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The Kansas City Kansas Republic from Kansas City, Kansas • 3

The Kansas City Kansas Republic from Kansas City, Kansas • 3

Kansas City, Kansas
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DOES YOUR BACK ACHE? An Early Frohman. I Wte. Til 1 Mannaa. ITnw1. I 1 It 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 tfc Catarrh One of the most common of blood dla OFFICIAL INVITATION TO AMERICANS your latest miracle play? Backache Is usuaWy kidney ache.

Second Ditto Fine. Thought It I KANSAS HAPPENINGS i There is only one way to remove the pain. You must reach the cause the kidneys. No better kidney remedy would be a failure, though, till we hit on something that's got the women coming in droves. eases, is much aggrated by the saddest changes of weather at thia time of year.

Begin treatment at once with Hood's Sar-saparilla, which effects radical and per His Squaw's Necklet exists than Doan's JJJTL Kidney Pills. Mrs. i3 F. M. M.

How so? Second Ditto We lost the baby that Soldiers Will Hunt Fox. to maintain a pack of manent cures. Thia great medicine has received HOW ROBERT ROGERS, MINISTER OF THE INTERIOR, IN WINNIPEG ADDRESS, ISSUES WELCOME OF AMERICANS TO WEST-ERN CANADA. By IZOLA FORRESTER we used in the Solomon-and-the-Two-Mothers' baby scene, and have been using a lap-dog ever since." Puck, 40,366 Testimonials in two years, which prove its wonderful (Copyright, igu, by Associated Literary Press.) fox and wolf hounds at the government's expense has been refused the mounted service school at Fort Riley. It was the intention to make riding after the hounds a part of the regular course at the school.

Joseph Thomas, a millionaire Connecticut sportsman, sent his pack to Fort tfuuu A. tiiua, E. Terry St, Bucy-rus, says: "I was so terribly afflicted with kidney I could not leave my bed. I was attended by several dpc-tors but they all Doan's Kidney Pills Unfair Play. "Foul tactics," declared the quarter efficacy in purifying and enriching the blood.

Best for all blood diseases. In usual liquid form or chocolated tablets known as SarsatabS. 100 doses $1. back. "What's the trouble now?" demand ed the referee.

SHEET, MUSIC Riley and hounds belonging to the Vivien reined in her pony at sight of the major. He was visibly disturbed. She could see that from his troubled, uneasy gaze as he watched the stumbling, ungainly figure of old Broken Bow pass down the road that led from the post to the reservation. "Now what?" called Vivien, anxiously. "Aren't you going to ride this During the course of a reply to an address presented to Hon.

Robert Rogers, the newly appointed Minister of the Interior of Canada at a banquet given at Winnipeg in his honor that gentleman spoke on Immigration. The tone of his remarks was that he intended to pursue an aggressive and for-ward policy in the matter of immigration. In part, he said: "The most important branch, per "I tried a kick for the stomach, but failed to help me. yrtVOVMaTS MC the latest kitTTOne'of' this fellow blocked it with his face." Kansas City Hunt club were purchased. A kennel was erected on res test raga ever written.

Don be without gave me relief after I had given up all hope and soon cured me. I have had no kidney trouble in three years." piece. Save 16c by sending us (the publishers) lOcl Three Mile creek and a number of Yon will receive at once this splendid piece, whid CHRISTMAS POST CARDS FREf includes the World's Famous Baseball Fan PicC Send 2o stamp for fire samples of mr very choic "When Tour Back Is Lame, Remem est Gold Embossed Christmas and New Tear glorious morning with me?" ber the Name DOAN'S." stores. 10c pays all. Address, THE I.

0-SHARP MUSIC CO, 823 15th St OOritt. C0L0MDO. Post Qw' beautiful colors and designs. Art Fast Card Club. ZU Jackson Topeka, Kansas Foster-Milburn Co, Buffalo, N.

Y. He came up to the pony, and red foxes have been obtained and put in training for the, hunts. The hounds will be transferred to a hunt club composed of Fort Riley officers and will be maintained privately. Hunts will start soon. stroked its velvet nose gently.

