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Elsmore Leader from Elsmore, Kansas • 1

Elsmore Leader from Elsmore, Kansas • 1

Elsmore Leaderi
Elsmore, Kansas
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THE ElLSnORE LEADER. (t Kepubltcan journal, Deucteb to tc interests of Ismore anb Cerritorg (Tributary. VOL. I ELSMORE, ALLEN COUNTY, KANSAS, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 15,1907. NO.

2. LEADERS or DOT LINES Word comes from Baldwin, Kansas, that Moody Ralston in a late college examination stood first in almost all of his studies. But we are not surprised as Moody has always made good in HOW I CAME TO EAT HUMBLE Wlthin a fortnight, by previous rangement with me, Mrs. Bliss obtained a place my wife as a seamstress. I not only wished the healer, to influence her, but to make a note of her clandestine meetings with her lover.

-At the end of a week Mrs. Bliss disappeared from my house, and I received the following note from her husband: We regret to Inform you that fci your case we have found our first absoluM defeat It would be Impossible to con TIME OF TRAINS. Elsmore, Rans. The right Trains between St. Louis Chicago' Hannibal Kansas City Junction City in the north San Antonio Dallas Fort Worth Houston Galveston IN TEXAS AND ALL POINTS BEYOND.

Northbound. No. 22.. 1 daily 3:47 a. No 24 2:10 p.

tu- No. 26aKatydid" Flyer 9:01 p. m-No. 528 Local Frt ex Sun 10:55 a. m.

Southbound. No. 21 12:23 p. m. No.

23 3:58 m. No. 527 Local Ft. ex Sun. 1:15 p.

m. Mrs. A. H. McLane, Agent.

Missouri Pacific KaiLsay Time Table. run Scott, Wichita ttnd Western Division. Commencing December 1, 1904, Time Card at Moran will be as fullowg; Arrive Moran, West Bound. No. 39 Wiehita Mail Ex.

8 40 a. m. eo. a i tuowa io p. m.

No. 401 L. 2 20 a. m. Arrive Moran, East Bound.

No. 38 St. Louis Ex. 10 19 a. m.

No. 40 K. C. 7 27 p. m.

402 L. Freight 8 OS p. m. Noa. 409 and 410 carries through sleeper, and reclining cbair cars between 8t.

Louis and Geneseo, making close connections at Geneseo for Colorado and Western Kan. points, and through ty coaches between Geneseo and Kansas City. Nos. 434 and 437 carry through day coaches between Yates Center and Kansas City, Mo. J.

B. HURLOCK, Agent, Moran, Kansas. CHURCH DIRECTORY, U. Church. Preaching service each alternate Sunday at 11 a.

m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday school every Sunday at 10 o'olook. Y.

P. C. U. Society each Sunday evening at 6:45 Prayer meeting eah Thursday evening at 7:30. All made welcome at these services.

Rev. WOOD, Pastor. M. E. CHURCH.

Preaching service Second and Fourth Sunday. Sunday School at 10 a. m. Class meeting each alternate Sunday at 11 a. m.

Junior Endeavor each Sunday at 3 ra. Y. P. S. C.

E. each Sunday at 6:30 p. m. You are earnestly invited to attend any or all of these meeting and enjoy the Word of God with us. Rev.

L. J. Gillham. Pastor. "lodge directory.

Elsmork LoDGfii" No. 410, A. O. 0. meets 2nd and 4th Tuesday evenings in Bettes' Hall." All Workmen in good standing cordially welcome.

EL G. Palmer, M. W. B. F.

Low, Recorder. Elsmore Camp, No. 950, M. W. meets first Saturday in each month in Bra-den's Hall All visiting neighbors welcome.

John Sparks, V. C. J. C. Akd, Clerk.

Knights and Ladies of Security. Elsmore Council meets 2nd and 4th Thursday nights of each month. H. W. Cox, President.

Orpha Watson, Cor. Sec. Fraternal Aid Association. Elsmore Council No. 165 meets on first Monday evening of each month.

D. BOOHER, President. Charles Bauer, Secretary. Degree OF Hnor Haven of Hope Lodge No. 273, "meets 1st and 3rd Wednesday evenings of each month In Bra-den's.

Hall. members in good 'standing made cordially welcome. Mrs. Gits Engelhardt, v. of H.

GUS Engklhardt. Recorder, COUNTY COMMISSIONERS. George Reynolds Elsmore Paul Klein, Chairman lola Thos. Anderson. Gas City The regular meetings of the board of County Commissioners are held on the first Monday in each month.

