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Allen County Journal from La Harpe, Kansas • 5

Allen County Journal from La Harpe, Kansas • 5

La Harpe, Kansas
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EXTRA BARGAINS at HENNQNGGR'S Baby Carriage 2.50 Good Couch 5.00 Sanitary Couch 4.50 Good Bed 7.50 Oak Wardrobe 10.00 Iron Beds, $2.50 to 8.00 Springs $2.00 to 3.50 Guaranteed Ideal Sewing Machine, Easy Payments 15.00 STOVES Get a Gas Range. Will burn less gas and give you more satisfaction. We have a fine assortment at $10. Will set up complete and guarantee. A large $50 Range good as new for -only on easy payments.

Will burn wood, coal or gas. 30 yds. Rag 4.00 Crib 1.40 Hot 1.50 Pillows, per Pair, 1. 50 Extra Large 7 ft. Kitch- en Safe 6.75 Double Barrelled Shot Gun 8.50 Dinner Buckets 15 25c Guaranteed Organ.

Singer Sewing Machine 4.00 Illinois Sewing Machine 7.50 4-hole Rerervoir Cook 12.00 Cook $4.00 to 10.00 All Kinds of GAS PIPE Fixtures and PLUMBING SUPPLIES. New and Second Hand Store PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. Local News RADIUM L. P. Coblentz was in Lone Elm last week on business.

Mrs. C. Ermel of Bronson A visiting Mrs. H. Felger.

Mrs. Delia Ohlfest remembered us with an appreciated call Monday. Mrs. W. H.

Ricketts was one of City Meat MarKet RUN BY C. E. MEADER. FRESH a SALT MEATS And Meat Product. The best there is, and an expert Meat Carver.

TRY ME ONCE. C. L. EVANS Attorney at Law Rooms 7-9, State BanK Big. Office Phone 183 Residence Phone 12 LaHarpe, Kansas SHAUL a TAYLOR (Successors to W.

R. Dougherty.) Up-to-Date Barbers. Fine Bathroom in Connection. I V' A A. Don't lose me, but bring me to HINES HARDWARE Dec.

24, No entitle you to A $35 RANGE ABSOLUTELY FREE See stove in our window. One ticket given with every $1 cash purchase. The above is what we will actually do, and. solicit your patronage. For every dollar spent with us for cash purchases we will give you a ticket that may get you a Range free.

Our reason for doing this is to encourage cash buying, as we must have cash to do business. Mound City Paints may cost a trifle more, but! Blaker Lumber Grain Co. Read the supplement this week. It will surely interest you. A cooling, cleansing douche is the thine.

Wilson's barber shop. We are told that in some parts of Allen county the patatocrop was fine this year. Mmes. B. L.

Wallis and Mary C. Lawrence were pleasant visitors at the Journal office last Friday morning. Tuesday an unusual number of tamers were in LaHarpe shopping. Our merchants are enjoying an in- creasingly better trade. The picture show put up by Peet at the opera house is not excelled in the state.

The show fully deserves a large patronage. Make your clothes look new by having them cleaned by Joe The Tailor's new French Dry Cleaning machine. No spots deceive it. Remember the lecture Saturday evening at the Methodist church the first number on the course. It is said to be a lecture of absorbing interest.

W. A. Hicks went to Eureka to attend the old soldiers' reunion held there. Mr. Hicks formerly lived at Eureka and certainly enjoyed his visit.

A. C. Kohler made us a very pleasant visit last week Thursday. He says he expects to go to farming again next year. Mr.

Kohler has a very highly improved farm. W. G. Haigler came down from Colorado Springs last week and was in to see us Friday. He says Mrs.

ClaJ who formerly resided in La-Hal), but is now running a hotel in ifi er, Colorado, was recently injured very seriously and also had a stroke of paralysis. She was not able to leave her bed at the time Mr. Haigler left there. Mr. and Mrs.

