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The Iola Farmer's Friend from Iola, Kansas • 1

The Iola Farmer's Friend from Iola, Kansas • 1

Iola, Kansas
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The Friend is the Best Newspaper in the County. The iOLA RIEND FARMER'S 28 KANSAS, nRipAT. A.TJGUT 25, 1899. VOL. X.

LOCAL NEWS NOTES. In union there is strength. The ticket is a sure winner. The convention was lively from the Mr. Gilbert Blatcley of Liberal, visited friends in the city this week.

We have a complete stock of builders hardware and would like to figure on your bills. Schell Baird. start, We are pending the Friend to a large number of new names sent us from different parts of the county. If you get the paper but have not ordered it, it is paid for and there vill be no bill! Take it and read it." A man came in from Thayer lasy Dem. Deleg's.

Alternates. Ayers Works ELSMORE TOWNSHIP. Pops. Deleg's. Alternates.

Joseph Page Snyder Mooney EG Palmer A S. Rogers Pence HUMBOLDT, TOWNSHIP. xuesnay witn a loaa or melons tnat he had a hard time getting rid of, at last he sold the whole load for $3.35. Melons are plentiful this year. The Friend invites its readers to trade with the merchants who advertise in its columns.

They are all leading and reliable firms and will give you the best bargains to be had in Iola. Ice Cream at the Our. Way restaur Get your dinner at the' "Our Way" Restaurant. The Friend six months for.25 cents. Read our offer.

One dollar a year fo- all the gas you Alternates. want to burn is a big tin ng. That is what the owners of Brooklyn Tark and Highland Place are doing for their customers. Any real estate man in the city will show you the property. Prices from $130 to $200.

Miss -Adah Matthews, returned to her home in Fredonia last Wednesday, after a two weeks visit with her cousins, the Misses McCormack near Moran. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stafford of Bourbon county were in the city last Wednesday. Mrs.

Stafford to have some dental work done, and Mr. Stafford to hear John Breidenthal speak. Cattle for Sale. We have 80 head of native 2 year old feeders for sale. They may be seen 5 Bring all your hay and grain to J.

W. Ballard, Feed Store on east side of THE CONTENTION Enthusastic Populists and Democrats Name the Winning 4 Ticket. Early. Wednesday morning the large number of farmers seen on the streets told that of something out or-d itiary was on hand. It was the union convention composed of Populists and Democrats.

Owing to the large number of "nd visitors the court house was entl.v.y to small to accomodate the convention, so it was held in the opera house. Promptly at 11 o'clock the convention was called to order, and the plan of action outlined by the chairmen of the two central committees. Hon. Nels Acres of Iola was unanimously elected temporary chairman and II. W.

Lambeth of Marma-tou township, secretary. On motion committees of six each on credentials, order of business, and permanent organization and resolutions were appointed. A roll call of the township was had and the various central committeemen named, after which the convention adjourned until 1:30 o'clock. On reconventtlng the credentials committee reported the following list of IOLA TOWNSHIP. Alternates.

Osborii' SDBartlett square. Frank E. Smith will loan you money 7 per cent straight. W. A.

Choguill was in the city lat The postofficewas moved last Satur Pops. Deleg's. James Lockhart A Gleason Chas Schaff tier Trego Travis Booe Wm Slien ne man Hobart A Hack Dem. Deleg't. Kemmerer Thos McGannon John Savage TFCiine Willumburg A.

Choguill Cochran Wilhite Wellington Youse Alternates." day night to, the Robinson building. This building is well fitted for the office as it is so well opened in the It shows they mean business when Populists and Democrats work together like they did Jij this convention. Nels Acers says it Is .30 years si ij he organize the insuerrection against the republican party in, Allen county and ho is still at work. John Breidethaljis jnt man to harmonizediscord.i.;. in politics remarked a democratic dele sjate.

He knows how to do a th i or too and do them right. Took a Tumble. Noble Messer, brother of Mrs. J. L.

