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Gove County Advocate from Gove City, Kansas • 1

Gove County Advocate from Gove City, Kansas • 1

Gove City, Kansas
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a. ai Gov: County Advocate 7 Volume 3, Number 46. GOVE CITY, GOVE COUNTY, KANSAS, FRIDAY, NOV. 16, 1900. 1.00 Per Year.

Jones and W. J. Cheney of An Increasing Business: All Woo k'a o-ond i-prnmmendation of the manner in which that business has been conducted as could be given it is a testimonial that carries conviction with it and we are gratified with the results in this line during the past year. Become a customer of ours and you will understand how it has been accomplished. Once acustomer, always a customer.

Grainfield Gleanings. Farmers are busy sowing wheat. Luella Bailey is visiting Mrs. Pool. MissJJzziel'Fike is on the sick list.

Mrs. Mays of Oakley is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Snell, 1 Ed Fike spent' Sunday at home; he is in Quinterthis week. Mrs. Briggs is expecting her mother and brother from A Mr.

Wilson from Iowa is visiting with Mr. and Mrs. LaTaurctte. Saturday. Nov.

17, is Royal Neighbor night; all are requested to be present. Miss Carrie Ileiney spent last Friday at the LaTaurette home on the Saline. The travolinggrocery salesman who has been staying here and canvassing the county, has gone to Sheridan Co. Chas. Martin spent a few days with his parents last week.

He is working iu a restaurant in Topeka. The Woodmen ball has been changed from Friday night to Thanksgiving Underwear foi Men, Women and Children. Complete Line of Fleese-lined. Goods; Cotton-Ribbed Goods; anything you want at close margin prices. UNION SUITS for Ladies and Misses, good quality and well made.

Now is the time to buy, before the lines are broken. AT BUY "RIGHT' SELL-RIGHT STORE OF w. aTcooiuco. NO SPECIAL LINE. We make no specialties; quote no "Bo- low Cost" prices on any one line aa a bait and make it up by overcharging on'other purchases, but do a square, legitimate business on the SMALL MARGIN plan, that is an inducement to all who trade with us once to come back again.

We have found it to be a winner and are going to continue it, and soMcit you patronage on that basis. NO INFERIOR GOODS Everything we handle is of honest qual ity, and our stock is as complete as any in Gove county. Anything you want in the line of DRY GOODS, GROCERIES and GENERAL MERCHANDISE, at prices that are right. in all linJN P. J.

MEIER'S, Grinnell. At the Pioneer Drug Store XX. BLiAOKBURN Livery and Feed Stable FIRST CLASS ACCOMODATIONS TRAVELING PUBLIC Charges Reasonable Grainfield, We will showyou'one of the Most Complete lines of HOLIDAY GOODS this year that ever came to Western Kansas. Have made a long; study of this line and can this year save you money on X-mas Goods. Come in and look around and you will sure be astonished.

Pioneer Drug: Store. O. A. ONES, Pres. O.

B. JONES. Cashipu Exchange State Bank. Larrabee were in Gove a couple days this week, examining the county treasurer's books. 1 A series of protractedmeetings will be begun in the M.

E. church here next Monday, to continue for ten days or two weeks. Charlie Brovn and family, now living at Page where Chas. is handling grain, are visiting with friends on the Hackberry this week. The preliminary hearing of West McGinnis tomorrow' promises to attract quite a crowd to the burg; there is considerable interest being taken in the case.

Jas. Johnson has been quite sick at his parents' 'home in Larrabee the past week, Dr. Vanderpool making a couple of visits to see him; he reports bis condition as serious. The complaint is typhoid fever. Steer, Calves for Sale.

Fifteen head of good steer calves for sale, at iny ranch 12 miles west and two milos north of Gove. Henry Hagkn. Ed Smith is' holding their cattle on the place which Mr. Hyskill bought of Calvin Workman last fall, bringing them down last week. They will take them back to their Union township place as soon as winter sets in.

M. Kelso and U.J. Lofstcad, of Trego county, are doing some repair work on Jesse Iloyer's residence northeast of town. Mr. Kelso is a professional carpenter1 and, contractor and has done considerable building in this county heretofore.

Slaving got his crop all in Jesse Dyer bus gone back to Ilussell county to spend the winter with his parents, starting Tuesday. His father had been visiting with him on his Gove county farm for a couple of weeks and returned to Russell with him. Mrs. Hiram Crippen, who has been at her parents' home in t'lamvine since her husband's Jdeath, returned here Tuesday and will remain a couple ueeks straightiuug up Mr. 'Crippen's affairs.

Her brother, Ora Farrier, is here also and will assist her in settling up the affairs of the estate. The. Cope Wolfe thresher has been operating in this vicinity this week, finishing up the few scattering jobs of threshing that still remained. They threshed out O. J.

J. W. Benson's cane and kaffir corn that they had stored in the old stone church on Wednesday and then pulled to Lafe Guest's place south of town, where his wheat crop was still in the stack. Thanksgiving Ball. Grainfield Camp M.

W. of A. will ive a dance in the Opera Hall iu Grainlield on Th-inksgiving eve. Good music and supper will be furnished. Come and have a good time.

