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Sterling Gazette from Sterling, Kansas • 5

Sterling Gazette from Sterling, Kansas • 5

Sterling Gazettei
Sterling, Kansas
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Memorial Day in Sterling. Thfl Toadies Alliance performed a I STERLING GAZETTE. noble and essential part in the ob W. H. PAGE, Memorial Day in Sterling, as usual, servance of Decoration Day, by their Mr.

J. W. Tyrrell, a former resident of this city, but now a lumber merchant in Kinsley, arrived in Sterling last Saturday and remained over Sunday. He says Kinsley is enjoying a substantial growth, and that business VOL tireless labors in the collection and was celebrated with services befitting the occasion and the obligations of fViia nnfrirtfJ ncnnlp nR fplfc trm'firris We print Kev. S.

Brink's Decoration Day speech in full this week. It will be found on the first page of this paper. Roche Morrison have moved into their new quarters, and are getting: things shaped around bo that fti-run cement of the huge mass of A. L. McMILLAN Editors and Publishers.

spring flowers placed on the soldiers both the dead and mDg rnion 8ol. graves and made into boquets for diera cevt for a little excess of MONEY TO LOAN. of all kinds is brisk. THURSDAY, JUNE 2, 1887. surviving soldiers ana ouiers.

j.uey win(J wafting duat ar0und rather deserve a great many thanks. heeh, the weather was as good as Harry C. W'ilks is now with Hodge Brothers, and will look after the pre could be desired, enabling the pei- they look sorter grand like. I MissMattie Talbert left last Friday evening for Lawrence. She will At the meeting last Monday even- pie gather in and remain with- MONEY PAID WHEN PAPERS are SIGNED, scription department in their store.

Harry is at home in this department, as he has made it a special study. Sorth Broadway Millinery Store. Miss. Sudborough, opposite the Friends church.continues to receive new supplies of stylish summer hata and other Millinery goods. mg ot naeiuy uuug u- out the annoyance ol a threatening Knights of rythias, me loiiowing cioad from meriting until night, and were elected officers for the term comfortable temperature relieved Hodge Brothers are fortunate in se curing his services.

them from the labor of stiring artifi cial breezes with fans, or mopping LOCAL NEWS. Prof. Hallock has gone to Fort commencing July 1st: John Lemaster, C. C. H.

Prescott, V. C. Hodson Prelate; H. G. Newman, M.

of vV. P. Morrison, M. of C. sweat from overheated brows, as is ABSTRACTS OF TITLE For Every Piece of Real Estate In IFLioo County.

Scott, where he will make hia head put in the season taking sketches of the scenery in that vicinity. Work on the second story of the college building is going on at a lively rate, and the work of roofing will be commenced in a short time. Mr. L. A.

Potter, of West Alexandria, Ohio, arrived in the city last Sunday, and will spend several days visiting with his brother, Dr. Potter. often necessary on the 30th of May, quarters in the future. He is gen The morning hours seemed to pass Hawkins, K. of R.

and Frank Wnlpra. M. at A. B. H.

Beatte has eral agent for a school lurniture company in Chicago. Mr. Hallock made off without incidents of much appar received the appointment of District ent interest, yet everybody was full many friends here, and the entire Old papers for sale at this office. Uncle John Lemaster spent yesterday in Newton. Mr.

0. L. Hughes was over from Lyons Sunday. Deputy Grand Chancellor Command- 0f business within the stores or ac- community regret his having to er for thiB district. tive outside in preparing for the de Real Estate.

leave us. monstrations advertised for the Mr. D. M. Fisher left Friday even Mr.

