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The Moran News from Moran, Kansas • 1

The Moran News from Moran, Kansas • 1

The Moran Newsi
Moran, Kansas
Issue Date:
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ft life VOL. 1. NO. 24. MOHAN, lv.VNSAS., THUKSDAY, The owners of th oil mill at Port The dpxjt at Halsted, with all its contents, has been burieil.

THE NEAVS Gibaon, have been indicted for running thoir mill on Sundav. iiriiitnre 1 iH uler ia --o- New York comes to the front with Q. M. Wixsos, Publisher. a snake story, which is.

pretty good Defaulting Treasurer Polk, of Ten for New York. wax es. m. ever to 51 () RAN, Miol don't you forg- it. 'jX I nee red mtj Uoutln nt bnncnln, nd nut nmt prepared ell oh nessee, has l.ecn convicted of em.

bezzlenient and sentenceil to twentv MORA. KANSAS. A thousand dollar robbery oceured years in the penitentiary and to jiayj a fine to the full amount of stole'nplin FURNITURE, QUEENS WARE, BEDSTEAD, TABLE, funds. tit Cartilage, on the A safe was bursted open und the inonev taken form it. or HUKKAF, in fact ntiytliing in toy line a lieap us any firm In Allet Cutmtv.

Enter at the Tost Oinee iuMoran, Kansas, as sccond-cla. matter. Now is tho time to buy vour FUKNJ TITH K. J. Q.

Porter, who was a bright and A Land of men calling themselves! Second Adventists" are successfully promising lawyer at Humboldt nin years ago, died at Albuquerque, New Srwhifi Miichini', Vlurkt, (irguni, Wall Coil. M. in st, moua Kamka. Look lo your Interest. Hates.

playing an alleged rcligioua tucket in Mexico, recent ly, while on a prolong-ed drunken spree. He was elected Fairfax county, Virginia. Ihm't forgis to cull wirly and select what vi.u want. My defy eompetition aiul ho hi tter gin end he f.ilind ill tlie market. I HAVE A FULL LINE OF PICTURE FRAMES AND 1 ihiill at all tlmin docm It a plewMire to stn.w good wetlier yon purelmsH or not.

I to the Legislature in 1807, in the Humboldt district. One Column, one year, Rn.txl Lawrence has subscribed the requi cm he foiuul my por Steele's HurdwHre nil hour, reiidy to upon eusti-inom, and I hVu eonie to stay, I would feupvi-thllly eolii it it khaie of your Half Column, one year, 40.00 Fourth Column, one 20.00 Eighth Column, one year, 10.00 The St Louis, Fort Scott fc Wichita red sum, the railways have offered road has ordered a survey of a branch road from Kosalie, Butler county, a one cent and a half per mile rate and the Western National Fair Is to IVsler In GENERAL MERCHANDISE, .4 ln (irnf FtirnUhhui (limit. Local notices five cents per line. he held at Utsmark Urovo in DO NOT FORGET THE PLACE, C. O.

MORAN, KANSAS. ItBfOld and broken fiirnltunj retoiieVied Htul iniiulcd on fliort notice, at Ft. scott prices. 1 lutve a completu of i i The A nun Vt. til Pitt nt (tltn Si rn.

the south line of the SUate near Arkansas city. The tnanoeuvers of the great railway corporations of KanA have already begun and a new rali-way map of Kansas will ho in order provided (always provided) an agreement or compromise is not soon reach Knncy Groceries. my g.wits all new, hnvlng been Bekn tad TIME TA.13LE. St. L.

Ft. S. AV. Kail Road. WKST BOCXD.

Freight nd Accommodation A.M. nnvi uuiviyu nil fciic lVnii i telcgarphed to the foreign press that with grma earn. I n-spwtfully invite the pub-to call and examine rny Ginate before liuving ed. Our State being in the line of '(till linu LUC 1UI iri-ll IKJII American pork is CASH the march of Empire will take all the railroads it can get, provided we are Mail Express 11:44 P.M. niotuown iieraid.

oieowiier my motto QUICK SALE 8c SMALL 4 7 3 sr not required to Vote too much id Iola KAST B0USJJ. Mail A Express 5:47 P. Mt 0 There are a few small localities in Freight and Accommodtion 3:19 1 if. Kansas where there has been no rain 5 for weeks, although close by, there T. F.

Cvkkk, Agent. a 9 a (iiT me a trial. I guarviitue At 1 a wnon old itund. has been sufficient, As a couseuuen Envoys. ce wheat has been thrashed in perfect A.

O. ri tl.l.MAXN. ft order, but corn is suffering. Ve wiih to call tli sttention of th cltizenB 5IORAN and surrounding country, to ths large mid well atiortsu stock ot 7 r-F ,3 I i The United has made i M. A.

Dauphin, of the Louisiana treaty with Madagascar, the island in the Indian Ocean upon which Franc. I- Lottery Company, hits brought suit i it Washington against V. (. flrcsh- has set covetolts eves. The Kml.ns.iv J.

IX MtKlKK. lVoprietor LIVERY. FEED SALE STABLE. Month kK. Undertaker and Practical Emlmlmer.

Upon day and Uronson, Kansas, I sent ny ijttcen Kanovalatio lms passed im, Postmnster General, for damages sustained by his recent order "Wehsvooa hand a full lin of drj and clothing, in tlielatsst STYLES AND BEST through this country, and is now on its wav buck to their native iI, forbidding the use of tho mails by that comppny. J. K. M. There was tiothimr distlnffiilKhud in Does a gnnernl livery huslnqw, shd rnrries I'liysicnn and Surgeon.

