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The Independent from Havensville, Kansas • 4

The Independent from Havensville, Kansas • 4

The Independenti
Havensville, Kansas
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Wfrionrf Ttaaal nurd, which she did. I 0. LKE SOLOMON. Me AN LAH8, versus OLE HILL. fill.

.1 .1 IHHIt il. hi. Juhn r.ul.ild. Tit eon. JLI1U 1 I1U13IIUI1UCJII.I ,,,,.,..,..,,1 1M11.1,,i,.11i flBiri-l.

wo- Asannouuced blunt weeks Inde- til BY I. B. ELLIS. C. N.

POINT CO. lilbitiiiK lb Mia u( iiiiimiiHUiiK liquor as a pindent, Mr. Wm. McKanlasa, with liruBs. his troup of comedy and minstrel art- There are v.ry i.aujt l.oportau.

appearance last Satur- wlllob I litvi IMJl UiBlitU'nnl, ueeaiise 11, LutptiiwU day, at Points ball in this cuy. and uhIIv for want suae In Hie pant. The was greeted with a laige and appecia- with the result already known. "The spring Ik hi re," she said to herself, "and 1 should like Bessie to pay me a visit for now I am not ashamed to see her. My surroundings are all I could wish, and mother, if she were here, would add attraction to the house instead of putting me to open shame.

Ah, all' well that ends well. My marrlne seems to have been a hannv nun dusnlta mv fear. God HAVlSrt, WEONEsiDAV. JAN. 13, 1881.

DEALERS Uf A Daughter's History, KANSAS HISTORY CONDEMNED. ol Kaunas, the uianihopper raids. Uive audience. -T- HARDWARE, LUMBER, FURITURE, grant that it may end as it has begun." BARRETT SYLVESTER, 8TOYE8, BARBED WIEE, CUTLERY, ETC. In the year 1F2, trancesean Yas- tli.

oihttumiul dl-pliy, tli foumliiiK uf the jjr McKanlasi is certlnly a won qaos do Coronado commanded an ex- uineraut tueHi.if, anJ t0 poditiou which marched from Mexico bav.hepetat. histories, nd iu snone to the noriheni hound ry of Kansut. ibi if Nui make hit mark ou the worlds stage, as AOTIlOa OT "a ATit mmiL" nmii Ti rank" CHAPTER XII. AOOTJSATIOJIi. "Sir, a word with you Mr.

Mason turned and faced the Tho route which Coronado took waiL, I will publish Vlililir' Kausii Euil- one of the greatest musical geniuses of HAVENS, KAN BAB. TU." IKHOU," "aTKIOIIll -twiua amp auwuiwi," "rum nuua," KO. ultved; in all its spiiointnienta it was ttireuxti tliut parr, ot Kansas now em-1 Kvwitt and The Cull to Kan-," the 10th century, and though Ole Bull, brucud in the count es ot Harbour, Loy Lnrooiu. ollim Hwdtr, tpeaker who aooosted him on the public thoroughfare so unceremoniously. the great Scandinavian violinist, is dead, his geuius still lives, and beyond luiigman, iteno, Harvey, Mcl heraon, Dickinson, JUavis, uiley, rottawato-i 1Y0MANS RTflllTS iuC(Hiiirble "la this to be my borne?" Nellie Ma-ton iHked, standing a moment in the doorway and gazing enwrapt upon the scene.

"Well, Mr. Martin, what ao you want?" he asked, stiiily. a doubt, his mantle hat fallen on Mr WE GUARANTEE SATISFACTION, BOTH AS 10 QUALITY mie and Piemuha. loronauo gave tho first authentic accouut of the bulla- There were, last'wook, two "dovel- At I said, a word witn you," re- ir i Iff 1. 7 my .1,.

wnman'i CIVaOia, auu uo plied Richard Martin. "You need affect no aire with Mason." "Tins is to be the home of niy bride." AND PRICE. lo in these words, All that way thf TT -V. T. will be D0 to the worship that replied her huxband.

"Is it what you would i ui cnioKBU-uacn a-- niiv liiiv mi Mm im irnniii Mmminili. wheresoever llA.i.itn ir I U.I V. I 1 Henry Mason gave the man oesiae him a quiok, searching look and paled trifle. Walking alonff in deen thoueht.

hit 'I exnented nothinff like this. Hen- UAQII a. Ill iiiuuiuiiu n.giiB i I ll i. the credit of her husband, unlet she fOUnd. Mr.

