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Pottawatomie County Herald from Louisville, Kansas • 3

Pottawatomie County Herald from Louisville, Kansas • 3

Louisville, Kansas
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it A borse belonging to A Koro-j i i The Herald, PRETTY WORK. The Herald, J. IL MURRAY, E. J.Vande venter, of Doniphan county, was tn town The prairie fire north of town I ant Thursday, burned part of the fence around II. 1'.

Smith's farm The Onaga Journal last week iubii cuuaeu iu attain coining op me Rock creek bill last Friday evening. It was tied behind a wagon pullud back, strangled and died befors it eonld be loosed. S. FOWLER, Editor. WEDNESDAY, MAKCB 19, 1879.

l'CaLIaEL ETEBT WE0SESDA. At Louisville, Pottawatomie County, Kansas. A Whole Gang of Thieves and Bob ben Arrested. About one o'clock Friday night G. C.

Taylor, J. at this place DEALER IN issued a neat little supplement de Last Monday was St. Patrick's DRY GOODS We are now daily receiving our spring stock, goods new elegant was called up by A. T. Palmer, ex S.

FO LER, Editor and Publisher JOHM Solicitor. scriplive ot its town, business, etc. day. press agent of Wamego, and otbersi The Manhattan papers last and cheap, al Murray's. Jos.

A. Beal is cultivating cLin week were filled with thu testimony KATES OF SUBSCRIPTION. whiskers. 8 2t Nice lot of Dress Giiiirbams just and proceed i pgs of the Batvs mur. The tyrant's foe, the people' dcr trial.

received at Murray's. Inand," isn't bad. Per Annum, 1-n. Six Month, In Clubs of Tea or tnors, paid In ad vine, 75 per jear. -Win.

Clark ha gone to the lud- Every-thing in the way of We see straoee faces on the hardware, agricultural implements, streets everj day. tan Territory in search of Clark Allen, tho supposed accomplice of True in the Wolpert murder. Rates of Adtertialug can be obUiued by who took out warrants for the arrest of tbe following persons, Chas. Brown, Gus. Sieverl and wife, Samuel Bustard, sr.

Tult Bazzard, Stephen UnJerdown, Joseph Un derdown, Miss Mina Sievert and Buzzard, jr. Tbe next morning the warrants were placod in tbt hands Sheriff Shebi and with the assistance of constablos Pierson and Atkins, of Wamego, Swttzer of Louisville and Marshal Malcolm be proceeded to arrest the parties which can be bought of Benton A Son at the lowest reasonable figures. They also sell the best farm V6 saw Hon. Li. U.

I runty on applying to toe Kditoror Solicitor, our streets last Saturday. The Exporter praises Clardy and wagons. John Brown has slid bis farm tbe Agrhulur al ut puffs Reed. And Apples by the bushel or barrel a milo norlb weel of town. tie cent per line, Brt luei tion, thres cent each ItiM-rtiou thereafter.

These rate strictly atlUeared to. at. Murray's. 8-2t the public is unanimous in the opinion that tbe one is an illiterate fraud and the other a nonentity. -Tbe loan agency of John F.

Will S. Anderson has gone into tho restaurant business in St. Marys. The singing school closed Inst Limerick, Wamego, is doing a rush More destructive prairie fires ing business. was douo without any rosistonce of Notices Marriage, Deaths, Churches, bave swept over different parts of ttundav Hchoula.

ate. i Inserted free. A nice lot of Onions for sale GROCERIES, CASIMKRE'rf, QUEENSWARE, JEANS, WOODEN-WARE, CLOTHING, GLASS-WAKE, HATS CAP1, STONEWARE, BOOTS SHOES, Ac, ic. Everything Found in a First Clan Store. Trunks, Traveling-Bags, Ladies' Leather and Willow Reticules, Cutlery, Spoons, jc PLATED WARE, JEWELRY ETC.

MY JIOTTO EST GOODS AT OTTO rBICE." Come and See Me, I Will Not be Undersold. Saturday evening with a free son cert. Pottawatotuio county this spring cheap at Murray's. consequence. (Vamogo has long been infested with thieves; houses have been bro-kon open, stores enterod and plun J.

W. Fulton returned from the A large stock of Van Calvert 0R.KK-.I-ONI1KNT 18 WASTED AT fvkkv 1-OKT orrica in TUE COUNTY than lor several years past owing probably to the unusual amount of hiih wind. Co s. Mixed Paints, all colors, ready Bins lail Saturday night a cold ride. for uso, for sale al J.