Everybody invited. Order of Committee. Park Pick-Ups. John Schwartz, son of our esteemed fellow-citizen, Alex Schwartz, married at Angelus last Tuesday. f.ijo.

Ilhine and H. A. Spiher of jve are employed -on the construction of Mr. Alberts' new building. Jas.

Hartman has moved to town for the winter, to give his children the beuelit of our excellent school. Mrs. Joseph Carder is reported to hi dangerously ill. 1 Dr. Winslow has been called twice this week to attend her.

W. J. Alberts' hand, which was severely crushed in a windmill about a mouth ago, is almost healed now and he is able to do light work. Already the young folks about Park are making preparations f6r a Christmas entertainment, a luxury this place hasn't indulged in for several years. Geo.

Birrer and Pete Kuhl of Grain-field finished painting the outside of the Catholic church last Saturday, greatly improving the external appearance of the edifice. Pete Seh amber went down to Ellis Friday morning on the inspection ear and went from there to Hays to visit friends and relatives, returning home Sunday. Eii Alberts' new store and hotel is nearing completion, and he seems to be 'receiving goods by every train. He will soon have one of tne best stores in the country, and with it accomodations for the traveling pnb- in which Park has been badly deficient heretofore. DlRECTOHS.

J. F. JoiK'H, M. B. Smith, II.

Jones, O. B. onus, G. A. Jones.

Does GOVE CITY. ResponsiD'Hities $10,000 A General Banking Business, KANSAS' Picture Frames Given A Way. night. The band boys will serve sup per. Our boys have organized an Orchestra and are practicing nearly every night.

Our little burg can boast of having some good musical talent. Walter Cook -of Gove was among those who came to see the cattle dipping. Two thousand head had been dipped Wednesday night, and they are still running them through and expect to continue all week. GRAINFIELD LITERARY, Program for Tuesday Evening, Nov. 20.

Music Orchestra. Doolnmtvtlon Forest, Ulackburn. Hiv.idinff Mrs. Cooper. Musio Lizzie Sutclifte.

ReoiUtiott Kdu Snell. Music and Anderson. Sotm. Katie Birrer. Reeilation Miss Andrews.

Declunmtion Francis Rush. Arthur Rush. Dialogue. ReudiUK Eviv Joues. Recital ion Mrs.

Lewis. Mrs. Fuller. Declamation Will Fowler. Song Heiney.

Recitation Alta Cooper. Reading Iva Jones, Kaoitution RubyDttrmUl. Resolved. That a Uit Chap is Greener in the Country Than a Country Chap is in the City. A fV.

IN Eli. R. A. Rush. Orie Hlaekhurn.

C. Fuller. M. W. Lewis.

R. Hohn. Geo. Grant. M.

M. Martin S. A. Cook. Musio Orchestra.

SCHOOL REPORTS. Moal lily report of school Dist. No. :17 for month emliiiK Nov. UHX No, of days taught No.

of pupils .20 .15 Average daily attendance 13.5 Neither tardy nor absent, Fay Stittsworth. Wm. H. El Teacher, Report of School Dist. No.

for month eudinj; Nov. l0. Number of days tauKht. 20 pupils enrolled II Average daily attendance. 12.T5 ReeetvinK HX) in Deportment 13 Neither absent nor tartly: Eddie and Phyllis Geer.

Katie and Rosa Fahey, Iva, Ova and Eva Black wilLJ Amy Spiher, Nellie Fahey, Clara Muchmore, 'Jennie UlacKwill; Messrs: Thos. Fahey, Chas. Spiher. Rosalie M. Smufr.

Teacher. Such of our subscribers as are in arrears on subscription would confer a great favor to us by settling up, ns we. are badly in need of money. We have about two hundred subscribers who are from one to two years behind on. their subscription, and if, they would pay up it would be a big help to us and would be greatly appreciated.

We have to meet our paper bills and other expenses 6f the business, and must have money to do it. A dollar or two is not much and it is no hardship on those who arc delinquent to ask them to pay up, but the aggregate for several hundred subscribers is considerable and it is a hardship on us to carry it and meet expenses. Please pay up. WANTED Active man of ood character to deliver and collect in Kansas for old estab lished mauufacturinir wholesale house. $(100 a year, sure pay.

Honesty, more than experien ce, required. Our any bank in any city. Enclose self-addressed Mumped envelope. Manufacturers, Third Floor, 331 Dearborn street, Chicago. SEND NO MONEY $16.95 Freight prepaid to your station.

Cut tills od out and scr.d to us and we will nend juu our hlsh yrraae, drop heail Universal Sewinir Machine subject 'to examination. Exam ine at your nearest depotanJ if you tint! it exaoilv an roin-e eented bere and absolutely the pi-eatost barpun you ever uaw or heard of the Rpent our Sfkciai. Jac-ioky prioetl6.9&, no more, and take the machine. The "Universal" has every modern improvement. It has every known attachment and an instruction book which will teach a child how to opeiatothe machine easily, making all kinds of iancy work, etc.