FOR WALLS What has become of the old-fashion TIME TO MOVE. I cannot, dear, this morning reached down into Its hollow. There were dry leaves, and beneath email rocks, freshly placed there, but under both her hand came in contact with something foreign, something sharp and queer to the touch. She lifted It out. held It up to the light and gave a quick gasp of amazement.

Then, returning, she turned about and mads for the post. It was mid-afternoon before she reached the post, too late to stop the detachment that had already started for the reservation to head off the war Signal fires must not be lighted that night on distant hills or by morning there would be open war and bloodshed. When Vivien arrived she threw her bridle to the first soldier she met, and limped toward the colonel's quarters, lame and almost dazed after her race; but clasped in her hand was the necklet. "Can you ride with me to the reservation?" asked the old fellow, watching the flushed girl face narrowly. "I shall need you." TO1 AND CEILINGS There's trouble over at the camp.

ed politician who used to imagine he was destiny's only son? Toledo Blade. Broken Bow tells me that their medi BOB LIKE MINT; LOOKS LIKE WALL MKtj Mil CM WaSH If A beautiful illustrated book of 24 colors and Photographs fori cents. Send yournameand addressU) tb KEXSTOKG AitKLSU Brooklyn, N.X. cine man has lost his squaw's Boys Were Playing "Indian." With their imaginations stirred by the scenes they had witnessed at a Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure constipation.

Constipation is the cause of many diseases. Cure the cause and you FOR ALL eve DISEASES cure the disease. xjlsj to take. moving picture show at Winfield the playmates of Ralph Erwin and Ralph Riner, boys aged about 8 years, tied them up to trees after dark, piled riRllfi CTflREC (snaps) for sale and trade la "Lost what?" laughed Vivien. "How Interesting!" "It may become more so.

They are very superstitious, and most abominably obstinate over these things. It is a necklet of elk teeth and eagle claws, a sacred affair that has been handed down from chief to chief for generations, and is supposed to convey miraculous powers to its pos The man who succeeds must work bard, but not so hard as the one who fails. leaves up around them, covered the leaves with grass and sticks, and then set the piles on fire. In a very W. N.

Kansas City, No. 48-1911. few minutes the fires blazed up to W. L. DOUGLAS such an extent that they became dan gerously hot for the pinioned boys I could ride anywhere now." she said.

haps of that department (Interior) Is that of immigration. "If there is anything more than another we want here it is a greater population, and it shall be my duty to present to the people in all parts of the world where desirable emigrants are to be found the advantages and the great possibilities of this country. We have received in the past a reasonably large immigration from south of the international boundary, and in thia connection let me say just a word for our American cousins who have found happy homes amongst us, and those whom we hope to welcome in greater numbers in the years to come. There are hundreds of thousands of them in our prairie provinces, happy in the enjoyment of a freedom as great as they ever knew, and all contributing In a material way towards the development of Canada. We are not blind to their value as settlers.

They come better equipped with scientific farming knowledge than most of our emigrants, and constitute without doubt the wealthiest class of emigrants any new country has ever known. As head of the immigration department it will be my privilege to offer them a welcome hearty and sincere, and to so contribute to their welfare that under the protecting folds of the Union Jack they will enjoy as great a degree of liberty and happiness as under the Stars and Stripes. The Borden gov 2.50, 3.00, SHOES All Styles. AU Leathers, All Sizes and Widths, for Men and Women THE STANDARD OF QUALITY Fifteen minutes later, on a fresh Vneir screams brought assistance from older people who cut them loose before they had sustained any serious ff lift horse, she rode with the colonel and escort straight out toward the reser injury, though they had a very nar vation. row escape from being burned' to death.

The boys explained that they Whoever carries that necklet bears power to sway the whole tribe," the Mr, were playing "Indian." Mr. Eel What Is your hurry. Rock? colonel told her. "That brave you saw at the spring must have been Mr. Rock I just heard some one Scared a Horse to Death.

up above say "Get the hook." FOR OVER 30 YEARS The workmanship which has made W. L. Douglas shoes famous the world over is maintained in every pair. If 1 could take you into my large factories at Brockton, and show you how carefully W.LDouglas shoes are made, you would then realize why I warrant them to hold their shape, fit and look better and wear longer than other makes for the price. CAUTION Ths W.