M. Boys' Drug dered, eto AH efforts to fiod who store, wamego Kansas. were the guilty parties failed and -Eloven prisoners are erowded C. N. Heal and Isdy, ol Tnpeka, were visiting Louisville friends last still the crimes continued to be Lemons and Oranges 40c per into our county jail and True and at Charley Prentice's, Wame committed.

More than ibis, freight (JlIAS. A. UI.LKKICK, (Huccewor to Palmer UUcrlck.) ST. MAttYS, KANSAS, 8 1. M.ii ji Laud OiHce, Established, 1870.

rottanatoiuio Lauds, for tale. 2lf. Plomondon to be bmight up from Lawrence in a few days. Tho con week. M.

Kemper lis rented tho Sum. go. Head quarters for Fruit and cars left standing on the track were Confoctiotiery. 7 tf broken into often and again and goods stolen ihorolrom. This was cern bus really not room for more than three or four.

It is a disgrace ucl Cooper farm for the coming season. Garden seeds, Oniion seta and to the county, that we cannot afford anything you want at Murray's. kept up to sucb an extent that it finally became a serious matter. Congregational social to-raor- a decent and safe place in which to Pure Irngs and Medicines, nt J- J.NCGKNT, M. D.

PrlTSICIAJi AM SUttliEON. Diseases a Specially, Wamego. Kansas. low night at the residenco of It. F.

Roberts. Louisville Kansas. confine our prisonois. At' present state of affairs wo will pay enough in a few years for keeping prisoners A specimen of the lace known J. M.

Boys, 7-tf Wamego, Kan. If you are negotiating for a loan call on John F. Limerick, Wa as "tramp printers visited Louis at other places, Lawrence, to ville last Thursday. build a jail that would be worth mego. lie can piace loans on real During the last year it ij estimated tbat ten thousand dollars worlh of goods were stolen in tins way.

The K. P. Company were informed of what was going on and detoctives were set to work to investigate tbe matter and discover the guilty parties. Two of thorn came to Wamego mixed with the "floating population," wanted to get into W. P.

Campbell, Esq editor of something. We have one of the estate at the lowest rates of interest. R. BUCKS Kit. il BAUD 11, Wnmcgo, Kmiiaa, fcvery tiling In the Tonnorlal line done lib iicallirXK an 1 dispacb.

Jtf. Anderson Son make and sell best counties in the Slate and are out of dtbt there is no exeuso for cmaiiiing destitute of public im the best harness. tf -Our spring stock of shoos are now beginning to arrive at urn uic jrnces One ton strictly Pure White j-J Parsons, DENTIST. All work warranted toglve g.tod saltafse-tioH. Offiuk, One door uortb of Post-OtIie.

Vaniu, Kautas. ltf. Load, for sale at, J. M. lloys, Wamego.

Everything in Ibe way of harness. tho Wamego Tribune, is instituting in Marshall county. Mips Ella Brill Las been engaged to teach the spring school in the Wilt? district. Look at the N. K.

'l 4 Sec 21, 8, 0. It can bo bought of John Wbillock very cheep. Tho wind came down from the north last Thursday evening a perfect whirlwind duitl dutt Divr Tbe local editor o( the H'pnrttr is tender on semi mental songs. Only recently he dreamed "Oft in tho stilly nigbl." The bridge bill which wo pub-I if li two weeks ngo punned the house. It no' only nuods tho notion of the commissioners.

saddles, bridles, whips, etc, can be OF bought at the most reasonable fig provements Stinginess sometimes brings loss, it will do so in Ibis instance. Wliilo in Manhattan last week we hcurd a man who formerly soldiered in the west tell the following story: A baud ol Indians made a sudden attack on a detachment of our soldiers hut had a howitzer, on a mulu. Nut having time to take it off and put it in position, they hacked up the mule and let drive at the Indians. The loai was so heavy that mule and all went tumbling down the hill toward the savages, who nut understanding that kind of wsrlaro fled like deers. Aftorward ono of them was tukon and when ures at Anderson's, Louisville.

Tyler soils the celebrated Hap "Tm- H. -CARPENTER, CONTRACTOR Hnd BUILDER. Lcnisville, Kansas, ltf. aSI A M'cawomii, PHYSICIANS iid good Sulky plow and the Skinner, Moline and Mishawaka walking something to make weren't particular what. They represented themselves as having been- discharged by the railroad company, cursed the K.