McKanlass is a nativeof 'lfct .1 I 1 Facts For Tho People. ry, saia neine, ana one iiiiNiiaa as hue Tlx" Mtliorized him to do bo, be spoKB, an ii Nome inwniu mougnv were revived bv his Question. Kansas was included in the torrito- KAnsas, and made Ins atom in inn, overthrows if it becomes recouped by overthrows it it bcoints mind contemplating both past and future, he was startled by the pressure of Richard Martin's hand on nit arm. Nnr Hid Mr. Martin's words reassure it auowu uouisuiiu, yyiiiuu Mm imnner state ot our cranu ana trio Ah I what grace and beauty, the fair law-the old theory that ii i o.n fin 1 1 luw rnn mil inanrv Liiai.

who uuni ti fSr.t a eeaoaio ranee in iouo. me nrsi i. I tt: n. i ui-1 tinted riant (as much at 11U I1HII- I 1 IUUB WUIWU, w.w. mw creature thought, as tme gassea upon the boautiful surrounding.

'J he color in her cheeks stowed, and him when he found out that it wat he by th. Rot. Joseph Mukr in 1834, "lOto I1m1 peared, hat captivated the tenses, and her black orbs flashed In the light of development eiictod the highest praise, from our tl.a MU.inn CreUll. 1 lie Oilier uvoiu( I.L.n tn tlia Otti.wa Miaainn I Cre who addressed him. "Affect airs, tir," he laid, ibarply "What, da vou mean?" When yon want fresh drogt, or in need of pure medicines, or goed the chandelier.

Plain as was her dress, it could not line ium: Tli. fftt near where the town of Ottawa now Brooklyn where, in Th nrinlnH "Nnthintr particularly." replied .1 I I Li mi. WIUW wasnor-womun, 1110 aiuonuou Wlllt6 Washer. WOmttn, detract from her form and feature Rich aid Martin. "Yet I should like licenses to ot triple wnguciug iwo coruuis, uuiu ut i.n.

have eravly ordered that To the man at ber side, the elegance article of pure liquor, or a bottle of good bitten, or good pauitt and oQa, some mixed paints, or any kind of a brush, or a bottle of nice perfumery, or tome fancy toilet articles, or tome fine toapt, or a good pocket book, a faarVerrds in private. Her is a con en on-hit one and the same time, it one and i conduct kuudiict thall be gnen yen lent hotel. We will step in and atsr pu oiiu j.v I of his new home wa nothing bexide the woman he loved lie saw nothing but her face. At the supper tendered flnrl aata in the readinor om." the Union Depot of Leavenworth ii Jwwl" or u.m...u the tame time, tne groaiesi iea 01 some wall paper, or some fancy stationery, or a fine pipe, or some cksltt mere are, we onieyo, accotn- to the newly-married couple. Airs, mi son seemed as lieht-hearted as any His firm, determined manner teemed to have its effect on Henry Mason, for he silently followed whither his wife'a nncla led him.

Andiew II. cedr, of was 'Ti, Lw.ii. nli.hed. in this, or any other country, tobacco, or to purchase a new lamp, or to fill your can with best ooal ofJ, She laughed and chatted with all, and rum tir infiru ui liih iiuuiuiuu the first territorial Bovcruor. Ileceiv her wit and repartee won the guexts at or deiirs anything kept by druggist generally, call on ed the oflocts, on the prosperity of the au 1 to the novice in cornet playing, we white washer-woman, with their usu- wouid iay f0f their better conception Richard Martin telected a quiet of the hotel reading-room and motioned Henry Mason to a seat.

once. Mr and Mrs. Remington entered into thexpiritof the occuition, and joined ed his commission, Juno 29, 1834. Territorial motto, "Popular voco" Born of the popular will." XJ ainfa in ilia TTnirin flilltA 4 Via oatx al eloquence. UI course tne oraiu he tf the at, that "Pray be soatea, Air.

ne said, "it costs nothine. That's it. G.C.NOLD, uio, ir nf nnrnnt nlaveri it hftg r--rf Now, you wonder why 1 act so Impu Uemcnt6fthe original tl.i.tcen, hashtiuRha8 no P0ers." 'lhe bearing of I in fli wnrlil nnt. nnn in a thousand. Onaga, i.j i.

