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Allen County Journal from La Harpe, Kansas • 1

Allen County Journal from La Harpe, Kansas • 1

La Harpe, Kansas
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The LaHarpe Journal. I LAHARPE, ALLEN COUNTY KANSAS, DECEMBER 1904. NUMBER 38. Grand Theatre, Iola, one night, Saturday, Dec. 3, "Peggy from Paris." Guaranteed Attraction.

MOTORMAN HURT! Motorman Walker Was Injured Last Night by Unknown Parties, Who Threw Rocks Through the Window. The 11:40 street car was stopped at the crossing just west of the Lanyon Smelter, Thursday night by some parties unknown to the occupants of the car. When the car came to a standstill these unknown parties began to hurl rocks at the motorman. One rock went through the front glass of the vestibule and struck motorman Chas. Walker on the forehead, almost knocking him down, and cutting a big gash in his head.

Other rocks passed through the windows but did 110 damage to the occupants of the car. Soon after the fusilade of rocks two young fellows boarded the car IOLA IS AFRAID. After Much Bickering Back and Forth lola Has Finally Refused to Play LaHarpe Team. The LaHarpe boys have committed no other offence in the eyes of the Iola boys than to root for the Haskell fourth team on Thanksgiving. The sympathies of humanity are generally with the little fellow and the spectacle of the Haskell fourth team pitted against the Iola giants naturally aroused the sympathy of the LaHarpe boys.

No team has ever been mistreated on the LaHarpe grounds and the Iola team need have 110 fear on this score. But we have offered to play Iola on her own grounds and on her own terms, but they have refused. Actions speak louder than words. There is nothing more to say. J.

W. Zener Dead. J. Zener, one of LaHarpe's prominent and respected citizens, passed away at his home here Wednesday morning, November 30. He was 58 years, 4 months and 11 days old.

The funeral services were held at the family residence in the southwest part of town Thursday morning by Rev. Bascom Robbins of Toronto. The remains were taken to Toronto for interment in the family lot. Mr. Zener used to be in the feed business here and owned and occupied the room now used by H.

T. Mitchell as a. music store. Several months ago Mr. Zener had to give up his business on account of his health, but was not considered to be seriously ill until lately.

He was a good citizen and well liked by all who knew him. He leaves a widow, four sons and two daughters. A new time card on the Mo. Pac. went into effect this week.

The west bound passengers leave at 9:10 a. m. and 3:39 p. m. The east bound passengers leave at 5:33 p.

m. and 7:20 p. m. In the west bound trains our readers will 110- tice that the first morning passenger comes a little later than before, while the afternoon train arrives at about the same time. In the east bound schedule both trains come late in the afternoon, where before one of them arrived in the forenoon.

E. L. Chichester, who works at the smelter, met with a painful accident the first of the week. In throwing out of gear some machinery the lever got caught and struck him a terrible blow under the nose. Several stitches had to be taken to place the member to its proper place.

The injury was very painful but not so serious to stop Mr. Chichester from work. Friday night, Dec. 9 will be the next meeting of the LaHarpe Skating Club. Hereafter those holding cards will be, entitled to the use of only two pair of skates during the evening Rev.

Samuel Jones and wife, of Bonner Springs, are here visiting their son, H. H. Jones and family. THE WATER PROBLEM SOMETHING ABOUT THE GAS CITY WATER SYSTEM. GETS WATER FROM IOLA Gas City Has Plenty of Pure River Water Sold to Citizens for 15 Cents Per Tank.

A Journal reporter called on exMayor McKelvey of Gas City Wednesday and learned the following information in regard to their water system: Gas City has an eight-inch line connecting with the Iola water main at the Katy track. The line cost the city $15,000. Iola delivers the water at Gas City and maintains a pressure of thirty pounds on the line. The first 000 gallons cost five cents per thousand; the second 150,000 cost cents per and if they use over 300,000 gallons the cost is 4 cents per M. They are supplying the Kansas Portland with water for about what it costs to get it to the city.

The other factories pay the schedule rate. Arrangements wight be made by LaHarpe to connect on to the Gas City main by paying an equitable rate. At the suggestion of Mr. McKelvey, the reporter called on Mr. Dunbar, the water engineer.

From him we learned that Gas was selling water at fifteen cents per tank to her own citizens and that considerable water was being sold to LaHarpe people at twenty cents a tank. Their sale for November amounted to $43 from this tank trade but they expect, to sell about $60 worth in December, provided the dry spell continues. The teamsters only charge fifty cents per tank for delivering water in the city and are glad to get that price. The water is a wholesome grade and is preferred generally to spring water. We think this information may be of some benefit to our citizens in making up their minds about the best thing for our city to do regarding the water situation.

