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The Independent from Havensville, Kansas • 1

The Independent from Havensville, Kansas • 1

The Independenti
Havensville, Kansas
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ik lu.iiilikll 11 lllUVtllMWIIM The Independent. ADVEUTIHISU UATK8. PiMMied Wednwidiijr Morulnffx by L. BALDWIN ELLIS, Kkitoh JMMOkii. Offlcft iu 0.

N. roinU' liuilding. i I We will rive our Advcdsluj UuU Next week In this spat. m. ntt, i atw ji' -nT WED, NOV.

31880. NOt TEltMSj Ykuii.y in Aumu'm. $1.50. Uti.r-YMB in Anvtxo. $0.75.

mmammm)' 1" 7 I II in 1UI Mr. Mrk will WrSW. I DR.N. B. M'KAY, LIVBET II.

IfOUU I iii in. in wiui. uiBiuimiitiiv wUU liiro I it Took ik Tub Towk. Louisville well represented in our beautiful city last week, by some of her enterprising and respected citizen to wit Mr. 8.

M. Deal, D. C. McComfts, and our friend, E. P.

Gillett hiu'h Sheriff of the county. They took in the town, and of course, called on Ye Editor, and said us the paper, whloh'wo will do. Have You. Have you any stock to if so why don't you come over to Havens, and get thfl highest market i price. Mows Uianmu urover nine reputation of being the roost liber buyers in the county, aud It you want to cot the hichest market price cash for hogs, fat cattle IV cows, drop a card or caaon those geu- tleinan and they will accommodate you.

Fine VinyakI). J. W. Johnson living just west of town, has recrived, 5UU grapes vines, with which he expects to plant a vinyaru, Johnson is one of our life solid men, and having faith in Kansas iu making some valuable improvements setting an example that any one may patrouize, with profit tu them selves the community at large. That Ahknt.

The Kmisas Ccutral road, company, could not of found other man ill the Suite, to take charge of their business at this place, who would have giveu better satisfac tiou to the people, or looked closer aftnr the nomnunius business than ivi kiiu i ii i i I Judge llizcn, he is i.Kea and has been elected Justice ot 1 peace, is mayor 01 me city, mm repiesentaive man in every sense ot word. It wa.Lm-ioci.-The best and sweetes piece ot beet that we nae I sntnn in wn nrnnured at our I 1 i I l.ninlioe lirm Ipi.t hv Martin 7. Lash, in the Uilcs Block. A Gentle- man -lining with us saia mat is me best I ever eat, an 1 we said its lus so it was.

These gentleman are you' a men of enterprise, and arc honest, they kill nothing but what is first classfgive them a trial." Honored the Offu'k. T. A. Fair child, representative of The Pemo- KinnJftr1 nf TiAftVPnwnrthi Hrot- ed into the Indkpenoent sanctum lust weeK, wnue we were worMug ou our i -iT first issue. He nronouDced the In- dependent a daisy, and we made up our mini! Lot ha wiia nftillKmvn.

of sound in.1fram.irit. Ann fnld all our Democratic inir. weares, No. fl boot.does not part his hair in the middle, is modest, dont "pi I keep late houres, and swears he will never be a bachelor if be can help it, and take him all in all he's a good fellow, andwebelieveJieis apprecia- ted for we heard I young lady say of Dim T.m ITnMa .11 mm 1 1 ii, i v.i i i r. ShieMS IS JUSt n-r he's stuck up to heat anything, says lle dontiare what's elected, and wont tinui fpiAmU all beeanne the) 1 II II I.

ID have got anew 10 pounder Doy at their house, me moinor.a uuiuK fill .1 I I well, and uncle Jimey doing as well as could be expected. At Bawlin- Cn.idy In, Uo ul auction every ni-niu, -pectnily -Kelt the miiiort Hiul of the farmers aim triutonuraofUiia and eurro.imlii.g "iHtncl. 1 .1 Tii.l,nl, wmiUIiuv .,,,,11. nf liiuii niriiicr, living in union i i 1 I Lull monOllV. Bllll t1ilpwn.

and the I yy-. I county cenernlly. He is one of the aolll.l iiiu two, and will avt Hewn, from this one lioin the Indkpbndem'f. Ar Houie. -Mr Oliva Moor anil liar aiHtcr F.1I..H Chiinnel.

two of Nmimlm county iiiohI amiable ami reHpected ladies nl turn li.niliiifj IniHIIItiHg men Of tnlll mmiilr. wore the unfiles of Mm. Jennie El- l.iat moiiilnv. 'I'hev were liiulily nlniKi it ii the town, and hud their immeri e.lrowled mill thfl Imdkpkniiknt li-fc. Come oftin.