We will etund your money any day you find the machine un-aatisfactory. Guaranteed for twenty years. It is equal to the highest grade machine made and is the easiest running, nearest noiselen. high arm head, positive four motion feed, self-threading vibrating shuttle, automatic bobbin winder, adjustable bearing, patent loose wheel, and tension libeiator, improved ooee wheel and adjustable pressure foot, latest shuttle earner, patent dress guard, patent needle bar Head hsjidiom decorated and ornamented and nickel trimmed. A vm'men binding guarantee with every machine.

OKSst NOW, we oauBaveyou money. Address. H. 8. OILLES 305 Dearborn Chicago.

(U. 8. Viiler it Co, are thoroughly reliable) Editor. With cash purchases of goods from H. F.

Stimits, the Grainfield hardware merchant. Latest and most desirable paterns of mouldings; elegant work manship premiums of real TJI Considerably few days. like' winter ihe last Jim Bowen is doing souie' repair work on ltitcliie's cattle sheds this week. If you are behind on your subscription please call around and "settle up; we need money. Chas.

Bcougher moved his family to Oakley this week, where they will remain for the winter. Bill llitehie and Doe Litton had a lot of their cattle branded and dehorned last Saturday. Harvey Groves was in town Monday taking out, papera'on a piece of Lane county land, located on Salt, creek. Chesley Bell of Baker township is-advertising to sell his accumulated stock of worldly possessions at public auction next Wednesday. Health for ten cents.

(Jascarets make the bowels and kidneys act naturally, destroy microbes, cure headache, biliousness and constipation. All druggists. F. A. Fink, from the extreme eastern part of the county, was transacting business in the county seat Wednesday.

5 "It's a nine pound boy," was Oscar Benson's explanation as he stalked into the office Monday morning and threw a cigar in the type case. Frank Guest is working for Joe Mendenhall on his Hackberry ranch now and will remain till spring unless a new notion strikes him. One of the young children of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Wagner of Baker township is reported as seriously ill with scarlet fever, and a quarantine has been established on the premises.

NOTICE All persons knowingthem-selves to be indebted to the undersigned will please call and settle their account at once. Peirck Spalding. At least two liter aries are already in operation, one at Grainfleld and the other at the Fahey school house, date of meeting being Tuesday and Thursday evenings, respectively. Calvin Workman bought a team of mares at the Fowler sale recently a pretty slick driving team, by ihe way and -now lie is building a stable for them, on his town property. Grandma Ilhine returned from her Denver visit last week.

Her daughter, Mrs. Bevan. and grand-daughter, Mrs. Anderson, returned with her and will visit ttith Gove county friends for a few weeks. KJgar Smith-has bfea making several tests for water about town this week' putting tlowil a bole for W.

A. Cook and one fop M. H. Kelliy. He alo bored a well for Jack Thomas on his Hackberry pliieo.

FOB Kansas TO CASH PURCHASERS J. M. TYLER Probate taken. Final Proofs on Homestead and Timber Claims a specialty. GOVE CITY, KANSAS j.LVaiuiGnwoi.

M.D Physician and Surgeon, Calls promptly answered at all hour day or night. Office in the Merritt Smith building. GOVE CITY, KANSAS H. H. BENSON Attornev-at-Law AND DKALEK IN Farm Lands and KancHes.

In Gove City Saturdays. GRAINFIELD, KANSAS J. J. BARCLAY. Mil Physician and Surgeon.

GRINNELL, KANS. COMING I desire to announce to my friends that I will open up a stock of Millinery in the par-or of the Wolfe Hotel on SATURDAY OGT. 13. and cordially invite you to call and inspect my stock. BLANCHE WCLPE, GRAINFIELD KANSAS yb4 EXPERIENCE Trade Marks A.

Designs 'fttll Copyrights Ac. Anyone sending a sketch and description mat Quickly ascertain Cur opinion free whether an Invention is probably patentable. Oommunipa, tions strictly contldent ial. Handbook on Patents icut free. Oldest ncency for securing patents.

Patent taken throueh Munn Co. recel: tptcUU notice, without charge, in the ScKittmc American. A hnndso-nely illustrated week.y. I.arges; lir Terms. ti cmuMon or iny BCienuiu: jf.j,

li.tir itior.iua. all newsdealers. absolutely free with cash purchases in amounts from $5 to 30 worth of goods. They cured cash value from to 8 value and worth. See them.

These frames will be given are the finest that can oe pro 3.50. ain apt? iu jsoa jou cp Aaxp FRAMES MADE TO ORDER. Picture Frames of all descriptions made to. order from mouldings of your own selection. We carry a large: and varied assortment of mouldings and will guarantee to please you in the Picture Frame line.

H. P. STIMITS, GrainM, Kansas. 'NNOO 'N3AVH M3N oo shiuv mmm mmmm uorjmntnuiE pire sun3 sqj SuiquDsap an3ojBj83 pajBi; sni a3ed ggi ioj jesou uo auieu puag 33ijj spooS jps Si2vdp ajqpipi jjyfJJ- carta Jt vmvj 210m Au? XOOHS SHHJLOOHS UCMSSHDDnS I CANDY CATHARTIC 1.

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