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The Lebanon Journal from Lebanon, Kansas • 4

The Lebanon Journal from Lebanon, Kansas • 4

Lebanon, Kansas
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5 THE JOURNAL, Notice to all Alliances in Smith Co. There will be a delegate Countv John ACClDilJiTAL POiSOM. Byron J. 'Thompson, Dead. Business floats alone: in its various -DEALEB IX- DRUGS, MEDICINES, PAINTS, OILS, GLASS, PATENT AND PROPRIETARY MEDICINES Best line ol- ig PERFUMERY -cSl7gXE.

Ice at Shippens. Read Clark Smith's "add," it will do you good. See Frank Wilson for sign painting and paper hanging, tf. Baby carriages at Clark Smith's Smith Centre. See their "ad." If you want a bargain in boots and shoas, try George Maute.

Best meals in the city at Funston's restaurant. only 20 cts. Ladies, try a pair of onr Fine Turn shoes, for $2.00 Geo. Maute. John II.

Henson at the City Drug Store, for pure drugs, paints and oils. tf. For cheap clothing, call at the west side clothing store of Jay. Smith. C.

E. Shippen's Meat Market, for pure meats, neatly and properly handled, if. epsop 55 Lebanon Kan. A fine line of Writing Paper, Pens, Inks, Blank Books, Pencils, and A fine assortment of Stationary. PRESCRIPTIOITS Carefully compounded by John Seufert, a thorough graduate and practical ifi Willi it ill Uivefy apd Feed TABLE I.

RICKABAUGH, PROPRIETOR. One door west of Xjj3 B-AIsTOlSr, Your Attention to Business And we mean to stay' and hope by fare treatment to gain your patronaee We are not here for onr liAnlih hnt. wm. JUU UUU llgS a3 cheap as the next one also the wants of the Commercial Travel Carefully looked after. -Rig3 furuishedto any part of the county with or without driver.

"CARRY TIIE General Mcrcliarirli J. A. WRIGHT, Editor and Publisher, One Dollar Per Year In Advance. OFFICIAL CITY PAPER. Jntered at the Post-ofllcelii Lebanon, Kansas As second class mail matter.

Published every Saturday, In the Interest of. the farming and producing classes, on whose toil, and on whose productions ami the prices 'received for same, dtpeuc-is the success, growth and devclopnicut of the jjity of ib-uuon. SATURDAY JtY12, 1W. Public. K.ofi.

Assembly No. JSCS, Lebanon, Kansas: Mwits every Friday evening at Fraternity flail. Visiting' brothers cordially invited to iueet with us. ff, KELLOHti, J. A.

RIGHT. R. S. 1, 0. 0.

F. LebanonLodseSo. au. meets every Tuesday evening in its hall. Visiting brethren are 'cordially invited.

P. Glenn, N. 1 L. A. Uhapuiau, Secretary.

A.F.&A.M. Oak Lodge No. 281. Meets (it Masonic Hall, In Lebanon, Kansas, on the second and fourth 'Saturday evenings of each month. Visiting brethren welcomed, A.

A Brown, Sec. JohnW Hooton.W.M. fi.A. It, Lebanon Post No. 2W.

Meets in Masonic Hall Lebanon, Kansas, on the tlrst and third Wednesday afternoon, in each month. Allconirad-ies are Invited to meet with tia, Wm. Stricklan, W. Smith, Adjutant. Commander, W.C.T.

U. Meets Lebanon, Kansas, Saturday afternoons. Mrs. 0. K.

Wood, President. M.E.C. Serveies every alternate Sabbatb at the M.E, church at 11, a. m. arid 7 p.

"Sabbath school every Sabbath, 10. a.m. IToung converts prayer meeting every Wednesday evening 7, p. m. 1 PrayermeetinireveryThursdayevening7 p.

m. A cordial invitation extended to the public, to attend our meetings, Key. F. D. Funk, Pastor.