KhhtaVi.E The Indies lielouuiiiK the M. nf nisifwifb Liiirivt) one of SUI(. Ev I eii of thU wet.k t)mt liaH tliit comity. Now let every boity annua I'roeeede will be used iu the pnrebae slovi'S for the cbnroh. R.n,',ATF.I p.h.,w hrioiu Aiircii uduuii mini lin hut arrived home, from -i Peria.

Ills, wher be basbeeu attending school. i- .1 On xmanawi n. eee. Rim will now nuurn win H.r.ideH on a furni near Bnckex Grove. ACard To FAiUrr Iiulepciiritnl i ill yon allow little In yonr iow paper, to inaiition the fine aerauade, ten red nn on list Tbnriday Eve.

by otir HnvtMiville Bund, we were favored with some i kit or Hiva uiomwi ui hhh uTAlltllllll IklllUlP 1 idav iiiprl ilia limine, nnil wer preseuted to our n.thersndni8ter-iii.!Bw frntn lhA ArkMt. Alilir fZlvinu I1B RU UMMfUlMiw 1 i xiiini. uwiii. wn. ((Ulld9 WM snrprise, we were not llinm tm we would hnve winlied, but we will not forget the coin hl-m.

ah wall tt'luhefl. iuiii. Mrs. M. J.

Allen. TYPOGRAPHICAL ERRORS We wish to call the attention of our pat ron, to this iiwue of our paper, compared with last wwke iwue. we have tried to read i.liA "nrnnf thill week and as II 1.1111 I.Ul.bV. coiisequence we think yon will find every ilniur ueiirlv correct Lnet week our fj "fflou wag crowded ironi moiuuig iiu uiKui, by persons who wished to see how it was to eel the ttral papers on me tire. Tliev were Clamorous iur mo muu, and they bad wailed nutil waiting had i in virture with them, and we were forced to bo to press without taking pr.H.f of a gaily, hence the mistaken.

In the final of our saliiUtory, we were made say, hoM eudlireili of tvnounrihioul errow an- preured but we shall look to it that it is bet- ter iu the future. STILL THEY COME Tllere ig not a nliy gow( by with out new parties present themselves in our niuk wras err looking for a looatiou for busi- "ul real estate is advancing and business is con n. A few weeks since a Nichols Marks with his nni iIia tniin in Hnvens. and en Uud lor oar esteemed friend and fellow 'I' nn ii.J nn liaii.n a v' in liia limiB. iii the miberbs of the Illluvnu deuc9i em6liiately.

The ueit day be was introduced by Mr. Comer to our oitizeus us a geutleinau, of weaUb from Utah, coming Ilium to nun a locaiiou uuou iiucu houio build him a bouse, family alter, and ed- Bml hi8 rt dT wera wen pleased with our coun try, aud the people ulso, and after looking nvp. ii1B iirronudiua country cou- nliuled that Havens, witu her beautiful chur- U. aud citizenship made up with a peo- Ja mirtrtitinnHLiKinilv ftiinoHed to in tern ier 1 rJ Linna IniiunriLliiv. nnd mirrniiuiiiUL' with lin comumnity in sympathy with the moral element of the city, besides beiug iniiHlrions.

euternrisiua and well to do. far as worldly PoxsessiouiiKO, and it being I I. i tlieliinu 01 Place air. jiiaraen wan iuokiiiu iur 1 beresoiveu 10 pucu uis isiu, auu uuiui mMeXi iu HttTeM. His firt venture, was imv 160 acres of raw laud.

iiiNt eat amll W. of nal I 1 i the 1 in to of mi sol They All Do It. DO WHAT? Subscribe for the Havens Independent Only $1.50 Per Year. HOME JOURNAL. DEVOTED TO THE BEST LOCAL INTERESTS OF HAVENS AND POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY.

Subscribe at Once. HAVE THE RIGHT CHANGE TO SA VE CONFUSION AT THE TICKET BOX. We hare placed the Subscription in reach of Everyone, and those who do not subscribe- If there are any -it will be their own fault and loss. THIS IS ALSO ONE OF THE BEST AD VER11SING MEDIUMS IN THE STATE. We Say Again Subscribe, Advertise, And X9 Happy.

0 SENTIMEN IS IN GOD WE TRUST, AH Others Gash Down or a Ki.gLiRi.-IIon. 0. N. PoiuU, the people choice, wa electeU uy one hundred and lorty-two niajoiuy. Vfry Siijk, ir.