lasBUinea exeiciBo. inuiiiu' i i ji assumed to exercise, dently. I will tell you briefly. I was afraid you would refuse to see me. for vou know you have been inolined to Deenaiienuea wim bo muuiiui-oiuw, mii i ntia ltn.

be one cornet, 7:. a7w7r ttk: th- two "developments" may Ca triple tongue fully ui the memmeut. liuth were evidently auxious to keep out of sight the grim skeleton which stalked in their closet. The morning following the wedding, Mrs Mason rose comparatively early, and aftur 4ier waiting maid had attended to her wan tH, site dismissed her. "You need not disturb rue, Susan, unless I ring for you," she said to the ment of Kansas.

The passaee of the determined your readert accoraiug two BOTTOM KNOCKED OUT snun my preseuce ior some time For that lam really sorry. Your hit- Kansat-NebratkaBill. Ma 80th. 18- tll6'r ypatmet. We can not review the meritt of the torv is known to me.

but. if ou are 54, virtually repealed the Missouri rMVwTu th. whol. tronp, but will say that, the earnest in your efforts to act more like .1. a man in tne prevent ana ior me fu and left the terruorvl .7 Compromise, AND PRICES FELL WAY DOWN.

gin ture than son have in the past, I am hrracesofawife. but that n.ay be t'oup are worthey auxiliaries to tneir open to nal of numbers and strength "I0 Tl I hnfnrA lntlfT. for thlS IS anl 1aa1ap drat flu Itl TrV The maid dismissed, the bride drew not the one to throw a straw in the h.lnrn th anti anil nro slavery set- PJ rf ill mill uiu am-i n.niinu MpihnlLnl. I i jr. Dartmuiar.

eacn ana every one oi tlere. Sec. 19 of the act which made ul New Goods, New Prices, Evrything NErr Henry Mason's face flashed with in Kansas a teriitory. reads as follows them besides being fiirt class artists, ienation.and his lips were pressed A.nd be it further enacted, that all A REPORTER GETS THINGS MIXED are cenuiue Ethiouians es-ence of aicainst his set teeth. Ue hissed rather than annus tnat sniffle wora.

that part of the teritory of the United States include" within lhe fullu ing lirn- Old Virginia, having no for burnt There is a reporter at tho Time oirico who riles with equal rapidity Yoiirfnthui and tare ereat friends." aside the lace curtains before the west window and looked out. The sky was leaden and threatening. "Cold and drear she murmured "Cold snd dreary like the world like the world." She drew a large arm hair beside the window and down, burying one velvet cheek iu the back of the luxurious cushions. I bus, a low minutes later, her husband found her. He did not speak when ho entered the room, but went quietly up to where she "at aud, as she did not move, re mained tandintr beside her.

and eazed continued Richard, ''and many of his excepl such portions thereof as its, coik, aud are natural artists their 1 ue song and dance, aud low comedy I hare a fresh ttock of GROCERIES, CANNED PRUIT, TOBACCO, CIGARS, BOOT, with either haud, He is an ambidex- secrets a in tny possession, une oi those secrets 1s known to but three tnr. mid a bold bad one at that. and lor rich repartee, and side, epliliiig persons himself you and I WLen there is a rush of work at the "I mean that I know you are not they are tho peers of the beat are hercinatier expressly exempted from the operations of this act, to wit: beeining at A point on the western boundary of Missouri' the thirty-xevetith parallel north latitude rosses the same, thence west on Sdid parallel to the eastern bouudery of New the true son of Henry Mason, but only offlee, and the devil shouting "cop- e.Kr.i.rhts of burnt crk" now on tne one by adoption." pee" like a fiend incarnate, this use- Mr. Wm, Douglas, at "wide "Well, what if you dor" said Mr. SHOES, HATS, CAPS, CLOTniNO, UNDER WEAR, DRY GOODS AND NOTIONS That can not be excelled in the eonnty and at the lowest price upon the lovely lace.

Presently a nigh ml reporter sits down at his desk in m6utDed cotnmediau stands without Mason, almost defiantly. "Is that anything against me?" escaped ber, and with it a tear loll upon the plush of the chair. Mexico, thence north on said boundary lull company tront, auu in peuui neor for pea countenance, while "No. sir. anc it is far from my inten to latitude thi tv-eiirht, thenco tollow etcli hand slings on local nap en- "JNeinei" She started and looked around.

