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Wheaton Tribune from Wheaton, Kansas • 5

Wheaton Tribune from Wheaton, Kansas • 5

Wheaton Tribunei
Wheaton, Kansas
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A town is judged by the number A GOOD TOWN IN A GOOD COUNTRY Information for Those Seeking Farm, Stock or Bosiness Locations. Flying Dutchman LEADERS LEAD BECAUSE THEY ARE LEADERS. "What Do You Know?" When a newspaper man meets a person and asks the question, "What do you know?" it is no unmeaning phrase, says the Ross-ville News. He is interested in what is going on in the town. However, nine times out of ten he will be answered, "Nothing." The condition should be reversed, for if the person would think for a moment he could no doubt furnish an item that would be of interest to hundreds of people, and the newspaper man would be glad to tell it.

It is often the case that a reader wonders why the paper didn't notice an incident of which he or she was cognizant, yet it is quite probable they had been approached during the week and asked, "What do you know?" and a flippant reply had been given. A good, newsy local paper is a benefit to a community, and no citizen loses anything by giving the editor an item and thus assisting in making the paper not only of interest at home, but bringing the town into prominence all over thecountry. "What do you know?" Think for a moment. Wheaton is on the move. When you buy the WESTERN CORN PLANTER you buy two in one a COMBINED HILL OR DRILL DROP.

Also made for CHECK-ROWER. Listers we handle four of the The Dandy Cultivator is of If you need a Sulkey Lister we have the Western Belle and John Deere. They have been tried and found reliable. In Walking: WALKING LISTERS. best makes.

the Dutchman family, and it is a dandy, It has not found its equal in this country, Remember we also have everything in the line of Hardware, Furniture, Buggies and Spring Wagons, Pumps and Wind Mills. Give us a call and we will show you that our stock is complete in every department, and can make you right prices. Wilson Kufahl. O'MEARA Onaga, Real Estate, Farm Loans, INSURANCE AND COLLECTIONS. We are prepared to make farm loans at lowest rates, with- annual Interest payments and privilege of partial payments at any time.

and size of the ads its papers contain. J. T. Burk, of Irish creek, was in town Saturday, and bought a ticket to Holton. Mr.

Nowlin has rented a farm west of Fostoria, and moved there with his family last Friday. Sorry to lose them. John Campbell shipped stock last Thursday morning. The snow storm delayed him, but John got there just the same. John Holder, who was on the J.

Gallagher farm last season, has moved to the Dr. J. Van Vliet farm, north of town. Mrs. Robbins returned on Fri day morning's train from Fostoria, where she had been visiting her sister, Mrs.

H. L. Gard. C. E.

Morris was in town a day or two, looking after his interests. Charlie says he hasn't had the smallpox for about thirty years. Mrs. Ida Buchanan, with her five children, took the train last Thursday morning for Ness City, to which place ohn preceded her last week. Miss Ora McKee was an incom ing passenger on the Friday morning's train from Westmoreland.

She came to visit her sister, Mrs. Warren Anthony. Miss Nellie Doyle was among the arrivals Friday morning from the west. She had been on a visit to Tecoma, Utah. She received a hearty welcome on her return.

The Wheaton State bank will erect a building this spring, and it will be a credit to the town. Soon as plans are perfected the Tribune will give particulars. Watch us grow. Father Haughawout has retired from the Onaga Herald, selling the plant and good will to his sons, Fred and Clarence, both of whom are capable men. Their success is assured.

The Recorder states that C. E. Morris recently donated' a piece of land 60x270 feet to the city of Westmoreland. The county seat is to be congratulated on having so public spirited a citizen. T.

A. Fairchild, who recently lectured on temperance in Westmoreland and Onaga, is one of the modern kind of temperance lecturers. He appeals to reason, is a convincing talker, and accomplishes good wherever he appears. Last Friday, while Andrew Meade was driving near the gumbo kiln, a spark ignited the hay in the bottom of the wagon and burned it, together with Andrew's overcoat. It took hustling to prevent the burning of the wagon.

St. Marys Eagle. It is outrageous the way Westmoreland has failed to control the smallpox epidemic. Due and proper care, such as was exercised in Onaga and. Havensville, would have confined the scourge to a few families.