HichttrdMoiiB, little girl hai been very nick for a few day. pant but botier now. Uk'h Sick. Judge Haxen, Is on the nick list thi week general lability, if til Judge diden't belong to meeting, we'd say it was to mucn cele bration. G6on D6nt fail to be on hands uoxt Sunday, at the M.

h. Church, if you wish to hear some good Mr. Ilodobaugh, Jackson county will load. Thb Band. The Havens Cornet Band is prepared furnish patriotic sacred music on all occasions, term reasonable.

Lee. Solomon leader, 1. Itichordson Socatary II. W. Haaen Presidet.

Odt Shot. Two strangers came to town yesterday, aismoumeu, thuir horses, they each were armed with fowling pieces, th6y exchanged few words with each other, ana rushed in Points Co's Hurdwiire Store, where they both got shot two poundos for a quarter. Litti.k Miss Clf.o. Dr. Ricliard- little girl Clo'o, has been very sick for several day, but is better.

The doctor worships his Utile daugh ter, and thinks thers is none quite so nice as little Cleo. She is a nice little girl, and we shall be glad to see her on the street again. Wiut'sthk Use Wat's the use, of wearing your life' out, with chopping wood, or rather, having your ideas on the political isuea of the day, knock to smithereens with a dispatch trom vour wife savins, that if you don't come up and chop some wood vou won't Bet any dinner, what's the reason when you can gel good coal so cheap. Mind Yt'B Eyes. Have you read those ordinances, well you had better, ikon in fnrr-e.

and if vou violate them, Ilijah (Ben Strange) will drOp oi to your little gamo, and it you are brought before "Hizhonor," (Jud, King) you'll wish you had'nt went to the picnic $10. and 30 days in the jug is no fan. Come Again. Mr. Thomas O'Mera, the boss merchant, and prince of good fellows, of was fchaking hands with his many friends in Havens, the other evening.

Onaga is one of the most enterprising towns, perhaps, in Kansas, and her business men are the peei of the best meachante iu the west, and Mr. O'Mera leads the van. Come often friend Tom. In thk Cooler, Gary the news to Sarah. Our city dads, have done gone and reeolved to build a calaboose, con tract to be let right-a-way-otf, now mind your eye or you will be the first to christian it, its a Sure thing and it you don't let up taking bug juice and fooling around town, in you go.

Oi Foreman. Mi. Carl McKay, a first-class newspaper and job prin ter, a graduate, of the Ilochellc Reg ister office of Rochelle, Ills, has accep- fad tha fnrmanshlO Of th.18 Ollice. Mr. Mi Kavisthe best pressman in thestate, a vountr man of stearliugworth and character, is temperate in his habits commands good wages and has faith, and takes pride in The Independent Will no Hid Duty.

Ou City Dads certinly did a wise thing, when they elected our friend Geo. Tohver, street commissioner, Mr Tohver has had large force of men working on the streets for several days past, and as a result we have a3 nice looking thor- miirlifurea. a a can be founl in the state. Go on with the good work Un cle George. Pkhsonal.

Master Charlie Mc- Comas of Louisville has been visitinjj; his aunt, Mrs. Croy for several days, and our band bovs pressed him into service and made him tingle the cym buls and beat the drum. Charlie beat, well, he's a number one boy and hard to beat. Come airam Lharlio. At Home.

Millard lood now lives at home and be ards at the same place, He says, owning to cxhorbi taut re ts and the high price of suu sage, and Mr. Giles wanting his build ing, he concluded tu build himself a house, which he proceeded to do, just back and adjoining his meat market, and proposes to keep and sell meat as as the lowest, and everything belonging to his line. was little most the send sell, the al in just just Mr. and roil an ua the a the Happy Reunion. The Mup! Out.

29th, 18Bo Klitar IiwlDmWi Wa-want to Ull yon about tlit family re- loat Riihirilitv. it the reMouee Croy. The previous Tntwluy. Bum- MoConma Ea. of Jirotiflniiery county milium, nrriveu ai wn uom.

um iik'i Mm. Crov. llltOUUIliR, mere niooi uw oi Iran. Hcattered om 111 BoiitU aud West tlU county, no 1(jJ bv Fmll, mcCodws. wife ami TWifcimi Thxim.

nud Biitnrdny i a I purty ws oompiewo. 17 M. IIAIII HIICl WMB Ul AJWIllBT III" ISWJW, 7 11M bllt AmA it WH(t l0 ftt the table lipaoVri by our Uonor- Wlw. -d to the lovt voice pr 1 tiros, It wftH a ho ulKiymi wiui mi dkhhiu. mlvrv mar in 01 aue on nt-an turn mm rnvnrnll liarflllt.

