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Clyde Voice-Republican from Clyde, Kansas • 3

Clyde Voice-Republican from Clyde, Kansas • 3

Clyde, Kansas
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was a Concordia Mrs. Glenn "Appleby, of Con- City Treasurer's Report. spent R. E. Keece isltor Friday.

Mrs. Philip Drosseau Saturday la Cpncordla. cordis, accompunlod Mr, Apple Report of the Treasurer of the by hero and spent Saturday. City of Clyde, Kansas, of all Special pictures will shown at Wonderland every Saturday. J.

W. Head and three KJ'tind' hlldrtMi, of Clifton, eumo Friday moneys received and disbursed during the quarter ending September 15th, 1910. GENERAL FUND. RECEIPTS. Merle Richardson and wife Sundayedherc with relatives.

Earl Deamls, of llellevllle, Sun-dayed with his aunt, Mrs. A. 0, Drown. Miss Vera Kenny spent the evening for an over Sunday visit CLAY CENTER RUG WORKS. Handsome Fluff Rugs from your worn out carpels.

Just drop a postal card R. N. Story, Clay Center, FOROATAMCiUE. with his 8pu, Ivan, and family. week end with relatives near Ames.

Wesley Urown, wifo and chil Mrs. Henry Wagner went to E. A. Hakes, wifo and daugh dren visited the former's uncle, Lincoln, Friday to visit tcr, Stella, spent Saturday in A. C.

Urown, on their way from relatives. Concordia. Clav Center to their home at Mr. Gcnette, of Centralla, is Moulder, Thursday nlht. Jog Phllbrlclc spent Saturday relief agent at tho Missouri Pacific depot.

Miss Miriam Knapp, of Con cordia, spent Saturday and Bun day with Miss Jane Murphy. nlcht in Concordia and brought Will Dramwell and wife, of Sunday here his wife homo Sunday. She had Concordia, spent High Mass will be observed at with friends. the Catholic church in Clydo at been In the St. Joseph hospital for the past three weeks, but is Bernard Puro spent Saturday nine o'clocic Wednesday morn now Improving in health.

and Sur day in TopeUa with his brother, Ivan. Mrs. Harry Carpenter and Win. Ilawkenborry and wife spent the latter part of tho week R. E.

Recce, wife and son, children, of Concordia, spent Sunday here with the former's Ernest, spent Sunday In Belolt In Concordia with tho latter's mother, Mrs. Culp, of Bolluvlllo, who is in tho St. Joseph hospital OUR SCHOLARSHIP PLAN Insures thorough education. Insures a paying position. Insures minimum expense.

Write for free 25th Annual Catalogue. CENTRAL BUSINESS COLLEGE 1222-24 Oak St. Kansas City, Mo. parents, A. J.

Streator and wife. with relatives. and has been operated on for gall Miss Gwendolyn Glasgow, Ed Smith, of Gallup, N. stones. Courtland, spent from Thursday is visiting his parents, F.

1J. Smith and wife. until Saturday with her aunt, Mizpah Chapter "No. 27, 0. E.

Mrs. C. A. Sterling. Father Perrler, of Chicago, S.

Regular meeting Wednesday, September 27th, 8 o'clock sharp spent tho latter part of tho week at St. Joe, Kaos. Initiation. Visiting members Phone us your orders. We want your business and we will deliver your goods to any part of the city.

Clyde Co-Opickative Si' p. Co. Mrs. Alma Page spent Sun welcome. Effie Peck, W.

M. 11. W. DuNAHiutr, Sec. YOU CAN MAKE MONEY day In Concordia at the J.

D. June 15-16 Balance $4,133.46 22 By M. P. Robert 5.00 22 By M. P.

Roberts 5.00 July 13 By City Clerk 99.00 Aug 14 By County Tress. 1,846.98 18 By City Clerk 152.00 Sept 15 By City Clerk 137.50 Disbursements. Junt 7SmlDorn No. 287 6.00 7 Mo Pc Ry 292 5.00 19 State ExcbBk 302 630.00 19 Sinking Fund 303 103.61 19 J. H.

Shaw 304 21.90 19 Ed Menard 305 1.50 19 Peterson Pea non 306 201.40 July 5 Fred Meeker 307 7.50 5G. W.HsysASon 308 82.69 5 R. C. Walker 309 7.87 5 John Frederick 310 30.00 5 John Frederick 311 3.00 5 J. 11.

Shaw 312 16.65 5 J. M. Otto 313 26.05 5 M. L. Reid 314 7.55 5 Peterson Pearson 315 6.50 5 Con Elec Lt Co 316 78.27 5 A.

L. Wilson 317 2.25 5 Louis Caron 318 2.25 5 H. J. Cope 319 2.00 5 J. II.

Myers 320 35.65 5 C. W. Van DeMark 321 55.89 5 W. H. Henderson 322 19.80 5 J.

