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Sterling Gazette from Sterling, Kansas • 3

Sterling Gazette from Sterling, Kansas • 3

Sterling Gazettei
Sterling, Kansas
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iorcunate ior tne makers 01 exagge- t.5 LOCAL NEWS THE RICE COUNTY GA2ETTET the polls were closely watched by both Bides. Every doubtful vote was rated representations, but it does not seem likely to sro out of existence. Goss, Powell Armentrout, Land agents, Sterling, Rice county, Kansas will make it to the interest of those having lands to sell to call on them. Office at the Green Mountain House. cnauenged.

There were two tickets in the field One consisted of the old Board, and WILL R. LEE, Clerk or the District Court, Real Estate Insurance Agt. Deeds, Mortgages, Ae drawn and acknowledged. Uomestead, Timber Culture, and Preemption papers drawn for settlers. Hpecial attention given to taking final proof.

He else represents one of the best Loan Companies in the country. Office in Court ilnvi, DR. VV. r.l. LAMB, PHYSICIAN SURGEON, Will attend all col la promptly, Uy or nigbt.

Residence, 42, 7th Street, third house outh of Friend' meeting house Offict rirrt Star JTarta Fltuuatn' Brag Star. Rev. J. M. Armour will preach, at Pleasant on next Sabbath at 11 A.M.

Thursday, April 4, 1878 VOL. 3, NO. 12. "WHOLE NO. 116.

OFFICIA.I. FAT Fit OF THE CITT. was known as the People's ticket. The other consisted entirely of new men, ana was known as the Temperance The following are the A picture representing Sterling as it is would bo a valuable thing. In making up our account of the temperance entertainment last week we unintentionally omitted to state that Miss Etta Rugg, as Mrs.

Benton, performed the matronly part with the dignity which became the cap she wore, and although the freshness, of her features and the names on each ticket. The figures "ECOHNOK axv AVAVaVOff aoo aiix iv 'SNOlJLONt L. Harriman, 'M. D. PHYSICIAN SURGEON.

Henry Sherman's-Cash- 1 Price List.1 CORRKCTED WEEKLY. 1 5 Tine Coffee lor 1.00 BestEio." 1.00 3 Eoasteck. 1.00 3 Ground 1,00 8 Extra Sugar 1.00 9 Standard Suffar 1.00 10 New Orleans sugar 1.00 Good Imperial Tea per lb 50 Best 00 Yottng Ilvson 90 "Gunpowder 1.20 Sugar'Honse Syrnr per gal 75 Fine Imperial 1.00 Brooms, each 20 Catlings Shorts Tobacco per ft 45 Good Che win? Loril lard's Bright Navy 05 2 lb Strawberries per can 20 Blackberries 20 Corn 20 ft Peaches 20 lb Tomatoes 25 Congressman Ryan has our thanks for public documents. Read the new advertisement of the uew city drug store. "Wrong side up and ho mistake, that advertisement of Hadlock Brown's.

If you don't think ihat McDonough IIEXRY WEAVER. PLASTERER. AND MASON. All work dono in tho best manner and at tho lowest living rates. indicate tne votes cast for each candi date PEOPLE'S TICKET.

FOll MAYOR TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. POSTAGE FEES. Bincle Numbers 0 One Copy Three Months One Copv Six Months 1.00 One Copy One Year 1M Six Copies One Year Hi.00 Ten Copies One Year Twenty Copies One Year 30.00 A Club may be made up of subscribers from Several post offices, but mu3t be all ordered at one time. Resiilcnc Office at Dm Store, east of the Consrrojnitional Church. Ansel R.

Clark. 100 girlishness of her voice assigned her to years far below those assumed by her in the play, yet she appreciated the sentiments she uttered and entered spirit of them with the whole-souled enthusiasm of her Give ut a call. knows how to paint a sign, look at the new wiiidow curtains in the Gazette oflice. FOB COUXC1LMEN W. H.

92 A. T. S. F. TIME TABLE.

KANSAS STERLING. Samuel Jacobs. THE Walter A. Wood Self-Binding HARVESTER 94 97 J. M.