Harris, who has been working with Harrison the new school building in some way lost his balance and fell rem the top to the second floor last Tuesday. He sprained his wrist, quite severely and bruised and skinned his lace very badly. Drs. Fulton and Teas were called and dressed his wounds and he is getting along very nicely at present. It was very fortunate that no bones were broken.

Iola vs. Girard. Last Monday and Tuesday the Girard boys played the home team. Girard )as a yery swift team in some ways, but they failed to have the stull in them to out class the Iola Monday's game closed with a score of 7 to J) In favor of Iola Green Ccals. The Tuesday game was sf ill woihe id the Girard fellows.

20 to S. vou have a world's record do not challenge the Iola team for you are iure to be defeated. back as to give plenty of light. When it is entirely finished It will be one of miles northwest of Elsmore. Hoile and Isaac, the finest buildings in the city.

Elstaore, Kan. For cheap feed and flour call at J. Iola Fixes 'Em. W. Ballard's Feed Store.

Yates Ceiiter News: The Iola Mr. G. W. Barrows started for his home last Sunday night. papers are sore over the ball game here on the 9th, Sore because the people here did not applaud their team a little more.

Why should they? by a telegram from his son stating ELM TOWNSHIP. that some one had broken Into the pasture and stolen a bunch, of their The Iolians had everything their own cattle. Mr. Barrows has a laige cat. way, besides it is in poor taste to ap plaud a great big overgrown bully be.

tie ranch near Howard, Kansas. Alternates. Roy Runyan GO Smith Leslie Hawley Geo Barker Morrison Pops. Deleg's. BL Wallace Geo Parish Weaver Wm Neimyer II Morrison Tuesday on legal We make spouting and tin roofing a specialty.

Schell Baird. Miss Pearl Smith of Moran was in the city the first of the week visiting friends. Everybody says: your New Barn is a dandy." South of Hotel Thomson. Mica Edith Portsmouth of Chanute is the guest of Miss' Maoel Swinev this week. Take your young chickens to the Our Way restaurant, south-west corner of squaie.

-The only European Restaurant in Iola is the "Our South-west Corner Square. Lev Bostwick left last Tuesday for Coffey ville where he has secured a position iu the Coffey ville Journal office. (Miss Nannie Mitchell returned to Moran Sunday evening after a few days visit with the family of J. D. Mann.

Rest your teams at our New Barn those hot davs. It is by far the You can get anything you want to cause he is pounding the life out of a little fellow, The Iola papers are eat at the "Our Way" at any time of great, raw o-v- day or night. CAKLYLE TOWNSHIP. Preston J. II.

Beahm Ben Keithley Geo Fisher A Boli'n Alternates. The case of the state vs. Walter Our place of business, is the New Barn just south of the Hotel Thom and Claude Wolf and Walter Aten Alternates. son. Hitter Bros.

was postponed on account of Mrs. Pops. Deleg's. Frank Strickler EWBoulson Geo' Baker Burton ESbively Marion Preston Cn.ok Dem. Deleg's.

WC llankins LEHorville Vest Nels Acers MTShlnn Marlon Preston Aten. Walter's mother being sick POTATO CROP. The boys are charged with stealing Clarence Norton, one of Allen grapes from Mr. Remsberg's vineyard The case will come on for hearing to county's most prosperous farmers has a twelve acre patch of potatoes this year. He dug them about a week ago and stored them in a house he has morrow.

While in town take your lady to the "Our Way" European Restaurant IOLA CITY DELEGATES. built a purpose for a vegestable stor age room. for ice cream or lunch. Maccabees vs. Red Men.

The game of ball between the two above named orders took place at the Riverside park Wednesday. The Red Men are gtfod war dancers and -hey go after pTaying ball Jpfit-likc a red man after a Texas steer, but they get there just the sa me, Our motto is "If ybucan not say any good of a persou do not say anything Some will not mention the ability Maccabees. The score was 2tj to 9 i favor of th'e "Big Injuns." A Small Last ll o'clock the fire bell rang and in about ten coolest livery barn In the citv, Kit- The room where the postofnee was First Pops. Deleg's. A Wagner A Weatherman Ward.