II riteS Oil tWO I -Oll. ailU tf BUB, UIO auui'iv ummju ing said boundaiy westward to the ings by the ya'd. Chiisman, LI "Ah Henry, you here? I did not tion to throw out a hint even that I think it is. But there is a thing for which you ought to be condemned by all right-thinking people. The man who will persistently impose upon his benefactor, merits the disfavor of hit HIGHEST MARKET PRIEFOR PRODUE, hear vou enter.

inimita- east boundary of the teri itory of Utah sheets at ouoe, and don let his right on "clogg, and Sam. On the summit of the Rocky monutaiiis, liu.nd kuow what his loft huud is driv- his plautution melodies, is thente northward on suid summit to iug at but it's driving all the same. We Henry Mason tell on his Knee De- side her and he seized her hand and the tortieth parrllel of latitude, thence Yc icrJ.iy he got a Utile orThis fellow man." kissed it passionately. "What do you nieanf" "I mean that you have been impos "My darling be exclaimed, "you are regretting already your hasty step east on said parallel to the western osse ana auempieu 10 wmo uj, uUS boundary of the State of Misouri, light aud a wedding in high life same A WISE MEASURE. A Repreiiutative in the Missouri ing on the good kind creature who In marrying me.

Nellie shook her head and smiled GREEN AND DRIED HIDES. I mean what I say. Give, me a call and be convinced. A. O.

PETER, Corning Kansas tho lininul-1 1 inn. He cot tlunzs mixed. Ills adopted and gave you a name." Ispislature has introduced a bill mak VtiO l.V. 0 1.1. w.v.

wvuuu rv of said state to the Dlace of beam- hands an lear away with the gruy "No, no, you are mistaken. 1 re "Whatr" "Don't raise your tone," said Rich i inc. and the tame it hereby created mutter iu Ins skuii, ana inings uecame ing duiukenness a nnsdnmeanor punishable by fine and imprisonment. This la islatur ison the right track. ard Martin, calmly.

"There are peo with a. tHmnorarv government bv the terribly confused. Ihis is the way gret nothing nothing." "Are you sure?" "Then why do you weep?" "It is a woman's freak This is A drunken man ought nOt 16 be tolera name of the of Kansat, and his items telescoped each oth whln (1 itd a. atata or states, the "At Grace Church last night the ted in anv oublic place, lie is as fiir facfurv frirl." ple about and it would oe unwise to unnecessarily expose yourself. I am not he for the purpose of insult ng or agitating you.

What I wish to know is, have you really the desire to gee your wife happy, and do you truly love he i I ni nJt i Tinmda nhnuin ttTlll I i Look Out For St. Valentine's! una taia ieiruory, or any prauou umit dangerous as any insane man, n. Mr. Mason rose suddenly to his feet, "That will do," he said, quickly "I wish to hearnothingof the factory, same, shall be received into the Union Miss ulia Lawrence were ceieuraiea ghod be nnA accordlngiyf The withnr with or without slavery, as in most magiflccnt style. A costly I a -l I 1 rU)Cl CololCUli IllbUI iwavo their constitutions may prescribe at the tlorai aorsetuoe uemg oirecuy ov" 'ken them and its Henry Mason looked indignant.

"Well. on mv word, you are impu nor of anything connected with it. And if you want PURE GROCERIES, go to Hart's. Pray answer me. what troubles vou' time of their admission.

the po- the when yellow cur uardiaD8- By dent he exclaimed. If you want THE BEST STANDARD PRINTS, go to HartV The bride burst into a merry faugh. "IIow foolish yon are, Henry. Do 'Perhaps, but that it not answering Iitical contest was transterea irom tne saw me iihui uBc. sUtute drunkenness should be made kails of Congresttothetettlertof the the eyes of the fysto, he opened with ag my question." If you want HONEST WEIGHTS and FIXED PRICES, go to Hart's.

Tou wish to have me confess some lm "Do vou lmaeine I would marry an oil. xne couisiwafionKDa uivwr. mo ohbt Ltavinworth Times. aiinary trouble? There is one little If you want the WORTH of your PRODUCE, go to Harf S. employe of my father unless I really loved her?" ma'ter.

however, on my mind, which All eves were turned Aaniai. marcn. a vno ubuubu.ud wuc I 11 5 iL 1 Old "Missouri will yet immortalize you want "VALUE RECEIVED" for your money, go to Hart's. I wish you to settle, ii you will, ana UI CI taui Tf no lunuu vj wva a I I "There is no reason why you should, to be sure, but I merely asked you the tne Diircnaseor mat piece oi A fniaAA nf rrnvd iTrew tviiitic. and tiieu T6iw oi ana aoioive nenwu dy buhmuu that is- I ii.

