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The Daily Wamegan from Wamego, Kansas • 3

The Daily Wamegan from Wamego, Kansas • 3

The Daily Wamegani
Wamego, Kansas
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Mrs. and son have been visiting in the city the past week. CASH MiiBI-IET. riito Daily Wamegan. Wamego, Kansas May 3, 1888.

Stockholders' Meeting. Stockholders semi-annual meeting of the Pottawatomie and Wabaunsee Fair Association will be held Tuesday, 8th day of May, 1888, at Jenkins' hall. Wamego, Kansas. OPERA HOUSE STORE, Wamego, Kansas, May 1, 1888. We have ordered from St.

Louis a complete new stock of millinery goods. Expect the goods to arrive by express as soon as Friday or Saturday of this week. Persons wishing to buy soon, Having bought out Regnier Brothers Mar ket. I intend to keep the a mn CHOICEST1 And will sell at the lowest prices at handled. Cashua for rmttpr oo-o-a CALL AND SEE Fayette When you want anvthinp- in thp iU VI Shoe line.

MY PRICES TALK. OF MEATS. which the best butchers' stock can Vl" a uui.unuuugB respoctrully ISAAC TETER. McSpadden. THAT Building, and has added largely to class line of his new quarters.

SEED, AND POTATOES, Field Seeds, Seed House, SPRAGUE ALL Has moved into the Hammaker nia stock, and that he now has a Call and see him in GRASJ SEED, MILLET first -ALL KINDS OF- Garden and At Topeka. 304 Kansas Avenue. TOPEKA, KANSAS. Address, DOWNS ELEVATOR SEED rn GREAT SACRIFICE. I will make a Great Reduction in Boots aim Shoes.

I must lower my Stock. Don't forget that I keep the WALKER Furniture of ail kinds at Deemn Lukes The Manitoba wave came, but too many clouds prevented frost in this section. Mrs. Wm. Boyd was noticed to take the train Monday afternoon.

Her destination was Topeka. Judging from the number of May baskets which were hung on doorknobs the past few evenings, the first May is not permitted to pass unnoticed by the young people. If the liver and kidneys are sluggish and Inactive, Hood's Sarsaparilla will rouse them to prompt and regular action. Take it now. The ladies and teachers of the M.

E. church and Sabbath school will give a strawberry and ice cream festival Friday evening, May 4, at the Morrall building. Come one and all and enjoy me nrst treat of tins Kind of the seas on. Proceeds to go to the Sabbath school. An imperative Necessity.

What pure air is to au unhealthy lo cality, what spring cleaning is to the neat housekeeper, so is lloou Sarsa parilla to every body at this season. lie uouy neons to oe thoroughly re novated, the blood purilled an vitalized. the germs of disease destroyed. Scrof ula, Salt liheura, and all other blood disorders are cured by Hood's Sarsa parilla, the most peculiar and success ful spring medicine. Jarors Drawn.

List of jurors drawn April 21, 1888, for the Mav term. A. D. 1888, Geo. W.

Sumner, Wamoeo township. C. M. Grover, Mill Creek township. A.

W. Parks, Clear Creek township. E. F.Campbell. Union township.

B. Laudon, Mill Creek township. Isaac Klingensmith, Union township, O.Goodmau, LoueTree township. Wm. Kolierman, Center township.

J. H. Shehi. Spring Croek township. Michael Sraithwiok, Lone Tree township.

Hugh MoCormkk, Clear Croek towuship. D. U. Inskeep, Green township. Hereby certily that the above Is a correct list of names of partons drawn to serve a jurors at the May term of district court of Pottawato mie county, Kansas.


Fifield. Deo'v Sh'ff. Attest L. D. Hart, Co.

Clerk, I'ott. Co. Real Estate Transfers for Week Ending April 28, 1888, 11 Washburn and wife t.n Mrnne: warr deed; lots 11 and 12. blk 3, Armor's addition to Westmoreland. Leonard I bmith to Adams: warr deed: lot 6, blk 6, in Garrison.

825- August JNel9on et al to Jas and David Dame son: warr deed: lota 12. H. 14. IS. 4.Y St Marys.

SoUU, 5toue and wile to 11 Washburn: warr deed: 32 feet of blk 9 Wheaton. SfuO. Eli Kersey to RJ Wyatt: warr deed: lot Armer addition to Westmoreland. 8:15. Ada McCIure to Charles Morris; warr deed: lots 7 aud 8, Armor's addition to Westmoreland uoo Miner and who to Marv Maloue: warr deed; luts 10 and 11, blk 46, 1st addition to St Marya.

