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Gove County Advocate from Gove City, Kansas • 1

Gove County Advocate from Gove City, Kansas • 1

Gove City, Kansas
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CITY, GOVE COUNTY, GOVE Volume 2, Number 40. Volume 2, Number 40. commissioners are in session The next week. week; proceedings proclamation of elecThe Sheriff's in this issue. tion appears and the Kansas City The ADVOCATE and Sunday Star, both one year daily for only $4.00 -old child of Mr.

The Beougher, whose illseven months and Mrs. D. W. noted last week, died Thursday, ness we Sept. 28.

of girl babies is The recent arrival of Mr. and Mrs. reported at the homes near North and Geo. Ikenberry Jas. Quinter.

will be a dance at Quinter one There which all are inweek from tonight, to time The boys promise a good vited. to all who attend. Israel Berger bought a load of of J. K. Moore last Saturday, taking his farm north of Grinnell to them to fatten.

order for school We want your show you our shoes, and we want to entire line of shoes, Co. W. A. COOK scalps have been About sixty coyote for bounty during the past presented of a drop from quarter--some and what fifty. five license to wed Judge Tyler issued a two of Grinnell township's popular to last Tuesday.

We are young mention names till people requested not to the license is used. cents. Cascarets make Health for ten and kidneys act naturally the bowels destroys microbes, cures headache, bilousness, and constipation. All druggists. bushels of corn at sold inside 30 days, at FOR SALE-1000 25c a bushel if place on 36-12-31.

my J. J. BIGHEE Dyer, who has been working Jesse father's place near Russell on his returned last week during the summer, to put in a crop on his place west of town. Jas. Douglas, one of the enterprising farmers of the Bethel neighboryoung in on Wednesday and hood, dropped had his name added to our subscription list.

Al Keizer, a brother of Mrs. Trimmer, arrived here from A. K. last Friday and will work Arkansas this winter. His wife on the Gazette is with him.

Mrs. R. M. Bevan has returned to home after spending the her Denver here. Her mother, Mrs.

S. P. summer Rhine, accompanied her, intending to remain for the winter. Crippen and wife and John George Finel of Park, Kansas, were in Walast Saturday on land business. Keeney They brought Mr.

Songer along to Dr. Jones. -Independent. The old county bridge was auctioned off yesterday, J. F.

Mendenhall getit at $50.25, after causing Commting issioner Purdum to talk himself hoarse in running the bid up from $35 at cent jumps. Chas. Threshie and family of Dunlap Ill. are visiting with the family Oscar Rominger this week. Threshie owns a ranch several miles southwest of town, of which Mr.

Rominger is foreman. There was considerable speculation Saturday as to why Geo. VanMarter was carrying pop around by the ful but it was all explained when was found to be the leading candidate for the nomination of township trustee when the polls closed in the evening. Roy Bigbee, who has been farming in Cloud county for the past two years, came back last week for the purpose of proving up on his homestead Gaeland, and will remain till election. He expects to move his ly out here in the spring and more become a resident of Govecounty.

Tom Black and Miss Lizzie McCool wer: married at the home of D. Black east of Jerome one week last Sunday, Geo. Cridling ing the ceremony, which was performed at 12 o'clock at night, the just arriving at that time from bride's home in Trego county they left without giving due notice their intentions. the name of Wright from by was in this section Tuesday, to be looki: up a suitable for a horse anch with the in- the of stocking it with good Oregon are of fixing up the M. E.

work home at ihis place is now in progress. ceiling will be put in and the will be papered and sealed in in of the plastering which is now spots. The two rooms will be seperated by folding doors. the attempt was made a few days to steal a bunch of horses from Norlander pasture. just over the in Logan county.

The wire was in two or three places but the horses to go through, circling around until the attempt was trict pasture abandoned. Woolner of WaKeeney, a stockman one Trego county, was in town Wednestaking in the convention exciteWe understand he is negotiafor the mercantile business of Mr. our of Grainfield and may become of that burg's busines men. is getting a little late in the sea- in for odes to the animal mentioned the following effusion of the Kansas but it will do to refer to next "Here's to the chigger, that no bigger than the point of a fine pin; but the hump that he burns like blazes and that where rub comes Harvy Frantz was last week the reof an alluring invite to make cipitent future home in Republic county in shape of an offer by his mother-in-ing of a good opportunity toengage in farming in that county if they would down and live near her, and and wife departed for their new Wednesday. Orve Lahman relinquishment to the school on which he had made settlement Quinter.