Allen County Qfficals. Treasurer 7 M. P. Sienly Sheriff. O.

Bollinger County Clerk. Kmmett (Julbertson Register of Thompson Clerk of Court. C. E. Adams Probate Judge J.

B. Smith Count? Attorney C. J. Peterson Surveyor H. L.

Palstring Dr. D. Jleioj County aupt. Mrs. Aiaupe unstop Address of all above, lola, Kansas.

PIE Original.1 While making a journey recently 1 fell in with a married couple who for urbanity, cheerfulness, kindliness, indeed every trait calculated to make their own and other lives pleasant beat anything I had ever met, "1 have been trying," I said to the gentleman, "to fix in my mind your calling may" be. I can't quite make you out. You are neither a lawyer, a doctor nor a clergyman. Nor do you appear to be a man of business." The gentleman pulled a card from his pocket and handed it to me. I read: -3 MR.

AND MRS. WORTHINGTON BLISS. Healers of domestic wounds. I looked from the card to the face of the man with surprise aud inquiry. "It is surprising," he said, "that you should be surprised.

There is no profession in the world calculated to do bo much good as ours. It is the only profession except medicine, of which it is in part a branch, that brings comfort out of suffering. There are matrimonial brokers and divorce lawyers. Why not peacemakers?" "What is your clientele?" "A wife is wretched from some dis agreement with her husband. A husband is wretched from some disagreement with his wife.

A daughter or eon is making his or her parents miserable either from extravagance, bad in fluences or an unsuitable match. We get at the cause, or causes of these disagreements, then set about reniov tng them, in tnia way we restore amicable relations. A better name for our profession perhaps would be 'repairers of fractured When the mechanism In which the gem love becomes weak or broken we make the necessary repairs." "But how do you accomplish re- suits?" I asked, with growing wonder, yet struck by the plausibleness of the man's words. "That will best be explained by giv- ing you a few instances. A wife re- cently came to us whose husband was apparently losing his love for her, his home and his children.

Mrs. Bliss, un. der pretense of being a former school mate of the wife, made the family a visit She soon discovered that the wife was turning, the house into a prayer meeting. It required the greatT est tact for her to convince the deluded woman of her error. A brief season of gayety was prescribed.

It worked to a charm. The husband soon tired of it, and when he did he found his home more to his taste. Mrs. Bliss possessed great skill or she could never have ef fected a cure In this case, for the lady in question was a veritable Puritan. "A father came to me and engaged my professional services ra the case of his son, who was bent on marrying a girl whom the father did not.

wish him to marry. 1 did not believe my client was giving me the real cause of his objection, and I set about discovering it. Diagnosis is as much the principal part of our profession as of medicine. I found that the cause of disease in this case was in my client himself. He had injured the father of the girl, who had been his friend.

After much difficulty I convinced him of his fault and persuaded him to go to his friend and make reparation. After this there was no objection to the wedding, and two lovers were made happy. "And you were well paid?" "Very well," indeed. There are no troubles not even at times sickness and death so dreaded as those we In this case I have just mentioned every member of both families was so delighted that, In addition to our fee of $100, all sent us checks aggregating $2,000." "Do you keep a record of your "Certainly," and it is now a long one. We also classify them.

We have thus far on our list 125 husbands and Wives reunited after separation and seventy-fpur after legal diyorce, and thirty-seven sons and eighteen daughters who had left, home in enmity. restored Besides these, we have great many cases which we put down under the head of scattering. These scattering cases are very numerous." I said, then, after som thought, 1 would; like your serylces in case nt rnv frarn Mi tvlfo hna roATitlir hA- ftmo tnfntnotort with ntti wbtnnAr. Bnapper ten years her Junior! neglect- ing e.and her children. you will restore to -her.

senses Liwlll give you tha feo you have ever bad." EPITAPH OF A MODERN PRINTERS. Here rests the remain of printer Brown, He run a print shop In oar little town. His cat engine balked from daylight 'til dark His light Is now out and hU iparker won't spark. Drag the roads, now, to-day, at once. It is reported that the fruit crop prospects are promising.

The date of the ne-v home talent play will soon be advertised. Clayton Nicholson drug the road just west of town yesterday. Work on the Ralston-Welch brick block is well under way. The Kansas State Constitution will stand pat for two more years. Ex-Governor Durbin, of Indiana, frays Roosevlt must accept another term.