S76.0U. Mary Malone to 1 Kodenbaugh; warr doed; lots 9. 10 aud 11, blk 46. 1st addition to St Marys. 2it.

Kobt Lockhea and wife to A Iuralsbe: warr uceu, sj ieei oi lot dik 4, jncuertj ad' dition to Wheaton. J2D0. Mary Palmer te Ella Lotson; warr deed or sec 2tH4-y. Sl.siiu. Marr iilanchard et al to IS Chains: war deed: uud of lots b.

6 and 7, blk Ariner's add! lion Westmoreland, slou. Anna Shepherd and husband to dial lis; Qt claim deed: lot 7 and of 6, in blk Armer 2nd addition to Westmoreland. 51. Geo Grarbill aud wife to Uh Id: warr deed; lots 15 and 16, blk 53, city of oi Marys, John Denuis aud wife toCollista Thomson; warr deed; of of seo 32-6-12, 81,000 Collnta ihomson and husband to James Basket; warr.deed; ne of nw of sec 32-6-12 uu Rebecca Mover te Frank A Moriarty; warr deed; of and of of loo 4, aud of of sec d-V-V. SI, Council AUeting.

Wkme30, May 2, 1888. City council met in regular session, Mayor Sprague In the chair; Couucll-nien present: Matthews, Voge, Saunders, Carl and Hammaker; and Clerk J. A. Butts. Minutes of last meeting read and approved.

The following bills were audited and allowed: ii A Pierson, burying dogs 8 1 BO 11 Wierman, oflice rent 5 00 Fee, drawing Ordinance No 109, 5 00 Ilutzul, services as St com'r. 10 00 A Weller, printing bill heads. 6 00 A Weller. pub ordinance, etc. 3 30 Wm lioyd, blacksmithing 0 00 Petition of citizens, relating to itock running at largo, was laid before the council, and a motion prevailed requesting the marshal to strictly enforce the stock ordinance the present month to test its efficiency.

On motion of J. D. Hammaker, the sexton was Instructed to have 25 or 30 loads of gravel hauled for tilling cemetery driveway. Carried. New Ordinance No.

100 relat ing to duties and llxing pay of marshal and assistant marshnl, read and adopted by sections and as a whole, Councilmen voting aye: Matthews, Voge, Saunders, Carl and Hammaker. Carried. Clerk was Instructed to have read receipts printed for street commissioner. Adjourned to next regular meeting. Oo and buy pair ot Rood, strong boots at McSpadden'a Bonanza Shoe Store that your feet may be thoroughly protected from the pavement alter the city election you kickers.

Silvnr nrnnm Makes your silver uw; is the cheapest and easiest tor cleaning Gold, Sliver, and alt metals; requires no scouring, and cleans by applying with a sponge. For sale, by F. L. Lymun Co. tf may 4 A dry, hacking cough keeps the bronchial tubes In a state of constant Irritation, which, If not Bpeeoily removed, may lead to bronchitis.

No prompter reruudy can be had than Ayor's Cherry i'ectoral, which Is both au anodyne uud exnectoraDy, a the ef No, as in The Weather foMowing is the weather report ta i.i.e iiiiat 24 hours, as records I at M. L. Stone's drug store: 0 P.M. 7 A.M. 2 P.M.

75 62 E3 FI3ST MTIOHM. BANK OF WAMEGO, KANSAS. Paid ua Capital $75,000 Rogers, i'res. ltobt Scott, fishier, Frunty, V. I'AW Cox, As't Cash DIRECTOKS: Smith.

HESlmrtt, I) Krabley Knbt Scott. Baker Robots. li Pi-nuty, Drowuo II Smith, Your Banking Business Solicitor! Time V. V- K. Trains lave Wamego as follows: WKBTWABD.

No 201, Pacifio 9irt Weitrn 1.1" Kc.A Acc.Ar.B.luu.i. HA8TWAKD. No. 202. Atlantio Express 108 p.

n- No 2B4. ISasteru a. in No" 'Mi 0. JiWaroesco Acc 5.30 a. in CITY DIRECTOR s.

7m J. H. WlRRMAH M. REYNOLDS D'V SriUQUIt Judge. City Clerk Atturuey I Health umeen Foe II Gko.

