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The Courant from Oronoque, Kansas • 1

The Courant from Oronoque, Kansas • 1

The Couranti
Oronoque, Kansas
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7 jj' i UIMT. 'I tfr Kntered as second class, matter February 7, it the post ollice at Oroiwijue JKansas under the Act of Congress of March NO. 32 OilONOOUE NORTON CO. KANSAS, THURSDAY. AUG.

8 1007 wmwiMMnMMmMMmimiiifci iM.MlMmMMiJMlMWmi'M "ii FOR THE BEIJROOM MATINEE. r9SSSSSSSSSS9SSSSSS Dainty Affair Made in Lawn of Lib erty Satin Squares. PBOGBAMME. plANOS I Leota Township SUNDAY SCHOOL CONVENTION Mi SI HI a tfl Ml IM TO BE HELD AT THE For the Invalid or the woman whf takes her breakfast In bed there are the most delectable of French matinees made from large squares of liberty satin, cloth, lawn, or what one will. These are hemmed on all four aides; and In the middle of the square two large gilts are made crossing each other.

i The four points made by these silts are turned back, finished with narrow hems and lace frills, or perhaps with hand embroidery and lace frills, and the head Is passed through the opening thus made, the corners fall-Lis in full folds at back, front and sides. We have seen such a matinee made In fine white dimity over pink china silk. Lace butterflies were Inset In the points of the neck finish and flutter up from the cornBra of the squares and across the front, and all the edges are bordered by three inch frills of Valenciennes. An added touch of coquetry for the breakfast In bed toilette Is the picturesque mob cap to accompany the matinee made of fine lawn and lace and adorned with becoming ribbon bows. This hides the ruffled hair and is exceedingly becoming as a rule.

FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 0 WAGON WEBER a IB 401 8 a El Pj i a Oronoque, Kansas, Way, August 13th, 1907. We carry the largest stock of Pianos of any 3 house in North went Kan-, sas, buying them i' car 5 load lots. We sell only. high grade instrumenta 5f and guarantee every thing' we sell. Cash or payments; 5 old instruments taken in exchange.

DROP US A CARD and a salesman will call -ON YOU. OBERLIN FURNITURE CO Because It always stands up UNDER EVERY LOAD Wefctt ivagoris' are built to withstand the rough usago encduntered on the" farm, and, a9 yet, no instance has been recorded where ihey failed to ifteet every requirement NoW the time to infdrht yourseli relative td the meritorious features of Weber wagons. We shall be glad to shdW the Vagons and Answer any questions. HOWARD F. NOTES.

TO GET MEALY POTATOES. Oberlin, Kans. MnTii-iti-iT Forenoon Session; Song and Praise Service A. C. Foley The Church at Work.

A. L. Drummond Discussion, led by David Steele How May We Best Teach Temperance in the Sunday School? Mus Alexander Discussion, by, D. G. Daily Ths Sunday School as a Factor in the DeveK opment of Character Mrs A.

Discussion, led by Rev. Allison Sonw, ad Benediction PU bLIC DINNER, at M. W. A. Hall.

Our Pattern Department 9:45 10:00 10:30 10i45 UiOO lltlS liuo lli55 12.00 A DAINTY OVER-BLOUSE FOR A YOUNG GIRL. Must Be Boiled and Looked After In Proper Manner. Potatoes, to boll well together, should be nearly equal in Blze as possible. Wash off the mold and scrub them very clean, with a hard brush, but neither scoop 6r apply a knife to them In any way; even to clear the eyes. Rinse them well and arrange compactly In a saucepan so that they may not lie loose in the water and that a small quantity may suffice to cover them.

Pour this In cold and when it bolls throw In about a teaspoonful of salt to the quart and simmer the potatoes until they are nearly done; the last two or three minutes let them boil rapidly; when quite tender, which may be known by probing theni with fork, pour all the water from them, and lift the )ki of the saucepan to al-4ow the steam to escape; place on 't rivet high" over the fire or fcide of it until the moisture is quite evaporated; peel and en1 to the taMe as quickly ipossVble. Irish fam'ffie hlways prefer them served the'it kin. WM1 Wiliitiilg Uiiytiitug in the line of Geld Bffifikii i GdfifeetiGM Mot Cold I The Sir Order festamtv HI Si a erVi'ce-. SaM TeaFord tielpts for Prittiary Teachers Mrs Jennie Thompson Discussion-. i n.