11(1 HA(I IlllUwd is tllO i i ll.a IauI tltntt nil uenmi Ouh oftrth wa hnveiiU Ueeii reimittm. Hiiiao we tliouglit nine yearn ao. una han nieroiful III the pant: shall doubt Uliu th future. Well we Imvu allowed onrself become Had and sorrowful, but uo more it. and Mr.

Editor, we will cIohb by wiaU-iiiK your patrons huoIi a Ncasou ot enjoy, nt bus been, vouched to nn." Mr. 11. M. Cunt. A CARD I would ask those who are indebt ed to me, to call and settle, as I have a payment to make on my property this month, I must have some money.

IfvoucflnnotDfllall Pa. part and ena ble to save my shop and business. Yours Respt, J. N. lloae.

CITY MARKET. Martin Lash We keep eoiiHtnntly on bad a freth supply of MEAT OF ALL KINDS. UrrnrPCT CASH PRICE FOR GREEN AND DRY HIDES. Havens, Kans. Havens Market.


FLOOD. SUBSCRIBE FOB The Independent AT ONCE. Ladies Do tou want a pure, bloom- inir Comnloxion? If 60, a few applications of Hagan's MAGNOLIA HALM, will gratify von to vonr heart's con 1 tent. It does away with Sal- I lowness, Redness, rimpies. Blotches, and all diseases and lmperiections oi ine aiuii.

he Unshed annear- ance of heat, fatigue and ex I I citement, ltmauesaiaayoi THIRTY annear but TWEN TY; and so natural, gradual, and perfect are Its enects. that it is ImposslDlMO aetect i us application. I I i Physician Surgeon AMERICA CITY, KAS. COAL! COAL! I iu ke.piiiK ooustantly ou baud a good supply of bout Hard and Soft COAL FOR SALE CHEAP FOR CAM- H. W.

HAZEN. JOHN FARLEY, Auctioneer, uninm to all those wish- in ml Public Sales of property of any discription.inPottowatomieor surrounding counties at Reasonable Bates. BEST OF REFERENCE GIVEN. P. 0.

Address, Havens, Kans. Blacksmith Shop. I am prepared to do all kinds of work iu uiy Hue. Wagon Ironing, MACHINE REPAIRING, HORSE SHOEING a specialty; J. N.

ROSE. THE ORIGINAL ONLY GENUINE Vibrator" Threaherg, WITH iHraovxD MOUNTED HORSE POWERS, And Steam Thresher Engines, Made only by NICHOLS, SHEPARD BATTLE! (HEH, miVH. THE Mntchlese Grain-Tuning. TlmfH BnvInK, mul Money-SftvliiK Ttirealien tiiln iluy audj generation, liyonrt all Blnlry for BpH Wotlt, Par ftat ruaaulnv. and far Havtn Orkln from Wutilt.

GtlATN Ralneni will not flnhmlt to the eiiornioiia wutnKurorla A tli Init-riorwurk ilmn liy Ik. wliu Anm I nn tl.u iHlfuMiuw THE ENTIRE frnwrnhlnir ExpAmies I (mirl ltn 8 1 Tlmtl tli( anuniiiif aii Ixi niAtle ly tii JUtn. Grain (UYJ.D tJ titM lU)lVU UmUIiwI. NO vol vi tiff 8hnfta Tnnlde tn 8pn rator. Kiulrtly frro funn BnAieia.

1'lckuia, lUiiiilrn, una ii inch timv-wMUnc ua Rrain-wutltiir comiiih eiitloiit. Perfectly All Ktmli nl Coinlltluui ol Grain, Wet Dij, tout or Hbort, Ui4titt or Bound. NOT only Vnetly Bnperlor for AVhnt, Oati, Unrlty, Ha, uml II ko Uralue, l.ui ihf ot buc-Cfwfal Ttirt xlioc tn flax, Timothy, Mil let, Cnr, Amtj It mm no kl thvhmiuilk 't ar niliullillii to cuau(4 from Ormio to flwd. MXTtWhOVQ for HlmpHcIty of Portn, iinlnit tlinrt im-liAir tin! igiml Jlolta na Uwnia, AlakM LUUriiii orgCAttirlavft. FOUR Bleoeof Seporntorti Mnd, rnnflr-(ii from tn Twilv, llnrw lMtHUit.lwutJrao4 lliuui4 Hone Powers to mtch.