Jknkins Nathan Matthews Johnson 5TFI.ZN15R City Treasurer jceuneilmen i I 1 KTKR 8 Fkr State, Fish Commissioner city. Residence in WAMEGO TOWNSHIP OFFICERS. 3 Sprinqstien and A Pikrson Constables A Hutts 01e? (j koW Mills Tea'suVer A Uhlrioh leasurer POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY. OFFICERS. Couuty Seat Westmoreland.

T-urer 2i True T. V. Huffman 7 a Wheat Instruction Wheat Attorney tY, Ah T.nnnard. WaineKO i li if iinrtwink. Guana.

ti.nt ti.n nnnntv Commis n.t. the couutv seat, first Mon- fW. Mouday after first iuesday of April, aud first Mouday July and October of each year- Judge of 23rd Judicial District. Spilmau. Tin.onfholdiuK court.

First Mouday in Febru Mnnrfiw in May and fourth Mouday In September on state oeuaiur, i-ij. n.nn..iitjii.iveii 49th Distnot, Arnold, Keattle. HOARD OF TRADE. Moets at Browne mLiSt0NKi W. D.

Ekhley, Secretary. President. Wamego Society Mbj- nntisnvTminw niTTTRCn. Preaching ser -i at 11 a.m.aud7:00 p.m.; Sun day school Immediately after morniu? "ie Prayer meotiug each Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'eloclti Visitors and strangers are cordially lu-rited to atteud. METHODIST CHURCH.

Preaching services earn Sabbath inoruing at 11 o'clock, and evening PT.iui hsnhnni At lU a. rrayttr Thursday evening at 7:30. Everybody is invited to attend. pastor BAPTIST CHURCH. Preaching servioes oaoh Sabbath morning at 11 o'clock, and evening i j.ho o'nlnnlt: Sabbath school at 12 a.m.

The pub lie will bo cordially welootneil; seats free. nnnnvn CT CI tlTTTJ nil innlnrfldl. Preaoh lag services the seoend and fourth Sunday, of unh mnnth. moraiug aud evening, by Kev. White, of ManhatUu.

Sunday school every Sunday at m. A E. CHURCH. Services each Sunday at Ham and 7 pm. Sabbath sohool at i m.

Praver mootiug Thursday night aud preaohiug Friday night Pftator. CHAUTAUQUA Litorary and Scientific Circle nftnr.i,fini. at members' homos Mrs. li. S.

Pkirum, Secrotary, POST 0, P. Morton, No S8.G.A.R.. Is now 1 ninnt In nB irOUL OL each month. ro; Kktholds, Adjutant, WOMAN'S RELIEf COUPS No 77 Auxiliary ri Min Pot No 88 meets the soooud and Saturday of each month at the Post bead. uarters Mrs.

NaNNIB A. wrman, waswoi PioKKNa. Seoy. a 71. S.

V.U. 8. mee Friday I iheO. A.H. ball a.

nun. v' J. P. Bi.aokldqii. orderly oergi Tnnim i TT No.128.

meeU Odd hall atjaO O'olsck MoSVADDHN, M. Keoorder. nr.Mi, vr i A meats ft Mlu rhallo. hVwidn.Vday of month D. l'lKRSOH, Secretary.

kaw Valley chapter no.w. r. a. m. Sow at Manoulo hall ou TbundM ulljht on or boluro thf lull of th.

moon of oiwh moutb at M.L.Stor,H.P. Oro. SwRbkrs, Recorder. WAMEdO LODOK t- O. O.

F. No. 80, meeu at Od.l Fellow ballon Friday evening of eaoh week at o'olook. FlBOUM. A Laokry, R.

S. II A B. WAM1CO0 ENCAMPMENT No. 86, 1.0. 0.

F. Meeta at Odd K.llow.' hall on the flr.t and third Mouday of mouta m. a Bakkk, Sorlhe it trirnTTV T.minB NO. 142 K.sf Moetn each Monday ulnht at Uoyd Uall. VUitlug Kuwh" welcome.

A. T. MoMillah.O. u. AxnunsoM.

K.of U. aud 8 FAR ME US' ALLIANCH NO, MO, mooU at Roil Tiid Mhenl home the uMt Monday erouiBii to each mouth at 8 p. All iarmoM are oor-iiully Invited to meet with ua K. M. 1Uhau Sb J'roi.

0. Wopt.OiiB. Seo. WAMHdO OHSANO VEREIN HARMON I Wailnamlavi of each we k. at their ball In Trout It Leach'i bulldinK at 8 o'tloi'k.

