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Gove County Advocate from Gove City, Kansas • 1

Gove County Advocate from Gove City, Kansas • 1

Gove City, Kansas
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ltnty Advocate Volume 4, Number 37. QOVE CITY, GQV iGOUNTY, KANSAS, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 1901. .00 Per Year. G'QVE Coi The ground is, now well soaked as a "A -DOLLAR SAVED ISA DOLLAR EARNED." The Place ito Buy Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots Just In Time. Miss Margie Guest returned Sunday from California, she been spending the summer with, relatives, and Monday morning began her second term as teacher of the Sunny Slope school which was scheduled begin that day, Carries the Mall.

Obed Sears has succeeded Truman Hills as mail carrier on tho Good-water-Jerome route. Mr. Sears has been working in Bryan's blacksmith shop at Grinnell and. will put in a shop of his own at Jerome later on and wijl also chaperono a small bunch Df pattle of which he is the owner. Hills has gone baok on his farm.

The Utica Well. Work on the deep well at Utica was stopped at a depth of 276 feet. The drill went through 70 feet of earth, and Shoes 'OR" ANYTHING IN JHE LINE OF (GENERAL flERCHANDISE THEY ARE HERE, Omfall goods arc hero. Complete line of calicoes, ginghams, cretones, outings, dress goods, wool and silk waist patterns and staple goods. Trimmings to match our dress goods.

Best line of embroideries and allovers over shown in Gove County. Notions of all kinds. Up to date hair ornaments, rubber collars, ladies' ties, belts and all kinds of ribbon. COME AND SEE and be convinced that we have the largest-up-to-date stock of goods in the west. Price and quality right.

W. A.COOK CO. Where You get the Best Goods for the Least Money, at P. J. MEIER, KANSAS.

miGHEST MARKET PRICE BALD FOR 9 TO -BAY'S Live Stock Quotations PRODUCE. Each duy In tho live (stock market, has its own characteristics couditious bearing on tlio prioos of tli tit (lay und relate! to tlio prices of future days. Those chnracteristics are the batUH of murlcot letters that we send freo to shippers. There are special loiters on cattle, sheep and hogs, written by our salesmen the most successful sales COMPANY, Kansas City, Mo. ndertahin Soods.

men In America each letter a direct reflex of the day's demuudH of this market and the Influence of all other markets. Those letters give a review of the market, receipts, conditions Kast and West, advice to shippers and quotations for the day. If you have live stock to Roll send for a lotter. No charge for It. We will be glad to advise you free on any point, by special correspondence.

Write to-day; call any time. have recently added UNDERTAKING GOODS to my stock EVANS-SMDER-BUEL And now keep on hand a complete line of Kansas, City Stock Yards, -CI. HIC TO Ft. I WESTWARD, HO! Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and California are teeming with wealth. result of last week's rains.

(Dr. Newton, the Quinter physician, a county seat visitor Wednesday Plenty of nice White seed rye for sale, M. W. Lewis, Grainfield, Kans Tho big buffalo wallow on the east side is now full of water. Residents of that part of town call It Moosehead lake.

We are closing out if you want quick. J. B. Jorz Grainfield, -Dr. 'Rafflngton, dentist, wil bo in Gave City Sept.

27 and 28, Quinter Sopt. 30 Grinncll Sept. 26. Wait for Dr. Rafflngton.

Mrs. M. E. Wilkinson returned Saturday from Riley county, where she went some time ago to be present at the deathbed of her brother. We are closing out.

If you want bargains come quick. J. B. Jorz Grainfield. If afflicted with cancer, tumors stomach or kidney disease, or women's troubles, write Dr.

McLaugh lin, 319 West 9th Street Kansas City, Mo. 9-13. Dr. Rafflngton, dentist, will extract teeth without pain at Grinnell Sept. 20 Gove Sept.

27-28, Quinter Sept. 30. Alden Nickerson'rboy, George, who was bitten on the hand by a rattlesnake several weeks ago, is now completely recovered except that it may yet become necessary to amputate one of his Angers. Jim Cooper has sold his half section of land some miles southwest of Grain-field to some men from Douglas county and has bought J. H.

Edwards' quarter section one mile south of Grainfield, so he can be nearer to market and school facilities. We hear that R. S. Kim is back in Gove county again having come in Saturday from Ft. Scott with a couple car loads of cattle.

In the years he has been absent Mr. Kim has held on to his Gove county land of which he owns a couple of quarters a few miles south of town, and now expects to settle down and stay. His family will follow him later. The Farmers Advocate, of Topeka-ia making a special rate of 25 cents until Jan. 1st 1902.