LK11ANON, KANSA3. (KIINO KAST. No. 14, Mail and Express, 8:30 a. 18, Fast Eiraress, Ili42p.

No. 44, Freight accommodation, 7 :20 a. OOINO IffEST. No. Mail and Express.

7:25 p. 15, Fast Express, 8:33 a. No. 43 Accommodation Freight, 4:48 p. M.

U. THOMAS, Ageit. STATE ASD COUNTY DIRECTOEY. FKrmers' Alliance and Industrial Union. KANSAS.

President, B. IL Plover, Cambridge, Kansas, Vice President, W. H. Bitldle, Augusta, Kan. B.

French, Hutchinson, Kansas, treasurer, H. Tlaughman, Burton, Kansas, Lecturer, Dickenson, Meriden, Kansas. SMITH COUNTY. President, E. Smith, Germantown Kansas.

Vice President A. Abercromby, Gaylord, Ks, Sec. J. CarlrMit, C'edarville, Kansas, ijecturer, W. Amis, Stuart.

Kansas-'. Chap. D. W. Weltmer, Gaylord, Kansas, Ast.

Leot. A. E. Engstrom, Cedarville, Kan. Athol, Kan.

LoGolNews. 110. in the shade. Boom the anniversary. Light rain Monday night, dole's Show will be advertised in jpur next issue.

'Holmes says Parks' grove is a ''dandy." W. S. Fields of Mankato, attended Lue funeral Wednesday. Agent Thomas knows how to keep the Go's stock yards in shape. What has become of the side walk prdinanee on Kansas avenue Walter Inman, representing the K.

C. Star, was in the city Tuesday, Lymau Smith started Sunday night, for a visit among friends in Kew York. Remember Cole's Circus and Menagerie, at LebaNOS WebNesday July, '23rd Mell Livermore was appointed County Superintendent by the 'commissioners, last Monday. John Chelf is very busy with his well auger, and gives good satisfaction as a well borer. M.

Lockwood of the Kensington Trumpet called Monday while jn the city visiting friends. James L. 1'orter and Frank Kiger goes next week to Mc Pherson coun-ty Kansas, for a short stay. We are indebted to Manning Scher-marhorn for free deck passage to the pelebration at Parks' grove. Clarence Thompson and Frank Ky-ger, two stirring young men from Stuartj were in the city Monday.

Lebanon base ail club can "do" py thing in the county, so the boys pay. and we believe they are about Hutehinigs the photographer made his regular visit to the city Monday. He is one of the finest artists in the west. The Lebanon Brass Band furnish ed excellent music with the masonic ana ivniguu or Pythias at the funeral of the late lamented Byron J. Thompspri, Dr.

II. A. Dykes, aud other Salem gentlemen were in the city this week, arranging for the immediate removal of their buildings from Salem tp this city. If there is any body in. the city that pan rustle a ball game, aud then rustle after they get it, Fred Derge and George Adams are those same iwo people.

We are informed that a big game of ball has been, arranged, Wednesday 23rd inst, between the Lebauon and Crystal Plaius' clubs. Game to tH? llIace on tne Lebanon ground. Conventon of all the alliances, held at Smith Centre, July 15th, begin- mg at 10 a. to nominate candidates for county officers. Each alliance is entitled to one deligate for every 10 members, and one for the major fraction there of.

J. Cartwright, P. S. After the election of offi cers the secretary of each alliance should at onca send to the county ana state secretary, the name of his alliance, and name and address of each officer etc. This is but a reason able duty, and it is the positive command of our state Let each secretary who has not alreadv sent me such information, comply at once, ana tuen snail be able to furnish each alliance in the county a sort of directory of all the alliances.

If the brother who had his coat and my receipt'burnt up will again send me his address I will duplicate the receipt, J. C. Horace Winegar Son Have Money to Loan, on Real Estate CHATTEL SECURITY. Farm Loans A Specialty. At Lowest Rates.