J. M. Hill bought quite a bill of nice furniture of J. A. Linqnist's this week.

All grain shipped to Kansas City must, in future, be weighed by the Kansas Department. The protracted meeting at the M. E. church will continue until Conference or all next week. Mrs.

Stella Burk Savonburg, visited and the twins, of in Elemcre a few days the past week. The pure food law seems to effect everything except calomel and blue and, possibly binding twine. The Kansas legislature will not take up new business after, February 20th, and will adjourn about March 10th. Bishop J. W.

Hamilton, experienced the San Francisco earthquake also the one at Kingston. We hope he won't visit Elsmore. A head line in a daily, "Will Missouri Go Dry?" We didn't read the article but suppose it referred to the Missouri river. Thaw objected to his wife's testimony saying that he would rather be executed than hear her Jay bare the story of her past life as a victim of White. Mr.

and Mrs. C. J. Linqutst and family, Mr. and Mrs.

Roy VY Cox and other relatives spent a very pleasant day at Ed Swanson's last Sunday. The Southwestern Traction Co. filed a mortgage at lola Monday for The documeot contained 45 pages and required a recording fee of $19 50 Crude oil advanced one cent at Kansas, Wednesday. This makes the highest price 40c and lowest price 27c, and all oil is now in demand. J.

Ai Linguist sold carpets and wall paper for two rooms to D. Booher this week. Mr. Booher evidently doesn't take muoh stock in the late spring alk. J.

Griffith, of B. Fisher, of CJoffeyville and C. W. Stith, of La- Harpe, have enlisted In the regular army at the lola recruiting station dur ing the past week. One hundred note heads and one hun dred envelopes with your name and ad dress printed on them for 81.00 at The Leader office Just the thing for rural route patrons.

A meeting of. those in Allen county interested in strijrhtening the Neosho is cabled for next Saturday morning at ten o'clock in the restroom of the court house to make tbe for draining the river. Kevrybody will pav railroad fare in future except the direct employees of the railroads, the editors and printers; the employees will be furnished passes, the editors will walk and the printers "bum It Tbe post office at Erie was entered by the safe blown open and $60 in cash and $25 in stamps taken, i It is reported that the robbers were captured at Thayor. The robbery occured last Saturday night. Moran lost the Katj depot by fire a short time ago and was threatened with the loss of a.

part of the town a few days ago. The last fire did about a thousand dollars worth-of damage be fore it was extinguished A passenger coaoh and two box cars serve as a waiting room, baggage and ticket office and freight depot in place of the recently burned Katy depot at Moran Work on the new' depot will commence soon, or at 1 everything he has undertaken. Hon. C. F.

Scott was calld home to attend the funeral of his mother, Mrs. J. W. Scott, who died in California, last Friday. The remains were brought to lola and the funeral will be held fr.

the Presbyterian church in that city next Sunday. Maude Slater, a Kansas City factory girl, shot and killed Dr. E. H. Merwin, a prominent doctor, and than took her own life with the revolver, Saturday.

Its a long story but in substance short. He ruined her and then cast her aside for another. In the pait two days physicians report that diphtheria among children in lola has grown to an alarming extent It is posoible that the city health board appointed not many months ago! will have to be called to its first active service and take steps to put a stop to this disease amoung the babies. lola Recoord. An attorney for W.

A. Dawson stated to-day that it was now intended to hold the petition for his pardon from Gov-enor Hoch until after Judge Foust passed sentence. It is also probable that they will argue their motion for a new trial before presenting the petition. This is an entire reversal of their former plans, but a wise one in tbe opinion of a majority" of local attorneys. -lola Record.

OUR VALUED CORRESPONDENTS. We have four regular correspondents to the Leader, who are our faithful and long time friends and who range in age from 54 up into the 60's. Mr. A. J.

McClUng, of "Smoky Row;" Mr. John Bailey, Uncle Jack) of Old Elsmore; Mrs. Hattie Gullete, of Golden Valley, (or Prairie Hall) and H. W. Cox, rural carrier on itoute No.

