday from to Dressmaking Mrs.

Lillie rr ia now located in rooms ovar the Cavis Feed Etcre on West Fourth Ave, and will do dressm 'iag, ladies' tailoring, altetioaiend pleating. raoNE ms I facing each other across the table, which was all littered up with papers and maps and reports, and they hardly noticed roe when I blew in and sat down a little to one side. Just after I broke in, Mr, Norcross Jumped up and began to pace back and forth before the table, with his hands in his pockets. "No, I can't see it, Uncle John," he said, still sort of stubborn and determined. "You are trying to make me believe that I ought to take the biggest Job that has ever been set before the expert in any field; to dem onstrate, on this rotten corpse of a railroad, the solution of a problem that has the entire country guessing at the present time; namely, the wln ning of success, and public and In' dustrial approval for a carrier cor poration which had continuously and persistently broken every comment ment in all the decalogues of business; of fair-dealing with its era-nlnvees of common honesty with.

everybody." Mr. Chadwick nodded. "That Is about the size of it," he said. "I wouldn't say that it can't be done." the boss went on. "Perhaps it is possible, for the right man.

But I'm not the right man. You need somebody who can combine the qualities of a pretty brutal slugger with those of a fine-haired, all-things-to-all-men diplomatic peacemaker. I can do the slugging; I've proved it a time or two In the past. But Tm no good at the other end of the game When it. comes to handling the fellow with a Tve either got to smash him or quit.

I am too heavy-handed for this Job of yours. And as for the other thing the industrial side of it: that's a large order; a whaling big order. I'm not even prepared to say, off-hand, that It's the right thing to do." "Right or wrong, it's a thine: that is coming, Graham," was the sober reply. "If Ave don't meet it halfway well, the time will come when we of the hlrtng-and-llring side won't be given any option In tbe matter. You may call It Utopian if you please, and add that I'm growing old and losing my grip(1 But that doesn't obliterate the fact that the days of the present master-and-man relations in the industries are numbered.

"We'll let it rest until morning' and give you a chance to sleep on it. You have spoken -only of the difficulties and the responsibilltes, Graham but there is another side to it. In a way. It's an opportunity, carrying with It the promise of the biggest kind of a "I don't see it." said the boss, briefly. "Don't you? I do.

I have an idea rambling around ia my head that It about time some bright young fellow was showing the people of tho United States that a railroad needn't be regarded as an outlaw among the industries; needn't have-the enmity of everybody it serves; needn't be- the prey of a lot of disloyal and dissatisfied employees who are Interested only In the figure of the pay-day check; needn't be shot at as a wolf with a bounty on its scalp. Let it rest at that for the present Get your hat and we'll walk up-town to the hotel." When we got out of the ear, Norcross told me to go by the station and have our luggage sent to the ho-teL It was some time after eleven o'clock when I got around to the hotel with the traps. Mr. Chadwick had disappeared, but I saw the boss at the counter waiting for his chance at the clerk. The, people melted away at last, all but one a young swell who would have been handsome If he hadn't had the eyes of a maniac and a color that was sort, of corpse-lib; with the pallor of a booze-fighter.

He had his hat on the back of his head, and he was ripping It off at the clerk like a drunken hobo. It seemed that he had caught a glimpse of somebody be knew a woman, I took it, because he said "she" looking down from the rail of the mezzanine, and he wanted to go up to her. And it appeared that the clerk had told the elevator man not to take him up in his present condition. The boss was growing sort of impatient; I could tell It by the way the little side muscles on his jaw were working. When he got the ear of the clerk for a second.

or so be tween cusses, he asked what was the matter with the lunatic, I caught only broken bits of the clerk's half whisper; "Young Collingwood President Dunton's nephew saw lady mezzanine. wants to go up to her." The boss scowled at the young fel low, who was now handing himself around the corner of the counter to get at the clerk again, and said "Why don't you ring for an officer and. have him run In?" The night clerk was evidently Scared a a 2 newspapers "Sir Graham Norcross, D.S.O., or something of thut sort." Then, with a sharp return to the sort of gritting seriousness: "You've been riding over the Pioneer Short Line since early this morning, Graham urhot- An vm fliinlr ilf T. V. V.

I' 11 1111111. 1. I couldn't see the boss' smile, but I could figure it pretty well when he said: "There may be worse managed, worse neglected pieces of railroad track In some of the great transcon- tlneutal lines, but if there are I huven't happened to notice thetn. I suppose It is capitalized to death, like many of the others." something to do with it at the present stage of the game," Mr. Chad-wick admitted.

"It has always been I good earning property, being largely, ffen yet, without much local com-VjHition. But from the day it was completed its securities have figured "In the market only for their lative values. The property itself has i never been considered, save as a means to an end; the end being to Atiuhlo nnn hnneh nf 1hf Wall Street unload on another 1 -VH. VWld4 story," said Mr. Norcross.