C. A. Snyder were helping Mrs. Clark out, as she was unable to secure help and was over-run with guests. Will Be 1 Welcome In Every Home Because it keeps the house, i from cellar to attic, in spick and span condition, and sav-1 es the housewife labor, time, trouble and expense.

i Just you try it! 10 iPer Washing Dishes WithoutDrudgery Place dishes in pan of warm water, sprinkle a little Old Dutch Cleanser on dish-cloth (don't put the cleanser in water) and wash, each piece, put in second pan to drain, rinse in clean water and wipe dry. Easier, quicker and hygienic; no caus tic or acids (not a soap powder) Old Dutch Cleanser will re move the hardest "burnt in" crust from pots and pans, without the -eld time scalding and scraping. Cleans Scrubs ClIISF to get a fine shower bath. Walter Chase has been for some time quite ill with typhoid fever. G.

C. Parlasca went to Missouri last week to look fter his farm there. Mrs. Fred Halm made a brief call at the Journal office last Thursday afternoon. Better buy season tickets for the ecture course.

It will certainly be worth while this year. Noah Wagner and John Kohler went to Junction City this week to attend Odd Fellows' grand lodge. Mrs. Fred Brister of Dallas, Texas, visited her mother, other relatives and many LaHarpe friends ast week. Allen county farmers whosprayed their fruit have received an unusually large yield this year, and of fine quality.

Miss Mabel Davis pleasantly en tertained the whist club at her home ast Friday evening. A palatable luncheon was served. James Bonner, who was one of the many LaHarpe people who attend ed the P. O. P.

carnival at Kansas City last week, is quite enthusiastic concerning the big time he had. Miss Lillian Borin entertained the embroidery club last Thursday afternoon. They read few chapters from "Sandy" and otherwise enjoyed themselves. Luncheon was served. The LaHarpe football boys will play the Redfield Giants on the Macdonald grounds just north of LaHarpe Friday afternoon October 14, It is expected that this will be a husky game.

The Ladies Aid society of the Presbyterian church will serve dinner and supper in some vacant building on Main street on election day. A good wholesome meal will be served at a very moderate price. The Y. P. B' held a business meeting at Mrs.

Delia Ohlfest's last Friday evening. There was a fine attendance and three new members were gained. The next meeting will be Thursday evening with Miss Ada Post. Mrs. B.

F. Funk had two-color bills printed at the Journal office last week for a big public sale of live-stock, farm implements and house-hold goods at her farm 4 miles southeast of LaHarpe next Tuesday, October 18. Bert Shaul bought the interest of O. A. Chitwood in the barber shop of Chitwood Taylor last Saturday, at once taking posses sion.

Mr. Chitwood went to Okla homa Saturday afternoon. He and his father are both down there on a deal and he may move there to live. Ad Brennan has made good as one of the pitchers for Philadelphia in the National baseball league the past season. He was of course held in reserve, but whenever he had an opportunity he showed good stuff Ad's many LaHarpe friends naturally feel proud of his ability to hold a place in a major league.

Rev. C. Hamilton or Columbus will preach at the LaHarpe Presbyterian church both morning and evening Sunday, October 30. You are cordially invited to attend these meetings. Rev.

Hamilton assisted in a series of meetings at the Presbyterian church a year ago last March, and his sermons were worth while. Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Turner and Mr. and Mrs.

J. S. Huffman all of Muncie, Indiana, arrived in LaHarpe last week on a visit to Wm. Turner and other relatives. Jonathan Turner is Wm.

Turner's brother. Mrs. Huffman is Jonathan Turner's daughter. We met Mr. Huffman last week and found a very pleasant gentleman.

him Go to Wilson's barber shop We have a Full Line of SHELF AND. HEAVY HARDWARE, THE STAR BARBER SHOP Opposite First National BanK For Shaving, Hair Cutting Shampoo and Massage. 3 Good Barbers 3 Give Them Your Whiskers. You Are Next. Douche or Shower Bath in connections HARRY WILSON, Proprietor.