English P. O. Ford FARMER'S BANK Going West 12:33 A. M. 11:2" p.

M. 7:10 p. m. Qoing Kast, 4:4 A. M.

4:45 A M. 3:16 P. M. 74 John Rogers has bought Dr. Hodges' farm, also Mr.

Hawks' property on Seventh street. Passenger Train SA ecorn modat ion 81 Peaches 25 Henry Sherman FOR POLICE JUDGE OF BUSINESS LOCALS. In conversation on last Monday with Rev. S. P.

Monroe, we learned that his name had been proposed for Representative without his knowledge, and that under no circumstances will he become a candidate. 0 IXSJYIHOSSV TVUIX3D OTKV 'SU3A03 JKOaVAl ggaiiIHIVIHI C. W. 96 2 lb Gooseberries 15 Ovsters 2) 1 lb 10 10 lbs. Dried Apples 1.00 4 Bars Standard So.vp 25 Black Honey have just set up a big soda fountain which came all the way from Boston.

There is not a vacant house in DA VIES d- TABER'S OCALS. fan Maple Sugar at New Michi Sherman's. RICE COUIUTTT. Exchange bought on Eastern Banks. Exchange sold on Xew York.

Advances made on grain shipment by LANDIS HOLLINGER; TEMPERANCE TICKET. TOR MAYOR Jacob Hoopes fiG 1 for couxciLsrmf Geo. W. Hollinger. 89 J.

E. Davies 75 L. Millard G3 He is making a success of farming, and this is more to his taste than the turmoil of politics. This leaves an open field before Dr. Sterling, nor has there been within the memory of the oldest, inhabitant.

Those who have examined the fruit blossoms think that little or no injury on plow Davies Tabcr's prices shoes beat tkena all. Go theni. and see Mauutactured liy tuo Walter A. Wood Kowtjto A RF.APIKO M.VCI11NK IIooNick Falla, N.T. I.E.

General Southwestern Agents, Saint Louis, Mo. Anr new lot of furniture. And a new lot of furniture. And a new lot of furniture. And a new lot of fori iture.

Furniture, furniture, furniture at Uncle Dick Fox's. Go and see. J. C. Turner W.

H. Armentrout. 71 72 was done by the frost of last Sunday morning. Davies Taber have received their Bohrer, of Raymond township, present Representative, and Ansel R. Clark, of Sterling, who held the position during-the term preceding that of Dr.

Bohrer. An exchange says Jasper Cronk, an uncle of S. A. Cronk of this cicy, of Boonville, N. has received advices from Holland that the death of KANSAS STERLING, new delivery wagon, which is about the nicest thing of the kind which has 33 The Walter A.

Wood Self-Binding Harvester is the accredited head of tho whole fltirveKting Machine family; and its superior atro-ngth, durability, cine of management, stylo of lluii-h, anil cnjiiirity for liar-vesting undbinlinsr grain, iu superior manner, is acknowledged The Walter A. Wood Self-Binding Davies reems are full of goods. The largest-stock of dry goods, boots, shoes, hats, caps and notions in Rice county. THE HEW CITY DRUG STORE Is just receivinir and oueninc a and fill; I. R.

Holmes, Real Estate agent, office at the 'Cottage' Sterling 5tf Rice county, Kansas. FOR POLICE JUDGE E. S. Hadlock .70 SCATTERING. Hoopeg 1 I.

J. Hinshaw 1 R. Fox. .1 A. R.

Clark. 1 The only difference therefore between the Council of the last and that stock of yet come to town. It 3 David Sultzer this time who starts a new livery stable, just in the rear of the Cottage hotel. His rigs look first rate. ROGERS.

Harvester leaves tew or no scatter- IngS, seldom stops for repairs, and possesses great advantages in enabling tho farmer to ba comparatively independent of harvest hands, saves labor and annovnncn In tho domestic PURE DRUGS, The "Crrr Mills ran day and night. IIKXICY JUAHE, House Painter, Grainer, Paper anger Calci miner. All work guaranteed to give full converting the wheat of the land into department as well as in tho Held, making th harvest tiino no more to Liu dreaded than Patent jVE ed icinec. You can buy your groceries at Davis Taber's a little below any other store in Sterling, and have them delivered free. snowy white flour to feed the hungry.

other of the farm seasons. of the ensuing year is in the substi lhe City Mills flour is unsurpassed. FIXE PERFUMERY, The Walter A. Wood Self-Binding The Cm Mills flour rises well and tutioa of Mr. Hollingir for Mr.

