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The Daily Wamegan from Wamego, Kansas • 3

The Daily Wamegan from Wamego, Kansas • 3

The Daily Wamegani
Wamego, Kansas
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The Daily WamegaD. Just before we take Invetory of our Stock we will give Unheard of Bargains in Glass and Queensware Broadbrim's New York Letter The arrest in Brooklyn of a prominent real estate man named Swimm, on Tuesday last, is the culmination of one of the quaint little romances ot our city life. Mr. Swimm is an eminently respectable citizen, apparently retiring in his rather clerical in his appearance, and Is in fact regarded as one of the staunchest pillars of the took place in the person of a country editor. You don't often catch a country editor tripping in New York, for as a general thing they are gentlemen of sound morals and good general information, and about as fly on all the ins and outs of city life as the bunco men themselves.

Well, this particular editor came to town with twelve hundred, dollars in his pocket to buy 3ome new presses for his office. He Henry Shortt, of Belvue, was in the city Saturday. Billy Ellerton is again at his old place in Teeter's meat market. It. M.

Clulcott returned on the plug Monday from a business trip to Kansas City. Verity Lodge, K. of held a very interesting meeting Monday night. Three degrees were conferred. Lee Moore sported a handsome watch-charm Monday.

It was very tony, and covered the entire manly breast of Lee. 25 Days Only. Remember for Yours Truly, rtawM Fischer HEros. CASH MARKET. Having bought out Regnier Brothers Market.

I intend to keep the CHOICEST OF MEATS, ISAAC TETER. CALL AND SEE Fayette McSpadden. When you want anything in the Boot and Shoe line. MY PRICES TALK. UDOILT'T POEG-ET THAT SPRAGUE HALL! lias moved into the Hammaker Building, and has added largely to nis stock, and that he now has a first-class line of Call and see him in his new quarters.

BUZARD DEALERS IN Fresh Meat, Poultry, Fish and Game Meats Delivered to any part of the City. FREE OF CHARGE. Cash Paid for Hides and Poultry. Your fatronage Solicited. Lincoln Avenue, Wamego, Kas.

VVameco, Kansas May 8, 1888. The Weather The fo', owing is the weather report far the panl 24 hours, as recorded at M. L. drug store: 9 k. 7 a.

Jr. 2 p. m. 62 65 FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF WAMEGO, KANSAS. Paid L'D Capital $75,000 Rogers.

Pres. Bobt Scott, Oilier. LCPrunty, V.P AWCox, As'tCash DIRECTORS: Smith, Shortt, Embley Robt Scott. Baker JC Rogers, 0 Pruiity. JL Browno Smith, Vour Banking Business Solicited REPORT Off THE CONDITION FIRST NATIONAL BANK, WAMEQO, IN TIIE STATE OP KANSAS, at the close of business April 30th, 188S.

RESOURCES. Loans and discounts Overdrafts, secured and unsecured. b8J 1U U. S. Bonds to secure circulation l.

i Due from approved resei ve agente. as Due from other national ii 7 Due from stat. banKS and bankers 4.490 29 Real Estate, furniture and 8,000 00 Current expenses and taxes paid i.lff 4b Premiums paid l'm U( Checks and other cash items 52 iB Bills of other Bauki 1.702 00 Proctienftl paper ouirency, nickels aud cents 4930 Lefif tender" 00 10.767 05 Redemption fund with U. S. Treasur- er 15 per cent, circulation) cmo Totai J21S.686 27 LIABIMITES.

Capital stock paid in W5.000 00 Surplus hf Undivided profits National Bank no'es outstanding 16,265 00 Individual tosoriU wtowt to Demand certificates of deposit 27,665 00 81,686 85 Due to other Natienal Banks J18 60 Due to State Banks and bankers Bills payable 28,000 00 Total 215,686 27 State of Kansas, Co. of Pottawatomie, ss: Robert Scott, Cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief Robt, Soott, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 4th day ol May, 1888, h. II. Finskv, iSbal.

Notary Public, Commission expires June 24, 1888. Correot Attest: J. C. Rogers, i VF. D.

Emblky, Directors. C. N. Baekb, Time Ta1le, K. K.

