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Wheaton Tribune from Wheaton, Kansas • 8

Wheaton Tribune from Wheaton, Kansas • 8

Wheaton Tribunei
Wheaton, Kansas
Issue Date:
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C. E. Morris was circulating Our merchants report a rattling good trade Saturday. ar'6und town; last Friday 'i i A. F.

Kufahl called on us this Shorts! Gallagher is not Great week. of K. W. TIME CARD. GOING Passenger No.

42........1.. v.i.,;;... 7:58 a.m Accommodation 3:35 p.m GOING WEST. Passenger No. 41...

9:13 Accommodation No. 42.. 5:5 p.m F. L. Cooper, Agent.

KANSAS SOUTHERN. (At Blaine.) Havensville buries Onaga peo Clearing Sale! ple" alive those that die of the chickenpox. short on shorts at short prices. Mr. and Mrs.

Leavitt Booth visited in Wheaton last Sunday. The' total receipts of the county-poor farm for 1899 were $865.30. i For a first-class lunch, meal, oyster stow, or fry, call on C. A. The Wheaton postoffice is open on Sundays from' 9:30 to 10:30 olock a.

m. 1 GOING SOUTH. have just finished invoicing, and find that I Leavo Leave Ingalsbe. 7:20 a.m 9:35 p.m Eight degrees below' zero Mon am overstocked on all classes of goods, conse- School in the Trowbridge dis GOING NORTH. day' morning, and the farmers were plowing last week.

trict commenced Monday, after a quently will make some deep cuts for the next thirty Arrive Blaine 6:44 a.m Arrive Blaine. 8:45 p.m T. G. H. WINCHELL, General Passenger Agent, Westmoreland.

week's intermission. A. M. Graff ordered the Tri bune sent to himself and also to an It is about' time for the Blaine address at Hamilton, Kansas. News to have another spasm over the straightening of the township It is probable that after this a The editor will consider It a favor If friends of thfr.Tribune will notify thenofflct! of events, marriages, deaths, accidents and local happenings tho arrival and departure, of yls-ltlng whether In the town or country.

inc. higher requirement for third-grade teachers' certificates will be made. Mr. and J. N.

Wilson The New York Weekly Tribune LOCAL NEWsT went to Miltonvalo last Thursday to visit their daughter, Mrs. Bert McArthur. and the Wheaton Tribune both I OFFER: yards of Calico at 3 to 4c per yard. 5U0 yards of Cotton Flannel at 4 to 10c per yard. 500 yards of Flannelett at 4 to 8c per yard.

200 yards of Plaid Dress Goods at 5 to 10c per yard. A fine assortment of Cashmeres, Brillianteens and Henriettas going cheap at this sale. 200 pairs of Ladies' Button Shoes going at half price. Felt Boots and Overs at half price. 50 Men's and Boys' Caps, your choice at 10c.

Hats for Men and Boys thrown in the slaughter pen. Still a few Plush Capes and Ladies' Jackets going below cost. for $1.25 a year. The price of the New York Tribune alone is A son of Tom Bennett, north of Sale bills at this office. $1 a year.

train service is town, was kicked inc iace oy a colt last Saturday. The injury is not serious. The K. i sai(I to be good. Concordia P.

P. P. flour is now YJ McMurry Robbins shipped The Tribune turned out letter known everywhere as the best flour that money can buy. Lowest prices. Produce taken in exchange at Gallagher's.

stock a day or two ago. heads, note heads, bills and circulars last week. Good work and The grass in green in spots all over northeastern Kansas. Hundreds of other goods equally as cheap, but fair prices will win. Westmoreland claims to have have not space to explain.

Come in and be At this writing tho Boers soeni convinced how I can cut and slash. the largest lumber yard in the county. A bunch of shingles looks as large as a hay rick to sl Westmoreland editor. J. N.

Wilson was in the county seat Wednesday of last week. The state board of agriculture has no seeds for free distribution. to have secured the same grip on the British lion that the snapping turtle did on the boy. One thing noticeable in this Wheaton has been very fortu nate in escaping the chickenpox. town is the entire absence of hoodlumism on the streets in the W.

H. Washburn Not a case in town yet and only two or three in the country. evenings. A far different state of affairs exists in most towns. Dr.

and Mrs. Soden have gone The Tribune and the Semi-Weekly Capital for $1.50 per year. D. L. Fulton, of Westmoreland, was in town th2 latter part of last week.

Dr. Randall and wife were the recipients of a screnaae Thursday evening. Charles Cooper, of Westmore to Kansas City, where they will make their home. Their many M. CONDON, Smallpox has not appeared in Wheaton.

The people are just excited over Gallagher's small prices. Then, too, he pays highest market prices for all kinds of friends here regret their departure. W. H. Washburn still sells Gold PROPRIETOR of Coin flour at 90 cents per sack.

product. land, was in town Wednesday of He also has a few ladies' and chil- A great many people in this last week. ren's jackets and plush capes that The Wheaton House. vicinity will shortly receive sam he is selling below cost. Miss Nora Hosier accompanied pie copies of the New York Mr.

and Mrs. Carl Pomeroy to The Wheaton Tribune, a new Weekly Tribune. These papers This popular house lias recently been furnished throughout with new furniture, and Is now Wheaton. first-class in every respect. are sent out at our request.

We paper edited Dy A. li. oVioore, formerly of Westmoreland, made have a clubbing rate with them. James Harrington was in town and made the printer's heart glad its initial bow to the public this PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Notice to the Public.