Ford The Western Lumber Company obtained judgment against the city on yesterday for the full amount of their bill, and the city has the costs to pay. narvesier is great grain.nme ana labor-savinK machine, does its work -with makes splendid bread. The City a wealthy burgher throws a fortune of $12,000,000 in search of heirs of that name. Mr. Cronk's ancestors came over in ante-revolutionary times, and settled near Fort Edward, N.

where their decendants have scattered. They bear the name of Cronkheiten, but the last sylables have been dropped by some and modified by other branches. The descendants are numerous, and if the fortune really comes to this country the share of each claimant will be insignificant. The members of the City Board are all interested in the prosperity of the satisfaction. Mills work suits farmers.

7tf the utmost speed, safety and economy, does not keep a jrang of men about it on expense, never tires out or quarrel with tho cook, i alwavs ready and willing to do a full day's work, and do ALL KINDS BRUSHES, TOILET SOAPS, STATIONERY, LAMPS, FIXE CUT TOBACCO A CtSMAI, STOCK Sterling, KanaN. city, as were also those who entered the lists against them. There are A fine lot of ladies' dress goods and linen suits at Davies Taber's. wen. SHOE SHOP.

The shop Hinshaw Bros, be a little hard to find, Lut it The Walter A. Wood Self-Binding differences of views, but the people may will It is thought by persons of experience that the frost last night did some damage to the fruit crop, but it is not believed that it is entirely destroy ed. (D IE Ml Harvester is Tuny warranted, in substance as follows That the mach have expressed their choice, and in Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Etc. this country the motto is Vox pop ine is durable; if any part gives out within one year, and the fault is in the machine, a duplicate pay you to get your boots, and shoes made there, and, for cobbling, you uli, vox Dei Too Numerous to Enumerate. TO Messrs.

Hawk Redding, late pro ot uncn part win te rurnisuoa rree; inai me macliino is capable of cutting and binding grain, ns fast or faster, and as well or belter, than any RAFF BROS'. LOCALS. cannot do better than take it to them. prietors of the City Mills, have pur Let others say that they please, tall Kcapcr, or Harvester dining mo same wiuin, Mr. Rogers of the star clothing The proprietors invito everybody and tho rest ana using nana Dinucrs, can uo.

and hoot; just remember the sign of of mankind to call and purohaso their (roods of chased the site and will begin at once the work of developing the house had expected to have opened AT- them. Xhey The waiter A. wood self-Binding Harvester was a scarce article the big boot. his clothing as advertised by the first of April. His goods were here, but water power and erecting a four run LOWER RATES after harvest commenced last year, and will be GUARANTEE SATI3FAC TO GIVE TION.

this, and parties wanting machines should order All persons who are indebted to water mill near the south end of W. M. Taylor, of Pleasant Valley, presents us with apple blossoms from his trees set out last summer. Trees are. certainly intending to bear very 3'oung in ihis country.

Rev. J. B. Schlichter presents us with a sprig of flowering almond, whu'i is so completely covered with blossoms that the wood on which it Raff Bros, are taking large numbers of orders for the Walter A. Wood's Self-binding Harvester, and have reduced the price of the Hodges Header, consequently are selling a eany.

owing to some changes in the plans Samuel Jacobs are requested to come the Arkansas river bridge. There is of shelv ng, the room was not quite and settle. no reason why Sterling may not en Call or send and get a Pamphlet, giving a full description ot tho machiiio, with names of purchasers who bought last year; also containing many certificates, together with o. IOO Magroffin's Block. R.