Special attention om iplottdid tumotiu, Spedl sUwition the appearance of tho members of paid to Surgery and Kye Deceases. moras xa. ptid In Im abts of rotnmerdN men. which It was Composed, for they were A wild man, naked and with long ordinary colored people, with bus-iness suits and stove-nitte bats. Th matted locks, is having the run of NORTH 81T)K.

range near Berne, lexus. He Is rep picturesque pagan disappeared in WIM.tA.n 11 WYCKOFF, Auctioneer, Monm, Allen County, Kits. Satisfaction gllarcliteed, or no pay. LOOK HERE! resented tin being over tho medium in height, sleight in frame, limp in W1U.UM F. VAXMVKER.

Prop, Honrders by th I)hv or Week, Rutes, adagnsenr when Its jieople embraced Christianity. The envoys, however, were distinguished In one particular; their names are regular iav-crck- left leg, and swift in speed. Hopes are entertained that he will he caught (dlr stock is nti'rely nw, and we wi'4i tu l'm press upon tho minds of the people tlmt wt will not be CLOTHING, DRY-GOODS, or nny othiT line we earn', W. D. Matlews.

by a party organized for that purpose ers," mid Hyron's lines, "Phe- T. II. I.AWI.KNH, l'lain and Orniinental Plasterer. wsirelitcd not to crack. Mornn, Katisiv bus, what a name, to sound the swelling trump of fame!" One is called lianianii'aku, and tho other, liav-ouinahiti i niai i Vol Donlo rest's Maga It you wiuit a god knitn, An extra violin rtrtn, 9o 1.

rnsor, A net ot cuff button, A fatten harp, A lead pencil, lVrftimery, Pocket books, Watch koy, Gr afiytliltig In the 8TATTONEKY The oil excitement at Rich Hill still continues. Old rciinsvlvania oil men are on the ground taking option "it'YouWant Lunch, or grtod Wiirm hit'Hl, nt any hour In thd duy, Stop nt jBestaro-xscnt opporu O. W. H. DsnleU, Prop.

Ir n. ood l'liysician and Occultist. Moruti, Kansas. zine. and leasing laud, paying as high as $10 per acre for options and $75 per Special attention paid to general practice, and Disease of tho Eyes.

acre in tracts of S'20 acres. A large Are fou pin Line, tll oh lilt M. Week V. number of wells are now contracted IJichsrd Febing, C'linrle Deniieler, to be put down, Colony Free Press K. of P.

I should be pleased to furnish Cou llo ii also agent fuf nil the leading and magaaines. diVi him a oau. FELSING DENNELER, Summit Lodge No. 83 hold regular Friday evenings of each week, at thoir Proprietors ot The Alabama man who has ntndled New CASH Storel Hall, Visiting brothers from other Lodge to the Kentucky state fair for Dennis J. E.

HOBBY; pon Tickets to those going Kast, West, North, or South. I can procure through ticket for Vou, oVer first clars Routes, tit its low a rate its they (tan ho had elsewhere. For further information, cull at the T. F. linker.

invited tu attend all iueetintjs. C. C. W. Steele K.

of sion to exhibit there his little girl, 3 years old, certainly promises to nut on exhibition a stranee freak of mi liRAl.EK City Meat MarkeL All kinds of Fresh Ieat Constantly on hand. Sati-faction Uuurenteed. tare. Tho lassie has three separate and distinct tongues, the two stiialjer 31 tTIIEU HILL, would respectfully utinoimee to the poopla rfcvdTrs COX, hemg beneath the main one and nt ached to It near the root. of Moruh Hiirl cinity, -tliat they hve one of will do all kinds of general Work, the best stocks uf Hig'-Ciisli ptild for ITides.fat MOKAS KAK8AB), 1LS0 KEEP BOARDERS.

Congressmrin Blackburn, of Ken. tuckv. makes an ttutluit-ititt I mum Residence on corner smith of Math nient, the course he Intends to mir. ews Bros, sue in the tiPxt Hottse through the Cincinnati Enquirer, He will Insist upon rerunning the tariff first by putting oiiedmlf the articles now FLOUR, MEAL, Tobacob Cigars. joet to duty on the free list and rcdue ing the duties Upon others to a reve nue basis.

In the second place he will insist upon free shins and a Highest market price sion of the navigation laws, Jfe.xt he TOBACCO, IN TOWN. Everything sold at the low'est living prices, DeHart's former stand, oppODito Depot, is going to get back all the lands not earned by the fit! Iron corporations paid for filacisni's, to it litis Well grunted, His Advertise, lilieraly and well, And your good alp bound to Bell. Try it a "spell," fourth otideVof tvill he to abolish tho internal rcvcmie hureiln entirely, ami compel the eJtol liolise nfiirefs to perfortil If a duties. To reduce the AND WOOD WORKERS. CALL AND SEE ME, Morau, KllllSHS number of public" officers and the ex Vie have ample facilities for doing all penditure of public, nioiiey to the lowest practicable point will be his fifth object.

In tlio sixth and seventh kinds of XDoalers in. place he Will Insist ttpoll ah appro priutio-n of fSo.OCM.UOli for Ctlticntioii JilMhllli nl purpose, and the "full" appropriations fof tho Mississippi river, With ti Corsn.i2CLexcial HOUSE. OMoille Iletiot, SIOKAX ttAV. Day iuid week biinrders lit l'sanonable ratsa. K.

"Oohfipt. IJroprietor. these fevcil labors upon his shoulders IMPLI.M INTS. fci it is not surprising that Mr. buffi docs not talk hopefdllv about i News Ice is i-iiHiii-ea ui fjerung eiectetl to the RATES REASONABLE.

speakership. 7i, Stm,.

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