L. H. Roberts, of McPherson ing for Wichita. He will make that Married, At the residence of the bride's sis was in the city last Thursday even- Large numbers of people came in Miss Allie Overman is clerking at the New York Store. from all directions, and as should be town a starting point on his trip through the western portion of the ing, and we are sorry we did not have the nleasure of meeting him.

ter, Mrs. D. B. Higley, in this city, on Tuesday evening, May 31st, Mr. Farms and Town Lots for Sale on Easy Terms.

state. The writer's acquaintance with Mr, the case, the children formed no small or unimportant part of the collected humanity on our streets, A Roberts dates back to the summer of 0. P. Taylor and Miss Lizzie Noble, both of Hutchinson. The ceremony Tho road from Sterling to the 1877.

when we asked him for a job bridge will be graded as fast as work was performed by Rev. Guild, of the brighter, more neatly attired aggregation of children have never been Mr. Hartnett, of Lyons, spent Sunday in the Forest City. Wallace Overman was over from McPherson last Monday. Tommy Fawcett spent several days in Hutchinson last week.

on his farm near McPherson, and got Congregational church. STERLING, can be done. The contract has been let to John DeFord and Charley it. He is now engaged in running a noticed here than came in on Monday. May they always like to respond Mr.

E. J. Robinson has sold out Boyer. meat market in McPherson, and has become quite wealthy. We are glad of it, as no man in that county de Rice County, Kansas.

in services oi respect tor their tamers and grandfathers, who fought to save Mr. Fred Sessinghans, of St. Louis, his interest in the New York Store to his brother, W. N. Robinson, who lives in Wyoming.

Mr. J. A. Boyles, was the city last Friday visiting serves success more than does liou. and who alone did save to them the the Tebbe family.

He thinks ster Roberts. who has assisted in the management Farrar Rider loan money at 8 per no commission. Fair Brown are selling straw hats away down. Go see. priceless heritage of an undivided country, and a government consecrat ling the prettiest city in this part of since the store was opened up here, Died, Kansas.

ed to civil and religious freedom. ISO will now have full charge of the busi At the home of his son, in this city, ness. Will Alcorn, who has been working better lessons can be impressed upon the minds of our youth than their The carpenters are at work on the Sunday morning, May zah, isa, at the carpenter's trade here for sev FAIHHi Have just received their Spring Stock of DRY GOODS, HATS, CAPS, Boots and Slioes, Mr. Fletcher Helm, of Tuscola, Illi Santa Fe depot addition. Smith Hood, esred 78 years, 1 month eyes and ears catch on Memorial Day, eral months, has gone to Geneseo to ft -1 1 mora nois, arrived in the city last Monday, wi cuurso iuu uiu ouiuicio "tie and 20 da VS.

John Osthoff is adding another remain for a few months and work at and will spend a lew days visiting able to pass the forenoon happily his trade. The funeral took place irom his i large room to his residence. with his brother, A. Helm, and other and profitably by a free interchange son's residence, DUnuuv eveinuLr, ui friends in this vicinity. This is his of fraternal greetings and mutual Mr.

J. H. Cook and wife, of De Lemon and wife were J.W. 4:30 o'clock. Mr.

Hood has been con up jesting upon soldier affairs, not omit troit. Michigan, are visiting with from Nickerson last Tuesday. They also carry a first visit to Kansas, and he is surprised to find such improvements in And will sell at prices to DEFY COMPETITION. complete line of fined to his bed for several months, and has been almost helpless during P. Benton and family this week.

Mr. ting to parenthetically tnrow in an occasionalcuss for Grover together C. R. Howard has moved into the a new country like riansas. Benton and Mrs.

Cook are brother that time. He was a devoted Chris Chennell house on Sixth street. with the prophecy that the soldiers and sister. Col. S.

B. Zimmerman, one of the tian, and bore his suffering meekly, and when the angel of death folded GROCERIES will brown his goose if ho ever gets oldest residents of Hutchinson, and J. A. Stairs is rusticating in the The Paladora Town Company pur another nomination. There an able attorney, died at his home in vicinity of Manhattan this week.

chased of C. K. Beckett, last Friday the mantle of eternal sleep about him, his face bore a peaceful look that ever, little talk among "the boys" in that city last Tuesday morning at his large span of mules, and started Kot Yotes Enough. Howard Laskey have put up a showed that his sufierings were no 12:30 clock. The funeral services a party spirit, all said about voting seeming to be induced by a grudge a surveying party on their way to canvass awning in front of their store, Advertised Letters.

