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The Lebanon Journal from Lebanon, Kansas • 1

The Lebanon Journal from Lebanon, Kansas • 1

Lebanon, Kansas
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MILLINERY SALE. We hare decided to aIsa t.nt mi brtvi. one-niira price sale will h' gin Thursday May 17th; find will include everything dur millinery department consisting of pattern hats all trimmed and untrim Mmed hats, all flowers ornaments etc. No goods taken back or exchanged. Just think a moment What a cut l-3d oft is, on our close cash price.

hhats for 84. $5, hats for $3,35 $4. Hats for 2,70, $3, hats for $2. 1,50 hats 1,00 one dollar hat for 70 cts. Birchhelds foi-hardware.

Benedict for ice cream to-night. White Rose Gasoline best on earth. -At E. P. Roots.

Lebanbti Roller Mill flour, at A uerge ana Uo's 65 to 80 cents per sack, cash. Flour from 65 to 80 cents per saek at Derge Co's This is strictly a Cash price. Jav Rmitn nt t.he l-iinr nes a full line of Latest Styles in Gents The Heath 'Millisjan best pared: paint 'is the best made. presold by Gorman White. Having disposed of our old 'goods, we have put in a new stbek of goods and will sell Mi the lowest prices ever known in this city.

MrjrE. P. Brown. We arc better prepared than ever, to fit you out in every line of hardware. Call and see us L.

P. Birchfield. General conversation Did you ever eat Benedicts lce cream? Yes I did and wasn't it. excellent how do vou tSud- pose he can give such large dishes for teu cents, and pay rent? (Poor felldw) TAKEN UP At iriy residence, and one half mile South of the citv one black heifer, supposed to be about two years old. Owner can have same bv proving propertyand paying charges.

G. Woodworth. HOWE CUSlIMAN'S Great Railroad Shows Will exhibit at Smith Centre nixt Wednesday May 30th afternoon and evening. It is quoted as one of the best shows on the road, and makes Such cities as Denver, Colorado Snrinou and all the larger cities of the west. It is probably the largest show that will visit the county this season.

Mount Pleasant, District No. 63. Last Friday May 18th 1894 closed a. very successful term Of s-hool in dis trict io. 63, Cora townshvn.

The patrons of theVistrict gave the customary dinner, ctinsistitur of th choicest delicacies of the land, while the teacher, Miss Amelia. Larson treated the scholars with a fine assortment of candy. The visitors were: Mr ana Mrs Val Erdman. Mr and Mrs D. E.

Fulton, Mr and Mrs GeO. Serena Mr and Mrs Geo. McArthur. fl Mrs Henry Grice, Mr and Mrs Vance Shippen, Mr and Mrs J. M.

Shim Mr John Williams. Mrs Laura Ben'-nington Mrs Susan Shrade.r. lie Jochum, Mrs Frank May, Mrs Prow- ant, Mrs Miller. Mrs Mart Ma v. Wi- and Edna Jochum, Miss Finney, Miss Marie Smiley, Miss GattJin.

Miss Lute Serena, Miss Bertha and Genua McAr-thor, Miss Lizzie and Mas-srie MilW MiSs Badger, Mrs Susan Grice Mrs Mag Phiffer. Mrs Dillon. MrOliftr MiSS Sadie Shrader. Mr TnW. i Harry Gatlin attd Mr Earl Smiley.

The patrons of the district all speak very highly of their accomplished teacher, and the exercises closed witi. tbe tender of a handsome present from tne scholars, which was received wit.i, great appreciation by Miss Larson. lhe Journal acknowleces fhe of a fine lot of samples of tfegake. atrive this uw vcuta yaru. -An OFFICIAL COU NTY PAPER.

81.00 ayear In advance. WRIGHT BROS. Pub's. SOCIETIES. A.

F. And A. M. 'Oak LodfreNo. 887.

meets every second nd fouith Saturday In aiociu, Masonic Hall 'In Lebanon. John Hooton, W. tebanoa l'ost meets third Saturday evening lu each month. B. W.

Smith, Com. Koboeoa Lodge, No. 'Meets every alternate Friday Mrs. F. M.

Boot, Miss Belle Cherry. A See: N.O. K. Of P. Cypress Lodjre No, 200.

Meets i vcry Vmnday. nljtht, at their tail in 'Lebanon. Vlritingr brettirmi oiinllally Invited 'to meet with us, Dr.JohnHIirtop, A. A. Brown, C.

C. A. O0. W. eoti everyT'i Ursday night atT: p.

m. v'ij-tlD members cordially invited to meet with u. T. ftdyder, I. O.O.