Insurance Written in Leading' Companies. Call on us at onr now olllee, FIRST door north of Post-ollioo, and we will take ulcaBure in assist irg you in in our line, WINKUAii Lebanon, Fansas. eat Market Just Opened FRESH and SALT Moats always on hand and kept in the best of order. Fresh and Salt Fisii Always on hand in proper season. I respectfully aslc a share of the Trd? of tiie People of Lebanon vici.iity.

Give me a trial. C. SHIPPEN, Lebanon, Kansas. Frank Laman Contractor and Builder, all work guaranteed. Headquarters at George Green's blacksmith shop.

Kansas. HAVE YOU SEEN Qur WindMis. I OPEN AND SOLID WHEELS Centennials I have quit the Implement business and will devote my time to WIND MILLS, PUMPS, TANKS and Re pairing old pumps. If you want an Onen'Whppl nr KnU.i Wheel see me before buying and not Be Swindled Ry traveling Agents, as I will sell yoa First-Class Mill, Pump, Pipe, Self Regulator Tanks, or anything in the line that FARMERS' NEED for watering stock, Hog Troughs and cheaper than these concerns ON WHEELS that3 traveling over the country. W.

Launder, Lebanon, iraiis. IS SEEN -TlfVw 0Lm- WHAT? mm Fa fTwJ. If-J "'-w ri-J ehannelf on the onward move of time, as smoothly as the tide of a flowing stream, until a riffle or precipice is reached, when in all nature the smooth gentle tide is changed. JNever was tins city or community more astonished, than when the re port reached the city Tuesday that By J. Thompson, editor of the Criterion, had taken an overdose of morphine, and was in a dy ing condition, at Ui3 farm four and one half miles nort h-west of the city.

Doctors Ilislop and Dykes hurried at once to his side, and fonnd that the report was onlv too true. Dr. Sin gle was telegraphed for, and arrived as soon as conveyance could bnn him but the deadly poison had its work. All fore-noon neighbors ana citizens with the lieln of ulivsi- tians, did all in their power torecus- sitate mm, Out to no avail; at half past 3 o'clock p. Tuesday July 8th 1890, the veteran printer, editor, citizen, and friend of Smith and Jewell counties Kansas, breathed his last.

In his very nature if ailing in any way. few men knew it. TiMU cent, affable, and pleasant at all times few knew that he was afflicted with neuralgia in so fatal a form. Ittsppms that since Saturday he had retired to uisroora, ana was using morphine quite freely to quiet his nerves, when in some way, he took an pver-dose, with fatal results. It is, indeed, a sad affair, and we can onlv sav in the language of a noted writer; "Help ior ine living, nope for the dead." The Masonic and Knights of Pith- ias orders took charge of the remains immediately after death.

At 2 p.m. on Wednesday, Rev. Funk conducted the funeral ceremonies at the home, after which the procession formed, and marched to the Price Cemetery under supervision of the Masonic fraternity. The procession was at least three quarters of a mile in length. Headed, after getting in line, by the Lebanon Brass Band, followed by the K.

of P. and Masonic orders; next came the hearse followed by near relatives, neighbors, friends, and citizeNS. At the cemetery the MasoNS agaiN took the lead axd cosducted the burial rits, aNd all that is mortal of ByroxJ. Thompson is laid to rest forever. Will we Not for weeks, imagine that we see his familiar coiiNteNaNce, aNd hear his hearty "good morNiNg," but alas It is all over.

It seems like a dream, ONly too real, and we are left to console ourselves with the words of the poet. "Whilo this poor body lies mouldering In the tomb, And the soft winds gently slghio're Its Quiet homo, Arid th strange sweet in beauty o're it bloom, I shall rest at home." To all that remaiNs of Byron J. Thompson. If we could speak over the distaNce between us the mystery would be sojved. Though we may have differed politically, it was not a cause for maring friendship.