There is no better all around paper published in the United States than the Advocate; ev erything it contains is of importance and interest to the farmer's family Take the Advocate and you will never regret the investment. Remember 25 cents until Jan. 1st, 1902. Closing Out. The Diamond Meat Market will close out its stock by the 15th of September.

All persons knowing themselves indebted to same will please call and settle at once. J. M. Rhine, Prop. Plain View Sittings.

Too late for last week. Hannaford has taken pos session of the blacksmith shop at Grinnell, having sold his interest in 'jhe threshing machine to Dm Beougher. Charley Kinsey is at home again. J. K.

Pugh Sundayed at home. Howard Williams went to Grinnell Wednesday to meet his mother and sister of Farmington, who will visit him awhile this fall. Asa Vanover and J. M. Harper are hauling wheat to Plain View this week.

Wonder why a certain young man that visits Plainview drives due west vhen he wants to visit southeast. Ask Geo. Kinsey where he dined last iunday. School started inPlainview Monday with Chas Lahraan wielding the rod. Miss Stella Mather took up her task of teaching the kids in the Prather district another term Monday.

Geo. Mather is cutting up corn. Everybody is going to the masquerade at Gove the 27th. Dan Beougher is threshing our wheat crop. We are now having an abundance of rain and late feed is growing fine.

Pete DeBoer is enjoying the company of his father of Ellis, who is visiting nim now. Early disced wheat never looked finer than at. present. Cio to these states over the onlyroad that can MAKE TIME, The Union Pacific. All the Comforts of Home while enroute.

Three Trains Leave Omaha daily for it he West then 164 feet of shale and at the time the drill was being taken out the for mation indicated that another layer of shale was being approached. After work was stoppod the well filled up 200 feet with water, 70 feet in one night. Call Her a Potato. It is now proper, says the Drover's Telegram, for a young man to call his girl a potato instead of a peach. Although the potato has not the creamy skin of the peach, it is dearer by far and is improved by mashin If you want to make a killing ask if she is your sweet potato, and as she deposits her silky tresses on your manly bosom you wilr hear tho softest, sweetest voice say "I yam.

New School House at 44. Joel Beougher is bunding a new school house in district 44 up in the Plum Creek country near the Logan county line. The building is a frame house 18 26 by and will cost $400 exclusive of the furnishings. It is located on Barney Bredson's corner, a mile east of the Old school house. The district has a surplus in the treasury and pays cash down for the building and conducts a school besides without issuing bonds.

Struck by Lightning. The Hardscrabble school house No. 35, was stcuck by lightning dur ing one of last week's rains but not badly damaged. Plum Creek school house, No. 10, was struck some two weeks ago.

The house is occupied temporarily by the family of Chas. Gardner, a homesteader who has lately located in the neighborhood. The chimney was demolished and Mrs. Gardner knocked down by the shock. Asa Wickizer lost a stack of wheat near Quinter by lightning and J.

F. Mendenhall and W. P. Har rington a cow each. Definition Changed.

There has been a radical change in the Republican definition of the word "Populist." Until recently the word has been defined as awildeyed species of political sorehead crazed by political vagaries; an anarchist: theoff-scourings of the body politic, which the Republican party was pleased to be rid of. But the later definition of Populists as applied by Republicans, is: An element of citizenship that has served its well-meaning, though ill-advised purposes, and would now be welcomed with open hearts to the fold of the Republican party, in order to deliver this worthy element of politics from its unholy ally, the Democracy. Hiawatha Democrat. He Don't Enthuse. A 4ot of bloods from Pittsburg have put up $400,000 against $250,000 that the American boat will do up the Shamrook in the coming yacht race.

We have been asked if it does not stir up our national pride to hear of these bloods putting up $400,000 in cash on the Atnericen boat. We are compelled to say frankly that it does not. So far as we can judge the announcement hasn't caused nary a stir. We would just as leave see the bl lods lose their money as not. From what we can hear about him -we that Tom Lipton is a nervy, jovial 'Irishman who has made his own money and risked it to win back that cup which has been over 'iiere for the last 50 years.

If Tom's yacht outruns the one built on this -side we will say "Bully for the old man ha is a thoroughbred and deserves to win. But as a matter of fact we have never fel; like rending our undergarments over this yacht. racing business Mail Breeze. Any Agent will rates and other The Kansas City Daily Prints All of the Nemo All goods, groceries, clothing. general merchandise.

J. SPRAGUE, KANSAS, New Subscribers. B. Bacon, Gove City. A.

A. Phillips, Grinnell. P. Shank, Grainfield. O.

W. Sears, Jerome, Charles N. Gardner, Coin. Pearl Maddox, Fairmount, Il'l. Hackberry Items.

Henry Co.fob of Russell is coming to Gove county to see his Mayflower. Quite late for niaySowers. We wonder what he means. C. J.