B. BALL CO. ready on that day, but he will be ready jo the benefit of the gratuitous force great nunioer ox them. for au comers from this time forth. Raymond, Rice lactory price list, terms, etc.

of the Arkansas river as well as any March 19, 1878. CorresDondence invited from thosi New Boots and Shoes at Raff Bros. of her sister towns. "We are glad Sam Jacobs reached home this who anticipate buying the coining season. grows is scarcely perceptible.

these gentlemen have taken hold of I hereby forewarn all persons from buying or trading with Uriah D. morning with another car load of INQUIRE OF H. H. WILLIST01T. FANCY GOODS! The undersigned would respect fulton McAllister, Tonsorial Artists, the matter, and shall expect to see it For Sale ty RAFF A strong paper from J.

M. Muscott horses and mules for Jacobs Eng Johnson, my husband, as he is inca pushed to completion with tne energy 111 defense of the Atlanta township lish. They will be sold cheap, con pable of transacting any business Sterling, Kansas. which characterized them in the erec Board and the bridge contractor is 111 sidering the kind. Those wanting -otherwise- whatever.

Naxcy C. Jonxsox. 3t tion of the City Mills. There will be type, but on account of its length is should call at once and get first choice fully announce to her friends and work enough for all the mills to do, Barters and Hairdressers, MRS. NICHOLS unavoidably crowded out of this issue but will appear next week.

tho public, the opening of her not a bushel of wheat ought to And now Uncle Dick has the bug leave the county unground. gies for your babies plenty of them First Door North of Cottage Hotel. Mr. D. R.

Alter, of West Point, at the furniture store. The Bulletin of last week thought Iowa, who is the. owner of 160 acres NEW STORE, sxmiita, Opposite the Post-office. Has removed her LAUNDRY BUS- Remember ihat Raff Bros, keep all kinds of fine dress goods, including silks We wish to announce to our customers and others that we have just received a large and splendid invoice of ready-made clothing. Raff Bkos.

It is claimed that Raff Bios, pay more freight than any other firm in the valley and if you do not believe it just go and see the mammoth stock of dry goods, and hardware in their rooms. .4 CONTINUAL RUSH zit Raff to examine their large tock of dry goods which are just Sterincr, Kansas. we were likely to make alongeared Henry Sherman has just been get animal of ourself by avowing our de NESS io her residence, SOUTH OF THE DEPOT, of line land near Cow creek, is preparing to have the most of it turned over during the season, preparatory to putting it in wheat next fall. ting a splendid lot of fresh groceries and queens ware so many goods J. HAOTA votion to the interest of the people.

If you will favor her with a call And alas alas the dear people Do not m-glect a Coiijfli or Cold. Eilert's Extract of Tar and Wild Cherry is a standard remedy, and will cure a coigh in half tl; time required by ordinary Jn asthmatic and affections, and all throat md br3ast ises, it is a truly great medicine and has saved many valuable lives. It never ful.s to give satisfaction. Sold by I). G.

riiimmcr fc Sons and J. 3I fcrglish. There is no earthly boon more precious than good health, and it becomes its possessor to endeavor" to ret tin it. If yon are assailed with such provoking ills as torpid liver, sour stomach and a general of we that he has not where to put them were likely to believe it. and asks a continuance of the patron- Jou wil1 find tliat 'ou cu buy -ft tit 1 1 I Stove Tin-ware unless he turns his family into other quarters, which we predict he will be The dry weather had not become rity the sorrows of the traveling age 01 ner 01a customers, ana mat 01 all kisds of fascy goods organ-grinder It is an awful calam as many new ones, as have anything sufficiently severe to secure to the showers of the last week the appre-.

compelled to do, and in order to this he will have to build. Manufacturers, Cheap, for Cash, to uo in this line. ity to the schemes of such that a pub ciation which they would have re lie journal should devote its energies you are to the interests of the people, and And feel fully satisfied that getting your money's worth. u. jl.

Jordan co. are nxing up AXD CEALE23 IN ceived in a dry time. The settling of the dust, however, is a pleasant thing. A. T.