The people of. this town will be surprised if we do not have it, and that soon, as intercourse between the two towns is practically uninterrupted. Mack Taylor was in town last Monday morning for a load of lumber. He is going to build another sheep shed. There are now seventy-five lambs less than six weeks old on the Taylor ranch.

On one of the cold nights recently, Mack, his wife and son were kept busy until 2 o'clock a. m. carrying the fleecy little fellows into the cyclone cave, but in spite of their hospitality two of them, just born that day, were frozen to death. Olsburg Gazette. WHEATON.

THE thriving, growing, bustling town of Wheaton Is located nlnoty-one miles a little north of west of Leaven in Pottawatomie coiyity. It Is situated on the rolling prairie, a most healthful location, with the very best of water. The climate is not so cold as further west and more salubrious than nearer the Missouri river. On every side of Wheaton are good farming and stock-raising locations. Prospective settlers will receive courteous treatment at the hands of any real estate firm advertising in this paper.

The business part of the town is made up of substantial structures of stone, iron and frame. Thomas McGerty, who platted the town, gave one and one-half acres for a park, which is now filled with a profusion of trees of different varieties, affording fine shade. This park is one of the features of the town. Wheaton has four general stores, one bank, two hardwares, two hotels, drug store, harness shop, two blacksmith shops, barber shop, two implement houses, two lumber yards, two doctors, one livery, one millinery, two confectioneries, and one newspaper. Corn in this country gives all the way from 30 to 70 bushels to the acre, oats 50 to 60, potatoes 250 to 300, and hay two tons to the acre.

Wheaton shipped last year 375 car loads of live stock, fifteen car loads of hay, and forwarded 30,000 pounds of produce a month, including butter, eggs and poultry only. It received 70,000 pounds of merchandise in less than car load lots last month, and 100 car loads of coal and lumber, about equally divided, last year. Take it all together, Wheaton is one of the best towns in Northeastern Kansas in which to live and do business. It has good schools and churches and no saloons. We have three ehurches Congregational, Catholic and the Hap 1 14.

Our opera house can seat the larger portion of the people in town. CHURCHES AND SOCIETIES. CONGREGATIONAL. Sunday school meets every Sunday at 10 o'clock a. A.

M. Graff, Superintendent. Endeavor meetings every Sunday At 7:30 p. Mrs. Wilson, President.

Preaching services every Sunday at 11 o'clock a. m. Upv. J. J.

Wilson, Pastor. BAPTIST. Baptist Sunday school every Sunday at 10 o'clock a. in. CATHOLIC.

Mass second and fourth Sundays in each month, by Father Heer. MODERN WOODMEN OP AMERICA. Meets every second and fourth Saturday evening of the month. Visiting neighbors are always welcome. Otto Henneberg, V.

O. COUNTY OFFICERS. Treasurer A. V. Johnson J.

H. Cooper Clerk A. P. Scritch field Register of Deeds F. S.

Haacke Clerk of the Court W. Comfort Probate Judge M. Hasty Superintendent M. D. Weltner Surveyor H.

E. Barrett Coroner W. J. Fllnn COMMISSIONERS. .1.

N. Wilson, 2d chairman Wheaton G. W. Warner, 3d dist Wamego B. F.

Glunt, 1st dist Garrison TOWNSHIP OFFICERS. Trustee B.J. Allen Olerk W. F. Kufahl Treasurer Fred Elsenbels Justice of the Peace Thomas McGerty Justice of the Peace John Sheahan L.

K. W. TIME CARD. GOING EAST. Passenger No.

42 7:58 a.m Accommodation 8:35 p.m GOING WEST. Passenger No. 41 9:13 p.m Accommodation No. 42..... 5:5 p.m F.

L. COOPER, Agent. KANSAS SOUTHERN. (At Blaine.) GOING SOUTH. Leave Blaine Leave Blaine 9:35 p.m GOING NORTH.

Arrive Blaine 6:44 a.m Arrive Blaine 8:45 p.m G. H. WINCHELL, General Passenger Westmoreland. Let us figure on your printing. Five cents buys a bunch of nice clean papers at this office.

W. G. Grice has returned from Manhattan, where he has been teaching school. i A Blaine firm carries a fifty-six inch ad, which is the largest in the county, with one exception. i i.i W.

E. Force has moved from his farm near Westmoreland to the farm recently owned by John Buchanan. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. M. CONDON, PROPRIETOR OP The Wheaton House.