Smallpox is epidemic in many morning. It is a fine little paper, last Thursday. Mrs. Randall joined tho doctor here last Thursday evening, com and looks well attired in its brand places in Kansas City, Missouri, DR. F.

W. RANDALL, new dress. Success to you, Brother ing on No. 41. She is an accom Oklahoma and Kansas.

Pottawa We can do your job work in a satisfactory manner. Patronize Moore; we are pleased to exchange plished lady and will like and be liked by our people. The doc tomie county has had a very large number of cases. The county home industry. with you.

Olsburg Gazette. Wheaton, Kansas. board of health has been unable to C. Johnson and son George Dr. Randall says this community is tho best he ever saw in which to establish any efficient quarantine.

tor has purchased the greater part of the office and household furniture of Dr. Soden, and will occupy the office and residence of the were in Westmoreland last week, All calls promptly attended. Office next door to harness shop. make collections. attending to the establishing of a branch harness shop there.

This It should bo impressed on everyone that this disease is not chicken-pox but smallpox, and keep away We have new material and can latter. rom it if possible, and get vac Emmet Peery, who has had a do you neat, tasty printing for a reasonable price Abe Washburn has a nearly new move will give the county-seat a first-class shop. The business in Wheaton will be conducted as heretofore. The style of the firm in Westmoreland will be Johnson cinated at once- This will protect in a large per cent of cases. 1 will running sore on his leg for several years, went down to Manhattan vaccinate anyone from 12 o'clock m.

till 2 o'clock p. m. for 10 cents each. This is not to make money, Business MEN WHO WANT glL Should Try the Tribune. Prices All Right.

one day last week to have an operation performed. His leg was cut open to the bone, when it was Bros. Express Messenger Henry Weel but to do my part in protecting discovered that the bone had been borg, who runs through here, has the people of this dread disease. fractured at some time. The doc found a long-lost brother in the In the past you have been very tor thinks he must have been person of Harry L.

Gratton, or, good to I will be good to you. -Olsburg Ga as he is now known, Jesse Doanc. top buggy which he will sell at a bargain if sold soon. Warren Anthony and W. J.

Keizer drove to Westmoreland last Thursday evening. The best brands of cigars will bo found at the Ingalsbe House, C. A. Ingalsbe, proprietor. Sheriff Cooper was in town tween trains last Thursday.

He had been to Havensville. Wheaton should have a band. kicked by a horse zette. J. Van Vliet, M.

D. Mayor Shaler, in the absence of It seems that Weelborg's correct name is Doane. The Doane family was up and scattered years For Sale. TVivoo rrnrul Into in AATVmnTvm aro. Two Other brothers, Bert Doctor Farrar, city health officer, caused quarantine notices to bo placed at several homes whore there CD and James, live at Cottonwood Albert Floersch, of St.

George, has just completed the largest corn crib in Pottawatomie county, says the Wamego Times. It is 40 feet by 150 in size 10, 12 and 14 feet high. It is erected on stone foundations, and has a driveway through it. It will hold 40,000 bushels of ear corn and 6,000 were cases of Cuban chickenpox, but they did not remain long. Falls under their rightful name Doane.

This is general election year and The following morning tho cards The trees in our park -are now there will be numerous calls for a large enough to afford nice shade band of music. were found tacked to the mayor's residonce. Perhaps, when the loathsome epidemic goes plunging tnrough every family in Louis and steps should be taken this snrino- to Dut in a few seats. We suitable for business or residence houses. Will sell all together or separate.

Inquire of C. E. Bennett. D. Berger, the irresponsible traveling optician who hired a team from an Olsburg liveryman and left the same at Irving without paying for it or notifying the owner of its whereabouts, operated in this vicinity for a few days.

He secured a note for a hundred dollars from a citizen in the north part of the township, but the citi Mrs. J. N. Force has returned bushels of shelled corn, besides other stuff. There is" also a steam 1 can, by a little exertion, have the nicest park in the county.

One corn shelter and grinder in ville, Mayor ShalerV efforts to squelch it will be appreciated. J. town we have in mind has a "park day," and it is a bigger day in Wi Shaw, the grocery man, is now standing behind his counter after that community than Fourth July. They hold a celebration a but a week's absence at home with this light disease of smallpox, and from Glen Elder, Kansas, where she has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Lettie Phillips.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Pomeroy are now at home to their friends. They were serenaded the evening of the day of their arrival. The Tribune office has the correct styles in visiting cards, and, what is more, the very latest face of type to print them with.

the park, have speaking, schoo there is a good opportunity of exercises, and all turn to and work with a will to beautify the grounds. The dead grass is raked A young married woman made a curious blunder, says an exchange. She put some eggs on to boil for her husband's dinner soon after breakfast one morning. They were still on when he came home at dinner time. Upon her husband asking what was in the sauce pan, she answered: "Eggs for your dinner.

They have been on since soon after breakfast. I have tried them with a fork, and they are not boiled soft yet." up and burned, seats repaired zen becoming suspicious demanded and forced the return of his paper before the "doctor" had an opportunity to negotiate it. No town in this section has a more able corps of physicians than Wheaton, and you should have no dealings with traveling quacks. Let us figure on your work. gravel walks smoothed, trees spreading it most effectually.

It is but a year since measles, considered harmless, carried off a number of our citizens, and the chicken or smallpox is many times more dangerous. Louisville in Wamego Times. my arm! trimmed, etc. The day is made 7 a municipal holiday, but is recog Through an error in last week's paper, the name of J. N.

Wilson was omitted in the list of directors nized by the people generally in the country surrounding. of the Wheaton State bank..

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