We want water and we want the best and most lasting source to draw it from. So when we come' to spending large sums of the peoples' money we ought to feel sure that we are doing about the right thing. Schmidt- Married: Miss Addie Lloyd of this city and Fredrick C. Schmidt of Kansas City, Dr. Quayle performing the ceremony.

Only a few of the immediate relatives were present, those being Mr. and Mrs. Slaybrook and Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Lloyd, parents of the bride.

The bride and groom party at once boarded a train and came to LaHarpe to spend a few days with friends and relatives. Miss Lloyd is a charming young lady and we congratulate the gentleman on h's choice. Mr. and Mrs. Schmidt left Sunday for Kansas City where they make their future home.

The Journal joins in good wishes. Mrs. Maxscn Entertains. Mrs. Theo Maxson entertained a number of her friends and relatives Saturday evening, at their home south east of LaHarpe to celebrate the home coming of her daughter, Myrtle, who is attending Kansas University.

Those present were; Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Sickly, Mr.

and Mrs. J. T. Wood, Mrs. Allen, Mr.

and Mrs G. G. Fox, John Laury, Will and Charley Laury, Miss Laury, Mr and Mrs. J. O.

Egle and Mr. and Mrs. John Bennett, Misses, Bertha Sickly, Rilla Egle and Margaret McDonald. Mrs. R.

McGurk returned home Tuesday from the World's fair. NEW BANK FOR LAHARP LAHARPE MEN IN COMPANY WITH C. H. OLSON. IN NEW FOX BUILDING.

Mr. Olson Says the Bank Will be Ready for Business about the First of January. LaHarp is to have a new bank. C. H.

Olson who has been engaged in the banking business in Mankato, Kansas, is here to perfect the organization at once. The charter is being prepared and the following person's names appear as stockholders: C. H. Olson, Geo. G.

Fox, M. F. Sickly, Geo. D. Smith and John Laury.

The reputation of these men in this community needs no comment, and the Western Advocate (Mankato) has this to say of Mr. Olson: C. H. Olson, for a long time in the employ of the Mankato National Bank, of this city, has accepted a position as cashier of a new bank just being organized at LaHarpe, Allen county, and starts Monday for his new field of labor. Olson is a good business man, an honest, trustworthy and reliable gentleman.

We congratulate him on his promotion and also congratulate the institution which secures the services of so competent a man. The bank will occupy the room prepared for it in the new FoxSickly-Smith building. Mr. 01- son says that he expects the bank to be ready for business about the first of January. We wish the new institution success.

Ed Green Hurt in Kansas City Game. The Kansas City Times has the following to say of Ed Green, who played half back for Kansas University in the Kansas-Missouri game at Kansas City Thursday: No serious accident resulted from yesterday's game. Edgar Green, who played left half back for Kansas was thrown hard in the second half. When the game was over his wrist was found to be sprained. There were tears in his eyes when the medical director forced him to leave the field.

His place was taken by Harry Hart, who finished the game. Ed Green is a LaHarpe boy and while we are sorry that he was injured we are proud to know that he always plays so that the other fellow knows he has been in a game when he gets through. John Hart Injured. John Hart, the drayman, met with a painful accident last Saturday while hauling a load of water in Lanyonville. He was standing near the front of the wagon when a wheel struck a post in the road which stopped the wagon so suddenly that he was thrown to the ground on his left elbow.

It was found that the force of the fall had dislocated the elbow joint. Dr. Kirkpatrick was called and he quickly set the injured member and it is doing as well as could be expected. It is a painful injury and will lay John up for sometime to come. Columbus Wolloped lola.

The Columbus High School team wolloped the Iola High School team last Thursday to the tune of 17 to o. The Iola fellows say there is no use talking, the Columbus team was simply the best team. Of course the Iola boys were clearly out-classed. Pictures framed at Henninger Son's. LAHARPE IN 2ND CLASS for Gas but nothing could be learned from them as to who did the malicious work.

They got off at Gas and were not molested but we have been told will be arrested today. The car was laden with a merry party who were returning home from a dance here. Occupants of the car say the rocks were hurled with considerable force, as they came the full length of the car and would have inflicted severe injury had they come in contact with any one. The car was in charge of Conductor Lacey and Motorman Walker. THEY MAY PIPE GAS.