STEAM Pover Thronhero Bprclnlty. A apclAl lu bwfttrtO iu4 tiJrvaalf lor buwui l'uwr OUR ITnHrnlrd 8tettM Thresher En-Kiint wltli Vluhl liiipi-uvamsiua aiii) DUttmtivt yuAtum, for fctyouil Any uilnr joaIl or kluit. IX Thoronffh WorkmanvhlP) EloffMit Plnluli, J'vrtet ii'ttt nf Path, CinmilatfiitiM of K-iilpnuriit our Viittoi" TtaraetMr Out II at lacuiuparAUA, FOR PortlooUro, call on onr ayr wrlto to for iUwintoa VlroBirt wutcH Ht auik ir VIB ATO FEED ADN SALE STABLE. A CHOICE LIVER STOCK CON- STANTLY ON HAND. HOESES, Buggies, Etc Safe, Shure Beliable.


STRANGE, Proprietor. Mothly Auction Sale NOV. 20. Our entries for this anle comprise of 6 cows heifers, 2 work teams and 4 colts. Further eutrles are respectfully solicited.

CITY DRUG STORE. HAVENS, JAMES GARVIN, Proprietor. DRUGS, PAINTS OILS, TOBBACO, CIGARR, And all kinds of Toilet Articles. Also a full stock of Wines and Liquors For medical purposes only. Prescriptions Carefully Compounded.

Dou't fail to stop wheu in Leaven worth at the Kansas Central Hotel, LOUISBESSLER, Proprietor. CHEAP HOUSE AND SQtJABE MEALS N. W. Corner 2d and Cherokee Leavenworth, Kans. B.

OTn A i W. t. 1 rii mJmmmm JL.J lb MmwmVy SPRINGDALE, Breeder of Pure Bred Buff Cochin CHICKENS, Vnr in oaira or trios, or will sell young Cockerells singly. Eggs for sale in season ior setung. I can be seen daily on E.

C. train. 1 f. 5 6 1 Xfmi. friends so, and we hope we done him 1 A l.u nnlti.

number of subscribers to his Journal, 0 and by the way, The Standard's editor is the best Democratic Candidate for governor of Kausas The Vemocrtic Standard has lately been removed from Lawrence and will be'published in the furiivo In itiah.niur nitv nf IUIiUIV) a wmwuv vmwj vwwwy W.iUllia rrlad tn put The St indard on our exchange list. What a th Use. Whats the use of wearing your life out chopping wood or having yonr ideas on the great ii political p-ODiems oi me aay.anocKea into a cocked hut, by receiving a despatch from your wife, saying that she'll be dum twisted if she will get a bite ot dinner, tor any such a knock, kneed wall eyed loot as you, if diden't come right up and cut some wood, instead of talking about Bill Shrflian.Thomaa Jefferson the bloodlv nk.irf Annna 1 1 .1 an nn ration vaii haden sense to pound sand. JNow nrriflt i. tltft rAf-Min whv rln vnn nt.iLnrl in your own light, and be given away, and let your wife who knows you bet ter tnan any one eise, ten mo puuiici 1 ,1 11 .1 11' just what kind of a hair pin you are, when you can get coal the best coal, for a mere song, from Judge A i.

thereby cover up your tn cog and save your identity. right Bwon Wnx Tkix. "The man in the ritrht place has become a stereotyped phrase but it certainly is applicable, in reference to our 1 fiiend, T. J. Richardson clerk in H.

S. Hart's Store. During Mr. Harts viuir (n Virginia rAcpiitlv Mr. TC.ip.h A l.n.t A ttlllGWll llu v.o uiaiinKciilQU.

nuu u. vi rect supenutendance, of. the whole business, including the keeping of the books, allying aud and did no small am out Of it either, and Wvft it from Mr. IT Art tliifc whan i A V91 V4 1 UVU IIV AUIIUU V. HU1UU a string." Mr.

Richard. ha.A nnt a. Riinftrir.r in PnttAwamiA. mmt intelectuaUy morally, or Bocially I I 1 I i I I I I of he we He1 overlooking the city, which be will proceed emeiUntelv to louce and improve uw nezi I I a. I veil III ro wn iu uhy iuiit nuim Uml Hud timber on the western side of the I oiiv ra uuiuuu ui nuiuu lion kimiiu mohw.iw I t.A manaa I niH Ull 110 miu iijiuu uivu ii7 vi an vuiuuibuw the erectiou iuyuedeAtely of a flue


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