I i nrnnartv I n-enuimend recouinienaea. it is iar unnecessarily question, xuu are Strang, leuuw, and have many good traits, and, if arms, and to fearful bloodshed Detore dick, em uiui i uvn, on tne laa vesrage or moonuiueriiu, -intention to the question was settled as to whether the epeUtort became inter-1 by joinin; Kansas, in the eternal press you, but I do real 11 wish to save PRICES HONEST you love your wife, you will u-e her the building, which is likely to be DEALING and HONEST it MY MOTTO. avery snouia or noma no, bani-hment of the monster, Akhohol, wen- anow you wouia not orave tu. exposure which would louow any taken at any moment, ror it is engioie property. You know thecircumstauces tne State, vieu.

ahjuibou, lor wuum A. 1 Iha mnar nut I tuni.lla KUU lUClVUT UUIU iflJ. -tsau tn mr.v ot was liumeu. asm uicum v. hw father was heavilv encumbered harsh treatment you couia BUDiect ner to Still.

I wish to sty that I could a in Li Til! I 1 urllilu I In mirnl npnnrDB.inn and was forced to let it go, but I long in a speacn in riaue -o. xuissoun, auu nun iui luumu have caused you trouble, and, possi t. iut. tie i. I ei I mnt wpu1h nf omnirA hinaaAma.

I to own the house in which 1 was born bly. have "broken up your marriage My old friends know whereof I speak, and to yerify their belief they si JJOV. OIU, iout, luuk ii aKiuiutuat- ion 'I lU i i. Mr. LeDuc.

commissioner of ag wun Alias iteming ton. or nuinTii, a and in which my dear parents lived so many years." Henry Mason's face beamed with ICS auu ueuittiiuKU" a uiuuoauu uiiicd i n. Dltu Dy lue uuh, uuu uid umuuc I nt. i an i.Tn nculture, it in Lharlctton, b. aha chose to call heiself.

You have continue to buy of UU. vouiu uuuiu W.UT.UW wcia uivu-1 ueraa io luu uui auu ui. iiui ii i i Nellie Remington's history, and I will not repeat it pleasure. ey and to exert every means to aboli- suilimer.aults, as if in the customary IS "That need not worry you a mo You could have broken on ner en tiomae the territory and exclude ue black tuit, wnite glove, ears cropped H. S.

HART, HAVENS, ME LUjA live lt auv v.w gagement with me," echoed Henry tlaveholders, when they have not thelcioge tohithead. lie wat adisrepuuble least personal interests, what is youi I A0tr in the beaiuuine and ought to Mason. "I am almost certan that I could, is twenty miles from Charleston- and two miles from Summerville, S. on the line of the South Carolina ment longer. I nave here what you desire" He drew forth a document and placed it in her hand.

"The deed of the property in the name of Mrs. Henry Mason, Jr." cried Nellie. "Oh, this is a pleasure I had duty? when you reside in a days jour-1 have been whipped tor being so home ney from the territory tod when your iv. He is of good and is en peace, your quiet ud your property I gaged in one of the most extensive Had I gone to ber and told her of your perfidious treatment of your father some two years ago, I am quite sure she would have rejected your hasty Jroposal. And I am scarcely sure that have done right in letting her marry depend on your action, yon can wun-1 enterprises in the est.

iut the miA B.n axertion. sene five hundred oi I Inuj nr up.maii In ha cettinir thn ad William Vender nit, on Christ- not contemplated. Henry my bus, band you are too kind. Iam ungrate ful-eo one ot whom she Knows so nine." "You accuse me of being infatuated "You speak as if you had the right of a father to dictate whom she should by your beauty only," said Henry Ma aon.rsDturouslv. "but I am not iufat your young men who will vote in favor vautageas he had now eucceeded in mas day, made each of hit da ughters of your inttitutiont.