0. I'reiiieul. Hw) Wintkbb, Viee-pronldent, IIkhman Plkhr. Booretary, M.J. Fki.hkh, Troiwurer.

WM.llKiuuayuHii, of i. J. A. Butts, Sec. The Pottawatomie Indian paymaster was in town Tuesday to accommodate few who were unable to go to St.

Marys. Each member receives $16.12, Infants included. A much larger payment, it is reported, will be made next fall, when the good old days of the seventies will be again brought to IPdblished May 3, 1888. ORDINANCE HO. 109.

An nrdinitnnn n.mnndlntr lection two (2) Of Or dinance No. 53, in defining the duties and fixing compensation of the marshal and assistant marshal. Be it ordained by the mayor and eounoilmen the eity of amego, Kansas motion 1. 'mat aeetion two U) oi oruinanoe 53 be amended to read as follows: "Sec. 2.

The marshal and assistant marshal shall be entitled to reoeive the following fees, viz: For making an or without warrant, bearding prisoners per day, 60 ots. To be taxed auu collected other costs. For all other servioes the same fees shall be allowed as are allowed to oonstables for like services; provided: That no oosts shall be paid by the eity in any case, wherein the cem- plaiuaut or deteudant suau oo anjuugeu to pay them. For servioes not provided for, such compensation shall be allowed as the mayor and oounotl shall deem just aud right. Sao.

2. All orrtiuanoes and parts oi ordinances conflict herewith be an It he same are hereby repealed. 4 orc, o. inis oruinauce snaii pe iu iuruo uum and after its publication iu the Dailt Wameuan, Passed the council May 2nd, 1888. Approved May 2nd, 1888.

Attest D. V. Spbaqu, Mayor, J. A Butts. City Clerk.

Republican Conventions. In the call for a Republican delegate con. vention to be held ut Wichita, May 9, to elect four delegates and four alternates to the Republican National Convention and the election of two Presidential Electors, and the State convention to be held at To- peka, July 25, to nominate State officers, the State Central Committee, which recently met at Topeka, made the following apportionment of delegates CounUei. Delegate. Counties.

Delegate. Allen 4 Anderson 4 Linn 8 Locan 1 Atchison 7 Barber 3 Barton Lyon Marion a Mar-hull McPherson 8 Brown 5 Meade Miami 6 Mitchell 6 Montgomery 7 Morris 4 Morton 1 Chase Chautauqua 4 Cherokee Cheyenne Clark Nemaha Clay Neosho 6 cioua Coffey Ness i Norton Comanche Cowlev Osborne Ottawa Pivwnee 8 Crawford 7 Davis a Decatur. Phillips. 4 Dickinson Donlphun 5 Pottawatomie 6 Pratt Kiiwlins Douglas Kdwards 'I Elk 4 Ellis 2 Ellsworth 8 Finney 6 Keno 5 Republic 8 Kico 4 Kiley 4 Rooks 8 Rush 8 Ford Franklin 5 Russell 2 Saline 5 Garneld 1 Grant 1 Gove 1 Scott 1 Sudgwick 9 Graham li Seward Grav 1 Shawnee 11 Greenwood 6 Sheridan Greeley 1 Sherman Smith Hamilton. 4 Harper.

4 Harvey 4 Stafford 8 Stanton Haskell 1 Stevens 1 Hodgeman 2 Sumner Jackson 4 Thomas 2 Jefferson li Jewell 6 Trego Wabaunsee Wallace 1 Washington 7 Wichita 1 Wilson 5 Woodson I Wyandotte Johnson Kearney Kingman 6 Kiowa a Labette Lane 1 Lincoln 8l Total 418 Delegates to the conventions shall be elected by county conventions, duly called by the several comnty committees, under acta, rules and regulations as may be by them prescribed. The county convention to be held not later than May 5, 1S88. The basis of apportionment of delegates to said State conventions will be one delegate and one alternate to each four hundred votes cast for Timothy McCarthy for Auditor of Btato, November, 185, or fraction ot two bundred or more votes. One delegate and one alternate each will be allowed to all unorganized counties and counties organised since November 2, 1880. Geo.

E. Brown Aurora, 111., breeders and importers of Cleveland Bay and Shire horses and Holstein cattle, whose advertisement has been running in this paper for several months, announce that their special sale will continue until their present stock is sold. It is contempleted to close their partnership, which has been existing so successfully for many years, after which Geo.E. Brown proposes to continue the business alone. This Arm has, for years, had the reputation of keeping the Snest stock in their line, and they announce that they still have a large stock ot their best on hand which they will continue to offer for a few weeks at very attractive prices.

