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The Courant from Oronoque, Kansas • 1

The Courant from Oronoque, Kansas • 1

The Couranti
Oronoque, Kansas
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A "PI KAIS matte? February liM7, at Vim Qila jt iimler tl Act (tontfqr M'h 3, OI)W'E, NORTON CO, VOL, it- a mm rtotxWjj eras-f-niB-i r-iBii-B-j Btijitar-fB! i "The foHqwing patents isr pued last week to Weptorn tors reppvte'by P. Swift fc A look at these prices. I Now Patent Lawyers, Whinwton D. Qplo, O. Oordrey, linjiint a Trolley whpel; a idad Nut Lockj oupi'et, PENNINGTON'S Prices for Cash op Produce.

5 5 llociiey 1 device for vehicles; II, Weler QunnidM "pi to nme now 15'e now 8 for now 8 for 25c H()ipm 'rpgiijar 10c iSirupkin, regular lOo To $ot your TvHQwe(l Wpoclors, JlOW lie regular loo Baur Kraut, regular 15o 5 a irlpriiius, Eieoti'io governor, Kaunas, T. Beal, Oonwuy Springs, AtUohment for outoH(): hilesj B. G. Brown, Jonja, P1huU bob) J. Dos.baugli Vulc, Telehqnu switchboard) D.

Eamen, pelph(jst Time wvdrolling umchaiiisuii B. Eubank, Kan." sas Ojty, fuv mrsj H. P. Jaiiitmv, li'im-rod i 0, A. Ecjntoshi Washington, Carrieri M.

Sqddqth, Manhat? tan, Draft attachinent for 'yehjp. now 10e now 4 for 25c WIT-'- Si 5 -5: 5 a Lister The Sur Oc Xast Foam uacKagcs ()c PnHtnin m' ))ackae Cow iirand 8nIa 1 10c PMlcaes ivators are Cult il 1 A SHOES. lesj A. J), yilahqseu, ttaflW. cqltivntpr, "4 lb.tff;rJy to introduce my line of SJull will sell all shoes can me-: nest you Copies of any of the above pat i nt iWeftiou of 15 icr cent ft oin regular prices, for one ents will be furniubed to our read: erg at ten cents each, by P.

Washington, D. C. woeKouiy, JWif nlrn TiTi 1 1 pnTitiTinB nil til 1 a wp1c nil until tliR TiiTOBPnt id ovliniieta'l 1 Cotter. pecjalpceg I yill give with each InH qt amounting to five dollars ''Tfl TIT ver ftenne NO-YES, f. In order to get a larger sqbscr jp n.

GlASiS BERRY MSB FREE. 2 -4- 5 KANSAS, OKONQQITE, jiear in iniiul tis sale, clos Saturday night, June 8, mTmTWmT fin mi I Mr i t-EBHMH'S'BlBHS'fflrHE-l-SI flWHIRlj, AN? FOLLQVY THE SUN. Ilellvale Nevys, tionist we'll send the paper Sfir thejalanpe of the year and print yoil00 envelopes, a.qd JQ() letter hefils, with your name, business anju address on, for ony $1.00., fokl HflW t' Imprisoned lpn nhaku iis bar- rn Hla great eyes glow with kingly Bo lofty, spirits, yearning for the start, would break the body's chains again be free! r-Ernest Neal Lyon, is Everybody' Magazine. fEFlQTQN9 OF A 6ACHEI.OH.' Love Is disease that you can catcV like the pieaslas and get ovep. A pan earns a lot about not getting fich Iij the BURlffler fesort season.