P. and wanted to get even with the monopoly." They soon struck a lead followed it and the rosull was the at reft of the parties aforementioned. Search warrants were obtained with the warrants lor arrest and the officurajooked through the ''abodes" of their victims. About ons thou sand dollars worth of the stolen goods wero found, it Gus Siovert's live-hundred dollars worth was unearthed. In Miss Mina Sievert 's trunk muny valuable articles wero hidden.

No mistakes were made, the tvas fully worked up and matured before the trap was sprung and ivhon it loll the guilty purties were takon in" so neatly that there is no possible way for them to escnpo from tho penalty of their crimes. They wore brought ovar to Louisville, eight of them, plow, be also sells several kinds of riding and walking Cultivators, two horse Corn Planters, which they sell very cheap. Give them a call und got an honest der.l, 8-2t IUlU.1 1 DRUGGISTS Every -ttiig way for tbd Lintsecd, Cactor, Machine and all other oils, at Drug Store, LOUISVILLE, KANSAS J. M. Boys.

John F. Limert.ik, Wamego, loans money at six por tent interest Kkmprk, AUCTIONEER. Will M'eml to all 'ales In Ihe cninl) on libtial lei ma. Adrass, Louisville, Kail nr. LHt weeks i.istie of MoClosky.s! a-kcd why he ran so repiiod: "Me llti-'Jtc.

nill bo ro-iwiud this witek big Injin, not a 'rain ot big gdns or A liich Kip Van Winkle will; little guns, but when white mun probabiy luko another ten year's load up and fire a whole jackass al nap. Injins, wo don't know what to do," i i Wo co'ild not holp that Q'ir merehu'iti lor tho punt few Inys have been doing a land ho at a com bu'uncsb. Mors plows, harrotvs, non donkny, what he would have have buan hauled out of town ihun done if he had seen the elder ol the would stock ihe whole state of Dol-j Franks', boaring down upon awiirc. Onui'd Journal. I hiin.

-Tho K.Iey ( pub 1." hshed the 1 nh, ndviHUn if readers! i- i i 1 11. liovven. for neilv ol -init Saturday evening und incarcerated in jail, a more villainous looking and charges three per cent commission, 8-tf An invoice of Men's shirts just received at Murray's. Pictures every day in tho week, set we never saw. 1 ho preliminary examination is set for to morrow.

IS WHITER GOODS. Two othora were arrested ut Wyandotte Monday, who are said to be Sundays excepted, at the picture p-allory in Wameg j. W. R. Kvans members ol tbo gang.

A telegram was seni to Lexington, to arrest urtisL 7-tf io go to Manhattan to hour Mur a in North To. Willium Buzzard, another, of the phy's lecture which look We beat them ail on spring thieve, but at last accounts ho had not been cuuht. The chancos are however that he will bo taken. At my lu AR1EGO, KANSAS. This is newspaper enter Tt.

till INK, Miui' Mahket ard HkhaUum, Louisville, Kansas. ytm't at all Lours. J-'rerli iiit-al always on band. A H. m.

I'HYlU IAN, ASD AcCOt'CIIKtH. Trent all forma or diskask. Wilt give special attention to disease o( the eye and ear. Weal end of Harrison building, tiatial I.oiii.villu. h.iiHs.-.

J-y-fnlU rromptty annwered. the lOib. Monday, warrants were taken out Clothing, at Murray's. A now lot of Bird cages al M. Boys Drug Store.

Wamego Kan. Call on C. W. Lebow Co. That is a pretty rule "gel -off" of Fowler's, that the Manhattan pa -if i-m going to China and Japan, is eclipned in trnnsit by the It'pnrter which has gone to the devil, Wamego Tribune.

and sco their stock of Saddles, Whips A hoy ut Lake, shot at crow on a haystack. The stack caught tiro and hay, stable, two homes, hariios, wtigen, live-hundred bushels of corn and three hundred bushol-i of oats were burned. Itossrillo cluims to have shipped ono million bushels of corn last year. Maple Hill and R.issville townships are talking of a bridge across tho Kaw River. Up ni the prcsont site of Auburn, a minion was eatablished by the Catholics in 1847, thirty two j-earn ago for the Pottawatomie Indians, when in Wamego.