I Wv Sootr Organised Sunday School Work Cradle Koll, tninHites MAKV Page Classed 0 toinntes Al. McD. Thompson Hofti'6 Depattfrint, Wwimites Carrie 'StAp Di8CUssio'i, ftttA Rourtd Table, led by, L. DruMMOND Report tof tate Coh.iVention Mrs Carrie Stapp What iW tndiVfd'ual Befool Owes to the County Association-. Sam Teaford fa Our School Worth Copying EVERYBODY iBe prepftl'evi "and sptfak to tfee point.

business. Bong. feetrediction. 3:30 :50 4:10 Sbmelhina Good for Breakfsfet. Boil large soup bone of freef until the meat ft tender, thea re4ov the mVfeat from the bon m4 chap finfe, seasoft with pepper.

being 'to diScftfd gristle maB Vlt ot Vonfe. A dash 'Of cayenne aftd ft susplciion of onion if liked. Rtra the Chopped meat to the -soup la whton it Wis bofled. Then, When thfc sOUp loiii again, thtokeft witi corn meal to tii6 conslstewcy of Pour but into a long, 4ep pM SJnI put away to cool, in ths mornihg tara out the solid cake on to a platter, cut in slices, and fry in butter a light brown. Serve h6t.

Can be eaten Vlaln or with jelly. This is fine for bJb3 who "don't know what to hav6 for itAYiiimibir. The reporb bt whi'cli we lMc1e ii'ien'-t ion in oiiir lajs'fc Usuo ifi fed fel mer Elghrny gettiriff Vuafi'iea dV'eA to be a true 'repoil, as Verjr pretty wedding was solemnized atlie liime of the biide'a parents i'A o'clock, 'Wednesday 'uniting Iiss Maud Kay 'arid IllV Kighmy ioi; weel or woe'. A.bol'i't IV guests present t'6 wi'neb jthfe 'tft'e mokt of liem being Vh'! relatives and most ln't'i'matxi fiTenXls oV the cohcract'ing parttes. 'Aft'eT tffe ceremony a bountlfil 'weddlVi WntMeV was served 16 wh'icii all d'id cVmtle justice, The bride and groom 'came u'p 'f a'o't'n Norton this evening and Vifi Vriako their liome at 'this We join 'their many friencrviie'i'e kh wishing them health, happiness, arid prosperity, throughout 'long 'a'h'fl pleasant life journey.

8ilo PiSe Service Obltis OtiLLiS Tttdn w.v. MRWi Af.LiSoN ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE. Esta Hatcher 1 JUL1 THOMPSON B827. Over-blouse effects are the femartest of all models iow, ami 'sevei'fel variations- are shown. This one is charmingly dainty and so simple that the veriest novifce could easily fashion one for 'iiffsolf.

It Is fitted hy means of shOifldev and under-arm seams and extends ftlightty over tte Moulder in a dmirig manner. Tmay be worn, v- ny guimpe ffcr pretty lingerie' Wait, ftha is fidkpKd -to several materials, such iinefe, pongee, voile, cashmere and taffeta 'Silk. For a girl of- 16 two yards "tff 27-inch material 'Will be -required. Sizes for 15, 1C 4M "S-iVs. hts pattern will be 'feeti to you on.

receipt of 10 cents. Address all ordeffc to the Pattern Depftr'feme'nt of this paper. $56 sifre'td ivt nizc and Buinbtt of 'wanted. If6r convenience, write jtyovLt order on Ihe following coupon: Lighte'iis 'flooms. BrBS (iJin make a wonderful '3ifff 'Tuce iVdre'ary lare jar Yinler wkh'jft, 'ft placed eorhev tviil lightc-h lip niarveitfr LV.