B. Brown 323 16.00 5 A. L. Wilraoth 324 77.00 5 A. L.

Wilraoth 325 20.00 5 Thos. Carrick 329 .75 Aug. 2 Con Elec Lt Co 333 78.00 2 J. H.Shaw 334 38.85 2 Chas. YsrnsU 336 13.33 2 Nap Menard 337 1.95 2 J.

M. Best 338 2.83 2 Geo. Snow 339 1.40 2 J. M. Best 340-- 10.98 2 A.

E. Cyr 341 7.43 2 R. C. Walker 342 7.50 2 E. E.

Hoyt 343 4.90 2 Lou Huffman 344 1.88 2 Albert Biihop 345 3.00 2 Ed Menard 346 3.00 2 W. H. Henderson 347 7.20 2 Chris Krahe 348 ,6.00 2 C. W. Van DeMark 349 5.00 2 John Frederick 350 30.72 2 L.

W. DuU 351 6.95 Sept. 6 John Frederick 354 45.00 6 J. M. Longtin 355 4.00 6 A.

Marcotte 356 50 6 Albert Bishop 357 1.35 6 E. E. Hoyt 300 1.50 6 L. W. Dull 365 1.88 6 Iran Head 366 4.00 6 J.

H.Shaw 367 39.45 6 W. S. Abbott 368 6.00 6 G. Haukenberry 369 4.00 6 Joe Hayes 370 4.00 6 C. Walker 371 6.35 6 Con Elec Lt Co 372 81.00 15 Balance on hand 4,481.91 $6,378.94 Sexsmith home.

Dr. Miller, Specialist in Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat, and th fitting of glasses. Gallabar Bldg Clay Center, Kan. adv sw tf right around your home, just as hundreds of men and women are doing. Work is easy, pleasant Mrs.

Lilah Pierce returned fron Waconda Springs Friday, improved in health. and permanently profitable, lie your own boss and build your own business. You take no risk, Loin of Pork James Barrett, of Kansas City spent the latter part of the week here with his wife. make sure profit right along. Send name, address, one reference adv 4t L.

60 Murray New York City. Miss Hildegarde Harlan spent Saturday and Sunday with home folks at Manhattan. Catarrh Cannot Be Cured With LOCAL APPLICATIONS, as they -Mrs. Edwards, of Concordia, cannot reach the eeat of the disease. CatrfTrh Is a local disease, greatly Influenced by constitutional conditions, and snent Thursday here with her sister, Mrs.

Tunnell. in order to cure it you must tana an Internal remedy. Hall's Catarrh Medi' cine is taken Internally and acts thru the blood on the mucous surfaces of the system. Hall's Catarrh Medicine was It sounds just about right for dinner today, doesn't it? and if it is the right kind of a pork roast it will be just about right. If you want one that has an appetizing flavor, one that will be thqroughly enjoyed, order it at our market, You get honest weight at honest prices.

We fill orders any day in the week, and any time at niijht. THe Parlor Meat Market House Phone White 106 Phone 35 Miss Nellie Johnson, of Agen described by one of the best physicians this country for years. It la com da, is staying at the C. M. Phil brick home for a few weeks.

posed of some of the best tonics known, combined with some of the best blood purifiers. The perfect combination of the ingredients in Hail caiarrn Medi Mrs. Roberts, of Belleville, cine la what produces such wonderful results in catarrhal conditions. Send for testimonials, free. F.

J. CHENET Toledo, O. sient TYiday here with her There Is No "Just As Good" As G. B. PEARL Wire Cloth The wonderful durability of G.

B. PEARL Wire Cloth as well as its beauty is due to its met-talic coating. The composition of and method of applying this coating is exclusive with ut and nsed only on genuine PEARL. So when a dealer offers you something 'just good as PEARL' he is mistaken. It isn't so.

There can he no Just as All Druggists, 75c. Hall's i'amily puis for constipation. daughter, Mrs. Tuny Krahe. Drs.

Belotand Gunter removed LAVALLE LONGTIN little James Edward McKay's tonsils and adenoids Thursday. DOCTORS Sexton McLaughlin GtlBfRT BtNHtTT I Miss Edna Boggs returned to her home at Parsons last week after a visit at the L. B. Hakes Wire Cloth tsD Res. 77 home.

WATER WORKS FUND. RECEIPTS. June 15-16 Balance Phonks Office 42 Mrs. Hartwell returned to her $132.66 310.67 198 02 home at Kansas City Thursday, after a visit here with her sister, July Aug Sept 13 By City Clerk 18 15 15 Oterdraft .50 259.70 Mrs. E.

Peck. Calls answered Day and Night. THE STATE EXCHANGE BANK CLYDE, KANSAS J. B. LOWER, President C.

L. POTTER, Cashier J. A. WELCH, Vice President R. W.

Dunahugh, Asst. Cash. Feme E. Hotr, Asst.Cash. We offer all accomodations consistent with safe banking, and solicit your business.