ROGERS JOIfN W. ROGERS their nursery grounds just south of town with everything that is nice Robert Avery, of Galesburg, 111., They are opening out and delivering LIZZIE HOLLINGER. John Wolfs arrived at Sterling last Friday. He as fine a lot of fruit and ornamental ROGERS BRO'S BLACKSMITH, PLOW AND WAGON SHOP. will look after his farm south of the trees and shrubs as can be found, river, and attend to some other matters of business in aonnection with CITT MARKET, They come to stay.

commencing to arrive. Remember Raff Bros will carry the largest and most complete stock of goods this season that ever came to Rice county. They expect to enlarge room to accommodate their increasing trade and niammoth stock of goods. They have some of the neatest dress goods that can be found in Sterling, as well as most complete assortments. Also a large stock of pants prices lower than can be found in any other store in Sterling.

Shelf Hardware, Cutlery, Steel Goods, Pumps, Farming Implements, Sitifi6tioa, urith each ind ever? Store, fsannteed, Keeps the best Fresh Beef and Monroe Street, west of Landis his patent stalk cutter, and return and disgust, don't go and commit suicide; but tike Eilert's Daylight J.ivcr l'ills and be cured. Sold by IK G. rXuminer Sons an 1 J. ilw English. DR.

WIXCHELJVS TEETHING SYKUP is a Safe and Sure Kemedy lor Diarrha'a, Dysentery and Childreus Complaints generally, it f-hould be in every hou-m where there are Children. Mothers give it atrial; ithas been a blessing to thousands. Sold -by D. G. riunimer Sons and J.

M. English. Try Uncle Sam's Nerve and Bone Liniment for JJheiini.itism, Sprains, Bruises. Sold by 1). G.

i'iunimer Soi.s and J. M. English. NURSERV STUCK Hollinger's, in a few days. Pork, Home-made Sausage, Corned Beef, and Salt Perk.

My fruit trees have been delaj'ed by STERLING, Rice KANSAS. the storm, but are now shipped and Sunday school at the Friends' Broadway, All work in our line is made of the will be here some time next week. Church every sabbath at 2:30 p. al Class meeting immediately after best material and in the best manner. that the people should accept its cooperation.

It breaks up so many nice little jobs which might perhaps be put up, and it is really a detriment to many plans for getting a pull at the public purse. No wonder our contemporary becomes exasperated and calls ugly names. But for all its efforts it will never be able to drive the Gazette out of its stupid ways of telling the truth and speaking its mind without let or hindrance. This stupid, old-fashioned way may remind the Bulletin of a long-eared animal which it has undoubtedly met in its travels; and it may contrast strangely with the traveler's smartness in seeking to become the organ of anybody who has private interests to serve; but it is our way. and the Bulletin says the stupid people like it.

li-HLICOAJt ZjAND SJLLJiS. ClURLKS PlRRILL. E. P. Fisher, Sterling, Kansas.

W. T. MlBTlK. Tires shrunk and reset without cut md 1 full itcck of extra piocos always kept on fcaai. Sunday school.

Preaching at 7.30 p. m. by the pastor. Subject Taking ting and welding. Particular atten IIES BEEN GIVING THEM FITS.

tion paid to repairing. Perrill Hartin, NEW BRICK, No. 102, east side Broadway, the Stone Away." Prayer meeting Uncle Sam's Harness Oil is supericr (o WAGONS AND CARRIAGES AND IS STILL AT IT. That is Mr. Littler, the new taylor any other preparation ever made tor oil ing leather and harness, it will make lhe THE MAMMOTH DRT GOODS EMPORIA OF STERLING.

Raff MADE AND REPAIRED The boys all feel proud of the FITS, Sterling, Kansas. oldest leather soft and pliable as when FITS, FITS they get from him. new and put on a good ibiish. Sold by ali Harness Makers and dealers in leather. PLAIN AND OSMAKEKTAIi Landis Hollinger have the best MILLI1TER7 1T0TI01T STORE Cottonwood Park Cemetery, every luursilay evening.

On Sunday, the 23th ult as S. J. Caldwell was driving over the prairie south of Nickerson, he heard an explosion behind him, and on looking around saw a column of smoke ascending behind him. Mr. Caldwell suspects that some sort of explosive oil was the cause of what he saw.