The J6, lil give VjIst it too X'li Wttaniito '61 X'niUiV U'nio will 'soon be pe'rTe'ct'ec'l In '6M-' "noque, e'ptttV Nateal residetit. 1'alteeVof optk'it, wlW'l'ias 'estabiisli? 'edbrgahtzalio'tis'o'f tlfat (pop'ula'r 'aWd VipldlV 'grtWng'd'i-d'ei- UtieaVly'lin th WdOdrahd 'duri'nx tlfe 'piist 'f eV o'riths. The '6fr fknfeatfc'n 'o'i'r WeigWfibr'Wg owyi of XS'aV'toh 'is esiecikny 'ntevvbi'thV, 'be-VngVotnpoSedlf the lkdig 'cftfcens lbk Wat 6vvh hind Yfcfnity. The qblafi feipWfeVti, Yiftc adna'te, Vrifl Vfie 'rde'r 'h'l is Idrig-ert, wiin'o. dfc flow ce tfift CTia'eS' 'rate.

fe feli Wish's, 'fa'th'eViindluWA Wi ff. 'Sriay, came d6vv'r; ttli Wd, 6h flofe trfri Tor VMt -W e'lVtVh'hd "fVrfe'k'ttWft -pitWe. A is Keift VWJt' ViM 'he Vlfh Virtcfeiiii-EighH Veif' 'Blanche Elgliiii'y and EriMi aS6Mp'Ktoed Elm- 'tb Kditoh W.afics'lH'y tb aflH SVefliling crenioiiy. pBl'tiVtiV tjt'J-bfe tiitfb'Hc 'tit Veildhig. 'Mv'ir'TxjWh WWiJ-ttVtb'f ft plrtcb lth Jlr re-ieH the vrH, 'tb Wal "teVPbwmVn.

'Sir M'fe'l'eft "svippile 'is 'cbm'ifsdm'elviVat 'limited ''vbld'd ad-Vfse'tliose 'Wrshirig riyliirr 'ih 'thfs IHhetb 'secure lit l'aV(5ftce, 'Cr 'lot 'hfc "know Whit lthe'y Want 'Want Ut b'ne'e 'th'at'I'may "order 'if 'I ha'v'e 'ribt the 'artlcle's'ih st'ocfe, so as'tb Be prepared. 'J. J. R'odebaugli. Mr'tJrltton of hear fepe'o'd 'was "up 'Wednesday arid' today' oh bu'slnesifi.

Frahk'Kuihp "made "a 'trip 'to "Jennings Tuesday returning "Wednesday. Mrs Feir-y and 'daughter Miss Eva, "left Monday evening for Fiillerton, for a visit to another daughter 'of Mrs'Peircy. Fruit Pudding. 45aked kmt pwad-lfls with frhit "Quarter of a pound of flortr, salt one-hlf pint roi milk, two eggs, one-fokirth 'pwtnil at frti'it, ohe-halt of butter, -sugar. Put flour ih basift, dd one-fourth teaspoon of salt, tir In gradually -one-half pint df 'milk.

"When Sufficiently -'kqlild beat with a 'spoon, Sftrea'k egg ihto a cup, add it to the 'battter, beating lightly till thoroughly mixed, theft repeat with the secona 'gg. a pife dish and tt Well ahd 'pour 'ih at ter. Take one-loilrth pound tVf -nnj-'fruit, sprinkle ft. Into the batter, 'ahd put tWo br ftii'ee pieces of Gutter on top. PUt dish in "the oven to bake -for half an -hb(u When 4aken toirt 'Sprinkle sbni'e 's't'igSi'r on the -top.

Grate, bt (Tlice with sharp 'khftfe, Ihe kernels from ekft Sforn. -ff the cOrh be 'hard gfafe -It ture, it will bQ hftifly -nil "'its sub1 'stance under Hltus grfct-fr. The knife will sllcie it to bettor "feevfehtage. Sesu- son with ipepptr ata'slt, ahd stir ift tablespbonful of -flvigar ahd two tableSlioohfuis 'tf "nteha'fl. Gutter.