Steeling, May 24, 1887. The following list of letters, if not were held at the M. E. church yester more. their town.

against Grover for his hundred vetoes It was supposed at the close of the last school bond election that success had finally been won. but according Dollie Konantz, of Fort Scott, is day afternoon, under the direction of the Reno Commandery No. 2G, Barton County Institute. of pension bills. called for, will be sent to the dead Isaac Dowler, and Par here on a visit to her brother, Harry In tho afternoon, promptly at tne to a construction of the law under letter office Caldwell, of Lyons, formerly of Mar Knights Templer.

The monthly meeting of the Bar hour appointed for tho regular exer Hoilg, Josenhene. which the election was held, as given Bawser, A. II. shall county. West Virginia, were Albert Mincer, ot MaUord, was ton County Institute was held at the Both Lyons and Sterling should cises of the day, the old soldiers ral shaking hands with friends here last the guests of J.

M. Snediker, of Ster Opera House in ureal uend, satur by good authority, it now appears otherwise. For three different times pass ordinances to compel an Boomer, Mrs. J. N.

Hunter, Thomas. Bennett, John. Johnson, James. Barnett, Miner. McNabb, Isabella.

Chaffee. Dwilit. Howlitt, Billie. lied in unexpected numbers at Meade Post headauarters. and they were ling, last week.

dav. the 28th instant. Tho industrial ball players (except the captain) to have the faithful allies of the child exhibit of Great Bend public schools Charley Goodson.of Bellevue, Ohio: ren of Sterling rallied to provide hold theiryawp while playing a match same, and keep officers on the a grandson of Dr. Goodson, arrived took place at the same time. The exercises were very interesting, no necessary school accommodations, grounds to enforce them.

Oth Monday. Mr. C. L. Seeley and wife were in the city a few hours last Thursday, visiting friends.

District No. 1 has a voting population of 1,020, according to the census taken March 1st. in the city a few days ago, and will and as often have been defeated in failures and a thorough preparation erwise matches had better be declar soon ranged in twos and counted off for tho march, and the procession was reinforced and made complete by the addition of Captain Kline's "raw recruits," the G. A. R.

band, at the front and a long file of troops mounted on farm wagons, taking position in the rear. When all was in their desires, and it must be regret Efler, M. Kikchy, Irwin. Fletcher, Luther, Smith, J. 8.

Hull, Harry B. Spier, Mrs. S. E. Hone, Kev.

J. B. Tinklepaugh, J. A. Wallace, J.

W. Persons calling for any of the above letters will please say advertised." Feank S. Blades, P. M. spend a couple of weeks visiting the Doctor and his family.

made it a complete success. Enough ed off until the players make up their fully said, there is no assurance of cannot be said in praise of the school minds to be gentlemen, better success if a fourth tiral is had. The new flag, purchased by the cit work. Considering the tact ot its be The sentiment of the district is right, izens of Sterling for Company The Memorial services held at Col ing quite a new thing, it was marvellous. The hand of the superintend was presented to the boys last Mon lege park last Sunday were attended and solid for the proposition as submitted, but it will continue impossi Mr.

E. J. Robinson and wife have gone to Chicago, where they will make their home. 5 cent Cigar in the day. The flag is a beauty, and the by a large number ot our people and readiness to move, (pro lem) General Mitchell took position at the head of the column, gave the word of com Try the best city at P.

O. strangers, who were spending the ent, Professor Reece, was seen in everything. Professor Reece is a man of ripe scholarship and a gentleman. boys are justly proud ot it. ble to get a majority of all the voters of the district to appear at the polls Sabbath with us.

The sermon py mand, and his invincible force was M. P. Shaak spent most of last Rev. Guild was very appropriate, and A car of the Baker Barb wire at J. C.