F. Lebanon Lodge No. 841; Meets every Tu63day evening 7:00 p. m. Visit lng brethren always welcome.

L. A. Chapman, E. P. Rest, 4 N.

Q. Sec. WUlome na chapter No. 101. Order of the 'Eastern Star, Meets every first and third Saturday evening lneaoli month.

Mrs. Ida Tygart. Mrs. LUcllla Jofcrrtoti, Scct'y, 'A. No, 2.400, of L.

meets every Saturday night at 7 p. at the Abbot school house four miles of the "city. All members of the order cok--dially invited to'meet with us. E. Gerard, W.

Uooton, R. F. S. A. GATES.

Attorney At Law. Will practice in the courts of sas and Nebraska. Special attention given to collec tions. Dr, J. B.

Dykes Physician And Surgeon. Lebanon, Kansas'. (Office, over Palace Drug Store Dr. W. A.

Brittin, PHYSICIAN 1 SURGEON. BSLLAIRS, KANSAS. WILLIAM J. FLOOD, GRpeKTeR And Bailed, LEBANON KANSAS. Plans and specifications, showing 'all the latest styles of architecture, 'can be seen on application.

Flour, O. 80 per sack "Royal Gem" 75 "Leader" 65 At A.Derge&Co's for cash only. Selzs1 $3,00 ladies shoe beats them all 'Get them at, a. Derge Co. Fast Mail Route Runs a STORE, 1 Esbon Correspondent.

HIT Keep of! the grass," S. Durrett is on "the sick list. It aint blowing near its best to-day. John Peters is in K. C.

visiting S. D. Peters and prospecting for a Location. Mr Hardy of Topeka, special Agt. of the North American Ins.

was in town a few days adjusting ldsses. Dave Hoffhiues was in town yester-r day; He brought in two crutches, sbtne fine cattle, and a badly sprained ankle. 1 love to see the candidate and Pat him on the head. So pretty he'l pre-varicate. When Whenever von iron feed him! Mr Watson of Burr Oak has opened a restauraut in the Shipley building.

A B. Gilmore has moved ta 937 South Ma'in St. That the Topeka Capital outfit is bankrupt is not at all strahs-p. But that the Sheriff 'found a buyer -for the measly thing beats me. The new church is maitin headwav.

and the old one after beinjr jtmiarpH with the world by the cvclone is beinn- rspaned just where it "was left. There is a suspicion afloat that the Republicans held a caucus he last. Saturday. But 'there is little, hope of finding a witness who is willinr to" turn states evidence and couvict therrt. lettuce Lae peas.

Later: That caw kuss was and is an accomplished fact. And fusion has commenced to fuse, by placing a prominent Democrat at the head of the Dem-publicrat delegation. Keep off the hay. Esbon is a good nattired little town in a mighty good country and has good staying qualities. But a repuUicrat administraton and a cyclone the same year, iss carrying the joke too far.

We kick! Every thing'comes the farmers way now. -If his whet and oats boom up and look like a big crop, of Course he has a tight to feel jolly. Ana on the other 'hand if the chincb bugs come, and the drouth goes dry, and the croti is ruined, P. D. Q.

he just quietly laffs, and laffs; and savs the beakv sotiff wouldn't have paid for cutting and threshing any way. You see the farmers little game is liard to beat. Cy C. Lone. THE TOWNSHIP CAUCUS.

The following delegates were se Uct ed this township last Saturday attend the P. county convention, S. D. Chelf, John Alloway, W. H.

Herndon. L. W. Hale, Forrest Manlsby and Jas. Brady, Frea Pennington, P.

B's. oblic-ino- elerk kindly gave the people the use of their largfe hardware building tfa the west side of the street, in which to hold the caucus, which was organized by the selection of P. MjLaien, chairman, and W. j. Foster, seet'y.

Resolutions were unanimously passed en ibi-sing tJov. Levelling. A. Wright was elected township committeeman. The promptness and certainty of its cures have made Chamberlain's Cough Kemedy famous.

It is intended especially for coughs, colds, crouo and whooping coughs, and is the most effectual -emedy known for these diseas- Mr. C. B. Main of TJnion Citv. says: "I have a sale on Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, I warrant every bottle arid have never heard of One failing to give entire satisfaction." 50 cent bottles fdr sale bv Gdrman A WhUe, Druggists, Lebanon Kansas irivltiff vru a fir.

m.o uw a viutuiug oturev Store tO HogS. Fat cattle Chickens Turkeys Butter Lard i Eggs Potato's Corn Wheat .4 25 ctft. $2 to $3.50 cwt. 4cts. pr pound, 8 10 12.J 7 1,00 30 doz.

bu. EQUALIZATION MEETING. Notice is hereby yiven that the worin. ty commissioners will meet as a board of equalization 'On Monday June 4, 1894 to equalize and adjust the assessed val-uation of property AU'-persons feeling themselves aggrieved unjustly or erroneously assessed, will then be given a hearing, H. C.