Wm. Richie, an extensive stock raiser of Gove county, was in Hoxie Tuesday for corn. It seems strange these fellows will continue to haul 90 far, we believe it would be profitable to live where it is more raised. -Hoxie Sentinel. That may be alright from a Sheridan viewpoint but the secret of it county in the fact that "these fellows" would rather live in Gove county, even they do have to haul corn little farther.

J. B. Wolfe, one of the most prominent farmers and stockmen of the northeastern part of the county, was the county seat Saturday and had some sale bills printed announcing sale of his cattle and farm implements next Thursday, Oct. 12. Mr.

Wolfe has decided to retire from the active management of his farm, hav- ing turned it over to one of his sons, though he will continue to reside in present home. where he will devote himself to taking care of the fine orchard which he has succeded, through years painstaking industry and perserverance, in growing about his home. We were somewhat startled one day last week while working at the nonpareil case by something dropping inthe "u' box with a rattle-te-bang that made our teeth chatter and scattered I type in something less than a dozen different directions. Investigation of the cause of the disturbance dispeled the illusion that some friend was taking a sociable shot at us because of a opinion on religion--it was only Doc Litton renewing his subscription, and we picked up the scattered type and pocketed the dollar out a word. WALTER COOK MARRIED.

At 10 o'clock Tuesday morning at the residence of the bride's parents in Chanute, Kansas the peremony which united in marriage Mr. Walter Cook and Miss Mae Stafford was performed. The marriage is the culmination of a love affair of long standing dating back to the time when both attended the state normal at Emporia. Since then Miss Salford, who is the daughter of the pastor of the M. E.

church of Chanute. has served two terms as assistant prine pal of the Chanute schools while Mr Cook has developed into one of Gove's successful business men. They are expected home today and will at once take up their residence in the home which Mr. Cook has fitted up in the western part of town. Walter's many frinds join in extending congratulations and sincere well wishes for the future happiness of himself and bride, Personal Mention.

reports the arrival A Dr. Vanderpool baby at the home of Mr. and a girl W. O. B.

Webster near Atlanthus Thursday. We understand that Chas. Sidles Mabel Gallion, of Grinnell townmarried at the parsonage at were Grainfield yesterday. A A cattle buyer by the name of Baird near Hill City passed through Monday on his way to the Elkader country where he expected to secure feeders. There is comfort in our comforts, of warmth In our wool blan- the plenty and our line of cotton blankets fully please you.

cut W. A. COOK Co. Abe Lincoln lives in Gove county, we can go them one better-McKinis a resident of Trego. -WaKeeney Don't see how you make of Independent.

one better out, Bro. Cox, it isn't counted that way The republican primaries brought good many people to town Saturday, kept them here too till late at night. There were some pretty anxious specimens among the crowd, and some rather wrathy ones before it was over. C. F.

Tuttle, the Quinter hotel man, brought his wife down on Monday and placed her under Dr. Vanderpool's care, some kind of an eruption having developed on her forehead. She is staying with the family of Sheriff Blackwill. Two deaths are reported onthe Saline the fore part of the week, the funerals taking place from Grainfield last Wednesday. The parties were both residents Sheridan county one, Newt Teters, living north of Grinnell and the other, Mr.

Rhenshaw, who has been sick for quite a while, residing north of Park. Mr. Teters was at one time engaged blacksmithing in Grinnell. TO THE DEAF. -A rich lady, cured of her Deafness and Noises in the Head by Dr.

Nicholson's Artificial Ear Drums, gave $10,000 to his Institute, so that deaf people unable to procure the Ear Drums may have, them free. Address, No. 3576, The Nicholson Institute, 780 Eighth New York City. D. D.

Bailey was doing business with the county commissioners Monday, taking out a lease on a half-section of school land adjoining his place on Sand creek. Mr. Bailey and sons are busy now harvesting their corn crop, which gives promise of a good yield. They are harvesting their Kaffer corn with a header and say it works all right. Burt Maddox suffered a painful to his foot on Monday.

He was jury riding on the running gears of wagon when the reach broke and foot was caught between the reach and break beam, bruising it severely. At the time of the accident he was engaged in preparing for the removal of the large frame barn on the McCord place to his farm near Grinnell, having bought the building. While awaiting the arrival of the primary returns Saturday night a of our citizens indulged a difcouple ference of opinion which resulted in the severance of diplomatic relations when one, who was suffering from the effects of joint water, spoke in a disparaging way of the other's ancestry and caused the offending party to execute a back action movement through the window of the county superintendent's office. When he had been made to understand what had happened to him he was surprised to learn that he had insulted anybody. J.