Turner's. Great Bend is to be congratulated out in motion. week in western Kansas and eastern a more convincing talk would not be upon securing the services of so good The band led the way on the mar ch Remember the election to vote additional water works bonds will take place next Monday, Ben. Bales was circulating among Colorado, soliciting orders for com necessary to show that to love our a man to the cemetery, playing a solemn at any one time, as required, to effect a legal election, and meet our "long felt want." While the trouble is largely charged up to tho law, and many advocate a change to meet this indifference of I -l chon feed, in which lines the country is a Christian duty. dime, which was a mournful remind If you want the best gasoline stove see J.

O. Turner. Union Corn Planters below cost at firm are doing a large business. his friends here last Sunday. His er of burials at the front, when formal When you have friends come to see home is now in Hutchinson.

ities in the service were observed. Mr. E. A. Etienne came down from you.

don be backward about show the people, it should be borne in mind C. Turner's. Larned last Saturday evening and In the evening tne pupus oi me first and second grades gave an entertainment. The little ones acquitted themselves admirably, delighting the audience. The Misses Glenn, teachers of these grades, deserve great credit for the work they have done the past year.

Taken as a insr them around the city ana intro L. M. Thome went down' to Wich enjoyed the company of his friends ducing them to your acquaintances, Curtain goods, scrim, laces, em At tho cemetery, a line of soldiers was formed, encircling the mound dedicated to the unknown soldier dead, a phalanx of young ladies, ita last Saturday, and remained over here until Sunday, wnen ne went on There is no better way of entertain broidery, and fancy hose. Sunday visiting his brother. that a better remedy is always at hand, which is for one-half of the voters to vote, but very unfortunately, not one in five voters at either election referred to, cast a free and purely voluntary ballot.

The other four to Hutchinson to visit a few days. Mcvay Kline, ing them, and besides, they soon become familiar with the customs of who had been conveyed to the ground Rev. J. N. Barbee came down from Mr, E.

Weiker, of Bellevue, Ohio, Cutters left at' A few Deere Stalk Mc Murphy Hughes omnibus, Raymond on the early train and our people and find out that we are whole, Great Bend public schools are fast becoming the very best in the state. has been in the city since Sunday J. C. Turner's. spent a few hours in the city.

just like "home folks" after all. wore marched within the enclosure, and under escorts of old soldiers, had to be pursuaded, if not carted to evening. He has considerable money the polls by their more enterprising Buy one of those beautiful land The citv is becoming one of the invested in Sterling property, ana His Fiftieth. neighbors, at considerable private scape painted screen doors from the came out to take a look at our boom were conducted to the several graves where our Union dead repose, as indicated by small flags, the young most inviting in the west, all occa' eioned by its dense mass of shade. cost and saenhco.

Ihis is too much On Tuesday evening, a party of St. John Marsh Company, lhey are beauties, and no mistake. The ladies of the First Presbyter the custom at all elections, but at ladies laid a profussion of beautiful The voung man. Hiett, who shot about fifty prominent citizens of this city assembled at the residence of other times candidates are on the ian church Will give an ice uieaw flnwfirs iinon each grave, and well Miss Gracie Webster has our thanks for a small box of Winter-green berries, she having received quite a nice lot of them from a friend in New York. It is only through the kindness of such as Miss Gracie that the "poor printer" ever enjoys such luxuries, and we can assure her that her gift is highly appreciated.

A No. 1 Plow Shoe himself last week, is reported to be and cake festival this evening on the only $1.00 at watch and have incentives to make performed their sad trust. The old lawn adioining their building, to Miller Burns' store. Mr. Thomas L.

rowers, upon tne invitation of the host, to celebrate the them hunt up votes and pay out i getting along well and will recover, soldiers were then marched arouna which everybody is cordially invited, money to haul them to the polls advent of his fiftieth birthday, and a the mound, each dropping a boquet Finest Candy in the city, at P. O. Owing to our having to print the which are lacking at school bond Mr. J. D.