In buying blooded stock It Is safer to deal with parties of known good reputation for honorable dealing and long experience. The Messrs. Brown will send their handsomely Illustrated pamphlot to all who will rite for it. When jou are tired of walking around town, trying te flud lomo bargains iu Hoots, Bhooi aud Ullpperi. GOME TO ME You may have tested the truths of the doluslve jiiverusoineiiu nuouueiui oauarupi nook tales, D010W UUni.

uu ufci.ui luuu UOnseuOe tO voir sorrow iw uvtt um viikhwu your prospeotl. sell below oost, but we sell yery We NEARLY AT COST. Our goods are all warranted to be of the best Suallty obtainable, and we olalm te give Better atlsfaotlen la a purchase than any tber house lu the trade. One trial will CONVINCE T0U Come In and (ee our eonspleuom Largalni In boots and shoes, slippers, etc. The largest and best stock ever brought to the ally or wanoge.

J. WILFOBD. East side Lincoln Ave. The value of a remedy should be stimated by Its curative properties According to this standard, Ayer's SarsaBivrilla is the best and most eco. nomlcal blood medicine in the market because the most pure and.conoentrat- ed.

1'rleeSl. Worth a bottle. For lame backor.Blde chest, use Shi toll's 1'orous riiiHter. l'rlce 25 cents For gale by Stone be ed as of better wait and see this stock; it will by far the largest and best assort- ever received by us. Hats, flats, shapes, bonnets all new all the latest styles all adapted to the Reason ana at pr'ces which shall be as low can be afforded by any one.

riease don forget Leamon Sisters have been in Wamego for a long time, that they can be found at the Opera House Store, where thev intend to apply themselves with all the energy their health will permit in the service their customers. We renreseut. in the north half of Wabaunsee, and in the south half of Pottawatomie coun ties, the celebrated Domestic Sewing Machine. We keep on hand all extras, repairs, and attachments for these ma chines. Come and see the Automatic Button-hole Worker.

It fits any Do mestic machine ever made, and a child can learn in a few minutes, to work good practical button-holes with it. oorae and see us, look at our new goods, nna ouc our prices. Le-mon Sisters. a Trip south. Mr.

u. M. Martin, a prominent Iowa railroad man and Sup erintendent of the St. Louis, Des Moines Northern R. says: "On my return from a recent trip south, where the water wa3 very iunmre.

1 wasaltacked with a violent case of chol era morbus. Having heard a great deal ot Chamberlains Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea remedv. I concluded to trv it, and with the most benelicial results; witiiiii six Hours was completely cured." No well regulated household should ever be without a bottle of Chamberlain Colic, Cholera and Di- arrhcea remedv. Sold by J. M.

Boys. lirace Dp. You are feelin? depressed, your appetite is pour, you are bothered with ueauacne. vou are liciaettv. nervous generally out of sorts, and want to 1.

1 ace up. Jinice up, but not with stim- i.Iauts. spiing medicines, or bitters, which have for their basis very chean whisky, and which stimulate you lor hour, and then leaves you in worse condition than before. Wbatyoo want is an altetative tliat will puri- 'y vii'ir blond, start healthy action of Liver and Kidneys, restore your vitality tod ive lenewed Health and strength Such a medicine you will lirid In liieeinc niuets. ann oniy cents a uotLlu at M.

Bovs Urns Store. ICU II A Ileal Estate Agent, COLLECT RENTS, Etc dice with M. II. Richaeds, Contractor aud Builder, Lincoln Ave. Wo otter the lollowing bargains in real A 2 room house on East 8th St- 8800,00 A 5 room house on East 8th St.

A 4 room cottage East front on Pino St well of soft water. 1 .000.01) 4 A 4 room house, flue location, Vine cood well, 120 bhl. cistern, aud wood shed. Come quicK lor a woo.uu 5 A 5 room houao on Vine St with stabl crib, wagon shed, well, aud cistern. All for SXUU.IIU A 5 room house on Ash St 7 A store building in center of business loca tion, tvm.w in a hub uume, acres, nouso ana nu merous out buildings, mile from Wamonn.

j.ioo.ou A line lane resiilenea. two afnrlna. ireus, wi an necessaries, in wamego. S-UHHI. 10 A 10 room house, suitable for two familial in center oi town, nents lor SXJ.UU per mouth 11 A flue busitmfl nrnnnrfvdnn T. A a IOrBUia. mm VerV Sin. I AVAnHA Wniil.l mnlra a nue sure ouumug. If l.ZUii.i HJ li .10 acres ot Unci bottom lnnil. nrnhnrrl 1.

aild IU eoOd Cultivntinn. nri.nn.tpH nita far lvIo. P. rouna houso aud mn.fhiiin Mhnna. A irnn.l barrain for a few days.