R. Trains leave Wamego as follows: WESTWARD. No. 201, Pacifitf JSx p. No, 203, Western 1.18 a.

No! 206, K. 0. Acc.Ar.8.40 EASTWARD. No. 202, Atlantio p.

a. No. 294, Kastern 5. in No. 206.K.C.

JtWameuo Acy 6.30 a. 11 Haaokb. Agent. Wamego tea anl Society Directory PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Preaching ser-Tioes each Sunday at 11 a.m.aud7:00 p.m.f Sun- day chool imraeuiBMMT VSA Prayer meetly each 0 clock) viBiton uu ium" Tited to attend.

METHODIST CHURCH. PreacWng services each Sabbath morning MoUoek: Sabbathschoo I 10 mmPj meeting xnursuay evouiu invited to attend. pa8tor BAPTIST CHURCH. PreachiBg servloes each Sabbath morning at 11 o'clock, and tnfblj 7:30 e'clock; Sabbath scheol at 12 a.m. The public will be cordially weloomedi seats free.

nTtnnnn pAlAi.nil Prnn.nh In services the seo.nd and fourth Sundays of each raontn, morning "Lf White, of Mauhattau. Sunday sohool every Sunday at 8 m. Annk RllnHft. it 11 a in an 7 pm, Sabbath sohool at 8 m. Prayer meeting Thursday uigni ana prelum, service Friday uigbtaUo do.

11 aln tlflr- flirnle. meets Friday afteruoous at jrl no. xj ikv w-- POST .0. P. Morton.

No M. A. thoroughly organweu. Leach llafl on the second nd fourth Saturday of each moutn. Ubymolds, Adjutant WOMAN'S RELIEV CORPS No 77 Auxiliary to Morton rouii no oo uT Saturday of each month at hMd- uarters m.nM.

Mr. Flobeno Piokenb. Seoy. Blakely Camp, Ne. 71, S.

V. S. meet the2danUthl-Mday evening in each month AVftTOa TaODGB A. 0. U.

Wi iNO.izo, roeew UbkUltunuuni vi 0 clock. M. Recorder. or before the fl '8 fe-' B. PieosoKi Secretary.

if aw VALLEY CHAPTER N0.6S. B.A. M. met at ManU hall on Thursday night on or before thr lull of the moon of wu month at 7:30 p. m.

M. L. StoSI, H.P. Geo. Sadkbebs.

Recorder. WAMKOO LOD(JK 0. 0. F.No. 80, meets at Odd Fellows ballon Friday eveulugof each week at clock.

Jos fwchkb, A Laokey. R. 8. A S. WAMEUO ENCAMPMENT No, 86,1.

0.0. F. Meeuat Odd Fellows' hall on the first and third Monday of each mouth fl ON Bakk, Sorlbe OASTLK HALL VERITY LODGE NO. 142 K.ef Meets each Monday night at Boyu 11.11. Visiting X.Q0 Akpebsow, K.

of H. and S- FARMERS' ALLIANCE NO, B30 Rod Top school housa the flw onday iTeoch mouth at 8 p. All iarmers are oor. Invited to meet with us E. RaHbaLL, BB.

Hi Woolohk, See WAMEUO (IKSANd VEREIN HARMONI Meet Wednesdays of each we at loir hall in Trout Lench's bnlldiug at 8 0 clock, (1. President. (Iro Wwteb. VUn-presldent. Hkiiman Pi.ehe, Booretary.

M. J. Fei.hkk, Treasurer. WMtUuuKtyvsR, Fin. Secy parted with a friend at the ferry, and "hey presto fly," he disappeared as if the earth had swallowed him.

His father and a delegation of his country neighbors came post haste to the city, and the town was turned upside down and inside out, looking for this country editor. The morgue was searched, the river was dragged, and all sorts of uncomplimentary articles appeared in the rural press as to the daneer to which country editors were exposed in visiting New York. After, weeks of constant anxiety and tireless search, he turns up in Denver, Colorado, minus his twelve hundred dollars, and suffering from a bad case of mental aberration. Mental aberration is an awful bad thing. Thak my advice and don't try it.

Yours truiy, Broadbrim. We have some of ti handsomest parlor suits ever brought to this mar ket. Call and seethem. Deeuin Luke. A drv.