G.F.ROBINS, Farm and City Insurance Farm Loans and Building Loans Abstracts Furnished. Real Estate bought, sold or exchanged. P. E. GODOWN Phone 115.

City Dray Express Prompt Services and Reasonable Charges. Give us a chance at your Hauling'. 3:30 p. m. DEC.

24 No Farm Machinery, AND BLANKETS Kansas. Substitute for Senate Resolution No. 5. A proposition to amend the constitution relating to the compensation of members of the legislature. Resolved by the Legislature of the State of Kansas, two-thirds of the members elected to each honse concurring therein: Section i.

The following proposition to amend the constitution of the state of Kansas is hereby submitted to the qualified electors of said state for their approval or rejection, to wit: The constitution of the state of Kansas is hereby amended by striking out the whole of section 3 of article 2 of said constitution and inserting in lieu of said section the following, which shall constitute section 3 of article 2 of the constitution: Sec. 3. The members of the legislature shall receive as compensation for their sen-ices the sum of five hundred dollars for each regular session of not less than sixty (lavs and one hundred dollars for each special session, and three cents for each mile traveled by the usual route in going to and returning from the place of meeting. Sec. 2.

This proposition shall be submitted to the electors of this state at the general election to be held in the year 1910 for their approval rejection. The amendment hereby proposed shall be designated on the official ballot by the following title: "Amendment to the constitution fixing the compensation of members of the legislature at five hundred dollars for regular and one hundred dollars for special session and three cents per mile mileage." and shall be voted for or against as provided by law under such title. Sec. 3. This resolution shall take effect and be in full force from and after its publication the statute-book.

Passed the Senate March 3. 1909. Passed the House March 6, 1909. Approved March 11, 1909. I hereby certify that the is a true and correct copy of original substitute for Senate concurrent resolution No.

5, tfow on file in office. C. E. DENTON, Secretary of State. Is one of the Wonderful Ingredients of the Hot Springs Waters Noted Chemists in seeking for an "explanation of the marvelous cures, have made this discovery.

There Is No Substitute ft; Hot Springs Baths While "taking the cure" the visitor has all the pleasure of a vacation the luxury of splendid hotels, the freedom of park drives, golf links and woodland walks. There are social gaieties and amusements of every kind. AiK for Information. J. B.

HURLOCK, Agent A WOMAN'S BACK The Aches and Pains Will Dis appear if the Advice of this LaHarpe Citizen is followed A woman's back has many aches and pains. Most times 'tis the kidney's fault. Backache is really kidney ache; That's why Doan's Kidney Pills cure it. Many LaHarpe women know this. Read what one has to say about it.

Mrs. M. L. Harrell. 407 Washington Street, La Harpe, says: "I have found Doan's Kidney Pills to be a splendid kid ney medicine.

As the. result of weak kidneys, my back 1 ached constantly and lifting or stooping caused sharp pains through my loins. In the moraine: when I a rose, I was so stiff and lame that I could hardly walk. Doan's Kid ney Pills' gave me prompt relief and proved of benefit in every way. Another member of my family, who was annoyed by a kidney weakness, took Doan's Kidney Pills and was soon For sale by all dealers.

Price SO cents. Foster-Milburn Buffalo, 'ew York, sole agents for the United States. Remember the name Doan's and take no other. Tahafy The White Savage, Next Saturday night the first number on the LaHarpe lecture course 7 will be presented at the Methodist church. This will be a lecture by Joseph K.

Griffis, or Ta-han, as he was known among the Indians. He will tell the story of his Indian life, of scenes of battle and bloodshed, of his life as a sol dier, and of the things that led him to become a christian minister and orator. This speaker has appeared at Lakeside Assembly five times. He holds his audiences spellbound through an address of nearly two hours. The people of LaHarpe should not miss hearing this ad' dress.

Tickets may be purchased of the pastor of the church or of W. Friedley, at his store. Peet Bros, set up their merrygo round in LaHarpe last week, get ting ready for the Farmers Exhibit Buggies, Wagons, our appreciated callers Monday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs.