2. The nrft two have never failed us when well and at home for many years and the last two have been faultlessly faithful since they became our benefactors a few years ago. We have several other good corres pondents whom we prize very highly, but they are among the young folks and, perhaps, would not care to hare their names mentioned in this connec tion, being more sensative, naturally, than the older "boys" apd "girls." One pebble does not make a beach; one man a town or one people a world neither can one man make a country newspaper every neighborhood and every individual can improve a paper by banding in the news items concern ing themselves or their neighbors. It is a duty you owe yourself to make the local paper a good and prosperous as possible, as it zoes forth to every towniu the county, many counties of the Btate and nearly every state in the Union, and at its destination becomes an index to the community in which jou reside, And the mbre assistance we are given the more creditable will be the paper and the better impression will it make, on those who receive it, of our country and our town and community is judged by people in other parts of the without by the appearance and contents of the local paper it trends out. Tbe Leader is wide-awake to the interests of this town and community and has put out a good appearing and newsy sheet in keeping wi the, town, but there is lots of room for improvement which can only come through the individual and united efforts of our friends.

We are not iDdependent but dependent and if every one will help jut a little the Leader will perform well its mission. ROLL OF-HONOR. Since, Feb. the following parties have favored us-by renewing or paying us money on subscription: Mr. Wm.

Hiifinbotham. Joon Bailer. John Harper, J. Robb, W. F.

Smith. John Nicholson will have a Feb. 23rd of part of bis stock, etc' bills and full list in this paper. sa) See Notice the Public Sale notices of Ed Johnson and Nels Pearson Molineon id page this week -r 1 We will have some wedding news next week, vince a man, so utterly unworthy of.a noble woman, so Insensible to his own defects, that in him lies the cause, of Ma domestic wound. Your wife has confessed -that her supposed cavalier is really her nephew, whom, you have never till recently seen.

She has been pretending to flirt with him. hoping to pique you and bring you back to your true allegiance. Inclosed you will find your shortcomings IJsted. We- would advise you to read them over, every day for a month. I took Mr.

Bliss advice, and at the end of a week ate humble pie and pad a large fee for the privilege of belqg convinced that it was my duty to do sa But the healers earned their money. F. A. MITCHELL. TRUTH ABOUT CANCER.

This Deadly Disease Is a Puzzle to the Medical World. About cancer we must admit that we know next to nothing. We don't know the cause of the disease. Except In a small proportion of very early cases, we don't know how to cure it. We don't know whether it is hereditary.

We don't know if it is induced by pe culiarities of diet. We don't know to what extent it depends upon climate. We don't know whether it is contagious or infectious. We don't know why it reserves its attacks for oldish people. We don't know why it is Increasing.

All we may do at present ia to keep a sharp lookout for Incipient In brief, we must try to kill the cancer before it really exists. The preliminary spot or pea-like growth must be removed at once. We must keep a weather eye upon inflamed places and have them looked after without delay. No one fears the removal of such tiny growths these days. Not even children are scared by small orrerations.

it is not sufficient that a family phy- sician remove the suspected growth with lancet or caustic. He has done his share if he merely sounds the warning "in time. The cutting out should be done by a thoroughly competent sur- one who has served an appren- ticeship under a master of the art and not one who has merely "dabbled in surgery while attending cases of pne monia, typhoid and measles. A good surgeon of this sort does not teniDorlze with a oanoor Ha knnw that the operation must be performed immediately and that there must be no fatuous endeavor, to conserve healthy tissue. It is far better to remove two Inches of sound flesh than to err on the cautious side and leave behind one microscopic cancer cell.

It is only by such radical merciless surgery that we may combat "cancer. must take it in time, and we must cut deep and wide, And even then we are never sure. Nature indeed is the only doctor whose skill is capable of combating Ehrlich and others have observed that of a given number of mice displaying of cancer" a certain portion recover. The same thing Is true of human beings. Luckily there is no disease, no matr ter how virulent that nature herself cannot cure, and so even in the worst cases of cancer it is well not to abandon hope.

I have myself seen several cases of such spontaneous cures. )ne patient was a wealthy Baltiniorean, whose malady, was diagnosed by an operation as cancer of the stomach. Three prominent American surgeons saw the cancer, which, was Inoperable because of its location. He submitted to a serum treatment, and three years later a second operation revealed the fact that hisi cancer had entirely disappeared, leaving a scar. Here was an undoubted case of cure.

But did the serum do the work? Its advocates maintain that it did, but a great many very learned and scientific physicians hold that it did i One Jt is; obvious, by no means establishes a Specific's efficacy. Dry Ilirshberg of Johns Hopkins In American Magazine, It'll an III ''Well. how do you do? 1 hear, that your missus has Joined the, suffragettes. You have my sincere sympathy." "Don't mention it, old chap. It's the best line she' ever struck I never wits so happy In my life.

You see. she goe for. those parliamentary, chaps so strongly that she. hasu't iny steam to spare for me.

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