Should each getting a death grip on the throat a present of 1,000 shares of Lake county in Missouri do its duty, the the big briudle, and then tenderly Shore worth at present prices question will be tettled quietly and the bride according to die $130,000. Ou New Years day Mr. neaceabry al the ballot box." This anniant custom, h's wat covered with V. receiaed his little check of or should net marry." uated. were I so, the feeling could not last.

1 am deeply in love with you "Not the right of the father, Henry Mason, but the right of an uncle who IN el mv attection is so intense that nnlitinal nnestion was flndllv settled. hia nfF hnd law wa 000 for the interest on his Govern- could commit the greatest crime to has niece's interest at neart. iiei lie has never told vou of our relation Knt in oftha an-ti slavervnaitv. Ii.l.oui.a iin Amnnrrth onallv niaa-1 ment four per cents. Mr.

V. c6uld keep you with me in He approached nearer, and, drawing The attraction oaused by the political ents received by the happy pair, was not count it out as fast as it comes if he should try. ship, I see, so I inform you now. The marriage I was opposed to, but at the time I failed to see how I could interfere so as to stop it. Now it is too struggl- was greatly increased by the a fine grand piano trom the lather ot geographical position of the bt-ite, its the bride, hair had been scaled from delightful climate, its fertile and pro- ui back aud one eye seemed to have late.

However, if yon have to Ilavine decided to remove from appropriate funds hich belong to your ductive toil, ann natural resources, been destroyed by anger, her supple form to him, imprinted a burning kiss upon her lips. Then, putting a hand on each side of her face, he held her head so that her eyes looked into his own, "My wife mine own 1 I would barter my soul for your smile." "Barter your soul," murmured Nellie, paling "barter that which does here, I will sell my entire stock, con sitting of Dry Goodj, Clothing, Gro (All these p6iuts can be enlarged up- 'After a short bridal tour the hap lather, i suppose mere is no just reason to make things unpleasant. Use her right, man, that's all I require if An XT tAA.Ihltm. 1 I hv nuir will tuttla flnwn in nna nf Vn me. you don't, you shall bear Irom The aeoond paper iuth.

Territory waath, hardest fought battles the reporter has Boots and Shoet, Hats and Xviuu 2Vi6.ii... free suite publicatiou, I yet witnessed, and t'was difficult to Caps, Glassware, and in uooa aay The conversation and Mr. Hirst cia-n Martin walked away. The light- iied by JUu Spear, Tue fiist unnibar wa tell wbicn dog had been punished the fact every thing kent in a that 3 printed iu'Ouio, aud dated "Lawrence. Oit AU nBu' eu'-eo.

exactly C03li Re-nember hearted man who bad tan en nis illness so unconcernedly, and had chased his IS 1854 I iuuj aiivi ua.uig voou uilllljr cuu goods must be sold inside of 30 days. not nor ever nas Deiongea to you." "I have said "Then I am sorry you love me." "Sorry 1" "Should I be otherwise?" The husband laughed but it was not a mirthful laugh. There was a discordant Bound to it- And the sound struck harshly on the ear of the wife. iuiiku iui au uuiu auu uaii were brother on to recovery from the fever contracted by the exposure of the shipwreck of some few months Before, was a changed being, and his manner was now that of an old man Henry Mason looked after him as he driven to the residence Of the bride's uaieots, and he wat taken td his Iu 1859, a Board of Educatiou wus oi gauized iu Leuveuwortu, aud George Walli ell the first public noliool, beyiu lug July 6. inn 23, 1861, Jiuuns Buchanan signed tt -Hill adiiiiltin'e into tli Union.

TAi owner' home in a wheel-bar-row J. W. Stiee, Soldier City, MR. YOAKUM SET'S EM UP. Mr.

Yoakum yesterday presented He will probably never recover, and I fear you think 1 am really walked Blowly out the hotel, and Indifferent to your affection," she said, I watohed hira Jntii he had disappeared anH tha tne io a rtt ii in Hal aval ft Qnfl MECHANICS' HOUSE, .1 he does he will be totally bhud Don't fail to stop when is Lavea-worth al the ooiumum- Besides being permanently lame in Vi arnAntAra. who are at work on i. behind tbegreen baize door spoke. You think I married witE the dining-room. the left hind leg, the beautiful bride 'What the deuce has come over the ,1 i 1IUIII 111 I uicilclia.T the new eleyalo wuh a box of cigars that anl of love.