Alternates." George Wqrrick Cutwright lr tiros. T.nln "Richardson and Miss moved from is being repaired and will be occupied September 1st, by The yieldfrom the twelve acre tract was over 1,000 bushels. That is a good many potatoes for one man to raise. The saying that "potatoes Shepard Kitchen with a complete Ward. Second stock of clothing' and gents' furnish ing goods, The gentlemen are ex small in Kansas," is now a back number for these were nice large ones.

Drowned. Elmer the nine year old son of Mr. perienced and pleasant and we predict success for them In Iola. Lunches served at all. hours, at the and Mrs Chas.

Gardner who live in the Brickyard addition was drowned last Monday in the pond where the Our Way restaurant. The Iola the teachers association of Allen county Will con, vene in Iola September 2, at 1:30 p. in, OSAOE TOWNSHIP. Pop. Dem.

Del. Alternates. Wm Vandevcr Del Ortoq SL Willis -Elmer Hito Geo Staihbrook Wail is A Cook Dozer Wm Howard James Rhodes The temixirary organization wao made permanent. Nominations being next in order the chairman called for nomination for register of deeds. Seth Bartlett nominated Sherman Culbertson of Logan township.

L. I. Percell nominated Nimrod llankins of Iola township; i The ballot resulted 1n 77 votes for Culbertson and 41 for llankins. The nomination of Mr. Culbertsons was made unanimous.

J. D. Mann of Iola City, Jas Rhodes of Osage and Price of Iola, Citv were placed in nomination for sheriff. Mr. Rhodes received a majority of the vote cast and was unanimously declared the nominee.

Geo. C. Furgeson of Iola was the only nominee for county clerk, and his nomination was made by acclamation, The next county treasurer of Allen Brick plant gets its. water. The pond is only about 6 ft.

deep and the parents in Brickyard town allowed their children to go there to swim. So this for the purpose of organizing. This meeting should be attended by every teacher in the division. The subjects Vertical penmanship, How should boy and another little boy about his age went there to swim last Monday afternoon and they were just getting ready to go home and the other boy music be taught in the district school, and other questions of interest to the TEKelley JW Sullivan Oscar Heath Birdsell Wm Valentine Frank Mull Third Ward. JSLedford Geo Tapkin Geo Eastwood Fulks Gregg Fourth Ward.

CCMcCarty TBirnbaum'-T Rutledge Vaught Chris Ritter A Servey Dem. Deleg's. Alternates. First Ward. I Purcell Hersliberger Second Ward.

Swartz I Preston Samuel Riggs Third Wiird. Geo B'urgeson OMEdson John Bobbitt Fourth Ward. Donham Harry Thompson DrBurgeh SALEM TOWNSHIP. teachers will be discussed. was on the bank and he says the Gardner boy was paddling in the Hattie Ducfee went to Neosho alls last Tuesday to attend the old settlers picnic.

The gray team belonging to Ritter Bros, ran away last Tuesday. The only damage done was a broken bugjy tongue. Chas. Hauser from near Humboldt was in the city last Tuesday-and made this office a pleasant and profitable call, Hon. W.

A. Calderhead, one of the best speakers in Kansas, will deliver an address on old soldiers day, September 7, on the fair grounds. I have opened a shoe shop in the stone building just south of Evans' corner where I can be found at all times. Bring me your work and have it done right. Fred Baker.

Question: What is the difference between Tola's two great dailies? Answer: One toadys to the republican party; the other makes the republican pirty toady to it. When an Indian girl made a recent visit to Iola, the young men didn't know whether to call on her or not. and while they were debating the question she went away. Kansas City Star. Cards are out announcing the coming marriage of Miss Cora M.

Manfort and Mr Aaron Remsb'erif. Both young A large stock of Screen wire and water near the edge and suddenly he Doors on hand at Schell Baird 's, A Chinaman took his seat by the went under and the boy didn't; know what to do, so he just stood on the bank and watched him until he went side of an Irish lady in a crowded railway coach. He evidently wanted to make himself agreeable, and so under the third time and then he grabbed the boys clothes and took them to his mother. The neighbors and parents gathered at the pond and remarked: "Belly cold." She looked at him with withering scorn, and replied. "Well, you ignorant heathen arter two nours seining the body was recovered.