A GENTLE HINT. corn planter out. It plants on sod and subsoils under sod. Will raise In our style of climate, with its i.DJ0IHW& TOWN SITE. FAMILY LOTS FOR SALE.

good crop on sod. See our bills. Oar JiiHinery floods are abundant and cheap, And none but the very best kinds do we keep. All work guaranteed. sudden changes of temperature, If you want a nice hat go to Raft they have just bought a 3,000 stock which will be in in a few days.

You want to go and examine that new improved Haines Header, at Raff Bros. -APTLY TO- R. B. Ball Co. are opening a fine The following land sales have been made since our last report: J.

Harris, Oxford, Ontario, N4 SE rain, wind and sunshine often intermingled in a single day, it is no wonder that our children, friends and We want all to know that we're living in town; In StKi-liua, JCansa, that place of renown. We invite all the ladies to give as a call. And well try to supply the wants of you all. RICHARD FOX. Undertaker.

stock of pure drugs and everything else" belonging to a first-class drug DOWW relatives are so frequently taken 11,21,9. Thos. J. Steggins, Fort Wayne 'In store in Magoffin's Our goods have arrived; our stock now comprises What bclong-a to our line, of all sorts and sixes. GEO.

PARKINS, Sexton, from us by neglected colds, half the deaths resulting directly from this With High Prices! diana, xAf Sstu 33, Tl, 8. is at the new Dr. Harriman 's office city drug store. OB Jacob eigle, Kalamazoo, Wo want all to come an see for themselves What wo have on the counters and on the shelves. We have god llata and Jionneta and Trim- CHICAGO SCALE cause.

A bottle of Bochee's German Syrup kept about your home for immediate use will serious S. P. Loup and family start in a few days on a wagon tour through to the eastern part of Iowa thence back through the northern part of that state and into Nebraska. They take a tent, and will camp out until winter comes, when they will locate in some town. The trip will occupy about a year.

The City Council met on last even 08 and 70 West Monro Chtettoo, iniiign to suit. W. Q. ELLIOTT, Proprietor. Comstock, Cortel Co's.

ranges, the nicest ranges made, at Raff Bros. RAFF BROS. BLACK HONEY'S LOCALS. Have reduced the prices of all kindi of And fine Flowers and Jlilbvn to make vou sickness, a large doctor's bill, and per LADIES' HATS. Well, only come and see and judgo for yourself.

Landis Hollinger. look cute. (DAILIES! naps deatn, uy tne use ot three or And Nerktlrt and Flutnea and beautiful Steitchea, MRS. DR. LAMB Will give instructions in Which will make you appear as lovely as witches.

4-ton hay, stock, or cotton scale, $60. And here is a matter we would have understood, ing to canvass the votes cast at the four doses. For curing Consumption, Hemorrhages, Phneumonia, Severe Coughs, Croup or any disease of the Throat or Lungs, its success is simply wonderful, as your druggist will tell you. German Syrup is We make too, and our fashions are VOCAL and ISTNTIIUJIEX- j-ormer fnce, 7 no. All other aixea at a great reduction.

Mi" Every scale futlu vrarrantrtl. All ordpri The finest lot of queensware ever brought to Sterling, and at very reduced prices. Having been bought for cash I flatter myself that I can give you extra bargains in this line. Henry Sherman. good.

We dp our work right and our prices are fair. late city election. The result was found to be as stated in our extra of Tuesday morning. Immediately after the above work was completed the I promptly filled. Circulars, price list, and tcsti-moniula sent upon application.

TAL MUSIC Including thorough-base. Terms reasonable. And you'll do as well here as you can elsewhere. For pure drugs, paints and oils. xS 35, TZ, 8.

E. M. Troyer, Salina, Kansas, N4 15, 19, 8. Hawk Redding, Sterling, NE 5, 22,8. Mrs.

Elsie Sellers, Reinbeck, Iowa, SE 19, 20, 7. Philip Erion, -Peoria, 111., SE and NE 22, 23, 8. John B. Cidbertson, Ft. Wayne, Indiana, NW 5, 22.

8. Lydia Secrist Nillwood, Macoupin county, 111., SE 35, 19, 8. James Morris, Elm woo Peoria county, 111., NW 21, 20, 8. Louis Wagner, Belleview, Ohio, NW31, 19, 8. Dr.