Douglas vnununnmB mnd price stamped on bottom Shoes Sent Everywhere All Chargei Prepaid. Flying Fox himself, but who was the woman? The wife of the medicine man is over thirty-five, and is fat and A horse belonging to a farmer named J. C. Swayze was literally scared to death on Main street at sessor. The last chief had no son.

therefore his daughter kept it, and mafried the medicine man." "And he "Thereby acquired part of the gift. Broken Bow has been trying to explain it to me. The whole tribe is up in arms over It It is believed that the woman's cousin, a young brave named Flying Fox. has stolen it. and will rally the tribe against the peaceful rule of old Broken Bow." "Aren't they just like children?" "Hardly.

More like frightened animals that rush panlcstricken into unknown danger. This foolish necklet affair may bring on a tribal war, and already the colonel has ordered me out to settle it, with force if need be." "And you cannot ride?" "No. Best not venture far yourself." Vivien laughed back at him over her shoulder as she let the pony go. Danger? There was no danger, she was sure. Straight away from the post she rode, choosing the river road as hr favorite.

The post lay In the valley, and she loved the trails that led over Smith Center by an auto. The animal, one of a span hitched to a buggy, was being driven along the street when the auto started, and after a few frantic plunges the horse collapsed and fell to the grounu. It was dead before the harness could be a now to wraer ly Mall. ir w. L.

Donff-I las shoes are not solaln your town.send direct to I factory. Take measurements of foot as shown in raoae, siaie bivia aenirea size ann wiatn F-1 1 usually worn; plain or cap toe; heavy, medium 5 A00 ernment cherishes nothing but the kindliest feelings for the people of the great republic to the south, and will rs7- vaaT7e Wn are WVTVU, AVV Dalit tltVot a ten lUrated, Free. 03.00 SHOES will plMv'outwew 9 WAi TWO PAIRS of ordinary boys' shoes 145 Spark Broektoa, XiM. Fast color Eyelets (Jut Exclusively. co au in us power to increase ina bonds of kinship and neighborly good feeling that has so long existed, (Hear, hear.) "While we adopt a vigorous emi BABY'S ECZEMA AND BOILS "My son was about three weeks old when I noticed a breaking-out on his cheeks, from which a watery substance oozed.

A short time after, his arms, shoulders and breast broke out also, and In a few days became a solid scab. I became alarmed, and called our family physician who at once pronounced the disease eczema. The little fellow was under treatment for about three months. By the end of that time, he seemed no better. I became discouraged.

I dropped the doctor's treatment, and commenced the use of Cuticura Soap and Ointment, and in a few days noticed a marked change. The eruption on his cheeks was almost healed, and his shoulders, arms and breast were decidedly better. When he was about seven months old, all trace of the eczema was gone. "During his teething period, his head and face were broken out in boils which I cured with Cuticura Soap and Ointment. Surely he must have been a great sufferer.

During the time of teething and from the time I dropped the doctor's treatment, I College Journalists Met. The Kansas college journalists' association just closed a two days' session in Ottawa at which C. M. Harger of Abilene, who spoke on "Journalism and the College Student," was the principal speaker. There were about 30 members of the staff of 11 college papers present.

Miss Elsie Perrill of Salina is gration policy In that country, we will also adopt the same vigorous policy in other parts of the world. We will go the far-lying buttes up to the purple reaches of the foothills. Mile after already old." "Oh, this girl was young, and almost handsome, colonel," protested Vivien. "And she wore two eagle feathers behind her ear." "We will find her. Whoever she is, she is the thief." It was almost sundown when they came in sight of the tepees of the reservation.