It was entangled in barb if you would put your shirt inside county will be a woman, the: race being between Miss Mary Chamberlain of your pants you belly would not get Humboldt who was unanimously cold. Lem Woods. In Chanute Sun. chosen as the union nominee and Miss wire and there were several cuts on it. The funeral was held at 2 o'clock at the family residence last Tuesday.

The bereaved family have the sympa Fifty head of yearlings for sale Alternates. Time given on part of purchase price if desired. Inquire of Geo. A. Fry, Frankie Wilson the Republican candidate.

Dr. G. W. Cox and Dr. Burgen, both of Iola City, contested for the nomina thy of all who know of their sad bereavement.

It is a very sad case in Iola, Kansas. deed. Mrs. Congorsky, quite a tion for coroner. Dr.

Cox won out, people are well and favorably known in I7ila a tV1 hatro t.a VwGt. aiaViaa nf severe injury laiafc Saturday. She was Pops. Deleg's. George Rhoads A Raish, Davis Jewell WmLassman A Ueaman Dem.

Deleg's. Kamping John liaish Wixson Harry Boeken driving home from Humboldt where Alternates. 1 heir host of friends. she had been attending the funeral and his nomination was made unanimously, Charlie Hes3 of Humboldt was nominated for surveyor by acclamation. minutes there were oyer 300 people gathered in front of the Apple building on West Madison where Gus Krannich the tailor has his shop.

Fire had caught in some way near the ceilingr and smoke and blaze was pouring out the roof when the lire company arrived and the tire was extinguished before so very much damage was (done. The building Is located just west ofs the DeClule clothing store iss. a new brick building and Gus had just' moved There is nq definite clue as to. how lie tire originated, but is is thought it caught in some way from the sas regulator. It is very the fire was controlled, before it h.b unmanagable, as there are so buildings near by.j 'damage would have been the result.

The loss is entirely covered by insurance. Iola Fair. We hope ouraders will not forg(t the fair daJe September 5, 0, 7 and The association is now building fu ns and stalls fofVodc and witii the gocd shiide, splenditfiiusic to be furnished by the Iola band, the best racing in southern Kansas, big corn, hogs, cattle, sheepttirses atid chickens and an attractive i'oral hall exhibit we aie sure will amply repay every one to attend at least two or three days. Allen' county Is attracting considerable attention and not only manufKC-tories arei coming here but a lai jje number ot eastern farmers are keep- ingan eye on Allen county, and we 'hope that our farmers will see. that best' agricultural, products and stock are at the fair.

The Epworth League The District convention convened at Iola 3 last' Tuesday 'afternooot There was a large delegation it) from die different leagues of the District beinga total or about W0 aeje'gates. FiVst thing on the program was a coo-scrdtion meeting, next fftts, aninter-mission and a regular lthefflst hand-shaking In wliicti evc; body Rot acquainted. the pulpit Tuesdarevip'tJiina. flls talk was very much appreciated by the aodience. Mr Pulllum Is so well knWnMntola t'Bat anything we would say would be superflous.

There was an Interesting program through the convention but for lack of space we can only say that until you have had a convention in your town you fan never know or reallie now -much' gcofl they can do, the small child" of Mr. and Mrs Walentz when, the team be' came frightened and started to run The ticket bei ng completed the throwing her out dislocating her A Picnic Supper. Last Saturday evening a small crowd of young people, mostly from Moran, went to the1 Mineral Well park and ate supper and had a jolly good time, The picnic was had in honor of Miss Ada Mathews of Fredonia who is visiting friends around A most delicious supper was spread consisting of all things which are tempting to the appetites of a picnicing crowd. The plcnicers extend their eternal gratitude to I. Purcell of the Dem MABMATON TOWNSHIP.

shoulder she was brought horhe and People's party" delegates organized in a separate convention with S. D. Bartlett as chairman and H. W. Lam medical aid was summoned arid she is Mr.