Wr. Goodson, Sterling, NE 23, 21,8." R. A. Barr, Sterling, NW, 21, 22, 8. Buy the chcapcHt and best.

Then come right along, whatever your age. Your wants can all be supplied we'll engage. 4i turn sold in every town and village on this continent. Sample bottles for trial, regular size, 75c. all books and stationery of For kinds.

Whether married or single, we havo what will Council met a special session for the purpose of accepting the resignation of J. S. Chapin as city treasurer. Croquet, croquet, croquet, croquet, croquet, croquet Plenty of croquet please you. And to purchase our goods we shall not have to at the furniture store.

or goods of superior quality in tease you. PIANOS, ORGANS, The elder Mr. lings, brought Wo pay cash for our goods and select them with LADIES OF STERLING. notions. For good cigars and fine cut chew ing tobacco.

us in some wheat from his farm last week which measured 19 3-4 inches high above ground. Mr. Rawlingsis an old man, but by use of the old 1 nave at my omce an immense supply of house plants, to be sold at care; They're a good and as cheap as you'll find anywhere; And we say to all, both the young and the old. We'll not refuse greenbacks nor silver nor gold. Hrs.

S. C. Fisher, once, come and see tnem. For all goods to be found in a first- CUT THIS OUT And send it to your friends in the East advising them when they visit Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, or the San Juan mines, to take the Atchison, Topeka, Santa Fe Railroad, the new southern route through Kansas, via the Arkansas Valley, to Pueblo, making direct connection with the Denver Rio Grande Railway for Colorado Springs, Denver, and all points in Northern Colorado, Canon City, Garland, Del Norte, 1 C. J.

Joxes. Sheet Music mi Music looks. class drug, book, notion and news fashioned kind of industry he has in about a year bought a new farm of 160 acres under cultivation, and is showing the boys those of 20 to 40 store, call on Black Honey. Sterling Temperance Union met 9 Fer Cent. Will R.

Lee, loan agent, at Lyons, If you have anything to do in the April 2nd, at Magoffin's hall. Open Ntcrlinir, Uriikhn. years how farming ought to be done. land and law, give them a call. ing prayer by Rev.

Armour. Minutes The new organ for the M. E. Sun The Celebrated day school han at last beeu ordered. read and approved.

Remarks by Revs. Armour and Fry, Messrs. Hadlock, Goss, Hinshaw and Hauna, after which the following officers were it is to ue an HiStey cnapei organ. AXSEL 11. CLARK, Attorney-at-Law, STERLING, KANSAS.

and will add greatly to the attrac Lake City, El Moro, Las egas, and Santa Fe. Trains leave Kansas City and Atchison every day in the year, with Pulman Sleeping Cars attached, and passenger trains equipped with all the modern improvements. For maps, circulars, and detailed information ask them to send to T. J. Anderson, General Passenger Agent, Topeka, Kan.

TO OBTAIN COMFORT Speedily and at little cost, end your loans money on real estate at 9 per cent, interest Interest payable annually; lltf TREES! TREES! 300,000 Yellow Cottonwood Trees just received, two to five, feet high. $1.00 per $20 per 20,000. Call at once. C. J.

Jones, Sterling, Kans. 1 Wants-Ijost-For Sale-To Rent WANTED. Wood wanted in any quantity at tho new bakery of Tom Magoffin. CA TTLE HERDED. At 25 cents per month by Jas.

E. Bland, nine miles east of Lyons. Good range tions of their services, both in the Sunday school and in church. Mr. J.

M. Rogers orders the organ for them, and his generosity toward the the Sunday school will not be forgotten by the friends of the Methodist church. We shall speak further of the quality of the instrument after its arrival. G. W.

VOYLS, Attorney-at-Law, Hallett, Davis J. P. Hale and Kimball Pianos. Smith's American, Hason Hamlin and Kimball Organs. Persons wishing auythiuc in tho music line will find it to thir indent KOW READ.