Kansas Gas Company Required to File Indemnity of TwentyFive Thousand Dollars. Oswego Nov. Flannelly in the district court today granted the injunction asked by the Kansas Natural Gas company restraining the county officers of Montgomery county, and everybody else from interfering with the construction of the pipe line through the county. The company is required to give an indemnity bond of twenty-five thousand dollars to reimburse the county for any damage that may occur through the obstruction of the public highways. The bond must be filed within twenty-four hours.

Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Smith Entertain.

Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Smith who live about a mile east of town entertained a large number of friends in celebration of their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.

An elabor, ate feast had been prepared for the guests and an enjoyable time is reported by all. The host and hostess received a number of beautiful and costly presents. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. W.

H. Cook, A. Franklin, Jas. Welch, Alex Brown, H. Montgomery, J.

Funkhouser, George Mollenkopf, G. G. Smith, J. O. Egle, M.

F. Sickly, Oscar Kelly, Gates, Geo. Stevenson, R. S. Baker, T.

Maxson, Arthur Edwards, R. C. Edwards, and Dora Cole, Mrs. E. M.

Cole, Mrs. L. E. McCarty, Mrs. Saeger, and Miss Mabel Saeger, Miss Maude Helms, Miss Laura Johnson and Miss Opal Gates.

Roy Vestal Breaks Arm. Last Sunday while playing teette-totter little Roy Vestal fell off the board and broke his left arm at the wrist joint. Dr. Parks was called and reduced the fracture and the boy is getting on nicely. The Taylor Fuel, Light Power Company has been granted a twenty-year franchise to supply gas to the citizens of Gas City for domestic use.

The city is entitled to free gas to heat and light its public buildings. Cook stove gas costs $1.50 per month, lights ten cents each and fifteen cents where they are burned all night. Gas by meter costs fifteen cents per Gas City Hareld. Dr. LaGrange, dentist, and bride returned Wednesday from Indianapolis.

They will board until they are ready to go to housekeeping. J. R. Hawthorne of near Eureka is visiting his hrother, Mell Hawthorne, and cousin, Fred Remington. GOVERNOR BAILY ISSUED PROCLAMATION TUESDAY.

ELECTION 60 DAYS OFF A Special Election Will be Held Now to Elect New Set of City Officials. Governor Bailey issued Tuesday his proclamation declaring LaHarpe to be a city of the second class. It will now be the duty of the city council to proceed in the following manner: "Whenever the governor shall make proclamation as herein provided for, it shall be the duty of the mayor of the city affected thereby to forthwith call a meeting of the city council, to be held not later than fifteen days from the date of such proclamation. The mayor and city council shall at this meeting divide the city into two. wards, and provide for opening books for registration of voters within ten days thereafter, and call a special election to be held not less than sixty days and not more than ninety days from the date of such meeting of the city council.

At such election shall 1 be chosen all the elective officers required by section thirteen of this act, to be elected at annual city elections, each of whose term shall continue until the time prescribed by section thirteen for the election of his successor unless the office be sooner vacated according to law. Such election shall be held and the returns canvassed in the manner prescribed for cities of the second class. Upon the qualifications of the mayor and councilmen the powers of the preceding mayor and city council shall cease, and such city shall be duly organized as a city of the second class." Died. William E. Mitchell died suddenly at his home in West LaHarpe on the 25 day of November, 1904.

Mr. Mitchell has been a resident of Allen county for over thirty years and had lived most of this time on his farm south west of Moran. He had but recently moved into town to spend his declining years when the unsuspecting messenger called him home. The funeral services were held Sunday and the body was laid to rest in the Moran cemetery. Mr.

Mitchell was at the time of his death over seventy years of age. His wife had been dead for about twelve years. He leaves four daughters and one son, Mrs. Tip Williams, Mrs. J.

H. Kerr, Mrs. John Campbell, Mrs. John Kohler and Matt Mitchell. Basket Ball.

Graen will give half the proceeds of his hot soda fountain to the basket ball team on Tuesday Dec. 6th. If you want to help the basket ball team patronize the fountain on that day. The infant child of Sylvester Coffey, grandchild of Emmery Coffey of this city, was scalded to death by hot lard at their home in Caney, Kansas. The mother was frying out lard and set a cup of it on the table.

The little child pulled the boiling lard over spilling it on its body causing the child's death. Next Tuesday Emporia college foot ball team will play the LaHarpe team at LaHarpe. Emporia has a good team and as this w11 probably be the last game of the season you should not fail to attend. Merten M. Roberts, of Osawatomie, is visiting his parents, Mr.

and Mrs. F. M. Roberts, this week. Smith.

Jackson and wife have moved back to town after a few months sojourn on the farm..

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