Pike, late of Topeka, has railroad proclamations this week, con merrier, more profitable social occasion than then had with Mr. Powers of flowers as a pure token of affection and respect for dead but unknown Buy a farm of Blackwood Co. elections. If each individual had looked after his own vote we would taken charge of the prescription de- siderable local matter has been crowd There will be the regular quarterly They have the best bargains in the and his pleasant family is seldom en comrades in arms. The last act at ed out.

have avoided our great disappoint communion at the United Presbyter county, and their terms will suit you. the cemetery was the firing of the joyed in Sterling. partment of J. W. Dowry's drug store.

He is a brother-in-law of E. C. Wickersham, now with C. R. ment.

ian church on next Sabbath. Prepar Ed. Collins arrived home yester Two hours were passed in most. customary salute, by Company Choice fresh Candy, at day from the east. He had been vis agreeable intercourse, seated upon Huntsville.

atory services will be held on Friday and Saturday afternoons at 2 o'clock. which was done in remarkablo unison, and with excellent effect. After his spacious green lawn or within iting friends in New York for several Potteb Montgomery s. Sweet Potato Plants for sale at tho Beautiful Bunny Kansas with its Services at regular hours during Sab weeks. the salute tho soldiers and many of lovely days and cool nights.

bath. Rev. J. A. Shannon, of Lyons, M.

T. Williams, of Stafford, was again on our streets last Saturday. He wants his friends here to come tho people repaired to College park Mr. C. E.

D. Snow arrived hom Pierson farm, one mile east of the city. will assist the pastor in the services. Vegetation is growing rapidly, and the cozy home as suited the comfort and preference of his visitors, all of whom were in a very chatty, and frolicsome mood, for a body of men.grave and venerable, as our solid men where preparations had been made to scat a great congregation. All the last Saturday morning from Topeka, soon there will be plenty of garden All are cordially invited to attend.

down and assist in the pow-wow, when the vote on county seat is count truck to supply our tables. STERLING MARKET. was auicklv appropriated and The change in the time oi tne ed out. around fifty are supposed to be the crowd was but partially accom Corn, white, per bu quarterly a meeting disappointed meeting disappointed When a good visit had been had all modated with seats. Hon.

A. The Temperance Union will hold its first regular meeting in the Methodist church on next Monday evening mixed, where he had been visiting his son, Edward. Hello 1 John, what's your hurry Don't stop me. I must get to Fair Brown's before all their $3.00 boots are gone. Mrs.

Thomas Shannon, of Ander- .35 .27 .75 around, the party were invited to the Clark, as the master of ceremonies, large congregation lasc oaDDaiu, vuo Qats sonville, arrived Sterling last at 8 o'clock. Rev. Corley, of the dinning department of the home, called the gathering to order. Rev. expected to hear tne uev.

ase, heat( Na 2 soft per Turkey G5 where two long heavily puraenea ta Sunday evening and will spend a couple of months visiting with the Mr. Edmunds opened the exercises dui ne was auseui, uiieuuuig tv, nimif on.ri(T and anarterlv meetiner. He will be with United Brethren church of this city, was appointed to make the address of bles under a rich and bountitui re Butter per B. 10.12 I'ntiWlnnprl Hp. us asrain two weeks from last Sab family of w.

lj.J3rown ana nir. rage and wife. Eggs per doz .12 Rev. W. M.

Wilbur will preach at the White school house, six miles past, were in waiting, and which was served to them by the good house t.h an excel- bath, his regular appointment. tho evening. All those interested in the cause of temperance are earnestly invited to be present and encourage Chickens, spring, per south of Sterling, next Sabbath at Potatoes, per bu lently prepared introduction. The Miss Bertha Tyler has been quite president then, in a few very happily sick with the measles the past week, wife of tho manse, assisted by her lady friends of the neighborhood, 3:30 p.m. and help on the good cause.

driving and A good nut wnvdn. introduced tne orator, uui io uottoi brood R. F. mare Bond. W.

M. Stover, one of the boomers of Hutchinson, was in the city Saturday. Mr. Stover owns considerable property in Hutchinson, and says he is doing a good business in the real estate line. T-k 1 Jl for sale.

The estate of Ralph H. Perkins, Mr. P. Smisor says that himself and boys have put out about two hun A number of Mrs. C.