A a'ways tries to put from tjg way he envelope td (Jresse whethey l)ttef flfintainf jjoofl pews or bad One of the relaxations of home, after you have, worked! dwn town all day, is to solve the, servant problem jritl you? family. It's dangerous tp notice a new 4ress youy has, because sh you are lntersted, al It' dftiigefus to notice bepaugg I' a new one you forgot to notice bti.y;'r --Jfew yo press, Miss hate Stringham got hep knee sq hadly hurt that she had to walk on prutoheaifor a while last Tuesday, Geo, Portonier left for Phillips, burg last Thursday where he ej-pecta to remain for some time, Mr, and Mrs, Wm, String-ham left for 0q1q last Friday where they will make their future home. Th is leaves the three boy a at home to batch far themselves, Miss Winnie Sinolair quit work Bt the hotel Sunday, This made it necessary for Miss Ida Johnson to come back and shortened her vacation a week or two. Norcatnr vs Dell vale the We have leased the CoyiAfT from Mr and have taken possession this week, We aim tq give Oronoque and vicinity a live local paper and always tend ing fqr the up-building and. adr Yanceinont of this town, As to politios this paper, under anr control, shall be independent, not respecting one party ahctve another, In return we ask the assistance of the ccmmunity in helping make this point one of the best in thte state of Kansas, Knowing that the fewer prqnir ises made, the less there are broken, and hoping that you will strive, as veil as ourselves, tq make this town the best in Norton county at least, we remain, Yours truly, COURANT PUBLISHING W.

h. Shannon, Ed. and Manager, The Farmer's Union meeting will he held at burton in the court house irPfrjiWuek, Jim) J. 2, Everybody' heiir the speaking, Moaning your losses, Parti), Hearts wtijijif, and overdone But all's wtll that ends wi-11, Whirl, and follow thR Sun! iq racing from heaven to henvejj And less will bo lost than won, For all's well that ends well, Whirl, and follow the Sun! The Reign aof -the Meek upon narth. weary has It begun? But' all's well that ends, well, Whirl, and follow the Sun I for moans will have grown Or ever your race be run But all's well that ends well, Whirl, and follow the.

Sun! r-Tennyson, I'The IJreanior," Curtain and Draperies. Madra'a Is about the only hich may be used in a library ci room without the additiona cazrev ment curtains, It pan be bought by the yard froP 35 cent3 up to $2, or more, The imported Madras are particularly beautiful in soft 'Oriental colors, It has been prove thp.t these will wash, but is well to be. ware of the more brilliant colors in the domestic makes. Among the newest designs is one representing fclue art nouveau trcels growing; on a winding band of green sward tha whole blending most artistically, Tor Jnner draperies or portiers be usQd in the library, drawing room or dining ooorn are, first Jn artistic ef, feet, the flax cjoths, a coarse wea-a similar to burlap, but much more plir able, They come In plain colors at about a dollar and a half a yard, fifty Jnches wide. The homespuns ars not 83 extensive are almost as satisfactory i Cloth of Flanders Is firafTir fn appearance, but the fact, that it is all wool almost doubles the price, Mocha and ftajah eanvass are muct less expensive, 50 and 25 cents yard, and they are very effective, although, not as pliable.

The reps of qualities, cotton, wool and silk alike, all hang with a peculiar and grace. There are fascinating weaves and colors Jn the cotton, those in the dull greens, tluca and browns, and some unusually eneg in simple geometrical pld U.iglish nd Italian designs, The prica for these is. about a dollar and a fcaJfW Harper's Bazar. Tha Hallway Beautiful. For-sometime energetic 'person have been interested in nahing thu city beautiful; and today the beautiful is beginning the horrizpn, with the possibility that bare tracks and waiting rooms will disappear-.

A strangers first impression, of a city Is gained from the railway tation at whSch he alight, and from its environ? uialnts, Too often he has travaled over a black, cindery- course and arrived At wooden strucBure absurdly devoid of architectural beauty and wjth a dreary expanse of uncultivated giound' That the bautiflcation of railrtoad, where it traverses a city Its suburbs, should be- cpn.sijered thu duty of the management as much, the care of the ''rolling stock" may at first pight seem the dreim of an idealist; but i specific this has been shown tq be a paying investment he movement to improve esthetic ally the appearance of the right of way. and to beautify the stations and theic. woundings has made almost! as rap Id pnogress witb us ia recent years as have the forward movemeins of vjjtegu All of the expenditures are pn a strictly business basis. It pays, to" have a line of track bor dered with well kept grass, for it rests tho eye's of the passengers. It pay to erect up-to-date stations and waiting rooms beautiful from an architectural and esthetic point of view, and Improves the gr' around them with trees, shrub' Th pursenger is apt (Sbxjsb that routa again whein travel- io recall tha beauty of the rnadsiae part of the pleasuila of the) trip.