Wm. Donnan went this week to Kansas City to' enjoy the Royal stock show. Mrs. McClure and children of Mildred came over the other day on a visit to E. P.

Mellon' s. Mmer. Perry Malcom and Nellie Owings are attending the Rebekah Assembly at Junction City. Mr. and Mrs.

A. J. Campbell were here on a little visit from LaHarpe the first of the week. Blue Mound Sun. Mrs.

George Wallace and son Cleland left last week for a month's visit with relatives and friends at Wichita, and at Stillwater, Okla. M. T. Vestal went to Bakersfield, California, last week. His brother and family have been in that coun try for more than a year, and if he likes the country he will settle out there.

Mrs. Ruth McAfee, Mrs. C. W. Friedley's mother, went last week to Portland, Oregon, to visit relatives during the winter.

Mrs. Mc Afee came from Oregon" last year with Mrs. Friedley upon the latter' return from a visit there. Friday is the day the Balloon goes up; also the day. our Wall Pa per goes down.

Come in and see us. We have some big closing-out Bargains in Room Lots. Make our store vour resting place that day. Waters Danforth, Drugs and Jewelry. Dick Hurlock has been promoted, and now has an $80 a month post tion with the Missouri Pacific com mercial agent at Fort Scott.

Dick and Milly will now be able to come home whenever they feel like it Their host of LaHarpe friends are mighty glad of it, and heartily con gratulate Dick on his promotion Mrs. H. Taggart was one of our pleasant callers Monday "and in formed us that Ed Linn was mar ried Sunday to Miss Maude John son of Fort Scott and brought his bride home Sunday evening. They will live iu the home on South Mc-Kinley which Mr. Linn bought of Mr.

Taggart a month ago. Mrs. Emma Close died Monday morning at her home, corner of south 4th and Lincoln, of compli cations following smallpox. The body was taken Tuesday to Tor ont for burial. Other members of the family have been ill with smallpox, but are nowconvalescent.

The honse has been rigidly quar antined and there are no new cases Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Murphy of Putnam, Illinois, were out to see their farm south of LaHarpe last week, and visited the Boeken boys in Golden valley, who are old Illi nois friends of theirs.

They made a very much appreciated call at the Journal office Thursday and as they read the Journal every week they seem like old friends. Mr Murphy is a merchant at Putnam, List ot Letters remaining uncalled for in this office for the week ending October 8 1910: Gentlemen: David Sweringen U. C. Windsor. Adham Bender (card), C.

E. Surface, H. G. Todd Ladies: Hat tie Burns. These letters will be sent to the dead letter office October 15, 19 10, if not delivered before.

In calling for the above, please say "Adver tised," giving date of list. J. Q. Roberts. P.

M. of all kinds. The noted SQUARE DEAL FENCING, PUMPS, WINDMILLS AND GASOLENE ENGINES, HARNESS, ROBES HINES HARDWARE, LaHarpe, The ladies missionary society of the Presbyterian church will meet with Miss Delia Ohlfest at 2:30 Thursday afternoon, October 20. All interested are earnestly requested to attend this meeting. MissLina Robins went with Miss Winnette Kerr to her pleasant home in Golden Valley last Friday even ing, returning Monday morning.

The two girls no doubt had the oiliest sort of a time The premium list of the LaHarpe Farmer' sExhibit in a convenient booklet, is being distributed this week. Write or call for one. You get them of the secretary, C. H. Olson.

Mmes. Mike Clarke and F. O. Hollem were pleasant callers at the Journal office Monday afternoon. Mo.

Pacific Time Table. The new time Card which went into effect on the Missouri Pacific railway recently makes a slight change in the arrival of the trains at this point. EAST BOUND No. 408 9:18 a. m.

No. 410 7:28 p. m. WEST BOUND No. 409 8:52 a.

m. No. 407 4:25 P- m-.

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