On a small hillock an arrow's flight from the entrance to the stockade were the major and his men, waiting the going down of the sun as the signal to open fire. Up and down, before the tepees raced the young braves on their war ponies, nearly nude, and brightly painted, yelling wildly. The dull thud of the tomtoms came faintly over the plain. Not until they reached the main tepee, where Broken Bow himself held court, did the colonel dismount and help Vivian from her horse. The major had galloped to met them, his face stern and haggard as he realized their peril.

"The truce ends at sundown, colonel," he shouted. "It is not sundown yet, my boy," said the old man, and he led the way Into the tent where Broken Bow waited, with the medicine man and his wife and the old men of the tribe. The chief returned the colonel's salutation gravely. "It is too late," he said; "I have no power to quell them. Flying Fox has been acclaimed their chief, and rides to light the signal fires to call the other tribes.

I have no power now." A long high wail came from the medicine man, and his wife looked at Vivien, as one women stares at another she has never seen. Suddenly she gave a shriek and sprang at the girl, tearing at the necklet that rested to England, Ireland and Scotland, and every other country irrespective of race, creed or nationality, where we can find suitable and desirable emigrants for this great country. I think much good work can be done in those countries, especially perhaps at the present time in England, Ireland and Scotland. Now, then, it will be my duty to stir up that policy in the most vigorous manner possible." Felt Safe. "I always enjoy going to the first performance of a new play." "Why the first?" "Because I'm always sure then that the man who sits behind me hasn't eeen it before." Phrenology In Klmmel Case.

Dr. J. W. Shults of Wichita, a student of physiognomy and phrenology for 40 years, who knew George A. Kitnmel, the missing Arkansas City bank cashier, got into the Kimmel-White discussion after some close consideration of the pictures of the claimant and says that there is no similarity between the men.

Another r- Big Land Opening used the Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment, nothing else, and when two years old he was the picture of health. His complexion was soft and ful, and his head a mass of silky curls. I had been afraid that he would never be well, and I feel that I owe a great deal to the Cuticura Remedies." (Signed)-Mrs. Mary W. Ramsey, 224 E.

Jackson Colorado Springs, Sept. 24, 1910. Although Cuticura Must Dine "Dry." The lawyers of Crawford county will have their annual dinner in JStarting Monday, November 20, 191 1, 250,000 acres will be opened to settlement, near Cut Bank, Montana, on the Great Northern Railway. LThis land, reserved for irrigation, has been opened because "dry farming" methods have made irrigation unnecessary. 45 to 50 bushels of winter Pittsburg and have it "dry," or take a long chance with the office of the assistant attorney general.

The Craw-ford County Bar association had con wheat, 25 bushels of spring wheat, 60 bushels ot oats, 20 bushels ot rye and Till Then. "Will you be mine?" "Yes, till we are married." "Till we are married?" "Yes; then you'll be 15 bushels ot flax are the average yieias per acre. 250,000 Free Acres Near Cut Bank, Montana Soap and Ointment are sold by drug sidered dining at Joplin, where there was no prohibitory law to interfere gists and dealers everywhere, a sam acres are to be opened. Alropst every actf. 1a first class farming with the menu.

ple of each, with 32-page book, will be land. Any American citizen wno aoer noi own mtr.c tna iao awes 1 1 1 I Mf tm. lanotir wno nas not aircauy ubcu iur nguu van 4i. Your liver Is Clogged Up mailed free on application to "Cuticura," Dept. 6 Boston.

120 acre farm, at Cut Bank, under uncie aam a nomeateaa taws, me only cost is the filing fees, which amount to about No lottery no waitins tirst tne una ui can, men me. iou Plan a Road to Panama. A meeting to plan the ocean to ocean or Panama road was held in the Quenemo opera house. Delega can have a MonMna and home you want it. rill out about her throat.

Vivien threw off the clinging hands, and held the That's Why You're Tired Out of Sorts attached coupon and mail to Have No Appetite, "9 CARTER'S LITTLE Her Companion Waited. E. CLEEDY Cen'l Immig. Agent ST. PAUL LIVER PILLS in Love Note.