C. Houser of Sheridan county had John McGuinnis arrested on Wednesday on a charge of hog stealing. The case is badly mixed up and is is impossible to get at the straight of it at this time but from what can be learned it is about like this; Mr. Houser who owns an alfalfa ranch on the Saline, had been pasturing some of Mr. McGinnis' hogs dnring the summer and had a pasture bill against the stock when McGinnis came to take them home and claims that he ordered the latter not to take the hogs off the place until the bill was settled.

the fact that Mr. McGinnis regained possession' of the hogs the statements arecontrodictory, McGinnis claiming that be paid the bill in part and secured permission to take the hogs, and Houser maintaining the opposite. McGinnis was bound over tp the district court. the adv. of Miss Annie Kinsey, Grinnell milliner.

Winter clothes and heating stoves being dug up and put into use. Walter Cook and bride returned this morning. Geo. Dyer is transacting business Gove today. The St Louis Republican and the ADVOCATE Doth one year for $1.75.

There was a big crowd in town on day of the Populist and Democonventions. mixture of fall and Indian summer weather the pass week, with the fall predominating. School commenced in the Baker dislast Monday with Miss Mabel Munns as teacher. Judge Benson of Grainfield made of his semi-occasional visits to Tuesday. Chas.

Cheeney was up from Larrabee township Monday on business with merchants. Foreman Cavanaugh of the Vanranch was transacting business the city Monday. Alvin Barber brought up a wagon of potatoes from Utica the fore of the week. Claude Wilkinson came up with his father Monday; Claude will commence teaching school the first of November. Art Weir had to, take a layoff from teaching the first of the week on count of a spell of sickness.

A. S. Pilcher was in from Baker township Monday, assisting in cavassthe votes of the republican primaries. C. D.

Mathews was in town Monday. dosen't come to town very often these days; says he's too busy improvhis place. Bert Lahman passed through town Sunday on his way to the Geo. L. Harschool on the river, where rington will teach this winter.

Ben Jones came up from Larrabee township Monday. with the primary election returns and staid to assist canvassing the vote. Frank Guest, Chas. Smith and F. Whitcomb left on l'uesday for Decatur where they will try their county corn shucking till election.

Fred Nickerson, the enterprising Grinnell township farmer and around good citizen, was taking in sights at the pop convention on nesday. Jno. Parsons, who captured the first grade certificate issued at examination, was a city visitor July Saturday. He commenced teaching the Rhine district Monday. O.

B. Jones spent a couple of in Hays this week, attending to business. G. A. Jones presided the cash pile in the bank during absence.

The result of the republican ries in the nomination of surveyor something of a surprise to some, there are others wno say they how it happened. E. N. Wert was down from field Monday, to get his plow tixed, but the boys say that when says, heard of his nomination for coroner thought he was elected and came to take charge of the office. Rev.

Colgrove made some very ed references Sunday evening to inclination at this time of year to false witness against one's neighbor, especially by candidates, and bug in their ain't right. Misses Carrie Heiney and Prindle of Grainfield were friends in this vicinity several the past week Miss Prindle formerely a Gove county girl but lives in Illinois, being here now visit. A considerable loss of cattle by blackleg is reported in this locality the past few weeks. The Dunkards of the county will hold their annual Love Feast at Quine ter tomorrow: services and public dinner tomorrow and Sunday. Lafe Guest was nominated by the Populists cau us for trustee of Gove township and Jacob Hanson and D.M.

Dennis for road overseers. Levi M. Dawson was nominated for trustee of Grinnell township. CANDY CATHARTIC, REGULATE THE LIVER BEST FLOUR IN GOVE CO. OLD WHEAT FLOUR.


lb. We Want Potatoes at Tomatoes at Cabbage at 11-2c FEE Spielman Son. C. H. BI BLACKBURN.

Livery and Feed Stable FIRST CLASS ACCOMODATIONS FOR THE TRAVELING PUBLIC Charges Reasonable Grainfield, Kansas. the rapture of Annie E. Could not Philadelphia, when Dr. King's New Springer, of cured her of a hacking cough that Discovery had made life a burden. She for many years all other remedies and doctors says: "After it removed the pain inmy chest and I can failed soundly, something can scarcely now sleep doing before.