"Beat 'light the yolks 'tif 'and hip the stiff. 30' fi5 "yolks into a scant quart bffeilk iBto this tho seasohea coin. Filially, 'fold "tft the frothed whiter, spiut the mixture latd bUtWreti ptid'dftg and 'covered, liklf ak hour, then ljttllfe fk Vhey ever 'so siiia il. Tlie IniubrfiiKce VanWcrfedt Atpa fife 'O'clock tea In a handsdntS the man present sat be 'tween two very talkative young girls. They plied "him wKh -ta and 'talk 'till his brain was well nigh reeling Vlth "surfeit 'xft rotli when a merciful matron came to the resctte! "Come with rtia," he-saM'i Vou to know sorrf6 more 6t thee'1ov-'ty girls "Oh, you ckli't raid Wk glrls at -once, "we've jut made a 'san'dwlcli 'hefe wlih him between His-" "A sandwJcH'--with Ihe tdhgde bi Me blitfeltle," laid the 'Vidwlihed tyoung man.

ut orass lii a foopi cktmot tie 'itrongH' 'niphWized. 'kn'roVs Vo tb jilWei with ito. 5827-. (weH iiDlishea raSfe-, gilded rrames. hist 'trise 'i-tfe "jOiktS fab-febttlofti ta'keh 'liitholfil'rVftM).

ADDUlSgS. TV Jew FlobV Flbe'r lioor 'Covering's, 'thoVi Aiol 1 re ec'i(li'ngl "atti'kctive, Vlj xMh 'Ih r.Vft effects, which tllTa 'l)r W. E. Johnson, of Ilex'ford, 'tia'ljii? to our city Wednesday witli '-a view 'locating here permanently; "Later 'lie expressed himself as being favorably impressed with 'the tbkh and "surrounding country, aha thought 'rie had reached a determ'ihUiidh'to sfay. Tlie Annuity Unidn lias'tlie 'largest 'reserve per capita of khy rate'i'ha'l 'beneflciary order of its age 'in tiPe State of Kansas.

A. Whitaker went down 'io'ijbf ton last evening' to attend tli'o nuptial's, returning bn 'tl'ife train this morning, Edna Scott is working for Mrs 'Liri-ton this week, or until Mrs Eiriton 'regains her health. i)r 0. oVer from Xeri-'(ora Wednesday oh professional bus'i I ness. no was also looking for a 1 new iocatiori, and' oh a' trade of some' erty.

Mrs Hoyt'tintrn is on the siclc itiit this week. Luman Eighmy 'Is cond'ucti'rig the business at the blacksmith shop while Elmer in 'busy getting married arid settled down again ready for business. Mrs Noyes and children came home from ObeilTa Saturday evening. Thir Construction, 11 1 kind -of man is ho?" made." "And-she?" 'WiadeMilwaukce ijiiuiiH fs lines, snrw, yuite tne new-t. 3t "effeptlvfe, VWch 'Htv 'iS't.

Vs'eeii setn 'Wre 'those Htard fn the Restaurant. "I haven't spoken to my wife fJr said the henpecked man. -wnyr asKea some one. Prfsition. 'WliV 4d -you adydcaU 'tMrcfeyV 'Ooli't that even 1J gov-'erhn'fcnt couid be abolisiiei it would be.

fiu'meH akftw?" "Certainly," airSefed the 'hftbfttiftl 'igitaWr. if things t66k 'a Ysfart might 'turn up as ne-tf Staf. 'en 'thjft Whole Sex, tl'eitt io think that red-haired 'apt to pt 'Bad tempered? blaclt-haired, yel fow-h'ajred, brown-haired 'and 'any r6ther bid crdrtotnrardr artincfil, "I didn't want to Interrupt her," he breves in a vivid green color. OH this, 'are huge "st'ara 'an(l In'd'n-like. tiesignj In Woo.dy Vowna.

effect pakicufariy dimeh-' sions cflh'ies but three figures "and hail ninners "and, long, narrow 'rugs but one figure to the yard. Mend Kid Cloves. First buttonhole stitch aro'u'n'd 'h reut, not so close as in fi b'uttpntioi'e. Then overcast, taking tip the Hhread of the buttonhole on the "e'de "a'a'd "draw the edges together. Jellied Tongu.

To prepare jellied tmi'gue, boil tongue, and when cold place It in a britik-shaped mould. Into a pint of 'seasoned and heated beef stock etff half V.bdi of feoftked gelatine, Wheh this ta dissolved pour th stock the tohgiie in the mould. When codi, set on the Ico, "until the 'Jelly 'Is vetyjirro. t)thers Had bone It. 'Willie, I hbbo yoil dldh't listen tJ kissing your Bister in dm j-nrl-Y.

'fast fiight." "Liear me, ho. I got tired of jott of thip.g Ion? nfrn.".

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