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The Scranton Gazette from Scranton, Kansas • 10

The Scranton Gazette from Scranton, Kansas • 10

Scranton, Kansas
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The Scranton (iwwe. 1 1 Dog This Yes Q. It is my firm conviction that Saturday is the Sakbath Dy and. therefore, the day to be observed as a holy day, or rest day, unto the Lod. But I am greatly perplexed over the circumstances developing in a trip around the world from east to we3t, for in doing so, a whole day is lot somewhere on the trip, and if it should happen that Saturday is that day, there v.ojld be one Sabbath Day that would sTip away unobserved.

Now, should like for you to tell me what could be done in order to comply with the command to keep the Sabbath Day holy? How could I keep a day holy when that day was lost somewhere on the voyage? (T. A. Answer. Perhaps if one's conscience were unduly pained by such a harrowing experience the thiug to do would be to circumnavigate the globe in the opposite direction and gain a day thereby, timing the journey so that Saturday would be the day recovered. This would be an excellent method, as it would afford one ample time to reflect over the Scripture teachings on this subject of the Sabbath day and doubtless would be the means of casting a greater degree of illumination on a command that should be recognized by all Bible students as applying to the Jews and not to the Christians.

tbree i. caj rolled mti Sb chased geoline of Mni6U.ll 3n-jk son nti wtret on their waj rt-joieiug Nest JhcIsod reewvt a card from party YYilsey asking Lira to be on Uie look unl for twi bd yfbv had stolan dogs aai) making jr offer of reward for the appi-iisdiiB ul Jim tLeives, Now that is a dog goo rnwiii tuck, for ISam rould have used ibav reward 4o giMd Kb vantage. What would your farm be worth if crops were assured, and every quarter section in the county improved? At The Opera House On Monday Sept. 9th, Meters Adams and ThoTubiugb, managers, pre en I Alrua Booth ia -vllit) Penalty." Tux is a brilliant comedy drama, in is Prolop VI sind three acts. lie 6tory is a oiighty 1 appeal to emotions.

The HUeyesl is continuous and sharply The movement vapid something ie happening every the climaxes are skillfully ltd justed. This play commands the ready sympathy of nil those A who follow the misfortunes of its cen MR tral character a wronged woman with Kansas County In Texas is about the size of a The Average Farm is now In Five Years it will be In Ten Years it will be acres acres acre uuiierstatiding of the motives that move her to action, and of the suffering she undergoes on account of the hearties brula-Uv of the lumi she ouee called husband The great dramatic interest in "The L'eually" brought out more strongly by the mirthful sunbeams which are seen iu its movements of strongest grip since some of its characters are a most cheerful and delightful means to laughter. The engagement is for one night only. Keserved tents are or, Bale at 25ct-515o and 50c. 10 1 lfif Rev.

IJoxd, wife and daughter of Winchester CMiie to-day to be pretteut at the marriage of their eon and brother to 188 Ethel Michaels, which tHkee place this (Thursday evening. Q. Will little children grow to be men and women after they reach Heaven? Please give me your opinion of this. (O. E.

Answer. The Savior's as contained in Matthew six. 11. have been construed to mean that little children go direct to heaven, whereas the Mas ter was teaching that only those of His followers who would develop the child-like dispositions of meekness, trust and faith couid enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Matthew xviii.

sets forth the same lessou more fully. A moment's reflection on the general teachings of the Bible will be sufficient to enable any one to realize that heavenly promises have been made only for the believers, "the over comers." the called and chosen and faithful." (Revelation xvii. 14. It is evident then that children are not called to a heavenly inlier itance. How could they believe, and be overcou'ers and saints? Little children as well as all the world, aside from the saintly overconiers.

are to be awakened in the resurrection morning and gradually growing and develoriintr will be made perfect as human beincrs, and being obedient to the Lord and Hl gracious arrangements shall have life. The earth, and not heav f-n. will form the everlasting habita Hon of mankind (Isaiah xlv. The (Tnnvh. made up of saints, wil1 Inherit the heavenly honors and glory Q.

The Scriptures declare that God restsd on the seventh day after having devoted six days to the work of creation. (Genesis ii, 2, 3.) Again, the Apostle says, Hebrews iv, 10, "For he that is entered into his rest, he also hath ceased from his own works, as God did from His." How did God rest from His works when actually He did none of the creative works, as it was all accomplished by the Lord Jesus, as we read "For by Him (Christ) were all things ere-; ted, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether ihy be throres, or or principalities, or all things were created by Him and for Him?" (Colossians 16.) is true, according to thi-Scriptures, that "all things wee made by Him: and without Ilitn was noi anyth'ng made that was made" The Son was the Father's agency or rhati nel through whom all the creative wnr! was accomplished and thus the Heav enly (''aiher did none of the acini' work. Thcri'I'ore. it was in the it'iip-sentative sciim thai the Fat'ioi crea'c the Unnerve Kins: SoUcnon is to have built the 'i'etnpie at Jerusalem yet all of the work was done by workmen. Cepresentatively the worked during the six days, am! rep resentatively lie rested on the Severn! day.

Mies Lertha Thomas left today for an extended visit with relatives in own. Joe licit-tow received word this morning Ih'it hid brother's wifn. Mis. J. Ij.

HnhIow, of TopekH. is very nick his valley has peculiar advantages of nil Water at CI" to oil C. POLLARD One of the strongest Live ill fpRfi JUlii MIT Mltl I Stock Auctioneers in this part of the state. Addres him at Carbondale, or in care of The Gazette, Q. What will bo the physical condition of the earth at the second con ing of Christ? (W.

Answer. The word "coming" in the Scriptures, as applied tn the Lord's see ond advent, would in many more properly translated from the Greek by the word presence, for that is the real significance of the (J reek word parouxia. In Matthew xxiv. the Lord explained that as it was in the days of Noah, so also it would be in the days of the prrxence (not of the Son of man. The thought is that as the people in the time of Noah were going about engaged in the or tJiuary affairs of life, so it would lie In the days of the presence of the Lord Jesus.

The Lord stated at flis Scranton, Kansas. IT first advent that He would leave the i world and when He would return He would come as "a thief in the night." and only those who would be watch I Ing would be aware of His presence up until "the time of trouble such as was not since there was a nation." and How to Clean Tapestry. Ehake the tapestry gently but wei: to remove loose dirt and then 1e a cleansing fluid composed r'-: follows. Take four ounces of soap tc a quart of water and boil It until li becomes a Jelly; then divide thl3 equally in two tubs of hot water, adding a cup of bran to each tub to pr vent the colors from running. It best to sew the bran In cheese cloth bags, so that It will not stock to tho fabric.

After washing the tapestry alternately In the two tubs, rlnso In water strongly flavored with vinegar (to prevent colors fading) and dry. After the heavier weight of the water is out, stiffen with a thin hollr-d etarch and Iron quickly on the wronj Bide 1th a hot Iron. S. P. BELL STAR LAND CO.

then His presence would be revealed unto all people. During the thousand years of the Lord's presence the physical conditions of the earth will be undergoing a gradual transformation, until by the close of the days of His presence the whole earth will have be-tht anion of Eden. See the VUlllv 11 w- following Scriptures: Luke xxlil. 43; II Corinthian x- 4: Ezeklel xxxvl, Isalab tbirry-fiftb chapter..

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