I feel like sounding remember its praises throughout the Universe." Dr. King's is guaranteed to cure all trou New Discovery Throat, Chest or Lungs. Price 50c bles of the Trial bottle free at M. B. Smith's and $1.

Store. 143 Drug A THOUSAND TONGUES The Hays Republican says there are in Ellis county who don't teachers squash from a pumpkin and know a thinks they ought to be educated. As between Geo. VanMarter and for trustee there is but one hand Lafe Guest choice the people of this township can make in justice to themselafford to ves. all the Free Press says the Russians The Wed- in Ellis county for have been living their first divorce twenty years and only case was called before the last term of the cort.

A good record. City Republican tells an in The Dodge of a man near there interesting story of corn capable of days bushels: to the acre. It's who has a variety making 280 legal stories which, like the one of those over excitement, is "'imhis Trego-Ellis gold; portant if prima- It is said that the man who started was the gold boom in Ellis and Trego but been examining the shale counties has know and states that there along the Smoky in it as in that of the in as much gold Grain- original "gold fields." It wouldn't he require a very great stretch of the imaghe ination to believe that. he thinking of subscribing down If you are for bear in mind that you any paper can save money by ordering through the ADVOCATE. We can save you pointthe publishers prices and in from to 4 on bear of dailies can furnish it in conneccase for just what the "put a with this paper The Kansas tion daily would cost you.

Star, Times, and Drover Telegram Grace City on these terms. visiting days WaKeeney Independent. was Suteliff of Graintield, a Miss Lizzie now schools at that teacher in the public on a Saturday and Sunday in place, spent the guest of her friend Mrs. WaKeeney, P'. Shank.

Jesse Boyer, foreman of the forestry station at Ogallah, was in town one! this week and gave us some very day interesting and valuable suggestions about raising trees in Western Kansas. He promised to contribute an article on that subject in the near future. John Popas, of Collyer, met with a accident last Monday. lie had painful been eating feed with a binder and had I finished was taking the machine home, when his team became frightened and started to run. throwing him under the machine.

The large drive wheel passed over his right shoulder dislocating the same and severely fracturing the arm. He came to WaKeeney during the day and had his wounds dressed by Dr. Joues. J. E.

Vanderpool, M.D. Physician and Surgeon, answered at all hour Calls promptly day or night. of the Gove City Pha Office in rear macy. GOVE CITY, KANSAS H. H.

BENSON Attornev-at-Law AND DEALER IN Farm Lands and Ranches In Gove City Saturday's. GRAINFIELD. KANSAS J. J. BARCLAY.

MI Physician and Surgeon. GRINNELL, KANS Attend College This Year. Never in the history of our conntry opportunity than was there a grander the present for educated young men and women. What an auspicious moment for those who are just nowon the threshold of life. Island Business and Normal Grand has for fourteen years been College of its kind in the leading institution and last year more than western states calls received for twice as many graduates as could be supplied.

its necessary for a successful Everything in life is taught- Business, Norstart mal and short hand courses. week. One Expenses low. time Board given only on tuition per if desired. 1.50 year's sent free.

or for six College Record will send elegant catalogue. cents Address A. M. HARGES, Grand Island, Neb. President, 25 of Mr.

armhe near after famionce Y. ago couple the which of MONTHLY REPORT. MONTHLY REPORT. A Room of the Gove City Schools for Of the Ending Sept. 29.

1899. the Month Names saur quot average 100 90 Eva Spiher 19 100 20 Pearl Maddox 100 80 Blanche Mendenball 19 19 100 85 Cora Heinz 100 90 Edna Rhine 19 100 20 Faye Iden 100 Gaye Iden Darnall Arthur Eldred George Strong 3 100 L. Pierce will 100 Douglass Black Charlie Spiher Earnest Trimmer Harry Trimmer Cart Cook John Heinz Dari Maddox 100 Odus Vanderpool 100 Charlie Bolster 15 Number of E. L. WICKIZER.

PRINCIPAL. BISMARK'S IRON NERVE. of his splendid health. Was the result Indomitable will and tremendous enfound where Stomach, ergy are Bowels are out of not Liver, Kidney and order. If you want these qualities and the success 25 cents, at M.

they bring, use Dr. King's New Life Pills. Only 1433. B. Smith's store..

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