7 2t 12 lbs N. O. Sugar 81.00. 3 lbs Good Japan Tea $1.00. 2 lb.

Choico Enirlish Breakfast A fact, Bio. Campbell, "cuteness" had nothing to do with it. McUlosky's (iiizHte. published a full piolure of the sent editor of tho Reporter, but Mo. was loo mod-ost to lull whoso it was.

It should Tea l.00,at O. W. BlTTMANx'g. in amego lor tbo arrest of Uhas. Baker, saloon keeper, Ben MoDun-ald, a negro and ono Music, The charge ngainst Baker, is, we understand it, selling the goods that had been stolen Cigars and whisky.

McDonald was lodged in jail, B-ikorand Music ware released on $J00 bonds each. Shsriff Shehi in taking charge of the prisoners has boon ably assisted by deputy S. Gnflis; 0 1 Considerable excitemont has prevailed lor tho last few days. j4II man nor of reports have been in circulation, but the fuels are, we think, very nearly as stated above. The coming term ol Dimrict court promises to bo ono of tho liveliest ever held in Pottawatomie county.

Too much pt'uiso cannot be given to A. T. Palmer for the enorgotic. persistent way in which he has managed things thus far. He bus 1 WILL HAVE A SPECIAL SALE OF OVERCOATS FOR 30 Days, which I will sell, so cents on the dollar, TO CLEAR THE STOCK, AND MAKE ROOM FOR SPRING STYLES.


7-2t have been itccompanied with the 'imago" of a baby with a sucking bottle to represent ths llluslrious -t-A No 1 span of work mules E. Btoiiks, PKNTAI. SL'KOEON. I'lTtnnnently loeaud nt LouuvilU, ln-yU a full upper or lower cl of teeth on -''llukiid bane. per let; alo fill toe 1 itli K)ld from to $5, per cavity; fil-ver fiom 75 to St.

50 per cavity. All orl. KHtirautced lo glie good untlsfaetlon. Wii.i. be in Louiitvllle every Monday and PalurHay.

UlcHTSK, LotisvuxE, Kansas, TATE McCOMAS. Vroprietor. Thla liout) ia located uear the court and the bent a-eoinodntionfi for travelers, flood stabling In connection witU tlin honne. ltf. well broke, for sale for cash.

Apply tiisociate. to J. Whoeler, Wamego, Ksnsas. 4 -ft it vvtii in charge of Rev. Hocken, About 2J log cabins were built hero by them.

UoHsvillo Timet Wabaunsee County. The against the narrow gauge bonds was 481. District court was in session Alma last week, The llibbard case Juke Knhler wan tod (o see tho" prisonors and pressed his face up to I am prepared to loan money on as good term-, as any in Potta the grates to look in. One of the wtitomie county. John Whitlock, birds daihed a dipper of water sIidwii himself equal to the against his countenance, which --All parties in want of an extra might be called a cool reception good wagon, should go to Tyler's Clearing It was Monday unrninir.

bitter ti6n ut onco and buy a La Belle wagon Mariadabl Items- The (oll.iwiH M.iriadahl, Pottawatomie county, items we clip from the Manhattan cold, and in two seconds icicles wore they are the best made wagon and hanging to his nose and ears. Nationalist; have better timber in them than Yamego HOUSE. K. II. Ukix, rroprietor, M'amrgo, Kniisas.

Farmer ran -ret meals for 25 cts. Stable 8-tf A good wiigun maker la expected out Wo have received from Supt, any wagon sold in the county be nerc trom Ualeaourg, 111. was dismissed on motion nt the prosecution. Tho Snrt claims that fradulcnl voles were cast at tho lute election to detent tho railroad bonds. In Kaw township it says there- are only 81 legal voters, and tho returns show that 231 votes were cast there at the recent election every one being against tho bonds.

This is very naughty and Wabanusee people shouldn't do so. W. It. Johnson, a leading merchant of Tuscola, has been Reduce 2MCy Lommon "Report of tbe Depart The Mctliodlat cloned a aerica of met-t- cause they are manufactured in one of the best timbered regions of the insr. laat Kridav.

that, ihev have been menl of Public Instruction for the holding In the church tor about two weeks, United Stales. Wo propose to sell The city Is now growing at a lively rate; LOOK the same as other inferior wagons, lUJI IMMENSI iV STOCK, at present mere are rm-n at work on no school years ending July 81, 1877 and 1878." We have only bad time to give the work a partial examination but have seen Iocs than ttiree foiiuuatlona auu bitlulinga, which are sold at (GO cath. Call Ole JolinMin having again resumed work on the drug-stoie building. Meaara. Coster and get one of them bofore thoy are 1 am selling the Host and Cheapest enough to convince us that it con in town for tho past fow days.