Iiackinir cough keens the bronchial tubes in a state of constant irritation, which, if not speedily removed, may lead to bronchitis. No prompter remedy can be had than Aver's Cherrv Pectonil. which is both an anodyne and expectorant. EXCUESIOX RATES. Die Union Paciflo Illy, will sell ex cursion tickets for one and one-half tare for round trip upon certificate plan on accouut of tne following meeting, viz: Kansas Pharmaceutical Association, Abilene, May 10th.

e. H.AACKE, Agent, wamego. The value of a remedy should be estimated by its curative properties. According to this standard. Ayer's Sarsaparilla is the best and most eco nomical tjiood meaicine in tne market, because the most pure and concentrat ed.

Price si. Worth $5 a bottle. I'lLESJ TILES! PILES1 Dr. Williams' Indian Pile Ointment Is the only sure cute lor lilind, Bleed ing or iicning riles ever discovered. It never fails to cure old chronic case? of long slarnliug.

judge Coons, Maysville, says: "Dr. Williams' Indian Pile Ointment cured me after years of suffering." judge uomnDury.uievpiana. says: "1 have fomiil bv experience that Dr. Williams' Indian Pile Ointment gives immediate and permanent relief We have uuudrwls or sucn testimo nials. Do not suffer an instant long er, sold at $1 per hox, or mailed on receipt of price by F.

L. Lvman A Co Furniture of all kinds at Deebtn Lukes. Brace Up. You are feeling depressed, vour sd- netite is poor, you are bothered with Headache, you are ndgetty, nervous md generally out of sorts, and want to ii ace up. Brace up, but not with stimulants, spring medicines, or bitters, ivhich have for their basis very cheap, oad whisky, and which stimulate you for an hour, and then leaves you Id worse condition than before.

Whatyob want is an alterative that will purl-'y rour blood, start healthy action of Liver and Kidneys, restore your vitality i ltd give renewed health and strength uc a medicine you will And in Electric Hitters, and only 50 cents a bottle at M. Bovs' Drue Store. Mr. O. W.

Batten, a traveling man representing Messrs. S. Collins' Son printing ink, New York, after suffering Intensely for two or three days with lameness of the shoulders and back, completely cured it with two applications of Chamberlain's Pain Balm. It cures lameness and rheumatism when all other treatment fails. Guaranteed and sold by J.

M. Boys. Go and buy a pair ot good, strong boots at McSpadden's Bonanza Shoe Store that your teet may be thorough ly protected from the pavement. Dress the Hair With Ayer's Hair Vigor. Its cloanll-ness, beneficial' effects on the scalp, and lasting perfume commend it for universal toilet use.

It keeps the hair soft and silken, preserves its color, prevents It from falling, and, It the hair has become weak or thin, promotes a new growth. "To restore the original color of my hair, which bad turned prematurely gray, I used Ayer's Hair Vigor with en-tire success. I cheerfully testify to the Efficacy of this preparation." Mrs. P. H.

David son, Alexandria, La. I was affllotorl some three years with scalp disease. My hair was falling out and what remained turned gray. I was induced to try Ayer's Hair Vigor, and In a few weeks the disease In my scalp disappeared end my hair resumed its original color." (He 8. S.

Sims, Pastor U. 11. Church, at. Bernice, Ind. A fow years ago I suffored the entlrs loss of my hair from the effects of tatter.

I hoped that after a time nature would repair the loss, but I waited in vain. Many remadlos were sugn-osted, none, however, with such proof ot morlt as Ayer's llalr Vigor, and I began to use It, The residt was all I could have desired. A growth of hair soon came out all over my head, and grew to be as soft and heavy as I ever had, and of a natural color, and firmly let." J. II. Pratt, BporTord, Texas.

Ayer's Hair Vigor, rRKPARKD 8T Dr. J. Ayer Lowell, Mail. Bold ly Druggists aud Farfunwri. Baptist church to which he belongs-Still there must be a little of Old Adam left in Brother Swimm, notwithstanding his conversion and his years' for a few months ago he thought he would haye a little quiet lark, so he put an advertisement in the paper for a housekeeper, and.

as he advertised himself as a gentleman of means, he did not want a wrinkled old tabby, but a nice, bright, plump, vivacious' intelligent, accommodating housekeeper; in short, just the right kind of a housekeeper for a handsome gentleman of mens. It is hardly necessary to say that be got a bushel and a half of letters, and a hundred and seventy-three photographs. Now Mr. Swimm didn't want any housekeeper, he had a most excellent housekeeper in Mrs. Swimm, an estimable lady, who had darned his stockings and faithfully attended to the duties of Swimm's household for over thirty vears.