J. D. Mann returned Saturday night from Kansas City wher" he had been to purchase billiard and pool tables for T. F. Strickler who expects to open a pat lor (n the Blue Point building on the north side.

A few of the ad vantages of Brooklyn Park and Highland Place: Centrally abated. Perfect drainage. Good "water. Near the new school house. Free gas.

For prices and particulars call on any real estate dealer. Mr. E. D. Cain who lives north of town is very ill and attending physi resting, very well at thg (writiug.

nnniln- beth secretary and formally ated the entire tleket. A pleasant home can be madefy se curing your trees and shrubbery of Pops. Deleg's. HCoffman II Lambeth Geo McLaughlin A Weast i RLRobb JG Mitchell JasWoodard Dem. Deleg's.

1 Alternates. WACapp John Hart John Hurley EE Miner Adams A Carmain Ensminger Alternates Strong The Democratic delegates with L. I. Percell as chairman did theame. Two separate conventions composed ocrat for a line watermelon.

But the W. 0. Zimmer. Miss Clara Cox the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

Lou Cox was quite severly injured last Monday by being run into by a bicycle rode by Ralph He fried chicken and other goodie held of the People's party and Democratic out too well for them' to do jusatae to delegates respectively of Logan Hum Chas Mendall boldtt' Cottage- Grove and Sltimore township were Held in different parts was riding very fast and did not Henry McCormack the wnter melon, but it was a fine one nevertheless. Afttr supper a sham battle took place in which water melon rinds McCormack 3 Collins of the room and Jas Lockhart nominated for commissioner tor the' 'first Bailey Palmer were the principal weapons. The district. JohnSpawr Hodges Dan Bowman Wm Bowman Mendell Strong party then attended the band concert Gallort in the park and from there they went rri rf Poople's party delegated to the judicial convention 'Were tihosen and cians have little hopes of his recovery. Mr.

Cain is a highly respected1 citizen and has a host of friends who hope that his serious illness may not prove fallal. Betty Cash was arrested last Monday night by a warrant sworn out' by David Washington's wife charging her with disturbing the peace, the evidence agaiust her was not suffloient to constitute a charge, so she was dis- charged. Prof. Weltmer'sVesWence and lawn presents a lovely picture after night, the work of thirst union convention COTTAGE QRqVIJ TOwVsfHlP. When the jolly little crowd parted was over.

Pops. Deleg's. notice the little girl as she crossed the street." She was knocked down and her face and head badly bruised. Friends came to her assistance and she was taken home. Her Injuries are not serious and it is thought she will be able to be around In a few days.

Wanted: The Friend wants a good boy to learn the newspaper1 business. We want a boy who is ambitious and full of hustle. We want him to conir me nee at the bottom anil learn the newspaper business in all its from a printer "devil" to the; editor's chair. To such a boy we can give a good Job. Write or Inqulfe of The Friend, Iola, Kaasis, Hon.

John Breidenthal, who had and started for their homes they all felt that they had spent a most de llghti'ul evening. Those present were Alternates. Yount Henry Pelfry A Reed been an Interested at the George Thuney Matsler John Mc'Cr'acken Moore convention was in traduced and made Misses Ada Mathews of Fredonia. a masterful speech In which he 'discussed the politics to 4ay ita that Laura and Josie McCormack, Nannie Mitchell, lia Sparr, Myrtle Maxson, mm ii nnw nuH nvar mn.v lHAnnHAeAAfit LOGAN TOWNSHIP. logical, conf iiiclrig.

-way that Maud Brown Messrs. Floyd, Ernest add Sum McCormack, of Moran, and lamps in his residence and stable and thlrty-slx on his lawn, among the flowers. The scene it like fairy land. Nevada Director. carries con Vict Idn, lo the donating hear and renewed falVhtfd WttWge -Alternates.

Harry, Tipple Mr Lt It Purcell and Misses Daisy and Pops. Deleg's. REGulbertsori rk Yodnj Mattld Ktntfl! Iola. to the belief if..

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