K. Beckett's deceased, has been settled. Doctor our own Jlr. unnic, wno ueuvereu one of the best addrtsses it has ever been tho privilege of the Sterling friendp, both ladies and gentlemen, Money at 7 and 8 per cent, straight. 'Blackwood Co.

Branch, who was appointed adminis dred acres of corn, lhey had to re plant about sixty acres. who vied to their utniOBt witu eacu other to supply the craving palates and to entertain Tom's friends. 1 When the supper hour and likewise the supper, had subsided, all were formed in a circle in the front yard for the last exercises of the cele- were invited to accompany her to her trator, has paid oft the heirs, three neonle to eniov on a like occasion. country home to-day and spend The singing on Decoration Day by living in New York State, one in The address will be found in this is the day among the blufts south of the gentlemen is highly spoken oi, Mr. E.

B. Cowgill's residence on Seventh Btreet, is receiving a coat of Iowa, nnd Mrs. li. VV. ijier, oi sue of the Gazette.

Tho further ex- We understand that by an error in i Raymond, at what is known as the Beckett cattle ranch. They took the Huntsville. Money at 7 and 8 percent, straight. Blackwood Co. One hundred farms wanted to sell.

Blackwood Co. erniKes of the occasion consisted in bration, which was me aenvery oi friendly testimonials, accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Henry Clare were paint. Messrs.

McMillan Temple ton are doing the work. singing, music by tho band, and the the program, they were only called UDon to sing twice, and their third the guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. WiUGUlCLlon.

UV ivev. ait. it num. train this morning for Raymond, from which place they will be carted overland to the end of their journey. Each one is expecting an enjoyable and best piece was thereby omitted Case and Mr.

and Mrs. G. W. Tyler The old soldiers and families quite with the heartiest good wishes irom the party of birthday visitors. Mr.

W. L. Brown, in behalf of him rvnnprn llv remained in town until late last Sabbath. Take your Watches, Clocks and II TT r.f Ne- Mr. Gibbs, of Lyons, who is a num ho rinv.

a i snoite wen oi iuu ours, xiany umo Jewelry to J. P. King and have them repaired in good shape. self and others, in his own deliberate, off-hand and happy way, preeentedMr. time, and we feel safe in saying that no one will be disappointed.

ber one surveyor, is to munipulate UnA Hui nmnnorMtiGnt. braska. has come to Bpend tne sum- oi. is de- Miss Berta Smyser, who has been attending Bethany College, at Topeka, for several months, returned home on this morning's train. The Y.

M. C. A. festival given at College park last Friday evening was well attended, and the receipts fully as large as was expected. the compass in laying out the new Tf lint.

mat. to sav that nraise is mer in sunny ivansas. one Powers with a large ana nterauy, We have just received a new stock town of Paladora, in Texas, and left MnvBim Mitchell. (Jommander hchtea with me country. easy chair.

Mechanical l)u-ins. of novelties in notions, laces and last Friday in company with W. A Hndlock. and their follow oilicers.and Mrs. Burke, ot unio, is J.

H. Smith next followed in a more formal address, which was ex white goods. Very pretty and cheap. Mr. Seymour Davis, the architect English and others, to attend to the the very efficient committees co-oper her nephew, A.

vv Aing. who drew the plans for the Cooper work. Quite a number of people from this cellent, both in sentiment and lan ating with them in directing vub ba- iJlCVAY ULINE. Car load of wall paper, 15 cents Memorial College, is in town. He is in tv attended the memorial ser eroises of Monday.

guage, presenting a gold watch, "with The ball came at Lyons last Fri very much pleased with the mechan vices at Sterling. per roll for white back, doubla roll, Conundrum. day was an exciting one, and judging ism displayed by the workmen in the i borders and decorations at from the number of runs made on i i- A democratio measure suunu J. P. Kin s.

structure, lie has let the contract for building 1 the First Presbyterian both sides, somebody must have got A summer shawl was found in College park last Monday after memorial services. Owner can have the same by calling at this office. Mrs. M. C.