But on the receipt of his mail Swimm looked oyer the letters and photos, and finally pitched upon an angelic widow in New Haven to preside as the keeper of kis mythical house. Donning his Sunday suit, he kissed Mrs. Swimm good bye, and told her he was going to look after a little bit of real estate which he had his eye. Now, if Mr. Swimm had said personal property, it would have been nearer the truth, but he did not.

Well, Mr. Swimm hurried up to New Haven and met the charming widow, and wonderful to relate, she was ust exactly like her photo, but then she wasn't exactly a widow, that is to say, a widow of the grass variety. That was just the kind of housekeeper that Mr. Swimm was looktnj: for; she suited him to a dot, aud by way of binding the bargain, he took her down to Black Bock on a ten cent excursion, and there they had Bock beer, fried clams, deviled lobsters, ice cream, and a jolly good time generally. So far all was plain sailing; but Mr.

Swimm had hardly reached his hotel, his head swimming wlthecstacsy at his prospective bliss with his new housekeeper, when a knock came at the door, and a gentleman walked in, who called himself Mr. Sibley, and desired to inquire of Mr. Swimm, what in Jerusalem he had been doing with his wife Perhaps Mr. Swimm thought that this was Sibley's ghost, at any rate the next day he got up and dusted for Brooklyn. He told Mrs.

Swimm that he had concluded not to invest in that property, and made a straight bolt for his office. He had hardly got seated behind his desk, when the grass widow Sibley stood in the door with blood in her eye. She soon gave the gentleman of means to understand, that while it was an easy matter to catch a grass widow, it was not quite so easy to get rid of her, and in her particular case it would require guilders to do it. Mr. Sibley's constitution was so badly shattered by Swimm's indelicate attentions to his wife, that it required at least ten thousand dollars to put him in passable repair.

The suit was to have come off last week, but it was understood to have been settled out of court, for Swimm failed to materialize. But though Mr. Sib ley's honor was satisfied, Mrs. Sibley's was not, and this week she had him arrested for libel, and if she succeeds, she may convluce Old Swimm that widows are dangerous things to fool, Rrass or no grass Occasionally we get very much excited over sudden and mysterious disappearances. A man or a woman drops out ot sight, and sometimes that Is the last of them, and then 'again, unmijr.imea it ain't.

One of those events occurred last week. Mr. Clar ence Cook, the son ot a wealthy gen. tleinan. was going to be married to one of the most beautiful and aminble young ladies in the city.

The nffair was laid out to be very swell, indeed all through the evening and afternoon the presents came pouring in. The church was decked with flowers. One of the toniest clergymen in the city was engaged to tie the nuptial knot Fifteen hundred Invitations were is i sued, and even then nearly one-half of I I 1 1 1. -1 lnn nt.t In tueir intimate menus wen the cold. Everything was ready The bride, a dream of loveliness, was crowned with orange flowers but the bridegroom came not; messengers were sent out Into the highways and byways, detectives scoured the dives, but to nopurpohe; no fellow oould find out whether he had gone to Kingdom Come or Colorado.

After a weary search of three days, his father ran across him In the very dazed condition Buffering, so his father nvs. from mental aberration. That's not what they used to call It when I was a boy, but it will do. They took the vouns man home and put him to bud, and if they keep everything exclt jug away from him except a plentiful supply of cold water, I should not wonder If be might recover from his mental aberration. Another wonderful disappearance Another sudden change in the weather Monday afternoon.

Prof. Blakt seems to be mixing things considerably in Kansas. Col. T. J.

Hays left for Wichita Monday to attend the Republican convention at that place, in the interest of his paper, the Leavenworth Times. LosT-Saturday evening a gray over coat, lost between Chas. Baker's resi dence and my home. Please leave at this office. H.