Ellithorp has his lionise about completed on his Hackberry raaeh. Sam Clayton has been on the sick list since he came back from his fathers. His father is reported to be very ill. Wo have been informed that W. B.

Ely has wut up a windmill on his place lately. Mrs. M. S. Williams and son have gone to Manhattan.

They started Sunday evening, S. L. Thompson 'has his dam completed on which has been working for some time. So, 'taint a bit o' use to growl 'Bout politics and weather; They don't amount to a hill 6' Beans if you put them both together. And when ye learn a thing or two, Don't run around and blow it, But settle it onto your brain, and Then you're sure to know it.

(TEACHERS' MEETING. Program for Gove County Educational Association at Gove, Sept. .28. ,1:30 p.m. Sorig.

Should the course of st.idy be followed. 1,. Wickizjr. Discussion i W- Discussion -jEvaiyn Bentljy Essay Etta Hiddlesxm Vocal duct Ryev' Lizzie E. Sutclille Introduction of new methods of English spelling.

C. Cook Discussion. B. E. Lahman, I uarey 1j.

Muuns Uecitation N. Carver Reading circle work general discussion. Recitation. Marian S. Royer Song Miscellaneous business.

Adjournment. By order of COMMITTEE. Spot cash dealer in dry boots and shoes and A. GRINNELL Judge nonroe Invests. Judge Lee Monroe bought most of the land offered for sale by the county treasurer last week on account of de linquent taxes.

The investments cost the judge about $750, which goce into the county treasury. A Good Farmer. Henry Wolf of Baker township is one of the best farmers in the county. Sherman Cope who threshed his crop for him reports that Henry got 1475 bushels of 62 pound wheat off of 100 acres, beating all his neighbors, some of whom got fewer bushels of wheat from two or three times as much ground. Mr.

Wolf owes his success to the fact that he farms systematically and thoroughly. He keeps the surface of his field loose and mellow and plows or disks his graund every year before seeding and always puts his wheat in early, about the first of September. It is owing to these common sense methods, thorough cultivation, early seeding and handling a compar atively small acreage in a proper manner that Mr. Wolf always has good crops and has good wheat this year when the drouth cut the yield short all over the county. Kan: as Wheat in Demand- Kansas wheat is being sMppeil direct to northwestern milling i -aters as fast as the congested tconditl, of the railways can take it there.

State grain Inspector Northup, peaking of the excellence and high tality of this year's Kansas wheat crcj' i. said: "Some of it runs as high as Dunds to the bushel. Oklahoma makt some absurd claims of shipping 67 (pound wheat, but I never saw any of lt that would test tkat high. I havd never seen wheat that will gnade high than the Kansas product of this har est. "Kansas wheat is going northwest in immense quantities.

The'4 Maple Leaf has its immense equipment j'ist about entirely in use in carrying Kansas Minneapolis. The road is lined with double header trains all along the route loaded with wheat. The Maple Leaf 's yard in Kansai City is so with Kansas waiting to be shipped out to Miuneap-li8, where it is so much in nat'it amounts, to a veritable blockade.1' Dance at Grainfield tonight. Three $4.00 Per Year In Advance Daily (except Per Year In Advance Government approved rural free delivery mail box given free with one year's subscription to THE DAILY TIMES paid in advance. THE KANSAS CITY 25 Cents Per Year in Advance, inform you matters of interest.

-T. SHANK, Agent. and Sunday Times the World All the Time. WEEKLY TIMES. information than any other Address all communications to City Times, Kansas GtyyMo.

WANTED SEVER. AL PERSONS of Chins', etc am! Koofl rpiHitution In state (onj la this county lequired) to repieoeot aud advertise old established wealthy busine8 house of solid Huaueial standing. Salary $13.00 weekly Willi expenses additional all payable Jn cash each Wednesday direct from head offices. Horse and carriage furnished when necessary. Reference.

Enclose self-addressed stamped envelope. Manager, 313 Caxton Building, Chicago. The school board is having a stable erected on the school grounds aa a shelter for the horses of these who drive to school. Gives more accurate news and Metropolitan Weekly 4n the West. the Business Department Kansas PLEASE CALL AT THIS OFFICE FOR CLUBBING RATES.

C0TTAGE hotel, HRates 1.00 per Day. W. O. Ross Proprietor. 'Livery and feed Stable in connec- Hon.

Will 'meet all trains -when Requested. SHIELDS, KANSAS. '-After Grippe Dr. Miles' Nervine rene-y waited tissues and restores health..

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