This popular house has recently been furnished throughout with new furniture, and Is now first-class in evnrv rusrwct. Joe Roach, of Blaine, was in town Friday. L. P. Parshall has moved into J.

Gallagher's residence. J. Gallagher has moved his family to the farm for the sum mer. Mr. and Mrs.

F. I. Davis, of Arispie, visited in town last Satur day. Colonel Jeltz has honored us by putting the Tribune on his exchange list. "Jolts by Jeltz" are as widely read as "Globe Sights." Messrs.

Miller and Beisenthal were in town Saturday and left an order with the Tribune for deeds for the Fairview Cemetery association. The new Wheaton Tribune is a beauty, and the citizens of Wheaton are to be congratulated on having such a paper "in their midst." Robinson Index. The snow plow passed through town last Friday with a live pig perched on the front end. The plow ran into, a bunch of four porkers between here and Blaine, scooping them up, but lost three coming down the hill into town. The remaining one was, rooting in the snow on the pilot, seemingly as contented as though he (man-hog fashion) occupying two seats in a coach.

Mrs. Ada H. Tracy was granted a divorce from her husband, Bur-rell H. Tracy, special assistant state attorney general, by Judge Thomson, at Alma, last week. Mrs.

Tracy, sued for divorce on the ground of abandonment. The plaintiff's maiden name was restored. Mrs. Tracy was formerly Miss Ada Barnes, daughter of J. B.

Barnes, of Alma. At the time of their marriage B. H. Tracy was county attorney of Pottawatomie county. They resided in Wamego, where Mrs.

Tracy, who is a woman of remarkable beauty, became a great favorite, and they were prominent in social circles here. In less than a year after their marriage they separated and Mrs. Tracy went to her father's home and afterwards to the east. When two years had elapsed she returned to Alma to sue for divorce, but met her husband and was persuaded to return to him. They lived together in Wamego until a year and a half ago, when they separated for the second time.

Mrs. Tracy went to Chicago, and now has a position as stenographer for a law firm. Wamego Times. COMER, Kansas, OVERLAND ROUTE. in- Union Pacific! DIRECT LINE FOR ALL POINTS IN KANSAS, COLORADO, WYOMING, UTAH, PACIFIC COAST, and PUGET SOUND.

"Palace Sleeping Oars, Ordinary Sleeping Cars, Free Reclining Ohalr Oars, Dining Cars. For time tables, folders, illustrated books, and pamphlets descriptive of the territory traversed, call on your nearest agent or address J. B. Frawley, Gen. Kansas City.

Always ALL THE NEWS WITHOUT PREJUDICE THE BEST GENERAL READING THE BEST MARKET REPORT THE GREAT PAPER OF thb GREAT WEST The KANSAS CITY STAR By mall, postage prepaid, dally and Sunday, One Year, $4. By mail, postage prepaid, daily and Sunday Six Months, $2. The Weekly Kansas City Star Postage prepaid, 25 cents a year. Papers in the surrounding towns are congratulating Wheaton on having such a paper as the Tribune "in their midst." What do you think, brothers those of you who are not inclined to support it? Is it not a mighty good idea to stand by your home town? We can do all ordinary (and some extraordinary) printing. SCHOOL REPORTS.

Following is the report of Dutch Creek school for month ending March 2, 1900: Number enrolled 19 Number males enrolled 9 Number females enrolled 10 Average attendance 13 Neither absent nor tardy 3 Honor roll: Frank, Willie, and Emil Kolterman. Parents and those interested are invited to visit the school. Thos. Toothaker, Teacher. The fact that steel ranges are sold throughout the country by unscrupulous peddlers calls for no comment from the Times, for the reason that we seldom have a hardware merchant to protect.

None in Wamego patronize the paper. So far as we are concerned, steel ranges may be sown over the country as thickly as a sows grain. Wamego Times. Alba May and Ethel Strieker, two young people of Havensville, aged 22 and 18 respectively, took on the matrimonial yoke in the judged presence recently, but their life of bliss proved to be of short duration. The groom took his bride to his home, where they remained the first night.

The next day the bride returned to her former home, and has since remained there. No reason is known for the girl's unusual action, other than that she arrived at once at the conclusion that marriage is a failure. Holton Recorder..

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