Good bye, oldfrieNd. RESOLUTIONS OF RESPECT. Hall of Oak Lodge, number 287. Lebanon, July 9, 1890. WrtERitAS, It has pleased the all wise Ruler of the Universe to remove our brother liv Thompson, from this terestiat sphere to that Celestial sphere from whose bourn no traveler returns; there to abide in eternal refrosh- upper 'lotiiro in that "House not built with hands.

Now therefore, be it Resolved bv' Oak Lodge number 287, that in the death of broth-er By Thompson, they have lost a worthv all his and neighbors. And be it further KKsoLVJiD, that in the death of brother By 3. Thompson, his family- have siistoiued the loss of a loving brother, an affectionate hns-baud, and an indulgent parent, Aud be it Resolved by Oak Lodge number that they hereby extend to the berieved faml and friends of brother By Thompson, their sympathy and condolence io this their hourof sad berievement in their Irreparable liss on earth. And bo It further RESOLVED, That a copy of these resolutions be spread on the minutes of the lobire and a copy bo furnished the beriovod family for preservation, and copy be furnished, the several papers for publication, Smith, 1 A. A.

Brown, Committee, J. Maze, A ktter to II. N. Bundy from Dr. W.

E. Shepard, locates him at Los Animus, Colorado. No mention is made to any particular improvement in the doctor's health. The wife of Wm. Baldwin died at her home 3 miles north-east of town, Wednesday morning.

July 9th 1890, after a lingering illness with that dread disease, consumption. Jack Gill, the young blacksmith of Ezbon, was married Thursday of this week, to Miss Flora, daughter of Wm. Small, the popular Ezbon-blacksmith. May the yonn'g eouple be and do as others have done before theti, who have a lifo of bliss and holiucss. The Bulletin will be merged into the Pioneer at Smith Centre, and it is quite generally understood that John Royce will go to Arkansas City Kansas, where he will take an interest in the, Traveler.

How soon the change takes, place is not generally known. NOTICE TQ SABBATH SCHOOLS. on of making n-a" boldina- a Sabbath August. Kach an-Wy'sc 0'" ea to send two delegates to alrt a. Kwiami.sec fn County.

IAL Ei-t'ORl'S We Guarantee LOW as those KANSAS. OUR SPRING our of jready for inspection. Call and see I will be obligeb to charge cts. per hundred for ice on and after this date, C. E.

Shippen. We will make extra low prices on clothing for the next 30 days. A. Derge Co. Highest market price paid for Hides at the New Meat Market, of C.

E. Shippen. tf. Ice 75 cents per hundred at C. E.

Shippens. The best that has ever been put up in this county too. Jay Smith the clothier is still at the old stand on west Main St. selling clothing to suit the times cheap for casn. Harness Oil! Harness Oil! until you can't rest, at the City Drug store, oposite rost-umce.

tf, John II. Henson. You that have never seen a genu ine brand of F. A. I.

O. cigars. should see them at Joe Housel'a best in the city. Gentlemen, we now have a most com plete line of those Best "Quality shoos, wmcn we will sell cheaper than ever. Geo.

Mautc. Clothing will sell von cloth ing cheaper than anybody. A. Dersre Co. Come and be convinced fore making your purchase.

We noticed the finest and most. complete case of stationary, both plain ana fancy, at the City Drug store, or jonn, li. Henson. We are now prepared to supply the trade with the celebrated Wizard oil, at the City Drug Store of John Henson. Opposite Post Office.

Butter, eggs and general produce bought and sold at the New Meat Market of C. E. Shipen, first door south of the Commercial House, tf GREAT DAY Lebaxo.Vs first cir cus, Next July 2ord Evtry body comes! George Ernest and wife left Monday for Wayne county' Nebraska. The Jouenal. follows and wishes George success in his new home, A.

M. Corn was in the city last week. He made no bad brakes while talking to alliance men, but gave himself away a little, when politics was mentioned. The Noted Indian Dr. Pohoy's Medicines can only be obtained of John Henson of the City Drug Store as we have secured the exclusive sale of them in this city.

printed enough Labor orffani zation badges of varions orders and designs, for the Ijourth, to indicate very plainly which way the wind is blowing for the coming election. Jas. Mc Kim returned to his home in White Rock, last week, after six weeks' travel in eae tern counties of this state, canvassing for the Ottawa nurseries. Mac reporls a goob business for his company. C.