Perhaps railroacT. are pot such "soulless corporations" af? ter all, At any rate, the public pleas ure is now ministered to in a marked. degree. Money is rtequired for this, it is true; yet a station need not possess the magnificence of the New York and St." Louis structures to bej beautiful. Many a simple building wreathed in vim and surrounded with grass ha3 rp malned in the travelers memory a3 indicative of the pleasure) experienced in traveling over a certain road, and oftekij a road has gained patronage simply by a little effort on tha part of the direfc.

tori to Bed that its lipe has bovn beau tifled, Instead of considering this a Utopian drelam or thei fad of an pror.r-inent railroads feel that they thcjlr landscape -architect nirr-st a much as their engineer of ui.i. p.rica of way, Something is counteract the Indifference itfiq effect manifested to so by. American railroad3, and ih win. travel extensively are wrtjji the growinis attention paid by to thig improvement-- Booklet-crs' Macaztna. Wedding Superftitiona, The bridegroom who carriea ain lature horseshoe hlg poclvet will always be" lucky.

The bride 'who dreams of the night before her wedding will be tirice blessed Never give a telegram to a bride or fcridegrpom on the way to the.churob-tt is a sure omen of evil. Marriages oq board ship3 are con-eidered unlucky, If you can't be married on dry land, remain single. The finding of a spider on tha wending gown by the bride is considered sure token of happiness tc oine, Jf during the marrage ceremony tha redding ring should fall down the br'de'g fate will HQt be an enviable pn. If a bride should by chance see coffin as, she gtarts off on her weJdin tour she should order the driver of th carriage to turn back and s'art over aain- Pittsburg Dispatch. ji'e Sentence Kediiped, Jpsepb Hinton wbo wa Bent to the penitentiary fur life from tins cbutity six years ago for tha murder of his gweethPRrt, Miss Mag.

gie Shqrt, a Logan young, lady, has granted ft commutation of his, sentence to ten years by Govern er JJoah, Since his has been a model prisoner and having the oonfidence and repppct qf he officials, has been allowed a few liberties condemmed murderers seldom hflve granted, We' have heard several Phillips county people who have visited the pen, re-park aa to JJintqn'e behavior aiub the good word wardens and other offioers in that institution have had to say for him, AR this has nq doubt counted in the coniinu-. tatiou of the life sentence, The Topeka oorrespondent to the Kansas City Journal thus recalls the Hinton case, with which -many of our citizens are familiar. Hinton six years ago was a lad 18 years of age and kept company with Maggie Shnrtz, a girl of the same age. They became engaged, but the father of the girl not only refused the hand of his daughter, but forbade them from seeing each other, The lovers drew up a suicide compact, which they planned to carry out, One evening Hinton called for the girl at the house, She met him in the yard, placed his arms about her, kissed her, and then shot her twice, She died iin-mediately. Hinton turned the revolver upon himself, firing into hla left side evidently seeking his heart.

iBut the bullet went through his lungs, 1 He dragged himself to a creek near the house for a drink of water and then dragged himself back to the house and begged the girl's father to kill him, The latter caused his arrest, In the county jail awaiting trial Hinton had to bo wa-'ched very closely, He tried to pull the band, ages from th wound in an effort to Weed himself to death. He waa tried and sent to the penitentiary for News. In the above clipping there is a mistake as the girl did not die immediately but lived 51 days nf-ter the shouting occurred. An Dellvale diamond Sunday, snore S) to 1 in favor of Norcatnr, What is the matter with the Dellvale boys? Guess they will have to practice more, M. G.