Clare bumping over the net re-ilight now," Mr. Chadwick went on. "Pioneer Short Line Is praetleal-1 ly in the last ditch. The stock has I slumped to forty and worse; Shaffer, 1 4a Minapol munnirni. mill thl OIllV llllllllll 1 able man we have had for years, has resigned In disgust; and if something isn't done tomorrow morning in Portal City, I know of at least oue minority stockholder who is going to throw the whole mess into the courts and try for a receivership." Mr.

Norcross looked up quickly. "Are you the minority stockholder, Uncle John?" he asked, letting himself use the name by which Mr. Chadwick was best known in the wheat pit "I am more's the pity. I had a little lapse of sanity one fine morning a few years ago and bought In for an investment. I've done everything I could think of, Graham, to persuade Breck Dunton and his Wall Street ac complices to spend just one dollar in ten i of their reorganization and re capitalization stealings on the road Itself, but it's no good.

Dunton has been making an Inspection trip over the system with a dozen or so of his New1 York cronies. It's a Junketing excursion, pure and simple, but while they're here they'll get together and go through the form of picking out a new general manager. I'm ou the board and they had to send me notice, though it's an even bet they hoped Td stay away "Are you really to spring the receivership on the Dunton people to morrow?" Tm going to give Dunton hit chance. He can appoint the man want appointed as general manager, with, full power to act, and ratify a little plan I've got up my sleeve for providing a bit of working capital for the road, or he can turn me down. "And if be does turn you downT' "Then, by George.

I'll see if I can't persuade the courts to put the prop erty into bankruptcy and Install my man as receiver "I don't envy your man his job, either way arouud; not ihe least little morsel in the world," said the boss, auletly. And then; "Who is he. Uncle John?" The wheat king gave a great laugh "Don't tell me you haven't guessed It," be chuckled. "You're the man, Graham." But now Mr. Norcross had something to say for himself, sitting up traight and shaking his bead sort of rowfully at the big man la toe "You're the Man, Graham." ffryoTToon't, my good old friend; not In a thousand years! You'd lose out in the end, and I'd lose out; and.

besides, I'm not quite ready to com mit suicide." And then to me. "Jlm-mle, suppose you go and tap on the door and fell the ladles we're pulling Into Portal City." I hung around while the boss was telling Mrs. Sheila and Malsle Ann good-by. and I was in the baggage-room, digging up the put-off stuff, at the good-by minute. But I guess they didn't quarrel any the boss and Mrs.

Sheila. She was laughing a little to herself as I helped her down from the car, and when I asked her where she wanted to go, she said I might ask one of the porters to carry the traps, and we'd walk to the hotel, which was only a few blocks up the main street. She took Malsie Ann on the other side of her and let two of the blocks go by without saying anything more, and then she gave that quiet little laugh again and said, "Your Mr. Nor cross amuses me, Jimmle. He says I have no business to travel without guardian.

What do you think about It?" I told her I hadn't any thinks com ing, and she seemed to take that for a Joke and laughed some more. Then she asked me if I'd ever been In New York, and I felt sort of small when I had to tell her that I had never been east of Omaha in all my life. With that, she told me not to worry; that if I stayed with Mr. Norcross I'd probably get to go anywhere I wanted to. Something in the way she said it made it sound like a little slam on the boss, and of course I wasn't going to stand for that.

There is one thing about It: the boss will make good wherever he goes," I bit back. "You can bet ou that." "I like your loyalty," she flashed out. It Is a fine thing in a day that is much too careless of such qualities. And I agree with you that your Mr. Norcross is likely to succeed; more than likely, if he will only learn to combine a little gentle cleverness with the heavy hand." I don't think you have any cause to blacklist Mr.

Norcross," I said. "Hasn't he been right good and brotherly to both of you this evening?" '(Hi, I didn't mean that," she said real earnestly. "But in the stateroom In Mr. Chadwick's car; the ventilator was open, you know, until Maiste Ann got up and shut It, and we couldn't very well help hearing what was said about the kidnaping. Neither Mr.

Chadwick nor Mr. Norcross seemed to be able to account for it" "Can you account for it?" I asked. bluntly enough, I guess. At this she smiled and said, "It would be rather presumptuous for me to try where Mr. Norcross and Mr.

Chadwick failed, wouldn't It? But maybe I can give you Just a wee little hint. You saw the two men who went over to the auto and smoked while they were waiting for the other two to come back? If I am not mistaken, I have seen them many times before, and they are very well known here in Portal City. One of them, the smaller one with the derby hat and the short overcoat, was either Mr. Rufus Hatch or his double; and the other, the heavy-set one, might have been Mr. Gustave Henckel, Mr.

Hatch's partner in the Red Tower company." This didn't help out much, but you can bet that I made a note ot the two names. "You are going back to Mr. Chad wick's car?" she asked, when. shewaa MEDICINE is taken internally and acts through the Blood on the Mucous Surfaces of the System. HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE destroys the foundation of the disease, gives the patient strength by improving the general health and assists nature In doing its work.

druggists. Circulars free. F. J. Cheney Co Toledo, Ohio, -J Caney; AJOV.

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