II. Coleman of Salem was in the metropolis interviewing our citizens in regard to a location for a steam mill he has been' running on his farm near Salem. A good mill would help the city. Mrs. John.Alloway left on fiie midnight train Wednesday, for a brief visit at Excelsior, Mo.

Her little daughter accompanied her, and the visit will no doubt be greatly enjoyed. Mr. and Mrs. Alloway among the early settlers of this township, and have a finely improved farm. J.

N. Maze and wife went to Montrose on the Fourth, where the Hon. Wm. Baker, our next congressman, delivered the oration of the day to a large crowd. Mr.

Mnzn him as a man of good address, pleasing manners, and a very deliberate and careful reasoner, who always makes his points very clear. Notice to all Alliances inSmitu Co. I desire to see 11m an me Alliances in the mnntir .1 VJ. Smith Centre, July 15th, 18D0. J.

Cartwright, Sec. THE F. I. U. an'd K.ofL.

joint stock oomnanv. will ma.f A 1 ay Lebanon, Kan. at 2 p. m. sharp, on oiinuuiiy, juiy izin A full attendance is desired, as business of importance 13 to be V.

Chl'lf D.nir..,n VUUJtUlitll,) us. A. DEltOE CO, mmaaiaxiun Lebanon State Bank-. KAiTSAS the if act that we are still doing at our old Slav pa WE Make f- PrX'-' on (r'JOWsj Prices to be AS any Concern i STOCK is now LEBANON, Kansas, FHOM A STUDY OP THIS MAP OF extensions Eaet and West of th llPJ.V. eioeper between Peoria, Spirit Lake uj kke to and from those nolnfa favorite Line to Pipestono, Water- eorta and Hunting nd'Pishlngr VMUUUU, Vi BUUiVDO JOHN SEBASTIAN.

ILL. Oon'l Ticket ft Tut, the mmm, urn imm pacing railway, mSFtI1 PChes and Peori ft Rana iJrAVLz ana irom Chicasro, Joliet, Ottawa. Rock Island, In ILLINOIS-Davennort MuBoatino Mine8.Wnter8et,AudubM end I'ioux nd St Pa' MINNfesOTA-WatertoS MIsaoTTtfr oiifjh? Joseph and Kansas City, In Pairbury and Nelson, in NEBRASKA Horton Toneteal Hutchinson, Wichita, Belleville, Caldweir Kasasond cSlfk" in the INDIAN TkRIUTORYTand Denver' Bd FBEE Reclining Chair elrl ti tnarSh0' Dodge City, and Palace Yichlta Hutchinson, traverses nlw and Prazinf lands, affording the beBt facilities of MACNIHCENT VESTIBULE EXPRESS TRAINS, warmed by eteam from ive' we" ventilated, and free from dust. Throutrh Coaches OB ROUTES frceTCallfornia Excursions daily, with CHOICE FranclscS The DIRErr Plon' Anfreles and 8aS of the Gcda th and from Pike's Peak, Manitou, Garden Grandelrf of Colorado. CiUe8' MlnlnK CaP8.

Sanitariuma, and SoentS VIA THE ALBERT LEA ROUTE, wHh Mlnneapoliaand Et.Pa Kansas City. Through Chsair find fiioii-r SioufcliVfLi aid vnuirars town. Sioux PatfJ 0- Ttie GroSnds of thl Northwest 8ummor travel between cincin AN1? KANKAKEB offers facilities to Joeevb Atchfson Lafaytte, and Council Bluffs, 8U Kansas City, Minneapolis and St. Paul Ticket omtJl' to ouP E. ST.

JOHN. whwvh vr Ooneral Kinager. CHICAQO,.

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