You are received the congratulations of a host man, and what does be roeanr" be wrong, for this hour you nave truly 9tli, CUa, Uobiuaon took the oath of offlu tbe iimt governor rf the htute of Eauims. H. Lane nud SriiiiibI 0, Fomeioi are tha first senator). The iuiporlaut aoi-nf the iHgirilntnra ot lbG3 were ua follows IViiabliiliiiiK tbe Aerioulliiral College in of friends. The groom is one of our as a reward to them for continuing muttered.

"Why, he has as muoh as threatened me. I cannot understand won my Louisville, most promising young men, and his their work on the building during the Her head sunk upon his shoulder. it. Her uncle owners dreads the possibility ot losing when it had beeu considered So saying, he left the reading-room Kansas Central Hotel, while the tears fell thiok and fa t. "Ah, my husband," she murmured, "you loosen the well-springs of my heart.

I was beginning to grow hard for a time, too cold to work. Leaven and proceeded on hts way home. Immediately after he was cone. mill, hu. louio no uuu iivvtsr replace him, The father of the bride is on if our wealthiest nierchact and the worth Timet.

i man who had been sitting in an out-of- Elle.y Co. I be first term of eoliool to open iKept. 2 providing for builiiiog a PeuiUutin Iavenwortli eslablishing a 8ante Nit ml School at Euipori and eitaUiabiuif lb D. 0. MoCOMAfl, Froprlatos.

hearted because or the ungracious re-jthe-way corner during the conversa-ceotion I have received in the world, Pinhant Martin and If nrv Ma. Mr. Yoakum will be remcmered i yellow fyste limped off with a know- ng look in his eye and a saucy curl in the gentleman wno dia ail the Duuamg out now mat i reanv kuow uhi rose and followed him. ihis man fltate University at Lawrriice, I .1 M. Hll 1..

LOUIS BESSLER, Proprietor. f. rr i i tOU.IOTBll, I WUUIU uo ua-nuun, iiiudvu, for the Kansas Central, along the line to tura a ear t0 the man whom I Aug, 21. 1853, Qnautrell massacre at la. muKA' "7 uo To ui CoHTixcan.

ITIUilS "1W I from Leavenworth to Oarnson. That have sworn to love and honor." rf nf Thus it was that those two strangely it characte-iitic Of the roan, a warmer mated t0 brea down the hearted or more cental eontleman. barrier hich had threatened their Boarding by day or week. Moala at all lionrs. This house has been overhauled ami refitted, and to-day raukt with the beat hotel in the oounty.

FOR SALE. Tbe Fort Harker military reserva CHEAP HOUX3 AKD 8Q0ARB MEAIA, hanninexH does not liye in the state. tion open for entry under the act of June loth, 1880, and will be sold to lart ictuai settlers at the appraised value, A woman died in Cincinnati Sunday, at the age of 107 years. rne. S'pt.

20. 1863, th. first State Teaolieni Association was formed at Lea vu worth. Jan. 1864, H.

D. UoCariy published ll, first educational jonruul iu tbe slnle, Pint tleCarty is uow teaching iu the Hiyblnu I Uni (entity. Acta of tbe legislature of 1874, appoinllni nuimiMioners to locate a Blind Asylum W.andottej locating tli Deaf aud Dunil inyimii at Olalba. Prraent Bajiatore, P. Plumb, whoee tart, rif I'ffiu expirea in 1883 Jo'nu J.

Ingalls, of office expire- 1880. under tne pre-emption laws, but with I VW IS It I W. TT. NORRIS, PropV. A ebulce live atoek constantly ou hand.

"mCs, aura and rlluble for gaiila and I idle. TERMS REASONABLE aoi.biaa city, i. Henry Mason spoke truly when he declared himself ready to commit crime for the woman he lov and all that day his con cience smote him for having to make such a declaration. The days glided on. The winter was wearing rapidly away.

About a week after Mr. and Mrs. Ma ion came to their mutual un. derstandiug, Nellie decided to write to out the restrictions As to ownership of I. W.

Cener 2d sad Cheroke ttsw GOOD LITER TJ CONNEOTIQH WITH THE HOUSE. other lands or removal the reform previous to filing for these lands, It was rumored at Indianapolis Friday night that the coffin of Got. Williams had been dug up and robbed of its silver trimmings and other lliirty months is given for making proof and payment from time of filing lor the tame. OsuaaasBsuoMiBUS..

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