Plesse. What troubled Mr. Goidstand'u clerks this morning? They were up and spruce-looking by sun-rise, and at 6 their employer's store was in good running order. linmor says that Alex. Irwin and family are about to quit Wamego and return to Illinois.

Alex, may leave, but it is believed it will be but a short time before he returns. Jenkins Bros, havs received some tiro crackers as large as they make. Wa hope the young kids will not at tempt to attach any of them to the tail of a dog that is of any account. Several of our young bloods appear ed on the streets yesterday, neatly attired in brand new summer suits. Later in the day they were noticed snugly inclosed in their winter over coats.

Messrs. L. B. Leach and A. T.

Mc Millan are very glad to welcome home Mr. Trout again, for their noses have been kept pretty steadily over the counter of the Wamego bank the past month. W.P. Campbell's handsome new res idence is about completed, and Benedict Breckonrtdge Buchanan Clary is now papering the inside to corres pond with the beautiful appearance of the exterior. The Post-office book store has again changed hands, A.

McMillan having sold to Ed. Lewis. Mr. Lewis is one of our mopt substantial business meu.and the Wameoan bespeaks for him a large share of the trade of this county. The Kaw Valley Chapter was in ses sion Monday afternoon, doing some work, after which they repaired to Stanley's, where an elegant lunch was served.

The following gentlemen from Westmoreland wers present: D. B. Baker, and W. J. Downing.

As usual. McSpadden is at the head of the procession for benefitting the public. He has placed his ice-water barrel in position, and as there is nothing stronger in Wamego, whenever our people become thirsty, they call on Mac, who attends to their wants without money and without price. Monday afternoon as James Snod-grass was trying to hack his team at the mill, his horses attempted to perform varied acrobatic feats, and in one of the acts their "feets" became tangled in such a manner as to throw both horses to the ground. Quite a crowd called to see the circus, but no damage was done, other than the cut ting of harness to give the horses a chance to get up.

Frank Wells, Jas. Henry, and Mr. Gailor started Monday night, with their 87 head of horses for Saratoga, New York. They were accompanied by two youig colored boys, who will no doubt, find plenty to do if they jump every time Jim. Henry speaks to them.

The horses, Mr. Wells informed us, were much better than the ones previously bought here, and they expect to dispose of them at a handsome profit. Their Business Booming. Frobably no one thing has caused ouch a general revival of trade at M. Boys' Drug Store the givini; away to their customers of so mnn free trial bottles of Dr.

King's New Discovery for Consumption. Tbei; Hade is simply enormous in this very valuable article from the fact that li always cures and never disappoints Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis ('roup, and all throat and lung diseaseu quickly cured. You can test It be i'nre buying by getting a trial bottle li te, large size $1. Every bottle wai r.iuted. To turn gray hair to its natural color and beauty, use Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair llenewer, the best and most reliable prepuratisn science has given us.

VVESTEBN FAN31ERS' AGENCY, St. Louis, HERMAN R0K30II, Will furnish eggs from all kinds of land and water fowls, also fancy ptgoous, birds, rabbits, ferrets, aud dogs of every description New Foundlaud, Scotch Terriers, Coolies, Poodles, Spaulels aud Pug dogs, Send stamp for price list and mention this paper rnayll-ttw. Use South American NorvJuo, atBoj's. At Post Office Book Store, Wamego A Large Stock of Albums Received. roquet Bets Emmmks.

We Especially Call Attention to our stock of WALL PAPER. At Post Office Book Store. GREAT SACRIFICE- I will make a Great Reduction in Boots aim Shoes. I must lower my Stock. Don't forget that I keep the WALKER BOOT.8 T.

D. MILLS. Johnson Cotton GROCERST GRASo SEED, MILLET SEED, AND POTATOES, -ALL KINDS OF- Garden and Field Seeds, At Topeka Seed House, 304 Kansas Avenue, a TOPEKA, KANSAS. Address, DOWNS ELEVATOR SEED CO For Bargains in Glassware, Tinware, Wood-enware, Notions, Etc, CALL AT TIIE BARGAIN STORE OF T. E.

WELTY. A Barge Assortment of TEN CENT goods just recelved.jH Come and Bee Me, T. E. WELTY. Eaat Bide Lincoln Avenue, WAMEQO, KANSAU.

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