S1.6U0.UU 13 8U acres of bottom land, two miles from amego. 14 Look here. 110 niu-ni on tlm Vrnniin creek bottom, 3 room house, barn for 12 horses, plenty of timber aud water. 840.00 per acre. 15 A 3 room house with oellar, lot 60 150.

91 uu.uu i i iu AO ruom nn ika in vaat nn.rr. nr tnwn tuiBK iu b.i.iu siiane, wnn an ueoessary improev uieiiw. vsou.iiy i.nii a remargabie oargaii auu you snoum look at it at once- It won't waut a buyer long at this price. AO room ftory cottage on Ash St, 16 MS. S1.4U0.0U 18.

A KOod farm On rVia.l nronlr 70 anrna vnn.l house. IX storv. i rtHiml. ffnml PAllnr nn. ueraii; goou corn crib and granary, hog lot, upland, bottom laud, timber and water, and a good veluofooal.

82.800,00. 19. A three room house on Pnnlar atrnst. hn. tween 7th and 8th; east front, good well, lot of irun trees, iiaoie ana corn orlb all lor (1.UIU.UU Call on Hiohards Co.

for bargains In rnul tate. Come quick and eatoh the great spring boom in Wamego. Small profits and qulek sales. liivo auu let lire, ltlOHARIlS Co. 0 ooooooo WLat Ara Taqsl Thincs oome can inem nanacuns.

tne mar shal calls them "COME A LUNGS." The name suits us If the make YOU COME ALONG ai)d trade with us; we call them 0-pialons. Sets I Not opinions of the press, but pressing opinions- ne press mum ou your notice. Onlulou of the nhllauthrouiat WMfnnl'. Shoes cover a mumtuiie oi snius. The Teacher's opinion they give cod unilnr.

Handing ino iuiuMbur TTiuurua ooots are a protection u) soioa. jjany opinion way is just dooi-i-iui. Mother says: 1 ou wear them out on ooy. Father says: "'Jan ralte Sparks." Republicans like them because they don't chili uiaiue. Democrats line tnom oeoause they are good m.

term. One trial will make you of the unneral nnlntnn that Willord's Boots aud, Shoes walk over every thing. I. WlhJfOUU. Exclusive Shoe Store.

East Hide Lin- cnlnAvenue, wamego, Kas. Ilallard's Ilorehound Syrup. Messrs. Harbor Lawrence write: We always recommend Ballard Ilorehound Svruo to our cus tomers It gives better satisfaction than any other cough syrup we have ever Bold. Ballard 8 Ilorehound Syrup, for Consumption, coughs and Colds, will preserve the health and add long years to life.

Ballard's Uorehound Syrup not only cures Consumption, but Coughs, Colds, BronchltiB, Asthma Hoarseness and all alrectlons of the Throat, Chest and Lungs yield at once to Its wonderful curative powers. If you doubt It get free trial bottle at J.M. Boys drug store. it you want a nanasome room But, can -rMiU Bee our stock Deeiun Lvu JUST RECEIVED A CAR LOAD Which will be EarlyOhio seed Potatoes, Only80c per bus T. D.

MILLS. OF SALT Sold Cheap. Albums Received. Ilammoefcs Attention to our stock of Call and see us for Bargains. FISCHER BROS.

At Post Office Book Store, Wamego A Large Stock of Qroqnet Sets We Especially Call WALL PAPER. At Post Office Book Sto re Johnson Cotton GROCERST BUZARD BROTHERS, DEALERS 1N- Fresh Meat, Poultry, Fish and Game Moats Delivered to any part of the City. FREE OF CHARGE. Cask Paid for Hides and Poultry. Your Patronage Solicited.

Lincoln Avenue, vVamego, Kas. For Bargains in Glassware, Tinware, Wood- enware, Notions, Etc, CALL AT THE BARGAIN STORE OF T. E. WELTY. EST A Purge Assortment of TEN CENT goods Just recelved.jfcl Come and iSee Me, T.

E. WELTY. Dust Bide Lincoln Avenuo, WAMEGO, KANS-V3.

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