People may sneer ail they please at what is called puppy love; but anybody who has ever had a puppy, and noted the wag of its tail and the look in its eye as it wriggles forth its protestations of undying affection, can hardly deny its actual sincerity. Judge's Library. will put you right tions from towns along the route were Resolutions were adopted designating the official route through Osage City, Lyndon, Quenemo, Pomona and Ottawa to Kansas City. in a few days, 7 'V'Sm TILE MINN. my, They do af- I I mile the pony cantered, until the white and yellow houses of the post looked like mere tiny boxes set up on the plain.

There was water at a certain turn. Vivien remembered, and she wanted a drink herself. As their duty. II PILLS. CureCon stination.

No. 1 A Woman to Run New Hotel. The Clayton hotel, which has just Biliousness, Indigestion and Sick Headache SMALL PILL, SMALL DOSE, SMALL PRICE. necklet high above her head out of reach to the hands of Broken Bow. "The white squaw holds the balance of power in her hands," said the old chief.

"Send messengers to say we have the necklet, and the gift returns to our side, not Flying Fox's." Suddenly Vivien heard a low gasp beUnd her, and turned to find the girl who had hidden the necklet at the spring. She caught her wrist, and held fast, as she called to the major what she knew of her. "It is Evening Star," said Broken Bow, sternly, "my own daughter. She had stolen the necklet for him, to give him victory. What shall her punishment be at the hands of the great white father?" He looked at the old colonel, and the colonel been completed in Salina was leased she reached the pool she slipped from the saddle, giving the pony its chance to drink first.

The nojse of other Genuine must bear Signature Important to Mothers Examine carefully every bottle of CASTORIA, a safe and sure remedy for infants and children, and see that it Signature of In Use For Over 30 Years. Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria Milady Who Is Particular Insists hoofs beating up the opposite path startled her, and instinctively she drew her own pony back from the water into the shelter of the trees. to Miss E. G. Jordan, of Claremore, and it is expected the building will be opened about the first of the new year.

The building was erected by J. C. Stevens, and is a 56 room hotel, modern in every detail. Miss Gordon has been operating the Mason hotel at Claremore for the past year or two. on Having Nothing But They were both Indians.

She knew that as soon as she saw their rough. ungraceful ponies. One was a wo man, and she was She slipped looked at Vivien, standing beside the major. And Vivien, reading the look in the Indian girl's eyes, gave sentence. "Let her be banished with Flying Fox to the North country." "Thou hast said," replied Broken Itow.

but the girl smiled back at Vivien as they led her forth to her exile, and understood. A Pop-Pop Into a Motor Car. Two little girls, 6 and 8 years old, and their brother 18 years old, all riding a motor cycle at 25 miles an hour, crashed into a motor car near the Topeka state hospital. The two girls were thrown 30 feet over the motor car, but were uninjured. Defiance Starch for dresses, skirts, petticoats, etc.

Defiance produces a finish and freshness impossible with any other starch. The Best Hot or Cold Water Starch Ever Made. One Trial Will Soon Convince You. from her saddle before her pony came to a full stop, let It go free and scrambled up the bank above the drinking pool, while her companion waited. Vivien watched, holding her breath, one hand over the pony's nose.

The squaw bent over the stump of a lightning-blasted pine tree, remained for perhaps a minute and returned, mounting in silence, and both departed as they had come. "Well, upon my word!" said Vivien with the calm assurance of a Vermont girl, born and bred. "I think you are up to some mischief, my Minnehaha. Stand steady a minute. Belle." She went up to the pine stump and Age of an Egg.

In a glass of water the fresh egg will assume a horizontal position. The egg of three to five days makes with the horizon an angle of 30 degrees. The angle increases to 45 degrees for an egg eight days old, to 75 for one of three weeks, and at 30 days the egg rests on its point. DISTEMPER In all its forms among all sees of horses, as well as dogs, cured and others in same stable prevented from having the disease with SPOHN'S DISTEMPER CURE. Every bottle guaranteed.

Over 500,000 bottles, sold last year $.30 and $1.00. Any good druggist, or send to manufacturers. Agents Wanted. Spohn Medical Spec. Contagious Diseases, Goshen, Ind.