We have made arrangements to sell the celebrated adams and french harvester and binder during the coming season, and ask you to call and examine them before purchasing tlsewhere. A car load of these cele-brated machines will soon be on hand. They are warranted perfect in every respect and we do not hesitate to recommend them to the farmers as the best machine in the market, (at least such is our candid opinion) and guarantee them to give perfect satisfaction. They are light, simple and durable and an intelligent boy can handle them with ease and success in .1 mi 52 LTOSf, KANSAS. Dyspeptic sufferings at once by using to give us a call as we are the only The temperance entertainment of Tuesday evening of last week was repeated on last Thursday evening, by request of the audience.

The performers did fully as well at the second as at their first appearance. Parker's Ginger Tonic. Thousands who have for years sought relief in vain from Headache, Nervousness, Low Spirits, Sleeplessness, Live Disorders, Costiveness, Acid Stomach, elected President, Rev. Armor vice-presidents, Messrs. Irish and Van Patten secretary, Mrs.

S. C. Fisher; treasurer, Miss Hollinger. Miss Miller, was added to the committee on music Magoffin reported in behalf of the committee on music that 25 books were ordered and would be ready for next meeting. Executive committee, Messrs.

Hadlock, Goss and Hinshaw. Mrs. Irish, Daniels and Miss Rugg. The treasurer reported a balance of $18.62 on hand. The hour being late, the address was postponed.

A vote of thanks to the trustees otthe Congregational church for liberal donation of the church for temperance entertainment. It was suggested by Mr. Hinshaw that ihe eminent temperance worker, E. B. Reynolds, be invited to address the citizens of Sterling and vicinity on temperance.

Adjourned to meet at the Friend's church, April 1. Benediction by Rev. Fry. Mrs. S.

C. FifiHgR, Sec'y. THJE CITJT JBZXCTIOJT On account ol the several persons C. T. DANIELS, Attorney-at-Law, orrici iv eawa's vxw nicx.

102 Broadway, Sterling, Kansas. J. W. WHITE, Att'y at Law Notary Public. Lttohs, Kick County, Ka.

Heartburn, Palpitation of the Heart Cramps, Distress in the Stomach, Coated Tongue, have found a our juaiu ui 1 dun. xney are warranted to bind the heaviest grain without waste, in fact, they are a perfect success and just what the farmers need. Those who have the Harvester and good water. 12-4tp IOR SALE. 200 bushels of oats at 25 cents; also some Early Rose seed potatoes at 50 cents.

Joseph Bolton, Lyons, Kans. 11 2t FOR SALE Hay, by W. Q. Elliott. Orders by postal card promptly filled.

Gtf FOR SALK5 brood sows. In having become accustomed to their parts the delays were shortened, so that there was less to detract from the pleasure of the audience than is usual wl ere the players are amatuers, most comforting and complete cure in the use of this sterling invigorant. MUSIC HOUSE IN SOUTHERN KANSAS Thai keeps on hand a full itock of IIUSICAL IIERCHAITDIQE. Tichita Ilosic flooso, 73 Corner Maiu and First Strttt, Wichita, Eansa of '77 and '76 can have the binder attached and be happy. See Black Honey about the ADAMS and HARVESTER and SELF bkdeb before you buy.

Keep it always at hand, and while it will save you much misery and suffering, it will also enable you to defy the dangers of Colic, Cholera Morbus, Diarrhoea and Dysentery, and save your little ones from Cholera Infantum. Buy a $1.00 bottle from Black Honey, or a sample bottle for 15 quire of C. Gunn, 3 miles south and 1 mile west of Sterling. The birds' eye view of Sterling is a disappointment to about half of the people of the town. The only fault found is in the lack of fidelity.

Everybody admires that which is candid, and detests sham representations of things which are not. This charac- FOB SALE. One span of horses, P. P. Trueheart, 1LD.

Calls Promptly attended to aribtor day. ana, ntnacnr sm mil, BTFHLlSa, I i KASHAS. 1-1 0 harness and wagon. Will sell cheap The city election on last Mondar for Inquire at my residence. cents, and test its merits.

12 tcriatic of human nature may be 1111- passed off good naturcdly, although Sterling, JL, T. AVAtRtn..

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