Roy arrived home last Sunday from her visit to Pennsylvania, and M. C. was in no hurry to take the road on Monday morning. all tne moueru luipiuvcmomD. Hon.

R. F. Bond, in behalf of the newspaper fraternity, very appropriately and feelingly presented a beautiful gold-headed cane, and likewise handed Mr, Powers a gift from a special friend, which tho speaker de coin buy of good Th. PooJ Wj-Pjg tv, Uttm-canba New York legislature at its recent "rattled. Our boys came out victor church at Hutchinson for $16,800.

ious, the game standing, Sterling 2d, ssion. which prohibits gambling on Mr. George Stevens, the sub-con found for sale. Now, on that basis, WANTED towns nnd cities in the U. S.

to tike orders for our new patent low priced solid Lyons 16. race tracks, and makes it a ieiony tractor of the Cooper College is in if thirty bushels of potatoes can he hetween November 15th and May 1 scribed as something "lor a rainy the city to day, and is, we suppose, thrown on the same ground that it The workmen, while digging the 15th, yet the law licenses the same takes to grow ten bushels of corn, ditch for the water mams, near the B-onze or NicUic uoor runes, ur Bells, Street Numbers, From $100 to $500 can be mda in a very short time. Fine ontrtt cases for samples Free. Write welcomed by at least, the "boys on the college, The "June rise" in the Arkansas river has come, and the islands are nrimfl of felony between May loth what is tho ratio of profit between corner of Monroe and Fifth streets, day." A Silk umbrella was tho gift, A silk plush cigar case from H. Plummer and a half dozen handker chiefs from daughter May were re and November loth, for hve per cent.

last Thursday, uncovered a deposit Mr. George Evans, the contractor corn raising anu poiaiue raising mnnriitin fomronf of what agents are iloinganu one potatoe or a peck of corn for a oi taej of territory. It will jmy of Potter 8 clay, and it is said to be of the Cooper Memorial College, is in nearly all covered over with water. Her boom comes early this season. The Paladora Land Town Com as good an article as has ever been vou to do so.

We reier lo inc suitor oi .1. I mm rtf mat. reliable answer. hm nnA the city. He also has the contract tor ceived as further tokens oi regard and interest.

Mr. Powers responded found in the state. this paper wno nas puicuuncu Hates. building the new State House, But Mr. S.

W. Koons, of Alden, was a none against it in the senate to tho words addressed to him with pany, of Sterling, are the owners of over 2,200 acres of deeded land in the voted nearly solid Mr. D. E. McVey, who has recently the republicans MlCIHUAS UOOlt 1 LATK Orand Uupids, Mieh.

much emotion, very gratefully thank caller last Saturday, and gave us an nrder for iob work, which was done Fair Shaak received an order by telegraph, from Ness City, one day exact center of Hansford county, against it. come to our city from Ohio, has the contract for doing the elate work on ing his friends for their tokens, kind words and cheering presonce. A in short order and dolivered to him Texas, Charley Goodson Uft on Tuesday last week, for a car-load of corn, and the boys had just one hour to get it in time to take home with him. He also secured space in tho Gazette to Hood Mules For Sale. I have a few good mules left, at my farm, seventeen miles southwest of The ladies of the Baptist church, the college.

Senior Don Robert Struck is well, he's so he sits up at lunch time. fur a two weeks visit to relatives in Sterling. Kansas. He will return in loaded for moving. But the car was who gave the dinner and supper at hearty hand shake with our friend of fifty, and a liberal expression af giod wishes for his happiness in the latter days was the finality of a well spent cull attention to tho Perkins windmill, which he is handling.

See his loaded just the same, and in all pro time to witness the commencement Sterling, which I will sell at very low the rink on the dutn, cieareu quue a 1 1 their receipts be bability reached Ness City the same (O.) Lwal Num. priceB. W. H. Uinshaw.

ad. iu another column. Subscribe for the SxmjNa Gazetti. evening, in nnmethintr near Beventy dollars, '91 day..

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