Porter is moving to Dell, vale. is helping him move, had a nice showar" Sunday night also one Monday evening, Busybody, Bead our special offer in an, other column of this paper, Wendell Hinton and Duncan were Norton visitors Wed. pesday All ropy for ads'must be brought in by Wednesday noon to insure publication current issue, Nina Noyes of Seldou arrived today to visit lier brother, Jtfoyes and family a short time, Weeders! If you vant 'em made, I can make 'em, If you want 'em repaired, I can repair 'em, If you want the discs can have-'era sharpened for you by the best known process on earth, Try me, Elmer Eighmy, Bee Hives at all prices from .31,80 to 3i00 each, nailed and painted, complete, or from $1,35 to $2.50 each, in flat, in lots of five, The wide difference in price being in the quantity included in a hive and not in the quality, as I have but one grade the best, In the above prices the cheaper varieties nre one story, while the highest price is for two and one-half and three story hives, Get my price list, it is free for the asking. J. J.

Rodebaugh. Mrs. H. Noyes will leave the l'ist of the week for Seldon where she will visit relatives a few days. A party went fishing Tuesday night.

They caught'four or five, but we have not learned whether it was suckers or not that were 'aught. Sane or Insane? "Is there any sure test by wblcit v-tell the sane from the inquired a Student of the famous Franca alienist Bsquirol. "Please vviin jne tomorrow ut 6 o'olocK," vas tr.n answer of the The stadciu complied, Two other guests were one of whom, was elegantly tu'eas-ed and apparently highly edurjUU while the ether was rather unovith. noisy and extremely conceited. AUe, dinner the pupil rose to take leave, and as he shook hands with his teacher ho remarked: "The problem i3 very Bimple after all; the quiet, well-drael gentleman is certainly distinguished in eome line, btU the other is as certainly' a lunatic and ought at once to be locked up." "You are wrong, my triend replied Eaquirol with a smile.

"The quiet, well-dressed man who tnlks se rationally thas for years labored un ler the delusion that he is God, the lather; whereas tha other man, whose exuberance and slf-conceit have surprised you, is Honore de Balztr'. tlio sr.Mt-eat writer of the day." Or. Stephen in I.esiie 3 Jfatizlne, Examine the Improved New Plan of the Kansas State Mutual Hail Association. It is of interest to all grain raisers. J.

J. Rodebaugh, Agent. CONG FOB A MAY DAY, Nor that the winds no more p.ra harsh. The thrushos flute Jn silvern wife, And the wild liia In the iiiam'i Reflect the glamour of the Faith, 'twere ihe of To crouch behind the ba(t' gatal How that the gross qreen. And rushes shoot s', Kow ereuea glimpse their And orioles dowa the Sooth 'twer show of mood To 1) tha ingle bide and b.ooJJ Sylvia gof-n a-warfartng With a bewitelilng look, Twirling her bonnet's itbhon siV'ig Beside the wild shlox lnnV'iod broott Faith, twere to follow c'omi akin To UUe a duliaril lar wUuin 1 Clinton ficollard, Bliarplelsh-'There'i Dusonbarrf slept only two hours a day for thl last five years." Snodgracs "Hov re markablc." Sharpleigh "Yes, 'he's haj government Job that long ay take Uie mmainder of ibid rest at sUt," Kr-bngton life.

In another column of this paper you wili notice the meeiing of the Fanners' Union is to be held-in Norton June .12, at. 1 o'clock, There will be speaking and every body is invited fa attend. The object of thi3 union is to sell direct from producer to and save the middle men's profit. In this way they help the consumer and they also share ajprofit. This is a good organization and every farmer in Norton county should belong to it.

Decoration Day services were i in the Woodman Hall. The -all was beautifully decorated and rioli number on the program waa ndcred splendidly. The by Rev. Ellison svas especially Johnny's father was "pkiitia potatoes. Johnny was interested In tho work but seemed to be absorb? thought.

On being aked what ta ras thinking, he -led: "I was wondericg where would be good placg to plr.nt the grav." other error ia bet he did.not drag himself to tho creek to get a drink because it was in February and th cree's wa6 frozen. i.

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