Smith, County Clerk. Isocal News, Hardware at'Birchfieids. Ice Cream at Benedicts to-night. L. P.

Birchflelds for hardware. Soda watei. at the 'City Drug store Goto E. D.fievde, at elevator, for ground oil cake. Ilowe Cushmans circus, at.

Smitv, Centre May 30th. I Read the ad of the Lebanon Boct and Shoe Store, Lebanon for the best and cheapest flour on the market. The Esbon correspondence Was a little late last week. Go to D. Heyde, at elevatdr, for Colorado coal, 86.50 per ton.

Get your neighbor to subscribe cts for 3 months; trial trip. We can save you monev on r.air,t. and oils at Gorman Eggs and poultry taken in evrthnntro it iw n. akiiiins xurmture xienry vox, drove in a fine bunch of fat hogs early Tuesday morning, and examine our complete line of Hardware, L. P.

Birchfield. ladies, you will find thfe hnit styles of at A. Derge Co. Jay Smith carries ah immense line of single pants, any any quality. Deputy sheriff Wilber Post was in tlie great crowd of visitors in the city Saturday.

The Order of The Eastern Star, held small sized social at the residence 6f S. D. Chelf last Saturday night. H. P.

Karstetter, again desires to call attention to the fact that he is still engaged in painting and paper haflging. What the Ladies say of Adams Bros. Millinery. The nicest and cheapest line of hats I have seen yet T. Baslcett a young man "just frm Jerraldsujwn Tean.

is visiting with Albert Hawkins with a view to locating. A free show on the Btreets Monday night made considerable snort fnr boys. It was Cullins Bros. bar performance. Rev JVC.

Walker of Burr Oak, will deliver the Memorial sermon at the M. E. church in this citv to-morrnw day) at 11 ocloek a. m. C.

Post of Bellaire was lookim nft his business Interests in the city Mon day, ana made us a brief all. Uncle r'ost'was Jovial as usual. Alex one of our verv uoliH substantial people is a late ns subscriber. Mr ChKstie is a well known old timer, and a mighty good man, ARE YOU DEAD 4 Onto the fact, that the Lebanon Boot and Shoe Store, is the best and cheapest place in Smith or Jewell county to buy 70itr footwear? Mr C. Smith a relative of Charles F.

Winchell was a caller Saturday, while viewing life in a live Western city Mr Smith hails from Waddams Grove Stevenson county Illinois. GUILTY, the people of Lebanon and vicinity, adjudge A. Derge guilty of having the prettiest ladies hats, at lowest prices. The following good Populists remembered their subscription since our last, wm btncklaud. A Mnrraw El- bert F.

Barnett, Lebanon, F. Myers omciu, auuuua. o. Anaerson 01 Stuart; Have you tried Mollisa Creain the Quinine Lotion? It is an elegant prep, aration for chapped handg, face or lips. It tan, sunburn, freckels arid the complexion clear and beautiful.

For sale at the City Drug Store. oai dfe LEADS Stoves and Tinware. WIRE rr the M. oAiDER'S sti A- DEALER CASH 1 ON LOW PRICES. 'j.

only enuine OLIDDEN A. WOOD, Lebanon Kan. W0D, IN( W. A. Adr ms, PROPRIETOR OF 1 City Drug 4-DAILY TRAINS-A BETWEEN V.

AtchisonSt. Louis EQUIPPED WITH fUlLIAN BUFFET SLEEPING CABS OILS, PATENT mmw CHALK CARS (5SS?) AND ELEGANT CARS OIT1T A-ITSTESS ZEE. SMITH! THE ron Mountain Route I THE 6NLY LINE TO THE famous Hot Springs of Mansas (THE CARLSBAD OF AMERICA I Priaoipal cities la the United State re reached via the Missouri fdxkd Mway 1 Tou Newest Agent for ticket and particular or address CLO LtTlVCBEJI CO, CHAS. E. STYLES, Fail.

Ticket Ift. ITCB180I. Bl. C. lux, litltrt.

gt HX.Lmt, OF liEJLOlToKA-N': Is the place to buy your lumber andrbuilding material. See us before you buy. McNALtj Manager, I West Side Main street, IQrWe are exclusively engaged in tor uiunev. iU.niArtiiipCiMifh xiuuu W.T.

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