If: Keueuy are doing lue gone, 8-2t John A. Jehnaon Is havir.g a story anil a we had a railroad be sayo he knows of upwards of twenty or thirty lam-ilies who would come right to this nan triune mowing put up, nntcii J. w. illlum bus leased for a dwelling.

C. W. Kagerberg tins commenced exca MRS. MAGGIE HALL, PIC A LEU IX point and settle, whose aggregate Sewing Machine. aud see me at tbe Livery Stable, or haul door soutb of tbe Mill.

Louisville, Kaniai. ltf. GEO. P. MORSE vation, let no contract lor a cellar, and Is now in Manhattan buying lumber for a buildiiiK to be Hied for-what on rouse we property tbat they will bring with them will reach J100.000.- Aeu.

tains much that is worthy of preser ration. Died. Al Circleville, Ohio, Mar. 10th, 1879, Sylvester Fowler, aged nearly Jity. Tbe deceased was born and raisod in the county where he died.

Nevertheless he bad traveled much in different ports of his own country but returned to his childhood's home lo die. Generous to a fault, he never noglootod an opportunity to City Election. Notice la given, that on Monday, the 7 1 la day of April, I8TU. at tbe Court tlotiac, in tho City of Louiavilie. the Before I Start to ihs Easisri Markets D.

GOLDSTANDT, Ulty Election will be held, to elect the fot cannM say, but nave a right to gueis, Mr. Williams, tbo harness maker, is now in full blast making harness Ac. but being unable lo get a room lor a shop, hat just took up temporary quarters until he can build. Hu will get his family here on There seems to be a little more Interest taken In the narrow gauge railroad than has been the case beretolore. hut it Is much doubted whether tbe road will receive aid.

as tbe people ot the township propone to vote no aid except on certain restrictions regarding the place of crossing tho illuo and where to strike tbe same, Ac, lowina city officer! ot tho city of Louia Ville. lo wit: Mayor, Police -Judge, and Uvo touncllmnn. umi'n. AH, McKOWEN, City Clerk. Paints, Varnishes, Oils, Tobbacco, Cigars, etc.

Physicians' prescriptions carefully Compounded. ALSO A STOCK OF do good and smooth the sorrow of AOTICE. t'nlted States Land ofllce, Topeka, KanaM, February, 2tth, 1879. fomplalnt liavttii" been entered at thU offlue by Luke Mr.Kenney, againat Klva Walton lor abandoning her lionifitoad, etitrv No. 8888, dated June '25th, 1872, upon the S.

i ot N. W. of Section 81 Tp.7. Range 9, la Pottawatomie ronntv, Kanarm, with a view to thecancellatlou ol aald entry. The laid partlei are hereby summoned to appear at this olllce on the lUtb, day of April, 1179 at 3 o'clock V.

M. to reapoml and Ittrniah testimony couceruing said alleged abaudonment. W. H. FITZPATBK'IC, Heiter, 6 -OcOHOHrY.

atson, fiecever. List of Additional Jurors, For the March term ef Court In the Third Judicial DlHtrlct tor the County of Pottawatomie John Brady, 8t. alarys; Robert Bell, Lotto Tree; Jamua Jlucy liclvue; D. Vroman, Shannon; Admn Witter, Hclvue; Joseph DcOraw. Mill Ueck; Robert Ureen i J.J.Meaaer.

I.iu. CONFECTIONERY, Died Monday, March 17th, nt his borne, near Louisville, in the thirtieth year of his age, J. 13. Hug- others. He was always of delicate constitution, and in tbe last few years suffered much, but without complaint, hopeful, cheorful, happy.

He was an nncle lo the editor of this paper. "The Great Western Including Candies, Nu la, etc, etc. gins. His relativos and friends J. W.

A I. eoin; ivm. noetic, one Tree Louisville, Kansas. I'have the sympathy of Ihe entire Icn. Mill Creek Wm.

Martrl. licit lie: mill if "akcr, com.

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