If you want to make a farm loan, or renew all or part of one that you now have, st.e us before doing so. We can offer you as good rates and as it is possible to get. All Deposits Guaranteed $901.55 For Ptrmanmntly Screening Door; Window and Porch f. Mad in Two WmithttRiMular and Extra Hiavy The day you screen with B.PEARL you end trouble and expense. No painting no repairing PEARL lasts and satisfies.

It is the handsomest screen and the cleanest as well as offering least obstruction to the vision. Look for two copper wires in the selvage and the Round Tag bearing; the Gilbert Bennett name on each roll. They identify the genuine article, and for the sake of screen satisfaction they are worth looking fn' and insisting on. M. L.

CRUMP, Mesdames Abbott, Persing, 29.73 Williams, Meeker and Miss Augustine, of Ames, spent Fri No. 326 327 196.42 330 263.47 DISBURSEMENTS. July 5 Peterson Pearson 5 Con Elec Lt Co Aug 2 Con Elec Lt Co 2 Peterson 4 Pearson Sept 6 Peterson Pearson 6 Con Elec Lt Co day morning in Concordia. 331 26.40 352 119.67 353 265.86 Mesdames E. Peck, Fred Peck, son unaries, vvauer iNeison, $901 55 Hartwell and Ralph Brosseau au toed to Concordia Thursday.

Dr. N. C. Paro Dentist. Offiice Rooms Over Gerhard t's Store.

Office Phone 10. Res. Phone 123., Clyde, Kansas. CEMETERY FUND. RECEIPTS.

June 15-16 Balance Sept 15 By City Clerk $286.08 Mr. and Mrs. Bocjman re 6.00 turned to their home at El Reno, ALL DEPOSITS ARE NOW GUARANTEED $292.08 Friday after a visit here -AT- Colonist Excursions with the latter's sister, Mrs 15.00 John Cyrier. 13.65 263.43 W. S.

Abbott, Mrs. L. Regnier By Bank Depositors Guarantee Law of the State of Kansas and Miss Berthiaume autoed to via $292.08 DISBURSEMENTS. July 5 F. R.

French No. 328 Aug 2 H. Connerly 332 Sept 15 Balance on hand SINKING FUND. RECEIPTS. June 15-16 Balance 20 From General Fund Aug 14 By County Treasurer Si.

Joe Friday where the former was erecting a monument at the $1,896.39 latter's" mother's grave. We still have a few safe Deposit Boxes at $2.00 er year for your valuable papers. Light Praying I am prepared to do your 10c job 3 and yourheavy ones too and as cheap as they get. Also take and deliver your washings at any time. Try me and we will be friends.

103.61 504.00 $2,504.00 The Elk State Bank, Clyde, Kansas. L. J. Byrne, of Clay Center, spent Sunday here at the D. Byrne, home.

His wife and son, who had been here the week end accompanied him home. DISBURSEMENTS. June 20 State Exch Bk 1 No. 301 Sept 15 Balance on hand $2,000.00 504.00 Red 1 47 59 Residence Phone Office Phone $2,504.00 Rock Island To California New Mexico Arizona Utah Pacific North-west Tickets on sale daily September 24 to October 8, 1916 Choice of Routes Automatic Block Signal Fin ft Modern All-Stt't Equipment Superior Dining Car Service Joe Shaw SEWER FUND RECEIPTS. June 15-16 Balance $62.06 $62.06 DISBURSEMENTS.

Sept 15 Balance on hand $62.06 $62.06 Will pay rash for second hand Fords. New and second hand automobiles for sale and trade, adv sw 4t Hudkins Garage, Salina, Kansas. J. P. Owsley shipped his household goods to Scandia Saturday but he and the family will visit at Netawaka and several other places before going to their new home.

Clyde Cooperative Sup. Co. will deliver your goods to any part of the city. Phone in your orders. Our prices are always right and we will give you good service.

WELCOME When you are down town make my place your headquarters Confectionery Box Chocolates Ice Cream Sherbets Soda Water Ice Cream Soda Stationery of alt Kinds Cards Chinware Glassware Flowers for all Occasions Plants for your Lawn will he found at C. E. MERRITT BOOK STORE Commercial Barber Shop The Sanitary Shop' Only the Most Skillful Bar-hers Employed OIVB Us A TRIAL EDMOND BROSSEAU Ask agent for information I hereby certify that the above is a true and correct statement of all funds received and disbursed by me for the quarter ending Sept, 15th 1916. C. L.

POTTER, City Treasurer. Sworn to and subscribed before me this ISth day of September, 1916. SEAL R. W. DUNAHUGH, Com Bp May 25th, 1918 Notary Public.

Approved Sept 19, 1916 J. A HAWKINSON C. E. MURPHY, Miyar. City Clerk.

Keplinger, Agent..

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