A Warm One. Bacon An honest man has no show In this world. Egbert I notice you've been pretty successful. Motorcyclists to be Quiet. A movement has been started by the Salina Motorcycle club, which is affiliated with the American Federa-.

METALLIC HEELS AND COUNTERS Cruel. "Well, I've got my winter's supply of coal in anyhow." "Is it paid for?" "Say, why do you always insist on bringing up something disagreeable when a fellow is trying to be lion of Motorcyclists to put a stop to the pop-pop nuisance on the streets and country roads in the state of Kansas. Listen, You Miners, Quarrymen, Farmers, Big 16-6unce package for 10 cents; only 12 ounces for same price of any other kind. Not Best Because it Is Cheapest, But Cheapest Because it Is Best. And You Who Do Heavy Work A Pelf of Steel Heels Donhtes the ife of Your Shoes Students Greet Mason.

C. Keifer, who was the valedio FLED FROM CONGO CANNIBALS torian in tie first commencement exercises ever held at Baker university, and J. M. Cavaness, one of the three members of the first class that ever 5tra. Wmalow'a Boothins; Byrnp for Children teething, softens the gums, reduces Inflammation, allays pain, euros wind colic, 26c a.

bottle. it- bf protecting heels and counters where wear Is the hardest. They're lighter than leather, and outwear the shoes. Your shoe dealer sells work shoes with these heels attached or a cobbler can quickly attach them. If your dealer isn't supplied, write us.

Your inquiry brings booklet. UNITED SHOE MACHINERY CO. BOSTON. MASS. Jlw Manufactured by Defiance Starch Co.

graduated from the university, at OMAHA, NEBRASKA His Bearing. "Is he a man of military bearing?" "Well, he likes to tended the reception given Dr. W. N. Mason, the new president, in the ra Methodist church at Chanute.

by a hundred dusky Dongalese, big savages, who consider human flesh a food The servants fled and were captured. Mr. Van Baelen stood his ground, and as the savages approached him be drew his revolver and dropped a couple of them. The others were held at bay. Strategy becoming his only hope new, he said, he raised his hands, and tows.

Superintendent of Rubber Plantation Saw a Cauldron He Feared Might Be for Him. it Is not every day that a man arrives in this town who has looked into i boiling cauldron which cannibals Held In preparation for him. But such I man came here the "other day from antwerponthe Red Star liner Vader-land. He was Emlle Van Baelen. a We show how much of the bible we believe by the way we trust God.

Train Kills Aged Man. Santa Fe train No. 3 struck and killed A. 70 years old, one SINGLE mile west of Strong City. BINDER Held Witness Also.

addressing them In their own tongue declared that be was a white god. The blacks took him at his word and Ben Houston, 19 years old, charged with having held up and killed Bert S. Reed at Wichita last February instantly salaamed. SIRJUGHiatCIGJIB Pay 10c, for Cl(ar Jiot Good. was bound over for trial in the dts He did many thlngmysterious to the tribe, sucn as lighting a match trict court.

Guy Curtis, the prosecuting witness, wag also ordered held. and rolling a great stone by a lever, and suddenly he foupd himself their 5m Virr.LEWisPori.iii Aid for Kansas Suffragist. aaoreu guest rig was invited to I Belgian, who was In charge of a rub-I ber plantation in the Congo and had the small task of bossing ten thousand black men. I Mr. Van Baelen knew all about the 'rubber business, but he wanted to learn something of the mineral treasures ot the interior of the Dark Continent, so he ventured one day with three servants on an expedition that led two hundred miles from his camp.

He found gold and other rich depos-I Its In the Interior, but as he was about to return to camp be was surrounded sleep In the hut of the kins of the A Kansas Woman from New York is going to spend the next two months helping the suffrage cause in Kansas. Miss Helen Owens of Ithaca, N. X- ha arrived In Topeka for the tribe, and a feast was prepared for htm. Fearing that he might have to sample a part of one of his missing Best for (s "TREAT YOURSELF to tho servants, be escaped In the night and got back to bis camp. He Is on his 'COUGHS 8 COLD! campaign.

way to Mexico to raise cofleo..

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